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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 9, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and boldly since november 12, 1936. and then -- [ crosstalk ] 880 looks okay. julie watts is standing by to give us the latest on the fog. >> nobody on the set knows that but you! many of you know that. >> that's what i was going to say. 1936. >> we all know that. . >> first toll was 20 cents. >> they said when they paid off the bonds for the golden gate -- this is how they pitched it. not everybody by any means was for the golden gate bridge construction. a lot of san francisco said no way. they said don't worry. when the bonds are paid off, you'll be able to cross it for free and we all know how that ended up. >> yeah. six bucks later. >> yeah. >> of course, all those 1932 people, where are they now? >> sounds like a consumer story to me. i might have to look into that a little false advertise there is? >> you bet. we're going to talk weather. and fog over the golden gate bridge speaking of. but this is a shot from a vaca
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cam and you can see, the multilayered clouds. we have a mix of upper and lower level clouds. mild temperatures. clouds will clear out in i would say a few hours around lunchtime today. most of us will see sunshine and then all of us by the end of the day. temperatures out the door in the 60s. futurecast showing those clouds pulling back again midday. the northern half of the bay area will be cleared out. might see some lingering clouds to the south bay but then later on all of us get sunshine. so it does in the mean temperatures will warm up. we are staying below average. 10 degrees below average for some spots inland today. here's a quick look at futurecast for san jose. notice we start off with some clouds but they should clear off later today. warming up to near 70 degrees. but a struggle to hit that 70- degree mark later today. three things to remember as we head into your friday: sunset returns, temperatures stay cool; partly sunny this weekend with isolated north bay showers possible; warmer and sunnier weather returns next week. your full forecast coming up. but first a check of the
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roadways with jaclyn. >> good morning. we are getting first reports of a couple of cars blocking one of the lanes along westbound 80 right at 9th street. so right as you are coming off the bay bridge there on the skyway, do look out for that. chp heading to the scene to assist with that. over at the toll plaza, things are still looking pretty good. everyone on their best driving behavior this morning. no metering lights, no backups, no delays. back to you guys. "friday light." good, jaclyn. new this morning, president trump is firing back against the testimony from former fbi director james comey. comey made some strong allegations against our president and the administration during the senate hearing yesterday. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: the president stayed mum for almost 24 hours. but early this morning, he did take to twitter. we heard from the president on james comey' senate testimony. he tweeted this morning: candidly for almost three hours yesterday...accu
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president trump and his administration of defamation and lies: senate the ousted fbi director spoke for three hours yesterday accusing president trump and his administration of defamation and lies. speaking before the senate intelligence committee, comey said he began keeping memos on his so-called inappropriate interactions with the president particularly one during which comey claims mr. trump asked him to drop the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. >> i was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so i thought it really important to document. >> reporter: comfortable admitted that he later asked a friend and professor at columbia university to leak the contents of that memo to a reporter. the president's attorneys says comfortable should be investigated. our legal analyst says comey's testimony left open questions when it comes to possible obstruction of justice. >> is there evidence, can you make conclusive statements, did the investigation -- was that interfered with? and you saw comey dancing
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around a lot of those questions. and not giving specific answers because that's going to be left to the hearings and presented as evidence and left to the parties to interpret for themselves. >> reporter: there are sure to be plenty of further hearings on capitol hill. president trump is holding a joint news conference with the president of romania today and the comey testimony is sure to come up. >> james comey's testimony also singled out other administrative officials. >> reporter: a couple of key callouts during that testimony. new questions about attorney general jeff sessions, who recused himself from ongoing russia investigations back in march. he also talked about former attorney general loretta lynch saying that she asked him to characterize the probe into hillary clinton's emails "a matter" and not "an investigation." >> thank you, anne makovec. while all eyes were focused on comfortable's testimony, republicans at the house voted to gut the dodd-frank bill and eliminate financial
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regulations. the new measure would strip the power to oversee contingency plans for banks if they collapse. it also puts oversight of the consumer financial protection bureau to the president an give control of its budget. democrats say the bill removes consumer protections and allows banks to make risky investments that could require taxpayer bailouts. the golden state warriors are on the verge of history. tonight, the "dubs" go for the nba title taking on the cavaliers in cleveland. and if they win, they will achieve a perfect play-off record. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at oracle in oakland where another watch party will be taking place. >> reporter: that's right. "dub nation" is so loyal. it doesn't matter where their team is playing. oracle arena will be rocking tonight. it worked for game three so let's hope that will work for game 4. tickets for tonight's watch party went on sale this week for $20 each and they went
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fast with tickets for tonight's game selling out before game 3 was even played. for fans who don't want to or can't make the trek to ohio, a watch party after oracle is a great option. >> a lot of fans can't afford to go to the game so this is like something your family can all enjoy at a reasonable price. and have a great time. >> reporter: the concession stands and merchandise booths will be open as if the game were actually played in oakland. doors to the arena open at 5:00. parking opens at 4:30. it only costs $10. a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the aeg oakland community foundation and the warriors community foundation. so while i did say that this was a sold-out event tonight, you still might be able to find tickets on resale sites. i checked out some sites this morning. courtside seats are going for $290 each. live from oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. california lawmakers have just severed the ties between
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the budget for the uc president's office and the budget for the rest of the university system. the split follows a highly critical audit after it was revealed that the school's leadership had not disclosed a fund totaling millions of dollars. another aspects of the state budget deal still in the works entails keeping middle class scholarships for uc and csu students. today in san francisco governor jerry brown is set to plead the case for fighting climate change. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san francisco on why his latest push entails officials from germany. good morning. >> reporter: well, that's right, brian. good morning. he is meeting with the german minister of the environment. and this is all part of governor brown's big push to put california center stage a global leader when it comes to fighting climate change. now, he just got back from a five-day trip in china where he is going around talking to leaders there about climate
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change and about reaffirming his commitment to the paris climate accord even though president trump has pulled the u.s. out of the agreement. the details of brown's agreement with china are still unknown. but it was a symbolic trip putting california center stage in the fight against global warming. >> the world to the paris climate accord has made the commitment to make the turn to a decarbonized future. good. we're for that. now, maybe some people in washington aren't so sure about that. but california is sure. and we believe in the paris accord. >> reporter: today in san francisco, governor brown is set to have that private meeting with the german minister. again, they will be talking about their ongoing efforts to help the environment. this is all part of the under 2 coalition. that's a pact between cities, states and countries to reduce emissions and also to reduce global average temperature.
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reporting live in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. in just a few hours we should learn more about the suspect involved in the ghost ship warehouse fire. the attorneys for derick almena are holding a news conference to discuss how they plan to fight the case. al mena was arraigned in oakland yesterday. he is facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each of the victims. police also arrested max harris, he arrived at the santa rita jail in dublin last night. both men are due back in court next thursday. a teenager is shot -- [ pause ] >> sorry about that. a teenager is shot and killed by a bb gun in antioch in a tragic accident. police say that a group of boys was playing with a rifle at home on palomar drive yesterday morning. one of the boys accidentally fired it hitting his friend in the chest. neighbors identify the victim as 15-year-old marcos garcia. his friends ran to a house across the street for help. >> he was laying on the ground unconscious. i didn't know how long he
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wasn't breathing for but apparently it was 10 or 15 minutes. just because the cannot didn't know what to do. >> terrible. marcos was rushed to the hospital where he died. neighbors said he just finished his freshman year at deer valley hospital. 5:10. managers at a bay area construction company are accused of giving an employee a humiliating and racist gift. >> and we're going to get a better look at the major mudslide that's forced the closure of part of highway 50. >> clouds clear out but cool temperatures. details coming up. >> and we have been tracking a quiet start to our friday morning commute. but we are getting reports of a few new accidents. will they slow your ride down? find out coming up.
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troubling video from new jersey appears to show police officers kicking a man who was on fire. good morning. welcome back. we are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. difficult to see behind all that fog. certainly reduces visibilities along the coast and across the bridge this morning but we'll see some clouds inland and cool temperatures today. details in your full forecast coming up.
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troubling video from new jersey appears to show police officers kicking a man who was on fire. the video shows the aftermath of a dramatic police chase that ended in a fiery cash. miguel feliz stumbles out of his car on fire and cops start kicking him. the local police union president says he thinks it shows the officers trying to put out the fire and pull the man out of the way. the mayor of the city isn't buying it. >> i think any reasonable person that looks at that video would say that those did not look like, um, helpful hands. >> he deserves justice. he is a father, not an animal. he is a human being. >> feliz wasn't the person the police were chasing. he was confused for another man a pleasanton company is now being sued by a black woman who says her bosses there gave her of a gift that was humiliating and racist. at a news conference in san
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francisco yesterday, tishay wright said her employers handed her this confederate flag purse as a present at the company's christmas party. inside were photos of the owner kenneth hayden dressed up as president trump posing in front of a confederate flag. and a sign near the flag said the southland will rise again. the lawsuit doesn't list a monetary amount but a jury could decide that. a woman accused of stopping her car on san francisco's great highway and abandoning her 5-year-old daughter is due in court today. 22-year-old samantha patton allegedly pulled over near the zoo monday night and made the girl get out of the car. that's when authorities say she sped away with her other child a babysitting in the back seat. an ambulance happened to be in the area and medics rushed to treat the child. a man seen leaving the intersection on a skateboard was identified as the father of the 1-year-old in the car. he helped police track down
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thechild. caltrans is opening one lane of a stretch of highway 50 in el dorado county. the road, 50, was shut down yesterday because of a new mudslide. more than 50 truckloads of debris fell on the road between whitehall and kyburz. water created the mudslide. it started creeping toward the road. >> about 4:00, the material pushed all the way to the double yellow line so just a matter of time before it moved in. >> as for when it's going to re- open completely nobody knows. [ laughter ] >> maybe jacqueline is. >> maybe. jaclyn knows everything. >> don't pin that on me. who knows? but in the meantime expect delays if you are making your way through that stretch. problems could slow you down on the bay bridge or the golden gate bridge. let's take it to the maps where this accident, this is westbound 80 right near 9th
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street so once you come across a bay bridge and you're on that skyway portion, that is where the crash has some lanes blocked and you can see speeds drop below 15 miles per hour. we are alsos tracking one on southbound 101 just before the robin williams tunnel. that's blocking two lanes. speeds drop to 30 miles per hour. so do expect delays as you are heading towards the golden gate bridge or just coming off the bay bridge. that's where our hot spots are. and it's very foggy over at the golden gate bridge. as you can see, it's a little difficult to see i should say so please be careful on the roads this morning. julie watts has the forecast. we shouldn't be mixing out in the next few hours and sunshine for most around the bay by midday. here's a look, we definitely have upper level and lower level clouds this morning. the clouds are helping to insulate us to start the day for some spots inland so temperatures are mild in the
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low 60s for concord, oakland, livermore right now. cooler in san francisco. 57 out the door this morning in santa rosa. so the area of low pressure still in place. the front we saw yesterday that brought the rain, that has now passed through. but we're still sitting under this area of -- this cool air mass that's going to help to keep temperatures below average for this time of the year. we'll see a little activity this weekend, as well. first though clearing plenty of sunshine today. futurecast shows by lunchtime most of the clouds clear out and we're all seeing sunshine and clear skies by the evening commute. as we make our way into the weekend though, clouds do fill back in beginning saturday morning. and we could even see a chance of some showers for the north bay, a better chance on sunday than saturday. as we see the area of -- we'll see the area of low pressure move past us this weekend. sunset at 8:30 this evening. a look at our high temperatures below average for this time of the year as much as 10 degrees below average for some spots inland today. here's the highs around the
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bay. low 70s for mountain view, san jose. mid-70s east bay. 60s around the bay today. 61 san francisco. 58 pacifica. take a look at what to expect if you are heading out and about maybe going to the giants game tonight, low clouds and cool, 60 degrees for the giants game today. or it evening, as the case may be. this weekend looking for something to do? the hot air balloon classic partly cloudy 70 degrees. a little more rodeo a nice weekend to head to the rodeo 70 degrees partly cloudy and mild and a look at the extended forecast shows those temperatures do continue to decrease heading into the weekend as clouds increase for saturday and sunday. if you are looking for warmer temperatures they rebound beginning tuesday back to 80 upper 80s by the end of the week. michelle? >> you it. rodeo sounds fund. let's check out what's trending today. it seems taylor swift no longer has bad blood with streaming
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services. the singer is putting her music back on spotify and pandora. until today, only apple was allowed to stream her songs. she pulled her music from spotify and pandora because of a royalties dispute. the new season of "orange is the new black" officially comes out today. get ready to binge this weekend. ♪[ music ] >> forward or backward? >> i don't care. we are getting out of here now. come on. >> this is the show's fifth see southern. earlier this year, hackers claimed to have stolen the episodes and posted them online. they reportedly demanded money from netflix, but didn't get any. the same group of hackers is threatening to release other shows and movies. james corden wants to become another james. he auditioned for the role of james bond on the "late late show" last night but had some competition. >> i admire your courage, miss -- >> hemlock. bunny hemlock.
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i admire your luck mr. -- >> bond. james bond. >> no, you can't do it like that. you can't -- that's terrible. it's rubbish. >> all right. how would you do it? >> easy. >> say the name is bond, james bond. >> i don't know. i'm going with beckham. [ laughter ] >> he took david beckham -- he took at stab at 007. pretty good. corden and the "late late show" crew have been filming in london. the final show in the uk is tonight. coming up in sports, the giants have trouble closing out their final game of the road trip. and game 4 of the nba finals is hours away. that means the "dubs" could be hours away from being crowned nba champs. it's all coming up. 44
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in just a few hours the warriors could be celebrating their second nba championship this decade the first for the newest warriors kevin durant. he finds himself one win away from his first nba championship. while expectations were high when he signed with golden state, he didn't envision a 15- 0 start to the post-season. >> i didn't talk to these guys when i made my decision and --
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and say we better make it to the finals and be up in the series around this time. this is our date or i'm not coming. i mean, it was just -- have some fun playing ball. let's just all get better and see what happens. the giants hoping the brewers didn't race pack them for the third straight day. in the ninth shaw tied the game with a single but milwaukee strands a potential go ahead run at third. so we go to extras. in the tenth hunter pence with a pinch hit single scoring hernandez for the go ahead run. they win 9-5 to split the four- game series. the giants finally back at home tonight 7:00 start against the minnesota twins. i'm andrea nakano for kpix 5. what if i told you courtside seats for game 4 of the nba finals were still available? well, the catch, you would be sitting at oracle arena. but still, coming up, i'll have details about the watch party. >> and coming up, the potential fallout from the testimony of
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fired fbi director james comey. we are finally hearing from president trump. next. who are these people?
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join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. bay housing development to the ground. investigators are offering a huge reward for help finding the arsonist who torched a big east bay housing development to the ground. >> and british election results this morning could mean a major upheaval in the united kingdom. >> and we're starting off with fog and low-level clouds along the coast. upper level clouds inland. all those clouds clearing out later today but temperatures stay cool. details coming up. we're tracking an accident in san francisco. it's blocking lanes. how far that backup stretches and how long it will take you to get through that stretch? i'll have all the details coming up.
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good morning, it's friday, june 9. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. kenny choi is off this morning. the president is firing back this morning. he is finally responding to james comey' testimony on capitol hill. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: a lot of people thought he would be tweeting during the testimony. he held off almost 24 hours. [ laughter ] >> then took to twitter this morning. this is some of the highest political drama washington has seen in decades. so the president's tweet this morning has been long-awaited. he said: james comey's testimony yesterday -- the culmination of months of swirling questions about his firing, the russia investigation and whether trump urged comey to end a probe into >> reporter: james comey's testimony yesterday a combination of months of swirling questions about his firing, the russia investigation and whether president trump urged comfortable to end a probe into michael flynn. he said he promised honesty on the russia investigation and he didn't get the same treatment in return when it came to the
5:31 am
reason for his firing. comey said he felt the president wanted him to end the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. >> why didn't you stop and say this is wrong, mr. president, i cannot discuss this with you? >> that's a great question. maybe if i were stronger i would have. i was so stunned stunned by conversation that i just took it in. >> reporter: comey says he told president that he wasn't under personal investigation. some democrats claim the president obstructed justice. >> was what the president did appropriate? i just don't see how anybody can look at the "facts" and say yes. >> reporter: the tone of the questions varied between republicans and democrats. many republicans and the president's attorney said the president feels vindicated and that it's comey who will be under investigation. it really does depend on how you look at it. but there are sure to be more hearings to come.
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>> you can be sure. are we hearing anything from russia? james comey is accusing russian officials of tampering with the 2016 election. >> we heard from senior russian officials, one saying a few hours ago that basically dismissing comey's testimony, calling it a big bubble adding that it will not help trump's adversaries to start impeachment hearings. russia vehemently denies any involvement in the 2016 election. republicans are having difficulty with the new healthcare plan. according to "washington post" gop leader are saying them guaranteed protections for people with pre-existing conditions. the house version of the bill allows states to opt out of those protections. there is also reportedly a divide among republicans whether medicaid expansion under obama should be slowly rolled back or immediately
5:33 am
eliminated. well, just into the newsroom, theresa may says she plans to stay on as britain's prime minister. may says she wants to provide certainty to the country with the support of northern ireland's democratic unionist party. the prime minister met with the queen about an hour ago. she asked to form a new government to lead britain's "brexit" talks from the european union. >> at this time more than anything else, this country needs a period of stability. >> what happened was, may's conservative party lost that snap election that may wanted to the parliamentary majority in an early election. >> you know -- >> what's that? >> nothing. go ahead. [ laughter ] you're probably going to say something more important. i was just going to say i'm looking at some of these city cameras and it looks like london out there. >> it does. a lot of london fog. yeah. >> we have a little bit of a london feel this morning. some low clouds along the coast. we have some upper level clouds inland. we are starting off mild this morning with as i said gray skies. the gray skies are going to clear out.
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here's a look at the vaca cam. as you can see, certainly low level and upper level clouds throughout the bay today. keeping us nice and mild starting out in the 60s. low 60s for concord, oakland, livermore at this hour. 62 san jose. 56 in san francisco. 57 in santa rosa. futurecast shows us clouds clearing out for most of us by about lunchtime today maybe some lingering to the south bay but later on today we all get sunshine. sunshine however does not necessarily mean warmer temperatures. in fact, take a look at futurecast. take you through the day in san jose. we're really only going to warm up to near 70 degrees today. and that would be pushing it for some of the warmer spots inland maybe mid-70s at best. we are going to continue to cool as we head into the weekend. so three things to remember. sunshine does return but temperatures do stay below average. partly sunny this weekend, isolated chance of a north bay shower. warmer sunnier weather returns next week. and i'll have details coming up. good morning. we are tracking a bit of a backup over at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. they do have those metering lights on just like clockwork. you can see the backup is growing to the foot of the maze at this point. 25 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. that earlier crash on westbound80 near 9th street has cleared but slow from treasure island into san francisco across the western span. over along 101, southbound 101, as you approach the robin williams tunnel an earlier two- car crash may still have some lanes blocked. it looks like crews are trying to clear it. 30 miles an hour in the area. it's a foggy commute. be careful out there. back to you. >> good advice, jaclyn. there is a big reward for help tracking down an emeryville arsonist. surveillance video may have spotted the firebug behind a five-alarm blaze that burned a big housing project to the ground last month. the person rode a bike up to the site on san pablo avenue
5:36 am
and went into the half finished building with a backpack. later the seven-story apartment project went up in flames. the same site was torched last july. both fires have been ruled arson. it's not clear if same person set both fires. investigators say the circumstances were similar. anybody with information that could close those cases could earn up to $100,000 in reward money by calling the atf hotline, the number on your screen: tonight a fundraiser in el dorado hills is set to help a paralyzed cal rugby player recover. 100% of the proceeds goes to ensuring robert paylor's rehabilitation. tonight's event will feature food, drinks and a live performance by a led zeppelin tribute band. tickets $150. you probably know the warriors are going for a perfect play-off record. they are in cleveland tonight to take on the cavaliers in
5:37 am
game 4 of the nba finals. is tonight the final game of the nba finals? i don't think jackie ward has the answer but i know what she would like it to be. jackie? >> reporter: of course i would. i'm a member of "dub nation." but i'm so nervous talking about it. but could we not talk about the perfect thing that could happen? thanks to the warriors organization, and this watch party that's happening tonight, a lot of people get to go inside the arena to watch the finals. some fans say this is the next best thing to being in cleveland tonight. so the warriors organization did the same thing for game three. opened up the arena to "dub nation" only charged 20 bucks per ticket. so while the players were there in cardboard cutout form only sam said they came to be part of the atmosphere. >> we're all here for one cause with the energy, everybody having a good time. i came last year to the watch party. had a great time. >> reporter: some people at
5:38 am
oracle may forget the actual players won't be on the court. the warriors bring out the dancers and fireworks as if the guys were at home. food and merchandise will be available tonight. parking is cheaper than a real game. it's own 10 bucks. can't beat that. live from oracle arena, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> there have to be other bi watch parties going on like this, right, jackie? >> reporter: obviously besides my own living room tonight. the city of concord is hosting one. that will be at the todos santos plaza on grant street and willow pass road. people are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets. the city is doing it up. local restaurants will have special take-out menus available and a food truck. back to you. >> thank you. boeing is set to test planes with no pilot at the helm. hena daniels from has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. the surprising results from the british election is raising major questions about the uk's
5:39 am
exit from the european union. and that sent the pound trading lower against the dollar today. dropping more than 2% and then recovering slightly. its biggest daily drop since january. hyundai is recalling almost 600,000 vehicles in the u.s. to fix a pair of problems. the larger recall concerns hood latches and covers more than hundreds of thousands of santa fe and santa fe sport suvs from 2013 to 2017. the second recall of 161,000 cars involves parking brake light problems and genesis and sonata models from 2015 and 2016. an airplane with no pilot is the next big idea at boeing. the company says it plans to test pilotless aircraft technology next year. jetliners can already take off, crews and land automatically. airlines are backing the idea as the global demand for travel grows. back to you.
5:40 am
eating out for lunch may be swallowing up your potential savings? >> reporter: a new survey shows americans fork over about $11 twice a week for lunch about $1,000 a year which if you put in an investment account earning 6%, that would be $88,000 over 30 years. michelle. >> okay. so what am i doing? i need to start eating in. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and you know, i live in the city and where you live, too, it's pretty expensive. i think we're spending a lot more than $11 on lunch. >> it's very true. >> reporter: probably a little more. >> we need to start investing. hena daniels, thank you for that advice. >> that's right. >> have a great weekend. >> we need to find a way to invest something at 6%. that would be good. jersey woma what happens when you pay more attention to your phone than your surrounding. look out! >> reporter: governor brown is back from his trip to china. he is in san francisco today
5:41 am
continuing to talk about climate change. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up.
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new video shows a woman's dangerous fall - while she texted good morning. low clouds and fog over san francisco. certainly reduced visibilities along the coast today. clouds and fog clearing later today plenty of sunshine. temperatures will be cool. details in the forecast coming up. new video shows a woman's dangerous fall while she texted on a new jersey sidewalk. a 67-year-old was looking at her phone just before she fell 6 feet head first down an open cellar door. a pg&e worker making repairs in the space rushed to help her. people left nearby shops to watch what happened. the woman was taken to the
5:44 am
hospital with serious injuries. today in san francisco, governor jerry brown is going to stress why we cannot give up the fight against climate change! kpix 5's jessica flores is live in san francisco on why he is now working with german officials in his latest push. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, brian. that's right. he is meeting with the german minister of the environment here in san francisco this morning. and it's all part of his effort to make california the global leader when it comes to fighting climate change. now, he just got back from china where he spent five days talking to leaders there about his efforts to double down on fighting global warming. and this comes just as president trump pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. now, on the governor's first day back in the state, he is meeting with that german minister as part of the under two coalition. that's a pact between governments to reduce emissions. and with 18 months left on the job, brown is making climate change one of his final acts in
5:45 am
office. >> we are going to stick to our commitment and we're going to persuade other states and do everything we can to get the whole united states of america fully supporting all the efforts needed to decarbonize america's economy. >> reporter: now, the details of brown's agreement with china are still unclear but it was definitely a symbolic trip making california the sort of de facto substitute partner when it comes to environmental issues. now, he will be meeting with that german minister today and then that's a private meeting. then they will have media availability. after that we plan to be there and bring you the very latest at noon. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. you have $900,000 in your back pocket? >> let me check. >> you, too could own walt disney's first planned map of disneyland. that map is hitting the auction block at the end of the month. >> auctioneers say the 60-year-
5:46 am
old match could bring $900,000 maybe more. the hand inked and colored map was created by disney and an artist. it was presented to investors in order to secure funding to build the first disney theme park in anaheim. it shows the layout of the park with the now iconic sleeping beauty castle and the railroad and seconds for fantasyland, land of tomorrow, and frontierland. >> he called this liliputian land adventure land shown on this side of the park and actually moved here by frontierland. >> disney created the map in 1953. it has since been passed down through employees and friends and the current seller wishes to remain anonymous. >> cool. >> i'd hold on to that. i wouldn't want to auction it off. >> a million dollars or a map? a million dollars or a map? i don't know. [ laughter ] >> i wonder if he has the right to sell it if it's passed down. >> that's why he is remaining
5:47 am
anonymous. let's see -- fog out there. you're going to talk about how the fog is affecting traffic. >> we have been tracking a couple of problems, maybe caused due to the foggy situation? so just be careful out there. we have a couple of crashes to tell you about but first we'll begin with the bay bridge toll plaza. it's looking like a parking lot. no more "friday light." it's "slow, stop, go," 25- minute ride from the maze into downtown san francisco. that earlier crash now clearing as you are exiting the bay bridge there westbound 80 at 9th street. no longer blocking lanes but certainly holding on to those residual delays. 35 miles per hour the cruising speed through that stretch. over along 101, that crash cleared and the robin williams tunnel and speeds just below the limit there but look at these fog did i driving conditions at the golden gate bridge. headlights making their way southbound. different story at the richmond/san rafael bridge.
5:48 am
traffic light just a few cars out there. those headlights heading westbound. getting crowded at the san mateo bridge. taillights moving out of hayward into foster city. we are in the green though for your drive time. it's under 15 minutes. hat's a check of your t raffic; over to you. thank you very much, my day. we are talking dear. we are talking fog, as well. here's where the golden gate bridge should be. it's pretty much wiped out by fog this morning. [ laughter ] >> we are going to see, though, the low clouds and fog clear later today as well as the clouds you're seeing inland. those clouds will help to get us off to a mild start this morning temperatures in the 60s pretty much areawide a little cooler in san francisco 56. 57 right now in santa rosa. so the area of low pressure still hanging out offshore. but the front has passed through. that's what brought us the rain yesterday. cool air mass remains in place this area of low pressure system will pass through this weekend and as it does mike spark showers for the north bay. most of us the big story today plenty of sunshine as clouds
5:49 am
clear out this afternoon. temperatures not warming up. we'll still be below average for this time of the year. saturday temperatures cool even more as that trough deepens in the area of low pressure begins to move north. as it does we have slight chance of showers from the north bay. increasing that shower chance to the north bay on sunday. most of us will notice cooler temperatures and increased cloud cover. for today sunrise 5:47. we just saw the sun rise. and 8:30 your sunset this evening. a high temperature again below average today. cooler still this weekend. so today warm compared to what you'll see over the next couple of days. topping out in the low to mid- 70s inland. 61 san francisco. 58 in pacifica. if you are looking for something to do, the giants game you might want to grab a jacket. low clouds and cool. 60 degrees for the giants game
5:50 am
this evening. this weekend, the hot air balloon classic in windsor 70 degrees there. and we should season increasing cloud cover this weekend especially for the second half of the weekend. livermore rodeo partly cloudy, mild, 70 there. that's a good rodeo weather for you not too hot. haight-ashbury street fair sunday in san francisco a mixture of sun and clouds. probably a little cooler than the other locations. 62 degrees for you there. extended forecast shows temperatures continuing to decrease this weekend with increasing clouds struggling to hit 70 by sunday. but then rebounding tuesday through the end of next week. we'll see upper 80s once again for the warmest spots by the end of next week. back to you guys. >> thank you. time now 5:50. surveillance video shows the bizarre behavior of a stanford lecturer outside the home of a former student. >> proving again california is a lousy state to be a sentiment
5:51 am
alist, san jose's oldest restaurant is closing. we'll have that unhappy news after a break. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
5:52 am
5:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning. welcome back. time now 5:53. we're off to a mild start temperature-wise. we have low clouds and fog along the coast later today
5:54 am
though plenty of sunshine details in your forecast coming up. and we are tracking crowds building along 580. you're taking a live look headlights westbound, a little over 25 minutes. more coming up. we have obtained surveillance video that allegedly shows a stanford lecturer loitering nearly naked in front of a former student's home. an alleged victim says mark veregge has repeatedly dressed in women's underwear and sometimes heels before testing this car door and slowly returning to his own ride. the victim in his instant is a former student. another victim has described the same behavior. but so far, veregge only faces a misdemeanor prowling charge. >> the facts of this case are totally horrifying! unfortunately, the law does not really address and go after creepy or weird behavior. it really does require specific
5:55 am
criminal threats to a person's health and safety. >> we tried to reach veregge at his home and by email with no luck. he is due in court later this month. racy rule book for uber. the letter now surfacing from the company's ceo to employees including guidelines for having sex with coworkers. it was called, the miami letter sent from uber's ceo travis kalanick to hundreds of employees back in 2013. kalanick was reportedly advised not to send out this letter because of its tone. news of the rule book comes days after uber fired more than 20 employees over sexual harassment allegation. well, in just three weeks, san jose's oldest full service restaurant will be closed forever. wings chinese opened 92 years ago. council member prada is concerned after seeing the sign on the front door blaming wing's closure on the tremendously high rent. he says it's time to start thinking about affordable
5:56 am
housing for businesses, too. >> i think it certainly should be appropriate for cities to preserve some of these smaller mom and pop businesses. >> i'm still getting over flames closing across from santana row. wings is one of many older restaurants in the south bay that will be closing. it is 5:56. this morning we are finally hearing from president trump on the testimony of former fbi director james comey. the latest tweet up next. >> reporter: and if you didn't catch a flight to cleveland for game 4 of the nba finals,the warriors organization says they are hosting a watch party. we'll have details next.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
what he's saying this morning. plus: the dubs look to to close president trump weighing in on the testimony of fired fbi director james comey. what he is saying this morning. >> plus, the "dubs" look to close in on history tonight. they have a chance to be the first time to go through the
6:00 am
play-offs undefeated. we're knocking on wood right now this morning. [ laughter ] >> we're counting down to tip- off with a look at where you can go to watch the game. good morning, it is friday, june 9. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. kenny choi is off this morning. we're going to begin with traffic and weather where jaclyn uncovered some amazing research about how much it used to cost to cross the bay bridge when it first opened in 1936. >> in both directions. >> yeah. >> how much? >> 65 cents in both directions. >> then it was eventually lowered -- can you believe there was a time in the bay area when they lowered the price to cross a bridge! it went down to what? >> down to 50 cents and then they even lowered it again i think down to 25 and then they raised it back up to a dollar. >> now. >> what's it look like this morning? >> it's back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. but we'll begin over at the golden gate bridge. we are dealing with some foggy conditions for


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