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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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damaged some cars that were parked on the street here. i'm going to pan with my cell phone here to my right. you can see all of these cars, this is actually a chrysler dodge dealership. we have these brand-new cars sitting on the lot and then of course you have this airplane that is at the side of the intersection. as for the pilot, we understand he was injured but paramedics say that he was responsive and breathing when they got to him right now being treated at a local hospital. but the traffic here a lot of streets are shut down. police officers are waiting for the ntsb investigators to come out to investigate. that's all the information we have for now. we are going to try to get more information and update you later. for now live here in concord, i'm da lin, kpix 5. our other big story part of a building under construction
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collapsed in oakland. workers fell two stories. some trapped in wet cement. maria medina reports from oakland with witnesses' descriptions of the chaos. >> reporter: a much different scene out here now compared to this morning. this morning, there was panic and chaos and you can see behind me a tarp where the accident happened. cal/osha preserving that site to figure out what happened. >> next thing you know everything collapsed. >> reporter: the scene unfolded here. >> too much weight. it was a wrap and it was just too much weight. everything broke. >> reporter: he says the second floor scaffold suddenly collapsed as workers poured concrete leaving some hanging from the now bent wire rods. others fell about 2 stories. >> we got here, everyone was on the bottom floor trapped in the wet cement. >> reporter: oakland firefighters say when they arrived around 9:30 a.m.,
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workers were already using shovels and pieces of plywood to rescue the victims. >> it was' great rescue and cooperation. >> i had to go see how they were. >> reporter: investigators say up to 20 workers fell. a dozen of them sent to the hospital. all with minor injuries leaving major questions. >> some of them were not doing their job. >> reporter: cal/osha is promising a full investigation into largo concrete incorporated and what went wrong. >> it was all just injuries. a few broken bones and everything. but nothing major. you know? nothing major. >> reporter: now, it's important to note that cal/osha says that accidents on construction sites are not unusual. however, if they do find safety violations from today's incident, the company could be cited. live in oakland, maria medina, kpix 5.
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veronica de la cruz joins us now with more as inspectors work to determine the cause of the crash. >> reporter: allen and liz, in the past hour we have learned more about the subcontractor's record. cal/osha says it has inspected largo concrete incorporated 11 times. in the past five years, four of those incidents were accident related inspections. three of the 11 inspections conducted statewide resulted in violations for workplace safety hazards. the agency will now look to see what happened in oakland. >> they want to preserve the site. they want to be able to see what happened. >> largo concrete has been doing business for more than 25 years. the company is based in southern california. is it has an office in the bay area and across several states. >> thank you. this afternoon, a gas leak prompted evacuations at the new apple campus in cupertino. construction crew ruptured a one-inch gas line about 2 p.m.
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firefighters cleared people out of the single building on north wolfe road. then they set up a perimeter until pg&e could cap the leak. everything now back to normal. we are told no one was hurt. the bay area man accused of smashing a bike lock on a protestors' head at a trump rally was in court today. eric clanton is a former professor who taught at diablo valley college and san francisco state. outside the berkeley courtroom today, trump supporters showed up with american flags to support the victim. he pled not guilty to three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. life in manchester is returning to normal as the city pushes forward with planned events like a half marathon set for this weekend. tina kraus says a ninth person is under arrest in connection to the terror attack. >> reporter: martin was one of 22 people killed when a suicide bomber attacked fans at an ariana grande concert monday night. >> then i think of martin, all
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i can think of is smiling because i have just so many fond and really funny memories. >> reporter: to raise money for victims' families, people across manchester are getting tatoos of a bee. the city's unofficial symbol. worshippers at a local mosque were urged friday to report anyone seeking to be radicalized. >> we could not really sleep that night knowing that this happened to the -- in manchester. >> reporter: police raided a barbershop where the bomber 22- year-old salman abedi was seen frequently. it's been empty since the bombing. >> we have to chase this down to make sure we can remove the risk of any recurrence. >> reporter: armed police are patrolling transit hubs and trains as part of a big security boost around britain. the terror threat in the uk is at its highest level of critical. but londoners say they won't let fear get in their way. >> you always keep an eye out. but actually, people are really kind and -- and i'm not scared at all. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of
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state rex tillerson signed a book of condolences to the victims in a joint appearance in london with britain's foreign secretary. >> all of america's prayers are with those who have lost loved ones. >> reporter: ariana grande has announced she will return to manchester for a benefit concert for victims. tina kraus, cbs news, london. in the bay area, the bottlerock music festival officially under way in napa. 80 acts will perform across four stages this weekend including tomorrow petty, foo fighters and maroon five. there's a culinary stage where ayesha curry, martha stewart and others will give cooking presentations. >> almost like at a polo tournament than a rock concert in terms of the quality of the concessions and the chefs that are hereby the quality of the wines, the grass field, beautiful. >> 120,000 people expected to attend the sold-out festival. at 6:00 we'll take a look at how bottlerock organizers are ramping up security in the wake
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of the deadly manchester bombing. stopping terrorism was a focal point of the g7 summit today. president trump met with the leaders of six other countries in cicely. the heads of state signed a declaration against terrorism. british prime minister theresa may said she appreciated the fierce determination shown by her counterparts. earlier president trump met with the japan prime minister on topics including threats from knocked. >> it's a big problem and will be solved. >> talks tomorrow include climate change. european leaders are trying to persuade president trump to keep the u.s. committed to the paris climate accord and administration officials say his views are "evolving." thousands of presidents and prime ministers posed for a group photo at yesterday's nato
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meeting in brussels. it included one man, the first gentleman of luxembourg along with first lady melania trump and other wives of leaders from across the continent. mr. trump's former opponent hillary clinton is comparing his presidency to that of richard nixon. mrs. clinton gave the commencement address today at her alma mater wellesley college in massachusetts. she told graduates about the day she was in their shoes 48 years ago. just a few months after nixon was elected. >> we were serious about the past presidential election. [ laughter ] >> of a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice. [ laughter ] [ applause and cheers ] >> clinton criticized the trump administration's recent budget proposal saying it represents unimaginable cruelty. a mysterya man unplugs a bounce house with children
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inside. home surveillance that could lead to the man people are calling a neighborhood grouch. >> plus, life was off to a ruff start for these dogs. the effort now get them into forever homes. >> and we give you a first look at a new floating waterpark at springlake opening just in time for the holiday lovely. ,, ,,,,,, ,, ,, ,, ,,,,
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>> closed cap tioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces." traffic alert for you now. a live look at over at the bay bridge. where the drive is well, very slow ahead of the memorial day weekend. a lot of people are hitting the road to enjoy the long weekend. well, if you are flying into or out of sfo, you can expect some delays there. the airport in the final phase of paving the 28-left wry one of the primary runways used for landing.
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the runway will be closed from 10 a.m. tonight until monday morning. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. bart riders no trains will be running between fruitvale and lake merritt tomorrow through monday as crews rebuild the track way. and the lake merritt station will be closed completely. passengers can use a free bus bridge. but expect 20- to 40-minute delays especially if you're heading to the oakland airport. he is being called a neighborhood grouch. police in florida looking for the man who unplugged a bounce house causing it to deflate while the kids were inside. it was caught on surveillance video and as we report, now he is being shamed online. >> reporter: a one-year-old birthday quickly went from fun to panic for parents. this is video of a bounce house losing air and collapsing when over a dozen kids ages 2 and 3 were playing on it. >> we were very nervous and worried about the kids because it was extremely hot and they were, like, trapped inside the
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bounce house. >> reporter: they rushed to help . >> we had to pull a kid by the leg. >> reporter: a family member followed the cord from the bounce house and saw it unplugged. >> somebody could have been very, very hurt. >> reporter: she says the family looked at surveillance and noticed this. an unknown man in his 60s walked over to look at the party standing by the fence for a few seconds. then he walked back and unplugged the bounce house and walked back across the street. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: a youtube video was created things like bad neighbor and dare to ruin a princess' birthday party. deborah doesn't know who the man is in the video and called police. a police spokesman tells us they did canvass the area and knocked on doors and the man in this video was never identified. it puzzled deborah as to why someone would do this at her child's birthday party. >> maybe think things through before he does them because
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this is something that could have hurt the kids badly. >> now, police say charges for something like this vary but in this situation trespassing would likely apply. bmw is recalling 45,000 cars because the doors can suddenly fly open. the recall applies to bmw series 7 cars from the model years 2005 to 2008. bmw says the door may appear to be closed but can inadvertently pop open due to road conditions or if an occupant comes in contact with the door. san francisco police trying to figure out who is shooting pigeons with blow gun darts. the photos are disturbing. two pigeons have been spotted in the castro with darts piercing them. animal care and control says that officers have been out several times trying to catch the birds but they haven't had any success. it appears they are still able to fly and eat. >> we are networking to try to
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catch these injured pigeons. we want to treat them. it's not very sporting. it's like hunting puppies. there's nothing good or kind about it. >> so far, investigators say they have no leads on who might be shooting the birds. the suspect or suspects could face charges of animal cruelty and fines of up to $20,000. a san francisco dog rescue just helped take in more than a dozen dogs left in filthy conditions. kpix 5's anne makovec on the effort now to find them forever homes. >> reporter: life got off to a "ruff" start for this group of dogs living in filthy overcrowded conditions with a hoarder before being rescued last week. >> they are really perfect sweet dogs as you can see. from vivian here who just arrived two days ago. >> reporter: there were 40 in one house all pomeranians and chihuahuas taken in by an el
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dorado county shelter. 18 were seniors over age 7 which is san francisco-based muttville's special. they took all 18 in. the shelter normally holds 30 senior dogs. today there are 47. >> seniors are often the ones that are most overlooked in municipal shelters and the first to be euthanized. and no other reason other than they're old. >> reporter: which means they have unique quirks like frisco who lost his teeth and colby who is growing his coat. they are available for adoption right now. >> right now muttville is holding a yappy hour to meet the dogs at their headquarters on alabama street in san francisco until 7 p.m. just in time for the long weekend, two big water parks are opening in the bay area. >> yup. one of them like a floating playground. our very own emily turner got to try it out.
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she is live at springlake regional park in santa rosa. emily? >> correction. i'm live on the floating park right now as you can see and i'm joined by friends already enjoying it on the soft opening night. it's a lot of fun. i'll give you a sneak peek. take a look. there's the well, the trampoline, the swing, lily pads and the blob. and starting tomorrow, they are all open and ready for you to use in sonoma county. >> the kids can get out and play. they have the life vest on. they are safe. you can sit aside and watch us have a blast. and it's beautiful. >> reporter: this floating waterpark is on the lagoon at springlake. last year, with the county park's first go at it, it was so popular they brought it back. >> we saw an increase in 8,000 people just for this waterpark just with the inflatable. it was really exciting. >> reporter: admission to the floating park is $10 a day and for the first time, you can buy a season pass for 60 bucks. the money goes to the parks department to support the lifeguard staff and programs.
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and there's more to do than just the floating waterpark. it's springlake. sonoma county parks is taking over the boat rental on the big lake including stand-up paddle boards, paddle boats, and kayaks. >> reporter: which are free for an hour if you get the season pass. with closing weekend on labor day there's plenty of time to hop in. >> it's the second time on it and it has new, um, stuff on it. >> i think everybody should come out this weekend and come try out the new inflatables and get on the boats and go have fun. >> reporter: so i don't know if that's convincing enough, i think it is. you just have to wear a life vest and be over 6 years old to get in. but there is no maximum age limit. >> well, emily, you got your life vest on. you're ready for it. come on, girl, jump in. >> reporter: well, you know what? don't dare me on a friday night on the memorial day weekend. i will. my friends are going to do,
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this, right? let me take the hardware off. give me a second. all right. >> good plan. >> safety first. >> flotation devices. >> ready? >> and friends. never do this alone. here we go. >> she didn't need a season pass! >> perfect 10, great form. >> perfect summertime. what a way to kick it off. what a sport! the new $43 million waterpark the wave in dublin, it features six slides and the indoor pool there. that's going to be open year round. all right. here's a little bit of a problem with all these water parks opening up. there are parts of the bay area 30 degrees colder today than it was on monday. will the temperatures rebound for the holiday weekend on a cloudy friday afternoon? your seven-day forecast coming up. >> com ing up at 6:00 all new tonight, inside one of these
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hangars a top secret project! what we have learned about a google billionaire's plans to build the biggest airship in the world! ,,
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we're talking about watered parks and. hely emily just jumped in. >> it's cold. >> all bets are off. it could be june, july, august. we're going to be chilly. well, its late may. you felt it outside. i'll show you the numbers to confirm it. nobody at 70 today. the temperature spread 40 degrees on monday, today 8 degrees. concord 68. oakland 62. livermore 66. today's the third coolest day of the entire month. livermore you were 30 degrees cooler today than what you had
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on monday. we started the week at 96 degrees. we are finishing at 66. lots of 49s on your smartphone or television screen. that's concord, fairfield, vallejo, napa 49 for a low tonight including san rafael and pacifica. warm in the santa clara valley, san jose 53. cloudy start in san francisco. carnaval you saw the promo on channel 5 we'll be broadcasting that on our website. this weekend in san francisco, dry but cool. afternoon temperatures only in the low 60s. if you are traveling away from the bay area tomorrow, you want to warm up head to the central valley from redding south to our state capital to fresno highs there in the 80s. sunshine in tahoe 67 degrees. lake tahoe will be warmer than san francisco coming up this weekend. the reason why? we have a building ridge of high pressure. but it's different than the one that we had earlier in the week. earlier we had an east offshore wind cutting off the ocean influence. this guy will be not as strong and not in the same position so it's going to give us a very light change in the wind a light less of the onshore flow.
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it's going to weaken things a bit. it's a weak ridge so we'll see modest warming and most of it away from the water. it's not going to change what happens when you wake up which is cloud cover the past couple of days. cloud cover again tomorrow. you will get the afternoon sunshine much more than tailed but sun the low cloud cover is back and likely on memorial day we'll start the day off cloudy, too. so low clouds lingering each morning this holiday weekend. modest warming only inland near the water chilly all weekend long and plan on sunshine in the afternoon and plan on needing a light jacket if you will be hanging out for a barbecue in the evening. low 70s tomorrow: warmer inland on sunday and a few degrees coming up on memorial day. next week we trend cloudier and once again, a little cooler. so after a hot start to the week, i see nothing resembling hot weather coming up next week. hat's your forecast; we'll be right back.
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a one-of-a-kind virtual reality exhibit opened in san jose today in partnership with some silicon valley top tech companies. they call it rebooted reality. the tech museum worked with adobe, google, facebook and hp to present new technology that's not yet on the market. you can sculpt with digital clay, paint virtual worlds in
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3d and hop on a simulator and fly like a bird. >> it's cool. kind of like an old classic videogame but being the character as opposed to sit there is with the controller in your hand. >> yeah. you were flying there if you looked at the monitor behind him. the bird simulator requires a separate ticket besides in addition and for some exhibits you should reserve a time slot. they will be very popular. >> looks like fun. >> "cbs evening news" is next. >> anthony mason is filling in for scott pelley. >> reporter: up next, did an air force employee disrespect the remains of astronaut john glenn?! we now know the president's son- in-law is under fbi scrutiny in the russian probe. >> and after a tragic week in manchester, steve hartman reminds us to look for the good in the world. coming up in just a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you for joining us here at 5:00. >> ahead at 6:00 we'll talk about the added security to
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bottlerock in the wake of the concert attack in manchester. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: disrespecting an american hero. >> and i just want to say that i'm embarrassed. as mason: why an air force mortician says he offered a peek at the remains of john glenn. also tonight, is the president warming to the paris climate accord? >> he came here to learn, and he came here to get smarter. so his views are evolving. >> mason: surviving a loss. >> i won't lie, chardonnay helped a little, too. >> mason: a plan to save a natural treasure before it's too late. >> reporter: what have we done he the everglades? >> the biggest thing we've done in drained it. >> and the elevator opens and mr. rogers is standing there. >> mason: and steve hartman with a timeless message at just the right time.


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