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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thin overcast by the city by the bay, the city of san francisco but we can see the tip top of the transamerica pyramid which stands 850 feet tall. the ceiling is roughly about 1000 feet this morning. temperaturewise 51 degrees in san francisco so 56 in oakland and also in san jose. the winds have been gusting. right now at 12 at sfo, 10 apiece san francisco and oakland, 11 around the seashore and also inland throughout the trivalley, 14 concord, clayton, walnut creek, 26 in fairfield. winds will be consistent later today, 10 to 20. look at that onshore push. those clouds are extending farther inland this morning than they have been all week long, temperatures span today from the 50s at the beaches, 50s bay side, mid-80s in the bay in the warmest location. a little bit of a cooldown before a warmup again, the complete forecast, 18 minutes after the hour but right now let's say good morning to jaclyn. good morning. tracking a tragic start to our
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monday morning commute, a fatal accident has four lanes shut down, this is along eastbound 580 just past first street and chp working on clearing those lanes, one lane of traffic does get by so you are able to get through that area but it may be a little bit slower than usual and you will see flashing lights. we have visual distraction. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, no backups, likely to be a much quieter morning commute with a lot of folks off for the holidays so if you do have to work, the roadways will likely be nice and wide open. that is a check of your traffic. i'll send it back over to you, ann. the coast guard is ramping up patrols this weekend trying to keep people safe this holiday period. california actually has the largest number of recreational boats in the u.s. and there will be plenty of them out on the water today. there was already an accident this weekend, an east bay man is presumed dead after he took a dive trying to grab his hat. rescue crews scoured the water near the antioch bridge
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saturday night to try to find the 53-year-old man. he wasn't wearing a life jacket when he jumped into the water. his companions on the boat tried to pull him up but quickly lost sight of him. boaters say acting on impulse can turn dangerous fast. >> sad to hear, you know. >> yeah. >> i mean it sounds like it was kind of an impulsive decision, like a little gargle of water can disturb your breathing and next thing you know, you're like scratching for air. >> the latest coast guard statistic shows california has the second highest number of both accidents and deaths. yesterday morning on the modesto reservoir a man was killed when a boat and jet ski collided. two people were also injured and just a few days ago in the fresno area, uber's ceo travis cal knaack's mom died in a boating accident. anybody flying to and from sfo could face delays. kpix5's sandra osborne is live
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at sfo this morning on the repair work that may spark some late arrivals. sandra. >> reporter: we know just yesterday alone there were more than 400 delays here at sfo. however, we spoke with a manager out here this morning. they are hoping to have a completely different story as we wrap up this busy holiday travel weekend despite construction on one of the main runways out here. so sfo has had this repaving project going on. it was scheduled to be completed before memorial day. the wet weather this spring delayed that work. so the goal now is to have this $35 million project on the tarmac finished before the summer rush. still getting through the long memorial day holiday weekend, aaa expecting 39.3 million americans to travel more than 50 miles while 88% of those travelers will be going by car, more people are taking to the skies this year than last. nearly 3 million people will be traveling by plane before the holiday weekend is over.
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that's a 5.7% increase over last year and right now i'm pulling up the numbers on my phone. so sfo yesterday had 412 delays and 21 cancellations yesterday so those are pretty big numbers. however, they are planning on opening back up that closed runway at 8:00 this morning so they say they are hoping to keep any delays at least from construction to a minimum. live from sfo, sandra osborne, kpix5. >> thank you. it's going to be a very busy morning in san francisco, large crowds are expected in the presidio for the annual memorial day event. it starts at 10:30 this morning with a march through the san francisco national cemetery. it will be followed by a ceremony with a 21 gun salute. after nine days abroad, president trump is back here in the u.s. and in a couple of hours the president will mark memorial day by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and delivering remarks at arlington national cemetery and this comes as the president is defending his son-in-law amid reports that jared kushner
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allegedly tried to establish a back channel communication system with russia. sources tell cbs news the request came during a december meeting with russian ambassador sergey kislyak at the trump tower and the homeland security secretary is among those defending kushner today. others pointing out that it followed alleged interference in the election. >> anytime you have channels of communication with a country, particularly one like russia, i wouldn't criticize it. >> to have the president's son- in-law, a key player within the trump organization, trying to establish a back channel with the russians through a russian diplomatic facility, you have to ask, well, who are they hiding the conversations from? >> last night the white house issued a statement saying kushner is, quote, doing a great job for the country and is a, quote, very good person. the president tweeted yesterday about the republican plan to overhaul the affordable care act and his plan to reform the tax code saying both are ahead of schedule. g.o.p. lawmakers have struggled to
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meet their promise to repeal and replace obamacare. authorities in mississippi are trying to figure out what motivated a man to go on a deadly shooting spree, eight people were killed including a sheriff's deputy. cbs reporter roxana sudairy has more. >> reporter: authorities say willie godbolt's shooting rampage in mississippi began with a call about a domestic dispute on saturday. >> not after what i done. >> reporter: handcuffed on the side of a road, the 35-year-old suspect told a local reporter he was speaking with relatives when someone called the police. >> i was having a conversation with my step -- with her stepdady and her mama and her, my wife, about me taking my children home. >> reporter: sheriff's deputy william der responded. later that night at this home in bowing chita, police found the bodies of four victims, three women and der.
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>> i'm sorry. >> reporter: the facebook video posted by the private school brookhaven academy shows the deputy speaking with students. >> you can make all those people happy because you're fire flies. >> william was a special guy. he really loved his community and loved his family. >> reporter: police say godbolt moved onto two other homes in a nearby city where they found the bodies of four more victims. >> both sides of me it was people that were alive that are gone, you know, and it's sad, you know. >> reporter: authorities gave no details on godbolt's relationship to the victims but a member of his church told the associated press that everyone, except a deputy, was related to him. >> suicide cops was my intention. >> reporter: godbolt is hospitalized with a gunshot wound as police investigate the motive behind the shootings. roxana saberi for cbs news, new york. >> the suspect has had several run-ins with the law. we are following developing story in dublin this morning.
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the new water slide at the new wave water park is closed after a little boy flew off of it. kpix5's jessica flores live in dublin with the latest on the investigation. jessica. >> reporter: well, anne, it's supposed to be a thrill ride but things took a dangerous turn on saturday. that 10-year-old little boy went flying off in the landing area. now, the slide is called the emerald plunge and he went off of the slide at the edge towards the ground. the ground was 2 feet below. the boy was able to walk away with scrapes. his parents had to take him to the hospital to get checked out. the city of dublin owns and operates the park and after the accident they closed the emerald plunge. the city also closed another slide citing safety. the city says the emerald plunge slide can be found around the world. >> this is not a custom slide made for the city of dublin. this is a slide that's sort of an off-the-shelf slide. >> reporter: today
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manufacturers of the slide will be here trying to determine what went wrong. osha is also involved and investigating and osha actually did indeed permit the slide and the city says that they tested out the slide extensively before they opened the park on friday. reporting live in dublin, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. time is 5:09. mosquito season is here and rising concerns about the zika virus. how health officials are preparing. and a brush fire forces evacuations in a pricey los angeles neighborhood. what sparked those flames. from the kpix5 weather center, good morning, everybody, we do have a change in the forecast, a change you need to know about, plus we will check in with our weather watchers. and right now the golden gate bridge pretty quiet. you can see a few cars out there doing the lane shift but we will have a closer look at what your morning commute looks like on this holiday weekend coming up.
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good morning, everybody, let's head inland into mount napa. it's the highest point in the vacca mountains in solano
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county. as we take a look out, you can see several decks of cloudiness there. mid and high level clouds, you can also see the sun is about ready to make an appearance. we will have the full forecast from the coast to our inland areas, balart in less than -- weather and traffic in a couple of minutes. this brush fire broke out before 1:00 p.m. yesterday in brentwood. the flames burned within 200 feet of home forcing evacuations on five properties. it was an accident sparked by a gas powered weed wacker. a woman was hiking in the l.a. hills at the time says what she saw seemed straight out of hollywood. >> once you're in a situation you start to think what do i do? what's my next thing to do where i can be brought to safety. it was definitely a scary moment. >> crews say the fire has burned more than 50 acres. it is now 70% contained. warm temperatures across the country have health
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officials concerned about the zika virus. texas and florida are two of the highest risk states where health experts say there could be outbreaks. arizona and southern california are also on that list. >> one of the warmest winters on record and so what that means is that the numbers of mosquitoes that transmit zika are out in high numbers. >> the biggest concern is for women who are pregnant. scientists are working on a vaccine. it is in the early stages right now. time now 5:14. it should be holiday light today on this memorial day but let's get a check of traffic. a fatal accident in the east bay with jaclyn. >> good morning. this crash occurred before 2:30 this morning and it currently still has four lanes blocked, eastbound 580 just past first street. emergency crews are on the scene. right now we are really not seeing much of a backup in that eastbound direction, because it's opposite commute direction, westbound direction, we are starting to see those brake lights, speeds drop just
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below 55 miles per hour. you will see some flashing lights and chp has issued a traffic alert. they are hoping to get those lanes cleared here momentarily so we will keep you updated. if you are making your way up through the south bay, northbound 101 a new accident, this is right as you're approaching northbound 680, it has one lane blocked and slowing traffic down below 50 miles per hour, just a slow stop and go as you're making your way through that stretch. we have the b.a.r.t. closures in effect between the fruitvale station and lake merritt station, the lake merritt station closed due to the track closure that they are repairing there and you will have a bus bridge in place but can tack on 40 to 50 minutes. plan accordingly as well as mass transit running on sunday schedule for batt. no train service for ace train. that is a check of your traffic. i'll send it back over to you.
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>> thanks, jaclyn. good morning, everybody. 5:15. head outside right now. we have overcast conditions very similar to 24 hours ago along the coast, producing some drizzle into the bay, a little mist into our inland areas a good 50, 60 miles, the winds are robust at this hour as well. this is our live weather camera looking out in an easterly direction past the embarcadero, you typically could see the beautiful bright lights of the port of oakland, we could look out towards the estuary but visibility limited at this early due to the marine layer. temperaturewise 51 san francisco, it's in the mid-50s in san jose, back in through oakland. good morning to you in redwood city with the overcast skies. linda, she is in fairfield this morning reporting 54 degrees and she says the winds are blowing up to 22 miles per hour, that's associated with this very robust marine layer, roughly between about 1000 and 1500 feet deep which means it's going to take a while to see any kind of burnout at the immediate seashore.
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i wouldn't bank on that until the early morning hours but the inland is spot on with the winds away from the bay, picking up 13-mile-per-hour winds in san ramon, along the seashore west-northwest at 11 in half moon bay where we will struggle to make it to 57 degrees today. fairfield, those winds are up to 24. these winds will blow 10 to 20 during the day with stronger gusts at times. now, we are under the influence of this area of high pressure but we are noticing upstream we go this area of low pressure right here, this is going to pass through the bay area by wednesday and as it does so, it's going to cool us down. here we go, for your memorial day, futurecast, play along at home, this is your lunch hour, you see we are still socked in along the san mateo coast and the peninsula. we see a bit of a break, that's about it, very short lived before the clouds filter back in this time tomorrow morning. all the way to the trivalley. then that weak trough blows through, we will call it partly cloudy, perhaps a light rain drop. nothing measurable at all by midweek, but we will see the cooler air mass as a result and
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then by the end of the workweek less clouds and more sunshine. meanwhile, stay with it today an afternoon thunderstorm in the high sierra, 60 in monterey bay, mid-60s at the state capitol, 90s to the north in regulated to the south and fresno, modesto and merced. meanwhile your tahoe forecast currently we are in the 40s going into 72 degrees apiece, monday, tuesday, with an afternoon thunderstorm. today's high temperatures 50s beaches, 60s bay side, counting on 70 from belmont through burlingame into los altos. 71 in mountain view, mid-70s clarea valley -- santa clara valley. these temperatures are pretty much where they should be for this time of year, going with 84 degrees my outside number in the brentwood area. cooler tuesday, wednesday, we begin to moderate on thursday, friday, a little bit warmer by the weekend. your memorial day forecast we will sum it up like this, coastal cloudiness, little partial clearing, 58 to 84 degrees. enjoy your day.
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hey, anne, what is it now? winner, winner, chicken dinner? what's trending? >> well, nothing that has to do with chicken dinners. what is trending today -- oh, it was a stretch. it was a real stretch. the winner of this year's cannes film festival, check it out. a last minute edition to the -- addition to the festival, this year's palm door went to the square. a lot of people thoughted that the movie 120 beats per minute was going to win. instead it got second place honor, the grand prix. some newcomers were also the highlights at the box office this weekend, the new pirates of the caribbean movie sailed to the top spot. >> there's no need to bother, really. >> it raked in more than $62 million in ticket sales. some bad news for that new bay
5:20 am
watch movie. it only brought in about $18 million and it cost about 125 million to make. the one couple decided to take the plunge at splash mountain and a picture of their proposal is going viral. eugene williams says that he and his boyfriend visit disneyland at least once a month. he knew he wanted to propose there but he wasn't sure how he was going to do it so he finally decided on holding up a sign when the camera snapped the ride. you can see that picture there. williams now fiance said yes. good morning, everybody. if you're just coming in from a weekend of barbecue, did you see this crash from yesterday? it's the indy 500. we will tell you who, we will tell you what happened in a jiffy.
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good morning, everybody. are you counting down? three days before the warriors and cavaliers nba finals game one. i can't wait and i know neither can you. i'm not going to make you wait any longer for this cute little one. this is the braves and the giants yesterday. johnny cueto had a stuffy fan.
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8-6 innings allowed one run. brandon crawford cashed in with two more rains. the giants beat the braves 7-1, won the series. nationals later on today. give me a shot at coney island and its roller coaster. he's been on a roller coaster. as up a run, bases loaded, aaron judge, how about a grand slam, yankees win it 9-5. as at cleveland later on today. indy 500 yesterday, scott dixon airborne, his car just integrated on impact with the infield wall. i'm not making this up, folks. incredibly neither dixon or the other driver were hurt. two laps left, tacoma sat tao on the inside, held up castroneves to win it. the first japanese driver ever to win the greatest spectacle in racing from japan. that will do it at this hour. don't want to go without
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telling you austin dillon won the nascar coca-cola 600 if you're scoring at home, it was his first ever nascar win. he was a 100-1 shot. pretty good odds. i'll see you later. >> we will see you later, vern. a huge upset in the world of tennis, akatharina make rovea -- makarova -- curber is the first female top seed in the modern era to fall in the opening round of the french. your play of the day, major league baseball, twins and rays in minneapolis, take a look. >> for the good of the game that he is okay, 1-1, up the middle. dozier makes the play, got him. what a play by brian dozier behind the second base bag. >> yeah, that was twins all star second baseman brian dozier showing he can get it done with the glove as well as the bat and the strong throw to
5:26 am
first and that is your play of the day. i'm sandra osborne live from sfo this morning where right now construction is happening on the airport's longest runway but will the impact -- but will that impact your travel? details coming up. and a young boy goes flying off a new water slide in dublin. regulators are now investigating. i'm jessica flores live with the details coming up.
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♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. police reveal more details on a deadly shooting in the south bay. why officers say they had no choice but to open fire. thousands of lawn mowers are now being recalled because they could catch fire.
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imagine 1000 to 1500 feet deep. that's our marine layer so i'll talk about the effect it will have on your holiday forecast. and the effect this fatal crash is having on your morning ride. this is on eastbound 580 right near first street. we will have an update for you coming up. >> happy memorial day, thanks for joining us. it's monday, may 29th. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. later this morning investigators will be at the new water park in dublin. they are trying to figure out how a little boy flew off one of the slides. kpix5's jessica flores is live outside the wave with the latest. jessica. >> reporter: kenny, the wave water park here in dublin just opened. it was the grand opening on saturday. a lot of folks were trying to ride all the slides here and one of them was a 10-year-old little boy. he climbed that slide behind me, went down and then when he reached the bottom, the landing area, that's when he fell off. now, that slide is called the emerald plunge. he fell off at the edge of the
5:31 am
slide. the ground was 2 feet below. the boy was able to walk away with scrapes and his parents had to take him to the hospital to get checked out. the city of dublin owns and operates the park and after the accident they closed the emerald plunge, they also closed another slide citing safety. the city says the emerald plunge slide can be found around the world. >> and until we can, you know, resolve what occurred, the slides will remain closed. >> reporter: today the manufacturer of the slide will be here trying to determine what went wrong. osha is also investigating and osha permitted the slide on friday and the city also says they extensively tested the slide before they opened the park. reporting live in dublin, i'm jessica flores, kpix5. this memorial day is set to be a busy one for travel but you are going to want to check your flight if you are bound for sfo. kpix5 sandra osborne live at the airport on the repair work that's been causing delays for
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weeks now. sandra. >> reporter: and right now crews are actually working on one of the runways out there before we get into the peak summer season and despite all of that, right now we are experiencing no delays. yesterday hundreds of delays out here, but they are hoping to keep those delays to a minimum despite the work going on right now. now, sfo says this repaving project on the airport's second longest runway was scheduled to be completed before memorial day but wet weather this spring delayed the work. the goal is to have a $35 million project on the tarmac finished before the summer rush. now, yesterday the airport had more than 400 delays and 21 cancellations. for the third year in a row, aaa is predicting more travelers on the roads and in the skies over memorial day weekend. 39.3million americans expected to travel more than 50 miles. most of those, 88% of those travelers will go by car but more people are also taking to the skies this year than last.
5:33 am
nearly 3 million people will be traveling by plane and we spoke with the on-duty manager arrest the airport. they say the closed runway they have been working on overnight, they are hoping to have that reopened by 8:00 this morning to keep the delays to a minimum. reporting live from sfo, sandra osborne, kpix5. time check is 5:33. what a weekend it was, i was down in santa cruz, absolutely loved that beach town. >> yeah. what a gorgeous place and time for the beach too. plenty of sun. >> plenty of sun, a little bit of surf, a little bit of traffic as well right before highway 17 but it was a perfect day at the beach. >> what beach did you visit? >> calls beach. >> fun. >> you got in the water. did you surf? >> of course. >> water temperature? >> i'm guessing like 56. >> yeah? i spent some time in the water too. i was in the water a lot this weekend at the delta. i would guess that the water is about 61. >> yeah, maybe a little warmer. might have been a little bit warmer. >> there's layers where you hit
5:34 am
the warm pockets and you turn to somebody and go, did you just do that? [ laughter ] >> that's what i always think too. good morning. head outside right now where we have this, isn't that gorgeous? >> it is. >> that's our sunrise in mount vaca where we have several layers of cloudiness and what happened there? we almost lost our camera shot there, didn't we? that's our view from the transamerica pyramid and that is the mount vaca area where currently we have temperatures in the 60s. it's breezy start to your day but in the fairfield area the winds are gusty, up to 24 miles per hour. winds will be pretty much out of the northwest later this afternoon, 10 to 20. look at the intrusion of the marine layer, it's roughly 1000 to 1500 feet deep, going to take a while to see any kind of burnoff at the beaches today, boy, computers not cooperating very well this morning, is it? temperatures in the 50s at the
5:35 am
beaches, 60s, 70s around the peninsula, we will jump up to 77 in cupertino, pretty similar conditions around the campbell area, los gatos and saratoga mid-70s as well. average high in san jose 74 and, bam, that's what we are forecasting today, seasonal day across the santa clara valley. 70s and 80s, pretty close to average east bay with plenty of sunshine but a breezy afternoon, one of the warmest locations will be out by the cherry farms in brentwood at 84 degrees, also mid-80s towards the delta, we are talking about discovery bay, if you're heading over to the orwood area as well, tracy mountain house, 77 degrees in the north bay, today? santa rosa back near healdsburg into occidental, we are talking about sonoma as well, all mid- 70s. great looking day across wine country. 82 degrees in cloverdale, we have a cooldown coming up before we warm back up again, complete details coming up at 48 after the hour but right now send it over to jaclyn. we have an update for you on that fatal accident.
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chp telling us all lanes have been cleared along eastbound 580. this was just near first street. the crash occurred just before 2:30 this morning. and it at one point was slowing some traffic down but as you can see speeds are back up to the limit again. we are seeing those usual slowdowns heading in the westbound commute direction. speeds drop around 50 miles per hour so really nothing to write home about. you are still in the green, 25 minute ride from 205 out towards 680. southbound 880 as you're approaching baskin avenue debris reported to be in the lane and that's slowing folks down making your approach near 280. san jose police say that the man shot and killed by an officer over the weekend had threatened them with an ax. officers were responding to a disturbance call early sunday morning at an apartment complex on east st. john street. police say that the two suspects refused to let them in and then started a fire. officers forced open the door, one suspect was arrested but police say the second refused to comply. police say that they tried to tase the man but it had no
5:37 am
effect. >> it was not until he began to threaten the officers with the ax and began to advance on the officers that the officer was given no other choice than to discharge his firearm in defense of his life and in defense of others' lives in the immediate area. >> the 35-year-old suspect who suffered from mental illness died later in a hospital. the police chief says that this is the sixth officer-involved shooting in san jose this year and each one has involved mental illness. the uc regents were raising tuition systemwide, apparently they spent thousands of dollars on parties at posh hotels in san francisco. one of those parties happened in january, the night before that tuition vote. the regents spent $18,000 at a party at the intercontinental hotel. the next day some regents said tuition hikes at uc were sad but necessary. >> say yes, i will be regrettably supporting the
5:38 am
tuition increase and i think that every single one of us in this room doesn't want to raise tuition for our students. it's very painful for all of us. >> just this month the regents held another bash at another hotel amid damaging revelations from a state audit of the uc president's budget. those parties were paid for by the president's budget which the regents oversee. thousands of lawn mowers have been recalled over concerns that they could burst into flames. reporter roxana saberi of cbs money watch as that story and more. >> reporter: wall street is closed on monday for memorial day. on friday the dow was flat, dropping two points, but the nasdaq set another record, gaining four points. around 28,000 cobalt and green works brands of cordless electric lawn mowers sold at lowe's are being recalled because they could catch fire. the lawn mowers were sold from 2014 to 2016. the maker hong kong sunrise training says owners should
5:39 am
remove the battery and contact the company for a free repair. five fires reported but so far no injuries. u.p.s. is vowing to fight a court ruling ordering it to pay close to a quarter billion dollars in fines for shipping millions of untaxed cigarettes in new york. the delivery giant argues the $247 million fine is too high. the company that bought the failed trump talker ma haul -- taj mahal casino in atlantic city -- when the casino reopens next year, it will display the signature hard rock logo and guitars and none of the taj mahal styled domes or decor. that's your cbs money watch report. for more log onto new york, i'm roxana saberi. we are hearing from one of the girls targeted with racist abuse on board a train in portland. her message to two men who gave up their own lives to protect her. and on this memorial day, we will introduce you to a
5:40 am
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wicked weather knocked out power for thousands of people in tennessee this weekend. severe thunderstorms swept through the middle of the state saturday night and into sunday morning. there are no reports of injuries but the storms uprooted trees throughout memphis. utility officials say this is the biggest power outage in memphis in more than a decade and it could take more than a week to restore power. the red cross has opened up emergency shelters. we are hearing from one of the teenagers who was targeted by hate speech before a deadly train stabbing in portland. police say a man directed anti- muslim slurs at 16-year-old destiny magnum and her friend
5:43 am
and then fatally stabbed two men who tried to help them. magnum says they had just gotten onto the train on friday evening when the suspect started yelling at them. >> he told us to go back to saudi arabia and he told us that we shouldn't be here and to get out of his country. he was just telling us that we basically weren't anything and we should just kill ourselves. >> magnum says she is not muslim but her friend is. she had a message for the strangers who she says gave up their lives to protect hers. >> thank you so the people who put their life on the line for me because they didn't even know me and they lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we looked and i just want to say thank you to them and their families. >> jeremy christian is now facing aggravated murder charges. police say he also stabbed a third person who is now in the hospital. in southern california, a
5:44 am
98-year-old woman has been putting pen to paper for a sweet cause, aileen cooper writes letters to u.s. troops overseas. >> i wish you safe every step of the way. >> cooper took up this pastime during world war ii. she makes sure every message is at least four pages long. the soldiers who receive them are either in harm's way or recovering in hospitals. cooper's family says aileen has personal ties to her work, her son served in vietnam and now he copes with post-traumatic stress disorder. >> i decided i'm going to write as long as i can. >> six years ago cooper started counting her letters. the total since then, nearly 7000. >> wonderful work. a memorial day wreath ceremony is going to take place on board the uss hornet today. going to honor the servicemen and women who lost their lives defending our country. doors open at 10:00 this morning, service starts at 11:00.
5:45 am
there was a very different event on the ship this weekend. >> yeah, the bay area's first ever floating hip-hop festival, wiz khalifa and wu-tang clan were hosts. he did not think i was going to be cool enough to know how to say wiz khalifa. i did, actually -- >> props. >> because you're hip. >> how fun. >> he said it was great. probably the -- >> it's a cool idea. it's a new thick. maybe we will see it again next year. i like it. >> we were at carnivale. >> we are going to see more than pictures. traffic, in the meantime. >> good morning, everyone.
5:46 am
right now we are tracking a pretty smooth start to your monday morning ride. really not a lot of cars out on the freeways there, a lot of folks off this monday, memorial day holiday but if you are one of the folks that do have hornet -- different this afternoon as everyone is heading back from their getaways. you may want to hold off on the errands because it's likely to be very busy. tracking a smooth ride over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights, no delays as you make your way out of the east bay heading into san francisco, an easy drive time. your ride headed along 680 near north main street, no delays, just a few cars, you could almost count them making your way through walnut creek southbound direction is on the right side of your screen making the approach to highway 24. that is a check of your traffic. send it over to roberta and see how this monday holiday weather is going to turn out for everyone. >> it continues to be may gray. good morning, everybody. this is our live weather camera
5:47 am
looking out towards the transamerica pyramid in the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. ceiling at roughly 1000 feet. give it up one more time. thank you very much. now a little cow bell. getting carried away here. this is our scene looking out from mount vaca, isn't that gorgeous? the sun is beginning to make an appearance and the inland area is where we have a touch of some mid and high level cloudiness. temperature right now from 51 degrees in san francisco to 56 apiece in oakland and also in san jose. weather watcher time. steve, he's our weather watcher in los altos reporting 58 degrees, a gentle breeze, he says happy memorial day, salute the fallen war heroes, thank you so much for that reminder there, steve, if you're heading out to the memorial day observation ceremonies in pleasanton, it starts at 11:00 a.m. the coastal clouds will still be hanging out but inland in pleasanton an air temperature by 11:00 a.m. in the 70s.
5:48 am
we will see a high temperature there today in the low 80s. definitely 84 degrees for the warm spot well inland. your satellite and radar, the marine layer has marched inland at least 50, 60 miles, it's expansive, more widespread, it's deep, it's pretty robust, winds right now oakland and san francisco at 10, 12 at sfo, 13 san ramon throughout the valley, 24-mile-per-hour winds at this very early hour in fairfield. winds will be out of the northwest 10 to 20 later today. we have a change in your forecast, we have this right here, this trough is going to begin to descend on the bay area as early as tuesday, wednesday, cooling us down, here's your futurecast today during the afternoon hours, we still have the clouds playing tag with the san mateo coastline and also the peninsula. then this time tomorrow morning the intrusion not as impressive but nonetheless all the way into the trivalley and then the clouds back off, there's that weak trough. it will enhance our deck of cloudiness, maybe a little bit of condensation associated with that deck of cloudiness
5:49 am
thursday we will start to see less clouds and earlier burnoff. travel weather across the state today, a big getaway for this memorial day or people coming back into town, 85 state capitol, 60 monterey bay with gradual clearing in the sky. 95 degrees in redding, high sierra thunderstorms today and tomorrow into the 70s. official sunrise at 5:50, that's why we are seeing is in the mount vaca area. temperatures 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 84 outside number towards the delta today but again late day wind, cooler tuesday, wednesday, warmer by the weekend and by the way, let's play ball. the giants, boy, i believe they have won like 11 out of their last 18 games. yeah, they are on the winning track now. giants against the nationals, it's a day game, it's actually a day game today, partly cloudy, cool and in the 60s. enjoy your day. time now 5:49. a u.s. navy seal is dead after a horrific accident during fleet week festivities in new jersey. and the homeland security
5:50 am
chief discussing the possibility of tighter security measures at airports across the country. how it could affect you next time you fly.
5:51 am
5:52 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
5:53 am
good morning, everyone. is that what we meant to put up at this time? i think i was sharing that with you guys. we had a fun time at carnivale yesterday but we want to remind all of you, you can send us your pictures right here on kpix5. warmer today in our inland areas but a cooldown coming up. the details in less than four minutes. and we are tracking a pretty light ride across the golden gate bridge. you can see both directions moving smoothly and we have a nice start to our monday morning holiday commute. also speaking of holidays, a big celebration golden gate just turned 80 on saturday. personally, i don't think it looks a day over 50. >> thank you. beachgoers on high alert for sharks in orange county. >> several great whites appeared close to shore yesterday near san clemente. the beaches were closed for the morning and then they were reopened in the afternoon. last week two dozen great whites were spotted and signs are now posted around that area
5:54 am
saying enter at your own risk. experts say the great whites that have been spotted are juveniles that are feeding on smaller fish. in jersey city, investigators are trying to figure out how this parachute malfunctioned killing a navy s.e.a.l. during a flight week event. as visitors mingled with other park members of the navy on the grounds of liberty state park, the s.e.a.l. had to cut away from his broken chute over the water. he landed on the morris canal. police immediately blocked off the area where his chute fell. a witness watching from a high- rise caught its slow drop on camera but people attending the fleet week events were largely in the dark. >> i was looking and all excited to see these guys parachuting down and then obviously all of a sudden it kind of like tumbled out of control. it was crazy. >> they asked everybody to not take pictures. so we could see something serious was going on but couldn't tell what it was. >> as authorities rushed to the accident scene not far away, a coast guard rescue demonstration went on as planned. airports across the u.s.
5:55 am
may be tightening the rules on laptop use. homeland security secretary john kelly says he is now considering banning the devices from the passenger cabins of all international flights landing in and leaving the united states. he defended his strategy on fox news sunday. >> there's a real threat, there's numerous threats against aviation. that's really the thing that they are obsessed with, the terrorists, the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight, particularly if it's a u.s. carrier, particularly it's full of mostly u.s. folks, people. it's real. >> a laptop ban already in place prevents passengers from muslim majority countries from bringing large electronics onto flights bound for the u.s. the international community is condemning the latest show of force from north korea. yesterday the north fired yet another ballistic missile. it flew about six minutes and landed in the ocean inside japan's exclusive economic zone. at the same time leader kim jong-un was ordering mass
5:56 am
production of a new anti- aircraft weapon system. according to the state media in pyongyang it was tested over the weekend. this morning japanese prime minister shinzo abe decided to take action with united states in response to the latest provocation. a go flies off a new water slide in dublin. i'm jessica flores with the very latest coming up. and i'm sandra osborne live from sfo this morning where one, it's a busy travel day, and, two, construction happening right now on one of the main runways. what does that mean for your air travel out of san francisco? i'll get you up to speed straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a boy launches off a bay area water slide. now an investigation is underway into what went wrong. plus the president returns from his first foreign trip as
6:00 am
our nation's leader to a growing crisis within his administration. >> a lot going on. thanks for joining us this monday, may 29th, memorial day. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. first let's start this morning off with a check of traffic and weather with roberta gonzales, entering the picture, maybe a second late but we will forgive her for that. >> i was here and then i left. i thought it was jaclyn's turn. >> how was your weekend at carnivale? >> it was great. it was really -- you know what i learned is that the whole community really embraces that, i should have known it's the 39th annual but not until you actually see it do you realize how much this means to the community and the tradition and the history of it all. yeah. >> that's a big festival that goes on in san francisco's mission district, if people aren't familiar with it. roberta was there and she was -- >> saw that feather head dress, right. it looks nice. >> feathers all over the studio. >> i know. i'm still picking feathers out of


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