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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> around 7:00 a.m. i'm not sure exactly i was just getting up. i heard the emergency sirens going off. and then shortly after maybe 20 pháeups after something we got a text alert. >> reporter: ed russell works from the benecia park. >> they said there was an incidents in vallejo. i think first it came out it was a voluntary evacuation then shortly thereafter they said there was actual evacuation of two schools and the industrial park. >> reporter: that led to a power outage. with no power the refinery had to get rid of combustible material which they did by burning them. >> in this case it was just not minor flairing which valero seemed to indicate was the only issue but it seemed to be much more significant than that. >> reporter: we're just hrerping just how much --
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we're just learning just how much more significant. >> valero is responsible for releasing 74,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide into the air for a three week period where it flaired off as dangerous gas and put near by communities at risk. >> reporter: 74,000 pounds compared to 15,000 pounds in all of 2015. and 14,000 pounds in all of 2016. holland crestman -- >> sulfur dioxide can exacerbate or make worse people who are suffering from asthma. >> reporter: and that's not all. >> reporter: the refinery released an amount of carbon ulculphide which can cause damage to your brain and lungs over a long period exposure. >> reporter: and the public was not made aware. >> this is the first accounting
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that we'ved had of how big a volume we're talking about. >> reporter: the mayor of benecia has called for more transparticipant -- transparency from the refinery. valero isn't a bad company he would just like more information when accidents happen. >> valero has been good neighbors. i try to buy valero gas when i can. i'm in the neighborhood. they're a big important part of our community but they also are a big fairly sophisticated and some what dangerous operation. >> reporter: we reached out to valero multiple times for comments and they have not responded to our request. although a county representative says they blame pg & e for this incident. that does not explain why they kept the public in the dark on what they were burning into the air for two weeks. so still many questions. new at 6:00, a new plan to protect one of the
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neighborhoods hit hardest by the coyote creek flooding. tomorrow, the district will consider extending flood walls and levees all the way to tulley road. but len ramirez says some of the neighbors aren't convinced they're going to be protected from the next big storm >> reporter: there have been long range plans but those plans were also considered too big, too expensive and no one knew where all the money was going to come from. now here comes this new plan that ties into an existing parcel tax and officials say could be completed within the next couple of years. >> reporter: brook springs is filled with signs of come back. there's no surprise that plans to protect the neighborhood are
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met with skepticism. >> we appreciate that. >> reporter: her tenants have not returned. her credit cards are maxed out and says the flood protection was needed long ago. >> if we do not repair this creek it will flood again. so we're taking every measure possible to find the solution. >> reporter: the valley water district will consider plans to extend coyote creek flood protection from montigue express way. it could be a combination of flood walls, levees and vegetation removal that's designed to protect the area from the kind of flooding that happens every 25 years.
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>> we're on national television during this event during february. the world saw what was -p happening in san jose. so we want to expedite this. we know that the main concern at this point for the board of directors is to find a solution, a workable solution that will minimize of eliminate flooding in that portion of san jose. >> reporter: that meeting will begin at 1:00 at valley water district headquarters. part of what they'll be doing is approving the initial $500,000 to approve the study and begin the work. that will have to be part of the planning and fund thag will come later. reporting live in san jose len ramirez kpix5. a senior executive is out at uber as a leadership shake up continues at the company. amile michael the senior
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executive of business has left the business. he had been a close confidant. yesterday they approved recommendations made by former u.s. attorney eric holder. there's been allegations of sexual harassment and other workplace issues. at the same time uber is facing a crack down in san francisco. kpix5's how the mayor is among those applying renewed pressure, phil. >> reporter: that's right veronica. how this works out as far as the uber shake up on wall street has yet to be seen. the pressure here on the streets of san francisco is growing and so is discontent with ride sharers like uber leading the pack. >> change is good especially if it's objective is to improve it. >> reporter: one would be hard pressed to find a bigger tech booster than mayor ed lee.
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but even he has been butting heads with ride share companies like uber in recent movants. >> double parking, picking up people in the wrong places. compromising. bike paths and bike lanes. >> reporter: lee is not alone. the treasurer wants more information to enforce business licenses for uber drivers. they just subpoenaed uber to see if they've been following regulations. supervisor kim said enough is enough. >> the estimate is that there are 45,000 drivers on our street. we don't need to see the numbers we can feel it. >> reporter: kim has called for a 20-cent per ride fee with the money going to improving traffic control. >> they use our roads to make a profit and i think when you use our city infrastructure you should give back to the community you're a part of. >> reporter: uber is immensely popular with the public and a key part of the city's economy
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as well. >> building the headquarters in mission bay, on the economic level they're quite a positive impact. >> reporter: they're an employer potentially that would have thousands of employees over the next five or six years. >> reporter: the tech over the last few years is -- >> has created gentryification issues. >> reporter: like other tech companies, uber also has a reputation of ignoring local rules and concerns. >> i want uber to change and work with us and be part of the quality of life that people want to have not just making a whole lot of money. >> i think it's important that they look at new leadership. >> they can do much better. >> now uber did not respond to request for comments but in the past they said they would be open to working with the city to try to relieve some of the congestion you're seeing here. it's going to get interesting
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because now we hear the mayor says that's on the table as well. and whether it's wall street or main street, when you start talking about fees and fines, you're talking money. in downtown san francisco, phil mateer. >> speaking of money, tech stocks are in a slump. the dow and nasdaq both off 30 plus points. the nasdaq has now had its biggest two day slide since december. here's why. net flix down more than 2%. facebook and alphabet also off a fraction. >> those stocks have all hit all time highs in 2017. so you've got a lot of profit talk. an over 8% gain for the s & p and profit takers are taking notice. another painful point, tech stocks are over represented in
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many 401k accounts. apple and microsoft the number one and number two that's according to morning star research. it's the warriors trying to give the bay area another reason to celebrate. tonight the team is doing something that it hasn't done in 40 years. >> that's where chris nair spoke with fans who are confident the dubs will ends the series tonight. >> you would think from the atmosphere out here that the warriors already won. fans are out here celebrating as they move into oracle arena. let me tell you they're willing to pay a pretty penny for tickets we're talking an average ticket price of $1,400 on secondary ticket sellers like the game time app. i spoke to a representative he told me some court side seats are going for $22,000. people willing to shell out big bucks to see the team win at home. here's some of the predictions we heard today. >> we're going to win tonight.
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going down. golden state. >> how are you feeling. >> i'm feeling good. >> feeling super excited. perfect time to close it out at home. great weather, great atmosphere. go dubs. >> $1,700. >> per ticket. >> per ticket at the gate. >> worth it? >> we'll see. >> officials with game time telling us this is their number one selling event. that includes the super bowl they say tickets are still available but again you're going to pay for them. at oracle arena, kristin ahres. by the way, espn is reporting that someone dolled out $133,000 for a pair of court side seats. my goodness. our dennis o' donald will preview the game in a little bit. 911 dispatchers stretched today the limits. now they're voicing their frustrations. a 92-year-old kicked out of his home so homeless veterans
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can move in. the fight to keep bay area landlords from increasing rents. and we turn the other direction as we approach record heat by the weekend and look toward the bay bridge. the forecast when we come back.
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unintendend consequences in the new at 6:00, a housing practice designed to help homeless veterans is having unintented consequences. the same landlords keep kicking long term tenants out. >> there's just no polite way to say it. home mayor did not want to live to see this day. >> i'm not looking for the magic formula to keep my alive for another 10 years. i just have to deal with what life hands me from now on. >> reporter: paul got an eviction notice earlier this year forcing him out of the rent controlled apartment he had liveed in since 1973. at 92 years old saying goodbye to the only home he's known for nearly a half a decade has been heartbreaking. >> it's a big change that i wish i didn't have to go through. >> reporter: we first met paul three months ago shortly after
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he got the eviction notice and we reported on how the owner peggy de mayo and her family have been buying multiple apartments and evicting represent controlled tenants. the v.a. pays their rent at market rate. the council finally revamped their laws to clamp down evictions where veterans are given little notice. 298 madison street and 1555 washington street and yes they're still at it moving in homeless veterans. richard lee is one of them. >> yeah i don't feel it's fair. >> really. >> people have been living there and they haven't done anything wrong why evict them. >> reporter: the v.a. did not respond to an interview requested today but early they are year told us they couldn't do much to stop the practice which is completely legal. >> the goal is to house veterans. we just never want to house veterans in a way that's caused someone else to be homeless.
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that's never going to be our goal. >> reporter: as for the mayer family they have vowed to fight on. >> we're watching very closely on what goes on everywhere now. >> it's important to me that nobody, nobody ever has to deal with what my dad is doing. >> reporter: kip doe. repairs are under way and it could be a rough week. a huge mud slide near the summit damaged the roadside and now repairs are ongoing. friday they move to a stretch between sims road to tiempo drive. pg & e crews are removing redwood trees in sunny vale. that has some neighbors in the area upset. crews are working today on california street. the work is being done as part of a program to get repairs to
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gas lines. in all 30 trees will be removed. >> they're destroying neighborhoods in all the south baby tearing down giant redwood trees. tearing down trees and in so many neighborhoods. they have to be stopped. pg & e says they will be at work for another week or two. ground water is crucial for many who are in the agriculture industry but it's depleting at an alarming rate. don ford on the bay area county that's considering new rules that limit how much water farmers and ranchers can pump from the ground. 300 people know this pump has clear water, water that tito uses to irrigate his grapevines. tito moved here from japan. he understands the importance
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of water. new rules established during the drought may regulate how much water grape growers may have access to. managing under water aquafers are important. >> they're dropping several feet per year. >> reporter: the sonoma county farm bureau says they intend to be big players in the discussions going forward. for them it's preserving not only a way of life, but an industry. >> we are not only culprit but we should take a lead in creating and to make opportunities to do something good. >> reporter: sonoma county, cities and rural areas combined draws 70 páerpt of its needs
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from wells according to the us geological survey. counties across the state now have until june 30th to assemble these ground water sustainability agencies. if they fail to meet that deadline the state of california will move in and assume those duties. in sonoma county, don ford, kpix5. some parts of the united states ground water is as nonrenewable as oil. so it's a resource they do have to protect. it helps but boy it's a long way from where it used to be. there was hail in petaluma. sonoma and 24 hours later here we are. the calm after the storm. in concord 74 and tampa 73. san francisco 65 degrees. overnight lows tonight. we will sink down into the 40s. sun up tomorrow morning at 5:47 a.m. 13 minutes before 6:00 as we head toward the summer solstice. that low that gave us all that
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turbulent weather yesterday is now spinning out of the state. it's going to be replaced with high pressure just offshore and that high pressure when it builds in it builds in big time. just gradually though. it won't be a sudden change. temperatures top out in the mid- 70s. for tuesday, that mid-70s does well. cool and patchy clouds tonight. it'll be sunny for tomorrow and temperatures finally recover to where we should be for this time of the year. a lot warmer by late next week. forecast highs we're looking at 80 degrees for santa rosa. 77degrees in san rafael. in liver mother 81. so that's pretty close to average for the first time in a while. but in the extended forecast, here comes the sun and plenty of it. temperatures will be approaching 100 degrees by friday and then saturday, sunday and monday we will make it a big warm upcoming and more details coming as well.
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when we cover the forecast just a few minutes from now. allen and veronica. >> thank you. >> there's a backyard project for the prize is a pond full of baby ducks. >> the nesting boxes giving nature a boost. how they are helping ducklings hatch in bay area creeks. >> i'm dennis in oakland, warriors going for the championship if they do would they go to the white house. one championship team did today. that story straight ahead.
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tonight we are just minutes into
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game five. and steve kerr is hoping his team feels the pressure tonight. >> nervous is good. appropriate fear is popovich's line. and there was a lot of red at the white house as the tigers went to the white house. the tigers are the second team to visit since president trump took office. >> you won a championship history for the ages. one of the greatest games i ever watched actually. the tigers have gone an astonishing 89-28. how do you lose 28 games guys. you think i can take these guys in a fight i don't know. >> the tigers at the white house. if you weren't busy spending your entire weekend at the
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cleveland airport here's what you missed. >> there it goes deep to left. really deep. oh my goodness what a shot. >> aaron your judge and jury. all rise here comes the judge. >> reporter: aaron judge that's a 496-foot blast. the longest this season. nomar took aim on his own dug out. his teammates avoid the foul ball but the wall wasn't so fortunate. pirates and marlins. not interested to run over the camper he trys to jump over the catcher. needing to go a little higher because he was tagged out. the braves went viral. a fan get as 200-foot head start before the freeze and a former tractor takes off after him. >> this is the greatest thing i've ever seen. look at this guy go. >> he thought he was going to
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win. >> the fan starts to celebrate. sees the freeze passing him and down goes fraizer. nobody beats the freeze. finally this poor kid has trouble with a different kind of freeze. a brain freeze during the icy chugging contest. wait for it. wait for it. there it is. >> [ laughter ] >> how about those icee freezes. i'm going to grab one, head back inside. warriors and cavs it's a celebration tonight. if there's champane i'll be there. reports tonight at 10:00 and 11:00, reporting at oracle. >> be careful with the brain freeze. >> you remember what happened last time. coming up, bay area 911 dispatchers stressed out and speaking up. they said they're tired of being treated like machines. they're call for more support. and a teacher accused of slapping students at a bay area
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elementary school. now parents are complaining about low the district happened -- handled the incident. and the u.s. attorney about to be grilled on what he knew about russia. what to expect from jeff sessions.
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and then being put on hold. it's happening too often in san fran our top story at 6:30, imagine dialing 911 for help and then being put on hold. it's happening too often in san francisco. dispatchers say they just can't keep up. they say they're under staffed and overworked and those needing emergency services could pay the price. kpix5 suzy steimel has the story. >> we're there when you've fallen and can't get up. we're there when your mother is having trouble breathing. >> reporter: national safety standards require that 90% of
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calls be answered within nine seconds. a manageable number is suggested to be 163 so dispatchers are regularly working 16 hour days so that someone can simply answer the phones. >> people are overworked. we're tired, we're not machines. we can't be expected to answer call after call after call without needing a break. >> i don't understand how we got here. i can't imagine a bigger crisis than this. >> i apologize as a current and former supervisor for not taking this matter as seriously as i should have and allowing this crisis to come about. the department says it was a combination of people retiring and more people moving to san francisco at the same time meaning more phone calls. supervisor aaron peskin says dispatchers will get some relief immediately. >> the entire board of
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supervisors has your back and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is. >> reporter: this is the first time that 911 dispatchers have met with supervisors and this time the council says they hear them loud and clear and he's already promising to listening to their concerns at the next meeting. many of the parents are fired up. a substitute teacher was taken from the classroom friday after students said she slapped them and cursed at them. >> she wept to the teacher to go ask her if she needed help. and at that point, i'm not too exactly sure from my daughters standpoint she said, she pretty hardly hit her hand on her head
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and said i don't like noisy kids. >> parents say they weren't notified until a note went this week although the students were asked to document what happened that day. >> we have contacted the authorities. the employee was placed on administrative leave and we have an investigation going on. >> reporter: the district wouldn't say whether this sub has a history of disciplinary action because it's an ongoing investigation. anthony ramirez is file ago grievance on behalf of his daughter to know that the district knows how upset he is. >> she is going to school and doesn't know who to trust. because i tell them to go to school, listen to them, make sure you're paying attention and doing the right things and not getting in trouble. and here these people are doing something i'm telling her not to do. >> you can count on kpix5 to
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follow this story. emily turner, kpix5. president trump has suffered a set back the this time for the court of san francisco. mr.trump wants to ban visitors temporarily from six muslim majority nations. they added that he failed to show that such people's entry into the country would hurt american interest. and they also said the travel ban is unconstitutional. tomorrow the spotlight will be on attorney general jeff sessions. he will testify in an open senate hearing about russian meddling in last year's election. tomorrow's nationally
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televised hearing. president trump sat down with his cabinet today including attorney general jeff sessions. >> it's great to be here and celebrate this group. >> reporter: sessions will appear before lawmakers investigating russian meddling in the 2016 election. and answer their questions in a public hearing. >> the president has been clear. he wants this to get investigated as soon as possible and be done so he can continue with the business of the american people. >> reporter: sessions was expected to testify before a different committee tomorrow but after realizing most of the questions would be about the fired fbi director and russia, sessions said instead he will testify before the senate intelligence committee. >> question i'm interested in is what role he played if any. again in the comey firing because at that point he was supposed to be recused from that investigation and have
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nothing to do with it. >> reporter: session recused himself after revealing he had not disclosed two meetings with the russians in 2016. >> we're also aware that would make his continued engagement problematic. >> reporter: president trump is disputing much of comey's testimony and saying he's willing to give his version under oath. the white house says he may still invoke executive privilege depending on what the senators on the executive committee ask. we're going to have live coverage of sessions testimony starting tomorrow morning at 11:30 you can watch it right here on kpix5. the raiders may be headed for vegas but fans aren't giving up without a fight. how they could head to court to keep the team name and colors
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in oakland. and bill cosby's sexual assault case now in the hands of a jury. how the defense used one witness do make its final case.
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closed captioning is brought to you by living spaces. today marks one year since the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub. a series of tributes was held in the cities to remember the 49 lives lost. ♪ crowds joined outside the nightclub to show support for a community that is still mourning. the day of remembrance included songs and the reading of the names. >> i think that's the most emotional part for i think a lot of people too. the fact that you can find a helping hand and you don't even know the person next to you. >> president trump sent a tweet
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that said, nobody will forget those lost today. cosby did not take the stand during closing argumenting the defense called the defense witness unreliable with an inconsistent story. the defense called cosby a predator. for the first time, cosby wife was in court. the snow giving skiers another chance to enjoy the slopes.
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gearing up for a legal battle.. with the franchise. kpix 5's juliette goodrich explains how they're doing all they can to keep n-f-l football in oakland. the raider fans are gearing up with a legal battle with the franchise. julie good rich explains how they're doing everything they can to keep nfl football in oakland. warrior fans are banking tonight for a win. while basketball is taking center stage raider fans are not giving up on their fight. tonight they announced a coalition of fans joining
6:45 pm
forces to keep the raiders in oakland. >> we're breaking our silence on this situation and we're interested in exploring our options to keep professional football here in oakland. >> reporter: they everyone enlisted james quinn to take on the crusade. despite plans to build a stadium in las vegas in 2020. >> i can assure you we're going to take a long hard look to make sure we can couldn't to have nfl football and hopefully raider nfl football. >> reporter: raider fans say they looking into legal actions to keep the raider names and colors in oakland. >> to leonard, complete. touchdown. >> reporter: during the 1995 nfl season, legal action by the city of cleveland and cleveland brown ticketholders led to a compromise when the team left to baltimore to become the ravens. cleveland kept the team name and colors and a new team was
6:46 pm
reactivated in 1998. >> lay up, oh. >> reporter: while warriors fans have one thing on their mind tonight, a win. raiders fans aren't ready to say game over when it comes to the nfl in oakland. julia goodrich. more trouble in the world of retail. children's apparel retailer gymporee hopes to close hundreds of stores. the company has not yet announced which of the 1,200 stores will be closing. gymboree employed 1,200 people. some ski resorts now plan to stay open well into the summer. >> wow. >> wild weather catching people by surprise as they head up to the country too. >> and we have more from boreal
6:47 pm
mountain resort. >> reporter: that's right summer vacation. shorts, flip-flop and snow. >> this weather is unbelievable. we came up here for some sunshine. >> snowing in june, yeah. crazy. >> reporter: crazy that travelers had to check road conditions on highway 50 and highway 80 due to overnight snowfall roughly four to five inchings. >> on our way here when we were driving, we stopped a little bit and it's been snowing all night. there was snow all in the cabin. all on the stairs. >> reporter: travelers are having fun and taking to naming this wild weather. trading in the summer swelter for. >> swinter. >> why are you calling it swinter. >> because it's summer and winter combined. >> it's either swinter or wunter. so we chose swinter. >> we're going to make the most
6:48 pm
of it and enjoy the snow. >> we shouldn't be too surprised. back in february that trusty ground hog punxsutawney saw his shadow predicting six more weeks of winter. here in tahoe vacationers are still getting what they came for, a chance to enjoy the view and just chill. >> how much longer is swinter. >> we vote for swinter. >> i don't know. >> we did have .7 of an inch of rain. the airport only had a few .01 of an inch so napa must have been right under one of those cloud bursts. still a little windy out there. this shot is taken from a vantage point of sutro tower and concord has got 72 degrees. livermore 67. high def doppler was alive yesterday but today not picking up a thing.
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it's all headed east. overnight lows tonight santa rosa 51 and 53 degrees in san jose. sunrise at 50. very deep low followed by a very big high. that high will take a while to establish itself. when it does, 100 degrees by the weekends by the time we get into friday and saturday. futurecast shows a few puffs of low clouds to start out tuesday morning. tuesday morning will be one week away from summer solstice. kiss the low clouds goodbye. we'll be severely clear by tomorrow afternoon. even though this is a time lapse by wednesday evening there's not a puff of cloudiness in the sky after tomorrow morning. so it'll be cool, patchy clouds tonight. sunny on tuesday and seasonal finally as you will see in a minute we're going to get back
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to numbers that are dead on cue. finally it's been unusually cool. it'll begin to get warmer tomorrow and we'll get even warmer by the end of the week. san francisco 67. average 66. in concord 81. average 82. we're looking at plenty of sunshine. numbers will be from the mid- 70s to low 80s in los gatos and morgan hill. 76degrees for milpitas. east bay as well. now beginning to gently warm into the low 80s for fairfield and pittsburgh and antioch. livermore 81. up in marin still chilly by the shoreline. 67 at stinson beach.
6:51 pm
in salsalito 67. 81degrees in clover dale. as we look ahead. temperatures are on. into the upper80s by friday and into the 90s by the time we get into the weekend. we're going to get and how. >> no more swinter. giving mother hen as little help. the do it yourself nesting box that is could lead to a new batch of baby ducks. coming up on night beat at 10:00, we want to know how many games it's going to take to decide the nba champions between the warriors and cavs. will it be tonight? will it be five games, maybe six. seven. send me a tweet with your thoughts veronica dl cruz. i'll be reading your comments tonight. over on our sister station kbcw.
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ducks are nesting. but they are getting a little help. kpix 5 reporter john ramos shows us how. take a stroll through walnut creek's heather wildlife is in full display at one bay area park, nesting. >> but they're getting some
6:55 pm
help. >> take a stroll, and for those who look closely nature is in full display. >> you're in the suburbs but you're right there with the wildlife also. >> most of it occurs naturally but sometimes the wildlife get as little help. >> it's the interchild, the 8- year-old interchild that just loves this kind of stuff. >> bryan murphy is a volunteer with the california wood duck program aimed at repopulating urban areas like walnut creek city parks with one of nature's most beautiful and illusive water fowl. >> just for fun we thought we would put out boxes to see what happens and guess what. >> the murphy boxes gives them a place to nest and as you can see it's working. >> for us in the urban creek
6:56 pm
it's a learning process. >> have you learned a lot? >> oh yes. >> he's learned where to position boxes and how to keep squirrels out by sprinkling a little cayanne pepper. but you're lucky to ever see a wood duck because they're shy and hide in the creek. so why do it. >> all you have to do is open up a box with all the ducklings in there. >> you're hooked. >> you're hooked. >> the wood duck program has helped hatch 7,000 chicks statewide and many of them are living right under our noses you just have to slow down and look closely to see them. in walnut creek, john ramos, kpix5. >> ryan posts regular updates about local wood duck hatchings. you will find a list on our website. >> they sure are pretty. so cute. >> for news throughout the evening. >> join us for night beat at
6:57 pm
10:00. pg & e learned a lesson we cannot forget. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg & e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg & e was fined, placed on an outside monitor, placed under five years of probation and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone whether not be enough. pg & e is looking toward the future. we built a state of the art gas operation center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno that's why we're working every day to make pg & e the safest energy company in the nation.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how you folks? i appreciate that. thank you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and, boy, we got a good one for you today. finally, returning for their fifth and final day with a total 22,610 bucks, from netawaka, kansas, it's the champs, the childs family. [cheering and applause] and from milwaukee, wisconsin, it's the trimble family. [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win their self some cash, and today, if the childs family wins the game, they're going to drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's get it on. give me kai. give me bree. uh, ladies, here we go. we got the top 8 answers on the board. if a stripper called himself santa claus, name something he might use in his act. kai: a hat. steve: a hat. kai: santa claus hat. steve: pass or play? kai: play? play. steve: they're going to play. queen. theartrice: yes. steve: if a stripper called himself santa claus, name something he might use in his act. theartrice: i'm going say his beard. steve: his beard.


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