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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  June 10, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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multiple times.. outside a bay area library.. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a 13-year-old boy stabbed multiple times outside a bay area library. why police say the attack is completely random. and a hit-and-run ends like this. two bay area officers are hurt. and the hunt for the suspect is underway. a record night for the cleveland cavaliers who are bringing the series back to oakland. just about 7:00 on this saturday, june 10th. good morning. >> and we'll get started with a check of the forecast. temperatures a little chilly at least compared to seasonal norms. and we do have sunshine out there. a little deceiving. clear skies over the bay bridge and temperatures are in the 50s area-wide. 48 in santa rosa.
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and 53 san francisco. 55 livermore. and 57 concord. temperatures stays well below average for this time of year. a few things to remember as you kick off saturday. early sunshine and increasing clouds the second half of the day. a slight shower chance for the north bay, mostly for tomorrow. and a big pattern change. warmer weather heading our way. we'll talk more about that in the full forecast. two people are in the hospital after an officer involved shooting in brentwood. few details are available right now about what led up to the confrontation. and emergency responders were called to the 500 block of birchwood road where a driver crashed into a building. two people were inside the car and were injured but only one person was shot by an officer. authorities have a suspect in custody that they believe randomly attacked a 13-year-old boy stabbing him repeatedly in
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broad daylight in front of the millbrae library. the boy was standing with a group of friends and a homeless person started stabbing him with a pocket knife. library staff rushed them inside. >> his friends gathered him and rushed him into the bathroom. his friends acted bravely to help him out. >> the boy underwent surgery and is expected to survive. two san francisco police officers are in the hospital after a wild crash. check out the overturned patrol car. the officers flipped the car after hitting a boulder while going southbound near golden gate park. an ambulance rushed to the scene and carried the officers away on stretchers. their injuries are not life- threatening. >> when they were attempting to negotiate passing another vehicle, the vehicle left the roadway, collided with a boulder in the center median,
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and then overturned. the southbound lanes near the scene of the crash are back open. police are open hope -- hoping that witnesses will come forward. >> we would never have lived in a place we thought was unsafe. we were not through the night of the fire. >> the wife of the man charged in the ghost ship fire is breaking her silence. she spoke aaside her husband's defense team. >> reporter: it started with a clap. he wasted no time blaming the landlord, pg&e. >> and he called out the firefighters. >> what they did was terribly negligent. they put a hole in the roof. and the people who died didn't
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die of burns. they were asphyxiated by the smoke. >> reporter: he says his client is an innocent man who had no idea the warehouse was dangerous. >> he would have never allowed people to live there if he perceived danger. >> my houston is a good man. they're not selfish or reckless. >> the defense says almena knew about the fire at the warehouse. >> for him to understand and know that's going to happen -- is that not criminal liability? >> it's not criminal liability, no. >> and is he not responsible for it when he knows it's going to happen. >> the responsibility is something that needs to be
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weighed and determined in a civil court. >> one of 36 people who -- you have 36 people who died. that becomes a criminal matter. >> the loss of life is unfathomable. pg&e is responding to allegations with this statement. we've seen no evidence that our facilities were the cause of the fire. we reviewed our records and we have no reports of electric thefts from this location. pg&e is paying the price for a blast in carmel. nobody was inside at the time. yesterday officials said the utility agreed to pay $1.6 million to the city of carmel. that settlement covers the cost of repairs and the police and
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firefighters resources. pg&e has made safety upgrades since the explosion. the contra costa district attorney who admitted using campaign money is at the center of an investigation. the california attorney general has opened an investigation into peterson's financial activities. the chronicle says a search warrant has been served and peterson says he is fully cooperating. it's not clear yet what investigators are looking for or what charges they are considering. peterson says he used $66,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses. that admission came after an investigation by the fair political practices commission. in addition, peterson is the target in a separate civil case. a judge may appoint a special prosecutor next week. the tables turned on the golden state warriors. they had a chance to go for the
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perfect post season and instead, game four they got clobbered in cleveland. strength in numbers did not extend to the scoreboard but it did for a watch party at oracle. while the warriors were up against cold shots, some fans believe they may have been up against something else. >> they're trying to rig it. but guess what? it don't matter, it is rigged. if you look at what they're calling, it's not good. let's go warriors. >> dennis o'donnell is in cleveland. >> reporter: the warriors were hoping to come back to oakland with the nba finals trophy. and instead they are coming back with the cleveland cavaliers. kevin durant one game away from his first championship.
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the cavs had a 17 point lead. 49 in the 1st quarter. a minute left in the half. and gets the layoff to cap off a 28 point first half. in the third, james throws it off the back board to himself. 96-753 minutes into the second half. durant for the dunk. and he has 35 points. final seconds james knocked down one of the cavs 24 three pointers. james finishes with 31 and a triple double. irving drives in gets the runner, makes it 120-104 and he finished with 40 points. and the cavs win 137-116 cutting the lead to three games to one. and handing the warriors the first loss of the post season. >> some of the other guys heard it and told me that they wanted
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to celebrate on our floor once again. and they wanted to spray champagne in our locker rooms, and you know, i think it came from draymond. >> we knew what we were faced with. and then you add of course some chatter in there. and that adds extra motivation. we were ready to come out, especially me. that taste wouldn't have been the same if they celebrated on our home floor. >> we would have loved to finished off the job. didn't happen. got another opportunity on monday. >> and on the bright side, the warriors do get a chance to win the nba championship in front of their home crowd. the giants are losers, a's are losers, that's the story from cleveland. the warriors believe there's a silver lining. they tweeted on the bright side
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one more game on warriors ground. single game tickets will go on sale tonight at 5:00 with presale events starting at 10:00 this morning. in other news, some folks in san jose feel safer in their homes after years of waiting for protection. in february, flooding on the coyote creek caused $100 million in damage and prompted thousands of evacuations. the santa clara water district has acknowledged it's playing catchup to reduce the risk. silver creek improvements have been made. it has its own history of flooding. concrete flood walls have been installed and a pedestrian bridge raised. the price tag -- $200 million. a mudslide is causing backups for some drivers headed to the sierras. thousands of tons of debris fell in el dorado con.
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caltrans crews spent the day trying to shear up the mountain. >> there's a tremendous amount of ground water in our soil. and it's still absorbing and doing its thing from the past winter months. >> caltrans says it will take all weekend to clean up the mess. environmental scare as black sludge leaks into the bay. the new -- that just debuted and what neighbors are saying about it. first on today's community calendar, it's the dia de portugal. and it is free. you can take part in loving day, a nationwide celebration of the legalization of interracial marriage. that runs from 1:00 to 3:00 in
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san jose. and finally, it's the opening day of the san mateo county fair. rides and games up for the next nine days.
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the black gunk is believed to be soot from a ship's engine exhaust. an investigation is now un there was an environmental scare in the bay. the black gunk is believed to be engine exhaust from a ship. the investigation is underway to determine which ship, how the soot was discharged and how the soot made it into the water. chevron activated the team and boomed off the area in minutes. >> it appears they responded in a timely way to contain whatever went into the water. >> california fish and wildlife was also on scene and reports say there's no apparent impact on fish or wildlife. it's unclear how long the cleanup will take. bart is cracking down on
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speed hogs. the board couldn't agree on how to enforce it. directors are looking for a possible etiquette campaign or a system of banning violators. today and tomorrow there will be no service between fruitvale and lake merritt. crews will be working on the track. you can catch a shuttle bus. the fda has approved a medical device that could help millions living with heart disease. the device is called an echo duo. it combines a stethoscope and antic toe cardiogram. electrocardiogram. we've put it into a simple friendly factor. it is a small device that connects to a physician's mobile devices and captures ecg and heart sounds.
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>> 28 million americans are living with heart disease. a look at a lifesaving resource coming back to the bay area. i headed out to burialing game to check out the return of a vital service. >> the urgency is great for the patient to get there. >> reporter: it might mean the difference between living and dying. >> ultimately, my job is to get the helicopter and that person there safely. >> reporter: there's a new option for critically ill patients on the peninsula, for the first time in five years, helicopters will be airlifting patients to mills peninsula medical center to be treated for strokes and heart attacks. >> we'll be able to fly patients in who have needs for specialists. >> reporter: the old helipad was demolished when the hospital was rebuilt in 2011. the new one will bring in patients who need specialized care. >> noise pollution is a
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problem. [sirens] >> reporter: neighbor john fin began believes the concerns about noise are outweighed by the potential for saving lives. >> you're pulling in a patient that needs emergency care and time is of the essence and every minute counts. it would be really important. it's been about five years that they rebuilt the hospital. it didn't reopen with a helipad. and now there's back. and there are concerns with neighbors about noise. but you hear the fire trucks and fire engines screaming more than you hear the helicopter. >> so probably going to be a little bit louder. thanks so much for bringing that to us. now it's time to check on the forecast for the weekend. and a lot of folks have outdoor
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activities planned. the escape from alcatraz tomorrow. and it's going to be a cool one. right now we're seeing plenty of sunshine. and it may be deceiving. temperatures in the 50s area- wide. and satellite perspective shows what's going on. we have the front pass through on thursday that brought us the showers associated with an area of low pressure. and now the area of low pressure is passing through. and that's going to create instability. the reason we'll see cloud cover developing more so for the second half of the day. and you can see it on futurecast. as the front passes through, we'll spark up shower chances primarily for the north bay. most of us will stay dry. and it really depends on where you live. it will be a mix of clouds and sun. and the peninsula looks like more cloud cover and the south bay might see more for the second half of the day. tuesday we begin a warmup. it's high pressure beginning to build towards late week. and that means much warmer
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weather. by the end of next week, mid- to upper 80s. maybe even flirting with 90s by the end of the week. hang in there. we'll get a little bit closer before we hang our hat on that one. temperatures topping out near 70 for san jose, napa, santa rosa. and struggling to get above 70 degrees. and cooler tomorrow. 68 livermore. and 61 in san francisco. speaking of which, if you're headed to the haight-ashbury street fair on sunday, expect a mix of sun and clouds. hot air balloon classic in windsor. partly cloudy and 70 degrees for you there. and the river her rodeo. partly cloudy and -- livermore rodeo. a little something for everyone. we are cloudy and cool this weekend. well below seasonal norms and topping out near 70 degrees. 60s by the bay. and 50s on the coast.
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monday is transition day. we stay cool and see more sunshine. tuesday we're flirting with the 80-degree mark. and low 80s wednesday, and upper 80s thursday. and yes, low 90s for the warmest spot by next friday. a warmup is on the way. back to you. have you noticed more ads on facebook? a warning before you click that buy button. dr. sonia is a board certified -- great to have you here. and we're talking about the latest in antiaging procedures. this is a procedure called the elite minifacelift. >> a very popular procedure among my patients. traditionally, turning back the clock meant a longer surgical procedure and more riskings and down time. we can do this procedure right in the office.
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minimal risk and minimal down time. and refreshed results. >> i love that you can do it in office. >> and you brought some photos. >> a few patient traveled a few hours away to come see us. she hated the jowls. and we were able to give her a beautiful neckline. and natural around the eyes. >> and you hit on it. we were able to combine this with laser resurfacing at the same time. we can taylor the program to the person. >> and this person hated taking photographs. and we were able to recontour her chin. >> and i know how people love the elite team. >> and we're able to offer a variety of different procedures all at the same time today loring. and we offer laser lyposuction.
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cool sculpting. >> and the best thing is the natural results. >> a consultation plus the first 50 callers get $500 off if you mention kpix. (925)705-4405. that's (925)705-4405. you know that old saying: if it
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seems too good to be true.. it probably is. lick on that time now for consumer watch weekend. you know the old saying if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. before you click on facebook, you might want to listen to a warning. >> i was scrolling through facebook and i saw it multiple times and really liked it. >> so she clicked the facebook ad and ordered what she thought would be a graduation dress. and weeks later when it hadn't arrived and the company was unresponsive, she realized she should have done more research. >> the bbb has issued a warning about buying from facebook ads. and review sites like jabber received 16,000 complaints last year. many citing targeted facebook ads using photos from other sites. and the items never look like
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the image if they arrive. >> people feel like what shows up in the feed is something they can trust. >> reporter: unlike google or amazon which aggregates ratings, the likes and comments on facebook can be misleading. >> there could be a million likes and look like it's being recommended by a friend. but the friend may have just liked the picture it saw. >> reporter: facebook tells us we're always working to make ads relevant and useful. and we're testing new ways to get feedback. >> you would think they'd check the companies. >> reporter: for now, it's up to users to do their own research. her boyfriend found the same dress and had it rush ordered. none of the companies responded to requests for comment. google the name of the company
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or check the bbb or site jabber for the reviews. they are trying to make it easier for victims when disaster strikes. disaster map will allow users to send information to aid organizations, people will be able to mark where they are and what they need. facebook says the goal is to paint a clearer picture of what resources are needed and where people are moving to get out of harm's way. and airbnb announced a new plan to provide short term housing for 100,000 refugees and people in need. the company launched open homes which allows anyone to host someone. the fda has launched a recall on a band of birth control pills. they were packaged improperly. the first four days of the
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tablets labeled as active pills are placebos and that could result in unintended pregnancies and potential health issues for the mother and fetus. the fda has asked that an opioid be pulled from the market over public health fears. it's a powerful painkiller. it's twice as strong as oxycontin. the drug is being crushed up and injected by people abusing it. still ahead. governor brown is back in california energized on his mission to fight climate change. the new agreements he celebrates. no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker. >> and president trump attacking the credibility of james comey, his fired fbi director. the latest from washington after the break.
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he leads the home loans team. the prospect of buying a new home can feel daunting. you have some suggestions for home buyers, what are they? >> if you remember four key steps, first understand credit and credit scores, address any errors and blemishes. know how much you have for a down payment and closing costs. next get preapproved with a qualified lender, bank, or credit union. that letter will help your when making an offer on a new home.
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and knowing what you can afford will drive what you're going to buy. if you remember these four key steps you'll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals. >> good tips. it didn't have to be overwhelming. for more information go to lcome back. it's just about _ _. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. welcome back. it's about 7:30. good morning, we'll get started with a look at the morning forecast. here's a look at the bay bridge this morning. the sun is shining. temperatures are in the 50s for the most part. most of the bay area is in the 50s. 57 concord and oakland. and 55 liver her. and 48 right now in santa rosa.
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we will see increasing clouds the second half of the day. i do have a little instability in the atmosphere. can't rule out a pop-up shower. three things to remember. early sunshine and increasing clouds for some this afternoon. slight shower chance in the north bay for sunday. and then the pattern changing. if you want warmer weather. hang in there. it's coming. this weekend we're on the cool side, struggling to hit 70 by the end of next week we're looking at mid- to upper 80s. the full forecast coming up in a bit. president trump is firing back at former fbi director james comey after comey accused the white house of lying during his testimony before the senate intelligence committee. the president claims that comey is the one who is lying. >> reporter: president trump is willing to testify under oath about his face to face
7:31 am
conversations with fired director james comey. he made his first public remarks during a joint press conference with romania's president in the rose garden. >> some of the things he said just weren't true. >> reporter: the president asked him to let the michael flynn investigation go. >> so he lied about that. >> i didn't say that. >> the president said comey was wrong when he asked him to pledge his loyalty. i did not say that. he said he took careful notes. >> i was concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and i felt it important to document it. >> reporter: despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication. and wow, comey is a leaker. he also said the former fbi
7:32 am
director had before hope there were no tapes of the conversations. >> i hope there are tapes. >> i'll tell you about that maybe some time in the near future. >> reporter: the committee wants the tapes by june 23rd. the president's personal attorney plans to file a complaint claiming that comey released sensitive information. house north leader nancy pelosi has strong words for the white house. she believes the president's actions are an abuse of power and she questions his fitness for office after his tweets attacking comey. >> i'm very worried about his fitness. but that's something that he and the people in the white house have to make a judgment about. and i don't know if there's the courage or the conviction in the white house to say to the president you shouldn't be tweeting something like that. it's beneath the dignity of the
7:33 am
office you serve. >> reporter: john dickerson says it's no surprise that president trump and his lawyer are going after james comey. >> there's a political matter. they want to break down his credibility. they want to undermine both what he says and may say in the future. on the one hand when someone tells you they did something that broke a rule, may not be breaking a law. do they get points for honesty? or do they lose points because that's not the way you are supposed to do it. new details on the nsa classified -- she may have stolen or exposed other secrets. agents found notes indicating she wanted to burn down the white house. winter told her sister she
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would quote play the pretty white cute card to help her get out of legal trouble. stunning election results in britain have resulted in a now theresa may is scrambling to form a new one. the new government will guide britain's exit from the european union. governor jerry brown is back in california after a high profile trip to china. he's trying to build a coalition of states and nations to fight climate change. during the five day trip to china he signed a climate deal, blasting president trump for backing out of the paris climate agreement. governor brown has joined world leaders. yesterday in san francisco he welcomed germany to the coalition. >> there's a lot to be done. and because of the certain lack
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of focus in washington it becomes all the more imperative for the states to take responsibility. >> california may be a leader in cutting emissions but the progress has been slow. the california air resources report found that the greenhouse gas emissions dropped less than 1% from 2014 to 2015. the clock is ticking to finalize the state budget. lawmakers are stick on how to spend $1 billion in the new tobacco tax revenue. and it's a done deal. and california voters are not happy with the recently passed gas tax increase to fix the roads. it's projected to raise $52 billion. 58% of voters surveyed oppose the bill. and 39% are strongly opposed and 35% approve. the bill will increase the gas tax by 12 cents and raise fees based on the value of a vehicle. and that brings us to our snapshot poll. if you add it up and think
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about it. if you've got an suv. you're talking about an extra $2 with the $12 per gallon gas tax. and we want to know -- do you agree with the recently passed gas tax. and we'll have the results later for you in our show. monday marks a year since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 49 people died at the pulse nightclub in orlando. kenneth craig talked to survivors and families still struggling to move forward. >> reporter: describes every day as a battle. another day of sad and confused memories of the massacre at orlando's pulse nightclub. >> it was almost like glass breaking, glass breaking, the place is full of bottles. >> the 21-year-old was a dancer at the gay nightclub and he survived by hiding in a dressing room and heard the carnage on the other side of
7:37 am
the wall where omar mateen opened fire and killed 49 people. he struggles with survivor's guilt. but poured into costume skin. >> this happened for a reason? >> a reason? do you believe that? >> i absolutely do. >> do you know what the reason is? >> absolutely not. this keeps me going. >> she honors her son cory. he was on his way to becoming a firefighter. >> i don't sleep at night. it's hard for me to sleep. i'm thinking of what he went through and what was the last thing he said. >> she says it's been heart warming to learn how many people cared about cory. and recently, she feels herself buckling. >> i put on a face. and i've heard how strong i am. you're a strong person,
7:38 am
everything you're going through. i question, am i really a strong person? because i hurt. >> what will get them through the day's events is being together. with the only people who really understand. kenneth craig, cbs news, orlando. >> orlando has planned a day of tributes on monday, including a san antonio outside the pulse nightclub. a florida man is facing charges for pulling the plug on a bounce house filled with children. police say the actions of this 70-year-old caused the bounce house to deflate on nearly a dozen kids at a birthday party. a surveillance camera captured the man unplugging the pump. he may have thought he was disconnecting the power to a deejay's stereo equipment. how a bay area college student pushed past
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homelessness to pursue her dreams. and the art work no one expected to uncover. first on today's community calendar. it's 2017 dia de portugal. enjoy the culture, music, food, and more from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. and you can take part in loving day, a nationwide celebration of the legalization of interracial marriage. there will be dances, musical performances, and a lot more. it runs from 11:00 to 3:00 in san jose and finally on the peninsula, it's the opening day of the san mateo county fair. it kicks off at the parade at the fairgrounds. and the rides and games will be up for the next nine days.
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and we met one woman who had to make some tough choices to reach the stage. kpix 5's john ramos -- on how gh today is graduation day at cal state's bay. and we met one woman who had to make some tough choices to reach the stage. how she pushed through homelessness to find success. >> reporter: students are sweating out the final exams, but brenda brown has faced a far tougher test than that. >> it started back in '08 during the recession if you want to get technical is when i got laid off of my job. >> reporter: two years later he unemployment ran out and she lost her apartment. still she couldn't find work. >> if i'm going to struggle. i'm going to do it at school, not making $10 an hour. >> she enrolled in college. a year ago the 50 something
7:43 am
student began living in her car in parking lots near campus. 21/2 months of that and she was ready to ask for help. >> brenda was one of our first students that came to us that had enough courage to say i'm not afraid to tell my story. >> reporter: the timing was perfect. responding to an alarming study about poverty at california colleges, cal state's bay had just created a program to support destitute students. a free food pantry and she was able to find stable housing. schools are beginning to question the nostalgic notion of the broke college student. >> i look back and say i shouldn't have to have dealt with that. >> reporter: brenda will graduate on saturday and like a lot of students, her future is far from secure. but her experiences have given her confidence that she can
7:44 am
survive whatever life throws at you. >> god didn't save you out of the ocean to let you drown in the bathtub. >> she is studying to be a journalist. writing a story about homelessness inspired her to seek help for her own situation. a new place for families to cool off. the brand new larkie park swim center opens to the public today. buena vista avenue, a heated pool, a diving board, and a splash pad. parents plan on making lots of visits to the pool during summer break. >> we're excited about summer and the nice weather and everything. >> i think it's really cool that they have this available for kids. and i think it's something we'll definitely consider taking advantage of. 11 a.m. is the official grand opening.
7:45 am
today, admission is free. and a multimillion dollars discovery made at an arizona garage is set to hit the auction block. an auction firm was called to a retirement community to examine memorabilia signed by kobe bryant. they stumbled on what appeared to be hidden treasure. they believe this painting is the work of abstract impressionist poll lock. >> i'm putting my entire reputation and business on the line saying this. there are people that will say you are nuts. but we know. the only thing i don't have is a photograph of jennifer standing next to jackson saying here's our painting. >> the painting will go up for auction and is expected to fetch $15 million. time to check in with the forecast for the weekend. and we do have plenty of sunshine to start the day today. here's a live look outside as you can see over the bay.
7:46 am
lots of sun and temperatures on the cool side. right now in the upper 50s for concord and oakland. 55 in livermore. and 48 in santa rosa. satellite perspective showing the area of low pressure. it's a big one and a chilly one. it's what brought us the front that passed through on thursday and the showers we saw then. this weekend, the area of low pressure will be passing through. and it's going to create instability in the atmosphere. and the possibility of shower chances for the north bay. today you can see we do have the possibility of increasing clouds throughout the day. not everyone will be socked in. but temperatures stay on the cool side. we have a very cool pool of air in place. by tomorrow afternoon we could start to see showers sparking up. especially in the north bay mountains. for the most part we'll stay dry and a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will drop by a few degrees for sunday. struggling to hit 70 degrees tomorrow.
7:47 am
monday we start to clear out and see more sunshine. still nothing to warm up though. that doesn't happen until tuesday or wednesday of next week. thursday and friday we start to see high pressure build and that will help to warm temperatures into the 80s. near 90 by the end of the week. a big transition is coming for now though. cool temperatures this weekend and a mix of sun and clouds. in the south bay. temperatures topping out near 70 degrees for san jose. 72 fairfield. 70 napa and santa rosa. and low to mid-60s around the bay. redwood city at 69 degrees. haight-ashbury street fair, 60 degrees. and that's tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds for you there. and we also have the escape from alcatraz run in san francisco. hot air balloon classic in windsor and partly cloudy. and 70 degrees there. and for the livermore rodeo mild and a few clouds and 68 degrees there. finally a look at the extended forecast. again, cool for the next couple of days. and then we start to see things
7:48 am
warm up as we head on into next week. temperatures rebounding well into the 80s by the end next week. devin, back to you. the pet of the week. find out how to help junior become a part of your family.
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agree.. or disagree.. with the recently passed gas tax... 70-percent of you disagree with the gas tax. while we're updating the results of our snap chat poll. we're asking about the recently passed tax. 30% agree. thanks for weighing in. time for the pet of the week. junior is in need of a new home. jackie from the san francisco spca is here. tell me about him. he's big but young. >> he's only three months old. this is junior and he is our jack russell terrier. and he is a ton of fun. he's a blast.
7:51 am
he's a high energy dog. jack russells need a lot of running around to exhaust them mentally and physically. and him being a puppy on top of that. looking for a family that can keep up with him. >> he's big so is he -- you're led to believe he's older than three months. now you can see the puppy energy. >> tell me about how he came to you guys. >> junior has lived in a home before. he was surrendered due to unforeseen circumstances. but i'll tell you, we call him our advanced puppy. he's three months and he's already so socialized as you can see. and he's extremely friendly. he's crate trained. he's trained with pads and well on his way to being fully potty trained.
7:52 am
someone who is looking for a puppy will get a good deal on him. he's pretty well on his way to adulthood and living a good life because the foundation is set already. >> give us a snapshot. how much bigger do you expect him to get. >> it's always a guess. by his breed, jack russells are typically a small to media yum sized dog. and you may be looking at 20 to 25 pounds for him, depending on how active you keep him and what you're feeding him. that will vary a little bit. he's awesome. he loves to play with other dogs. if you could continue to socialize him with other puppies and continue to give him this love. >> loves to give kisses. [ laughter ] >> you can't beat this. he's looking for a forever home
7:53 am
and this is what you're going to get forever. this is great. >> tell me about the -- i know you have other animals as well, right? >> we do. i'm getting a second bath for the morning. this actually morning through the afternoon we're having a bake sale at our pacific heights location. and the volunteers come together and bake the most delicious treats. and if you come by, say hi to junior and take a look at the other animals. kittens, cats, other dogs. and get a sweet -- i know. >> if somebody fell in love with junior and wants to get kisses like that. contact the san francisco spca. to learn more, head to their website and we will be right back. at? i have some news for you. there's free food right there! junkfood. do you see that truck?
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[siren] it's a two michelin starred chef, all for free ladies and gentlemen! all for free! chef: here we have a panzanella with summer vegetables and pesto. enjoy! how we doing? host: so what do you got going on underneath that plate there? customer: this food was really about to be thrown away? customer 2: for real? customer 3: is there something wrong with this food? where did you get it from? host: from farmer's markets! they put aside the ugly vegetables and the ugly fruits. chef: carrot tops, soft avocados, it was all food that was going to be discarded. host: even the drink you have was made from like a little bruised peach. did it taste a little 'bruised'? customer: it was great! young man: the average person throws away 24 pounds of food a month. customer: that's a lot! host: isn't that a lot? go visit for more information. thank you. junkfood time!
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today sherry hu shows us where our students rising above scholars are headed next. high school graduation can be an emotional time for any instant. >> where students rising above scholars are headed next. it doesn't look full. >> you know what we do with these. >> yeah, it was blue. >> the next goal is in sight. becoming the first in their families to graduate from
7:56 am
college. jaclyn cortez who loves science and philosophy is off to uc berkeley. joining her at cal is amber lee as well as national urban debate champion christine harris. alexis webster chose uc san diego. for her going to college makes up for her past. >> what's really happening. every now and then i think about it. and this is unbelievable. i'm actually coming from where i came from. from homeless to college. that's kind of hard to believe. >> i'm kind of nervous. >> he wants a career in social work and she's headed to chico state. >> i started crying. it's real. and i just never thought i would go to school. >> and destiny rodriguez bound for sonoma state will follow her dreams to become a teacher. and-- is postponing his dream
7:57 am
of attending a four-year university. instead of attending school in southern california he decided to enroll at community college close to home so he can support his family. >> i would have gotten great exposure to great programs and these amazing schools but i would have failed my family. my mom and my sister. >> reporter: ucla is the destination for darius akins who wants to become mayor of oakland. and homesickness my ma not be a problem for -- off to san diego state. >> this felt like home. this is where i belong. this is where i need to be. >> reporter: if you'd like to watch the full stories or learn more, go to our website, for students rising above. >> congratulations to all of those students overcoming all of the challenges in their lives. it's time for us to call it a morning.
7:58 am
dog," an australian cattle
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dog mix could be a match for a family with its heart set on a heeler. pete: they're active dogs. we're both active. brandon: yeah, she's a jumper. when a dog is this out of control on the leash, you always run the risk of doing some damage. narrator: if she can't be trained to go at their speed, she might outrun her own best chance for a happy future. brandon: yeah, you're still a jumper. hold on. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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