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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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now at noon, a family demanding answers after their son was shot and killed by police. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. it's been months since a vallejo man was shot and killed by police. kpix 5's jessica flores explains why police are refusing to release a report on
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the incidents despite family requests. >> reporter: angel ramos would llpolice shot and killed him in january at his family's home. his family says what led to the shooting is still murky and they say the autopsy could clear things up. but solano county sheriff's office is not releasing the records. >> the coroner's report is the one piece of evidence that can refute or prove what the police say happened. right? and the problem in this case is that what the witnesses say happened and what the cops say happened are two very different things. so the family has asked repeatedly for this coroner's reported and they have been denied. >> reporter: according to police, ramos is fighting with another man on the home's deck. police say ramos had a knife and officers shot him to keep him from shooting the other man. but the family disputes that. >> do i ever get to see my brother again? no. the question of the whole situation with whether he had a knife or not whether he had the knife or not that still does not give them the right to kill anyone. that does not give them the right. >> reporter: solano county sheriff's office says the
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records are protected because they are part of an ongoing investigation. the county says once vallejo police and the d.a. make their findings, the autopsy will be released. in vallejo, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> vallejo police are also investigating a police shooting that happened late wednesday night. officers tracked down a suspect in martinez several days after he allegedly rammed into a patrol car in vallejo. the suspect family says he is in critical condition. a san jose state university basketball player was one of five people arrested in a robbery in union city. the victim says that the group punched him many times and took his wallet, phone and belt. san jose state freshman terrell brown is among those accused of robbing the man around 1:00 a.m. on saturday near mariner park. the victim saw one of his credit cards had been used at an in-n-out in union landing. that's where officers found the suspect vehicles and the stolen property. all five people are facing multiple charges including robbery, criminal threats and conspiracy. crews in belmont are
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cleaning up a muddy mess after a water main broke in a residential neighborhood. it was reported just before 4 a.m. on the 2600 block of an avenue. two homes were evacuated as water flowed down a hill. neighbors say the water was so loud it woke them up. >> i'm thankful it didn't go under the houses you know? and it went through the houses. so we are thankful for that. >> terrible. >> up here. down below some of the houses are flooded from the hillside here. >> crews are inspecting at least one home that now has a crack in its retaining wall after that water main break. san francisco mayor ed lee says smoother rides are coming. he just announced the start of repairs to potholes around the city. kpix 5's jackie ward is live with that story. jackie. >> reporter: kenny, it's not just here in san francisco. no matter where you live across the bay area, there are these pesky potholes on the road, especially after the wet winter
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we had with all of that rain and they are expensive to fix. check out what we saw on our drive here from san francisco's financial district to the spot on 2 seventh avenue between geary and clement where mayor ed lee just wrapped up a press conference. instead of painted lines separating lanes a string of potholes does. that's why the mayor is recommitting his efforts on fixing the streets spending $90 million on repairs including repaving streets, striping and other safety measures. >> this is what we get to do an economy that's very strong make sure we snead revenue the people who deserve to have their streets smoother. >> reporter: this pothole project is all part of his proposed two-year capital budget. by fixing the roads mayor lee hopes to improve the pci paving index score used by the regional mtc to track paving
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conditions across the bay area. so the city has been able to repave more than 700 blocks per year since 2011. that's after a voter-approved safety bond was passed. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord is drawing condemnation from around the world but the president's team defends it as good for the country. kelly o'hara reports from the white house. >> reporter: e pa administrator is praising the decision to pull out of the paris climate accord and says the u.s. is already leading the world when it comes to lessening its carbon footprint. >> the president made a courageous decision yesterday on behalf of america putting america's interests first with respect to environmental agreements and international discussions. >> reporter: but yesterday's decision is drawing criticism from corporate leaders including disney chairman robert iger and tesla's ceo elon musk who both resigned from the president's business advisory council. president bush helped broker
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the climate deal with nearly 200 countries in 2015. he said in a statement, even the absence of american leadership even as this administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future i'm confident that our safe cities states, cities and businesses will step up, according to former president obama. john kerry also criticizes the president saying his choice is self-destructive. >> what donald trump is doing is serving the polluters. and serving a narrow group of ideological interests. that's not leadership. that's abdication of responsibility. and this step does not make america first. it makes america last. >> reporter: president trump's counselor kellyanne conway rejected the announcement. >> once a politician, always a politician. i think it's a very disappointing assessment and it tells why you he lost when he ran for president. >> reporter: last night buildings including one world trade center in new york city and city hall in boston were lit up in green in protest. kelly o'hara for cbs news, the
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white house. much of the reaction from around the world has been negative. china the biggest polluter on the planet called the u.s. withdrawal reckless. and said america's quote selfishness and irresponsibility would hurt its global standing. and listen to what france's president had to say. >> it is an actual mistake both for the u.s. and for our planet. >> the leaders of germany, france and italy issued a rare joint statement calling the paris accord irreversible and stating it cannot be renegotiated. that was a blunt rejection of president trump's assertion that he will eventually negotiate a better deal for the united states. new at noon police in manchester england just released new images of the concert bomber. they show salman abedi walking around the city with a blue suitcase prior to the attack. police are hoping to piece together abedi's final preparations before the bombing at manchester arena. death toll from yesterday's attack a philippines casino is
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36. it started when a gunman burst into the casino and poured gasoline on the gaming tables and set them on fire. he then stole more than $2 million in chips. he later committed suicide in a nearby hotel. the "islamic state" has claimed responsibility. but philippine military officials are rejecting that claim. meanwhile, security at the casino is now under scrutiny. new at noon comedian kathy griffin is speaking out about the backlash surrounding a photo shoot with a mask of president trump's's head. today she blamed the first family for using their power to target her. >> what's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country! which is that a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever! >> griffin apologized for the photo shoot earlier this week. after the photo surfaced, she
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was fired from cnn. she had been he could anchoring the new year's eve show with -- coanchoring the new year's eve show with anderson cooper. a scare for dog e k-9 flu i the u.s. >> plus a major landslide adding acres to the big sur coastline a closer look at the damage and how to fix it. >> and the weekend is right around the corner. we are going to take a closer look on what you can expect. we have so many outdoor activities planned this weekend. and we'll talk about the fog, its return and the impact on the weekend. as the news continues. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the dog flu is going around in florida. health officials there say that at least a dozen dogs have come down with canine influenza. it's considered contagious but is rarely fatal. symptoms include sneezing, coughing and nasal discharge. some vets are recommending dogs that have a lot of contact with other dogs get vaccinated against the disease. the virus spread last month at dog shows in florida and georgia. money news now. the labor department says the u.s. economy added 138,000 jobs last month. that's less than expected. while job growth slowed, the unemployment rate went down to 4.3%. that's the lowest level since 2001. but it suggests many americans have given up looking for work. let's take a look at the big board. the dow is up about 63 points. the meal kit delivery service blue apron has filed papers to go public. the company was one of the
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first to create cook at home kits with ingredients and instructions to the door. they had $800 million last year. big sur a major landslide is causing the coastline to expand by as much as 13 acres. john blackstone reports on the ongoing threat as engineers work on ways to clear it. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: the gash on the hillside is more than a third of a mile wide tumbling into the ocean and there's more waiting to come down. >> are we walking on a potential slide? >> we are on an active landslide. >> reporter: caltrans engineer doug cook shows us where cracks in the land indicate this hill
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is slipping still. >> start small and and go big. >> reporter: the ongoing movement of the slide is measured by ground sensors like these and radar that continually scans the hillside. a usgs animation shows how more than a million tons of rock and earth came down, pushing some 15 acres of new land 600 feet into the sea. from here, this massive landslide stretches more than 1800 feet across, more than 1,000 feet high. and it's still moving. so unstable, engineers haven't yet figured out how to even begin rebuilding this road that clings to the coastline 150 feet above the ocean. >> it was cut in 80 years ago by hand. but it was cut through large masses of unstable ground. >> reporter: unusually heavy rain this winter triggered oreland slides as well bringing down a bridge at the northern end of big sur. closing more than 50 miles of highway 1. that has left tourists,
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businesses there, almost completely cut off. the one way in for visitors is by air. but even that is not certain. when we tried to fly in fog blocked our landing. >> okay. let's go. >> reporter: that left one other option. a nearly mile long hike. the president of the big sur chamber of commerce was our guide. >> now, this is the only trail access in from north to south for local residents. >> reporter: he is general manager of a big sur restaurant with spectacular views but these days, almost no customers. >> so the trade-off for this really amazing location is the certain fragility of access. yeah. every once in a while we lose it. and we have to work our way around it. and that's what we're challenged with today. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, ragged point, california. >> the bridge that's out could be replaced by late september but the landslide could take a year or more to fix. parts of highway 1 are open to tourists at the north and south ends. let's check in with roberta. roberta, is it going to be a
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nice weekend? we have lots of activities. >> i can't wrap my head around what happened there at big sur. >> are you still thinking it? >> yes. every year i ride my bike from carmel along highway 1 into hearst castle for best buddies and we haven't heard what the diversion is it going to be yet. can you imagine that? that's crazy stuff going on there. let's look ahead to the weekend now. ing a look at our live weather camera, we have clear skies toward the port of oakland and the estuary and alameda we can see it because we are fog-free at this time. what a difference than what it has been for days here in the bay area when we were just saturated with the low clouds and patchy fog. this is another view this time around from the golden gate bridge and it does indicate at this time that we have clear skies there. i have noticed a hinted of clouds rolling through from time to time. you see that one lifting above the graphic right now? that's one cloud. 66 in san francisco right now but it's 78 degrees in santa
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rosa after bottoming out this morning at 48 degrees. the coast is clear. how often do we get to say that in june? usually it is "june gloom"." 5 insan francisco. 5 the lowest wind speed all day in fairfield. dana our weather watcher in novato says that the heat is happening. she hears the wild sweet peapods exploding open in the sun like popcorn. i like that description, dana. great visual. okay. imagine this. high pressure, the ridge is minimizing the onshore push. we are seeing some cloudy conditions rolling back on to the coast in the overnight hours. and trying to move inland. but look at your saturday. it is cloud-free. and then sunday we have a trough that's going to blow through to the north of the bay area. and as it does so, we'll have
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cooler air. 72 in the high sierra. 63 in monterey bay. 60s, 70s and 80s across the board today. 86 the outside number in fairfield. today livermore 85 degrees. sunset at 8:26. by then, those are the numbers we will establish. 50s through 80s. looking ahead to the weekend, boy, it's going to be spectacular. but again, cooler on sunday. play ball tonight. clear sky, the nationals who have been in the bay area all week, they have, they just crossed the bay bridge. they were playing the giants, now the a's, in the 60s tonight, go a's. >> great night for baseball. >> fun to see bryce harper charging the mound again. >> he may get to play another game in the bay area. what did he get four-game suspension? >> then reduceed. >> for being a bad boy. >> bad, bad, bad. grown man. remember. >> play ball. >> no crying in baseball. there's a new national spelling bee champ from the golden states. >> yes. she is a 12-year-old girl from
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fresno ananya vinay was letter perfect during three days of grueling competition at the national spelling bee. take a look as she spelled her way to the top: "marocain." >> that is correct! >> congratulations! [ applause and cheers ] >> it took her a while to smile but she made it. last year she placed 172nd in the competition. she says since then, she studied several hours a day and look at that. a huge hug from her dad. >> well deserved. >> there she is! see, she's happy. >> and supposedly she is a warriors fan. >> she is. yeah. she wants tickets to the game. >> i think they should get 'em. still ahead a danger for dogs especially in the summertime. we are talking about foxtails with our pet expert who also brought along toby. wake up! >> aww, toby is cute. >> catch our special coverage of this year's san francisco carnaval parade tomorrow night at 8 p.m.
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on kbcw 44/cable 12 and at 11:30 right here on kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they are a nuisance for pets in the summertime. we are talking about foxtails with other pet expert dr. chase
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bringing along toby. >> he is very relaxed! so they are my nemesis. i don't like them and i know owners will say they are everywhere and they are everywhere especially now with all the rain that we have been having. with you it is possible to avoid them and i -- but it is possible that you avoid them. go to the beach where there's beach sand. that's a foxtail. i brought it live so we'll show you, as well. >> if it ends up on the skin near the eyes? >> anytime where you go to a place where there are foxtails check your animal thoroughly and pull them out. you want to not only feel with your fingers between their paws, their little toes but also look with your eyes because sometimes you'll see them and not feel them and vice versa. so this is the foxtail. they look like wheat. they are green when they start out and then brown and they only move in one direction. they don't back up. so they have a potential to go into their chest cavity, their abdomen, up their nose and ears between their toes and they
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need to be dealt with so if you ever see a little lump on your dog, call your veterinarian, let's let us check that out. >> a little swelling. >> yeah. >> dr. jill chase, if you have a question about your pet, just email, and we'll have our pet expert, dr. jill chase, give you an answer every friday right here at noon.
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sticker shock when it comes to prescription drugs. coming up at 5:00 the medicine
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markup that left a senior stunned. how where you buy can make a huge difference. that story and more at 5:00. all right. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. the weekend is almost here. >> wahoo. >> pretty weekend? fist bump? >> we have the pleasanton car show going on thousands of people in town. art & wine festival in sunnyvale. ♪[ music ] ,,
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>> eric: everybody have what they need? >> quinn: uh, yeah. i'm gonna get you a drink. >> eric: thank you. thank you, darling. well, i love this. all my favorite people in my favorite room. >> quinn: i can't believe he invited her over here. [ sighs ] dinner was hell. now she's camped out for after-dinner drinks? [ scoffs ] she's watching us. she's always watching us. >> ridge: well, don't give her anything to see, and we're gonna be fine. >> quinn: [ sighs ] >> ridge: we didn't. >> quinn: we almost did. >> ridge: okay, just calm down. this isn't easy for me, either. >> eric: oh, wait. quinn, ridge, we were just talking, and i-i realized, uh, this is something everyone needs to hear. i didn't want to spoil dinner with it, but it's important, and it affects everybody in the family. thomas is gonna start working at spectra fashions. >> sy:


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