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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and jaclyn. how is everyone doing today? >> good morning. >> good morning. >> functional. conscious. [ laughter ] >> that's about all you can ask for. >> halfway there. >> this shift is hard. >> for me there's a light at the end of the tunnel. i'm looking at friday, you the rest of your life. >> hey! [ laughter ] >> let's see. this morning not off to a bad start and we still are on track for that rain tomorrow. today not too bad. out the door numbers in the low 50s this morning still some fog at the coast. have a care in that regard. but the bottom line is that it will be sunny today and we're still on track for rain tomorrow. got showers moving into the bay area. we'll have a complete forecast in a few minutes but first, we need to have a first look at the road ahead. here's jaclyn. >> we are tracking an earlier crash. this is westbound 80. it's on the 5th street off-ramp so right as you come off the bay bridge on the skyway portion there. quite a bit of glass and debris left in the roadway and crews are working on cleaning that up but traffic getting by okay in
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both directions. you can see this is westbound 80 at fremont. the exit prior to fifth and you can see the traffic is doing just fine. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. police say a cancer patient was headed to the bay area with the intent to kill his doctors. he was reportedly armed with guns and a note. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: it was a missing persons call in this visalia neighborhood that began the statewide manhunt for this man, yue chen. >> there was one cop car here. then when i came back an hour later the whole cul-de-sac was full of police. >> reporter: inside chen's home officers found evidence suggesting he was headed to the bay area to murder three of his doctors. >> i believe that he had targeted specific doctors by name, specific locations by address. >> reporter: that was the morning of may 31. then just before 8 p.m., 200
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miles from home, chen was spotted again. the visalia police sent out a statewide be on the lookout for the suspect stopped here by the chp at northbound 101 and hellyer a stop that could have gone very wrong. >> he had two loaded handguns in the vehicle, immediately adjacent to his person and they were loaded with extended magazines. >> reporter: those magazines held 32 and 16 rounds, respectively. >> this guy was clearly set on violence. he was armed and ready to do it. >> reporter: sources confirmed to kpix 5 that chen has stage 4 cast. >> he felt as though his condition was either worsening or certainly not improving and he blame the doctors for his situation. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. palo alto police say both of the weapons found in chen's car were legally registered to him. but the magazines are illegal in california. in berkeley a woman accused of feeding meth to a 2-year-old
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is in custody. the suspect approached the boy on the play structure at people's park right by the uc- berkeley campus according to nanny. she put something in his house. the nanny called the cops. the mother was arrested. the child has meth in his system. the suspect is charged with attempted homicide and will have a psychiatric evaluation. robert paylor at his first day in rehab monday at a hospital in colorado. he is on a functional electronic stimulation bike. it stimulates his muscles to prevent atrophy. the 20-year-old sophomore had a crushed vertebrae a month ago during a national rugby championship match and paralyzed from the chest down. a "go fund me" page set up to pay for his medical care has raised more than $670,000. today the warriors are in
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enemy territory looking to put a stranglehold on the nba finals. "dubs" fans are feeling a sweep. dennis o'donnell reports from cleveland. >> you guys were camped out all afternoon. tell me what it. >> i'm so happy right now! >> reporter: warriors fans hoping for autographs gathered at the team hotel on the eve of game 3 and the wait paid off. >> no answer for the "dub nation" and they are going to sweep. >> really. >> sweep. this is it. >> reporter: the cavs rally cry is defend the land and it's everywhere from haircuts to front lawn. >> starting last area we took the cavs tag line and we started mowing. >> reporter: but defending the land will be hard against the hot warriors unless an air- conditioner or something drops on kevin durant's head. >> it might be the plumbing. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> reporter: last year in game
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3 in cleveland the cavs beat the warriors warriors by 30 point b not this year 30 points. dennis o'donnell kpix 5. >> the warriors are hosting a watch party at oracle arena. you need a ticket. and the city of san francisco is setting up a big screen at civic center plaza. that one is free. >> or you can go to the watch party at brian hackney's house. >> absolutely. everybody come by. all are invited. [ laughter ] >> boy, are you in for a dull time. [ laughter ] you know, we have some fog and some clouds and later in the day we have sun. enjoy it while you can because the temperatures will fall tomorrow and the rain will follow suit. we'll increase clouds toward sunset tonight and light rain spreads over the bay area a little unusual for june but, you know, it does rain in june and it will tomorrow. today not so bad. sfo and right now concord has 56 degrees oakland 56, as well.
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cool spot in santa rosa at 49 on this fine wednesday morning we have sunshine in the offing for today but increasing high clouds. moisture coming our way will produce showers manana. for the futurecast, you can see how much we're going to pick up about half inch in ukiah, quarter inch in santa rosa. the farther south, the less you get but streaks will be wet even south of the golden gate bridge by tomorrow morning. and then this low pressure begins to sink over northern california. it will stay chilly right into the weekend. so unusually low temperatures after this front moves through. it's really weird. this is not a summer-like pattern at all but it's been a year of weird. mostly sunny and cooler today. then increasing clouds toward sunset. then showers will spread south tomorrow. forecast highs numbers in the 60s and upper 70s today. cooler than it was yesterday.
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extended forecast we are going to be looking for nice today, showers tomorrow, weekend sunny and clear. it will be below average with just low 70s inland that doesn't mean it's not going to be nice. by the weekend pleasant around the bay area. >> nothing weird about this traffic report. the usual slowdowns for drivers out of tracy into livermore more. westbound 580 yellow sensors. about 40 miles an hour from 205 to 680. headlights heading westbound. there's your "diamonds & rubies" for your wednesday morning commute. looking good dublin-pleasanton interchange. we are in the green just under 25 minutes heading out of antioch no delays to i-80 connecting in hercules about 30 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza stacking up in the cash lanes. if you don't have a fast track, you better head out now. back to you guys.
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in just one day fired fbi director james comey will testify on capitol hill. comey is scheduled to appear before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. and he could cast some serious doubts on the president's credibility. according to cnn, comey will dispute the president's statement that he was told he was not under investigation. the president wrote comey this letter when he fired him in may. it says, he appreciates comey for informing him on three separate occasions that he is not under investigation. the president referred to potential russian interference in the u.s. election. senators are also expected to ask if president trump asked comey to pledge his loyalty to him after the inauguration and if the president tried to stop the fbi's russia probe. yesterday, he was asked if he had any words for comey. >> what do you have to say to james comey ahead of his testimony? >> i wish him luck. >> director of national intelligence dan coats will testify before the senate intelligence committee today about his interactions with president trump. the "washington post" reports the president also tried to get
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coats to convince comey to back off michael flynn. an international clean energy forum continues in beijing today a day after california's government talked climate change with the president of china. governor jerry brown met with him yesterday less than a week after president trump announced that the u.s. is getting out of the paris climate accord. >> we can't afford any dropouts in the tremendous human challenge to make the transition to a sustainable future, which we are not on yet. >> governor brown's meeting is even more notable because chinese president did not speak with u.s. energy secretary rick perry who is also in china. a massive test campus could be coming to san jose. the name out front would read google. they are in talks with the city to build 6 million feet of office and other space. some locals are pleased. >> we haven't seen this level
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of investment in business growth in downtown san jose since adobe. do you know the way to san jose? clearly google does. >> the big campus will bring up to 20,000 jobs to san jose making it google's largest branch in the world. time check 4:40. one bay area neighborhood is dealing with a growing coyote problem and has dog owners on edge. >> plus, uber fires more than a dozen employees over reports of bad behavior. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us
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say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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waters has now sparked, a state of emergency. sandbags are lining streets near lake ontario in new york where the threat from floodwaters in the state of new jersey. they are not supposed to roads in the area unless necessary and locals are being offered financial aid for property damage projected by the rises waters. >> it entitles homeowners up to $40,000. if you are a senior there's no
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income limit no matter what your income you qualify up to $40,000. >> the supervisor says that he expects the claims to total $10 million. a woman accused of stopping her car on san francisco's great highway and abandoning her 5-year-old daughter has turned herself in. she allegedly pulled over near the zoo monday night and threw the child out of the car. an blabs what the this is area and medics treated -- medics were -- police came to the scene and medics treated the mother. the mother turned herself in. she and her infant are being monitored by child protective services. police arrested a 42-year- old uber driver. he allegedly picked up a passenger and assaulted a woman in a back seat and took her to
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her destination in san francisco last month according to authorities and police are trying to find out if there are other victims. more than 20 uber employees have been fired, senior executives, as part of uber's sexual harassment investigation. the company started digging in response to a scathing blog post by a former uber engineer about company culture. two separate investigations were launched. one is being led by former attorney general eric holder and his law firm. in san francisco's presidio more and more dog owners are concerned about coyotes. kpix 5's emily turner shows us why some locals want these animals out altogether. >> they are aggressive and weren't afraid. that's scary. >> reporter: catherine lasseter isn't talking about crooks or robbers. she is talking about this. the coyotes that attacked her dog oscar in the presidio and the pack of them that surrounded her after. three. >> three of them cornered me on all sides and i had the dog next to me and they just kept
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coming and i started screaming like a crazy person. >> reporter: she an oscar are fine but they are shaken up as are many in the neighborhood who say these ever present coyotes have gotten more aggressive in recent years. they want the presidio trust to remove them now before something worse happens. >> i think it's just a matter of time until one gets a child. >> reporter: right now it's pumping pup-ing season and they are protecting their young. in people are warned to stay away from dens. >> why can't we all just get along? the coyotes live here and we need to respect that. >> reporter: that's not an option for those who are hinting at legal action against the trust. those who say they don't want to wait for something worse to happen. >> some people say they were
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here first and the people were second. but i think it's safety -- what comes first is the safety of our dogs and our children. >> reporter: mily turner, kpix 5. 4:46. let's check the weather. >> first time in a while we'll get some rain in the bay area, tomorrow. today looks good. one more day to get things done before we get torrential -- well, quarter inch in the north bay. that's saying something. this morning low clouds and fog. that's per usual this time of the year. there's sfo. mostly in the 50s now in the bay area. this morning dry and sunny and chilly at the shoreline eventually after we dispense with the low clouds. inland 80 in the warmest spots today. so the usual coast-inland contrast won't be as great and the futurecast sums it up.
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tomorrow morning 10 a.m. the forecast, the green indicates light rain. you can see it spreads from the north down the peninsula even out to the east bay then sweeps through as the day goes on until by thursday night, that's where we're freezing this now, we have plenty of clouds but mostly showers will have ended by the evening commute tomorrow night. and then friday, we'll go to mostly clear skies. amounts? thanks for asking. about a half inch in ukiah. santa rosa quarter inch. this is approximate, of course. this gives you an idea. there will be more rain in the north bay than the south bay and really that's all you can say at this point, not a big gully-washer but chilly into the weekend. the low moving all the moisture into the bay area sinks south so by friday we have a cold pool of air over northern california keeping us chilly into the weekend. oh, chilly. okay, it will be in the 70s. it's not going to be as warm as usual at this time of the year. 67 for sacramento today.
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67 at redding. redding was in the 90s yesterday. 88 fresno. partly cloudy later in the day southwest winds at 30. dry from seattle, chicago, los angeles and new york. for us it will be dry today, wet tomorrow. 76 at santa rosa. 77 at napa. 79 livermore. 76 san jose. 67 oakland. so a little chillier than we have seen lately. then tomorrow showers for the bay area. friday sun -- sun friday through early next week when we'll recover, panting, back into the mid-80s by monday and tuesday. [ laughter ] >> but in the meantime put an umbrella in your trunk for tomorrow. that's vehicular transition to traffic. tomorrow morning's commute could be wet so give yourself some extra time as you head out the door. let's take it over to the walnut creek area. this is 680 right near main street. you can see those taillights
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moving southbound making their way towards highway 24. no delays looking good nice and easy driving conditions at this early-morning hour. we are tracking some slowdowns, in fact, we have a freeway closure along 780 and eastbound right at i-80. you can see that goes to glen cove road. if you need to get around this, use benicia or magazine street and caltrans should have this wrapped up within the next 15 minutes or so. so just keep that in mind heading through that stretch. you will be in for some slowdowns. over along the eastshore freeway, we're look good in the green making your way on down towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays as you make wear towards the maze but once you get towards those metering lights and those toll gates you will see a backup in those cash lanes. speeds are in the green across the span just under 15 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:49. big concerns in one bay area city about newly installed streetlights. why some are worried they could be spying on city residents. >> and several horses get loose
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on a busy bay area freeway. president trump just revealed his choice to be fbi director. >> jeff pegues is in washington with more. what can you tell us about mr. wray? >> he was not on the list of potential fbi directors so this comes out of the blue. he is not well known the in national circles but he is someone well known in
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republican circles. he was nominated by george w. bush to be an assistant attorney general. so he does have some experience on the national stage. but as i noted, norah, he is someone whose name in a way comes out of the blue because he wasn't on that original list. >> all right. jeff, thank you very much. let's now go to margaret brennan at the white house. >> reporter: the white house wanted to change the narrative with this tweet the president has now changed the focus towards the new fbi director who will be filling that slot left vacant when the president fired director comey back on may 9. now, as you heard from jeff pegues, this was a name that wasn't at the top of the initial list but that is because many of those who were initially being considered by the president before he went on that foreign trip withdrew their name including former senator joe lieberman. so there were a lot of people who were concerned about the
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level of scrutiny that will be on this new fbi director. um, and today, you will actually hear from the acting director andrew mccabe as he speaks to the senate intelligence committee about this ongoing russia probe. but the white house today very much trying to change the narrative. [ laughter ] >> to what's going forward here and putting support behind christopher wray who is a litigation partner here in dc also done some work down in atlanta. so we will be now hoping to get more details from the white house. they haven't yet revealed anything about the selection process, the president's thinking on this. but in his first morning tweet, a presidential statement donald trump has said he is going to nominate christopher wray as the fbi director. >> lots of news on that front. we'll continue to cover this, this morning, margaret. our coverage will continue on
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"cbs this morning" and throughout the day on this cbs station and our 24-hour streaming network cbsn at this has been a cbs news special report. cbs new york.
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thousands of new "smart" street lights. as kpix 5's "kiet do" reports: some people ar in san jose, there's a push to pull the plug on thousands of new smart streetlights. as kpix 5's kiet do reports,some people are worried the lights are spying on people. >> reporter: it turns out some of the hottest real estate in san jose is right over our heads. san jose has become a fertile testing ground as tech companies are chomping at the bit to install devices on top of the humble streetlight. >> nobody ever thought streetlights could be this interesting. but it is fair to say there are a lot of dollars involved and suddenly gets interesting. >> reporter: this began about 4
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years ago as the city began to convert its 64,000 yellow sodium vapor streetlights to energy-efficient white l.e.d.s the city converted only a third. >> we are $36 million short. >> reporter: they are trying to get the private sector to pay for the rest. cell phone microsites can be installed on top of them. >> we see this as an opportunity to access their desire for publicly owned real estate and transforms our streets with better lighting. >> reporter: another thing that will be installed cameras. some streetlights already have traffic cameras but there's talk of a pilot program to installed 1,000 surveillance cameras. one council member is pushing for a comprehensive privacy policy. >> i want to make sure we're not using people's data and we're not using people's movements and things in ways that they don't want them to be used. >> reporter: the mayor says he knows this is a complicated
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process so they have pushed it back. they will take up the issue at the next city council meeting next tuesday. by the way, if they don't get any takers on this contract, the mayor says he has not ruled out issuing a public bond to pay for the project. in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. three bay area horses are back to their routines after roaming highway 101. these horses were seen trotting right in the carpool lane on a stretch of 101 in san jose. chp blocked off traffic to round up the animals. it's not clear how the horses made their way on to the freeway. an alleged gender pay gap at google. coming up, we'll tell you what shareholders are planning to demand today. >> reporter: game 3 of the nba finals in cleveland tonight. but "dub nation" coming out in full force here locally. i'll tell you what you need to know about all of the watch parties in the bay. that story coming up.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look ou good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, june 7. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's head outside take a look at the conditions on this wednesday morning as we take a look at the mount vaca cam. and looks like 880 in oakland traffic moving along pretty freely at this hour. but we of course know that's going to change a little bit. >> it always changes. >> like clockwork. >> i know. >> a little fog out there too? >> a little fogginess and then clouds and a little bit of froggieness in my throat. it's contagious! we have high clouds out there already. the first indication that things are changing. we'll have showers tomorrow in the north bay rs


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