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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  May 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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a boy launches off the emerald plunge at 'the wave' in dublin. and our kpix5 reporter reports that state --
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regulators are on the ground today trying to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> the emerald plunge stands at three stories tall. it is marketed as a thrill ride. the ride turned dangerous when a young boy went flying off of the landing area. state regulators are investigating how this happened. the young boy's getting off the emerald plunge landing on the concrete near the slight exit. the horrifying moments caught on camera. about one hour after the grand opening of 'the wave' waterpark, owned and operated by the city of dublin. >> as an observer, you could see him come into the runout area. he seemed to get on top of the water and was sliding across the edge for a bit. he was definitely shaken. >> the young boy walked away from the wild ride unhurt but the city of dublin is keeping the two tallest rights closed today as they work to determine what went wrong. >> you feel like the kids
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will be safe. >> they will go to the little kid area. >> would you let them go down the slide after this? >> no. >> the manufacturer also has the park looking into the problem. the city says the slide is not custom-built and can be found in water parks throughout the globe. >> and until we can resolve what occurred, the slides will remain closed. >> the park will open today even with the two throw slides closed. i am told this is a very active investigation. kpix5. breaking news out of cloverdale, california. that is in the far north bay. the area experienced a shallow earthquake just moments ago. it was a 3.5 earthquake. just about 11 miles from lake forest. no word on damage or injuries. holiday travelers heading to and from sfo are dealing with worse than usual delays. we are at the airport where
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runway repairs are wrapping up at the effects are still lingering. >> a busy travel day plus construction on the airport's second-longest runway. so far today, lions have been busy but manageable as we kick off the unofficial start to the summer traveling season. >> i thought it would be a little more crowded this morning. it is not as busy as i thought. >> a happy change monday morning compared to the weekend. sunday, there were 412 delays and 24 cancellations at sfo while crews worked to repair and repave the second-longest runway. aaa saying this is the third year in a row for travel growth over the memorial day weekend thousand. >> great weather. >> an estimated 39.3 million americans have been taking to the roads, railways and skies this holiday weekend. a whopping 88% of travelers going by car. something you surely noticed if you drove around the bay area. >> it was packed.
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i think san francisco yesterday was the busiest i had seen it. >> construction wrapped up early monday on the closed runway allowing it to reopen until next weekend when construction begins again. the goal is to finish the project before the peak of summer travel begins. >> definitely check out your flight information on your cell phone before you get here. even though the lines have been manageable, there have been dozens of delays. most of them because of the weather. from sfo, sandra osborne, kpix5. today, drivers will not be able to park near the golden gate bridge. crews are trying to reduce the traffic for the busy holiday rush. so there will be no parking spots available at vista pointer at the south end welcome center. >> and give yourself extra time if you are taking bart to the fruitvale area today as crews worked to build tracts. there will be no service between fruitvale and lake merritt. you can catch a travel bus but you should expect delays.
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they made the sacrifice for our country. >> president trump marking his first memorial day as commander in chief by honoring fallen soldiers at arlington national cemetery this morning. as he gets back to work following his first trip abroad, his administration is on the defensive. we have details from the white house. >> president trump later wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier to mark memorial day. >> to every goldstar family, god is with you. and your loved ones are with him. they died in war so that we could live in peace. >> the present's first memorial day address comes as his administration is pushing back against
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reports his son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner try to set up secret medications with russia. in a statement to the new york times, mr. trump says he has total confidence in jared kushner. >> homeland security secretary john kelly also came to his defense. >> any time you can open lines of communication with anyone, whether they are good friends or not so good friends, is a smart thing to do. >> in order to handle the russian investigation, cbs news learned the administration is working on restructuring the white house communication staff and setting up a rapid response team. >> president rob is also responding to north korea's latest provocation including a short range ballistic missile fired monday. >> after president trump refused to endorse the paris accord on climate change, german chancellor angela merkel said europe could know longer rely on the u.s. but says she is still committed to strengthening ties. cbs news, the white house.
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people all over the bay area are remembering those that died fighting for our country. >> prospect high school laid for dozens of people that turned out this morning for the annual memorial day ceremony. the saratoga foothill club has been holding the event for more than 80 years to honor local veterans and current members of the armed forces. one man is dead after a traffic stop turned into a chase before police shot and killed him. this all started as a traffic stop around midnight when an officer ran the car's plates. it turned out the car was stolen. police said that is when a short pursuit began and came to an end near orange drive and nut tree parkway. >> the officers of broadcast over the radio that they had performed a pit maneuver. indicated on the radio that it was successful. shortly after that, shots were fired.
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>> officers tried to revive the man but he died at the scene. an officer involved in the shooting was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. we are learning more about the officer involved shooting that left one man dead in san jose yesterday. police said the man threatened them with and acts when they were answering a call about a disturbance. officers said they had to force their way into the apartment. they took one suspect into -- into custody. they tried to tase him but opened fire. we are told the suspect suffered from mental illness. concerns after north korea launches another ballistic missile overnight. how the u.s. and its allies are responding. and golf a great tiger was arrested in florida. what landed him in jail. how about some june gloom and how about showers.
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the forecast coming up after this brief timeout. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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north korea is ramping up its strategic forces. it launched another short range ballistic missile toward japan overnight. we are tracking the developments from beijing. >> north korea has now conducted nine missile launches this year. three and just the past three weeks. the latest comes after the country claimed its leader kim jong-un, oversaw a successful test of an anti- aircraft system this past weekend. japan was quick to condemn the missile launch as was the south korea whose new president says he wants better relations with north korea.
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despite international sanctions, north korea's capabilities continue to grow. they said they perfected a medium length -- medium range of missile that they were mass-producing. and earlier this month, it tested the longest range missile yet, potentially capable of carrying a nuclear warhead but still not able to reach the united states. 2014 was the last time the u.s. tested its missile defense system which only worked at half of the trials. on tuesday, the u.s. military will attempt to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time. >> while north korea continues the missile test, it has not conducted a nuclear test which many people expected. when we were in north korea last month, i asked the foreign minister if they still planned to conduct the test and he said kim jong-un will do it whenever he sees fit. beijing. the new campaign is encouraging california to
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resist the present's agenda and stand up for their beliefs. billboards are popping up all over sacramento. the word resist appears in multiple languages. many also include the hashtag #stayloud. >> this campaign is about encouraging all californians to make sure their voices are heard. so the idea of resisting something that attacks you, something you care about or things in the interest or help of your state, you should speak up and loud. >> the billboard campaign will spread to other cities throughout the year. and golf great tiger woods was arrested on suspicion of dui. police say he was taken to a palm beach county jail where he was booked and later released on his own recognizance. it was unclear if he tested positive for alcohol or drugs or if anyone was in the vehicle with him. tiger woods has been a top golfer over the past 25 years winning 14 major titles and 79
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pga tour events overall. he has struggled with injuries in recent years. and he has not played competitively since february. a man from mississippi under arrest accused of killing eight people including a deputy. he was captured after an all- night manhunt. police said the man -- manhunt started saturday night at a home where his wife was staying with the two children. he allegedly killed people there and the deputy responding to the scene. godbolt had this to say after his capture. >> they will not let me live and let live. >> officials say godbolt killed four other people at two other locations. he has been charged with eight accounts of murder. and an investigation at a deadly malfunction at the fleet week festival in new york city. the u.s. coast guard and emergency crews rushed to the rescue of a navy seal that plunged into the new york harbor.
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his canopy failed to open properly during a skydiving demonstration yesterday. his parachute landed in the parking lot. thousands of spectators were shocked as they watched. >> you could hear the smack against the water. you see the coast guard come flying. and then we realized there was someone in the water. >> we saw that the parachute went one way and the jumper with the other, unfortunately. >> the navy seal was taken to a hospital in new jersey where he was pronounced dead. the navy seals are still trying to figure out why the parachute did not deploy. it is the unofficial start of summer. warm temperatures around the country have helped officials concerned about the good virus. >> it is carried by mosquitoes. and as don champion reports, that warning includes california. >> the temperatures are rising and so are worries about the zika virus. in dallas, health officials are warning everyone to be vigilant. >> we don't want people to be
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relaxed about mosquito season. >> texas and florida are two of the highest risk states where health officials say we could be seeing outbreaks of the virus this summer. the gulf states, tucson arizona and areas of southern california are also on the list . >> it has been one of the warmest winters on record. so what that means is that the numbers of mosquitoes that transmit zika virus, are out in high numbers. >> the biggest concern is for pregnant women. experts are urging them to take precautions like using insect repellent and limiting time outdoors to avoid mosquito bites. >> a recent study shows local transmission of zika virus began in florida months before it was picked up. doctors say health departments will need to detect cases sooner. >> actively looking for zika virus among people with fever and a rash who go to community health centers or emergency
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rooms or clinics, and actively testing them for zika virus. >> the city of dallas is already looking into stepping up efforts to detect the zika virus in residents. >> we're talking about expanding surveillance with doctors offices. having a lab do periodic testing. >> health officials are also rolling out zika virus public awareness campaigns in the coming weeks. done champion, cbs news, dallas . time for a check of the weather forecast. roberta gonzalez has bad on this holiday. >> you know what i like about the cool weather. it kills those mosquitoes. these things are huge. >> taking a look out the door. the marine layer is so deep and extensive. and it is expansive. i'm not banking on any clearing today at the beach is where the temperatures are only in the 50s. areas of drizzle. another view here. we do have cloud cover at sfo. a 59 minute delay on some
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arriving flights, due to the low ceiling. temperatures across the board, 50s, oakland. 58, redwood city. 55, san francisco. low 60s away from the bay. 71 degrees with clouds at redwood city. mostly cloudy. and partly cloudy conditions. this marine layer is hanging out. it is may gray with that, robust wind. 16 miles an hour, san francisco. across the bay, 10. 16, san ramon. 16 also in concord. 21 miles an hour in the fairfield area. the wind will be consistent out of the northwest at 10-20 during the afternoon hours. bringing the slight chance for a shower in the wednesday
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morning forecast that i will show you why in a second. thursday, june gloom at the beaches. high-pressure breaking down with the approaching trough. watch what happens with the futurecast. here we are tonight. clouds surge back on shore. 50-60 miles inland. here is tuesday afternoon. trough comes through. it enhances the marine layer. there is the chance of the shower. otherwise, high-pressure for thursday. meanwhile, around the state today, stockton, in the 80s. 93, fresno. we are talking about sunshine away from the coast. 50, 60, 70 and 80 degrees temperatures. we are talking about some boat weather. sundown at 8:24 p.m. at that time, only 50s. cooler weather with partly cloudy conditions tuesday and
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wednesday. we warm up just in time for the weekend has. we have memorial observations going on in the pleasanton. and we have a baseball game. that will be in the low 60s. don't go away. we will be right back after the first ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just a reminder. if you have a consumer problem or question, you can e-mail our hotline at consumer watch or you can call the number. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up tonight at 5:00, neighbors worry about an uptick in crime. we will tell you
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what happened when the city said it could not afford to install cameras. we will have that story tonight at 5:00. we hope everybody has a good time getting home from their destinations today. whatever your plans are. >> and he plans? >> no. >> taking a nap. >> time for a little nap. >> summer is unofficially here . >> we can wear white shoes. >> true.
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♪ >> steffy: come back to forrester. >> thomas: even though i'm financing the enemy? >> eric: i don't condone what sally did. and i have big issues with this investment of yours in spectra. >> steffy: i-i get -- i get why you did it, thomas. sally was a victim of bill's real estate ploy, and you wanted to step in. and maybe we'll find out if it was a right move or not, but that doesn't even matter. you belong here. we want you back. >> thomas: even you, dad? >> saul: we don't need him, you know. >> sally: need...? >> saul: that tall friend of yours. why is he in fashion anyway? thomas should be playing basketball. >> sally: for the clippers or the lakers


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