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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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poked me. >> reporter: what 8-year-old brian didn't know was that small pin from a medical device known as a lancet used to draw blood from diabetics could have exposed him to serious disease including hiv an hepatitis. he got scared when he had to get tested. >> i was going to get very sick and and, um, and, and, and, go to the doctors. >> reporter: brian was one of 14 students poked with that needle by a classmate who found it and brought it to campus in late may. the health scare left parents feeling on edge. >> we don't know what the needle was exposed to. so my heart goes out to those parents. >> parents are obviously concerned whenever anything happens not only to their child but any child at the school. parents are concerned. they want to make sure their child is okay.
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>> reporter: none of the children have gotten sick yet. the tests are all negative. brian's great-grandfather is relieved that a child's game didn't have more dangerous consequences. >> a kid is a kid. he didn't know what he was doing. and he picked up something he didn't know what -- probably didn't know what it were. and i guess he was just playing. he don't mean to hurt nobody. >> reporter: now, even though those initial tests were negative, parents say the recommendation is to have the children retested in about two or three months to make sure. now, for the boy who brought that lancet here to campus, the school system says that he has been disciplined but they would not say how. in fremont, devin fehely, kpix 5. now to an accident in antioch. a 15-year-old boy killed by a shot from a pellet gun. kpix 5's da lin says the gun was fired by a friend. da. >> reporter: veronica, that 15- year-old boy was shot at close range by his good friend, it
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happened inside this house on palomar drive in antioch just before 10 a.m. this morning. next-door neighbors showed us these facebook photos of the victim identified as marcos garcia. police and neighbors say marcos was playing with a bb gun rifle with several friends. police say somehow, a 15-year- old friend fired that pellet rifle once shooting and killing marcos. those friends later ran to a next-door neighbor to get help and here's what that neighbor saw. >> marcos was laying on the ground and he was unconscious. i didn't know how long he wasn't breathing for but apparently it was there for 10 or 15 minutes. just because the kids didn't know what to do and they were worried and they got my mom and my mom was panicking. she called me. and that's when i called and he had a small wound into his chest. i guess it went straight into his heart. >> yeah, very, very tragic.
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we're very saddened by this. yes. >> reporter: neighbors say marcos recently finished his freshman year at deer valley high school. he lived here with his mother and stepfather. the neighbor who called 911 says his parents were not home when the shooting happened. some neighbors believe the pellet rifle belongs to marcos' stepfather but we haven't been able to confirm that. now, the police -- antioch police say this appears to be an accident and all the kids are cooperating with investigators. so far, they have not said whether they will arrest or charge the boy who fired the shot. live in antioch, i'm da lin, kpix 5. new at 6:00, a racy rule book for uber. a letter now surfacing from the company's ceo to employees including guidelines for having sex with coworkers. it was called the miami letter. sent from uber's ceo travis kalanick to hundreds of employees in 2013.
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elizabeth cook is following the story for us. liz. >> reporter: ken, 400 uber employees were headed to florida's shore club to celebrate the company's success. when they got the internal letter from their ceo. the title? urgent, urgent, read this now or else. among the dos, have a great expletive time. this is a celebration, we have all earned it. the don'ts were a lot more specific. on the list, quote, do not have sex with another employee unless, a, you have asked that person for that privilege and they have responded with an emphatic yes, i will have sex with you. and b, the two or more of you do not work in the same chain of command. travis kalanick was told not to send it because of its tone. it comes days after uber fired 20 employees after sexual harassment allegations. >> thank you. new at 6:00 one of the biggest hospitals in the north bay and the largest employer in napa county is accused of under
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hanked tactics to stop employees from unionizing, underhanded tactics. kpix 5's susie steimle complains. >> our laws and civil rights have been violated. >> reporter: he has been working in queen of the valley's imaging center for 17 years. all the while he has been trying to unionize. finally in november, hospital employees voted to elect a union. but the hospital says they didn't follow proper protocol. ray says the hospital is just trying to scare them out of organizing. >> they very much intimidated cafeteria workers and the houseworkers a lot of them spanish-speaking less educated and they were easy target. >> reporter: now the nlrb is involved saying the hospital is guilty of coercion. federal investigations show the hospital retaliated against workers who talked to the union by changing their schedules. but queen of the valley maintains november's election wasn't fair since it was done
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through the mail. the hospital says we have previously communicated to the national labor relations board that we deny the union's allegations and will continue to pursue our avenue to appeal. we respect our employees' right to vote to support or not to support a union in a secret ballot election. employees have tried to unionize three times in the past 20 years. ray says not having a union is directly affecting patient care. >> we receive patients that are waiting for hours in the emergency room, um, and there's no nurses available because they doesn't want to call anybody in for overtime. they will wait for the next shift dom in. >> reporter: if the medical center and employees hoping to unionize can't agree in the next couple of months this will go to court. right now, a judicial hearing is scheduled for august 7. susie steimle, kpix 5. we are monitoring washington after former fbi director james comey's testimony today. comey made his first public statement since he was fired a
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month ago. he told the senate intelligence committee he believed he was fired to affect the inquiry into trump's campaign ties to russia. he said he was stunned when he someplace trump asked him to let go the investigation -- when he says trump asked him to let go the investigation into michael flynn comey admitting he leaked admission to get the prosecution appointed. >> lordy, i hope there are tapes. i remember saying i agree he is a good guy as a way of saying, i'm not agreeing with what you just asked me to do. >> president trump's attorney said the president never asked comey to stop the investigation. >> the president never suggested that mr. comey, quote, let flynn go. the president feels completely vindicated and is eager to continue moving forward with his agenda, with the business
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of this country, and with this public cloud removed. >> marc kasowitz also suggested comey could be prosecuted for sharing privileged conversations with the president. we'll have a live report from washington straight ahead at 6:30. california's crowded race for governor is getting closer by the day. a new poll out by the berkeley institute of governmental studies shows former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa trailing lieutenant governor newsom by just 5%. with more than a third of the voters still undecided. melissa caen is on side now. villaraigosa is using an interesting strategy to get his name up here in northern california. >> that's right. he is. >> reporter: you know, he has to be excited about this new poll. it shows that support for newsom fell from 28% in march to 22% in may. and support for villaraigosa went up from 9% in march to 17% in may. villaraigosa was in our studios this week where we got a look at his approach to newsom. >> there are some who never
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been in the trenches. that never been in the fight for social and economic justice! i call them davos democrats. >> davos switzerland is where the world economic forum is held each year. there you can find people like bono and bill gates. villaraigosa uses davos democrats as shorthand for rich liberals including one in particular. >> when one of you us is going to -- >> reporter: he is talking about the lieutenant governor. newsom is the front-runner in the race to be california's next governor and villaraigosa has been talking a lot about him, although he never says his name. >> one candidate, from the bay area by the way, some of us will say whatever you want to hear. some politicians, um, including, um, one of the candidates, um, happens to live in marin county. >> reporter: but that new poll suggests that this all might be working as villaraigosa appears to be making inroads with
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likely voters. a newsom campaign spokesman says he is skeptical that much has actually changed in the last eight weeks and he notes that newsom is still the leading candidate in every poll. note that there are plenty of other candidates as well for democrats state treasurer john chiang and former state school superintendent delane easton are running and there's always a chance that someone else like billionaire tom steyer or state senate leader kevin deleon could jump in, as well. republicans who are officially running are businessman john cox and former nfl player rosie greer. of course, the primary election is a year away. but as we saw with last year's senate race, with kamala harris, if a candidate can get out in front very early, that momentum can sometimes snowball into a win. >> a year away. but, you know, with the presidential election, it was -- they started campaigning two years ahead of time. earlier and earlier and early year. >> presidential 2020 we're already talking about. it's never too early to start speculating.
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>> apparently not. >> thank you. a live look outside right now. it's been pretty cloudy. cloudy right now. but after we got a wet start to the day, rain falling around the bay area, people in san francisco with their umbrellas out this morning. and the east bay got some light rain, as well. commuters there bundled up in oakland. but luckily the rain didn't last all day. paul? >> widespread rain has moved out. drizzle remains. the radar is clear. currently rainfall totals corte madera got a third of an inch of rainfall just today. but fremont and san jose just a trace. any more rain in the forecast? the answer next. >> also ahead, a man at the very center of the oakland warehouse fire investigation heads to court. what the victim's family members were looking for when they faced him today. >> keeping toxins out of several bay area parks, but the effort doesn't come cheap. how much it's going to cost one city. >> rising rents claim another victim in the south bay. san jose's longest running restaurant is closing its doors after 92 years.
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travis kalanick made a brief court appearance today. derick almena did not en a key figure in last december's deadly oakland warehouse fire made a brief court appearance today. derick almena did not enter a plea as he was arraigned in oakland. he and co-defendant max harris face 36 counties of involuntary manslaughter. today a man whose daughter died
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in last december's fire was at the hearing. he came for one specific reason. >> i went to see if he had any remorse. you know? >> did you see any of that. >> not from where i was standing, no. >> prosecutors say the defendants lied to police and r dangerous conditions at the converted warehouse. but today almena's lawyer said the criminal prosecution will not do any good. >> creates a distraction, the local government doesn't have to address the fundamental issues of housing inequality and fire safety that will continue to be a problem in this community. >> almena will be back in court next thursday with harris for a joint appearance. that's when they may enter pleas and just minutes ago we received a booking photo of max harris. he was arrested in los angeles. he was transferred to the santa rita jail this afternoon. sunnyvale police investigating a double shooting that left one man dead, another fighting for his life. this one happened after 2:30 this morning in the parking lot
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in front of the larhonda nightclub. police say the two victims got in an altercation with another group. shots were fired. unclear in the fight started inside the nightclub. the wounding man is expected to survive the shooting. a mountain lion sighting in san mateo county. it was spotted in san carlos about 11:00 near britain avenue. county officials are putting out the word wanting residents to be on the lookout. verizon is one step closer to buying sunnyvale-based yahoo. today yahoo shareholders voted to approve the nearly $4.5 billion sale. yahoo has been struggling in its fight to stay relevant and it was hit with a huge data breach last year. yahoo expects that sale to chose next week. new at 6:00 the san jose landmark is closing. wings chinese is the city's oldest restaurant. kpix 5's kiet do with more on why the owners are closing up shop. >> reporter: it has survived
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the great depression and the great recession. tech booms an busts. real estate bubbles and crashes. but wings chinese restaurant in san jose's japantown proved no match for the new economy. and so in just three weeks, the city's oldest full service restaurant will close. through the '30s, '40s, '50s and beyond, how did it survive for 92 years? perhaps it's the lightning fast no-frills service. maybe it's the old school private booths and throwback decorations. it's not fancy. it doesn't try to be. >> it's a big loss for san jose because i think we need have some of the things that ground us, who we are and our past and where we came from. >> reporter: this has been a rough time for iconic businesses in the south bay. cambrian bowl in san jose closed last summer after 55 years. photography store in palo alto closed last fall after a 51- year run. and outdoor store melocotons in san jose also closed in 2016 after 70 years in business.
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all victims of increasing competition and rising rents. >> big loss for me personally, as well. i actually lived on the street and have been coming to wings for a really long time. >> reporter: this council member is concerned after seeing the sign on the front door blaming wings' closure on the tremendously high rent. he says it's time to start thinking about affordable housing not just for people but for businesses, too. >> i think it certainly should be a focus of -- of our cities and it's going to be a focus of mine to see what we can do to better preserve some of these smaller mom and pop businesses. >> reporter: julian dry clean is next door to wings. the entire building is under one owner. sam bought the business a year ago and says the landlord just raised his rent by $25 a month. you're not worried? >> just a little bit. my rent now -- should be okay now. yeah. >> reporter: for now? >> for now. i don't know about future but for no okay. >> reporter: in san jose's japantown, kiet do, kpix 5. it is such a cold gray day out there. and i forgot my umbrella of course. >> you have to run a little
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faster. [ laughter ] >> you know, it was not warm outside. got to say, the hottest spot we could find was 73 degrees in livermore. that's 10 degrees cooler than average. it gets chillier as we head toward the weekend. san jose 71. only 62 in san francisco. san rafael 63. fremont, redwood city, 69? if you are thinking we don't do this every day in june? you're right. santa rosa the highs today 61 degrees. that's the coolest june afternoon in nearly 6 years. have to go back to june 28, 2011, the last time we only had a high of 61 degrees. nothing being picked up widespread on the radar but plenty of you contacting me saying it's drippy and drizzly and i expect that trend to continue into the evening and overnight hours. let's think weekend. we're almost there. hot air balloon classic that will be fun in windsor saturday morning. partly cloudy skies saturday afternoon. only a high of 70. the rodeo in livermore which i believe last year was about 105 degrees? this year will be 70 degrees. barely in the 70s away from the
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water. why? we had a front coming through today but that's not the real reason why it's going to be so chilly. that changes the air mass temporarily. this low here cold pool of air this guy will be right over northern california by saturday and sunday keeping the atmosphere unstable limiting our sunshine but also that cold air will make it down to the bay area keeping our temperatures basically in the 60s to around 70 this weekend. it will be a cloudy night. that drizzle will continue especially in the hills and also close to the coastline. your low at the coast pacifica 50 degrees. san jose mild 57 for you, vallejo 54 degrees. tomorrow sunshine comes back. but despite full sunshine, in the month of june, which is quite strong last time i checked, highs will barely make it into the low 70s. concord 72. livermore 72. redwood city 70. and san rafael 70. so not warm tomorrow. we'll call it mild. a mixture of sun and clouds over the weekend. but temperatures are going to be chilly. now the normal high inland is about 82 or 83 degrees. 68 for a high on sunday.
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low 60s near the bay upper 50s at the beach. when do we warm up? middle of next week back to the 80s inland close to 70 near the bay. so maybe jacket weather in june for the weekend. >> it's such a roller coaster ride. up or down. thank you, paul. still ahead, early-morning fires sparking concerns. >> the string of south bay fires investigators now call suspicious. >> i'm dennis o'donnell live in cleveland. it's not just the united states that will be watching game 4 of the nba finals. hundreds of countries will be tuned in. we are going to take you inside the international broadcast booth when we come back.
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could conquer the land and celebrate a title in cleveland... and after last night, even lebron james seems to realize his best you're looking live at the cleveland city tower in downtown here. the colors sporting for the cavs but for the second time in three years the warriors could win in cleveland. after last night, even lebron
6:24 pm
james seems resigned to the fact that his best just isn't good enough. >> even when you playing well you got to play -- you got to play, like, you know, a plus- plus. >> reporter: james and kyrie irving were spectacular but once again, it was kevin durant stealing the show as he helped fuel an 11-0 warriors run to close the game including the go- ahead three-pointer in the final minutes putting him on the brink of winning his first title. >> just looks like he understands this is his moment. this is his time. and he earned it. he has been in this league for a long time. >> ready for this my whole life. >> i was playing for the pg jaguars when i was 10 years old. i feel like if i didn't assert myself we weren't as good as we're be so that's always the approach that i have. >> reporter: if history is to be made tomorrow night with a 16-0 record in the post-season
6:25 pm
it won't be seen just here in the united states. it's going to go international big time. we live stream the whole game for the first game, game one, we have 33 million viewers. >> reporter: the nba finals have gone global especially in china. >> chinese people love basketball! >> reporter: it's tight quarters inside the international broadcast booth where the finals reach 215 countries in 49 different languages. where do the warriors rank in terms of interest in china? >> i would say at the top. number one because they like winning and superstars. the warriors do both. >> reporter: they made a trip to china in october where steph curry is a fan favorite. >> he is huge. i believe his jersey sales just surpassed kobe's. >> reporter: curry is a
6:26 pm
favorite because they can relate to his size. they can be like him. >> i can be him because i'm small, but small guy can make shots small guy can be champion! so he can do that, i can do that. that's why people love him. >> reporter: first place or last place giants hoping to fare better than the italian sausage in milwaukee. top of the fourth tied at 2. slater didn't show this much power in the minors. 461 feet for his first career home run the farthest hit by a giant this season. the bats would pick up the pitcher. pence drove in the go-ahead run. the giants four in the tenth. they beat the brewers 9-5 and split the four-game series. that's it right now from cleveland where the warriors look to make history tomorrow night and go 16-0 the first time to go undefeated in the
6:27 pm
post-season. reporting live from cleveland, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. allen, veronica? >> thank you. actually, it's ken but -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: oh!! kenny, you don't look like you! you need new makeup! [ laughter ] coming up in the next half- hour, former fbi director james comey stepping up to testify. >> his words today about president trump, russia and leaked information. >> plus, he says it was clearly discrimination. the unusual gift bosses gave this bay area employee. [ birds chirping ]
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our top story at 6:30: fired f-b-i director james there should be no fuzz on this whatsoever. the russians interfered in our election. >> fired facebook director james comey says the trump administration defamed him! and he is accusing the white house of telling lies about what led up to his dismissal. cbs reporter mola lenghi joins us now from capitol hill where comey did not hold back today. mola. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. you know, it might have lacked in the contentious moments these testimonies are sometimes
6:31 pm
known for james comey's was not lacking in powerfully revealing moments. >> i was fired in some way to change or the endeavour was to change the way the russian investigation was being conducted. that's -- that is a very big deal. >> reporter: this comey's first public statement since being fired may 9. >> he kept coming back to i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. you ever had any of those kind of requests before from anyone else you worked for in the government? >> no. and what made me uneasy was, i'm -- at that point, the director of the fbi. the reason that congress created a 10-year term is so that the director is not feeling as if they are serving at -- with political loyalty owed to any particular person. >> reporter: today comey admitted he leaked material to the press to a friend because of the president's tweets warning he might have tapes of the meeting. >> i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: some senators pushed director comey about his lack of a response when president trump asked him to back off the investigation into fired national security adviser
6:32 pm
michael flynn. >> why didn't you stop and say, mr. president, this is wrong? i cannot discuss this with you? >> that's a great question. maybe if i were stronger, i would have? i was so -- stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. i have seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. i -- i remember saying, i agree he is a good guy as a way of saying, i'm not agreeing with what you just asked me to do. >> reporter: marc kasowitz president trump's personal attorney denied the president ever asked to stop the investigation. >> the president never suggested that mr. comey, quote, let flynn go. >> reporter: mr. kasowitz slammed comey for leaking the materials saying he would leave it up to authorities as to whether comey should be prosecuted for sharing privileged conversations with the president. >> the president feels completely vindicated. he is eager to continue moving forward with his agenda with
6:33 pm
the business of this country and with this public cloud removed. >> reporter: after his public testimony, james comey met with the senate intelligence committee behind closed doors where he could discuss with them some classified information that he was not able to talk about in the public setting. veronica? >> you know, molela, the president was quiet during comey's testimony. no twitter posts whatsoever. we did hear from his son. do you know where mr. trump watched this hearing? >> reporter: he watched it with his attorney. you know, we heard earlier this week some possibilities that mr. trump might live tweet as he watched the testimony but he didn't. the president's son, donald, jr., fired off about a dozen tweets. we showed you one but all in all fired off about a dozen and as you can imagine, pretty critical of mr. comey's testimony. >> we'll get into those in just
6:34 pm
a moment. mola lenghi live for us today in washington, we appreciate it. he also felt pressured by attorney general loretta lynch making him queasy. she wanted him to change how to refer to the email probe of hillary clinton calling it a matter instead of an investigation. there was a lighter moment as comey described being invited to the now famous dinner with president trump. >> then he said how about 6:30? and i said, whatever works for you, sir. and then i hung up and then i had to call my wife and break a date with her. he was supposed to take her out to dinner that night. >> that's one of the all time great excuses for breaking a date. >> in retrospect, i love spending time with my wife. i wish i had been there that night. >> comey said he eventually he told attorney general jeff sessions he did not want to be alone with the president ever again. now, as we just mentioned, today donald trump, jr. tweeting this: happens but you have to do your job"
6:35 pm
"knowing my father for 39 years when he "orders or tells" you to do something there is no ambiguity, you will know exactly what he means." this morning several bars in san francisco held comey watch parties. popular watering holes on nob ssion district and this morning, several bars in san francisco held comey "watch parties." [ laughter ] >> popular watering holes on hill and in the mission opened at 6 a.m. so people could drink and watch the testimony. >> a bowl of politics so i figure it was on the news i had the opening today and they were having drink specials and it would be fun. >> and there were similar scenes at bars all around the country. some law firms paused their work today to watch the hearing. and, of course, this wasn't the first time a congressional hearing has gripped the nation! cbs news reporter chip reid looks back at other famous
6:36 pm
hearings. >> reporter: from the iran- contra affair. >> i came their tell you the truth. >> reporter: to the infamous she said. >> i could not keep silent. >> he said. >> it is the high-tech lynching. >> of the clarence thomas anita hill scandal. public hearings have become part politics, part theater. americans watched as bill clinton became the second president in u.s. to history to be impeached. >> it depends upon what the mean of the word is, is. >> reporter: the most explosive hearing of all was watergate! >> i began by telling the president that there was a cancer growing on the presidency. >> reporter: what began with a burglary ended with president nixon's resignation. >> and so of course, it leads up to these comey hearings as a kind of new national soap opera. >> well, that was chip reid reporting. another highly watched hearing was the 11-hour house grilling of hillary clinton on benghazi. first lady melania trump packing her bags and getting ready to move into the white house. she has been living in trump
6:37 pm
tower in new york city. the couple said melania was waiting until after their 11- year-old son was done with the school year before she moved to washington. barron will reportedly join her in the move next wednesday. the trumps chose a school for him in dc last month. a bay area woman suing her bosses over a bizarre gift, coming up. what they gave her that she claims is racist and illegal. >> plus, new clues in this raging fire that destroyed an east bay construction project. who investigators are on the lookout for.
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6:39 pm
surveillance photos. they say this is the suspect in a 5- alarm fire that b voters in emeryville want you to take a look at these surveillance photos. they say this is the suspect in a five-alarm fire that burned a big construction project right to the ground. the guy was seen riding up to
6:40 pm
the site last month and entering with a backpack. short time later the 7-story apartment project on san pablo avenue went up in flames. no one was hurt. but for the second time in less than a year, the half finished structure was completely destroyed. the same site was torched last july in another arson fire. it's unclear if the same person started it but investigators say the circumstances were similar. >> in both fires, there were unauthorized persons identified to be in and around the building prior to the fire. also, in both fires, the stage of completion of the building was around the same. >> if you recognize the suspect, call the atf tip line at 888-atf-fire. a string of suspicious fires in two san jose neighborhoods. one of them causing some significant damage to this convenience store on willow
6:41 pm
street. in all, firefighters responded to six fires all taking place within two miles from each other between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. this morning. a bay area woman suing her bosses claiming racial discrimination and harassment. she accuse the owners of behavior -- she accuses the owners of behavior intended to humiliate her. >> reporter: it was given as a christmas gift that was anything but appreciated. >> it made me sick to my stomach. and i felt like dirt. like he considered me to be less of a human. >> reporter: tishay wright says her bosses at southland construction gave her this confederate flag first at the company christmas party. in it were these photos showing the owner kenneth hayden and his wife anita dressed up in front of a confederate flag after a sign saying, the southland will rise again. when she confronted them about it she was fired. >> it couldn't be any clearer. we have a man in front of a confederate flag dressed like
6:42 pm
the president feeling empowered to say and do things that are both racist and unlawful. >> reporter: so tishay is suing southland claiming discrimination, harassment and retaliation. >> looking at him i still don't believe this is true this is really happening, like, who would do something like this to someone and think that it's okay? >> reporter: the company hung up when we called for comment today and did not come to the door of their pleasanton offices. they will eventually answer in court. they were served a court summons this morning. >> i want awareness. i want accountability. i want people to know that they do not have to stand for anything like this and they can do something about it. >> reporter: no amount is listed on the law enforcement. after evidence is presented, both sides will suggest the sum and then a jury will decide. in the newsroom, emily turner, kpix 5. coming up, making bay area parks safer. how one city is saying no to toxic weed killers. >> mother nature saying yes to
6:43 pm
june showers. stanford it rained today. still raining in parts of the bay area right now especially in the hills where it's still raining this evening. when will it feel like june again? it's going to take a while. find out when next. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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out all the water and foam from the fountain in marin circ a soapy mess left behind at a berkeley fountain. today city workers pumped out all the water and foam from the fountain in marin circle after someone dumped soap inside. this is the second time this has been hit by vandals in two weeks. now the city wants residents to be on the lookout and report any suspicious activity. new at 6:00 the city of menlo park is going greener at some of its city parks. >> four of them are now pesticide free. but kpix 5's don ford tells us, weeding them by hand is not cheap and the cost could soon be growing. >> reporter: menlo park says from now on when it comes to weeds, it's hand to hand combat. no more herbicides. >> what we are experimenting
6:47 pm
with is having someone come in remove all the weeds in the park by hand or mechanically. >> reporter: holy cow. that's going to cost a fortune. >> it is more expensive than an herbicide. >> reporter: $300,000 more expensive. that is the amount public works is asking the city council for to expand the pilot project from four to the remaining 20 city parks. fremont park is already herbicide-free. >> it's just, like, a wonderful place to hang around. >> reporter: portions of the park are paved in wood chips three inches deep. some grass areas will remain but this too will be weeded by hand. >> looks much nicer after we switch to the herbicide-free method. >> reporter: which is the chips. basically. >> yes. >> reporter: that depends on who you talk to. >> this whole area over here, this is kind of desolate. you know? it's like not that attractive. it's just a bunch of bark. >> reporter: stanford hills is
6:48 pm
another herbicide-free park but with mixed results. weeds seem to be getting the upper hand here for the moment. the city council is expected to approve the $300,000 later this month. the city of menlo park says that by reducing the amount of herbicides they use in parks, they are making more of a city value statement than they are saving money. in menlo park, don ford, kpix 5. new video from the oroville dam provides an updated look at the spillway. drone video from the department of water resources shows that nearly all the lower spillway has now been blasted away. crews are now pouring concrete over cleaned rock to build a foundation for a replacement. the spillway repair job is going to cost about $275 million. well, they are not releasing there right now. >> they're not. >> because it is summertime. and we have still got rain. >> and snow in some areas. >> we have a lot of weather going on for the 8th day of june and lake oroville is 100
6:49 pm
feet lower than it was. they have drawn it down the past few weeks knowing this construction project was coming. rained today. not that warm but let's look at the current temperatures which are in the 60s concord on the oakland, 70 for livermore. santa rosa new high for the day a whopping 62 degrees. nothing organized on kpix 5 hi- def doppler. but sneaking in sometimes are low based showers or pockets of drizzle. we'll get that anytime during the summer in and around san francisco. but numerous spots right now in the bay area reporting something falling from the sky. still a few showers over the range south of livermore and east of san jose. so we're watching that on the radar currently. wouldn't be surprised if a few showers up north, as well. concord .01" rain. san francisco .1." .25" for santa rosa. .3" in corte madera. al williams reporting that for us. 56 degrees in concord overnight tonight. san jose 57. mild because we're keeping the cloud cover. san rafael tonight 51. so the front is through. that's what gave us the
6:50 pm
rainfall this morning. but the story is not finished yet because the low right here has to make it through. it doesn't get here tomorrow. it will get here over the weekend. so kind of interesting we'll go from a cloudy day today to a sunny day tomorrow. it's not going to be very warm upper 60s, low 70s in the santa clara valley. but you get sunshine tomorrow. giving us the false sense of hope that maybe that low is going to miss us. it's not. cloud cover returns on saturday. tomorrow morning the clouds thin out. sunshine in the afternoon. here comes the low. clouds bubbling up, building throughout the day maybe even a few showers toward mendocino county in the higher elevations and we'll stay rather cloudy throughout the day on saturday. we are going to go partly sunny to be optimistic but don't be surprised 2, 3, 4 p.m. in the afternoon much more cloud cover than sunshine on saturday and it's not going to be warm at all. so sun gets back tomorrow morning. temperatures will stay below average partly sunny this
6:51 pm
weekend chance of a mountain shower. warmer middle of next week. at the coast and the bay 5 degrees below average, inland 10 degrees below average. cooler over the weekend once the low gets closer. sunshine back on monday and normal temperatures by next tuesday and next wednesday. that's your kpix 5 forecast. thank you, paul. coming up, unique warriors gear thanks to a bay area artist. >> how he is using hats as his canvas an helping the community at the same time. >> and coming up tonight on nightbeat, we're asking you, what do you think of james comey' testimony? was it damaging for president trump? or was it nothing of substance? tweet me at #veronicadlcruz.
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6:54 pm
and he's gaining notoriety... thanks to the golden state warriors. kpix five's wilson walker sat down with that man today. non standard out: one bay area artist works in starbucks and getting notoriety thanks to the golden
6:55 pm
state warriors. wilson walker sat down with that man today. >> my name is nick motley i'm a bay area artist in oakland, california. >> what if as a medium i called this sports on lids? >> that would work. i love sports. everything i do is about someone that's great at what they do. i like painting actual events that happen. >> so this is like the slide for the record. >> slide for the record. >> these are all by commission, correct? >> yes. the only way you can get one is if you commission me to paint one. the take up to 5 hours. >> you don't discriminate if someone says i want something with the cowboys on thank you suck it up? >> ? >> i do it. >> a lot of the guys you paint wear them? >> yes. some get them and put them in a case and put them on their
6:56 pm
shelf. >> obviously the warriors play- off run has brought you more attention. >> lots of attention. i love it. i actually met steph and i gave him a hat and he signed a few hats for me. i saved this. this is my favorites. i call it my mistake. i painted this on the day of the 7th game where we lost. and itsays 73-9, back to back. i wear it as a reminder. >> if they wrap it up? >> yes. all my hats will say world champions and have trophies on them. >> thanks for taking the time. >> go warriors! >> warriors! >> that's right. >> get a couple of those. >> what does he charge? ballpark? >> i don't know. we need a couple of those. or news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, >> and don't forget to join us for nightbeat tonight at 10:00 on kbcw 44/cable 12 and you can see us back here tonight at 11:00. >> call me, we'll commission you. [ laughter ]
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