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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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elizabeth cook kpix5 news. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning, everyone. it is monday, june 12. where did the weekend go? just like that. >> always. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. kenny choi is not here. he is sleeping in today and we are your ladies in blue. [ laughter ] >> he is taking a bike ride from telluride, colorado, to moab. >> he is! >> where is that, india? [ laughter ] >> how many miles? >> you've got me. >> he wants to get away from the house, he gets away. [ laughter ] >> welcome back, roberta.
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>> thank you. >> you are nice and tan. >> first time i've had to comb my hair in a week. it's not done, yet. we are excited about the game tonight. a very long game tonight let's get you out the door with the high doppler radar showing you in north bay, and now, check this out. nothing but clear skies and temperatures cool with the passage of the area of low pressure. 51 in santa fe, 54 in san jose -- san jose and unseasonably cool inland, only 60s and 70s. give your ac a rest because we will hit triple digits. that forecast right now. let's say good morning. we begin with a crash is down highway 4 near bailey road and not slowing anyone down. we will go to the altamont pass on 580 with a few yellow lights. typical for this time of
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morning where we see delays building out of tracy into livermore. 25 minutes from 205 toward 680 and we have a bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes. back to you guys. the ceo of uber could be taking a leave of absence. directors had a closed door meeting yesterday and we are told they are discussing a three-month leave for travis kalanick, at the center of controversy after a sexual harassment claim within the company. kalanick reportedly propose the idea after his parents were involved in a deadly boating accident. the company could reveal the decision as early as tomorrow. later, one of the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship fire is due in court for arraignment. they said that matt paris planned the party where 36 people were killed last december and is charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. derek l manna is set to return
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to court tomorrow. the city is making progress toward hiring and firing inspectors but they wish it would happen faster. the mayor promised to beef up staff after the ghost ship fire six months ago. the fire department in oakland admitted they had no records of inspecting the converted warehouse. a congressman said six more inspectors will be hard as soon as possible. it's a slow process. >> why does it take so long? >> the government moves slowly. we have declared it as an emergency. but we are going through the budget process and have to reallocate more money. >> what about inspections of buildings? one of the big questions was, will the city get out and inspect? but there is a fear that you would wind up evicting people and you didn't want to do that? >> public safety is number one. you cannot sacrifice anyone's
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life regardless of displacement or any other action. we do have to guarantee whether the street or a building or your home, guarantee safety of others, children and families living there. >> oakland recently increased training requirements for fire inspectors already on staff. wind and hail and rain hit parts of the bay area. tahoe saw snow and one editor couldn't help but share it with us. >> a perspective from ryan. thank you for that. at one point, the national weather service warned up to five inches of snow could fall in this year and drivers could face more wintry conditions today. in sonoma? >> oh my goodness, look at that! [ sound of hail ] >> drivers caught that scene as hail hit the windshield and roof. lightning struck in petaluma but this week the weather will
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be dry and warm and starting today, repairs could stretch the patients of drivers in the south bay. we are shown how crews are cleaning up a massive mudslide before heavy rain makes it worse. >> reporter: the view from sky jones five says the work is cut out for us. more than four stories tall, we had a scene of a dramatic mudslide this winter that swallowed up a news van. it was one example of how weeks of torrential rain and debris damaged the asphalt below. with construction materials already in place and electronic signage up and running, caltrans will begin emergency paving work starting monday. they issued a press release warning drivers of long delays. >> it sounds like it will be pretty rough. it already is with two lanes. >> reporter: first up, the summit vine hill road and --
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road to will be shut down monday through thursday from 11:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. it will happen in the counter commute direction and next up, from sims road on, crews will shut down the southbound number two lane just on fridays only. >> people could work from home on friday? >> if it makes it safer in the winter, we have to put up with that. >> reporter: it affects highway southbound starting at 7:30 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon all week long and whatever your normal drive time is, add 30 minutes on top of that. in the santa cruz mountains, kiet do, kpix5. it is 4:36. let's get a check on the weather. >> hello! we put the doppler radar scene together with extra time because we want to show you what is going on. we have some snow in the is sierra and nothing lately in the north bay. hi jeff doppler radar has a light snow around the tahoe area
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to the lake level, roughly 6500 feet. this is our live weather camera and at the time we have clear skies with a few stars that we saw coming into work. 51 in santa rosa and in oakland, in the 50s in livermore and san francisco. later today, partly sunny with big beautiful clouds and the passage of a front from yesterday with cooler air masses in place and temperatures averaging 10-14 degrees where they should be for this time of year. 68 in livermore, 74 in santa rosa, 60s and calm around the rim of the bay. the forecast features triple digits and when to expect this is coming up. first, over to jacqueline. no triple digits on the roadways right now, but we are tracking a couple of wind
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advisories and if you happen to be heading to the san mateo bridge or the bay bridge, please be careful. wind advisories in effect. get a firm grip on that steering wheel. taillights into hayward, westbound in the green and checking travel time, just under 15 minutes with no delays at the golden gate bridge, good in both directions. at the bay bridge toll plaza, no longer backing up in the cash lane. green across the span. that is a check of your traffic. the clock is ticking with the finalized state budget. lawmakers i stuck on a few key issues including how to spend more than $1 billion a new tobacco tax revenue. the plan must be finished by tonight so the public has 72 hours to look over this before a final vote, the new requirement this year. president donald trump is
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back at the white house with the first lady and his son who moved to the washington area this weekend. questions surrounding testimony from james comey. brook silva-braga has more. >> reporter: president donald trump was joined on his return to washington by his wife, melania and son barron. they are moving into the white house and earlier, he renewed his attack on the former fbi director for sharing private discussions with the press, tweeting that james comey was cowardly. >> did he get in the way of his own agenda? >> totally. >> reporter: vincic graham said the tweeting makes the president's own worst enemy. >> this is frustrating for republicans. you may be the first president in history to go down because he can't stop inappropriately talking about an investigation. give you a quiet, it would clear you. >> reporter: the investigations into russian meddling could now stretch to include the firing of comey. he said the president pressured him to drop the investigation into michael flynn's ties to russia by saying he hoped it would stop.
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committee chairwoman rhonda make daniel said hoping isn't the same as ordering. >> i'm a mom of kids. at the difference between saying i hope you do your homework and go do your homework . >> yes. took the president said he will reveal if there are recordings of the talks with comey. >> this cloud will hang over white house for longtime. >> reporter: jeff sessions, attorney general, will testify in tuesday -- on tuesday. brook silva-braga. maryland and the district of columbia are expected to file a new lawsuit against the president alleging he violated anticorruption rules in the constitution. he refused to give up ownership of his business interests. the claims say he accepted millions in payments and benefits from foreign governments since taking office. today marks one year since the deadly shooting in u.s. history. services are planned plan to remember the victims who died at the pulse nightclub and authorities said omar mateen
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opened fire inside the orlando club around 2:00 a.m. on june 12th last year. 49 people died. mateen, a self radicalized terrorist was killed by police. his wife, noor salman, was arrested at her parent's home. they believe she hoped her husband plan the attack and she is in florida getting ready to stand trial. [ chanting ] people across the country remembered the victims at a quality marches yesterday and this is video of the event in san jose. organizers are promoting inclusion and celebrating diversity. love is the same. if i can support the community that i've been a part of, that i love dearly and hold close to my heart, i want to do that and represent that we are all alike and we should come together. several politicians are there including san jose mayor. marches were held in cities across the country and one of the biggest was in washington, dc. thousands lined the streets and marched to the u.s. capital.
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the time is 4:42 and one bay area community had a hot housing market and why people are flocking to this east bay neighborhood. >> escape from alcatraz, the marathon is cut down to two legs. more on the abbreviated competition. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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impossbile - for this year's triathalon contestants. a "small craft advisory" meant the swim portion of their competition - was cancelled. instead, elite racers were rough conditions in the san francisco bay meant escaping from alcatraz was impossible for the triathlon contestants. a small craft advisory meant the swim portion of the competition was canceled. instead, racers were released in 30-second intervals with amateur competitors facing long delays. some took it in stride. one competitor finish first and had to wait on the results and was less patient. >> you just have to deal with that. >> waiting for the results is hard.
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>> are producer said because none of the competitors actually beat alcatraz this weekend, many are gearing up for a return next year. >> ambitious folks. >> i will just sit and watch. a community is being called america's hottest heart is -- hottest housing market. >> wilson walker shows what is available in bush rod. >> when you hear this is the hottest real estate market in the country, what did you think? >> two bedrooms, when jack and jill bath, a modest backyard. >> it's a loft area which is another room. >> this was but 29 years ago for $93,000. >> we thought it was a lot of money then. >> the house is back on the market and the asking price? >> $649. >> $649,000 for a home that needs at least $200,000 in repairs and it won't last long.
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>> it won't. we've had 20 disclosure packets requested and this is the first time it is open. >> reporter: buyers were flooding in and the home is not the draw because this is set to be the hottest neighborhood in the country. >> that is wild. >> bush rod, who knew? >> it's a great neighborhood. it borders berkeley and oakland and you can get to san francisco quickly. >> reporter: neither here nor there is key. >> it's not the hill. >> it's a price-point by current standards that is kind of accessible and it drives a different kind of demand. >> it goes quickly. people ask for the preemptive right when you put it on the market. >> reporter: what about those home flipping sharks in these waters? >> this has been on the market and we are looking for a nice place to live and we want to stay in the area. you may not find anything affordable. >> affordability is relative.
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>> oakland is wild. very interesting to be here. >> reporter: in this area, wilson walker, kpix5. the warriors have the chance to win the nba title tonight in front of dove nation. >> mayors have a chance to see it in person. the mayor, libby schaaf's, is offering tickets for a nonprofit. the winner should find out at about 11:00 and at last check, top bid was $20,000. >> go to cbs >> we are all in blue to support the warriors. >> we had a party yesterday. >> they call it domination. we had wash -- watch parties. >> did you tell them you where the queen? >> i would like to show you
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later. some of these locals are talking about dub nation. >> it is cold! unseasonably cool. this is the scene of the live weather camera with lingering clouds from the passage of low pressure. 51 degrees in santa rosa and livermore at 52 and toss open your windows because the heat will be on after that. a bit of a breeze with the passage of the front. 14 in san francisco and winds to the south across the santa clara valley. in the valley, folks are not bad except for in the bay. this is a satellite radar. lingering clouds at the coast and south bay and north bay, the weather watcher in napa got
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about .25 inches of rain for the passage of the storms. clear skies and thank you for that useful information, day. satellite and radar suggests we have clearing of skies and the area of low pressure is swinging out with things heating up and futurecast shows clouds throughout the day and here comes your tuesday with low clouds stacking up next to the san mateo coast and high pressure builds in and we are talking about the offshore push from wednesday through friday with sunrise 5:47 and at 8:32, unseasonably cool conditions and 60s and 70s will be noted. the east bay, 68 in livermore, but wait you see what happens by the end of the week and livermore with high temperatures of 97 degrees, 99 toward father's day on sunday.
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that's a look at the local forecast. here's jacqueline. we are tracking an accident in northbound -- at northbound 101 with the backup stretching beyond mendocino and going through that stretch, just below the limit, 50 miles an hour. golden gate bridge, everything is quiet in both directions with a wind advisory in place for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge and keep a firm grip on that steering wheel. no delays heading to the south bay. that is a check of your traffic. it is for 50:00 and the bay area woman is attacked and robbed as she arrives home. what thieves talk. someone hit it big in as tiny southern california town and it is not the first time. we will check in, next.
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we are taking a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza with some cars to kick off your monday morning commute. we have some wind advisories to tell you about coming up. in san leandro man accused of shooting a statue at a church could face hate crime charges. officers found this near the church on manor boulevard on saturday. they were able to grab a gun from his waistband during the struggle and then officers discovered eight rounds had been fired into the statue and no one was hurt. in san francisco woman who spends her time rescuing dogs is getting back to her routine
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after a violent. she told jackie ward what was toughest about returning to life as normal. >> reporter: in the 15 years that she's lived in this neighborhood, she has never once felt unsafe. she said she feels like she was targeted because she was a woman alone at night. haley was returning home from a fundraiser for her nonprofit and she suddenly felt like shadows were closing in. she locked her car doors but it was too late. >> the man had his hand on the lever and pulled me out, grabbed my neck and through me against the car. >> reporter: she said as one man did that, three others grabbed her wallet, cell phone, laptop and hundreds of dollars in donations for rocket dog rescue that saves dogs from being put down. >> we work with the animals and get them fixed and vetted and into new homes. >> reporter: she is heartbroken that the money that would have been used to save dogs is gone. >> there's a lot of people
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moving in with money and resources to this area that might not be the best. >> reporter: she said there has always been a smattering of crime where she lives and recently it has escalated. >> it's really intensified lately. i've been seeing obvious robberies. >> reporter: she doesn't let that stop her from saving dogs. since 2001 she and her volunteers have rescued 8000 dogs and she said since the incident more police have been patrolling the neighborhood. kpix5. police are looking for two people who crashed the car into the water at the san leandro marina. the pair bolted after good samaritan saw the accident and pulled them out of the water. >> two outstanding citizens saw the cargo into the water. they jumped in and were able to get inside and certainly if it wasn't for these individuals, the probably would have been a
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different outcome. they got the people out and charges may be filed in the case. >> pot has not come forward. it was sold at a liquor store and a tiny town in southern california where lightning struck for the second time. it was sold at marietta liquor and earlier this year the owner of the store got sick and the store will get $1 million for selling the winning ticket and it couldn't have come at a better time. she said it wasn't true. i said i confirmed it. i started crying. >> the store sold a $9 million super lotto ticket in 1996. if you plan on driving in the santa cruz mountains,
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expect delays. crews will repair highway 17. the calm before the storm. we go inside oracle arena ahead of game five and that story is coming up.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. good morning. it is monday, june 12th. i'm michelle griego. >> tim tooten two in for kenny choi. it is 5:00. >> -- i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. it is 5:00. everyone is stressing similarly to what you see here? >> yes. dub nation. >> blue and gold today.
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>> it looks good. >> it has been exciting. we have to do it. >> it is done and bring on the parade. i did say that. good morning. let's get to it. this is our live high def doppler radar. we picked up thunderstorm activity across the north bay and have clear skies but we are seeing snow in the high sierra. kirkwood has some snowfall and we have clearing in the skies with cooler air masses in place. 47 degrees and in the 50s pretty uniform. 60 degrees in livermore and that is at least 14 degrees below where we should be. high 50s that the seashore. 74 in santa rosa and unseasonably mild in th


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