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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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stuffing the bags with clothing and supplies. a witness says she saw two young women leave the store quickly. the two women sprinted to a car parked a block away, and sped off. some berkeley shoppers tell me they're outraged. >> i like the store there, it's a great store. it's not okay that this stuff is going on. >> reporter: the witness tells me, the two women were giggling as they got away. the robbers, you heard on the police radio, got $10,000 in merchandise. now to the latest details on last night's deadly terror attack in central london. seven people were killed when attackers in a van plowed into passengers on london bridge, then stabbed people at a crowded night spot. those included include a woman
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from canada, a french citizen. the islamic group has claimed responsibility. they've arrested 12 people in raids in several homes in east london. today, 4 women had their faces covered as they were led away from a block of flats. >> i saw a guy come down a random corner. run, run, run, they've got blades, they're going to stab you. he went on the floorer. >> reporter: london metropolitan police say eight officers tried to stop the attack within minutes, firing about 50 rounds. one of those police bullets hit an innocent person. the injured bistander is expected to survive. coming up at 6:30, we'll have a live report from london, and there's more on last night's attacks and the aftermath on a suspected car thief is in the hospital after he was shot by police early today. it happened just before 3:00
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a.m. on st. mary's avenue, a block west of interstate 580. they stopped him in a residential area, then both officers opened fire, wounding the suspect. >> we have a team of investigators here now, contacting witnesses, and investigating, or interviewing officers that are involved. the alameda county crime lab is here, processing the scene. we don't know the circumstances surrounding the incident just yet. >> they're also talking with the suspect two is in stable condition. one man is dead after an overnight shooting in east oakland. the scene captured on surveillance video. police say a man was in his car, highlighted on the screen, near the fruitvale district when he was shot just before 5:00 a.m. you can see the flicker of light from the gunfire. the man then drove his car about a block and a half,
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before crashing into the yard of a nearby church. he died on scene. police arrived a short time later. the neighborhood's councilmember says the violence needs to stop. >> those of us who live in these streets, we need to get more involved, and call it in, report it, take videos of it. there are two oaklands here that we have. and the live in the area that's the most challenged, and it's been like this for 15, 20 years, so we can't allow that to happen no more. >> less than 5 miles away, police say another shooting left another man dead. they want to install surveillance cameras, but who's going to fit the bill? >> reporter: it's something the town of moraga has wanted for more than a year. >> do you think they're necessary? >> i do. they're, i think a very important crime solving tool.
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>> reporter: moraga has seen an uptick lately. >> even vehicle thefts. >> reporter: police chief john king says the city can't afford to pay for the cameras itself. >> why can't the town pay for it? >> you know, financially, first of all, it's a great town, but financially, like many other communities, we're facing some lean times. >> reporter: so citizens are stepping up. they set the goal of $60,000 to pay for five cameras around town. it's already raised $9,000 in two weeks. >> i think the town has got some fiscal challenges. there are some priorities that it has, that need significant resources. so we're happy just to step in and help. >> reporter: there is an actual physical money pit that the town of moraga has been forced to put a significant amount of its money into. that is of course the sinkhole that's been here more than a year. >> does moraga feel less safe
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than it has in year's past? >> no, i don't think it's about less safe. i think it's about keeping it as it is. >> reporter: the town was able to put in $5,700 towards one camera, but at this point, the group should have $60,000 that it needs to put the cameras in by august. the first sighting happened just before 10:00 last night. a woman say she is saw an adult sized mountain lion crossing crest view drive. experts say if you see a mountain lion, don't approach it, especially if it's feeding, or with other mountain lions. the first service today included a bit of humor, and focused on the future. >> there's no going back after a tragedy. there's only going forwards.
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and there's so much familiarity in the space, about it's so new and beautiful, kind of like it has a fresh new skin. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: 8 months after fire ripped through the first congregational church of berkeley, the congregation marched back into ceremony and broke into song. the fire inspired service came with a dash of humor, orange and red balloons, fiery red rose petals dropped from the balcony. while the search is still trying to figure out what to do with the fellowship hall. fellowship has at least resumed
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in the refinished sanctuary. >> it's so great to be back. >> well, this is home. this is where i met my wife, where i got married. where both of my boys were baptized. it means a lot to me. i can't say how much, it just means a lot to me back home. >> reporter: so the flock returned home. shared hugs, tears, and communion, and reflected not so much on what was lost, but what has come with this new day. >> you can take an occasion like this and do something entirely new. >> reporter: in berkeley, wilson walker, kpix 5. and coming up, a popular netflix show is looking for talent right here in the bay area, but some are hesitant about the themes portrayed in 13 reasons why. san jose scores a major coup with apple's worldwide developer's conference coming
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back to the south bay for the first time in 15 years. >> we take a look at the health benefits of the bizarre practice of alien yoga. >> as we look out toward the bay, we have weather cast skies, i can't even come up with a tease. >> dr. stanley: and the wonderful thing about god is he doesn't cause us to measure up and then choose us. god takes our inadequate areas of life and he uses them to do something in our life that's worthwhile. [music]
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the producers of the netflix series 13 reasons why are back in the bay area. they are recruiting actors for the second season of the controversial show that focuses on teen suicide. >> reporter: the path to stardom is usually a long one. today, it stretched out the building, and down a block. and another block, and another, and another, and another. >> it always is something i wanted to do, so now i'm going for it. >> reporter: thousands showed up in downtown vallejo for an open casting call. the netflix teen drama, 13 reasons why is looking for extras for season 2. today, producers gave no inkling of what they were looking for. >> sometimes if you don't get a part, maybe you remind them of someone you don't like. so it's just, you don't know going in there. >> reporter: 13 reasons why is a dark tail about a victimized
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girl who kills herself, and leaves behind tapes, explaining how the people in her life drove her too it. aubrey, and darren are hoping for a part, but they also experienced the suicide of a friend just 2 months ago. >> none of us even knew that he was in trouble. it's because we didn't know those warning signs, and we didn't look at those warning signs. after watching season 1, it's like okay that's what we should have looked out for. >> reporter: there's also a fear that all the drama will glamorize suicide, and cause others to do so as well. >> it's dramatic, it's vicious, it's sad, and everyone gets affected by it. and it's not glamorous. >> reporter: holly says it's helped her communicate with her son. >> watching it with him was one of my favorite parenting tools i've had, to talk to him about how it affects them. >> reporter: it may be harsh,
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but the story is also true to life. it's clear there are no young -- there is no shortage of young people who want to be a part of. >> when the show debuted in march, a school district reportedly sent a letter to parents, warning them of the show's content, and encouraging them to talk with their kids before watching it. making green from green. a north bay city is on the brink of passing legislation that would tax marijuana businesses. this week, they would vote on measure d. it would impose an 8% tax on marijuana growers, distributers, and dispensers in the city. the city council supports the measure, and they're not seeing much resistence. and apple's conference kicks off tomorrow. after more than a decade, the highly anticipated conference is back in the south bay.
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>> for the first time in 15 years, apple's worldwide developer's conference is back in san jose. >> i was thinking, a smaller city, maybe a few tens of thousands of people. i'm looking at it, it's bigger than san francisco. >> you know there's a million people here. >> yeah, now i do. >> reporter: apple is not saying why they pulled the run out of san francisco after such a large run. whatever the case, the 5,000 attendees. the economic impact up to $1 million per day. alex williams is the driver for the san jose brew bike. but is also an uber, and lyft driver. >> i'm sure there will be a lot of money to be made. i want to get my piece of the
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pie. >> reporter: there was a heavy security presence around the area, with apple's own security team, along with san jose police surrounding the building. roberto is a developer from chile. >> everything's calm. everything's quiet, so nothing to worry about. >> reporter: saying scaling back the conference because of last night's london terror attack would be the wrong move. >> i think we need to continue, and carry on, to coin the english term. we're not going to change our lifestyle. we're not going to limit our freedoms because of those terrible acts. >> at the conference, apple execs will show previews of the next apple iphone and watch. it's also announced they will announce a siri smart speaker. >> i've been waiting for that. we've got temperatures in the low 50s to start off your monday morning. there are changes later in the week. by the afternoon, we're going be to looking for temperatures inland to be in the upper 80s.
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so a few warm days on the way for the bay area, before a chance of rain sneaks in. hard to believe, but true. as we have a look out there toward the bay, concord, 72 degrees. san jose at 71. santa rosa still warm. sunny and chilly at the coast. that will continue. inland, we're going to be looking for things to warm up to 88 degrees in the warmest spots, is plenty of sunshine tomorrow. here's why. high pressure is going to nudge back into the bay area. low pressure retreats a little bit. the pressure is up. the temperatures are up a bit too. this is a time lapse of the low cloud formation offshore. tonight will be clear, but chilly. tomorrow, it will warm up a little bit. we'll get more clouds, and then a chance of showers coming in
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on thursday. the models are saying a half an inch to about a quarter of an inch in the south bay. so it's a possibility. yeah, that's a sizable amount of rain for june, if it pans out. chilly in the shore line. beautiful in the mountains with readings in the 70s. seattle looks like sunshine, and 70. new york, a few thunderstorms and 71 degrees. tonight, we'll be down upper 40s, to low 50s and the sun up on your monday morning, numbers are warmer than average. concord at 88. san jose, 82 degrees. oakland, 76. down in the south bay, the numbers in the low to mid-80s. along the shore line, just in the low to mid-60s. brentwood, 90 degrees.
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85degrees at the aptly named pleasant hill. up in the north bay, numbers in the 80s as well. mill valley, beautiful. 80degrees. ukiah, lake port, and clear lake. cloverdale, 88 degrees. the extended forecast, we're looking for numbers the upper 80s. thursday, we've got showers, potential. it's hard to believe. maybe a lingering shower or two into friday. saturday and sunday, we will be looking for sunshine breaking out. it's probably no news that the warriors have been playing for a while on another channel, but you know you love us, because you'd be watching that instead. we have dennis o'donnell. no brian, you've got it all wrong. it's halftime, so everybody switched over. which they ought to do. things come in threes.
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welcome back to oracle, everybody. halftime between the warriors and the cavaliers in game 2. golden state leading 67-64, and a very sloppily played 1st half, but a lot of offensive output by both teams. meanwhile, before the game, presented the chuck daley live time achievement award. addles coached the warriors for 14 seasons, including their championship in 1975. a much longer run than originally planned in 1969. >> i talked to my wife and she convinced me to do it. i'd do it for 30 games. some of you here managed to boo
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me. no, i'm kidding. the a's also in action. sonny gray ran into some trouble in the 6th. turner, a two run triple to give washington the lead. bottom of the 7th, a's down 3- 1. chris davis rips one down the line, off the foul pole. 17th home run for davis. ryan madson had not allowed a run in six straight appearances. ryan zimmerman put an end to that streak. oakland's bullpen allowed 8 runs in 2 innings. they would not go away quietly. matt joyce hits a grand slam to make it 11-10. 5th career grand slam for joyce. dusty baker chewing on that toothpick a little harder all of a sudden. but the comeback would end. the nats win 11-10. they take two out of three in oakland, and go 5-1 in the bay
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area swing. the a's have lost 7 of 9. the giants have activated hunter pence off the disabled list. sending the struggling rookie christian arroyo to the minor leagues. pence not in the lineup in philadelphia. the phillies had a 6-5 lead. but crawford rips one to left for a two run single. crawford also had a home run in the game. still in the 7th, the giants trying to add on, but nick hundley checks his swing. ground -- into the inning ending double play. pence, making his first plate appearance since may 10, and grounds into the double play. another chance squabbled. derrick law grooves a fastball
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to michael franco. 8-7 phillies. two batters later, law hangs a curveball, and galvis puts it into nearly the same spot. the phillies win it 9-7. they are the worst team in the national league, but win their first series in 6 weeks. final round, memorial tournament in dublin, ohio. to center, for birdie, and a two shot lead over ricky fowler. moments later, the umbrellas come out for the second weather delay for the afternoon. trying to seal the deal on 18. they come back out. a long put for par, and he nailed it. might have been interesting had he missed it. instead, he wins, and got a handshake from jack nicklaus. the second year in a row, williams gets beat in the 4th round. the women's field is more wide
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open. number 1 seed kirber lost in opening round. serena williams is now out, and is getting ready to have her first child. advancing to the quarterfinals. his 23rd career grand slam win, tieing jimmy connors for second most all-time. rafael nadal also advancing to the quarters. he's looking for his 10th french open title. halftime here at oracle. the warriors clinging to a three point lead. looking like a different team from game 1, and cleveland tries to even this series heading back to oakland. >> thank you so much. coming up, in our next half hour, we're live from london with what we are now learning about yesterday's terrorist attack. >> plus, gas prices and global warming. why california could be sacrificing one for the other. >> and do it yourself genetic
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testing. it's a reality, and it could detect a disease. but are you qualified to read the results?
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our top story tonight, a smash and grab at the lululemon store in berkeley. witnesses say two young women rushed into the store just before 3:00 this afternoon, and started stuffing large bags of clothes and supplies. police say they got away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. police in san leandro shot and wounded a man. two officers stopped him on st. mary's avenue in a residential neighborhood, then both opened fire. so far it isn't clear what prompted the shooting. the 42-year-old is in stable condition, and is talking to investigators. seven people are confirmed dead, after last night's terror attacks in central london. police have carried out several raids, including one in eastlondon where one attacker lived. the prime minister is promising a sweeping review of the
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country's counterterrorism strategy. the latest developments for us, tina. >> reporter: authorities are now moving quickly to track down suspects who may have helped the men plan and carry out this weekend's deadly rampage. police removed the van sunday evening. they say three used to large a terror attack. the suspected terrorists struck pedestrians on london bridge, crashed the vehicle outside a pub, then got out and started stabbing people in several restaurants in front of horrified witnesses. >> stabbing this woman from every direction. said one thing, this is for allah. >> reporter: they conducted several raids and arrested 12 people. police say the van was rented
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by one of the three suspects, and all were wearing fake suicide vests. police fired around 50 rounds to kill them. >> it's an unprecedented number. to be completely confident that they neutralized the threat. >> reporter: officers continue their investigation here at london bridge on sunday. police say people should expect to see more armed police and more security after this latest attack. authorities say thursday's general election in the uk will go ahead as planned. >> violence can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process. that's campaigns will resume in full tomorrow. >> reporter: this is the third major attack in britain in the past few months. >> 36 people are still in the hospital tonight, including one police officer, 21 of the
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victims are in critical condition. a woman from canada is one of the 7 people killed. she had moved to london to be with her fiance. hours after the deadly attack in london, president trump took to twitter, seeming to criticize the city's mayor and now he is facing major backlash. mr.trump wrote, mayor of london says there is no reason to be alarmed, and followed it up with we must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. this is just the latest in the feud between london's first muslim mayor and president trump. in january, calling for a cancelation of trump's visit to britain. the president is also citing the london attack as the reason why his travel ban would be a good idea. a readvised executive order. today, mr. trump tweeted that
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the country needs the measure quote as an extra level of safety. but a woman who was former president obama's national security adviser says a travel ban would not do any good. >> there's really no evidence to suggest that by banning muslims, or banning muslims from a particular set of since countries, that we would make ourselves here in the united states safer. that's, i believe, one of the major reasons why the courts thus far have been very spectacle of the travel ban. >> the justice department is asking the supreme court to hear oral arguments. ariana grande was back on stage for one love manchester. a benefit concert for victims of that attack. ♪ [ music ] 50,000 people packed the stands, including the 14,000 who were there during the
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manchester arena attack. katy perry, coldbay, and justin bieber took to the stage. officers surrounded the venue using metal detectors to screen concert goers. >> it's one of those events like we were there. you will remember it forever. >> the suicide bombing killed 22 people. so far, 11 people are in police custody for questioning in that attack. back here in the bay area, security is tight for this evening's nba finals game at oracle arena in oakland. all day today, heavily armed police have been patrolling the complex. betty yew says fans heading to game 2 say they appreciate the added measures. >> reporter: there is certainly a lot of excitement out here for game 2 among warrior fans, but also reminders of what happened in london yesterday. the oakland police department tells us, they rapped up security. there are plenty of heavily armed officers staged around
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oracle, arena, and the parking lot. the bomb squad is also highly visible out here. they have a detailed, and thorough security plan in place. at this time, there is no everyday of a specific terror threat in the u.s. but of course, they are monitoring that situation in the uk. yesterday's attack is certainly a reminder to thousands of fans to be vigilant at all times. >> it is the final, so you're going to have more security. >> reporter: outside the arena at the sfo coliseum, how does that make you feel? >> more protected. more, what's the word? yeah, safer. >> reporter: the idea is the extra police should not be a sign of alarm, but more a sign of comfort. the white house is
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confirming president trump has filed for an extension of his 2016 tax return. press secretary sean spicer didn't when or why the president added the extension, but it does add to the controversy looming over his presidency that mr. trump has refused to release his returns because he says he is under adult. it is the first time in 40 years a sitting president has done so. planned parenthood shut three clinics down. now the nonprofit is saying more closures could be on the way. the richmond, pittsburgh, and vacaville locations will close june 30. the federal and state government repays planned parenthood for providing services. california's reimbursement rate is one of the lowest in the country. planned parenthood in northern california released this statement tonight, quote, low rates will continue to threaten planned parenthood, and other health centers across the state, unless we take action.
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new at 6:00, lowering the state's carbon footprint would mean higher prices at the pump. melissa caen, with why california opted out of extending the cap and trade program. >> this is about an existential threat. if not stopped and slowed down will kill tens of millions of people. >> reporter: before departing for beijing, california governor brown. taking the politics out of government is easier said than done. on friday, the state assembly voted against extended the cap and trade program, which is set to extend in 2020. >> we have a political problem, and a little crisis that we're dealing with. many senators have said they're not going to vote for it. they can't vote for it, because of that cause. >> reporter: it would have regulated pollution, and carbon
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emissions until the year 2030. state senator, jerry hill says it means higher prices at the gas pump. >> we'll be paying for. could be 80 cents a gallon more for gas. there's a lot of resistence to that right now, especially after the increase we had for the transportation measure this year, that added about 12 cents per gallon. >> reporter: she says it is actually cheaper to act now. >> the cost of not doing something about climate change is significantly higher. >> reporter: california has three more years to meet a goal of reducing carbon emissions to the level they were in 1990. >> what we need to do in california is keep moving forward. >> reporter: the legislature will try to pass a cap and trade bill again this year. still, as a failure to pass the assembly bill shows, balancing the economy and the environmentis a challenge
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everywhere, even in california. melissa caen, kpix 5. straight ahead, a new fitness trend has a lot of people talking and looking. we'll take you inside an alien yoga class. >> how the money will help students stay exceptive in silicon valley. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. santa clara university is in the chips. they psychiatrist got a huge donation. the second largest gift of university has ever gotten. the money will help about the sabrato campus. the school's president said it will ensure students are equipped to meet the needs of 21st century employers. there it is. it is called alien yoga. kpix 5's john ramos shows us
6:42 pm
the practice is getting a lot of attention, but yogis have been doing it for centuries. >> megan spencer king is a fitness instructor in the east bay. on this day, she is teaching a pilates class, but it's yoga, that is her true calling. >> movement is my whole life. >> reporter: megan has studied yoga for 20 years. but there is one move that literally turns her stomach. it's called molicrea. a technique in which the stomach muscles are flexed in and out. >> then you do it in the other direction. if you're like me, you just do the first two. >> reporter: the look of it is so bizarre, it's being called alien yoga, with videos of it going viral on youtube and social media. some of those are not exactly coming from yoga masters. >> you can feel everything come
6:43 pm
back into place. >> all dizzy. >> reporter: despite it's odd look, practitioners say it aids in digestion. those that are devoted their lives to yoga, aren't exactly thrilled it has become the latest oddity. >> when i see instagram. >> kind of cheap that way? >> at least know a little of what you're talking about. >> reporter: it has been practiced for centuries. >> instagram is, and so with that, i think we'll be seeing a lot of new yoga techniqueses. >> reporter: in emeryville, john ramos, kpix 5. >> can i look now? wonder woman shattering box office expectations, and
6:44 pm
breaking records. wonder woman, also the first major superhero woman filmed by a woman stepping outside of the demographic. 52% of the weekend's audience was actually female. still ahead, preventing a disease before you even get it. the genetic testing you can do from your own home. >> here comes that rainy feeling again. is it possible? it is. there is rain on the way for the bay area. all of that winter like talk after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today, hundreds turned out for a kidney walk. the event was all about raising awareness and fun for kidney related services. organizers say 26 million americans have kidney disease. more than 10% don't even know it. they say if your family has a history of diabetes, or hypertension you should get checked. we may be in the first week of june, but that doesn't mean it's too late to hit the slopes
6:48 pm
in the sierra. they're seeing almost 2 full winters worth of snow. with the slow melting process, there's a good chance some of that snow will last for a summer season. >> out of our 32 sites, 20 of them still have significant snow, and normally, at this time of year, there would only be 6. >> the last time california saw water levels this high was about 35 years ago. >> i remember it well. >> i don't. >> i know you don't. these big rainfall seasons they can happen. those el nino years, even though this was not an el nino year, or la nina. plenty of blue out there. a beautiful, beautiful sunday, with concord at 77 degrees. still plenty warm out there. santa rosa, still all the way up to 79 degrees. still, it will continue sunny, and chilly at the shore line,
6:49 pm
even as we look at numbers approaching the upper 80s tomorrow in the warmest spots. elsewhere, 80s around the bay area, there's actually a time lapse. aside for a cloud or two. that's about it. we'll go with severely clear through tomorrow night, and temperatures remaining warm inland. it will warm up early in the week, with temperatures in the 80s on monday and tuesday. more clouds coming in, a potential for a quarter inch, to a half inch of rain on monday or tuesday. it's pretty late in the season for that much rain. 94 at fresno. nice in the mountains. tahoe in the mid-70s. overnight lows here will be in the upper 40s, to the low 50s. the day will dawn bright, and beautiful. the numbers will then skyrocket to almost 10 degrees above average with low to mid-80s in the south bay. mid- to upper 80s in the east
6:50 pm
bay. 90 at brentwood. walnut creek, 85. vallejo at 82. north bay, it looks like low to mid-80s. mill valley tomorrow, 80 degrees. then finally in lake county and such, 88 degrees at ukiah, lake port. 85 for clear lake. extended forecast is looking nice and warm the first couple of days of the week. some rain forecast for a thursday. we'll see if that develops, then we'll dry it out just in time for next weekend. more ahead. but first, let's go to a break.
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consumers can now buy genetic testing kits online without having to first go through a doctor or even a counselor. >> while the market is exploding, so too are questions about how to interpret the results. >> reporter: elena flowers and her two daughters are in the middle of a science project. they're making dna out of pipe cleaners and beads. but this mom's also in the middle of a second science project, involving dna.
6:54 pm
her dna. all 6 billion bits of it. >> it's been an adventure. >> reporter: flowers is an assistant professor at ussf's school of nursing. she noticed the trend. she wondered if her nursing students are prepared to help patients navigate the technology. >> about to be in their clinical practice. >> reporter: the professor took a leap online. >> what better way to prepare these providers for having patients come in with genetic test results than having undergone the experience myself. >> reporter: the technique maps out a person's entire genome in detail, and detects what is different or unique about the person's dna. the idea? that the differences or variants may predict future health and well-being. >> we can really see the
6:55 pm
future. >> reporter: whole gene sequencing, along with sophisticated imaging, as well as extensive neurological, and lab tests. >> we sequence the entire genome. the chemicals in your blood. >> reporter: the elite evaluation is offered by health nucleus of san diego. it's part of human longevity inc. >> we want to find things early when they're treatable, and preventible. >> reporter: his company plans to sequence 100,000 genomes a year, and is building the world's largest health database. >> a human being can't do that on their own. they need the aid of the computer. >> reporter: other companies also offer whole genome sequencing. flowers used one of the services, and experienced firsthand what many patients
6:56 pm
feel. >> i was anxiously awaiting gets the results. >> reporter: her results found no known disease causing problems. even for is this professor, the report was confusing. >> diseases are complex. every single disease is complex. >> reporter: flowers knows dna plays a roll in your health. but so too do lifestyle, environment, and socioeconomic status. >> they don't give us the diagnosis, and they don't mean a patient is going to develop a disease. now we're making decisions that have implications for other family members without always understanding what those implications might be. >> reporter: it cost billions of dollars to map the first human genome. now thanks to technology, it costs as little as $1,000. by the end of the year, one
6:57 pm
company vows to offer $100 test. with the drop in price, more consumers may rush to be tested. >> flowers along with fellow faculty members believes this fast changing field is so critical to understand that they've developed a new course they're integrating into the masters program at the school of nursing. that's going to do it. appreciate you watching. 60 minutes is next. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest always on ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> vladimir kara-murza was an anti-putin activist, which he knew was a dangerous mission. and one day in may 2015, he learned just how dangerous. >> i went, within about 20 minutes, from feeling completely normal to feeling like a very sick man. i don't remember anything for the next month. >> he survived against all odds, only to recently fall deathly ill again. and again, he and others believe he was poisoned. >> it's death if you cross the putin regime. >> the most beautiful thing. i love innovation, i love competing. i hate my competitors. >> you hate your competitors? >> of course, i do. i want to beat them up. >> you want to make dannon


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