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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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potrero hill neighthborhood. that's right by highway 101. let's start our team coverage with susie steimle. >> reporter: good afternoon, as you know, we just heard an update from police just about a half-hour ago. we're just down the street from that facility that's been heavily lined with police throughout the day. they are going to stay in the area secure the building and they said they are even going to continue searching that to m everybody has gotten out ng ilbu safely. they are concerned that there may still be witnesses or leims viin ue . toftsi deinth search the buildings just to make sure that everybody has gotten out safely. at the same time they are going to continue searching the neighborhoods nearby. so many people were to ldthis happening. they are unclear if any key witnesses that may have information for them have a ig gone into another facility and might be waiting there just until they are told it is safe to come out. we have had a full update about what happened.
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fatystguan bereco ming toin9:00 morning, shooting three u.p.s. -- or six people tal, excuse me, three people have been confirmed dead, the shooter has shot himself in the head and here is the update from police that we ofar a timeline just a couple of minutes ago. >> at 8:55.m., sfpd officers responded to a call of several people shot at the u.p.s. building at 17th and san bruno. multiple officers responded and determined the suspect was in this was an active shooter situation and formed contact teams. officers encountered shooting victims and immediately evacuated them to a safe location to begin medical treatment. one contact team located the suspect who was still armed with an assault pistol. the suspect put the gun fired. officers secured the weapon and immediately administered aid to the suspec the building has been secured
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at this point. we believe the incident involves only one suspect. at this point, we do not believe this incidt en terotolaer t the suspect was dressed in a u.p.s. uniform but we ye confirmed or determined if he is an employee of the company. at this time, we have identified six shooting victims including the t.susp ec of the shooting victims. ildingor additional victims and witnesses who sheltered in place. >> reporter: now, we will continue to stand by. we have omard frpoback out at same location at 2:00 for another update. in the meantime, they will continue to search that building even searching u.p.s. boxes making sure that it is te inside. and they told us, it's going to be a long time. we're live in san francisco. susie steimle, kpix 5. >> the situation is ongoing.
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thank you. let's continue our am wa who had an emotional account from a wife of a u.p.s. employee. jackie. >> reporter: we're about a block away from the u.p.s. facility at potrero hill. ane has been blocked off for going on just about three hoceurwasitting on sidewalk and she was a little emotional and kept looking at her phone and i went up to her without the camera and just asked if she was okay and she said, my husband is inside th facility. of course, my at first question sahesh we okay? yse abyele orto communicate w her by phone call. she missed his call just before 9 a.m. inh wh heicsappen ed, idthough , because he was in th room when it happened. there's a weekly meeting that happens on the third floor where he works. i believe if that's where the meeting oo. iscome
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into the room take three people and shoot them execution-style. here's what she to say. she wanted to remain off camera for this interview. >> my husband called me and i got bits and pieces of it mainly wanted to let me knat hea owthatth, um , they, um, someone started shooting kind of execution style and from my understanding what helike three different people and he just e t why, um, kind of grateful and selfish that now i husband home don't. youdon't expect that. just going to work. >> reporter: she said that her husband hawork here for just about three years now and used the word family to describe this workplace situation. she says she knows a lot of the people who work inside that building because a lot of them were at her wedding ation and hearing rumors of the fatal
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victims who they might be, it's incredibly heartbreaking to hear this firsthand account. >> jackie ward live on the scene, thank you. and we also heard from a u.p.s. frt yn oftht ouyour coworkers thinking about the people that i care, my coworkers, my whole evlyfaht behi -- y.seve n shots inside and at least five outside. i was just -- i didn't wait to look at the guy. we got a meetinevery day g [ likeindiscernible ] to tell how the day is gonna be. and then we got [ indiscernible ] we all got that, um, today i was in my truck, the meeting a truck is just right behind the
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nter that it happened. it happened [ indiscernible ] i'm fr] usit [fe niomscerchdigiblng e experience. >> u.p.s. issued this statement this morning. the company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members and the community we share. our thoughts and prayers are with all those touched by this incident." >> the statement coming in from senator dianne feinstein: e details of this shooting, i'm hopeful that we can take away lessons to help prevent these acts from occurring in the future. w to address underlying roots of these tragic events we want to recap this mornning... --th was a shooting a sco ups buildi >> we want to take another live look outside of g cap wh happen this morning. a shooting at the san francisco u.p.s. rmildibuear th n in potrero 17 hill.
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it all started just before 8:5 00 situ. ation. the very latest, there are six shooting victims, four people are , oyees add the suspect. here's what we know about the shooter. a unfortunates spokesman says the shooter was an employee --u. ooter was an employee anthd confir med he pistol. self in the head and ast >> at this time police say they have contained the incident and the building is secure. police promising another briefing at 2 p.m. this afternoon and we are going to bring that to you live and we do have a am of reporters on the scene. we have been following other news out of virginia this morning. >> yeah. developing out of openre at a congressional baseball practice this morning wounding several people including house majority whip steve scalise at the eugene simpson stadium park 7 miles from the white house.
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weijia jatengmergcy crerepowsrt rushed injured house majority whip steve scalise into a helicopter after a shooter opened fire during an early- morning baseball practice for congressional icbase republ an fielding balls and all of a uddden we heard a rya logun. and the gunman was over by the third base dugout. >> reporter: other congressional staffers and members of police were also shot. texas congressman joe barton was there with his son. >> i behind the dugout. my son jack got s under waan su and he was very brave. >> reporterlice identified the shooter as po66-year-old : james hodgkinson of illinois. he ran a facebook group called ate rmthe republicans. senator bernie sanders says hodgkinson was a former campaign volunteer. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. >> reporter: the republicans were practicing for a baseball game scheduled for tomorrow
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against congressional democrats. the bipartisan charity event is -st a washington tradition. >> we are united in our shock. we are united in our anguish, n attack on one ofck on all ofs ldrsn't let our eewech shou differences divide we are unified. and when we work together for the common good. >> reporter: security measures have been stepped up around capitol hill in response to the shooting. democrats were also practicing at a field different from the one where the attack happened just a when they heard the gunshots, they immediately got together and saida prayer. as for the game tomorrow, it is still on. lawmakers say they will plleo a shaken the nation's capital.
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i can't imagine it's business as usual on the hill. >> reporter: definitely not. lawmakers got together. they heard from house speaker paul ryan and minority leader nancy pelosi and then they adjourned for the day. no proceedings, no votes, becauseverne isyo so whatever they can for their colleague and all right. weijia jang live in alexandria, thank you. scalise is the number 3 republican in the house. he wahas sh otbeen arrested several times in recent years for a number of charges including battery and drunken driving. east bay congressman swalwell spoke with kcbs radio this morning about that the shoeing. >> i don't think any of us ever think that anything is going to happen. and you see something like this and you realize, just, you du you cabe, especially on an open ball field. >> swalwell tweeted out, quote, pray for my gop colleague, staff and capitol police who
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were shot at their baseball practice. so sick to hear of this cowardly ambush. >> here in california, the chp works closely with the senate e inca l pitarms to keep our att vigilant and are prepared to respond to any potential threat. governor brown tweeting about today's shootings, writing, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by senseless violence today in san francisco. f and alexandria. we continue to follow that breaking news in san francisco. a deadly shooting at the u.p.s. facility. we'll get updates -- give you updates as the kpix weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we do have heat, we have watches and we have warnings. i'll talk about the day that will be the hottest as the news continues right after this.
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p-s facility in the potrero hill neighb breaking news t of san francisco where a gunman opened fire at a u.p.s. facility in the potrero earage with kpix 5's wilson walker. >> unfortunately, this is the kind of thing you have to fiepare for these days and the thing i saw when i got to empls whano y,knklew exactl y w to do. take a look. >> stay within our group for tha ask us questions. >> reporter: all right. th calleru your yoloved ones. but we're not going anywhere until we go back into the secure area and get debriefed
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by police and probably u.p.s., as well. w'swet sa of u.p.s. employees obviously a tremendous facility. a lot of people working there and tremendous grou atd nde med ps sortthen ofulti all moved back in and that's where theyre all quite now is they are in a church about a block behind us and presumably will be getting out in the next couple of hrs and maybe we'll learn a little bit more about what happened inside today. now, a lot of those folks had no idea what was ing go see anything. there were people that were closer to the shooting itself. have a listen to one of the witnesses. >> well, there was i don't know about 10 to 12 gunpoints from what i heard. it was right there at the u.p.s. facility across from where i park my car. 10 to 12 gunshots. >> reporter: you heard the gunshots? >> i heard them. i saw some employees on the roof almost -- >> reporter: what did it sound like? >> popping noise. maybe a pistol. und like a rifl i feel n'sot idit dlike he would have shot more. >> reporter: was it like pow,
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p.o.w., p.o.w.? >> a few series of bursts. yeah. beyond that i didn't count the say.lymebe there was ere twan ' police8. were on so site almost immediately. there were a few cop cars on site immediately. and. >> was it close enough that it was loud and you had to run for cover? >> i didn't really run for ver. was just more, i don't know, bewildered than anything. >> reporter: all right. one last note here. potrero hill still closed for blocks, this entire area shut toeer ear. inea anne, michelle, back to you guys. >> thank you, wilson walker. four people de at a shooting attaches facility ininlondon, a high-rise fire, at least 6 people are dead. more than 64 injured in the massive fire. teri okita has the story. >> reporter: witnesses say flames shot all the way up the
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24-story building overnight near the heart of london. many residents were sleeping. >> still sleeping on the highest floors. they didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: some trapped residents used clothing, anythingthey could to let firefighters know where they were. >> i heard some people said, help, from the 20th floor, 19th. they are flashing the lights and now they stop. i don't know what happened to them. >> reporter: others watched in rras some residents jumped from the burning inferno oionutr spde. >> please save me, save my children. >> reporter: police evacuated the area around the high-rise and smoke filled the air for hours. this fire sent ash d is tdehaan battled the blaze and crews are searching floor to floor looking for survivors. at least one man was pulled out alive. >> our focus today has to bean
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recovery. >> reporter: the cause is under investigation. but some residents blamed shoddy repairs. teri okita, cbs news, london. time for a check on our bay area weather. that's the good news of the day. it's beautiful outside. >> let's try to shift gears and bring in a little happiness to your life today. hi, everybody. check this out. we have blue skies, the coast is clear. the bay is looking awesome. a little bit of a breeze has just kicked up if you take a look at the flag on the fly on this flag day on top of pier 9. another particular view let's give the golden gate bridge some love now. another flag flying there in the breeze. that's been kicking up to 10. redwood city jumped to 74. meanwhile, in livermore, it is now 80 degrees. it is 75 in san jose. 80 in santa rosa after dipping down this morning to 48 degrees. now, the winds have been increasing now in san francisco 13, 17 sfo, along the coast half moon bay at 12. inland not so much. but these winds will pick up later this afternoon out of the
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northwest 10 to 20. i always love hearing from dana. usually in e afteoon, she lives in novato our weather watcher ere says it's 87 degrees in novato. thank you. the coast is clear. that's because we have this huge dome of high pressure that's building in. and as it does, warmer today than yesterday. additional warming takes place on thursday and friday. but our air quality to take a hit. by the week end, easily 100 star degrees away from the bay and the water into our inland areas so thathe t'high pressure that's encompassing the entire state of california. pinpointing your forecast today it's going to remain cool at the beaches in the 60s. 60s and cls mm to 80co toonward atherton and woodside. otherwise it will be 80 in san jose. a little warmer than that at los gatos and saratoga. low to mid-80s to the north.
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mid- to high 80s to the east. we're talking about high 70s tnds loouca ar toz darqy.he ne uiover 90 degrees on thursday away from the bay. we'll start to see heatwaings friday and through father's day on sunday. then a break in the heat on monday. that's a look at your bay area weather forecast. don't go away, we'll be right back.
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pocluding the gunman, at a upsto lityceci fajackie? four people are dead including a gunman at a u.p.s. facility in san francisco. kpix 5's jackie ward live with an update from police. jackie. >> reporter: and we have new video that is very fresh into our newsroom right now. let's take you there right now. this is keat wh its thpeak earlier thi morning. as you can tell, police cars, dozens of ambulances, fire trucks, fire engines, the sfpd tactical team was here, the mobile command unit was here. and they had paramedics on hand, as well. so paramedics were entering the building and trying to see what they could do to tend to the victims there. and sfpd has said they will be scouring this extremely large tycilifauno
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avenue for quite some time. ns batbuu ildiur meand it will it's a very large facility. we are going ch any u.p.s. vans, store rooms, boxes, we'll have explosive ordnance detective dogs as a precauon explosives. going to take time for those officers to search. and we'rgonna have additional teams to relieve them. a lot of them were first responders. they need a break. so we'll bring in additional officers to give them relief while the search continues. >> reporter: so although this remains still a very it acve been in this situation the past hour or so. we're getting another briefing from san francisco police around 2 p.m. and we'll be bringing that to you live right here on kpix 5. anne? >> thank you. we'll be rht b ac
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that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. of course, we are going keep you updated on this deadly shooting at the u.p.s. facility in san francisco. we'll have more at 2 p.m. this afternoon.
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♪ what thi$6,700 contribution to >> bill: w oospital? h, y>>eah. it has a distinct smell of a merit badge. did you start your "saving the world" project using my money while i was gone? >> liam: no, dad. mary in payroll nehasu tedy.o ve you know -- mary. she's worked here 22 years. >> wyatt: yeah, he's not paying attention. >> liam: [ sighs ] yeah, forget it. >> bill: the police have the person who was taking potshots at quinn. wistt>> o mom: kay? >> bill: katie says that was eila carter.d the shooter... >> liam: what? >> wyatt: why -- why -- why do i know that name? >> bill: because she's one of


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