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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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volunteering at a dance competition, one minute with her friends, the next she woke up in a hotel room with strangers, the rapist was gone. one stranger helped her to her friends, an ambulance took her to the hospital for a rape kit exam. >> i think i broke down there when it happened and they started taking pictures and that was when it hit me. >> reporter: a detective told her it would take one year to test the kit, then two years, and then no one would return her calls. >> i don't know. >> reporter: maria is not alone. >> there are thousands of women who don't have answers on what happened to their rape kit, and this is unvaebl. this is absolute-- unavailable, this is absolutely unsable. >> we don't know how many rape kits, that is the point of the bill. >> reporter: he introduced a bill, ab41 to help end the secrecy surrounding rape kits. >> it directs every law enforcement agency that would collect a rape kit to tell us
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how many kits they collected and how many are untested, and for those kits that are untested, tells a simple answer, why. >> reporter: under the law victims would get an id number to track their own kits and the bill has widespread support with both republican and democrat sponsors, only one single on the record opponent. the california sheriff's association. >> it is a fiscal concern, work load concern, in the contecht of many other-- context of many other mandates in terms of reporting data. >> reporter: we caught up with rory who represents the sheriff's association. how much will this cost? >> it is not a matter that we identified a particular cost to any particular county, it is an on going mandate that is in the-- it grows on top of other mandatewise the legislature imposed on law enforcement. >> reporter: according to him, the sheriff's association has no idea how many rape kits are untested and no idea what ab41 would actually cost, but
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whatever it is, they are sure it is too much. when you say this is a fiscal issue, and yet you don't know what the fiscal impact would be, do you understand that is a less than compelling argument? >> i mean that is what the legislature decide physical it is compelling or not. >> reporter: lawmakers decided it is not. after years of watching the sheriff successfully oppose rape kit reform, senator jackson had enough. >> i don't ever want to see law enforcement come in again and say they don't have the resources to do this. >> reporter: the senate public safety committee voted unanimously to pass the bill. >> victims out there, like any other victim, just because it is a process that happens after the fact, doesn't make it any less important. they need the same justice as anyone else gets. >> reporter: ab41 is not the first time that lawmakers have attempted to require rape kit
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reporting. in 2015, and 2016, similar bills got unanimous support and then died in the senate appropriations committee. >> where do bay area sheriffs stand on this? >> reporter: just because the sheriff's association opposes it doesn't mean every sheriff opposes it, we know san francisco's sheriff's department is on record as being in favor of ab41, as for other bay area sheriffs, it is more complicated but we will be following up and right here with additional information in the 6:00 show. >> we look forward to that. this evening police reporting a sex crime involving an uber driver, police arrested 42-year-old beaker on suspicion of sexual battery, a woman tells police he climbed into the back seat and assaulted her during her ride last month, she was booked in jail and has been released on bail. meantime, news that uber is cleaning house, this time laying off more than 20 people as part of its sexual harassment
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investigation, ride hailing company's troubles have been mounting in recent months. a former engineer bloged about being sexually harassed and how the case was mishandled by executives. since then, several senior people have left and the ceo has been caught in a series of pr blunders. the latest people let go have not been yifed but a source-- identified but a source says some were senior executives. big news for downtown san jose today, google may build what could be a city within a city. right now the googolplex in mountain view is about 3 million square feet. this new downtown mega campus could reach 6 million square feet, making it the largest collection of google offices anywhere in the world. kpix 5's maria medina is live near the site of that potential mega campus. maria. >> reporter: you know, we got cal tran out here and the vta and we may get google bikes out
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here as well. the question is, will it happen? because if you remember, the oakland a's were supposed to be here as well. >> we are here to share downtown's best news and downtown's worst kept secret. >> reporter: it was a rare sight in the downtown san francisco parking lot. >> do you know the way to san jose? clearly, google does. >> reporter: city and community leaders gathered for a big announcement here because they say this spot is where google plans to build a 6 million square foot office and retail building next to the station. if it happens, it is being called a game changer. >> we haven't seen this level of investment in business growth in downtown san jose since adobe. >> reporter: the building would bring up to 20,000 jobs, the mayor says it would be twice the size of apple's space ship campus. >> i have learned long ago not to get too giddy about plans and proposals. >> reporter: san jose lost a long battle to bring baseball to the same area when the plans to
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build a stadium for the oakland a's fell apart. this time it appears the mayor believes this project is more promising. >> the good news is we don't have to go to had u.s. supreme court to get the right for google to move here. >> reporter: again, this is just the beginning of this project. in a couple of weeks the city council will vote on whether to negotiate with google on this plan. live in downtown san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> the mayor told us that google will not get any special deals. he says the company will have to pay fair market value for each of the publicly owned parcels, he did not give any specific dollar amounts. a traffic alert in the east bay, a fatal motorcycle accident backing up the commute on the nimitz freeway, it happened in the northbound lanes near davis street in san leandro, last check three of the lanes are closed. traffic always tough on 880. the evening commute is now a mess, there is no word when those lanes will reopen. new at 6:00, the city of
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hayward is doing damage control for a tweet that was meant to invite people to a meeting about sanctuary cities. this tweet was posted to the city of hayward twitter account earlier. it says "don't miss tonight's council meeting on the agenda, sanctuary city designation." below that, a picture of a taco with "lets taco bout it." the city apologized on the twitter account for the "inappropriate tweet." san jose considering using its own sanctuary city policy, kpix 5's devon feely on the proposal which cuts almost all ties with federal ice agents. >> demonstrates where my heart is on the issue. >> reporter: city councilman wants to send a clear message to the trump administration that san jose will not take part on immigration crack down, with few exceptions it would prohibit police from agreeing to work
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with federal immigration agents. >> we are saying locally we would like to have a say in how you do it. and i think, perhaps, there is wiggle room there. >> reporter: the proposal would make certain places like schools, hospitals, places of worship and public demonstrations effect eively off limits requiring ice agents to get permission from the city attorney before conducting raids there. >> people should be able to go about their daily lives without the fear of being caught in a raid. >> reporter: critics question the ordinance is legal, arguing that san jose has no authority to write rules for federal agents or agencys and worry the political fall out could cost the city millions in federal dollars. >> i am concerned it may not be constitutional. we do, federal law does super seed state law and even local law. >> reporter: it is up to the council to decide if the controversial plan will shield the city from over aggressive immigration enforcement. or leave it exposed to legal
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challenges. in san jose, devon feely, kpix 5. the grieving father featured in that commercial taking aim at sanctuary cities says now he is facing restrictions on twitter. >> imagine if that had been your daughter, your son, all three killed by people who entered our country illegally. >> that is the ad that hit the air waves last month, in it, don rosenberg blames san francisco's immigration policy for the death of his son, who was run over by an undocumented immigrant. over the weekend, rosenberg claims that twitter prevented him from promoting tweets telling the story of his son' death. he said twitter put the restrictions in place after the ad launched in the bay area. we reached out to twitter for a comment but have not heard back. cornered by a pack of aggressive icoyotes, the woman describes the scary attack on her dog, the warnings on a popular bay area trail. this country club has both
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stunning views of the bay for decades, now getting a new name. the marketing strategy that sparks some hard feelings. i am dennis o'donnell live in downtown cleveland. the cavs are down 2 games to none. whether they get to overcome the deficit, coming up. it is june, not uncommon for places like ocean beach or half moon bay to be chilly this time of year. it is uncommon for places like antioch and sl hulena to not-- st. hulaina to not hit 70. find out when that will happen, coming up.
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kpix fiv new at 6:00, an increased number of coyote encounters has dog owners at oddwise their wild neighbor-- odds with their wild neighbors. emily turner, where these confrontations prompted extreme reactions. >> reporter: they want the coyotes gone, plain and simple. they say the prosidio trust hasn't done enough to keep them safe, they put these signs out as a warning but these folks say if you follow the direction on them, the coyotes still come after you. >> they were aggressive and they didn't-- they weren't afraid. that is-- scary. >> reporter: catherine isn't talking about crooks or robbers, she is talking about this, the
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coyote that attacked her dog, oscar, yesterday, and the pack that surrounded her after. >> three cornered me on all sides and i had the dog next to me and they kept coming and i started screaming like a crazy person. >> reporter: she and oscar are fine, but they are shaken up, as are many in the neighborhood who say the ever-present coyotes have gotten more aggressive in recent years. they want the prosidio trus to remove the animals before something worse happens. >> i think it is a matter of time before one darts out and grab as little kit. >> reporter: right now it is pupping season and the animals are more aggressive when protecting their dens, the trust wouldn't go on camera on the recent activity as they put it, but says they are looking into it. they posted signs week ago warning park visitors in closed trails near dens. >> it is, like, by wort of the 90s-- word of the 90s, why can't we all get alock?
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the ci-- along? coyotes live here and we need to respect that. >> reporter: that is not an option for catherine or debbie, or those looking for legal action, those who don't want to wait for something worse to happen. >> i have gotten all sorts of feedback, some say they were here first, people were second. but i think it is safety what comes first is the safety of our dogs and our children and our people. >> reporter: the prasidio said it tracks all coyotes that live here in the park and the aggression is usually centered around dogs, basically when the coyotes act this way is saying get away from our den. so, truss ses the best thing to do is get away from the den. a trio of horses in san jose were apparently thirsting for a taste of life in the fast lane. baffled drivers pulled out phones when they spotted horses on highway 101 south of capital expressway. chp officers slowed up trauchltly to slow traffic and
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guide the animal-- promptly to slow the traffic and guide them to safety. search and rescue crews looking for a hiker who went missing atiosemfy national park-- yosemite national park, reportd to have fallen from the trail yesterday afternoon, the concern is he might have landed in the river, which is raging right now. the man in his 20s has not been seen since. crews are asking anything with information-- anyone with information to call the park. a new safety tool to keep track of crimes committed at the station, the agency using the website to show crimes within the bart system. you can see here, for example, when you search the bayfair station, it shows there were two car break in's yesterday, several police departments use the website to provide crime data to the public. paul deanno in right now, and little cooler today, the trend you think will continue? >> saw emily all bundled up. >> breezy and chilly. everybody is going to be cold by
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the end of this week, this weekend won't feel like june t will feel like early march, not hitting 70 degrees saturday and sunday, big contrast. some of you were close to 90 just yesterday. these big temperature swings continue. showing you a cool shot now from the top of suit row tower. look at the reflection where the shadow of the spires on the top of the tower on the bottom of your television screen, being bounced off of the low cloud cover rolling over. in the distance you can see mt. diablo, that is the financial district of san francisco. lot of stuff in that picture. san francisco, the high today is 61 degrees, fremont, 69. comfy san jose, 70s. concord almost to 90 today. morgan hill, 84. here comes the low cloud cover this evening. couple showers offshore, much not hitting the ground but we have rain in the forecast, yes, june rainfall on thursday. for tonight,ilateal chillier than it was last night, the a's bats were hot, thank goodness,
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they beat the blue jays, lets do it two in a row . 59 degrees first pitch. rain in june, got to be a decent storm going farther south than we typically see this time of year, and there is the storm. there is is no blocking ridge of high pressure, this guy will be 8 to dig farther and farther south, some parts of california getting two inches of rain wednesday and thursday. cloud cover rolling in, filling in the bay overnight tonight. low temperatures will drop to their usual spots, which are the upper 40s to low 50s, red wood city, 51. san jose, 53. concord, 53. if you don't like the sun waking up early, get the black out shades, 5:47 a.m. sunrise this time of year. mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. mostly cloudy tomorrow evening as the front gets closer, tarm temperatures not as warm as today, but comfortable. san jose, 76. napa, 77. san francisco and pacifica, highs in the 60s. rain moving in thursday. looking at light rain for most
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of the bay area at times with a steady rainfall possible at times for the north bay, up to half inch of rain. the longer lasting effect is what happens behind that front. look at the highs on saturday and sunday. not too far from normal near the water, 50s and 60s, inland should be in the low 80s, this weekend we will not even hit 70 degrees. we will be cool after that rain chance on thursday. guys, june, not going to feel like it saturday and sunday. >> i am ready for it. >> thanks, paul. you could call it a treasure map, the san francisco past. tracking ship wrecks buried under the city. the fascinating new discoveries beneath the streets. up two games to none, seems only a strange occurrence can derail the warriors, that almost happened today at quicken loans arena, we will show that to you coming up from cleveland.
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welcome back, everybody, we are live in cleveland and the feeling around here seems to be, hey, the cavs over came a deficit last year and won the nba championship. there are differences this time around, first, the warriors have the long memory of what occurred last year. second, durant is on the court. third, the warriors have a chance to go 16 and 0. >> are we 14 and 0 now? we want 15 and 0. that what we want. we literally never once mentioned 16 p0. to me, it is a miracle that it is a possibility. so hard to do. >> reporter: to do that golden state will need to avoid the game-3 letdown they had in cleveland last year. the cavs jumped them from the opening tip and went on to win by 30 points. >> biggest thing for us is ye usually haven't gotten off to a great start in this building. the first quarter today, they come out with a lot of energy and things clicked for them and we usually had to deal with a
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deficit. >> reporter: for the cavs, not only are they trying to defend the lan, but de-- land, but defend a warrior team that scored 245 in two games, yet scoffed at drastic changes. >> can you afford to play this fast pace? >> we play our pace and our game. >> reporter: their game hasn't been nearly good enough against this year's version of the warriors. >> one of the best duoes to play together, maybe ever. >> reporter: curry and durant combined 131 points so far as they continue to get along on and off the court. >> he is a great dude, he has a great sense of humor, feel like i am on a dating show right now. >> welcome to love connection. >> a great dude, great dude. i really like being around him. >> reporter: yeah, kd and stefheaded for dinner a little while ago. nothing on the cavs side has been able to stop kevin durant,
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we see that on the court. however, he was stopped today at his press conference, check what happened. >> we play smaller-- >> to green, saying you learned from him. >> scaring me a little bit up here. >> might be the plumbing? >> yeah. yeah, that thing shaking a little bit, buddy. >> reporter: marshawn lynch spoke to the media for the first time since joining the raiders, he said he decided to come out of retirement when the raiders announced their move to las vegas because he wanted to play for his home town team before they leave. >> being from here, continuing to, you know, to be here. gives them-- they get to see somebody that i actually dated.
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every home game i get to come to this [ bleep ], i probably riding with the whole town. >> marshawn lynch hoping to join a potential championship team with the raiders, the warriors are two games from bringing home their second championship with this crew. possibly undefeated. in cleveland, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5-- >> they will do it. >> could happen. >> what was that noise? trying to shake him up mentally? a trick? trying to get into his head? >> reporter: an air conditioning unit, we thought for a second would come down on the warriors star head. fortunately did not happen. >> bet it wasn't near the cavs locker room, was it? >> reporter: very interesting. very interousing. >> fine-- interesting. >> fine, fine. >> thank you. yoocoming up,prieve-- coming up, privacy concerns over smart street lights, there is a plan to add thousands of surveillance cameras, but people want to know what exactly they
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are recording. the trump administration cracking down on an alleged leaker, new details on the woman accused of leaking top secret information on russian election hacking. doesn't get much fresher than this, water front warf plan to let fisherman sell their catch straight off the boat.
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right idea. the problem is privacy. kpix 5 reporter our top story at 6:30, complaints that san jose's new smart street lights aren't such a bright idea. the problem is privacy. kpix 5 reporter kiet do on why one city leader wants to pull the plug on the street light ability poospy on residents-- to spy on residents. >> reporter: some of had hottest real estate in san jose is over our heads, it has become a fertile testing ground as tech companies are chomping at the bit to install devices on top of the street light. >> nobody thought street lights could be this interesting but it is fair to say there are a lot of dollarinize volved and suddenly gets-- dollars involved and it suddenly gets interesting. >> reporter: the city began to switch to energy efficient white led, they converted 1/3 of them. >> you would thing they would be
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done by now. >> there36 million $-- there 36 million short. >> reporter: cell phone microcytes can be installed on top of them. >> we see it as a opportunity to leverage their desire for the access to publicly owned real estate and we can then transform better lighting. >> reporter: another thing likely installed, cameras, some have traffic camera but there is talk of a program to install a thousand surveillance cameras, it is early but council member johnny camas is pushing for a comprehensive privacy policy. >> i want to make sure we are not using people's data and movement, in ways they don't want them to be used. a lot of data being collected are currently used for economic reasons thahave nothing to do with us. >> reporter: glenda ferguson libs downtown and says surveillance-- lives downtown and says camera would help fight crime but privacy is her biggest concern.
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>> what would be the benefit? where is it done that it is beneficial? what is the true benefit? is there a privacy problem. that is my concern. >> reporter: the mayor says he knows this is a complicated process and they pushed it back and will take up the issue at the next city council meeting. if they don't get any takers on the contract, the mayor says he has not ruled out a public bond to pay for the project. downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. from washington, abc news is reporting attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign in a growing riff with president trump, the report says the president is still angry over session's decision to recuse himself from the russian investigations, all this as fired fbi director james comey prepares to testify on capitol hill. you can watch his testimony on thursday right here on kpix 5 starting 7:00 a.m. a government contractor could face 10 years in prison for allegedly leaking a top
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secret report on russian election hacking. elizabeth cook has more on the first criminal leak case under president trump. >> reporter: the leaked nsa documents suggests russia tried to break into u.s. voting systems ahead of the 2016 election. today the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee said russia's interference is even more widespread than that report shows. realty leigh winner was areed saturday in georgia and faces charges under the espionage act for leaking classified information. the 25-year-old worked as a federal contractor with plurbus international corporation and had top secret security clearance, the justice department said she admitted to leaking a report and retaining and mailing it to a news outlet. just before charged, the intercept posted leaked classified documents with the same day suggesting russian
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intelligence tried to break into u.s. electronic voting systems. >> while i don't want to comment on any specific case or allegation, i think it is important to note that any disclosure of classified or sensitive information can threaten our national security. >> reporter: the leak top secret nsa report says hackers from russia military intelligence stole user credentials from a u.s. elections software company in florida. >> whether or not they accessed tabulation, it is clear they were trying to get into voter files. >> the reason i don't like leaking is because people leak for their own political purposes, you don't always get all the facts. certainly not surprised about russia's attempt to change the outcome of the election. >> reporter: president trump has said leakers are a much bigger problem than russian interference. but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle disagree with that assessment and are continuing to look at potential ties between russia and trump campaign
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officials. >> this investigation, fundamentally an investigation into potential espionage, potential treason, obstruction of justice. >> reporter: the kremlin is denying interference, u.s. officials said russian meddling did not affect the election outcome. >> thank you. a terror scare in paris, a man went after a group of police officers with a hammer near the notre dame cathedral. france's interior minister said the attacker yelled "this is for syria" as he charged, also armed with several kitchen knifes. police shot and wounded him but not before one of the officers was hurt, a couple from san francisco was nearby at the time. kyle riches was with his wife walking through the cathedral plaza when he heard gunshots. >> yeah, we had no idea what was going on, definitely-- it was terrifying. i mean we were just in london two days before when that terrorist attack happened as well. we are still a little scarred
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from that. >> chaos unfolded outside, this was the view, visitoreredered by police to put hands up. there is ann notarangelo titerror probe into the incident. police in london identified the third suspect in last we could's deadly attack on the london bridge. his name is youssef zaghba and he is 22 years old of moroccan and italian descent. one other suspect was well known to authorities, khuram butt was in a documentary called "jihadies next door" and neighbors reported him. california governor brown got face time today with china's president, the governor met with president and talked about climate change and green energy. the meeting comes less than a week after president trump announced the u.s. would pull out of the paris climate agreement. it is also notable because the
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chinese president did not meet with the u.s. energy secretary, who is also in china. >> we can't afford any drop outs in the tremendous human challenge to make the transition to sustainable future, which we are not on yet. >> the governor also advised viewing president trump's with drawl from the climate accord as temporary. a man accused of killing a tourist face as judge, his attorney is telling another side of the story, how he blames a fist fight gone wrong. a sea food show down, fish erman fighting for the right to sell their catch directly to consumers.
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charges. david murillo of san bernardino the man accused of killing a tourist in a fight in san francisco is facing involuntary manslaughter charges. david murillo of san bernardino arraign in court today, police
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say the 34-year-old knocked out matthew bate last friday outside a hotel in russian hill. and bate fail and hit his head. he later died at the hospital. david murillo's attorney said his client was acting in self defen. >> our man was punched and taken to the ground, i didn't ask hem how he felt but he was crying and he-- he is in shock, he is a gentle, hard-working man with two little girls. >> not clear what sparked the altercation, the defendant's attorney said there may be surveillance video of the incident, but he has not seen it yet. a central valley man with terminal cancer is facing charges of plotting to kill his bay area doctors. 58-year-old yue chen was arrested wednesday armed with two semi automatic hand guns and google maps of directions to the home addresses of three bay area doctors. investigators say he drove from his home in visalia south of fresno, to the bay area, chp spotted his rental car on 101 in
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san jose, he was caring a note entitled "why do i kill." charged with three counts of attempted murder. san francisco launch agprogram aimed at helping high risk victims of domestic violence. the mayor announced it along side victims' advocates, under the program first responders will ask domestic violence victims a series of questions to help assess if the individuals are at a high risk of injury or death. they will also connect them to services. >> when we can successfully connect victims to community based services, we can keep them safer. >> the program is being tested in the city's bay view district which sees the highest incidents of dumesic violence call-- domestic violence calls. if successful could be implemented city wide. a beautiful bay area golf course get as new name, but a throw back to the past is leaving its home city feeling burned. what were you doing on april 26? if you were in san francisco,
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you probably were hoping an umbrella was close by, that is the last time it rained in the city. that is 41 days ago. that could change this week, which day is looking wet. that is coming up.
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brand. starting n new at 6:00, a country club in the east bay is on the verge of changing its brand. starting next month, merea vista country club in the hills will be known as the berkeley country club. kpix 5's wilson walker tells us the change has some members of the community asking, where is the love? >> on a clear day you can see san francisco, the four bridges from this area. >> reporter: in the hills, it is a jewel of a dpaufl course, only with a-- golf course, only with a bit of crisis. >> 1920, berkeley country club, 1944 renamed mira vista. >> reporter: coming weeks, the general manager will lead the club through another name change, taking it back to its origins. >> by july 1, most of everything we are doing with signage and everything we are doing to turn it over. >> reporter: why not elsureado
6:45 pm
country club? does the name "berkeley" have more pin augs? >> maybe when you look at that, i suppose it does. el sarido has it too, berkeley is more renowned name. >> this isn't the biggest issue the city has to deal with, we have lots of issues. >> reporter: paul is a city council member and admitatize stings a little. >>-- admits it sting as little. >> we are hurt and would have loved to discuss it with owners. >> there was dialogue with people from the city, not necessarily council. >> reporter: in the fall the city hostathize big sen-- hosts the big centennial gala, it will be hosted here at a club that will, by then, be called the berkeley country club. >> the symbolism of our centennial year is a bit nervy. >> reporter: we love the city, we are part of the community. >> reporter: the club is not
6:46 pm
going away, whatever hard feelings there may be, both sides will have to play through. >> part of our history at the country club is what we have, we look up to it. >> reporter: turning back the name to original founding name, berkeley country club. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. >> san jose earthquakevise a new team president, former english premier league executive, tom fox is taking over. >> i think big challenges in major league soccer, big challenges in this market. i came because i think i can offer value and help the club get to where it wants to be. >> fox says he plans to "shut up and listen to earthquakes fans." how is that for a change? as he tries to fill the team. girls soccer team in nebraska ticked out of aturnment, someone thought one of the players was a boy. this case involves 8-year-old milly hernandez, her family says her team was disqualified after organizers said she was listed
6:47 pm
as a boy on the team's roster. >> that i was a boy and my brother, he said it is only because of the looks, like when they look at me, they think i am a boy but i am really not. >> milly's soccer coach said it was gender discrimination, for sure. the team has filed a complaint now with the nebraska state soccer association. fresh fish right off the boat. seems like a good idea in a place like san francisco. but the idea is meeting resistance, kpix 5's susie stemiel on who is against it and why. >> reporter: imagine being able to come to fisherman's warf and buy fish directly off of a boat, by-passing the whole saler. sthat what fisherman want you to be able to do. they put together a petition and have more than 80 signatures, of course whole salers don't like the yi. not just because it is competition for them, but they call this a public health hazard. they think the health department won't be able to regulate this
6:48 pm
type of activity and it will make people sick. >> how wonderful for the city, though, if they could come down here and they could have access right to their fisherman and could have access to their own backyard. >> it is concerning, it is concerning from the public aspect of public safety. who is carrying the liability if someone, god forbid, gets sick? >> reporter: both sides are thinking the port is going to push the petition through, the part will have to take up the conversation on july 11 and make a final decision by august 8. in san francisco, on fisherman's warf, susie stemiel, kpix 5. so, it is blowing like heck up where wilson walker is at the golf course. >> pretty windy. >> soon to be called the berkeley country club. >> where susie stemiel is on the water-- >> gorgeous day. >> kind of nice. >> peaceful. >> microclimates. >> really depends where you are, hence the numbers behind me. you want close to 80 degrees, we
6:49 pm
have that, 76 in concord. 50s? san francisco, where the wind is calm but the air is chilly. san jose, 69 degrees, oakland, 61, liver more, 72. microclimates, we have many, we list 20 or 30 when we do our temperature map, there is likely more than 200 here, probably 20 within san francisco. napa, 50 degrees, oakland, 52, san jose, 53. if you are wondering where we forecast for san francisco, that is the low officially at the old us men's building in the financial district. 50 for a low. big trough of low pressure for early june, this would be kind of normal fair for feberary or march but typically this time of year with a big trough in the gulf of alaska it stays to the north, not a opportunity to move in, this will and impact our weather for four or five days beginning tomorrow. as clouds will be introduced in the forecast, this time tomorrow mostly cloudy. the south bay since the farthest from the low, you will keep the sunshine the longest, likely beyond 4:00, a comfortable day, 75 degrees for a high.
6:50 pm
the futurecast will show low cloud cover hugging the coastline tomorrow morning. that burns off the middle of the day is sunny, then the other clouds ahead of the storm system will arrive by tomorrow evening, everybody is cloudy by thursday morning, look at the pockets of steady rainfall north of santa rosa, north of napa thursday morning, the rain makes it to golden gate by lunchtime, fizzles out, few light scattered showers in the afternoon, we will get rain, most bay area at a minimum get agfew showers on thursday. we will clear out on friday but the low is not gone. the cold air behind the front will hang out for three days encompassing our entire weekend. lets talk about the rainfall first. quarter inch of rain predicted by our computer for santa rosa, less for san francisco, butclaseby san francisco and oakland-- but basically san francisco and oakland north, 1/10 inch of rain, the average for june we get thursday. as we look toward the weekend, the big low sits off the oregon coastline keeping us chilly,
6:51 pm
right on through the weekend. tomorrow, the mildest day of the next several, which will be within 2 degrees of average, san jose, 76, red wood city, 76, fremont, 73 degrees. mid 70s with sunshine in the middle of the day, cloudy by the evening. san ramon, 76, concord, 78. highs tomorrow in centfield, 75. san francisco, 65. sonoma, 74. lake fort, 80 your high tomorrow. watch the clouds roll in late wednesday. rain is likely in the north bay, showers elsewhere on thursday, then behind the front, we will not hit 70 degrees on saturday or sunday, even with sunshine we will be chilly through the weekend. that is your forecast. all right, paul, thank you. coming up tonight on night beat at 10:00, with the warriors and cleveland ahead of tomorrow's game, we are asking you tonight, do you think they will sweep the cavs? you can send me a tweet on this right now, we will be reading your comments on night beat, 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw44, cable 12.
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6:54 pm
revealing san francisco's buried treasures. it's an updated view of the dozens of sh at lie below the city's streets. a new map is revealing san francisco's buried treasure. >> updated view of the dozens of ships that lie below the city streets. don ford take as look.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: while buildings rise across the city, the interest in what is under them is sky rocket, construction crewerize digging up ships, lots of them. >> we have a really interesting exhibit about the buried ships underneath downtown san francisco. so there is always new information, new something coming up. so we are redoing the map. >> reporter: the old map of buried ships under downtown was published first in 1963, 54 years ago. the museum says many ships have been added, including one site no one expected. >> a ship wrecking yard around-- >> like a ship junk yard? >> kind of, yeah, like where the ships would go to die. basically you would maybe burn a ship down and take the metal off of it. >> reporter: the ancient ship demolishing yard operated here at speer and folsom street, folks walk and drive over where deep below many of the ships still remain. >> they can't always excavate all the artifacts for every ship but they document what they are, who they are, and it kind of, in
6:56 pm
a way, preserves them. >> reporter: the california gold rush created ship rush, ships from all over the world carried miners full of gold fever and captains abandoned ships by the thousands. the ships are everywhere. two of those lost ships are buried right here underneath the intersection, the fame and the francis ann. >> the map is expected to be published in the fall. >> every time you dig up a street in san francisco you find a new ship. >> reporter: the museum says with construction what it is in the city, there is no telling what will be discovered next. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> wow. >> general harrison down the street, arkansas across the street. everywhere. for news throughout the evening, latest on >> see you back here at 11:00.
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