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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. it's tuesday, may 30. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside take a look at the conditions this tuesday morning. we are monitoring your traffic report and, of course, your forecast. >> of course. >> of course. >> hey, guys. >> hey. >> good morning. >> silence. >> no i was just thinking about sfo there's no doubt about it there will be airport delays today on arriving flights due to the weather because of a deep marine layer that's producing drizzle inland 50 miles. i was meditating. you would think there's the bay bridge, right? i look at this and i say those towers are 525 feet tall and we can see the top of it so the ceiling is between 800 feet and 1,000. so kind of just -- >> i would have never calculated that. >> i need my moment of silence! [ laughter ] >> i know, you need your moment
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of silence, too. [ laughter ] >> 40s and 50s out the door this morning. winds impressive. 30-mile-per-hour winds at this very early hour in fairfield. it is going to be a breezy day. you can bank on that and you can bank on that right there. a very deep marine layer. very expansive and widespread not going to see any clearing at the coast today. partial at best from the peninsula through the bay into our inland areas. mid-70s in the santa clara valley. good morning, we just saw a tow truck drive through the toll plaza here. this is over at the bay bridge. we had an earlier crash and it looks like that tow truck going to the scene of that accident no longer blocking any lanes but we do see quite the backup already building in those cash lanes. so if you are heading in this
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direction, beware. we're already seeing those delays. yesterday was quiet heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll take it to the eastshore freeway where things are nice and quiet. speeds moving at the limit there as you make your approach towards the maze. and over at the altamont pass, a wind advisory so both hands on the wheel keep a firm grip. we have an earlier accident i-5 right at highway 120 in lathrop. that's clearing. ha t's a check of your traffic; over to you. today oakland's city council votes on a proposal to create a department devoted to violence prevention. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland on all the changes this might spark for vulnerable communities. jessica. >> reporter: michelle, there is a growing debate in city hall on how to tackle violent crime rates. should the city create a new department separate from law enforcement to try to reduce those violent crime rates? now, here in oakland, as you
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know, they have the highest per capita homicide rate of any major city california. two council members want to create a department headed by a chief of violence prevention. the department's aggressive plan, to bring down gun violence by 80% in three years. but a report from the city administrator's office says it would increase administrative expenses. the mayor has already set aside $1.5 million for 50 new police officers. the murder rate has dropped but gibson mcelhaney says it's not enough. >> we believe that the mayor's stated goal of 10% is too low, too, slow. >> reporter: currently city violence prevention programs are run by the department of human services. the council members who support the idea of a new department say they want the department of human services to focus on other issues such as
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homelessness. today the city council takes up the matter. jessica flores, kpix 5. fremont police are interviewing witnesses to a police-involved shooting. it started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. police got a call about a man threatening people with a pipe near the lucky's supermarket on mowry. the witness who took this cell phone video says that she saw the suspect running from police. >> the officer was chasing the young black man and he was telling him to stop, drop it. >> there was some sort of foot pursuit confrontation which led to shots being fired. two of our officers immediately rendered first aid to the suspect. >> the suspect was taken to the hospital. his name hasn't been released yet. this was the pitch that led to the punched her around the world. the baseball between the giants and the nationals at at&t park cleared the benches. it's a game fans from both teams won't forget. >> kpix 5's sandra osborne reports from the ballpark.
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>> reporter: fans are definitely going to be talking about this today as they come back for game 2 of a three-game series here at at&t park. but let's go ahead and get straight back to the video of the pitch that led to those fireworks there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the pitcher hit the player with a 98-mile-an- hour fastball clearing the benches. bryce harper hit two home runs off hunter strickland in 2014. that was the play-off. people disagree whether the hit yesterday was intentional. >> i think it probably wasn't intentional and hit him but i didn't think it was hard enough to have to charge the mound. >> it was on purpose. >> reporter: now the giants manager says of course the whole thing looks bad but he is glad no one got hurt. hunter strickland and bryce harper were ejected. today's going to be game 2 of a three-game series. fans are going to be talking as
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they head here to at&t park. live in san francisco, sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> definitely was an epic fight. so when was the last time we saw the benches clearing like that in a giants game? >> reporter: it wasn't that long ago. it was september of last year when the giants why facing off against the dodgers. thank you. moving on to politics. congress is in recess but trump is back in washington. and his week is set to be busy. for more insight we turn to our washington insider marc sandalow. what's on president trump's plate? >> reporter: big decision this week michelle on climate change. the president told leaders in europe last week he would announce whether or not the u.s. will stay in the paris climate agreement or whether would as he said in his campaign rip it up. last week in europe there was a lot of talk about how, you know, he shoved aside a month neglect agree prime minister. trump said he hit a home run in
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every stop he was at. one of the places that other world leaders complained about trump was on the paris climate accord. 198 nations are on this thing. the united states is the second largest emitter of carbon gases. and president trump is going to make an announcement. he says by the end of the week. whether or not he follows through on the campaign promise that he said global warming is a hoax or whether or not the pope and others who had his ear last week might have changed his mind. >> you know, marc, entering this week, there was a lot of talk about a possible staff shake-up. the white house communications director just announced his resignation. who else is may resign? >> reporter: he is somebody who probably most americans haven't heard of. they have heard of sean spicer who was talked about being let go. he is still on the job. it's jared kushner who is in everyone's eye right now. that's the president's son-in-
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law. jared kushner is the guy who now is under fbi investigation for his contacts with the russians. he has been at trump's side since the beginning of this campaign. and people say he is now in the middle of either helping president trump decide whether -- i mean help president trump decide who should stay or whether he will be let go. a quick aside, i was at a baseball game a couple of weeks ago. they announced the troops, they have everyone cheer the troops in the 4th inning. they may do that on the west coast. the guy in front of me starts going, boo, boo, boo! i'm thinking, why is he booing the troops? he is playing for isis, taliban, who is this guy? turns out he was booing jared kushner who was walking up the aisle. liberals do not like jared kushner. i'll leave it at that. >> good. what is the latest on healthcare? >> reporter: they are working behind the scenes. congress behind me is on recess but their aides especially on the senate side are trying to
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come up with a republican plan. here's the problem. the plan republicans passed before in the house couple of weeks ago and that most senators have said they are okay with would cut about a trillion dollars from medicaid, $800 billion. that's a plan president trump has supported. if the senate and the republicans stick their neck out they are worried about things like this tweet that the president sent out over the weekend. over the weekend the president said, i suggest we add more dollars to healthcare and make it the best anywhere. obamacare is dead. republicans will do much better. republicans are worried that if they do massive cuts to healthcare and the president, who is on their side, suddenly says let's put more money in, they are going to be in political trouble. i can't let baseball go without saying this from the nation's capital. you said there was disagreement as to whether that pitch hit harper intentionally? not on the east coast. i can tell you, no one doubts that that thing went at harper directly including a guy who has some credibility in san
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francisco, that's washington manager dusty baker. >> i think no one doubts that was probably one of the best baseball brawls we have seen in quite a lot. thank you, marc sandalow. time now 5:10. texas lawmakers issue threats and nearly come to blows over the state's sanctuary cities bill. >> and state investigators arrive at the waterpark where a boy was tossed off a slide on opening day. >> so imagine a world in which you had your own weather station in your backyard and you could report on it. it could happen. we'll take a look at our weather watchers. >> we have been tracking a quiet start to your tuesday morning commute. but a new accident to change things. that's coming up.
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good morning, your time check now is 5:13. it is tuesday, wow! spin around and take a look at this. it's our live weather camera from mount vaca indicating we
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have some clear skies there. that's one of the only places the fog is not intruding at this particular time. we are going to show you just how expansive that deck of low clouds and fog is. also, how it will affect your tuesday. and the a scuffle at the state capital could mean a special session. it started with massive protests inside the capital and led to a confrontation between lawmakers in the chamber. reed binion reports. >> i made a very stupid comment, he is a racist, he is a bad person. >> reporter: democrat texas nevarez commented on the things that happened on the state capital monday. >> i don't allow people to get away with comments like that. they think nothing is going to happen to them. >> reporter: he says that matt
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rinaldi called i.c.e. on illegal immigrants speaking out against sanctuary city bills . >> reporter: he said when he told democratic colleagues about his call to i.c.e., he was assaulted by romero. rinaldi said he would shoot in self-defense if necessary. nevarez called him a liar. other democrats called rinaldi out. >> we have to hold politicians accountable who say things. >> reporter: the chaos of the regular season may not be their last day at work. the governor may call them back to work to clear up unfinished business. >> i'll be making an announcement later this week about special session. >> reporter: i'm reed binion
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reporting. >> and that special session would cover another contentious bill aimed at limiting the public restroom options for transgenders. a waterslide in dublin is closed while investigators try to determine whether it's safe. that ride sent a boy flying over the holiday weekend. inspectors from cal/osha were at the wave yesterday along with manufacturers. the boy flew over the edge of a level part of the area. he was tossed on concrete but had only minor injuries and walked away. >> as an observer could you see when he came into what we refer to as the run out area he got on the water and, um, he slid off the edge for a bit and he was shaken by the experience. >> the manufacturer of the ride whitewater west has provided slides in concord and fresno. cal/osha is trying to determine
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if there have been any problems there. >> 5:16. it's back to traffic tuesday. let's check the roads with jaclyn. >> reporter: good morning. well, so far, they are looking okay. we are tracking one accident. this is along 101 northbound to palo alto near embarcadero. couple of cars got into it. it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down so it was already cleared to the shoulder. speeds are in the green. we'll take it over to the san mateo bridge bridge where we are checking in problem-free. looks like everyone is on their best driving behavior this morning. no delays as you head out of hayward into foster city. keep a affirm grip on the wheel. we are tracking delays westbound 580 in the yellow just under a 30-minute ride. the crash is cleared. good morning to you. nothing nasty about this nimitz this morning. problem free in both directions. that's a check of your traffic.
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let's check in with roberta on the forecast. >> we have a quiz for you this morning at 5:18 on this tuesday. what? what was the hottest location in the bay area on memorial day? any guesses? no, it was not santa cruz at 77. no, it was not gilroy. it was the pitchers mound at at& t park. 5:18. let's get to it. it's our live weather camera towards the bay bridge. mostly cloudy skies. yes, it's may gray. once again here in the bay area. but look at this. we are getting ready to go ahead and transition to our inland areas taking a look at mount vaca where we do have nothing but clear skies there. we have at this point a few high and mid-level clouds and that's about it. temperature-wise 49 in santa rosa. it's 53 in redwood city. and it is now 56 degrees in the
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oakland backing through area. san jose at 55. weather watcher time this is steve our weather watcher in los altos with us for years. steve suggests the air temperature is 56 degrees. he says it's two degrees cooler at this early hour than 24 hours ago. that's a great observation. while you are suggesting you have a slight breeze. we do have that light wind also in mountain view. 17 in oakland . winds 17 at sfo through half moon bay. inland winds up to 12 in antioch. 15 concord, clayton and walnut creek. slighter winds in napa. it will be a blustery day especially in the late afternoon hours with those west to northwest winds 10 to 20 increasing 20 to 30. this is a widespread deck of low clouds and fog. it's producing morning drizzle through the pleasanton area. tomorrow morning a slight chance of a rain shower.
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oh, i'm going to show you what i mean by that. thursday the first day of june it is from may gray to "june gloom." couple of different troughs below freezing through the bay area enhancing the marine layer producing the chance of a light shower. here's your futurecast. this afternoon we have partial clearing in the bay area. tomorrow at this time there's a chance from the trough of a rain shower primarily to the south and to the east. thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. temperatures seasonal where we should be for this time of the year. 63 degrees in san francisco. 74 in san jose. mid-70s tri-valley. 78 in santa rosa. ditto through thursday. then there's a gradual warming. giants host the nationals game
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time tonight in the 60s. good morning. it was the most talked about base-brawl of memorial day. giants and the nationals. a word from the combatants in that one in a jiffy.
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good morning, everybody. let's face it.
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hunter strickland and bryce harper are not besties. harper took him yard twice in the 2014 play-offs. and admired his shot. the giants well, they did win the world series that year but that wasn't enough for strickland. facing harper for the first time since, he let him have it. 98-mile-per-hour fastball. it was on. both got a punch in before benches cleared. my favorite, michael moore, jeff samardzija just colliding. strickland and harper were eject. ninth ejection for harper. and look here, three players to restrain strickland and get him off the field. nationals won 3-0. to the clubhouse. >> what kicks in when you see them coming after you with the helmet in his hand like that? >> protect yourself stand your ground. >> it's been three years and they won the world series and i wasn't thinking about it. i wasn't happy. just took it into my hands and
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tried to go after him a little bit. american league top of the screen that's where the warriors will be in that building in a week. a's were in cleveland in the stadium against the indians. bottom 4th, daniel mengden served up it to encarnacion second back-to-back. indians won 5-3. the a's have lost three in a row. so the ace go again against the indians and the giants and nationals at at&t park tonight. play of the day game one of the stanley cup final penguins and predators in pittsburg. the game with three minutes left in regulation. [ play-by-play ] >> scores! >> penguins didn't have a shot on goal for 37 minutes until that one went into the net.
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pittsburgh 1-0 in the series. changes to the. c system after it was revealed the regents at uc were throwing parties while raising tuition. >> is the answer to oakland violence a new department? i'm jessica flores with the details coming up.
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a mangled wreck is left behind after a deadly crash in the east bay. we'll hear from a witness who jumped in to help. >> and a woman in tahoe tries to save her dog but lands in the hospital instead. >> from the kpix weather center, good morning, everybody. here we are wrapping up the month of may with showers in
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the forecast. i'll tell you exactly when and where. >> delays if you are heading throughout the bay area. is it affecting your commute? find out coming up. >> good morning, it's tuesday, may 30. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today oakland city council votes on a proposal to create a department with one focus in mind, preventing violence. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in oakland on just how this plan aims to protect people. jessica. >> reporter: well, kenny, it's a growing debate here at city hall. the question is, should they create a new department separate from law enforcement? separate from the police department? to try to reduce violent crime rates? now, here in oakland, they have been dealing with this issue for quite some time. oakland has the highest per capita homicide rate of any major city in california. council member lynette gibson mcelhaney and the city council president larry reid want to create a department headed by a chief of violence prevention to bring down gun violence by 80%
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in three years. but a report from the city administrator says the proposal would increase administrative expenses. the mayor has already set aside $1.5 million for 50 new police officers. in 2016, oakland saw 88 homicides. family members of some of the victims are speaking out in support of the new department. >> she was murdered at 16 an innocent victim. we need to have an entity to deal directly with this particular issue. >> reporter: currently city violence prevention programs are run by the department of human services. now, folks who want this program this new department say they want the department of human services to focus on other issues like homelessness in oakland. now constitution takes up the matter today. live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. tonight in oakland, the city council is also expected to approve a settlement for the woman at the center of the
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police sex scandal. the city will pay nearly $1 million to settle the claim that oakland police officers exploited and victimized the girl who formerly went by the name celeste guap. she says she was still a minor when she began having sex with bay area police officers who then allegedly helped her avoid arrest. just a few hours, crossing arguments get under way in the penalty phase of a trial for the 26-year-old found guilty of killing a missing morgan hill teen. jurors are set to deliberate next week on whether or not to sentence antolin garcia-torres to the death penalty. but his attorneys say they might pursue a new trial. it stems from a finding that the lead detective in the sierra lamar trial gave false testimony in a different murder case. chp has released new video of a rescue at lake tahoe. the couple on a high at luther rock got to a steep spot. the woman tried to keep the dog from sliding over the hillside but she fell 30 feet and was airlifted to the hospital.
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the man and dog were able to hike out on their own. close call there in lake tahoe. >> yeah. very close call. ♪[ music ] >> i would say that was just a ruff day for the dog. [ laughter ] >> ruff. >> roberta gonzales! >> thank goodness it wasn't raining cats and dogs. [ laughter ] >> okay. sorry. [ laughter ] >> it's the cold medication. >> blame it on that. hi, everybody. let's go going. we have clear skies over mount vaca. 49 in santa rosa. visibility less than two miles due to the socked in conditions. livermore at 53. elling 53 onshore push of winds. 17-mile-per-hour winds at sfo and half moon bay. 14 in san ramon.
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12 in antioch through brentwood. 30 in fairfield. you get the idea, it's a breezy start to the day due to the expansive extensive widespread marine layer. it's roughly about 2,000 feet deep producing some localized drizzle inland. today no clearing at the beaches in the 50s. belmont into burlingame. temperatures normal for this time of year. seasonal late spring day in the eastern portion of our bay area. we have cool temperatures in the north bay beaches. meanwhile your honor stream, 77 degrees at cloverdale --
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meanwhile, upstream, 77 degrees at cloverdale. chance of rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that at 48 after the hour. good morning. the metering lights are on and there's a big backup. we are back to the grind on the tuesday morning commute. 15 minutes into downtown past the metering lights. an earlier crash northbound 101 right near embarcadero road not slowing anyone down. chp on the scene. we are track delays northbound 101 just the usual slowdowns. danicanorthbound 101 at highway 85 not blocking lanes and not slowing anyone down. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. two people are dead and six others were rushed to the hospital after a horrific crash in the east bay. it happened around 8 a.m. yesterday in alameda. police say there were 7 people
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inside a truck when it came careening down park street clipped a minivan flipped and continued to roll. a man and a woman in the truck died. 5 others were hurt including young children. a woman in the minivan had minor injuries. an employee at a nearby restaurant helped her. >> she was shaking definitely shaking, crying, really scared. it was traumatic. we do all we could because she could the hit and she was just crying like -- it's scary. >> the names of the victims have not been released. police didn't say much about the crash except the truck driver was probably going too fast. uc regents are in hot water over the way they have been paying for parties. now the university of california is changing course on who should foot the bill. the "chronicle" reported that since 2012 regents have billed the university for roughly
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$250,000 to cover dinners, some at fancy hotels. the news sparked some backlash given the recent tuition hikes approved by the university. now the board chairman has announced that regents have to pay their own tabs. a statement claims that those events were actually charged to a private endowment and did not dip into public funds. but the rules have still been tightened on funding regent events. one of the biggest names in soda is looking to enter the ring of natural foods. ill wagner of reports. >> reporter: british airways hopes to resume full operation after a computer failure over the holiday weekend that stranded 75,000 passengers. the airline was forced to cancel all of its flights from london's heathrow and gatwick airports saturday. a power surge in a data center disrupted its operations worldwide. shares in british airways owner iag fell 4% this morning. the markets open after the
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long holiday weekend. on friday the dow was flat. pepsi looking to tap into the natural food and drink craze. pepsico could be looking to buy all market, the company that makes coconut water brand vida cocoa. madonna and matthew mcgonaughey are two of the celeb investors. another artist joins the fearless girl controversy briefly. he sculpted a dog and placed it to look like it's urinating on the leg. they side with the wall street's charging bull that says it's an affront to the work of the charging bull. that's your cbsmoneywatch report. for more follow me on twitter at #jillwagnercbs. i'm jill wagner. 5:38. a former weightlifter proves he is still not someone to mess with when his wife is attacked inside their bay area home. >> plus, police aren't too happy when a southern california man tries to recreate a little movie magic.
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>> let's check 880 in oakland. jaclyn tells us there's a crash just south of this in hayward. she is going to be back with more on that and roberta with your bay area forecast.
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this was a pitch that led to the punched her around the world. >> the base-brawl between the giants and the nationals at at&t park cleared the benches. it's a game fans from both teams will never forget. >> kpix 5's sandra osborne is live at the ballpark this morning with the rest of the story. sandra. >> reporter: good morning. fans are definitely going to be talking about that today as they head back to at&t park. this evening we are going to see game two of a three-game series but first let's take you back to that moment leading to those fireworks.
5:42 am
>> and the pitch. and he hits harper. >> reporter: that was a 98-mile- an-hour fastball from the giants pitcher hunter strickland. he hit the nationals' bryce harper in the hip. harper goes in not quite sure what his intention is with that helmet before the punches begin. in 2014 harper hit two home runs off strickland in the national league division play- off. so now we are questioning if that pitch was intentional. he says it wasn't or if harper was justified to charge the mound. >> if a guy hits you holds a grudge after three years you do what you got to do. i think he has the right to go back at him. >> reporter: now, both strickland and harper were ejected from the game [ chuckling ]. when is the last time we saw the benches clear like that in a giants game? it wasn't all that long ago. it was september of last year
5:43 am
when the giants faced off against the dodgers. live from at&t park, sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> sandra, so, um, strickland and harper's history what's that in terms of getting eject from games? >> reporter: well, kenny, this is actually strickland's first career ejection. harper, on the other hand, this was his ninth. at this point in time we have no word on any punishment for the two from the game. >> that was an epic brawl. a home intruder attacked a woman in san jose last night. len ramirez reports. >> reporter: 74-year-old christina says she was nearly killed when a female burglar went on the attack clubbing her in the head with the stick on the back porch. >> i run in i told my husband i
5:44 am
said catch her. she bloody my head. >> we were both bloody. >> reporter: by that time the burglar was wielding a sharp garden tool and grabbed it away from the female attacker and she started biting him. >> reporter: he held the suspect until deputies arrived. >> with all my power i did that. >> reporter: a 50-year-old woman was arrested. the victim was born in iran. he showed me his homemade gym in his garage. deputies tweeted a picture of him calling him a hero but yousef and his wife disagree. >> he is supposed to do that because he just -- she is trying to kill his wife. >> i am right. maybe i am wrong. but i do my duty. i must protect myself, my family, my home. my country. >> reporter: yousef says never
5:45 am
gave it a second thought that he could be injured or even killed getting physically involved with the woman attacker. he just said he wanted to do everything in his power to bring her to justice. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. in southern california, a man decides to drive a delorean from "back to the future" at 88 miles an hour. that's the speed this movie makes clear will get you traveling through time. >> when it baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious [ censored ] >> he got the idea when he drove 88 miles an hour with his mom on a santa clarita highway. she said take it to 88. the wife says the second after he upped the antity a police officer pulled him over and that's when the officer announced you're going 88 miles an hour. >> i started laughing. my mom started laughing. he ee has this wiggin on his face like he won the lottery. he comes back immediately and
5:46 am
he has the radar gun and he said, hey, do you want to take a picture of it? i said, yeah, of course i do. [ laughter ] >> well, of course. that's cool. then they turned to business. he got a ticket for $200. >> that's cool but here's the ticket. >> he deserved the ticket going 88 on the highway. >> have you guys -- when was the last time you have seen a delorean? >> it's been a while. >> universal studios. >> in pleasanton, on thursday night, there's a delorean parked outside. i see that delorean outside there on thursday nights. they are spectacular. >> a friend of mine in elementary school, her dad had one and we thought it was so cool that the doors go up. >> what's going on on the roads ? >> no time traveling for your thursday morning commute.
5:47 am
we are tracking an accident, this is in hayward northbound 880 as you approach 92. we're seeing southbound slowdowns so no delays northbound. and the crash is on the shoulder. but i guess a lot of looky-loos and typical morning rush. over at the san mateo bridge, we are seeing some big delays in the eastbound direction. we'll find out what's going on. westbound things are looking good as you make your way out of hayward to foster city. this is 580 right at highway 24. typically a very busy route because everyone is approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and the backup continues to stretch to the foot of the maze. 580 from 205 to greenville 17 minutes and in total 580 from 205 to 680 we are in the yellow still just under 30 minutes. antioch into hercules in the yellow, as well. mass transit great news running
5:48 am
on time. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. i have limited usage of my weathercam was this morning because we're so socked in. this is our live weather camera looking out from our kpix 5 studios. corner of broadway and battery in san francisco. looking out over the embarcadero. we have may gray again. this is another view this morning from mount vaca looking at official sun-up that is making an appearance now over the mountains. temperatures 49 degrees in santa rosa to 53 in livermore. temperatures uniform. same with our weather watchers from fairfield through lower lake into santa rosa and los altos. all with gray skies. hey, gang, thanks so much for waking up with us, our weather watchers very faithful. that information is so vital to us here at kpix 5. breezy in san francisco at 21. 17 at sfo. also half moon bay. look at the winds at san ramon
5:49 am
as 14. 15 in concord. 12 antioch through brentwood and 23-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield. cloudy skies at the coast streaming inland and this streams inland about 40, 50 miles all the way into the pleasanton area. widespread fog and low clouds all the way through your wednesday. partial afternoon sunshine. seasonal temperatures and i'm introducing precipitation wednesday morning. the weather pattern is going to hold through wednesday. excepts a couple of troughs through the bay area with a marine layer that's 2,000 feet deep bringing drizzle into the tri-valley. santa rosa visibility down to a mile and a half. there we go into your wednesday is that trough as it breezes through. but once it does so, it scours out that marine layer throughout much of the bay
5:50 am
area. we return from may gray on wednesday to thursday to more of a "june gloom" weather pattern with everybody clearing out except the immediate seashore. official sunrise this morning at 5:50. sunset at 8:24. today's temperatures 50s, 60s, 70s, not reaching 80. outside number santa rosa at 78. 70s are typical in the santa clara valley. same in the east bay. average high 64 in san francisco. so average temperatures. ditto wednesday. thursday we clear. warm up for friday through monday. we have ourselves a baseball game tonight! right? all hands up if you want to see tonight's game. we have gio gonzalez on the mounds for the nats our former a's player and then we have the giants the shark is on the mound for the good guys. game time temperature 60. go giants. don't you go. back to you. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ new video this morning of rescue efforts in sri lanka after monsoons caused the worst flooding in 14 years. service members deliver food,
5:54 am
water and supplies to those left standed. the death toll is 183 and over 100 are still missing. back home in california, rescue crews pulled a victim's body from a river by bakersfield this weekend. the man had been rafting with a friend in kern river. this is the latest in a series of rescues over the weekend after the wet winter caused powerful and dangerous rapids. so far this year, 3 people have died on the kern river. an alarm sight at some southern california beaches. hundreds of dead pelicans and other sea birds are washing up on the coast. this is normal to see birds and seals die this time of the year due to domoic acid in plankton but never so many six birds. >> we see six to 12 every walk so something is going on. >> the plankton bloom was bigger than normal probably due to the runoff from the rain. it's impossible to predict how
5:55 am
long it will last. it may not end until early summer. the oregon man accused of going on an anti-muslim rant on a train and then stabbing three people who tried to stop him is due in court today. authorities say 37-year-old jeremy christian directed the slur at two teens one wearing a hijab, when three people tried to protect the teens, christian allegedly stabbed them killing two and injuring one. a 23-year-old college graduate and a 53-year-old army veteran died in the attack. a 21-year-old is recovering in the hospital after his throat was slashed. now the son of the army veteran is sharing memories of his father and the teen allegedly victimized by christian says she owed her life to the men who intervened. >> every one of his kids he made sure we were loved. [ crying ] >> i want to say thank you and i appreciate them because without them we probably would be dead right now. >> portland's mayor is working
5:56 am
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good morning. it is tuesday, may 30. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check traffic with jaclyn and, of course, our weather forecast with roberta gonzales. >> good morning, last tuesday of the month! >> we're tracking a new crash and it's slowing folks down who use southbound 680. this is right near stoneridge. and take a look at this backup. already forming. it is beyond 580 at this point. we're in the red with those
6:00 am
slowdowns. and we're tracking a travel time clocking in about 20 minutes. that's the motorcycle crash that has a lane blocked. northbound 880 near 92. over to the bay bridge toll plaza, doesn't that look fun? that backup stretches to the foot of the maze and beyond along the eastshore freeway. it's creeping along the stretch. in the yellow 20 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. ha t's a check of your traffic; over to you. thanks, jaclyn. 6:00 straight up. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! wipe the sleep out of your eyes. it's fuzzy. we have gray conditions from the coast to the bay peninsula to much more inland areas. and in addition to that, it is


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