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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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i actually saw him painting-- in the base am of the shubert theater, that is dead kaitionz, santo la whose sets and designs knock people's off their feet every night of the week. and natasha cast, she makes me look 30 years younger than i am. what can i say. natasha, marry me please, okay, not 30er yoos, maybe not 30 years, let's make it 20, okay, i look okay. but natasha is good. and i would love to say, i also want to say thank you to scott for his extraordinary sound design. i want to say thank you to campbell young for the most beautiful hair on broad-- not for one minute and i also want to say thank you to the man who kpt me from crashing and burning a million times, andy who is our musical director. every night i get to play in the
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sand box of the schubert with the greatest group of clowns i have ever encountered, david hyde pierce, gavin creel, kate baldwin, help me out here, melanie moore, taylor trench, oh my god, i'm losing it. wait a second, have i teachers just like you do. owen wilbur, i mustant forget him, hi teachers just like you do in the '60s before all this happened. i thank you from the bottom of my heart, i thank you bill hattersly who keeps me from falling off the ledge at least twice a day. i thank had maif, i think matie, i think my beloved os ds lund and i just want to say, i just want to say, i just want to say good-bye-- shut that crap up, i just want to say, i just want to say, i just want to say, i just want to say that revival is an
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interesting word t means that something is near death. and it was brought back to life. hello, dolly never really went away it has been here a all along. it is in our dna, it is in the national jerry herman song will live forever. it is optimism, it's democracy, it is color, it is love of life. it's hilarity, this is a classic, come and see it, it is absolutely-- it is not just me, the whole thing is utterly-- this thing has the ability to lift your spirit in these terrible, terrible times. come and see it. and lastly, i want to dedicate this, i want to saluted the people who actually came before me, the brilliant, brilliant carol channing who made my life, who was a gift to me, the extraordinary pearl bailey and all the hundreds of women that came after me who lit the way, i
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>> announcer: now, please welcome last year's tony winner for best book and best score of "hamilton," lin-manuel miranda. ( cheers and applause ) >> i am so proud to be a part of the grand tradition of the american broadway musical. during difficult times, musicals and if your musical has made it this far, congratulations, you already won. during difficult times, musicals have not only provided us with entertainment and escape, they have also given us hope. we've seen performances from the talented companies of the shows nominated for best musical. once again, the nominees are: "come from away." "dear evan hansen."
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"groundhog day: the musical." "the great comet." may i have the envelope, please? ♪ ♪ ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united stays. francis j underwood. >> spacey: mr. miranda, it is an honor and a privilege to shake the hand of the man who created "hamilton," the musical that does our nation proud. >> it's an honor to meet you, sir. >> here's the envelope. thank you mr. president. >> spacey: claire, let's leave and allow them to finish up
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their award show. i want to get the hell out of here before bette midler thanks anyone else. (laughter) (applause) oh, damn, i think i said that one out loud. >> and the tony award goes to: "dear evan hansen." ( cheers and applause ) >> accepting the award for "dear evan hansen," producer stacey mindich.
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(applause) >> thank you so much. on behalf of the enture-- entire "dear evan hansen" family, thank you so much. it has been a deep joy and an honor over an aide year journey to watch you grow from a pair of promising 24 year olds to the beautiful men and brilliant artists that you are today. steven levinson, your book is a master piece of authenticity. michael greif, you are an exbusinessity director, leader, human being and friend. thank you to the cast of my wildest dream, ben, peter tweeted it best, i think ben platt is superman. thank you. thank you also to our stellar designers, our brilliant music team led by alex, our family at atlantic r0rds, the most supporting producing partners,
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the shoe bertd, arena stage, second stage, thank you to our fans from martha, julie in california, kaho in japan, you have been seen and heard and found, you matter. wheny, my partners, my friends, my rock. much love to my devoted parent for indulging my need to see a chorus line 28 times. rustle, danny, and charlie are you are most beloved prowks, eric, no award could top to being married to you, i love you. at it's core our musical is about wanting to be belong. it is an honor to be filled with a season filled with such fantastic work. congratulations one and all, and good night. ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you so much. how was that show!
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(cheers and applause) welcome patti lupone who is with me. >> hi, everybody. >> as we say good night we'd like toin viet the tony winners up here on stage in celebration and we'll leave you with a song that's all about the theater that was written especially for bobby ♪ off comes the make up off comes the clown's disguise ♪ the curtain's fallin' the music softly dies ♪ but i hope you're smilin' as you're filing out the door ♪ as they say in this biz
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♪ that's all there is there isn't anymore ♪ we've shared a moment and as the moment ends ♪ i got a funny feelin' we're parting now as friends ♪ your cheers and laughter will linger after ♪ they've torn down these dusty walls ♪ if i had this to do again and the evening were new again ♪ we would spend it with you again ♪ but now the curtain falls
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♪ your cheers and laughter will linger after ♪ they've torn down these dusty walls ♪ if we had this to do again and the evening were new again ♪ we would spend it with you again ♪ but now the curtain falls. ♪ ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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the freak june storm still hitting parts of california tonight... now at 11:00, wind, rain, hail, snow even a funnel cloud. the freak june storm still hitting parts of california tonight. and good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> the skies have really cleared up here but it looked much different earlier today. betty yu has the story. >> reporter: the snow had many in tahoe today saying so much for summer. the national weather service said up to 5-inches is expected in the higher elevations of the northern sierra. here's a view from our kpix5 sierra cam. these conditions forced the weather service to issue an advisory for tomorrow. warning drivers to be ready for
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winter driving conditions in june. our assignment desk editor ryan quintana also captured the snow on his way to tahoe. >> there you go. tahoe in june. >> reporter: funnel clouds were spotted in the city of lincoln as storms moved through this afternoon. the storms also brought heavy rain and hail. one kpix5 viewer shared this video of it falling in sonoma. >> oh my goodness. look at that. i love it. it's like snow. >> reporter: and in vacaville, hail wasn't letting up on the roads. and rooftops took a beating in roanoke park. >> and if you look closely, lightning over petaluma. and make way for dry warm weather the rest of the week. in concord, betty yu, kpix5. it all developed stkwráus after midday today. and it hastened off over the
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sierra. where storms are still dumping snow. weather advisory tonight wind and snow with the snow up to 5,000 feet in the middle of june. five to 10-inches possible. travel delays are possible. the advisory lift tomorrow. but boy it is windy. at phoupt diablo, 52-mile an hour gusts -- at mount diablo, 52-mile an hour gusts. and wind was a factor in our next story. the wind was so strong that athletes in the swim to
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alcatraz were told to stay out of the water. and no word yet if uber will take some time off from the company. according to the new york times, he actually from posed the idea of taking time off after a recent boat crash that killed his mother and injured his father. now uber could reveal its decision on his leave as early as tuesday. morning 2,000 jobs at yahoo could hit the chopping block as verizon takes over. yahoo approved the company's sale on thursday. telecom giant plans to merge yahoo and verizon. after the deal closes verizon is going to lay off 15% of the staff at yahoo and aol. yahoo expects the sale to close later this week. a woman who runs a rescue shelter for dogs is trying to
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start over after a crime. >> reporter: in the 15 years she lived in this vernal heights neighborhood she never once felt unsafe. she says she felt she was targeted because she was a female home alone at night. >> the man had his hand on the lever and just pulled the car door open and pulled me out. grabbed my neck and threw me across the car. >> reporter: as one man was doing that to her three others grabbed her wallet. cell phones, laptops and hundreds of dollars from donations from rocket dog rescue that save dogs from being put down. >> we only take animals that are out of time. we work with them, get them all fixed and into homes. >> reporter: money that would have been used to save dogs is gone. >> there's a lot of people moving in with a lot of money
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and r esources into an area that may not be the best area. >> reporter: there's always been a sphaátars of -- there's always been crime where she lives and recently it's escalated. >> i've been seeing purses and stuff thrown out. they were obvious robberies. >> yet she's not letting that stop her from saving dogs and other animals sense 2001. she and her volunteers have rescued 8,000 dogs. since the incident more police have been patrolling her neighborhood. in san francisco, jackie ward. kpix5. two people who crashed into the water at the san leandro marina are on the run tonight. who pulmod them out of the water. >> these are two outstanding sit sáeps -- citizens, saw the car going into the water. were able to get inside and saved the two individuals from
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the -t water. -- from the water. >> police are still looking for the pair and it's not clear what charges they can face. we're also from san leandro tonight, officers say they confronted the suspect on manner boulevard yesterday and they say they were able to grab a gun from his waistband down a struggle. after the arrest officers discovered that eight rounds had been fired into the statute. no one was hurt. police say a hate crime investigation is standard procedure when shootings happen at places of worship. >> a series of services is scheduled for tomorrow to mark one year since the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. it was 2:00 a.m. on june 12th when a gunman opened tpaoeufr outside a pulse nightclub in orlando. 39 people were killed. omar mateen a terrorist was killed by police. mateen's wife was arrested at her parent's home in the east
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bay community of rodeo on january. sulman is now about to face charges. president trump is back at the white house getting ready for what could be another bumpy week. >> reporter: president trump is in the white house getting ready for the first lady and his son baron to move into the white house. >> here's what's so frustrating for republicans like me. you may be the first president in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation that if you just were quiet
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would clear you. >> reporter: the investigations into russian meddling could not stretch into the firing of comey. he says he felt trump was ordering him to stop the investigation into michael flynn because he said, i hope you could see you letting it go. >> i'm a parent, hope is different than order. equality marchs that took place in the bay area and all across the country today. the one pride rally that morphed into a white house protest. >> usa, usa, usa. >> taking a break from the warriors to cheer on team usa.
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details on today's world cup qualifier and the rivalry with team mexico. still to come.. nown east bay it's not rock ridge and not berkeley it's the hills. >> it is the hottest housing in the mark. the community making huge waves in the market.
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the equality march through downtown san jose today. they cheered and waved signs and flags. organizers say the event was nclusion, and
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hundreds turned out for the equality march. they cheered and waved flags. the event was meant to promote inclusion and celebrate diversity. >> love is the same if i can be here today to celebrate the community i've been a part of for so long. that i love dearly that i hold close to my heart i want to do that and represent that we're all alike and we should all be coming together. >> reporter: san jose mayor sam licardo also participated. several marchs were held throughout the country. reporter many mireya villareal was there. >> reporter: the skys have really cleared up in downtown concord but it looked much
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differently earlier today. >> they score. take a look at that the crowd going wild. michael bradley got the scoring. started six minutes for the u.s. men's team. but about 15 minutes later, arch rival mexico would strike back. the game ended in a 1-1 tie. e we caught up with fans of both the u.s. and mexico. they said they love the soccer rivalry between the two nations. >> i mean it's unlike any other rivalry. i mean it just goes back years and years. we're here for a special treat. i'm ready to see all these u.s.a. fans walk out pretty sad at the end of the night. the match was a qualifier for the u.s. match which will be played in russia next year. both the u.s. and mexico are expected to easily make the cut. you saw broadway's biggest night tonight the 71st annual
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tony awards just a bit ago. reporter dave carlin has the highlights and the winners. >> broadway's biggest night had one safe bet, as expected beth midler won for hello dolly. hello dolly was honored as best actress. >> thank you to my nana who sold her engagement ring so i could move to new york to be an actor. >> and first and best or -- orchestration. lori medcalf took a tony for her role.
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>> i have one already and it sits on my piano. so i'll see if they like each other. if they like each other, like laura and i like each other. they can share the same space if not i'll have to find another place for this one. >> reporter: leading up to the ceremony it was a love fest. celebrating a robust season with comradery and gratitude. >> this one mean as lot for me. i've always been a broadway guy. i've always celebrated broadway. the tony, new york, cbs they all go together. a community striking it
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hot. >> two bedrooms, one jack and jill bath, modest backyard and the latter. >> created the loft area which is another room. >> reporter: it's the home oscar guerilla bought for $93,000. >> that 93,000, we thought that was a lot of money. >> reporter: as of today the house is officially on the market asking price. >> 649. >> $649,000 for a home that needs at least $200,000 in repairs and it won't last long. >> no it won't. we've already had 20 disclosure packets requested and this is the first weekend. >> reporter: prospective buyers were flooding in. but the home itself is hardly the draw because this is now said to be the hottest neighborhood in the country. >> that's wild. yeah, bushrod who knew. >> it's a great neighborhood. it's bordering berkeley, oakland and you can get to san francisco quickly. >> reporter: and that neither here nor there is key. >> it's not rock ridge, it's
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not the hills. >> reporter: that means a price point that's by current standards kind of accessible which in term just draws a different kind of demand. >> they go pretty quickly. >> what about all those home flipping sharks in the water. >> looking for a nice place to live, looking to stay in the area. born and raised in this area. they can't find anything affordable. >> changing oakland it's wild. very interesting to be here. >> in the bushrod neighborhood of oakland, wilson walker. >> bay area real estate market. it is just crazy. isn't it. just like the weather today. most of the weather has moved off into the sierra where there's a little bit of snow. the low heads up, things warm up. as we look at city hall from
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high atop monsutro. we're sraopled in on it. concord has 58 degrees. san francisco 55 degrees. santa rosa it's 52. south bay tomorrow has a good deal of low cloudiness to contend with. north bay looks sunny and everybody will get sunny as we head through tomorrow evening. it just all blows out. this is into tuesday. we go severely clear by tuesday as things really do start to warm up. after that deep low we replace it with a big high. that's going to drive temperatures into the 90s by thursday. temperatures will warm just into the low 70s. that will edge above average. big warming trend coming by the weekend. tonight overnight lows into the upper 40s and low 50s. 13 minutes before 6:00 sun up. still four to 6 degrees below average. 71 in san jose.
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74 for concord tomorrow. east bay doesn't look bad at all. low to mid-70s in the south bay. prelt much the same in the east bay. maybe just a tick or two warmer tomorrow. u in the north bay, low to mid- 70s will do it. increasing sunshine the winds won't be nearly as bad tomorrow as they were today. 76 in, ukiah. we're going to be looking for our numbers to begin to warm tuesday. wednesday will be in the mid- 80s. look at thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. the numbers hit the 90s and they will stay there for a while. tomorrow, might still have to bundle up that much. juliette. the elite athletes in the bay area that could only finish 2/3 of their race. how the strong winds created some triathalon confusion. >> plus making it rain. the new devices being debuted in san francisco and what they shoot into the clouds to create more wet weather. >> and coming up next on game
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day. the npa surface is back in town. the warriors look to bring the curtain down tomorrow. >> we know what it takes, we know we have it. >> i may get 30 requests for steph curry. >> we'll meet the team behind the team because somebody has to handle all those media requests. join us for game day coming up next.
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the annual pride parade in los angeles... turned into what's being called "the resist got to go back to


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