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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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potentially dangerous. >> reporter: clanton was a candidate to teach another philosophy class at the college this summer. but berkeley police arrested him yesterday. they say aside from this attack, cell phone video shows him hitting multiple trump supporters in the head injuring at least 3 people. many fights broke out between supporters and protestors. police say finding the u lock attacker was such a priority they assigned homicide detectives to the case. >> you're swinging a small metal object that creates such inertia that it can cause traumatic injuries. >> reporter: investigators credit cell phone video for helping them id the u lock attacker. some people even posted their own research online identifying the masked man as professor rick clanton. clanton will be in court tomorrow morning to face a judge. now, if convicted of all three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, he is looking at quite
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a long time in prison. >> da, aside from diablo valley college, where else did this suspect teach? >> reporter: he also taught at sf state where he graduated there with a master's degree in philosophy. he was a teaching assistant where he taught classes lower level philosophy classes between 2013 and 2015. and liz, by the way, while we're still here in berkeley i can tell you, there seems to be a significant fire that's happening right now. we can see smoke basically filling the air here in downtown berkeley. and we see a lot of fire trucks within the last two or three minutes heading that way so we'll get a check on this and, in fact, you can hear a lot of vehicles in the background. >> we'll have the latest on that coming up. all right, da. thank you. another skydiver has died during a jump with the lodi parachute center. that facility is in acampo in san joaquin -- ocampo in san joaquin county has been connected to 18 deaths.
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the man killed yesterday was an experienced jumper. had 2-year-old matthew left the plane wearing a wingsuit with wings on the arms and legs, the parachute deployed at the end of the descent but it failed. >> he has some sort of a possibly a hard opening of his main parachute and, um, parachute began to spin and by the time he was able to, um, release the main parachute to try to initiate emergency procedures he was too low to the ground. >> he was doing a wingsuit formation at the time of the jump with four or five other people. he tried to cut the chute away as he was plummeting but it was too late. the faa is now investigating. today is national missing children's day. and a bay area girl who vanished more than a year ago should be celebrating her third birthday today. kpix 5's emily turner went to find out where things stand now
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in the search for ariana fitts. >> reporter: she is fresh on the minds of family and loved ones. she is still being searched for by everyone but today we wanted to bring your her face to keep it fresh in your mind. 18 months have passed since this child was last seen. her name is ariana fitts and she would be 3 today. she disappeared the night her mother nicole was murdered in february of 2016. >> really good friends and coworker. so we just want to help bring ariana home. >> reporter: nicole's body was in a shallow grave and is unsolved. the san francisco police department hasn't said anything about the child more than a year ago. >> somebody out there knows
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where she is. somebody out there has information. we are pleading with you, contact us. >> reporter: but since that urgent plea then, no one will talk to us about her now on missing children's day. despite our requests by phone and email. but her case is still open because her face is still on the fbi's missing persons website so while the mystery of her whereabouts continues, the hope for solving it persists, as well. >> i'm trying to stay positive that we will see her again safely, um, um, and, you know, mostly i'm scare that she is out there and we don't know where she is and, you know, want her home. >> reporter: police say that the child has ties to the orange county and fresno area so if you know where she is, call police or the fbi. >> emily, you reached out to san francisco police. what information did they have to share on the case? >> reporter: well, they didn't respond to my requests for interviews or any information today. but the last time i talk to
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them about this case, they said they have collected over 30000 pieces of evidence and served 4 search warrants and that so far they have nothing. they haven't found the child or the mother's killer. >> thank you. justice department says it will take its case all the way to the u.s. supreme court after another legal blow to president trump's travel ban. a federal appeals court in virginia today refused to lift a court ordered block on the ban targeting six muslim majority nations. in a 10:3 decision the court reject the government's statement that the order was designed to keep the country safe saying it, quote, drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination. president trump is in europe attending his first nato summit since taking office. as weijia jang reports, the president wants the organization to commit more
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troops to the fight against terrorism. >> reporter: at nato's new headquarters president trump reinforced an old message he long delivered to the organization. he criticized nations for not paying their fair share toward defense spending. the president faced other conflicts, too. president trump met with leaders including the president of france at the nato summit in brussels. >> all over the world they're talking about it, and we have a lot to discuss including terrorism. >> reporter: nato has agreed to join the coalition to fight isis but stopped short of waging war against the group. following his face-to-face meeting with the president, the head of the european council said disagreement lingers over russia. >> i'm not 100% sure that we can say today [ indiscernible ] mr. president and myself that we have a common position, have an opinion about russia. >> reporter: the president who once called nato obsolete also
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wants additional forces to join the roughly 8400 u.s. troops in afghanistan. president trump and uk prime minister theresa may had a cordial visit here at the white house earlier this year. their next meeting could be contentious! british officials are upset with the u.s. over the publication of leaked evidence, photographs from the scene of the manchester terror attack. >> i will make clear to president trump that intelligence shared between our law enforcement agencies must remain secure. >> reporter: protestors demonstrated against president trump's visit outside the u.s. embassy in brussels. responding to britain's concerns over leaked information blamed on the u.s. intelligence, the president said there is no relationship we cherish more than the one with the uk and assured officials he was asking the justice department to look into it. reporting at the white house, i'm weijia jang, kpix 5. in the manchester bombing, eight people are now in custody in what authorities now suspect
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was a terrorist network. the country's threat level remains at critical. and heavily armed soldiers are now patrolling london train stations with police. british authorities are blaming u.s. intelligence for leaking details of the investigation including photos in the "new york times" showing remnants of the bomb. we have also learned the suspected bomber salman abedi called his mother hours before the attack and said, forgive me. meanwhile, queen elizabeth paid an unannounced visit to a children's hospital in manchester to talk with some of the young bombing survivors. she thanked the staff for their work and wished the young patients speedy recoveries. >> holes in my leg and stuff. compared to other people, no problem really. >> all across the country a moment of silence held for the 22 victims. at least six of them are children. scott pelley will have the latest developments on the concert attack and president
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trump's trip to the nato summit. he is anchoring live from brussels on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30. we are getting a look at the brazen robbery at the walnut creek apple store. it happened just before noon today. police say four male suspects in black hoodies grabbed laptops and other devices they are still on the loose. this grass fire scorched six acres near a residential area of milpitas today. a cal fire helicopter was called in to keep the flames from spreading. no one was hurt. but vets are treating eight goats who had serious burns in the fire. some were also given oxygen. investigators believe the fire may have been started by an electrical transformer that exploded. a homicide investigation under way after a body was found at a popular san francisco park. police say that they were called to bernal heights park at 5:30 this morning. when they got there, they found a man who had been stabbed to death.
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he was pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors say their shocked! >> i would never think twice about any issues being up here so it's pretty startling, um, heartbreaking. you know, i hope they figure out what happened. >> no arrests have been made. police say they don't believe this victim is the missing father piseth chhay a 48-year- old from san francisco who disappeared on mother's day. but police did get another break in that case today. they say an suv belonging to a man wanted for questioning in chhay's disappearance turn up at sfo. family friend bob tang is believed to be the last person to see piseth chhay, the missing man. he was supposed to meet with investigators this week. but he never showed up. police think he may have fled the country to cambodia. a woman puts up a fight to stop a carjacker. the video you won't want to
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miss. the woman refuses to back down. how all of this ended. >> plus, every day 100 people are killed in a car accident. how the size of your car plays a role in surviving a crash. >> and a 9-year-old boy being called a hero after he uses a simple trick to save a 6-year- old girl's life. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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want to update you on traffic. we have an alert out there. chopper 5 showing this thursday commute and it is worse than normal. people headed out early for a long memorial day weekend. it's so bad in places even before 3:00 this afternoon, check out 101 heading to the bay bridge, at midafternoon traffic also rotten getting into the city on the bay
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bridge. a check now on our local live traffic maps. the slowdowns along the east bay, bayshore freeway in san francisco, also on routes out of the bay area. now a story that proves heroes come in all sizes. an east bay elementary school student likely saved a classmate's life thanks to something that he learned from mom and dad. john ramos report. >> reporter: on wednesday last week at bridges elementary school in alameda 7-year-old rheem aside did i was playing on the monkey bars when she fell about 7 feet on to her head. >> i saw her the eyes go in opposite directions. >> reporter: he had been playing nearby and when she lost consciousness, the 9-year- old boy remembered something his parents taught him. >> [ indiscernible
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blow in the face or in the mouth. >> reporter: the trick worked. but if she had broken her neck moving her could have been fatal so blowing in her face was the right thing to do. >> that quick thinking was just awesome. >> that's what was extraordinary. >> yes. yes. that he knew what to do right away. >> reporter: the school's medical assistant happens to know the town's mayor and on tuesday, she presented malek with a certificate of awesomeness. which really impressed him. >> it's, like, the manager [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: now malek is kind of a big thing, too. >> is everybody calling you a hero? >> no. just a little. >> reporter: just a little? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the mayor and school think you're a hero. >> mm-hm. >> we think you're a hero. so i guess maybe you're a hero, don't you think? >> yeah. >> reporter: here's the irony in all this.
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while malek was rushing to save the little girl, his own sister sits in yemen unable to join the family because people from there are considered too big a threat. go figure. in alameda, john ramos, kpix 5. >> police have released a gilroy man who they say had been dressed as a clown and was waving around a machete. 61-year-old larry toby trying to flag down drivers on highway 101 in monterey county but instead of stopping, the concerned drivers called 911 to report the unusual incident. police arrived, and their guns drawn, but then decided to release him after they couldn't find anything to arrest him for. toby was not hurt. take a look at this. a woman jumps on the hood of her car to try to stop a thief from taking off with it! this happened at a gas station in wisconsin earlier this week. the 28-year-old victim says she didn't even notice when a man
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got out of a caddy and got behind her while. the suspect slammed on the brakes twice to shake her off. >> he was laughing while i was on my car and he was trying to throw me off. >> he gave up and took off with all her possessions. purse, wallet and iphone. tension mounting over this cell phone video. seems to show a texas police officer punching a 14-year-old girl in the face. this happened at a party saturday night in san antonio. the 8th grade girl was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. her mother, who was also restrained by police that night, says her daughter was just trying to "break up another fight." >> as a mother, to sit there and can't help your child, that's the worst feeling in the world. i promised her i was gonna protect her. so now to see her walk around sad is like i broke my promise
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to my baby. >> san antonio police are now reviewing body cam footage from the incident. they have not yet released any of it. it's a startling number, every day about 100 people are killed in a car accident. >> it turns out car size and the economy are both getting a share of the blame. consumerwatch reporter julie watts is out on the streets to explain all of this. hi, julie? >> reporter: hi there, guys. yeah, that's right. a new report from the insurance institute for highway safety finds the better the economy, the more deadly car crashes. and they say that your odds of surviving a car crash may largely depend on the size of your car. they are popular on bay area roads both in good gas mileage and easy city parking but as this crash test shows mini and small cars come with serious safety problems. the mercedes continues to move forward while the smart cars thrown back. >> if you are in a small car
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most of the cars around you are bigger, you are at a very big weight disadvantage. >> reporter: smaller cars fare worse in a crash. a new report from the insurance institute for highway safety puts size into perspective when looking at categories. four-door mini cars with the highest death rate while large luxury suvs have the lowest. and good news for minivan drivers. overall minivans have the lowest death rates, cars the heightest with 39 for every million cars on the road. >> you will have more deaths in smaller cars. >> reporter: the number of crash deaths rise as the economy improves. the study also found road deaths have been trending downward since 1970 with a huge drop when the economy tanked in 2008 but in 2015, deaths began to increase again. iihs notes the stronger economy fuels more driving leading to an increase in deadly crashes. now, they do predict that deadly crashes will decrease
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once again noting the increase in autonomous cars an crash avoidance technology but they say when it comes to small cars, no amount of technology can prevent deadly crashes. back to you guys. it is all about deceptive sunshine today. yes, it is sunny. but no, it is not warm. we are up to 25 degrees cooler than monday. but we are about to head in the other direction. your holiday weekend forecast next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight an impressive new look at the road to nowhere. "skydrone5" shows us how a massive mudslide near big sur has dramatically reshaped our coastline. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it was pretty today but a little chilly. >> one of those deals where if you are inside looking out saying oh, it's not that chilly outside and walk outside and get hit by the 25-mile-an-hour breeze, yeah, it's chilly. it's cold everywhere.
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everybody cooler than average. livermore right now only 70. alaska airlines taking off to fly sfo where we have a 20- mile-per-hour breeze gusting to 30 throughout the afternoon. san francisco officially 61 tying you with oakland. only the upper 60s for concord and san jose. santa rosa another chilly day for you 63. overnight tonight, lows around 50 degrees. the breeze continues. everybody starts off including much like this morning. we'll do it again tomorrow. vallejo overnight 51. san francisco 51. in the view 54. getting into festival season and one of the more fun ones that you can go to would be bottlerock if you are lucky enough to have a ticket. it's a nice weekend cooler than average our maximum temperatures beautiful napa valley in the mid-70s. so why is all of this happening? we sit next to a chilly portion of the pacific ocean. right now 52.3 degrees off the coast of marin. and that chilly ocean wind will continue tomorrow. if anything it is going to
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strengthen and tomorrow we'll see temperatures bottom out before they do rebound for the weekend. so satellite-radar review. a ridge of high pressure gives us milder weather on sunday memorial day but the low scoots by first to keep the fetch from the ocean going and keeping the temperatures below normal 5 to 8 degrees below normal tomorrow some of the we are going to get sunshine. it will be sunny in the south bay only highs in the upper 60s perhaps hitting 70 or 71 degrees. and the different perspective of that cloud cover? very widespread tomorrow morning. burning back in the afternoon. but watch the cloud cover not come back as much on saturday because we'll begin to minimize that onshore flow as that new ridge of high pressure builds in. temperatures will hit their lowest mark tomorrow but then sunshine earlier over the weekend meaning warmer afternoon temperatures. the warmest holiday weekday will be memorial day. temperatures tomorrow:
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>> we are raising awareness for missing exploited children. showing solidarity with families of missing children, the hashtag to check it out on social media rock one sock. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are following breaking news. earlier da lin mentioned smelling smoke in berkeley. chopper 5 now live over the scene. firefighters are mopping up from a two-alarm fire at roosevelt and addison. two people were injured. not clear the extent of their injuries. fire crews have opened up the roof of what looks like an apartment building. the fire mostly out as you can see can still see some of the white smoke. we'll check back on this story tonight at 6:00. meanwhile, the "cbs evening news" is up next. scott pelley is in brussels with a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next, an appeals court keeps the president's travel ban on hold. here in brussels, president trump rubbed shoulders with nato and ruffled feathers of the allies. and it's graduation season for three generations in this family. that and more coming up on the "cbs evening news." from the nato summit in brussels. thank you for watching at 5:00. >> and ahead at 6:00 longshoremen at the port of oakland walk off the job. we'll have that and more at
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6:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: blocked again. an appeals court keeps the president's travel ban on hold, as the homeland security secretary warns of a threat to the homeland. >> the terrorists that are atghting in the caliphate, syria and iraq, they're going home. >> pelley: also tonight, the president tells nato members, "pay your share." >> this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. >> pelley: does size matter when it comes to car safety? what a new study has found. and, shuttle diplomacy. one family, five graduation ceremonies, including mom's. >> i set expectations, and they met them. >> reporter: was she a tough mother? >> oh, absolutely.


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