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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 3, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we start with breaking news. an attack on the bridge in central london. a van plowed into a crowd of people. and now, we are learning about other attacks nearby. and good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. london police say officers are responding to stabbings and authorities are scouring the area looking for at least three suspects. >> wendy gillette is following the developments and i joins us live in new york with the latest. wendy? >> reporter: british prime minister teresa may says this is a potential act of terrorism. police in london say they responded to three reported incidents tonight. a van hitting multiple pedestrians on london bridge. a possible knife attack in a touristy area of restaurants and bars called burough market near london bridge and another one, in vosle. which is in southwest london.
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but the underground station has now reopened. and we just learned within the past couple of minutes, that that sint is all clear. it is no -- that incident is all clear. it is not related to the other two. we are only looking at two incidents at this point. the bbc reporting that one person is dead in the attacks and others injured. emergency crews and armed police rushed to investigate an incident on london bridge saturday. witnesses say a white van jumped a curb and mowed down pedestrians. a triage area was set up nearby to treat the injured. witnesses say they also heard gunfire. >> two bangs. >> and in a video posted on twitter, police were heard telling patrons in a nearby bar to get down. another video showing police evacuating london bridge station. police also used a double decker bus to block access to the popular landmark.
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and the incident comes two months after a vehicle slammed into a crowd on westminster bridge. police believe that incident was terror related. >> tonight, multiple underground stations are closed. as is london bridge. as police investigate what it they are dealing with. president trump just tweeted, after being briefed by his national security team saying the u.s. will help out in any way possible. london police are urging people to stay calm, but to remain vigilant and alert tonight. >> wendy gillette, thank you. we will continue to stay on top of this developing story and have the latest on our web site, thousands of south san francisco residents have not been able to use their tap water after vandals wroak into a water -- broke into a water storage facility. jackie ward is in san francisco where the water was just tested. jackie? >> reporter: we were expected to hear the test results at 4:00 this afternoon, but they
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still haven't come in yet so right now the water in the south san francisco sunshine gardens neighborhood is not safe to drink. that's the neighborhood where we are right now and people tell us they didn't know they had a water warning until they got this flier at their door this morning. >> it was a steady stream of drivers all day at cal water surfaces service. people who live in the area needed to pick up bottled water to use this weekend. >> hopefully we are not all contaminated, i guess. >> i don't know what to think. will it be safe after they test it? >> cal water service says it is taking serious precautions after the water to your that supplies about 2,000 people was vandalized friday. preliminary tests done yesterday and today came back negative. >> we were telling people do not drink the water and if they need water for cooking or drinking, they are free to come down and get it frus. >> the manager of the garden
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club, a local italian restaurant was forced to close last night because of the water situation. that caused them to lose $5,000 in business. and tonight, the dining room is back open for dinner. thanks to store-bought ice for drinks and bottled water to clean the dishes. >> i don't understand why they would go and trespass and do the graffiti, when there are so many people that rely on water, and they just kind of ruined it for everybody. >> whoever did this is still out there. and police are investigating. because although south san francisco residents are the ones who are being inconvenienced, it is in town limits. >> so this just in, this very minute, as i was doing the story, the producer told us that we got an e-mail from cal water district and they say the water is now safe to drink. so representatives from the water district will be going door to door in this neighborhood, to let people know of the test results. in south san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> thank you, jackie. the water park in dublin where there was an accident last week has reopened but the slide where it happened is
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still closed. last saturday, a 10-year-old boy flew off a slide called the emerald plunge and landed on the concrete floor next to it and managed to walk away with only scratches. and they are examining the configuration and water levels and that slide and two others are closed indefinitely. the new park called the wave did reopen today as plannedded and will stay open every day until mid august. developing now, police in vallejo have a new homicide case on their hands. a shooting happened just after midnight. on core koran avenue. about a few blocks east of 29. when officers got there, they found evidence of a shooting but no victim. then they learned that a man had taken himself to a hospital and later died. now, detectives and crime scene investigators are trying to piece together what happened. and they would like to hear from any witnesses. well, a busy road in richmond is back open tonight,, it shut down today for several hours because of a crash. police say a car hit a man who
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was walking along cutting boulevard along the intersection of marina way. authorities have not released the man's identity. we are told the driver did stay at the scene. if it is unclear if drugs or alcohol are a factor. late night host bill maher is under fire for using a racial slur on his hbo show. it happened last night during an interview with the republican senator. and maher was complaining about adults in california who still dress up for halloween. and the senator said adults in his state don't do that. and they invited them to nebraska. maher joked about working in the nebraska fields, and used the "n word." just a few hours ago, he apologized and released that statement saying last night was a particularly long night as i regret using the word i used in the banter of a live moment. the trump presidency is facing criticism all over the world this weekend. protesters opposed to the president's policies gathered in more than 100 cities for a march for truth today.
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they are demanding a full investigation into what connections the trump team had with russia. meanwhile, after he pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. u.s. ambassador to the united nations claims trump does believe in climate change. >> he believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of that equation. >> and the ambassador says trump pulled out of the pact because it was impossible to meet the terms of agreement and that the administration will do it under its own terms. a lot of democrats say they will continue to abide by the terms of the climate deal, despite the president's decision. one is california governor jerry brown. he is currently in beijing, at a clean energy summit. he plans to ask china to become part of california's carbon trading market. >> when mr. trump does something so outrageous to the science and to the reality of climate change, we can't stand idly by. this is serious stuff. >> several other states in the u.s. as well as the canadian province of quebec are already
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taking part in california's cap and trade system. a new warning system is being tested at the oroville dam. four months after the main spillway collapsed. one blast at a time, crews continue to chip away at the damaged spillway to clear the way for a new one and emergency sirens were tested for the first time yesterday afternoon to alert dam workers in case of another emergency. and meanwhile experts say it is still too soon to say exactly what caused the main spillway to crumb glbl we believe in all likelihood, we will not find a single cause of the event. normally there are multiple causes. >> and in february, nearly 200,000 people living downstream from the dam were forced from their homes. while the main spillway and emergency spillway failed. another milestone for space x. still ahead, how the company just made history in space. >> and a site to see in the
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south bay. we will show you what has been spotted off the monterey coast. >> well, the coast is where we will be looking for changes in our weather. because they are coming. we will have the forecast up as well. when we come back.
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we are following breaking news in london. there have been multiple attacks in the city and police say the first happened on the central bridge, when a van plowed into the crowd. >> there are also reports of stabbings, at the nearby borougm market, british police say one person is dead and looking for at least three suspects. president trump tweeted this about 30 minutes ago. we need to be smart, vigilant and prompt. we need the courts to give us back our rights. we need the travel ban as an extra level of safety. he went on to say the u.s. will help london and the u.k. in whatever way possible. >> we will continue to stay on top of this story and post the
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latest on our web site three, two, one. and liftoff. the 100th liftoff from launch pad 39-a. as we take flight to the international space station. >> and there you have it. history made in space today. spacex launched the first recycled cargo ship. to the international space station. the falcon rocket is carrying a dragon capsule that made a station delivery nearly three years ago. when it reaches the orbiting lab on monday, it will be the first returning capsule since nasa's now-retired shuttles. and spacex says it is another milestone in the effort to make space travel cheaper. the bart closure this weekend could slow you down. the warm spring south fremont station is going to be closed today and tomorrow. and there will be a free bus bridge to and from the fremont station. and bart says passengers who use the bus could add 20 to 30 minutes to their travel time. bart crews will be testing new
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software through the silicon valley extension project. cars are moving through the tunnels in the marin headlands again after crews made some updates. the baker berry tunnel sits just beyond of the bridge for the headlands and crews sealed cracks in the tunnel walls to stop seepage and added energy efficient lights to improve visibility for cyclists and drivers as well as replace outdated water and sewer lines. a rare site off the shores of the central coast this week. two groups of bear-beaked whales were found 10 miles southwest of carmel bay. marrian hicks gives us a glimpse of the extraordinary sea life. >> a bared-beak whale of a tail off carmel bay. 10 miles off the bay. >> and they are normally found quite far offshore and can hold their breath for up to an hour sot chances of seeing them are pretty -- so the chances of
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seeing them are pretty slim. >> two pods why seen by the monterey whale watch last saturday and marine biologist nancy black was able to identify them by short puffy blows and bald foreheads and long beaks. >> normally i have seen them 20 to 50 miles offshore. but every once in a while, they will come in a little bit closer. because we do have a submarine canyon here. it is actually monterey canyon. it is the deepest and largest canyon on the west coast so every once in a while they will come in closer because we do have deep water close to shore. >> she believes the whales were following food like squid. and also hanging out on the central coast, juvenile white sharks. from carmel bay to santa cruz county they are coming back. and the research foundation has been on the water monitoring them. >> we are working to identify individual sharks. and documenting with go pro cameras, is it male, female, a
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generational category, you know, look for tags, and individual, you know, identification of animals through their scars. and marks. >> and no word how long the sharks will stay but while they're here, they are commonly seen between the sea cliff area. and they don't believe more sharks are in the water but more people reporting them. and that being said, not seeing any sharks would be a cause for concern. along the bay, mariana hicks. >> i think she meant to say kpix 5. and i will do that for her. >> there you go. and mostly blue skies across the area right now. and the prospect for getting a little bit chillier. tomorrow. with some drizzle along the shoreline in the morning. but by tomorrow afternoon, it will be sunny and nice and hot in and around the bay and we will start with the clouds and finish with the sun. >> as we have a look at the golden gate bridge, traffic moving beautifully and not a bad sight, either, as we have clear skies there, and pretty breezy out there, though, with winds out of the northwest at 17. and concord now has 84 degrees.
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but in san francisco, only 60. and tomorrow, we are going to get more low clouds. a little bit of a trough that opens up over the bay area. and it will be warm but not hot inland and numbers cool down 8 degrees from today. and the more it cools down, and warms up on monday, and high pressure is going to finally weaken a bit. with us, you can see in the future cast, low clouds, forming in the peninsula, and clear skies elsewhere. with not a bad day tomorrow. not quite as warm tomorrow as it was today. and we can deal with that. and as we have a look at the future cast, cooler air on the way for the bay area, and a double-barreled low out there. and that is just the cool air, there is no moisture and that is further drizzle along the shoreline. and tonight, partly cloudy with the low clouds coming back in. and more clouds and a little bit cooler tomorrow. and sprinkles, that are possible, by thursday. and possible, not probable. but thursday, we will see. and meantime, oakland is taking on i think washington. right? yes. and sunday, tomorrow, afternoon, at 1:05 p.m.
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and go to the game and mostly clear and a little bit chilly and 67 degrees, lots going on around the bay area, the union street music festival, this weekend, in san francisco. and it will be in the mid-60s. also the art and wine fest. in the south bay and sunnyvale, and nice and sunny and mid-70s there. art and wine on the menu as well in walnut creek. plenty of sun. 78 degrees. and the good guys car show in the east bay town, juliet, what is that town? pleasanton. plenty of sunshine. and 78 degrees. the hook and ladder run happening in not too terribly far away livermore with clear skies and 63 degrees. at run time. travel weather forecast, going to be looking for numbers to be mostly in the mid-80s. low 90s. 91 degrees at reading. and 86 at sacramento. and 95 degrees in fresno. a few low clouds along the shoreline. if you are headed to the beach, bundle up. headed to the mountains, it should be nice. all right, overnight lows tonight, if you're out and about with the raccoon, the numbers are down to 50 degrees. and around 4:00 a.m. 53 at oakland.
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and 52 at fremont. and 52 degrees in livermore. sun will be up at 12 minutes before 6:00 a.m. and high temperatures for tomorrow, santa rosa, still up to 79. so inland will be warm. and just 79 at concord and 76 at vallejo and 65 degrees in san francisco. and at beautiful pacifica, 60 degrees, in mountain view, 73. and the extended forecast, looking for the numbers to be only, with quotes around it, in the upper 70s tomorrow inland and the upper 60s around the bay and all week long, we are going to have temperatures about 60 degrees, at the shoreline. and things will warm up on monday. and stay in the mid-80s through tuesday, inland and then wednesday, it will be cooler, and thursday, as i say, maybe a sprinkle or two especially at the shoreline, it wouldn't be much and by the time we get to next saturday, we have temperatures in the low 80s. and during that weather cast, i was energized by seeing this young lady coming for sports. >> thank you, brian. coming up in sports, the first no hitter in baseball happened today. and it doesn't belong to this guy even though he pitched well
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against the phillies. >> and the warriors looking to remain undefeated in the post season. who will be on the bench to coach them? we'll be right back.
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on the eve of game two of the nba finals, the biggest question mark isn't about the health of the warriors players but who will be on the bench as the head coach. today, general manager bob myers says all options are still on the table. steve kerr has been there for three weeks now and traveled to san antonio for games three and four of the western conference times but just wasn't on the bench. kerr has not coached since april 19. due to complications from the 2015 back surgery. but golden state has not missed a beat without him. going 11-0 under the acting head coach mike brown. brown says despite sharing coaching similarities with kerr, the two differrer a lot off the court -- differ a lot off the court. >> i am different than steve. in a lot of ways. my car is clean. his car is dirty. his locker is dirty.
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my locker is clean. yet he actually pointed that out to me today when we walked in the coach's locker room, he goes, he goes, mike, look at my locker. i just shook my head. and i said steve, look at mine. and you know, so there is a contrast between the two of us. where i think it fits well, because we kind of sort of meet in the middle so it is a good mix. >> i imagine kerr to be a neat freak. well. on the diamond, the giants have a lot going for them. against the phillies. and lost five games in a row. including a 10-0 shutout to san francisco yesterday. the science giants off to a great start. one strike away from getting out of the inning when there is a homer to tie the game at one. next inning, 2-1 phillies. and herrera with a double here and clee clears the bases with philadelphia with a 5-1 lead. and he is good for clearing
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bases and benches. the giants cut the deficit to two in the 9th. and the fipples hang phillies hang on to win. san francisco has lost four of the last five. the a's have lost six of the last seven games and just got pounded by the high powered offense of the washington nationals 13-2 friday night. chris davis, bobblehead day at the coliseum and the a's player distheir best davis impression. and lowery homers off the oakland native joe ross with a 2-0 lead for the a's. and three batters later, ryan healy makes it 4-0 with the 11th homerun of the year. 4-for four with two homeruns in the afternoon. and alonzo goes deep now in the 7th. to make it 9-4. alonzo's 16th of the year. and oakland hit four homers in the game. as they beat washington. the best team in the national league. 10-4. marlins starter edison
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volquez's day nearly ended when he injured his ankle in the first inning but volquez gutted it out and had the first career no hitter, struck out 10 and walks, with miami winning. and the sixth no hitter in marlins history. well, stanford facing elimination from the ncaa tournament this afternoon. in palo alto. the cardinal leading 3-1 in the 7th when quinn brody connects for the third homerun of the tournament. brody was three for five with a trip until the game as stanford wins 9-1. the cardinals face cal state fullerton in another elimination game in just about 30 minutes. to the nfl. colin kaepernick's search for a new team does continue. the seahawks have decided not to sign the 29-year-old quarterback. with russell wilson, seattle is not really in the market for a starting qb which coach pete carroll thinks kaepernick could still be. >> he is a start ner this league.
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and you know, i can't imagine, we have a starter, and you know, he is a starter in this league and i can't imagine that someone won't give him a chance to play. >> if he is a start ner this league why isn't he starting for someone? >> that is not my issue. >> the 49ers either. and the 49ers in santa clara, it seems like everyone has picked up on the culture change since john lynch and karl shanahan were put in charge of the team. don't ask what it. >> it feels like a heightened sense of -- no, i'm central michigan right now. i'm searching for some words. my rolodex of vocabulary is not very good. heightened sense of attention to detail. and i was searching for a synonym of that. urgency. good one. heightened sense of urgency. >> he is always the most eloquent guy on the team, too. but it is great to see the different atmosphere around the
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49ers. >> absolutely. >> mike sieges siege -- seems like a nice guy. >> and i didn't expect mr. brown and mr. kerr to be so different. >> oscar and fee limp. >> yes. >> that -- felix. >> yes. >> that is a good one. we'll be right back.
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that's it for us at 5:00. we will see you back here at 6:00. >> cbs weekend news is next. news updates though, always on we will see you at 6:00 tonight. in the meantime, thanks for watching.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs weekend news." i'm arena teresa may called it a potential act of terrorism. british police are responding to a series of incidents in central london. witnesses say that a van plowed into a number of people at the iconic london bridge. there are reports of multiple stabbings in the nearby borough market area. it's not clear if these incidents are connected. or if they were part of an attack. earlier, there was panic in the streets. >> stand back. stand back. do police holding shields ran


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