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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  May 31, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: the heat is on president trump. will he keep the campaign pledge to pull out of the paris climate change accord? a decision is near. also tonight... >> death to the enemies of america. >> glor: an explosion of anti- thslim hate. the deadly attack in portland. >> reporter: court documents are painting an even more horrific picture of what happened. >> glor: three are dead in dallas after bounty hunters confront a fugitive inside a car dealership. a laptop computer bursts into flames on a jetblue flight. >> nyctinasty. will you please give me the definition? >> glor: and a few words from a six-year-old spelling phenom. >> n-y-c-t-i-n-a-s-t-y. nyctinasty.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening. scott is on assignment for "60 minutes." i've jeff glor. this is our western edition. president trump is about the make one of his biggest calls since he took office. as a candidate, he said he would pull the united states out of the paris climate change accord. will he follow through? here's chip reid. >> reporter: during a photo op with the leader of vietnam today, president trump was asked if he's going to pull out of the paris climate accord. >> you're going to find out very soon. >> reporter: he seemed to suggest he still hasn't made up his mind. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people both ways. >> reporter: but cbs news has hasfirmed the president has begun to tell confidantes that he will withdraw from the agreement. reports to that effect ricocheted around the globe, drawing criticism from world leaders. the prime minister of india said e would be a crime to spoil the environment for future generations.
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finland's prime minister said climate change won't be reversed by closing your eyes. and in berlin, the head of the european commission lectured mr. trump that not everything in international agreements is fake news. only two nations, syria and nicaragua, currently oppose the climate accord. >> global warming and a lot of in is a hoax. it's a hoax. >> reporter: during the campaign, president trump dismissed the scientific consensus that rising temperatures are caused primarily by fossil fuels like coal and oil. but even most major american businesses from exxon to apple support the agreement. esian dees, who was president obama's point person on the paris accord, says it's not just about the environment. it's about the economy. >> across the globe we have a competition for who will be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century and who will gain the economic benefits from doing that. we can't win if we step off the playing field and disengage all together. >> reporter: there is still some t certainty about what the
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president will decide. sources say he has even discussed the possibility of renegotiating the agreement. jt, jeff, it is far from clear that the rest of the world would agree with that. >> glor: chip reid at the white house. enip, thank you very much. the way has been cleared for james comey to tell congress about his discussions with the man who fired him, president trump. here's justice correspondent jeff pegues. ne reporter: sources tell cbs news that special counsel robert mueller has giving his blessing .i. former f.b.i. director james comey to testify before congress. comey is expected to discuss timos he wrote about meetings with president trump, including one in which comey says the president asked him to drop his investigation of fired national security adviser michael flynn. according to the memo, the president said in the private meeting, "i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. he is a good guy." flynn is a subject in the russia investigation, and today the
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president tweeted again that the probe was a witch-hunt. he also defended one of his wrrmer advisers, carter page, writing, "democrats have excoriated him." in an interview today, page denied any wrongdoing. >> i think it's going to be such an open-and-shut case. >> reporter: well before he joined the trump campaign, page was named as male one in an f.b.i. case that led to the 2015 arrest of russian spies in new york. court papers allege the russians tried to recruit page. there are now questions about r ether he was properly vetted oi the trump campaign. >> people knew me very well going back many years, so not directly within the campaign, but people i knew. >> reporter: democrat eric swalwell is on the house intelligence committee. >> carter page is certainly an individual who we would like the hear, from as we would like to roar from any individuals who ikd contacts with the russians at the time of the interference campaign. >> reporter: this afternoon the house intelligence committee issued seven subpoenas,
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's puding to michael flynn, and donald trump's personal lawyer, michael cohen. jeff, cohen tells cbs news that he plans on cooperating. >> glor: jeff, thank you very much. you can see a live interview with carter page tomorrow on "cbs this morning." a tweet by the president apparently incomplete baffled weers and immediately went viral overnight. at 12:06 a.m., the president wrote, "despite the constant negative press covfefe"... social media lit up as people wondered what the president meant. six hours later he tweeted, "who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe. enjoy!" ntfrequent target of president trump's tweets has been germany. president trump says the u.s. has a massive deficit with germany. we report from spartanburg, where bmw has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> reporter: the president's tweet stuck a nerve in one of
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the states he won. the his is one of the cases where the president should have gotten his facts first before he went on attack, because he's just wrong. >> reporter: in the upstate region of south carolina alone, there are more than 400 international companies, 136 of them are german, including bmw. >> we need to build stronger shlationships with german companies who have made a huge impact on south carolina and its people. >> the starting pay was excellent. it was one of the best in the area. >> reporter: 23-year-old cody ouandall sought out an assembly erne job here at bmw's largest manufacturing facility in spartanburg county. so what do you say to the president who says germany may not be giving us a good deal? >> i think he needs to take a look at spartanburg, south carolina, and check out the bmw plant here. >> reporter: 9,000 people are employed at the sprawling state- of-the-art complex with assembly line workers making upward of $60,000 a year.
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1400 cars roll off the line daily. rter 70% of the cars made here are exported. >> bmw is the gift that keeps on giving. >> reporter: county councilman david britt lured bmw here in te02 after the area lost 25,000 textile jobs. >> without bmw, that would be a peach field still today and the people of spartanburg would be hurting badly. >> reporter: look around locally an you can see how the area is thriving. >> thank you. >> reporter: pat theo opened this family restaurant down the road from the plant. bmw, she says, has improved her bottom line by 50% and she's happy to give back. it's why you'll see workers here in uniform every day. >> people know if you have that little emblem on your shirt that you're part of something that's pretty amazing. >> reporter: bmw pays millions of dollars in taxes that benefit local services such as schools and the fire department. and jeff, local leaders told us there is no special incentive bat bmw gets that isn't offered to other international businesses.
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'rl incentives, we're told, are performance based. >> glor: david begnaud, thank you very much. e e biden has said he does not foan to run for president, but there are indications he may be rethinking that. the former vice president is icarting a political action committee called american possibilities. sae pac says it's dedicated to electing people who believe the country is about dreaming big. we have new details on a deadly attack in portland. s ree good samaritans were heabbed when they came to the aid of two teenage girls who were the targets of an anti- muslim tirade. mireya villarreal has the police account of what happened. >> you call it terrorism. i call it patriotism. >> reporter: this chilling courtroom outburst gave us a inimpse inside the depraved mind of 35-year-old jeremy christian as the sole survivor of the deadly rampage watched from a front-row seat. michah fletcher reached out to supporters on social media today. ey there is no amount of money bat will ever bring back the lost loved ones. >> reporter: now court documents are painting an even more
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horrific picture of friday's attack. d lice say it started when christian targeted two teenage girls on a commuter train. ice was african american, the other an african american muslim wearing traditional muslim clothes. according to this affidavit, christian began shouting at the teen, "go home. we need american here. i don't care if you're isis." he also mentioned decapitating heads. michah fletcher was first passenger to physically intervene. he told christian the get off the train. christian then appeared to pull a folded knife out of his pocket and in one motion stabbed michah in the neck. surveillance and cell phone swdeo show christian immediately swung again, stabbing another passenger, taliesin myrddin namkai-meche, in the neck. army veteran ricky best moves forward to intervene and the defendant stabbed him. both men died. after his arrest, a police car camera recorded christian saying, "i just stabbed a bunch of mother( bleep ) in their rick, and i can die in prison happy man." >> ( bleep ).
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>> reporter: christian's hate- filled rhetoric was well-known to police. just last month he attended an alt right rally with a bat. joey gibson has planned several pro trump rallies an oregon that ended in violent clashes. another planned for this sunday is expected to draw thousands of protesters. >> i will always continue to rally, continue the march, especially since jeremy christian has nothing to do with us. >> reporter: the portland mayor stood by his request to revoke the permit for sunday's rally. late this afternoon, though, a federal agency that is in charge of this park that i'm standing in right now denied that request. jeff, we know right now rally organizers as well as the rertland police department are looking to bring in more man o wer to try to keep the peace on sunday. >> glor: mireya from portland, oregon, thank you very much. basketball biggest star apparently target of a hate crime, somebody spray painteded the n word on labron james'in
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los angeles. he's in ok lands for the finals .aid racist will always be part of the world and part of america. afghanistan's capital of kabul was hit by one of its worst attacks in years. a suicide truck bomb killed at least 90. tround 400 were wounded. the bomber struck close to the german embassy not far from afghan government buildings. r:re now from debora patta. >> reporter: the powerful truck bomb exploded in kabul's diplomatic quarter during the packed morning rush hour. the timing chosen was devastating in effect. the force of the blast so powerful that windows were shattered more than a mile away. it left massive crater. cbs news producer ahmad mukhtar. >> all the buildings surrounding this site are completely destroyed, and you can see nothing is left behind. >> reporter: bloody, stunned civilians with makeshift bandages staggered from the area while ambulances ferried the wounded to nearby hospitals.
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a never-ending line of horror. "i heard a terrible song," said this man. een i opened my eyes, i saw blood coming out of my shoulder." the german embassy, among others, was extensively damaged. the presidential palace just around the corner. this man was in a nearby building. "i was trapped," he said. e weple were on the floor and there were streams of blood." the taliban has denied responsibility. afghan intelligence suspect the militant haqqani network in the east of the country may be to blame. the attack comes at a time the cks. is weighing sending in more troops. thst as the militants proved yet again they can strike at the heart of the city. this attack may lend more weight to those who argue the u.s. g ould be sending thousands more troops to afghanistan. but, jeff, after 16 years of war, the cost of over $3 billion
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a month, it's not a clear-cut decision at all. >> glor: debora, thank you very much. cnday cnn fired comedian kathy griffin from its new year's eve for after she posed for photos with a likeness of a severed head meant to resemble president trump. mr. trump said griffin, who has apologized, should be ashamed of chielf. he said, "my children, especially 11-year-old barron, are having a hard time with this. sick." melania trump called the photo "very disturbing" and "simply wrong." coming up next on the "cbs ,"ening news," a wild shoot-out when bounty hunters confront a fugitive. and later inside the pulse nightclub massacre from the officer's vantage point. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts.
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5:46 pm] all three men, the fugitive and the bounty hunters, were killed. no one else was hurt. we do have a new perspective tonight on last year's orlando nightclub massacre. anna werner has the video, and i caution, some of the images of graphic. >> we have an armed shooter here. >> reporter: the police body cam video shows officers racing to the scene of the nightclub shooting. >> you can hear shots fired in the background. >> reporter: they show what it was like from the officers' point of view. >> come to me, come to me, come to me. hands up, hands up. >> reporter: as they helped those shot inside the club. >> we have about 30 gunshot victims. >> reporter: then in the next clip, sounds of a confrontation with gunman omar mateen, who was holding hostages. >>get down! [explosion] >> reporter: mateen killed 49 people and injured 53 when he arrived at the pulse nightclub on that sunday june 12, 2016, carrying an assault rifle.
5:47 pm
[gunfire] the three-hour siege finally meded when police stormed the building and killed him. after the incident, scott pelley spoke with dmitry smollens, a survivor of the shooting. >> the last thing my friend texted me was, "please help me." "help me. i've been shot, and i'm going into shock. please help me." >> reporter: in all the "sentinel" reports there are some 15 hours of footage from three police departments that ?esponded to the shootings. jeff? >> glor: anna werner, thank you very much. up next, fire in flight aboard a jetblue airbus. next, fire in flight aboard a ustblue airbus.
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>> glor: the f.a.a. is investigating a fire aboard a jetblue airbus a-320. transportation correspondent kris van cleave has the latest. >> we just talked to the pilot, atd he reported that it was a battery fire from a laptop in the passenger compartment. or reporter: scary moments for le o158 people on board jetblue flight 915. while flying between new york icd san francisco last night, passengers noticed smoke coming from a carry-on bag. inside was a laptop with an overheating lithium ion battery. passenger alan honnibal. >> we're at 35,000 feet, and all of a sudden we hear an announcement, and we look back to row 25. >> you could see smoke and smell it. k reporter: kailey honnibal took this picture of what looks to be scorch marks on the plane's carpet. the f.a.a. says 12 firedents von ontteries have occurred on planes this year. this underscores a growing
5:52 pm
concern among large electronic devices in the cabin. currently those devices must be checked on flights from the middle east and north africa. some experts worry storing them in the cargo hold could lead to fires unchecked. >> that could be a greater risk than terrorists. former ntsb chairman mark rosenkirk. we do run a very serious risk of some potential of a fire that we can't contain and thereby have the serious consequences of potentially losing an aircraft. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is studying that fire danger question and ths made no decision about expanding the laptop ban. jeff, there were no reports of injuries on that flight last night, but the f.a.a. will investigate. >> glor: kris, thank you very much. up next, she's the bee's knees. a six-year-old spelling whiz. -old spelling whiz.
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>> glor: finally tonight, are you smarter than a six-year-old? >> glor: finally tonight, are you smarter than a six-year-old? jan crawford now with the whiz kid getting all the buzz at the spelling bee. >> reporter: waiting on the stage with contestants twice her age, six-year-old edith fuller is so small her feet don't touch the ground. >> hi, edith. >> reporter: but wait until you see her foundation of knowledge. st nyctinasty. >> nyctinasty. e ll you please give me the language of origin. >> it's made up of greek elements that were probably first combined in german. >> nyctinasty. n-y-c-t-i-n-a-s-t-y.
5:57 pm
nyctinasty. >> correct. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: edith, who turned six last month, is the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee. scripps howard is calling her a "spellebrity" and even arranged a press conference. >> do you hope to come back to the bee next year? >> i do if i don't win this time. >> reporter: the oldest of four children from tulsa, oklahoma, edith is home schooled, and her parents annie and justin fuller remember the exact moment they realized she had a gift. >> we were just having fun around the dinner table just spelling words together, and we started out pretty simple. and then somebody threw out e staurant, and she spelled it correctly. >> reporter: they decided to sign her up for the spelling bee, helping her study in 20- minute increments. di talked to edith this afternoon after her press conference. so when you're not spelling, what do you like to do?
5:58 pm
>> i might like the play hide sed seek or something like that. >> reporter: but don't hide, because you know what, you got a lot of spelling to do. >> but there are some times to play and some times to not play. imybe in the times to not play i can spell, and the times to play, i can go and play hide and seek. >> reporter: and for edith, sometimes there's a way to do both. >> t-a-p-a-s. tapas. >> reporter: jan crawford, cbs news. >> glor: and this just in, unfortunately we learned that edith was eliminated, but still an extraordinary accomplishment. go edith, 2018. that's it for the "cbs evening m ws." for scott pelley, i'm jeff glor. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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california should be a sanctuary for californians. >> a grieving father takes to the airwaves to slam sanctuary cities. his son rundown and killed in the bay area by an illegal immigrant. good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. new at 6:00 a father sharing his personal tragedy in new tv ads is taking aim at sanctuary cities. he blames san francisco's immigration policy for the death of his son. kpix 5's emily turner spoke to the man. >> imagine if kate had been your daughter. >> reporter: dan rosenberg lost his son six years ago when roberto gallo an undocumented immigrant hit and killed drew on his way home from law school in san francisco.
6:00 pm
>> instead of stopping, he accelerated, drove over his body, um, my son's helmet had come off and wedged under one of gallo's tires so he backed up, driving over him a second time. >> reporter: rosenberg and his new political ad argue that horrible demise could have been avoided. >> all three killed by people who entered our country illegally, people shielded from federal immigration law by california's sanctuary cities. >> reporter: before drew was killed gallo was stopped by sfpd for driving out a license or insurance and going the wrong way down a one-way street. gallo was cited and let go. a few months later he killed drew. >> the grief part of it is always there. that never goes away. but when i have to think about it and watch what's happening, um, particularly in california,um, it gets you very angry. >> the d.a. was too busy to go on camera but


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