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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 5, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and we'll have a lye report from -- a live report from london. >> thank you for coming together and being so loving and strong. >> ariana grande hosted a benefit concert for the victims involved in the terror attack. she talked to fans. >> she said is that olivia wouldn't have wanted me to cry. and then she said -- >> justin bieber. katy perry. >> all of the money is going to the we love manchester emergency fund. let's get a check of weather and traffic. starting with clear skies. and if you look to the east. a beautiful view of venus.
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that's the beautiful star over there. look to the east. venus is up. and that means clear over much of the bay area. it will warm to 88 degrees inland today. so plenty warm as we look live. and concord has 56 degrees. chilly in livermore. same for santa rosa to start with. and the bottom line it will be nice today. sunny and warm and showers by thursday. just when you thought you'd seen the end of it. that's looking good. we just checked in with chp and the incident on the san mateo bridge is now a crash. westbound 92 at the high-rise. you can see speeds are moving at the limit. and the far left lane is blocked at this time. so keep that in mind if you're getting ready to head out the door. 13 minutes westbound from hayward on over to foster city.
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we'll take it to the bay bridge where we're starting to see a few cars in the cash lanes, and it's still under 15 minutes from the maze too downtown san francisco. and caltrans is keeping busy on the overnight closure on 780. it's starting to reopen between glenn cove road and i-80 in both directions. in the wake of the terror attacks in london. president trump pledges to do whatever is next to stop the threat of terrorism from spreading to america. he made the comment during a fundraiser in d.c. the attack underscores the need for his travel ban, he says. the department of homeland security says there's not a credible threat to the united states at this time. >> >> russian president vladimir putin is stressing his country did not interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
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during an interview with megyn kelly, he had choice words. >> translator: this is just amazing. you've created a sensation out of nothing. and out of the sensation you turned it a weapon of war against the current president. well, this is, you know, you're just, you people are so creative over there. good job. your lives must be boring. >> because presidents come and go. it wouldn't make sense for russia to medical william the election -- to meddle with the elections. the ways the right now. undocumented immigrant kids are eligible for medical coverage until age 19. immigrants rights groups are pushing to change that. they want the legislature to pass an extension that they call the health for all young
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adults plan in next year's budget. it would expand coverage until age 26. almost 190,000 undocumented kids have benefited from the current program. and those kids that are left on their own on their 19th birthday. and today they're holding mock birthday parties to call attention to the problem. and this is coming at the same time after -- bill cosby is set to stand trial today. the 79-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting a woman more than a decade ago. she says he drugged her. and he claims it was con sennal
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and he gave her benadryl. whether or not a criminal defendant testifies or elected not to testify is one of the most important decisions that any criminal defendant has to make at a trial. >> trial is expected to take about two weeks. police are trying to find the suspects involved in a deadly shooting. surveillance video captured the scene. someone shot the man who was sitting in his car. you can see the flicker of light from the begins. the man then drove the car a block and a half before he crashed into the yard of a church. he died at the scene. no one else was hurt. and there's no suspect description at this time. >> >> a police standoff is over. it started last night in the richmond district. the suspect walked into a store and got into a fight with someone inside the shot. and then barricaded himself
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inside. heavily armed officers were easy to spot around oracle arena as golden state crushed the cavaliers in game two of the nba finals. the big win had some fans predicting a -- >> sweep! , sweep! >> several credited it to steph curry. and others said k.d. played a big part. >> i noticed them and i think that we take precautions. we also shouldn't live in a state of fear. >> i was fine because there wouldn't be no terrorist attacks, nothing. >> looked like three times more security than normal. >> there were no problems. the warriors won 132-113. and we'll have reaction coming up in sports. in just a few hours, apple
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will kick off the worldwide developers conference. >> it's taking place in san jose, not san francisco. we have a report from san jose. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. and believe it or not. it's dark and early and the crowds are already lining up here in anticipation of the conference today. it's been 15 years since the conference was held in san jose. as you can imagine this area has grown quite a bit since then which will be needed. the conference kicks off this morning. traffic will be heavier. registration for developers starts at 8:00. they won't want to miss the keynote at 10:00 this morning with apple's ceo tim cook. apple has not said why they pulled the conference out of san francisco. maybe the cost of food or hotel
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rooms. but san jose businesses will benefit. we spoke with a driver who works for uber and lyft. >> i'm sure there will be a lot of money to be made. i want to get my pious of the pie. >> so what could we see announced from all of this? we could see a siri speaker to compete with amazon echo. of course, we've seen plenty of people getting -- setting up for conference. this line i've been told is possibly a couple hundred people. we spoke with someone who has been here since 7:00 last night. people were in sleeping bags when we first got here. sandra osborne, kpix 5. some upgrades at the oakland zoo.
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we'll show you what's opening. we're starting with clear skies. and we'll head out the door with numbers in the 50s. we'll have the forecast for you in a minute. and if you're making your way across the golden gate bridge this morning. and the bay bridge is looking good. and we're tracking problems on the san mateo. stay tuned and find out what's going on.
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oh, what a beautiful morning on monday, june 5th add we look at the bay. and the sun is coming up. and the birds are singing. and kenny g one of the biggest selling instrumental musicians of the modern era. it's his birthday today. happy birthday, 61. the search is on for a pair of mountain lions in san carlos. a woman saw one crossing crest view true and another sighting on britain avenue. officials believe the mountain
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lion made its way to the open space preserve. that was an interesting tidbit. >> starting today, visitors to the oakland zoo will get a new experience. >> they are set to unveil the with gondola. jessica flores is live at the zoo. >> reporter: the zoo has been talking about the edition for a really long time. almost two decades. the long awaited gondolas will open to the public today. people will take it up to a new restaurant with stunning views of the san francisco bay. the gondola costs $8 million. part of a $72 million expansion located in the hills above the existing zoo. the zoo says the gondola will hold 750,000 visitors a year. and this summer riders will get
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an up close look at animals, including grizzly bears, mountain lions, and bison. >> there's so much beauty and culture that thrives in oakland. and parts that are so gorgeous and beautiful. >> with the expansion, the oakland zoo grows to over 100 acres. this is largest gondola system in northern california. the zoo opens today at 10 a.m. and it stays open until 4 p.m. come out and try the gondolas for the first time. reporting live in oakland. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> have you been to the oakland zoo yet? >> i haven't but now that they have the gondola i think i will. let's get a check on the roads with jaclyn. >> a nice people mover. and another nice people mover is the san mateo bridge but we have an accident and a couple
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cars blocking the far left lane. chp has just issued a traffic alert. and they'll let us know when the lane reopens. speeds remain in the green. we are not tracking any significant delay. the travel times continue to show it's still under a 20- minute ride. 16 minutes between 880 and 101. here's a look at the san mateo bridge as you are approaching the high-rise. starting to get a little crowded. and a crash near quail hollow road and that's slowing folks down in the westbound direction. as you transition to 580 to livermore. you'll be tapping the brakes in the yellow. heading out of antioch. not too shabby. 28 minutes westbound highway 4 as you connect with i-80 in hercules. and at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. things are looking good and no major delays. a bit of a backup in the cash lanes, nothing to write home about. it's in the green as you head to san francisco. let's send it over to brian. >> there's a bright golden haze on the meadow. yes, there's a bright golden haze on the me done. and that musical is -- oh, come on? oh, what a beautiful morning. thank you rogers and hammerstein. and we've got sunrise coming up in just a few minutes in the bay area. concord, 56. livermore 47. and a beautiful morning with mostly clear skies around the bay area. a few high clouds out there. and a little bit chilly at the shoreline. the numbers in the -- about 50 degrees to start with. 60 for a high. the numbers inland. 88 today. and that's a little bit warmer than yesterday. so today is going to be sunny
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and warm except at the shoreline. future cast is showing severely clear conditions except by the time we get to tomorrow morning at this time. there'll be more extensive low cloudiness and today is looking aok. a nice warm start to the week as high pressure begins to build up a little bit from where it was over the weekend. mostly sunny, mostly warm and cools by midweek. and believe it or not. increasing clouds and we do a chance of rain coming up later on thursday and lingering into friday morning. and it mostly favors the north bay. the amounts could range from a half inch to a quarter inch. and everybody will get a little bit wet. and now to the bay area. beautiful redding where it gets so hot you can see the water they pour on the rice crops evaporate. 96degrees for a high. and 90 at sacramento.
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and in lake tahoe. 79. and yosemite. 76degrees. the runway finally got paved three weeks early. it was really slowing people down for a while. weather shouldn't be a problem. unless you're going to new york where they have thunderstorms and 71 degrees. losangeles has 79. and in seattle, 70 degrees today. plenty of sunshine for the pacific northwest and for the bay area. we'll be above average. 70 in san francisco. usually 75 this time of year. concord will hit 85. and oakland. 76. we're all warmer than usual for this time of the year. it should be a nice day with temperatures in the mid-80s in parts of the south bay. san mateo, 78. and over at the shore it will continue to have a bit of a chill in the air. east bay, sun will come up 12 minutes before 6:00. and then fairfield hits a high
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of 88 degrees. same for concord. livermore, 88 degrees. and in the north bay. a few puffs of low cloudiness. and beautiful mill valley. 80degrees. and petaluma, 82 degrees. and santa rosa -- where shadow of a doubt was shot. 88 at cloverdale. and 87 in st. helena. sunshine and numbers in the mid- 80s. and around the bay it will be cooler. low to mid-70s. and by wednesday it cools and increasing clouds, and we do a chance of showers over the bay area. showerslinger to friday morning. and we turn it around, warm it up, and dry it out. thursday the weather will be out to lunch. and also out to lunch with somebody she would like to sit down with. let me let michelle explain. >> you, i always want to nch wi
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and more impressive a chance to break bread with warren buffet. and an option is underway on ebay to have lunch with him. every cent of the money benefits san francisco's glide foundation which helps the homeless. last year's winning bid topped the $3 million mark. the warriors and rihanna saga continues. you might remember the singer made headlines when she was patrolling kevin durant. some believe she yelled brick when he was shooting. and now the team wants everyone to know they do not listen to her in the locker room. steph curry made the statement in an interview. and others confessed to listening to her on their personal playlist. we'll have to see if they'll be back in the stands for game
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three. and coming up from oracle arena call. golden state overcomes 20 turnovers to survive and win game two. the series heads back to cleveland. we'll show you how they won game two and head to the locker room straight ahead. what's cool about your summer camp? e-mail your nominations to us. and we may feature your camp on our thursday morning show. join elmo cookie monster, abby cadabby big and all your child's sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music from cookie jars to spoons and so much more its sesame street live elmo make music sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat don't miss sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose this weekend! tickets on sale now through ticketmaster
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good morning. and happy monday. we're taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights just got flipped on. and you can see things are starting to stack up. we'll take a closer look at how far the backup is stretching and first a check on sports. the warriors made it 14 straight wins last night. and had plenty of style points, 132 to be exact. most points scored in an nba finals game since 1987 with the lakers. >> clay thompson returned.
5:25 am
the warriors made 18 threes. kevin durant followed up with 33 points and 13 rebounds. and steph curry was right behind him with 32 points as well as his first career playoff triple double. the warriors beat the cavs 132- 113 to take a 2-0 lead. >> they're going to keep coming. and you got to expect them to play better at home. and we'll have to play better on the road. >> a nice reception from our fans and our players. and it was just great to be on the sidelines again. that's what makes it so much fun to feel the energy of the finals. and it's nice to be back. >> the warriors will depart for cleveland tonight and arrive 9:30 p.m. eastern time. they have a chance to wrap up the nba finals if they can win
5:26 am
two on foreign soil. giants and a's, both losers once again. let's check out the play of the day. major league baseball cubs and cardinals in a rivalry game at wrigley field. he'll string some together. >> jason heyward a catch in right field. >> look at that. jason heyward showing off why he's considered one of the best right fielders in the game. sliding catch, taking a hit away from matt carpenter. the cubs go on to win. >> reporter: the developer conference kicks off this morning and the keynote is 10:00. we'll have all the details coming up live from san jose. >> >> and the debate over healthcare in california
5:27 am
continues today. focusing on undocumented immigrants. the proposal up next. with me now is -- who leads the home loans team. the prospect of buying a new home can feel counting. but you have suggestions for home buyers. what are they? >> remember four key steps. understand credit and credit scores. address blemishes. know how much you have for a down payment and closing costs. and get preapproved with a qualified lender or credit union. lastly, knowing what you can afford will drive where you're going to buy. find a realtor who knows the area well. you'll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals. >> good tips. for your financial minute i'm
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sumi das.
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♪ ♪ live from the cbs bay area studios, this is cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> people panicked, turned over tables. food was going everywhere, chairs.
5:30 am
>> terror in london. seven are dead and 50 injured after an attack in the streets. good morning. it's monday, june 5th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. >> a few hours ago. the british prime minister confirmed that police have identified the three attackers. >> megaoliver is live with the latest. meg >> reporter: kenny and michelle service a bloody attack that shocked london. london bridge has reopened. a makeshift memorial has been growing. and there are flowers for the victims and handwritten letters for the first responders. this one is from a 16-year-old. you are so incredibly brave to look terror in the face and be able to battle. >> reporter: authorities in the u.k. continued the hunt for accomplices in east london, rounding up several people at two addresses in the region in
5:31 am
connection with the terror attacks. >> we've made a number of arrests and are trying to find out whether anybody was helping them and to understand the background to the attack as best we can. >> the suspected terrorists used a van to mow down pedestrians on london bridge before crashing a vehicle and stabbing people. >> they were pure evil. >> in the end a number of locals and tourists were dead, including a french citizen and -- of canada. >> reporter: the attack came two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people in manchester. the pop star went back to manchester yesterday and took the stage during an emotional event, raising money for the victims. >> an amazing way to celebrate
5:32 am
their lives. >> reporter: in his first public comment, president trump vowed to protect americans from terrorists. >> we renew our resolve stronger than ever before to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy. >> the department of homeland security says there's no credible threat to the u.s. at this time. >> reporter: cbs news has confirmed that two americans were injured in the attack and one remains in critical condition. and we're learning new details about the victims, the canadian was struck on the bridge by the van. we learned that she later died in her fiancie's arms. you've been in london all morning. what's the mood as they try to get things back to normal? >> reporter: i want to show you one of the headlines that everybody is waking up to. and this was -- kind of says it
5:33 am
all. massacre in the market. kenny and michelle i've been talking to people all morning long. and i keep asking everybody how they're feeling. for the most part it's sadness. they are not scared because there's increased police presence everywhere you look. but going through the grieving process, you can tell it's taking a toll. >> meg, thank you. new this morning, four countries are cutting ties with qatar because of terrorism. saudi arabia, egypt and the ue are taking diplomats out of the country. time now 5:33. mr.hackney is back. >> mr. choi and ms. griego. clear skies and prospects for a sunny day and things will be changing by thursday and
5:34 am
friday with increasing wetness around the bay area. can you believe it? looks like a chance of rain coming in. and that's thursday. for now, as we look beautifully out there from mount vaca. concord has 56 degrees. oakland at 54. and livermore 47. and san francisco, 52 degrees. high pressure will ease up later in the week. for now it's giving us a nice warm start to the week with mostly clear skies. and most everybody is going to wake up to clear skies. and then temperatures skyrocket to 88 degrees at fairfield. in vallejo, 81. and san francisco, 70 degrees. and what a heat wave for san francisco. and the extended forecast. we'll be looking for the numbers inland to be in the mid- 80s. wednesday, the numbers begin to fall. and then by thursday, the rain could fall as well. a quarter to a half inch in the north bay. and at this point it's
5:35 am
possible. that's what the models are hinting at. friday a lingering shower or two. and saturday and sunday should be beautiful. we are tracking some slowdowns for your monday morning commute. if you're getting ready to head out the door and the ride has you heading to one of the bay area bridges, brace yourself. we have the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up as far as you can see. it's backing up to the foot of the maze. no significant slowdowns on the east shore freeway. but it's getting there. at the san mateo bridge a problem, an accident still has the one lane blocked and you can see it's starting to slow people down as you head through the toll plaza. the cruising speed -- 13 miles per hour. so what does that give us for a travel time? it's not looking good. it just jumped into the red. a 45-minute ride from hayward
5:36 am
to foster city. give yourself some extra time if you're heading in that direction. that was a sorry whistle. sorry about that. i'll send it back to you guys. >> try again next time jaclyn. rallies will be held to encourage governor brown to include healthcare coverage for undocumented immigrants. >> and this is coming as the debate around healthcare heats up in the capital. undocumented kids are eligible for medical until age 19 and then they are on their own. this would expand the coverage until age 26. the money would come from tobacco tax revenue. the nonprofit california immigrant policy center says 190,000 undocumented kids have
5:37 am
benefited from the state's current program. and today they're holding mock birthday parties in oakland, sacramento, and l.a. to call attention to ma happens to the kids when they turn 19. and what is one of the main arguments against the plan? >> the cost is obviously a huge one. and the state could do a lot with $85 million. but the argument is that if people have access to healthcare it's a lot less money than having them go to the emergency room which costs a lot more. the santa rosa police department is launching a special enforcement operation to monitor traffic violations. police will be targeting people who run red lights. and those not wearing seat belts, people using church -- people using cell phones, and speeders.
5:38 am
kpix 5's sandra osborne is live at the san jose convention center with all the details on the developers conference. >> reporter: traffic here because hundreds of people are lined up, excited for the conference. and all to hear tim cook speaking. he's kicking off the keynote at 10:00 this morning. this is the first time in 15 years that the worldwide developers conference has been in san jose instead of san francisco. the area has grown quite a bit. 5000 will attend this week's conference. one man has been in line since 7 p.m. last night. >> trying to get the best seats. this is my first time. and it's going to be exciting to be here and get one of the first seats. >> and the downtown association estimates the economic impact will be half a million to a
5:39 am
million dollars a day. apple hasn't said why they pulled the conference out of san francisco. but the last time it was in san jose was 2002. the line has been growing. registration doesn't begin until 8:00 this morning. and we're expecting more people before 8:00. by the way, i walked up to the front of the line. and there were people in sleeping bags. and one of the -- the first person in line was here since lunchtime yesterday. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> any idea what we could hear announced today. >> apple had been tight lipped and there have been rumors online including one possibility of having a siri speaker to compete with amazon echo. that would be pretty cool. and we're expecting to potentially hear about new
5:40 am
versions of ios. facebook doesn't want to facilitate terrorism. jill wagner has that story and much more. >> reporter: right now futures are pointing to a lower open. the markets are trading at record highs. the dow rose 62 points on friday. and the nasdaq jumped 59 points. job growth slowed in may. the u.s. is nearing full employment. most people who want a job can find one. facebook wants to be a hostile environment for terrorists and is working to remove extremist content. facebook and other social media sites increased criticism following saturday's attacks in london for giving terrorists a platform to spread their extremist messages. >> definitely a challenge. we hear there's a new way to get your coffee fix at work.
5:41 am
>> more companies are creating their own coffee shops in house. coffee drinkers spend about 62 hours a year buying coffee away from the office. and now offices are bringing in their own baristas. isn't the point getting out of the office? >> that's what i was going to say? there's definitely some reasons why you leave the office for a long coffee break during the day. >> i guess i wouldn't turn away free coffee or less expensive coffee any time. >> yeah, no. i'm with you there, jill. jill wagner on cbs money still ahead, this viral picture, a tornado whipped through a neighborhood and this man, well, he doesn't seem to mind. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. well, it's a beautiful start to the day. a shot of the golden gate bridge. a few low clouds and we've got plenty of sunshine on the way. and the prospects for another warm day. monday is off to a nice start. a complete forecast including a chance of rain. new video showing a wild tornado in canada. a man in alberta captured a time lapse video. he was driving home and noticed a storm moving towards his daughter's neighborhood. thankfully, it didn't cause much damage to the subdivision or the town. look at that. >> take a look at this determined man. his wife captured this picture of him mowing the lawn. mowing with a breeze in his
5:45 am
hair. >> the apocalypse but no problem. >> the man said he was keeping an eye on the twister. >> the wife is probably like you have to hurry up and mow the lawn. >> tornado or no tornado i'm getting it done. >> the honey do list. >> i've done crazy home improvement projects when the weather was bad. i went up on the room while it was snowing to put up antenna. there was a good football game on. >> a lot of people are saying what's an 10 in a. we have a sig-alert in effect for drivers on the san
5:46 am
mateo right at the high-rise. a couple of cars got into it. and we have continued to see the backup grow. and take a look at the travel times. 49 minutes. that's a very slow ride. the right side of the screen, the brake lights from hayward to foster city. maybe just avoid the bridge and use the dumbarton bridge or 237 or i don't know if i'd suggest the bay bridge. that's getting pretty busy. and we'll take a closer look. the travel times slow on 880 from 238 to highway 84. just under 15 minutes. 680 is getting slow. and we see a few brake lights. and reports of a crash in the southbound direction. if you're heading through oakland. here's a live look at 880.
5:47 am
and that's moving at the limit. 15 minutes from 238 to the maze. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we just jumped into the yellow, 25-minute ride between the maze and downtown san francisco. the metering lights if you can't tell are on. it's slow, stop, go. that's a check of the traffic. let's check in with brian hackney on the forecast. >> time for a sunrise, sunset. the sun is up just about now. the sunset 828. afternoon highs will be in the upper 80s today. around the bay, very nice in the mid-70s. and on the shoreline, there is it is by way of proof. sunup over the bay area. and concord, 56 degrees. and oakland 53 at the moment. and in san francisco. it's 52. it will be sunny and chilly at
5:48 am
the coast with a few low clouds. and sweaty weather out in the east bay. for us, fairly nice. >> future cast is showing that we've got mostly clear skies around the bay area this morning. and as time goes on. a few clouds along the san mateo coastline. and it will spill in overnight tomorrow night. and today looks good. sunny, warm, and it will be cooling off by midweek. and when the numbers fall, showers could fall as well by later in the day on thursday. and it might get a bit wet later in the week. sunny and breezy and winds 15 to 30. and mostly sunny skies will develop later in the day. and weather shouldn't be a factor. l.a. 79. and new york a mix of sun and thunder. and 71 degrees. about the same in new york as in san francisco. 70 for us. in concord. 88. san jose, 82.
5:49 am
the numbers are above average in the south bay from the low to the mid-80s. east bay, mid- to upper 80s will do it today. nice and warm in the north bay. and we'll see 85 at santa rosa. and 83 in san rafael. and sausalito 78. and cloverdale and windsor will be in the mid-80s today. all right. the extended forecast. we'll be looking for things to be aok with numbers in the mid- 80s today. and tomorrow a repeat performance. and wednesday the numbers begin to cool and the clouds increase and that will lead to a chance for rain. lingering through friday morning. and by the weekend it's going to be beautiful. sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s. monday is off to a good start. have a good one. starting today. visitors to the oakland zoo be get a new experience.
5:50 am
it's set to unveil the gondola. >> reporter: this is a pretty exciting addition. the zoo has been talking about this for two decades. and today the bond la finally opened. the new restaurant has sweeping views of the san francisco bay. the gondola system costs $8 million, and it's all part of an expansion project that costs $72 million located in the hills above the existing zoo. and this summer riders will also get a closeup look at grizzly bears, mountain lions, and bisons. they cut the ribbon on friday. the zoo holds a special place in her heart. >> in high school, i spent a summer interning here. and i got to feed the baby llama and clean up after the ocelots. >> reporter: with the expansion, it grows from 45 to
5:51 am
100 acres. and this gondola system is the largest in northern california. the zoo opens from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. really looks like a great attraction. how many people to they expect to use the new gondola system. >> about 750,000 visitors will use the system in a year. back to you. time now is 5:51 and a california woman is running into the record books. >> the whole series is enjoyable except for the poolhalls. >> the 94-year-old woman who is completing marathons. ,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
a lot of people are expected to fly this summer. a new report from forbes predicted 234 million people will take a trip in the sky. the airlines with the best on time track record are hawaiian, alaskan, and delta airlines. the airline with the most
5:55 am
delays is frontier. in san diego, a two time cancer survivor decided to complete a half marathon. >> this 94-year-old grandmother laced up her sneakers and started running. >> reporter: she's now the oldest woman in america to complete a half marathon. but she's no stranger to lengthy races. she's run the race for leukemia 16 times. >> i guess it's unusual but i feel just like i did when i was 16 but i just can't move as fast. >> she's doing a great job. she doesn't compete for records but to raise money for cancer research. she's raised $115,000 so far. i'm sandra osborne live in san jose where apple's developers conference is about
5:56 am
to kick off. and quite a few people are lined up for it. we'll have all the details after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> they've come to split us but that will not happen. we love and appreciate one another and support one another. >> the people of london refusing to live in fear after the weekend terror attack in the heart of the city. good morning. it's monday, june 5th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. there were more arrests overnight in london as authorities try to hunt down any accomplices in the attack that left seven people dead and dozens more injured. the attack lasted 18 minutes, starting with a van mowing down civilians on london bridge. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack and has not provided evidence to back up the claim. president trump is condemning
6:00 am
the killings. he tweeted support for the u.k. and used the attack to push for his stalled travel ban and to criticize the way london's mayor responded to the attack. the president struck a softer tone last night in washington. >> i'd like to take a moment to address the horrific terrorist attack on the people of london. i've spoken with prime minister may and expressed our unwavering support for our allies and the united kingdom. >> reporter: the president took to twitter to call for the reinstatement of his travel ban. >> the attack came less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed people at


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