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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i'm going to go with yes if brian hackney says so. [ laughter ] >> whatever he says. >> he ought to know. >> there's where you go wrong. [ laughter ] >> he has a lot of knowledge, weather knowledge included. and yes, it is going to be sunny today. [ laughter ] >> or sunnier. you may not believe me by looking at this shot from the golden gate bridge. certainly fog at the coast and across the bridge but not everywhere. in fact, the bay bridge clear it morning. so really going to depend on where you are, more fog along the coast this morning. temperature-wise, we're mild in the low 60s for concord, oakland livermore at this hour. 59 in san francisco. 62 san jose. more sunshine throughout the day. visibility is an issue out the door this this morning. good morning. here's a look at the golden gate bridge as you can see or not see, it's a little difficult out there with fog so
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be careful. we don't have any accidents on this stretch so that's the good news but be sure to keep a safe distance between you and that car in front of you. refrain from using the high beams. over at the bay bridge, things are looking good with the exception of the cash lanes we see a bit of a backup. looks like they are doing the shift change. back to you guys. president trump is holding a joint news conference with the president of romania today. and former fbi director james comey's testimony is sure to come up. in it comey spoke with the president asking to lift the cloud of the russia investigation as well as the request for loyalty. kpix 5's andria borba breaks it all down. >> reporter: in a packed senate intelligence committee hearing, fired former fbi director james comey called president trump a liar multiple times. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so i thought it really important to document. >> reporter: the hearing centered around conversations comey had with the president
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and requests made during those conversations including a possible request to scuttle the fbi investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. >> why didn't you stop and say, mr. president, this is wrong. i cannot discuss this with you. >> that's a great question. maybe if i were stronger, i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. >> reporter: the tone and tenor of the questions varied greatly between republicans and democrats. this from idaho republican jim risch. >> he did not direct to you let it go? >> not in his words, no. he is the president of the united states. with me alone saying i hope this. i took it as this is what he wants me to do. i didn't obey that but that's the way i took it. >> reporter: the president stayed silent during the hearings. even askewing his favorite medium twittered but did speak at the faith and freedom coalition while avoiding comey's name. >> and as you know, we're under siege. you understand that.
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>> that's right! >> but we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever. you watch. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: kpix 5 political analyst paul henderson says comey's hearing was not the partisan slugfest previous hearings have devolved into and he finds that telling. >> that we didn't see a whole host of republican representatives coming out to attack him or denigrate him. instead, in the deafening silence that followed the hearings, the only person that we saw directly attacking comey is the white house counsel representative for donald trump. [ laughter ] >> i do think that that actually means something. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> comey also defended his reputation and the fbi's claiming the president had tried to defame him when he said the bureau was poorly led and that agents had lost confidence in him. the president's personal lawyer is coming to his defense. >> mr. comey has now finally
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confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately, that is that the president was "not" under investigation as part of any probe into russian interference. >> donald trump, jr. tweeted: pelosi says: comey's testimon mister trump is a disgrace to the office of the president. rep. nancy pelosi/(d) minority leader i >> house minority leader nancy pelosi says comey's testimony proves mr. trump is a disgrace to the office of the president. >> i think we saw confirmation in director comey's resolute testimony detailing the frightening reality! of president trump's pattern of contempt for justice. >> entering the comey hearing, president trump's job approval rating was 37%. his all-time low is 35%. five other president versus hit a lower mark. truman, nixon, carter and both the bushes.
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new this morning, an upset in the uk's snap election. the conservative party lost its overall majority in parliament. british prime minister theresa may called for the early election. the labor party did better than expected and now may plans to ask queen elizabeth permission to form a new government. she will need the support of another party or group of parties to command a majority. now that other big story, the warriors. they can make their case as the greatest team in nba history. golden state is looking to cap off an undefeated post-season with a title and sports director dennis o'donnell has more from cleveland. >> reporter: the warriors are one win away from locking down their claim to fame as the best play-off team ever. if the warriors pull off an unprecedented sweep and a perfect 16-0 post-season record, the world will be watching. this is the international broadcast booth where the game will be announced in 49 different languages to 215 countries. >> for the first game, game
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one, we have 33 million viewers. >> whoo! >> it's huge. i believe his jersey sales just surpassed kobes. >> i know it's going to be one of the toughest challenges i have found. you never know what's going to happen but as it stands now they look pretty good as far as the future. >> reporter: despite the praise, one warriors player told me that golden state has not played its best game in these nba finals. and that's a scary thing to contemplate. in cleveland, dennis o'donnell kpix 5. >> one bay area artist is getting a whole lot more recognition thanks to the success of the warriors. nick motley makes each of his colorful hats by hand and strictly by commission. he is willing to draw players and teams from anywhere in the kun but here in the bay area he is getting attention. many warriors fans and players are getting their own personalized hats. >> lots of attention. and i love it because i actually met steph and i gave him a hat and he signed a few
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hats for me. >> he is pretty good. his favorite hat is called my mistake celebrate the championship for the warriors last year which of course did not happen. but he still sports it. that's okay. ♪[ music ] better luck next year. and hey, it is next year. we're not doing too bad. >> might be okay. >> well, miss watts. >> i was going to say that wilson walker does some of the best stories. >> he does. >> when you see wilson in a story, you know that's going to be interesting. >> interesting gig. >> but i digress. [ laughter ] >> weather this morning. we're starting off foggy. and mild thanks to plenty of cloud cover for many spots inland later today though temperatures on the cool side. let's take a live look outside one more time at that golden gate bridge where you can see we certainly have reduced visibilities this morning. as i said, temperatures are mild to start. we are near 60 degrees for most spots. not seeing a lot of clearing for most of the bay area just yet. that will come later today.
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in fact, futurecast shows by about lunchtime today the clouds for the northern half of the bay area do clear out and keep some for the south bay but later on this afternoon by your evening commute, we are pretty much clear. sunshine to watch the sunset later on this evening. i'll take you to futurecast for san jose and show you, even though we are going to see more sunshine today, temperatures still staying on the cool side. into the only topping out near 70 degrees in san jose today in spite of the increased sunshine. so certainly going to stay cool. three things to remember as you head into your day, sunshine will return today temperatures staying below average; partly sunny this weekend, could see a couple of isolated showers in the north bay; and then warmer, sunnier weather is likely to return next week. i have your full forecast coming up in a bit but first here's jaclyn. so yesterday were you dealing with the rain for your morning commute. and this morning, you may be dealing with some fog. we do have some reduced visibility as julie was
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mentioning along the golden gate bridge and areas surrounding. we're also dealing with a crash southbound 101 near whipple road. it looks like one lane is blocked. as you can see, traffic not seeing any negative impact at this point. still in the green and moving at the limit. heading out of tracy into livermore, westbound 580 seeing a few yellow sensors light up our screen. still 23 minutes from 205 on out towards 680. we do have a freeway closure. highway 13 all lanes closed in that southbound direction at lincoln avenue for about another 15, 20 minutes or so. caltrans should be wrapping up with that by 5 a.m. so do expect some slowdowns if you are making your way through that stretch. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. a pleasanton company is now facing a lawsuit from an african-american employee who says her bosses gave her a racist present. at a news conference in san francisco yesterday, she said the gift was this confederate flag purse presented at
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southland construction's christmas party. inside the bag were photos of the owner kenneth hayden dressed up as president trump and standing in front of flag. behind him there is a sign saying, the southland will rise again. >> it made me sick to my stomach. and i felt like dirt, like he considered me to be less of a human. >> it couldn't be any clearer, we have a man in front of a confederate flag dressed like the president feeling empowered to say and do things that are both racist and unlawful. >> we did call the company for comment. they hung up. they also wouldn't talk to us at their offensive. so far there is no monetary amount listed on the lawsuit. a jury could ultimately determine the penalty. there are details about the suspects behind the ghost ship fire. a second man arrested is now in jail in dublin. max harris was arrested in los angeles on monday. he was transferred to the santa rita jail last night.
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the second suspect derick almena was arraigned in oakland yesterday. he is facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter one charge for each of the victims. one of the victims' father was at the hearing. >> to see if he had any remorse, didn't see any. >> prosecutors say the two men lied to officers and firefighters about the dangerous conditions at the warehouse. they have not yet entered a plea. both of them are due back in court next thursday. we have obtained surveillance video allegedly showing a stanford lecturer loitering in front of a former student's home half naked. kpix 5's maria medina shows us why this case might be part of a pattern. >> reporter: the alleged victims say they first noticed the suspect at their home back in 2015. so they have no idea how many times he actually visited them. but they say when they put up surveillance cameras this year, they caught him over and over again. in each instance caught on surveillance video, this is the scene that plays out.
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the suspect is scene in women's underwear and sometimes high heels parked in front of this san jose home tests the car door, then casually gets back in his car and leaves. >> looking for mark veregge. >> he was arrested a couple weeks ago. can you tell us about the arrest? >> reporter: the man in the video mark veregge according to a victim a teacher at an americans and now at stanford university. >> the facts of this case are totally horrifying! >> reporter: but what's disappointing to his victim is that veregge is only facing a misdemeanor prowling charge that could result in 6 months in jail. >> unfortunately the law does not really address or go after creepy weird behavior. it requires specific criminal threats to a person's health and safety. >> reporter: the victim says she is one of veregge's former elementary school students.
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and kpix 5 learned veregge allegedly visited another former student of his just last month, as well. the same scenario in the middle of the night half naked. >> never had any, um, concerns for, you know, having them next to us. >> reporter: his next-door neighbor says veregge is a normal friendly guy but to his alleged victims, they say his behavior didn't stop even after the cops warned him a couple of months ago to stay away. the one sort of thing a victim can have is presumably whatever this person is charged with and convicted of will include a "stay away" order. >> reporter: veregge is expected in court later this month. at the san jose police department, maria medina, kpix 5. it's now 4:43 on this friday morning. major mudslide on 50 has shut it down. we'll have the details. >> plus, a new jersey woman becomes an unfortunate example of what can happen when you can't tear you eyes away from your phone. >> yikes. >> ouch.
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walking - on a city sidewalk. this 67-year-old woman in new jersey was staring at her cellphone - when she f new video shows the dangers of texting and walking on a city sidewalk. the 67-year-old woman in new jersey was staring at her cell phone when, look at that, she fell 6 feet head first down an open cellar door. a pg&e worker making repairs in the space rushed to help her as people on the street formed a crowd above. fire crews took her to the hospital where she was treated for serious injuries. there is new information about a high-speed crash in alameda. we now know a third person has died. the crash happened on memorial day. police say a driver lost control of a pickup truck, clipped a minivan and flipped several times. police say there were seven people inside the truck. a man and woman both 17 years old were killed. last night the coroner confirmed 28-year-old sergio valdez garcia also died. a stretch of highway 50 in el dorado county is closed this morning because of a new
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mudslide. more than 50 truckloads of debris fell on the westbound lane at alder creek between whitehall and kyburz. it's not clear how long that road is going to be shut down. it is 4:47 right now. let's get another check on our weather. fog outside on the golden gate bridge. >> yes. fog along the coast, the golden gate bridge, but actually i wouldn't say clear. no fog inland. we have a mix of high and low clouds inland keeping us mild to start off the day. later today temperatures will be cool, like 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. looking at the fog, you can't see the golden gate bridge. temperatures are mild as you head out the door this morning. low 60s for most spots. san francisco, santa rosa, flirting with just below 60 degrees this morning to start your day. the satellite perspective shows the front that brought us the showers has passed through. area of low pressure sitting offshore. it will be a couple of days
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before it passes through. we'll have cooler air. temperatures below average for this time of the year. we'll get a mixture of sun and clouds in the next couple of days so here we are with futurecast starting out with clouds. as we advance into midday, most of us clear out by the end of the day we're all looking at sunshine, temperatures though not necessarily going to increase substantially. watch what happens though. saturday we start to see saturday morning those clouds fill back in. even an off chance of some showers for the north bay this weekend. overall, though, cooler temperatures and increasing clouds for saturday and sunday. your weekend story. sunrise today 5:47. sunset this evening at 8:30. and your highs today as i mentioned definitely on the cool side. topping out in the low 70s for the south bay. 71 mountain view. 70s inland. 58 pacifica. near 70 san rafael 70 in napa.
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game day forecast for you tonight 7:15 giants play the twins low clouds cool 60 for your game. this weekend, the hot air balloon classic in windsor partly cloudy there 70 degrees. then a little rodeo this weekend partly cloudy, 70 degrees for you there, as well. haight-ashbury street fair this sunday in san francisco mixture of sun and clouds and 62. might be a little damp depending how early you head out. and here's a look at the extended forecast. through the weekend we stay cool, increasing clouds, temperatures struggling to hit 70 inland, low 60s at the bay, 50s at the coast. then next week, looking for warm june temperatures inland? you're gonna get 'em! tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week, we gradually warm from near to upper 80s by the end of the week. now we're checking in with your roads. it's quiet out there with the exception of -- you will be
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dealing with some fog on your way into work this morning. so please be careful. we'll take it over to our mans where we are tracking a few slowdowns along highway 13. that is due to a freeway closure right at lincoln avenue in the southbound direction. that should be reopened by 5:00 this morning. here's that fog across the golden gate bridge. please be care on the roads this morning. no accidents. your ride along 101 if you are making your way through the peninsula this morning, this is right near 380, just north of sfo and you can see traffic nice and light moving well in both directions. san mateo bridge no delays out of hayward to foster city. speeds in the green. bay bridge toll plaza looking good, looking "friday light" in the green. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. time now 4:50. uber faces more criticism after the ceo writes a letter giving employees guidelines on "hooking up." >> bart is changing tactics to prevent passengers from hogging
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seats. it's all coming up. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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good morning. welcome back. high temperatures in the bay area, topping out in the 70s for the warmest spots in the south bay. 72 sunnyvale, 71 santa clara, 50s along the coast today. inland temperatures for the east bay, dublin-pleasanton, livermore, low 70s. mid-70s for antioch, brentwood, vallejo at 72. around the bay temperatures in the mid-60s. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. north bay temperatures in the low 70s. your full forecast coming up. good morning. happy friday. here's a look at your ride along the nimitz 880 heading
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through oakland. reports of some debris looks like a large rolled up carpet blocking lanes near 23rd. be careful in that direction. other than that your ride looking good. san jose police are trying to determine if someone started a string of fires. in all, authorities were called to six fires yesterday morning. the first three broke out in the willow glen neighborhood, the other three in the tamien neighborhood. one spread to this convenience store on willow street. firefighters were able to contain it. the investigators say the fires are suspicious because they all happened within minutes of each other. a racy letter could spell new trouble for uber. in it the company's ceo gives employees guidelines for sex. here's kpix 5's joe vazquez. >> reporter: the memo was written four years ago. uber had just rolled out its rideshare company in its 50th city worldwide and was celebrating it. signed by the ceo travis kalanick, the 2013 letter is
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written in informal language advising employees how to conducts themselves at an upcoming company party in miami. in the letter, uber's ceo tells his employees how he believes they should or should not have sex. quote: do not have sex with other employees unless, a, you have have asked that person to that privilege and they have responded with an emphatic yes i will have sex with you and b, the two or more of you do not work in the same chain of command. >> i cringed when i saw it. that's really disturbing. it says a lot about their culture. >> reporter: the tech reporter and entrepreneur says she has seen what she calls the frat boy culture close up. and that it has no place in a serious work environment. especially one that claims to be serious about hiring women. >> the fact that it needs to be actually stated makes me a little bit hesitant. one, for my safety. and, two, wonder really what is the focus here? are we really here to work? or are we here to play? >> reporter: uber has recently come under fire for a variety
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of reasons. the ceo's shocking treatments of one of his drivers! >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their [ censored ] actions. >> reporter: the decision to flout the law by putting driverless cars on the streets of san francisco. and the accusation by one of uber's female engineers that she experienced sexual harassment. an internal investigation is under way to try to fix the company. add one more item to that agenda. joe vazquez, kpix 5. verizon is getting closer to bringing yahoo into the fold but its acquisition could mean the loss of 2,000 jobs. yahoo shareholders just signed off on the company's $4.5 billion sale. verizon intends to merge yahoo and aol but a source told the "mercury news" after the deal is done, verizon plans to lay off 2100 people. that means 15% of the staff at yahoo and aol. yahoo prediction the sale will close next week. here's an update on the seat hog crackdown by bart. this morning, they are considering an etiquette campaign that would replace a
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law that was never really enforced anyway. later this month, the board will get rid of it. instead, most directors now favor a stronger public information campaign emphasizing the idea of one person, one seat. according to the "chronicle," bart's also thinking about temporarily banning seat hogs. it's 4:57 a.m. we're finally hearing from president trump on the it. former fbi director james comey. the latest tweet up next. chell.
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and i'm brian hackney in for kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it is friday, june 9. we made it! [ laughter ] >> didn't we? >> it was that close. kenny is off today. >> we're going to start with a live look outside on this fine friday morning. the morning rush about to start of course with the bay bridge
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standing in functioning proudly and boldly since november 12, 1936. and then -- [ crosstalk ] 880 looks okay. julie watts is standing by to give us the latest on the fog. >> nobody on the set knows that but you! many of you know that. >> that's what i was going to say. 1936. >> we all know that. . >> first toll was 20 cents. >> they said when they paid off the bonds for the golden gate -- this is how they pitched it. not everybody by any means was for the golden gate bridge construction. a lot of san francisco said no way. they said don't worry. when the bonds are paid off, you'll be able to cross it for free and we all know how that ended up. >> yeah. six bucks later. >> yeah. >> of course, all those 1932 people, where are they now? >> sounds like a consumer story to me. i might have to look into that a little false advertise there is? >> you bet. we're going to talk weather. and fog over the golden gate bridge speakin


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