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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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truck. they were injured. one man told us he helped a woman who was shocked and shaken after her minivan was hit in the crash. >> she was shaking, definitely shaking, crying, really scared. it was a traumatic incident for her for sure. >> reporter: still investigating how and why this crash happened, they're not saying much except that it appears speed was a factor. the people who were injured in this crash, many of them still remaining in the hospital tonight. we are following breaking news in fremont. about two hours ago, a police officer shot a man near lucky's supermarket and an orchard supply hardware store. the officer was not hurt in the incident. not clear what led up to the incident. bad blood between players
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leads to a vicious baseball between the giants and nationals at at&t park. sharon getting post-game reaction. >> reporter: the fans may not remember the stats of this game, but they will remember the fight. >> and the pitch. and he hits harper. and harper's going to go out. and now we got a beef. >> reporter: top of the 8th, hunter strickland hits bryce harperrer in the hip with a 98 mile-per-hour fast ball. harper charges the man and both change punches clearing both bunches. it's the first time they've faced each other since 2014. fans of both the giants and nationals disagree whether strickland intentionally struck harper and whether harper's reaction is justified, but it is the talk of the game. >> in my opinion, i thought it probably wasn't intentional, but i didn't think it was hard
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enough -- >> he reacted appropriately given how intentional it was. i think if a guy hits you, you do what you gotta do. >> you come to the games to get entertained and we got entertained. >> reporter: both players got ejected. it is strickland's first career ejection. harper's 9th. both teams back tomorrow night. >> not bad with the play by play. sharon chen we appreciate it. vern will be along in 20 minutes with more. there was a suspicious fire in the oakland hill this is morning. now police have a person of interest. fire broke out about 11:00 a.m. in a canyon near ascot road. when crews arrived at the scene, a found a woman who claimed he had been stabbed, but her story didn't check out. >> it was determined they actually were not stabbed, but they were still in need of medical attention.
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at this time, oakland police department is having -- is talking to her to find out more information. >> reporter: in all, the fire burned about a quarter of an acre. officials say it was in a hard to reach area surrounded by homes. state inspectors today checked a slide in dublin where a boy went flying off the slide over the weekend. >> reporter: the slide is calledlet free fall by its manufacturer and the emerald plunge by the park. for this 10 year old boy, the name couldn't have been more accurate. he went flying off the side of it saturday. >> you could see when he came into what we refer to as the run out area, he seemed to get a little on top of the water and ended up sliding across the edge for a bit and he was definitely shaken by that experience. >> reporter: the boy walked away with nothing more than scrapes and bruises, but the slide is shut down. what was supposed to be a memorial day grand opening is now marred by the accident and
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an accompanying state investigation by cal o.s.h.a. >> and 3, 2, and 1. >> reporter: this is live video of them testing the slide on air before it opened. cal o.s.h.a. granted a use permit just one bay differ the boy went flying. >> it was a great ride. >> reporter: but not so for the 10 year old. no one would go on camera, but a spokes person told us they were looking into what occurred and how as well as reviewing the ride itself and the manufacturer. >> this is not a custom slide made for the city of dublin. this is a slide that it is an off the shelf slide. >> reporter: the slide in question is made by white water west, a company with slides in concord and fresno water parks as well. but because of the holiday, cal o.s.h.a. wasn't sure if there had been complaints in those locations. the two thrill slides are closed. the park didn't want to take the risk and cal o.s.h.a.
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said the one the boy was on must be closed. both will remain closed until cal o.s.h.a. finishes its investigation. an intruder met her match this morning. the woman picked the wrong san jose house to mess with. the home owner who fought back to protect his wife. >> she tried to push me back, to hit me. >> reporter: 71 year old christine youkhaneh says he was nearly kill head a female intruder was on the attack. >> she tried to come inside so i locked the door, i run in. i told my husband, catch her, she broke my head. >> reporter: her husband of 53 years came quickly. by that time, the suspect was wielderring this garden tool. >> she tried bite me and the
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finger like that. really, she fight for running away, like tiger. >> reporter: yousef, who is 82 years old, said the struggle went to the sidewalk. nearly exhausted, he asked bystanders for help, but no one stepped in. >> people just watched, like watch at the movie. >> reporter: so he held the suspect for several more minutes until deputies arrived. >> with all of my power, i did that job. >> reporter: the deputies arrested 50 year old renew sing and took her to jail. yousef was born in iran. he is a former weight-lifting champion. deputies posed and tweeted out a picture of him calling him a hero, but he and his wife disagree. >> he's supposed to do that because she's trying to kill his wife. >> i am right -- maybe i am wrong. but i do my duty.
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i must protect myself, my family, my home, my country. >> reporter: says he never gave it a second thought that he could be injured or killed getting physically involved with the assailant. he just said he wanted to do everything in his power to bring her to justice. len ramirez, kpix 5. it's a deadly danger on the road. now a new plan to prevent wrong- way crashes on freeway on ramps. the high-tech alerts to steer drivers in the right direction. >> and the foo fighters fall victim to bottlerock's curfew. how the band reacted when the festival pulled the plug mid- finale. >> and the olive oil on your summer salad costing a little more. how bay area olive growers are reaping the benefits of a crisis overseas. >> evidence from our weather bug camera -- we are looking at
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breezy conditions and chilly again at the beach. there's a warm up come. find out which day will be the transition day next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more on our breaking news story. we're getting our first live look at the scene of a police shoot nothing fremont. this happened about 4:00. the shopping center is on maury avenue. it's the one with the lucky store in it. police are gathering evidence there in the parking lot. we do know an officer opened
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fire at a male suspect. we don't know what crime he's suspected of committing. the man is now wounded. he's being treated at the trauma center. the officer was not hurt. police say the 23 year old driver of this vehicle had more than twice the legal amount of alcohol in his system. the car crashed at about 5:00 a.m. and then rolled over. police say no one was hurt. there's a new plan to stop drunk or confused drivers from heading the wrong way on the freeway. kpix 5's sharon chen on a high- tech program to turn things around. >> reporter: we caught this car heading the wrong direction into on-coming traffic at this highway 50 off-ramp in west sacramento. >> red lights start to bling all over the place. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ] sees a lot of near accidents across from his home.
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>> at least two or three times a day i would say. >> reporter: people going the wrong way? >> yes. >> reporter: many bay area visitors take this exit on 5th and bridge streets to go to the field and watch the river cats, the san francisco giants' aaa team. but the off-ramp is often confused for an on-ramp. >> i usually see people from all directions honking at the person, like don't go there, you know. >> reporter: that's why caltrans and the california highway patrol has partnered in a pilot program to stop wrong- way accidents. this is one of the several locations that's part of the program. >> they're a lot more visible. >> reporter: can transspokesman, gilbert. they include giant signs and red reflectors. >> what we want to do is get them to self-correct if we can. turn around on that ramp and
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get back off. >> reporter: in addition, 6 off- ramps are equipped with a solar powered radar system. so if it senses a car headed the wrong way, it triggers a series of reactions. the signs flash led lights. cameras start to record and an audible alarm like this alerts highway patrol at the traffic management center. >> with wrong-way drivers, every second counts. we want to stop this person as soon as we can. >> reporter: it's detected two wrong-way drivers since january. this one got into a minor crash, suspected of driving under the influence. and at 5th and bridge, this car appeared to catch the warnings and turned around as hoped. as for the wrong-way driver we saw, she stopped at the warning signs. >> people realize and they turn around. >> reporter: as a result, igor says it looks like the safety measures are moving in the
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right direction. >> the two-year pilot project and also going on in san diego. a traffic stop in vacaville ended in the driver's death. officers stopped the car just after midnight. when an officer ran the car's plates, turned out the vehicle was stolen. that's when a short pursuit began coming to the end of an intersection near orange drive and nut tree park way. at that point, shots were fired and the suspect was hit. he died at the scene. an officer involved in the shooting was taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. the search has been called off for a man who jumped off a brimming in antioch. he was not wearing a life vest. the coast guard conducted an ariel and boat search, but to no avail. he is in his early 50s. amateur astronomers being
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invited to document the total solar eclipse this summer. google and uc berkeley are joining forces on a project that relies on the public's help. people can contribute images through an app for the eclipse megamovie project with a goal of creating a continuous view. maybe you're enjoying a nice salad drizzled with olive oil today? >> a sharp price jump at the supermarket. how california olive growers are cashing in on a crisis half a world away. >> reporter: as bill looks over his sonoma county olive trees, he with barely contain his optimism. >> this year is almost perfect. you'll see the buds are looking really nice this year. >> reporter: really? he says with a big smile. after 4 dry years, his trees are now bursting with buds and the promise of a bumper crop to help create his brand of high
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quality olive oil. the demand for so-called finishing oils, those designed for tasting, is sky rocketing. but the market is also changing for another reason half a world away. >> there is a very bad situation going on in europe. >> reporter: the entire mediterranean region has also been in a 4-year drought and in olive oil producing nations, it has been a slow-motion disaster. >> the total amount of olive production in the world has dropped probably 20% in the last couple of years. >> reporter: but with supply dropping and demand increasing, the price of typical cooking olive oil already up about 30% will continue to rise. and that means sonoma county's specialty oils will fetch a higher price as well. >> it's like the minimum wage. it drives everything else up. >> reporter: better get used to it. even if the mediterranean drought ended next year, there
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would still be a shortage due to the increasing worldwide demand. it takes a newly planted olive tree 7 to 10 years to become productive. >> that's a long wait. so it's not going to be over anytime very shortly. >> reporter: in sonoma county, kpix 5. gold in that golden oil. >> the good news is we have the weather for it. >> we can grow anything around here. so 5:00, i want cherries. at 6, now i want good italian bread. enjoy your meal while watching kpix 5. if you're grilling out back, you might need a light coat. it has been chilly over the weekend. today ended up being the coolest. high temperatures, we did get warm away from the water once the sunshine came out. snow sonoma, 76. san bruino 59 on memorial day.
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half moon bay, 55 degrees. it is you knowy at the golden gate, but breezy. it's still doing great, the snow pack. relative to normal this time of year. 198% of average. or 98% above normal. actually still about 79% of the average snow pack on april 1st is what is in the mountains right now and it's almost june 1st. we have a lot more snow on melt. we will be doing melting later on this week. but this particular weather pattern continues to be chilly. the bottom layer of the atmosphere -- go up 5 or 10,000 feet, it's plenty warm. not down at the bottom of the atmosphere because we have the flow coming down from the ocean. that pattern will hold until wednesday. you'll get the afternoon sunshine, but your average in san jose is about 76. you'll make it to 70 or 71
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degrees tomorrow. when factor in the breeze, it will typeset to feel cooler. oakland 66. san francisco, 62. 57 degrees at the beach. lake county may see low 80s well away from the water tomorrow. widespread 80s tuesday. that's when the on shore flow gets limited. we'll make it to the 70s near the bay starting friday. this weekend coming up will be so much warmer than the weekend we're ending. we're going to see mid to upper 70s near the bay. and mid to upper 80s inland. jarring news about tiger woods. the legendary golfer arrested on charges of dui. >> hey, another warriors coach down today at practice. first it was steve kerr. now acting head coach michael brown? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nba finals up top and now it's down to 3. 3 days until the cavaliers and warriors nba finals trilogy. and what's this? warriors running out of coaches? >> the good news is the team's really healthy. the bad news is the coaching staff is dropping like flies. >> acting head coach mike brown missed practice today because he had the flu. so it was kerr filling in for brown to address the media. an interesting stat. >> i would say i've gotten a little bit better. that's why i'm here talking to you right now. you can probably tell i'm not sitting here happy go lucky. there seems to be a theme when
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i'm out. i think the team is 108 and 2. i'm not sure what it is. baseball, that's -- this one went out in a hurry off the bat of ryan zimmerman. he got the nats on the board. hit by a fast ball from strickland. harper took strickland twice in the 2014 playoffs. giants did win the world series that year. both landed punches before getting ejected. it took three guys to restrain strickland and get him off the field. this one was all on strickland. expect fines and suspensions for both. the nats beat the giants. to the clubs. >> it's go time. you gotta protect yourself, stand your own ground. >> when somebody comes at you
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like that, i just took it into my hands and tried to go after him a little bit. >> two guy that is don't care for each other much. >> i feel great, yeah. hundred percent. to the a's, davis back in cleveland. got his alcs ring. edwin away and gone to the 4th. indians beat the a's 5-3. not seen here, khris davis did hit his 16th homer of the year. the record now is 22 and 28. the farewell tour for 29. mark will last at least one more week. the cardinals are clearly happy here to host one of the 16ncaa regionals this weekend. they'll take on sacramento state on thursday.
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stanford has won 21 of their last 23 games to end the regular season. and with 40 wins, it's the most since 2004. i have a question for you: is a giants player expected to be hit tomorrow or wednesday or do they just let it go until the giants visit washington later on this year? >> i was going to ask you if you were going to the game tomorrow? i think you will. >> i'm off tomorrow. i will be reclined on my couch watching the action. >> that sounds perfect. coming up in our next half- hour, the world on edge after north korea fires off another missile test. now californians are starting to take action. the campaign telling people how to survive a nuclear blast. >> remembering those who sacrificed to protect our freedom and reflection from a veteran who was literally brought back from the dead.
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this. 8th grader tries one more time to become a national champ. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching kpix 5 news. our top story at 6:30, another north korea missile launch putting the world on
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edge. this latest one overnight. it was the 9th this year and the third in as many weeks. japan says the latest launch could have easily hit an airplane or ship off the japanese coast. that is not the only concern. >> kpix 5's mel isa cane joins us -- >> this is something you're going have to see to believe. in california, we get public service announcements about earthquake preparedness. one company has added an additional announcement: nuclear preparation. >> reporter: don't be fooled by the bright pictures and soothing music. this video is deadly serious. >> the steps you and your family should take to protect yourself in the event of a nuclear explosion. >> reporter: this is a public service announcement about nuclear terrorism in ventura
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county. ♪ oh, no, the cloud is in the sky ♪ ♪ you don't need to be scared, you don't need to be loud ♪ >> reporter: this is real. it's one of three videos put out by the ventura county health agency. last night, north korea launched another short range ballistic missile capable of hitting a japanese airplane or ship in the area. a japanese prime minister said his sent cannot accept these repeated provocations. james mattis told face the nation world with north korea must be avoided. >> if we're not able to resolve this situation through diplomatic means. >> reporter: if it can't be resolved, the bay area appears
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to be in north korea's cross hairs. a simulated nuclear attack on san francisco to huge applause. and some experts believe north korea will have the capability to hit the u.s. by 2020. it is possible to survive the radiation of a nuclear attack. >> it's just really important to know what to do. >> reporter: and what should you do? >> get inside, stay inside, stay tuned. >> yes, stay tuned. tomorrow the pentagon will test the u.s. missile defense system for the first time since 2014. that test will simulate a north korean missile. a new clue revealed in the deadly manchester terrorist attack. police released surveillance pictures of the bombing with a suit case. they say it is not the same
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blue back pack that carried the concert bomb and people should use caution if they find it. police have also released this video showing a man to be abetting. police have arrested 14 people. president trump marked his first memorial day in office. he laid the wreath and remembered the fallen at arlington national cemetery. >> reporter: president trump laid a wreath at the tomb of the unmarked soldier to mark memorial day. >> to every gold star family, god is with you and your loved ones are with him. they died in war so that we could live in peace. >> reporter: the president's first memorial day address comes as his administration is pushing back against reports his son-in-law and senior
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adviser jared kushner tried to set up communications with russia. mr. trump said he has total confidence in kushner. >> i don't see any big issue here. >> reporter: homeland security secretary -- >> anytime you can line up communication with anyone is a smart thing to do. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the administration is working on restructuring the white house communication staff and setting up a rapid response team. president trump is also responding to north korea's latest provocation, including a short range ballistic missile fired monday. he tweeted: north korea showed grace disrespect for its neighbor china. angela merkel said europe could no longer rely on the u.s. but she is still committed to try
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to strengthen ties. house minority leader nancy pelosi noted -- >> the veterans are part of our economy, society, sense of community, who we are, ourite as a city. we're here at the presidio where so much has happened and to prepare for the defense of our country is a real statement. >> she's pleased to see the presidio transform from an active military base to a park. john ramos -- >> reporter: at the memorial day service at san francisco's national cemetery, the guests are asked to make a short march to the sermon. it's a small sacrifice. >> my dad was laid down there. he's one of the veterans here. >> reporter: david proud
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arrived in the uniform of a d- day paratrooper, one of many who dressed to create a living history. >> i find something like this ceremony, it's cleansing. it's a solemn occasion. >> reporter: there were familiar symbols: the color guard, a fly over, an empty helmet. but at this place which for so long has displayed the terrible cost of war, there was also aonian knowledgement of the price paid by those back home. >> the empty bed, the empty room, silence that echoes down the years. the eternal ache in the heart. >> reporter: major joshua mance was shot and killed by a sniper in baghdad in 2007, only to be revived 15 minutes later. he says he citizens have duty to all those who served under fire. >> we rely on you to make our
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community the place that represents true freedom. there is no greater validation of their sacrifice than this. >> reporter: and perhaps by doing that, we will begin to earn this gift we've been given by those who paid such a dear price for it. kpix 5. (gunfire). a rifle salute. this ceremony featured a service dog who will be matched with a veteran who is deal walnut grove ptsd. a u.s. army captain delivered the address. he asked for a moment of silence. then he shared a few stories about their courage and sacrifice. >> i cannot go into the
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specifics for all 11 soldiers and names i've read, but there are a couple lessons and specific examples i do want to talk about today. and that is what lieutenant cloves did. he died saving his men from fire, being out front so they didn't have to be. >> it included music from the walnut creek bad. bottlerock pulls the plug on the foo fighters, but the band keeps on rocking. >> why farmers say it is the best crop in years. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live look at sfo where there was good news for holiday travelers. repair work on the airport's second longest run way wrapped up this morning. crews will be back at it next weekend trying to finish up
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before the peak of summer travel season hits us. the run way was not the issue for london-bound travelers. computer system issues -- some 300 flights were canceled and the ripple effect felt all the way to the bay area. a tragedy today at a zoo in england. a female zoo keeper was killed after she entered an enclosure a tiger. the zoo is called it a freak accident. it also says staff members are too distraught to speak to the media about what happened. tiger woods' shocking memorial day arrest on dui charges. the latest public embarrassment for the golf legend. >> 10 degrees cooler than average in livermore today. today's high, 67 degrees and 5 straight days below average. when we will end this streak? we'll talk about 80s returning and when next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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join elmo cookie monster, abby cadabby big bird and all your child's sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music from cookie jars to spoons and so much more its sesame street live elmo make music sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet
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to a sesame street beat don't miss sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now tiger woods is now offering
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an explanation for his dui arrest. he says it was an unexpected reaction to prescription medications. the golf great wataken into custody yesterday in florida. reporter don champion has more on the arrest that has stunned his fans. >> reporter: tiger woods and grim and unshaven in the mug shots. the golf star was arrested in south florida around 3:00 a.m. for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. he is not play ago the pga tour this season, but he posted he is still commit to the competitive golf. he wrote: all i can do is take it day-by-day, i want to play professional golf again, which makes this new setback all the more surprising. >> disappointment. i just was -- he's been such a big star for a long time and i just wish that he wouldn't
6:45 pm
continue in, like, a downfall. >> reporter: woods was once a top-ranged golfer, among the best in the world, with 14 major championships, but his distractions off the course have been costly to his record and reputation. his private life unraveled in a flurry of tabloids head lined. revelations of an extra marital affair wrecked his marriage and led him to take time off at the height of his career. >> he had a big setback and couldn't recover from it. >> reporter: after his arrest, woods was booked into a county jail and released hours later on his own recognizance. an abrupt end to the bottlerock music festival. that's the foo fighters last night. the final night head liners had the plug pulled.
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the promoters pulled the mics because the band played past curfew. social media lit up with comments. it's on, man. foo fighters, you gotta come back and finish that song. #cuttheencore. dozens of local orchards are inviting people to come pick their own. >> reporter: people are pouring into the farm orchards in brentwood. it's peak cherry season, and here you pick the cherries yourself. >> usually memorial day day weekend, we getting in but people here. you'll get a thousand people over three days. >> reporter: brentwood is ground zero for bay area cherries. 40 farms have organized and allow people to pick their own. this year's cherry crop is the best it's been in years. >> people can try them before
6:47 pm
they pick them. >> this one's sweet. >> reporter: picking cherries is a california tradition. >> you don't get fresh cherries in new hampshire like this. >> from las vegas, i come down here just for cherry picking. >> reporter: from las vegas? >> we did it for her. she wanted to pick cherries all weekend long and here we are. >> reporter: cherries are $4 a pound, but you come for the experience, not the price. >> is it yummy? how about this wild weather in texas. check it out, a texas a&m student captured these lightning strikes near the campus last night. pretty cool near college station texas. rest of the country, things are getting active. texas, second most stormy state
6:48 pm
in our country. we have florida with the most lightning strikes. around here, we average two lightning days a year. we calm down in the summer time when everybody else is getting active. we have a cool down this weekend. san francisco sitting at 56 degrees. concord, you're below 70. santa rosa barely at 70 degrees and oakland 60 as the low clouds have already pushed into dublin and pleasanton. mountain view 53. san francisco, 52. sun's getting up earlier. 5:50 a.m. today we gained 1 minute and 10 seconds of daylight. it didn't help with the temperatures much. we have a cool breeze coming from the ocean. we've had it for a while. it will continue tomorrow. hence the cloud cover and cool weather once again. the ocean temperatures sitting at 51 degrees. napa, cooler than average. cloudy start and a cool but sunny finish. let's talk about why that's happening. two different areas much low pressure. tiny will scoot by tomorrow
6:49 pm
keeping you breezy. the beach is going to see 30 mile-per-hour wind gusts. tomorrow, we get the afternoon sunshine. i do not think we'll be as fortunata wednesday as the low will pass by to the north. low cloud cover, fog, drizzle tomorrow morning. wednesday, this is two levels of cloud cover. we have that storm system passing by to our north. we will no see a drop of rainfall, but it will keep us cloudy for wednesday. then things change on thursday. a ridge of high pressure will begin to build in. still there, still chilly at the beach. you get away from the water, you get milder or warmer. that begins thursday or friday and really gets going over the weekend where temperatures will push 90 degrees. the cloudy foggy drizzly mornings will continue for the next two days.
6:50 pm
on thursday, we'll be transitioning to mild and he sunnier weather. san jose 74, campbell 75. union city 68. pacifica, foggy, 57 for a high. antioch 76 with afternoon sunshine for tomorrow. sonoma will hit 75. alameda, san leandro, mid-60s, that's it. warmer starting thursday. 80s inland. we get warm near the water starting friday. 75 near the bay. we'll be in the 60s through the weekend near the coast. mid to upper 80s inland. it's pretty chilly outside. >> it is. coming up, he's been preparing since kindergarten. now our bay area spelling champ is getting one last shot at the national trophy. >> coming up at 10:00, in light of the allegations against
6:51 pm
jared kushner having communications with russia, we're asking you tonight: how concerned are you? send me your thoughts by tweeting me. i'll read your comments on night beat, 10:00. cable 12.
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it is a big week for a san jose 8th grader. he is returning to the scripps national spelling bee. >> he is ready for his last chance at capturing that trophy. >> reporter: [ indiscernible ] packs his suit case full of clothes and a heart full of excitement. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, probably 11, like super charged. omodynia. >> and we do have a winner. >> reporter: the middle school student won the regional spelling bee in march. last year he missed this year: >> b-e-t-t-o-n-y.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: but placed 6th among the nation's super spellers. >> this year i've studied a lot more. after last year, i believed i could win. >> reporter: he has studied more than 30 hours a week, sometimes with his younger brother. the practice prepares him for a tie breaker designed to break a 4th consecutive year of co- champions. >> i think it's a good idea to have a tie-breaker test because -- well, they really don't to have two winners. for some people, having two winners kind of lowers the fame of the whole thing. >> reporter: past contestants have this advice. 2015 bay area champ -- >> enjoy the moment, make new
6:56 pm
friends. >> have fun. you know, enjoy it. enjoy yourself and realize that, you know, even if you don't make it all the way to the top, you're still one of the best spellers in the country. >> reporter: rudvig says he am be ready for anything. >> i really want to win because i've been working toward it since i was in kindergarten. this is the 90th year of the scripps national spelling bee. he is one of 16 students representing california. the champion takes home the trophy, $40,000 a lot of other prizes too. the latest always on >> don't forget to join us for night beat at 10:00 and you can see us back here tonight at 11:00. >> have a good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: what's up, fellas? [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are you all? i appreciate it. thank you, folks. thank you all. thank you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day, with a total of $20,475, from raleigh, north carolina, it's the champs. it's the thornton family. and from san francisco, california, it's the hundal family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly drive away in a brand-new car.


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