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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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explosion, but so far bart has not said what that was. here is another look at the evacuation. the smoke has dissipated and normal services resumed. no injuries. demonstrators took to the streets to rally against islam's strict shariah law. counter-protesters said fears about religious principles amount it a distortion of islam. devin fehely was at one of the dueling demonstrations in san jose. >> reporter: the protesters say they organized the demonstration in response to what they consider an extension threat to american democracy. >> i am concerned there are places in the united states that there is a push to have shariah law implemented. >> reporter: shariah is a set of religious laws. part of the tradition of islam. but organizers have a counter demonstration across the street say the protesters' fears are unfounded and the beliefs
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bigoted. >> the idea that muslims are trying to impose shariah law is absurd. we are in danger of fascism being imposed on america. >> reporter: the police tried to keep the groups separate, even on their own representative street corners. the physical distance hinting at the wide ideological divide. >> they are here to kill, steal, and destroy america. >> reporter: the counter- protesters say if they are concerned be about religious intolerance they need look no further than the mirror. >> we need unite to get something done in this country. our health care system needs to improve. we spend all our time hating each other, creating division. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> not just san jose. in the sacramento area about 100 people held their own protests against shariah law. organizers insisted they don't have a hostile view towards muslims overall, but counter
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demonstrators stood on an opposite street corner to denounce anti-muslim rhetoric. members held up signs that said stand up to racism. an officer-involved shooting left two men hurt. it happened around ten last night on the 500 block of birchwood road. investigators say the suspect's car crashed in the area after officers opened fire on one of them. the other suspect suffered injuries that were not gunshot wounds. now, so far police aren't giving any details on what led up to the shooting. a pair of san francisco police officers are recovering tonight after they were involved in a rollover crash. that happened on the great highway near golden gate park last night. sfpd said their car flipped over after they hit a boulder. it isn't clear if the patrol car was speed ever about the crash. >> when they were attempting to
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negotiate passing another vehicle, their vehicle left the roadway, collided with a boulder in the center median, and then overturned. >> police are looking for surveillance video to get a better idea of what happened. in livermore traffic getting back up to speed on eastbound 580 after a fatal motorcycle wreck at the altamont pass. that happened near greenville road about three hours ago. a vehicle might have gotten tangled up with a pair of motorcycles. at least one person was killed. at one point three lanes were blocked. a couple minutes ago we learned that all lanes are back open now. five people need a new place to stay tonight after their home in unincorporated hayward went up in flames. the fire started around one this afternoon on sunset boulevard near sunset court. everyone inside managed to get out unhurt. >> we had black pressurized smoke coming out of the building and heavy fire from the front of the house. so we made an aggressive fire attack inside the structure and
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we knocked it -- we knocked down the fire in about five minutes. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. and police in morgan hill want you to take a good look at this guy. he is accused of trying to assault a female employee at a shell station this morning. the victim told police the man was acting nervous and asking for free items when he suddenly grabbed her and tried to drag her into a back room. he ran off when she hit him in the face and he should be easy to spot. investigators say he has tattoos on his neck, hands, and under his left eye. call morgan hill police if you know who he is. the contra costa county d.a. who admitted to misusing campaign money was detained as part of a criminal investigation. mark peterson was elected district attorney in 2010. now the attorney general is investigating him and his financial activities. agents for the attorney general served the search warrant on thursday. they did not arrest peterson but they seized his iphone and
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ipad and searched his office in martinez. they say the potential charges include embezzlement and perjury. peterson has admitted that he used $66,000 in campaign funds on things like travel and hotels and restaurants and movie tickets and the admission came after an investigation. he is a target in a separate civil case. a judge may appoint a special prosecutor next week. the warriors are preparing for game 5 of the nba finals after throwing away their shot last night to make championship history. >> james and durant jawing at each other at half court. >> things got heated between kevin durant and lebron james in the second half of game 4 with playoff perfection on the line for the warriors. emotions were high on both sides of the court. kpix 5's jackie ward live in alameda where dub nation is confident the team will rebound. >> reporter: yeah, you bet you. of course dub nation is a little sad, disappointed
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tonight, but we are down. we are not out. yeah, we blew our chance at an undefeated playoff time, but the fans say we have a really good chance of winning a championship. >> james drives. and he degrees it down! >> how are we feeling after last night? >> not very good. i wanted it to be over with and this be the celebrating day. so not good at all. >> reporter: it's a tough day for dub fans. 24 hours after the game and they are still trying to figure out what went wrong. >> we were behind and never caught up. i don't know what happened. what did happen? [ laughter ] >> reporter: despite giving up almost 50 points in the 1st quarter and being down 18 at the half, warriors fans we spoke to today say they remained calm and optimistic until there were three or four minutes left in the game. >> we had an opportunity. warriors are a team that you can be 25 points down and they are still in the game. even in the 4th quarter there was a possibility they could win. >> reporter: the silver lining of this situation is the fact
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that the warriors now have a chance to win this all in front of the home crowd. >> i am so glad they are coming back here on monday and i am sure we're gonna win. i think it will be sweeter if we win at home. >> reporter: tickets went on sale today at 10:00 a.m. for seasonal ticket holders, 2 p.m. for american express card holders and 5 p.m. for the general public. fans are confident that the team will get it done on monday. >> warriors for sure. >> reporter: maybe you didn't get those tickets for game 5 monday night at oracle arena, but there are still plenty of tickets available for a variety of watch parties happening, including right here at alameda theater. in alameda, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> thanks. also, a lot of buzz today about one guy ejected from the game who wasn't even playing. it was a fan sitting close to the warriors' bench. he was kicked out near the end of the 3rd quarter. now, according to reports online he had been talking to the team all night and gotten
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too close to a few warriors players. a cemetery in oakland that doubles as a public park is trying to address concerns that park visitors are getting out of hand and trampling graves. mountain view cemetery covers more than 200 acres in the oakland hills. today we spotted people picnicking right next to the graves and dogs running off leash. there have been complaints about people playing sports on top of the plots. the cemetery's general manager says the non-profit welcomes everybody, but there are limits. cemetery workers have set up signs that lay out the rules, and an alarm company that patrols the area has been told to escort violators away. new at 6 a special memorial service for a little san francisco girl who died more than a century ago. she was found buried under a san francisco home last year. kpix 5's don lynn was there for the final good-bye. >> ♪ [ singing ] and i sing to myself what a wonderful world. >> reporter: a beautiful little
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girl is given a third and final send-off. this time they know who she was and how she might have looked. her story brought strangers, scientists, and even a long lost relative to her memorial service at the green lawn cemetery. >> i found her relatives that i didn't even know existed. >> reporter: it started with construction workers accidentally digging up a casket three feet long in erika carnner's backyard last may. >> a little bit of shock. a little bit of now what do we do. >> reporter: at the time the discovery generated goosebumps, but worldwide curiosity. who was this well preserved blonde-haired little girl? why was she there? the homeowner and the non- profit garden of innocence buried the girl last june and named her miranda eve. >> i actually asked my girls, i said, you know, if you were to name a beautiful little girl, what would it be? katie, without even
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questioning, said miranda. >> reporter: the burial was just the beginning. a team of volunteers spent hundreds of hours to identify her. last month dna tests confirmed she was 2-year-old edith howard cook, the daughter of a well- known san francisco couple. aceio cook and edith. she died of some kind of illness in 1876. her casket was left behind when the odd fellow cemetery in san francisco was relocated to colma. edith was peter cook's great aunt. >> sadness that this little girl didn't even live to be 3 years old. >> reporter: today the volunteers paid their respects and put in a new headstone with her name and picture. >> very rarely is it that your results are going to be literally etched in stone. here we are here today with the results finally done and etched in stone. >> a child to me will be forever. >> ♪ [ singing ] i sing to
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myself what a wonderful world. >> reporter: in colma, da lin. still to come, this bay area teenager was murdered 23 years ago. her killer has never been caught. the new 3d technology that could finally crack the case. police are on the hunt for the pilot of this drone after it managed to knock out power to hundreds of people in one bay area city. how this new bay area graduate pushed past homelessness to pursue her dreams. chilly tomorrow as we look live towards the embarcadero. wait until you hear what's happening later next week. it's coming up in the forecast after this break.
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that happened 16 years ago tonight. police in palo alto are making a new push to try to solve a homicide that happened 16 years ago tonight. they posted video on facebook asking for the public's help in finding maria shou's killer. the academy of arts student was standing outside a downtown nightclub with friends when someone opened fire, killing her. police say there must have been witnesses. >> there was a single shot fired, it struck maria in the head, and we never found the
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murder weapon. >> it's highly unlikely to have no one see anything that night. i'm sure someone saw something. >> investigators say even anonymous tips with second or third-hand information could be valuable. alameda county sheriff's are using a new tool to crack another cold case. the murder of a teenager inside her own home. that case has haunted investigators and the girl's parents for more than two decades. tonight the new 3d technology. >> that was her last picture. >> reporter: john and may's home is a tribute to their daughter jenny. a straight a student, a budding musician, at 14 years old, frozen in time. >> she gave us coupons one year. >> reporter: on may 27th, 1994, john left work and came to his home in castro valley to discover a stranger had been there. he found jenny bound and
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stabbed to death in the bathroom. >> it was just so devastating. then just taking everyone in shock. >> reporter: it's been 23 years since it happened. since then the lynn's have is moved just outside of los angeles. because their daughter's killer is still out there, they have never really moved on. >> finding the person who is responsible for my daughter's killing remains the most important thing. >> reporter: over the years there have been leads, but no arrests. authorities think the killer figured out the family's pattern and broke into their home through a small downstairs window. for years there has been a hefty reward for information leading to an arrest, but the alameda county sheriff's department is now focused on new technology. the fbi released this 3d model of the lin home a couple weeks ago and they are hoping to use social media to draw attention to the case.
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>> what we're doing is taking the most current technology to re-evaluate the evidence that has been collected 20 years ago. >> reporter: the lins believe there will be justice for jenny. >> we remain very hopeful that the case will be solved. >> reporter: though they say nothing will heal this 23-year- old wound. >> the closure doesn't mean the end of pain, the end of sadness. that would stay with us all the way. but at least it's an answer that we have been looking for. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> police in mountain view are investigating a power outage that may have been caused by a drone. this is what's left of the small aircraft after it hit a high-voltage wire near city hall thursday night. about 1600 people lost power. it's illegal to fly a drone near power lines. police are trying to track down the pilot. some san jose residents
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feel safer after years of waiting for the flood protection they were promised. in february flooding along coyote creek caused $100 million in damage. of course, it caused a lot of evacuations as well. the santa clara valley water district acknowledged it's playing catch-up to reduce the risk of future flooding. crews have made improvements along silver creek. it intersects with coyote and has its own history of flooding. concrete flood walls have been stalled, the channel has been widened and a pedestrian bridge has been raised. the price tag for that $200 million. well, now to an inspiring message of perseverance from a once homeless bay area woman who earned her college degree today. brenda brown graduated from cal state east bay, but her journey to this high point in her life included many lows, including living out of her car near campus. she wants people in a similar situation to know her success is proof that college is still
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within reach. >> i just have to say stay strong, have a good support system, you know. stay connected. learn how to ask for help. just keep pushing forward, you know. it can be done. it can be done. i am proof it can be done. >> she is proof. brenda spent the day celebrating with friends and family. her dream job would be to work as a sports broadcaster or a media representative for the 49ers. >> good for her. >> absolutely. congratulations. winds are gusting out there to 22 miles per hour in parts of the bay area right out of the west. so pretty good sea breeze. you see the clouds lining the horizon. a cloud no bigger than a man's hand -- look at that. wow. [ laughter ] >> forgot that about our monitor. if i touch this stupid thing, it does things by itself. let's stop. livermore rodeo is happening this weekend. 68 degrees. i am going to do something on the air. i am sure you will stand by for this, which is reset the
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computer. i forgot you can't touch the thing. the temperature in san francisco is 60 degrees. stand by. winds out of the west about 20. all the clouds lining the horizon could blow up into showers tomorrow because this low is coming from the pacific northwest. here comes this sink into the pacific northwest and as it comes south the numbers come down as well. futurecast also shows something else fairly interesting. the fact that we get some buildups tomorrow afternoon around the geysers north and east of santa rosa. could produce a sprinkle or two, but not much for the rest of the bay area. tomorrow we will have more clouds around the bay area, but not much in the way of sprinkles and most of that confined to the north bay, and then it completely goes the opposite direction. high pressure builds in and it build in big time so we are in the 90s by friday and saturday. it will be a bit of a road to get there.
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tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week and then friday and saturday the warmest days of the week. so tomorrow expect cooling and then a big warmup coming. now, ladies and gentlemen, 60 degrees for the haight-ashbury state fair tomorrow. san francisco a mix of sun and clouds. should be nice. so should the hot air balloon classic at windsor under partly cloudy skies. temperatures about 70 degrees. then the livermore rodeo this weekend. it will be partly cloudy. very mild. very nice. 68 degrees out in the east bay. and if you're heading to the mountains, look at those numbers. freezing for a high in yosemite with showers and winter weather advisories are posted out in the sierra because the low that gives us the buildups tomorrow gives the mountains a few snow flurries in june. heading out of the bay area it's gonna be breezy and school at sfo. it's gonna be warm in chicago. 93 degrees. 95 for new york. forecast highs, raindrops animated around napa. temperatures in the mid-60s
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tomorrow. very cool for june. then warm by the time we get into wednesday and thursday. we will be in the mid-to-upper 80s and next friday and saturday we will be in the mid- 90s. that's weather. for the latest. >> the french open isn't the only big draw in paris right now. the thrill ride sending tennis fans flying over the eiffel tower. stage? how'd that work out? and the local boys of summer...a's and giants, when reality doesn't meet expectation....oh boy.
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end.. ing from the a few lucky thrill seekers enjoying a unique look at paris by zip lining from the second story of the eiffel tower. that's nearly 400 feet up. riders travel up to 56 miles per hour. it's meant to mimic the speed of a high-powered surf. well, the zipline was set up to celebrate the french open which ends tomorrow. >> huh-uh. i'm not doing that. >> no thanks. the business of baseball up top. tough one to chew on, but the giants at 25-39 only the phillies and padres have worse records. front-running twins not feeling sorry for them. we are just off the mccovey cove. brandon belt, bottom first, this is out in a hurry.
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his seventh career splash hit. 11 for the year. giants led 1-0. but in the fourth jeff samardzija gave up a laser to kenny vargas. the liner tied it at 1. and then in the next inning it's brian dozier a two-run shot. that gave the twins the lead. samardzija not happy. the twins win 3-2. don't kill the messenger. the giants a season low 14 games below .500. look at this one. whoa. that's a ball, dude? some serious game in tampa. hey, sonny gray led in the bottom of the 6th unless tim beckham hit a gapper. a two on, two rbi gapper off sonny gray. gave tampa a 4-3 lead. ryon healy got the equalizer back and supreme court rajai davis. playing two in tampa. in the tenth evan longoria, how
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about a walk-off? game over. 6-5 final. currently they're playing the second of two. off to tennis. what a day for jalena ostapenko and simona halep. in matching outfits? ostapenko took the second set. here is match point. boom. the return. we're done here. ostapenko, 20-year-old from latvia, unseeded, won her first career grand slam title. for the greatest face plant ever. boom! the porta-potty facial. as for the race, tapwrit on the outside with jose ortiz caught the irish war cry. tapwrit, who finished sixth in
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the kentucky derby, won the belmont stakes. the final of the three-race triple crown trilogy, as we like to say. i turn to you. you like the ponies? >> i do. i think it's in my blood. my grandmother would go to delmar and all that. >> and pick the winners? >> she did. she said don't go for the favorites. i followed with that. >> thanks. coming up in the next half hour, she was held captive for months by a serial killer. now dramatic new video of the moment investigators set her free. plus, a warning to parents ahead of the summer swimming season. the heartbroken family that learned too late about the dangers of drowning on dry land. beyond. his portrayal of the caped crusader shot to fame. we look back on actor adam
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west's work as batman and beyond. ♪ it's america's best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪
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you're watching kpix 5 news. >> our top stories tonight. the warriors and cavs are resting up for game five of the nba finals. last night golden state missed an opportunity to become the only team to go 16-0 in the playoffs. the silver lining, they could close out the series at home on monday. dueling protests played out in san jose and around the u.s. on the issue of shariah law. some say the islamic principles are a threat to democracy. others say those fears amount to bigotry and that no one is trying to impose shariah on america. in seattle police used tear gas after demonstrations became
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rowdy. in st. paul, minnesota, seven people were arrested when fights broke out. and president trump plans to push new policies next week on a job training and u.s. relations program with cuba. in the meantime, he is still facing tough questions at home about his campaign's contacts with russia and the firing of fbi director james comey. and we could hear some new answers to those questions in the coming days. >> brook silva-braga reports attorney general jeff sessions just agreed to take his own turn in the hot seat. >> reporter: president trump landed in new jersey friday evening for a weekend at his golf club after insisting in a white house press conference that former fbi director james comey's senate testimony was wrong. comey had claimed to the president that he encouraged him to drop the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. >> he didn't say that. >> reporter: he also said he did not ask comey for loyalty. >> would you be willing to
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speak under oath to give your version -- >> 100%. >> reporter: but the president didn't give a clear answer to whether tapes of those conversations exist. >> well, i'll tell you about that sometime in the very near future. you are going to be disappointed when you hear the answer. don't worry. >> reporter: multiple investigations into the trump campaign's contacts with russia continue. the president's son-in-law jared kushner will meet with senate staff next week to discuss meetings with the russian ambassador. tuesday jeff sessions will answer questions from the senate intelligence committee. >> we want to get back to running our great country. jobs, trade deficits. we want them to disappear fast. >> reporter: the president will try to seize the agenda with a tuesday visit to a technical college. it's part of work force development week. as early as friday he is expected to travel to miami to announce a new cuba policy, tightening trade and travel restrictions that were loosened by president obama.
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tonight the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack that killed three u.s. soldiers in afghanistan and wounded a fourth. the pentagon says an afghan soldier opened fire on the group following a military operation. the attacker was later killed. at least eight people are hurt after a car struck a crowd of pedestrians near amsterdam's main train station today. officials say there is no indication it was a terror attack. six of the injured were hospitalized. two in serious condition. investigators say the driver was parked in a place where he wasn't allowed to stop and then drove off when he was approached by police. well, new video shows the moment when police came across a woman chained inside a metal shipping container in south carolina. >> bolt cutters. we are gonna get you out of there, okay? hang loose for me. i need a handcuff key. >> nicole brown was trapped for about two months before officers found her last november. a man named todd kohlhepp
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confessed to torturing and capturing and raping her. some of the bodies were found on the same property. kohlhepp has been sentenced to life in prison. prosecutors just released this video yesterday. as schools let out for summer a warning for parents planning beach vacation. keep a close eye on the kids after they get out of the water. don champion on a texas family that found out too late about the phenomenon known as dry drowning. >> reporter: the delgado family is grieving the loss of their 4- year-old son frankie. his father called 9-1-1 because frankie stopped breathing. doctors told them they found fluid in his lungs and around his heart. >> and it was caused by dry drowning. >> reporter: emergency room dr. tom waters says it can happen when a child gets sick several hours after being submerged in water. a situation that can cause airway muscles to spasm.
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>> they are trying to breathe against the closed vocal chords, which can lead to inflammation, swelling, and fluid in the lungs. another possibility is they get just a little bit of the fluid into their lungs. they recover, but then hours later that again causes inflammation, more fluid, respiratory distress. >> reporter: kids may experience abnormal breathing. it's critical parents keep an eye out for symptoms. >> if you have any concern whatsoever, the best thing to do is take them to the emergency department. >> reporter: experts say drowning in general can happen in any kind of water from the ocean to the pool to the bathtub. so caution is necessary, especially with young children. don champion, cbs news, dallas. >> according to the cdc drowning rates are highest in children ages 1 to 4. still to come, getting people on board with self- driving cars.
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how silicon valley is working overtime to build consumer confidence in its smart cars. one bay area man is about to get a big kickback from his garage sale find. the huge price tag on these rare apple sneakers.
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few key issues.. g how to spend the clock is ticking to finalize the state budget. lawmakers are stuck on a few issues including how to spend $1 billion this tobacco tax revenue. they do have just until june 15 to hash out their differences. california voters are unhappy with the new gas tax. it was supposed to raise more than $52 billion to pay for road repairs. a new poll by the berkeley institute of governmental studies found more than 58% of voters opposed the bill. 39% say they are, quote, strongly opposed. only 35% approve. the bill would increase the gas tax by 12 cents and raise vehicle registration fees. as more self-driving cars
6:39 pm
are starting to make their way onto the roads, the silicon valley tech giants leading the charge are working to give passengers a bit more peace of mind about technology. chris martinez took a ride to find out how. >> reporter: as self-driving technology accelerates, more car companies are getting on board. this adi load -- this adi loaded with tech. we rode on a programmed route through san jose, california to see how well this self-driving car performance on crowded city streets. the car maintained consistent speed, strictly obeying every traffic rule. >> from the back seat it feels totally normal. >> reporter: rapidly evolving technology is making autonomous cars smarter. >> this is happening faster than people think? >> it really is. by 2019 you will see the first operational systems out there. >> reporter: before self- driving cars hit the road in
6:40 pm
large numbers, industry insiders say they face a big challenge. finding the trust of people. >> i want to know it's okay. >> reporter: intel says many tech companies are developing tools to help alleviate consumers' concerns, including smartphone apps allow riders to communicate with the car. >> this vehicle is for you. >> reporter: experts say tools like that are crucial to help riders feel like they have some level of control. something they believe will help passengers feel more at ease when no one is behind the wheel. chris martinez, cbs news, san jose, california. >> well, maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch. not with warren buffett. the winning bid is in for a private lunch to benefit the homeless and the poor in san francisco. an anonymous bidder is paying $2.7 million to san francisco's glide organization, which is
6:41 pm
good for them, of course. in return, that person gets to dine one on one with the famed investor and hear his take on the world of business and finance. the auction wrapped up last night. it's raised more than $25 million for glide over two decades. a pair of vintage apple sneakers could kick up a profit. it's a starting bid of 15,000 bucks. but he thinks he could fetch twice that much. the shoes were made exclusively for apple employees in the early '90s. the owner found them at a bay area garage sale. >> wow. if you don't have a ticket for tonight's powerball drawing you have 15 minutes left to grab one. the estimated jackpot is $435 million. that will be the tenth largest payout ever. it amounts to about $273 million if you take the cash out front. don't hold your breath. your odds of winning 1 in 292
6:42 pm
million. still to come, a food fight straight out of wild kingdom. the california trash can that sparked a turf war between a mama bear and a wiley coyote. big changes this week in weekend. you want to stay tuned. a check in from cleveland on this nba final off day. the day after the warriors had it just handed to them but the cavaliers in game 4.
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in his driveway to face off.. rbage. a southern california man had a close encounter with nature after a bear family and a coyote showed up in his driveway to face off for garbage. his video captured a bear and cub searching for trash and for a late night snack. seconds later a hungry coyote shows up. the mother bear chased it away and managed to knock over the trash so she and her baby could start feasting. the coyote returned to get some food for himself. >> you noticed there was a small coyote, very skinny but very brazen. came up to where the mother and
6:46 pm
cub were. >> the homeowner hopes wildlife officials capture the bears and relocate them to a safer area. woody allen said the world is just one big restaurant. [ laughter ] >> and they were dining at the garbage can du jour. a look towards mount diablo, a thrust fault out there keeps bumping up a couple millimeters a year in elevation. it's got some buildups of clouds over it. a little bit of a moist flow over northern california has kept things cool and it could get them a little bit wet. up around napa county and sonoma county tomorrow afternoon there. you can see that in the futurecast. on the time lapse, here's tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. we start with clouds around. watch what happens as the time lapse goes on. see the buildups over santa rosa? there could be sprinkles in the higher elevations surrounding napa valley. aside from that, not much. maybe a little bit in the santa cruz mountains. it will be the coolest day of
6:47 pm
the week tomorrow. when you have something cool, it's often followed by something hot, and high pressure is gonna build in hyped -- behind that trough. mid-90s inland next weekend. this is after the coolest day of the week when we only manage low-to-mid 60s tomorrow. it's going to be a long but steady climb between the lows and highs this week. partly cloudy tonight. sunday's the coolest of the week and a bill warming trend begins mid weak and peak next weekend. the livermore rodeo 68 degrees and nice as well. better than temperatures in the 90s this weekend. travel weather forecast. mountains showers. redding 69 degrees. in sacramento 69. in fresno 72. in the bay area tomorrow unusually cool with a sprinkle or two up in the north bay. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s for the most part, but just 61 in san francisco. extended forecast. the pressure is on. the temperatures rise. by the time we hit midweek, numbers in the mid-80s inland.
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by friday and saturday plenty of sunshine and warm weather as well with the numbers approaching 90s. that's next weekend. meantime, bundle up. tomorrow is cool. here is vern with sports. i have nba finals up top. i have been hearing all this chatter after cleveland -- what did i do? the microphone just fell right off. here it is right here. live tv, folks. we just adjust the audio just a little bit so you can hear my booming voice. now, back to the cue cards. cleveland last night, they punched golden state right in the mouth to win game 4. in fact, dennis o'donnell checked in today before his flight back home. >> hello. fans woke up to this in cleveland. here we go again, referring to the cavs' comeback last year from a 3-1 deficit. game 4 certainly added a lot of fire into the series. lebron and k.d. face to face. yeah, technicals flying all over the floor. zaza throwing a punch into
6:49 pm
shepherd's groin. and a fan getting ejected for get into it with the warriors' bench. >> describe the emotions of that game. >> it was everywhere, you know. that was the thing. just trying to relate to the rest. it was like, you know, get the game under control. there was a lot going on, you know? and just taking away from the game of basketball. >> reporter: in the end it wasn't about the officials. cleveland won because they scored 86 points in one half and finished with 24 three- pointers. both nba finals records. >> historically with the team, if we don't answer that punch in the first six minutes, we put ourselves behind the eightball. no matter how well we play after that, it takes a miraculous rise to get back to the game. >> we knew what we were faced with. that was what it was. then when you add some chatter in there, that adds extra motivation. >> we were ready to come out. especially me. that taste wouldn't have been the same if we lost.
6:50 pm
>> they will review the low blow. because he has no flagrant fouls during the playoffs, a suspension would be unlikely. in cleveland, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. >> all right. speaking of fouls. strange one here last night. draymond green called for a technical foul. everybody watching thought it was his second of the game, which is an automatic ejection. actually though it wasn't green's second technical. it was his first technical because the first one came right here on steve kerr. it was called by referee mike callaghan. everyone in the building thought, well, how is it kerr's and not green's? anyway, here is draymond with his response. >> i mean, i think i should, like, let me hurt him, you know? let me get my money's worth if i am going to get a tech. i already paid my suspension. i don't pay of attention to anybody in cleveland, honestly. don't seem to be the sharpest
6:51 pm
people around. that's, yeah. whatever. >> game 5 monday 6 p.m. oracle. >> exciting. all right. thank you. he was the campi superhero whose heights took him to stardom. after the break remembering the original batman adam west.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
with me is vince. he leads the home loans team. home values have been steadily increasing for a number of years. what do you remember, vince, that homeowners do with their home equity? >> in the bay area your home equity can be a significant portion of your net worth. it should be protected. i think there are three things. first, you could improve the value of your home. think solar, adding bedrooms or bathrooms. you can do a remodel or update the kitchen, that sort of thing. you can create additional income streams by adding an in- law unit or a rental property or set yourself up for retirement and buy that home you're gonna live in. >> great suggestions. thank you, since.
6:54 pm
for your financial minute. if are more information go to crusader -- adam west. his family tonight fans are mourning the loss of television's original caped crusader adam west. >> he died peacefully in his sleep last night after a short battle with leukemia. his career as batman and beyond. >> reporter: adam west was. >> batman! batman! >> reporter: batman reruns, turbo-boosted west to global hero status after it ended in 1968. 40 years later the self- deprecating witty west got a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i think i have the record as the actor whose waited the longest to get his star on the
6:55 pm
sidewalk. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: adam west was born william west anderson in walla walla, washington. young adam west processed braun and brains, a degree in literature in psychology from whitman college. he developed the trademark voice as a disc jockey and his batman spoke with an elevated vo cab lower. >> catwoman, i find you to be odious, abhorrent. >> reporter: the sure, the show was campy. his alter ego, bruce wayne, offered even more substance. >> all music is important. it's the universal language. >> he has to be mature enough to have an award. he is the mentor or he has adopted a sense, so to speak. >> reporter: batman's cape seemed to permanently hang around west's neck. >> if i telephone and make an international call, the operator knows my voice immediately, as does everyone else. >> reporter: west got tight
6:56 pm
capped. >> when you wore a mask and funny tights, it gets frustrating from time to time. i was. i was turned down for a number of parts over the years, i feel, because of that. >> reporter: the other acting parts he got seemed to vanish in the tv haze. but cartoons revived him. >> of course i'm batman. >> reporter: adam west plays adam west on the simpsons. then the unrelated mayor on family guy. >> i stand behind my decision. this press conference is over. i can't see you now. i can't hear you now. you're not here now, la la la. >> we get asked, do we have a lot of drugs lying around the office? no, we have adam west. >> reporter: a wacky intellectual family man, you would think adam west he might dodge type casting. it obliterated all others, and he wasn't so bitter about being
6:57 pm
linked to a man in tights. >> wherever i go in the world there is a wonderful rapport with batman. it's neat. people play entire scenes to me unsolicited, but i got a laugh. how lucky can a person get to have been a part of something that's a classic? >> absolutely. it was on if from 1966 to 1968. adam west was 88 years old. >> he loved the character and embraced it all. >> and look what the batman franchise became after that. >> you are reminiscing right now. >> oh, yeah. those are the days. >> i want to utility bill. [ laughter ] thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. >> for news the latest always on good night.
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