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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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employee. he came into a meeting at 8:55 this morning shot three of his coworkers before killing himself. hundreds of u.p.s. employees were told to evacuate and neighbors sheltered in place as police used tactical gear including this bobcat to secure the area. marvin calderon who works for u.p.s. was just arriving this morning when it happened. >> so quick in front of you thinking about your kids, thinking about your coworkers. >> reporter: police just finished a full sweep of the facility over the past couple of hours where they found one person still hiding inside unsure if it was safe to come out. >> this is a frightful scene and we just wanted to make sure someone wasn't so terrified that they were -- that they were hiding and we didn't know that they were inside the facility. >> reporter: hundreds work here so sifting through eyewitness accounts will take considerable me. ti ays lintce. s ic>> theff officers did what th were trained to do and when we have an acveshooter we
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engage to stop the shooting and the officers did that. >> reporter: police aren't releasing any victim names but thldave ey us tothey have spoken with next of kin. they say the biggest task is to finish the interviews they collected on scene today and there are hundreds of people that they need to speak to that's a huge facility and packages 'tcoult dno ou gof the any idea when employees will return to work? >> reporter: that's still an unknown right now. obviously, the investigation is the priority but we have heard from police that the employees who were evacuated will at least be able to go back inside the building and get what they left behind. >> all right, susie steimle reporting live from potrero hill, thank you, susie. we're also learning more about the shooter. kpix 5's joe vazquez with how
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witnesses describe the gunman. joe. >> reporter: yeah. liz, according to sfpd police sources, they have confirmed the identity of the gunman jimmy lamb according to a coworker who worked here for a decade and everyone is still in shock. >> possible active shooter, suspect is an employee asian male named jimmy lamb. >> reporter: he was a hot head a witness tells kpix 5 a man with a short temper who sometimes had arguments with other coworkers but apparently had a specific gripe with one particular person today. >> it was pop, pop, pop. seven shots. >> reporter: he didn 't he worked in a different part of town in the sunset.
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>> get out, get out, gunshots, go, go, go. and everybody started running. >> reporter: a couple of other coworkers tell were not surpri lam targeted the victims. more than one employee says, lam walked right past other u.p.s. workers this morning and opened fire directly on his target. one wife of rksahea p.u.husband told her the gunman was shooting people in cold blood. >> he started shooting execution-style and from my understanding three different people. >> reporter: one u.p.s. worker says his coworkers are in shock and they are still trying to understand what happ ed end why ofe ontheir colleagues decided to take out his frustrations on so many atrsla str ikinjig is dmmozens y of m workers arrived back at the facility here take location and debriefed by n toheanot they are just r
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hanging their heads a lot of them still trying to understand what happened. one of them told me these are family members and sometimes they fight. but they never expected anything like this to happen here. >> all right, joe. thank you. and we are learning more about some of the victims of today's shooting, as well. the injured rushed to san francisco general hospital and that's where some family members got the news that their loved ones died. andria borba has rt thep oorf tepa well, ken, as susie said just moments ago, sfpd has not formally released the names of the victims but we have independently confirmed at least one of those victims and the extraordinary measures one man took to make se that man did not die alone. this person confirmed that among those killed was michael [ inaudible ] friends called him big major and that's how he ucinodhiedtrf walking home from work past the u.p.s. facility when the shooting
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happened. >> said his name was mike and he called him the big samoa. nice guy big man. >> reporter: mcdonald says the father of three was shot in the back face down on the pavement and bleeding profusely. while waiting for paramedics, he said big mike kept talking. >> he didn't understand why he got shot, why he had -- he knew who he was. he said he was a driver. and he said that, um, he had no bad blood with him. >> reporter: mcdonald says big mike spoke about his three kids. >> you know, to let them know that he loves them and everything like that and i didn't know how to pass the message but i guess this is god's way of saying, hey, this is his family, he loves his family and his kids and everything like that. >> reporter: mcdonald, who was walking to a gas station to get a soda, says he stayed with big mike until he was finall removed by sfpd and paramedics. >> if he was going to die, he didn't need to die alone. he just is a human being that
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deserves another human being kindly to sit through -- spend owe time with him, , u knto hid m anand listen to what he had to say. for once shut my mouth and listen and he said he had faith and he loves his family and his children and, you know, he didn't do anything to this man, you know, and he doesn't understand why he shot him. >> reporter: now, coming up on kpix 5 news at 6:30, a special edition, we will hear more from people in the neighborhood where big mike raised his children about what kind of father and man he was. ken, back to you. >> it's such a tragedy. all right. andria borba, thank you. there's been an outpouring of support for the u.p.s. workers affected by the shooting. allen martin is here with more on that. >> reporter: liz, governor jerry brown weighed in on the tragedy this morning calling it senseless violence. san francisco mayor ed lee went to the u.p.s. facility himself. he wanted to show support
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the victims. >> these tragedies are so r terrible and they, of course, bring us together and from u.p.s., um, i personally felt -- i know my driver. . heworking lyonalpe people and we know them. we know them in every, single neighborhood. >> mayor lee was joined by the u.p.s. president for northern california. >> if i could at this time just ask all of you to please, please keep u.p.s. in your prayers and all of those impacted. >> u.p.s. is making counselors available for employees and their families. senator dianne feinstein also released this statement: i was heartbroken to learn that yet another senseless act of violence has marred our wonderful city. my heart goes tout out victims and families to to everyone affected by this despicable act. of course, dianne feinstein was county supervisor at the time san francisco mayor george
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moscone and harvey milk were killed in 1978. >> thank you. our reporters are following up on several leads regarding this shooting. our coverage continues at 6:30 after a special hour long edition of the "cbs evening news." and we are following more breaking news near fairfield where travis air force base is on lockdown. veronica de la cruz is here with what we know so far. veronica. >> reporter: well, liz, right now, the base is only calling it a security incident. official shut down the main gate about 90 minutes ago and told people to stay inside with doors and windows locked. the traffic around the base is at a standstill. a short time ago we saw people calmly filing out of the commissary. this appears to bend. base officials put out a note on facebook something them to stay away. and we'll have much more on this coming up a 6:30.
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the base issued a security lockdown but officials say it's not part of the drill. we have any new information as etwe it. we'll have much tonight at 6:30. liz and ken? >> thank you. a gop leader was shot and four people wounded. mola lenghi mole says the shooter was targeting republicans specifically. mola. >> reporter: if not for the actions of two capitol police, lawmakers say this morning's shooting could have been much, much worse. gunfire rang out at a congressional baseball practice in alexandria, virginia this morning four people hit including house majority whip steve scalise shot in the hip. >> he dragged himself at being shot into the field. >> reporter: lawmakers ran for cover. >> you hear run, he's got a gun
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you don't think about it. you run. >> get down! stay down! >> reporter: congressional police returned fire killing the shooter, 66-year-old hodgkinson of illinois. congressman said the gunman approached him in the parking lot and asked him which political party was practicing. >> i responded to say republicans were practicing and he proceeded to shoot republicans. take that for what it's worth. >> reporter: investigators are looking into the gunman's motives but he post the anti- trump sentiments on his social media and had volunteered for bernie sanders' presidential campaign. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. >> reporter: democrats were practicing on a nearby field and stopped to pray when they heard what happened. president trump called for unity. >> we are strongest when we are unified. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> reporter: lawmakers say the game will go on tomorrow as planned. >> we're not going to let incidents like this change our
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way of life or our daily routine. >> reporter: security measures are stepped up around the capital in response to the shooting. authorities say the sheriff's department was called to the shooter's home in illinois earlier this year for firing a rifle near one of his neighbors' homes. but no charges were ever filed. ken? >> yeah, mola, you mentioned increased security at the capitol building. look around. what sort of added measures are you seeing from your vantage point there? >> reporter: just a heavier capitol police presence. there's a huge campus between the capitol itself, the perimeter offices where the senators and congressmen are. you will notice an increased police presence at the buildings out on the streets, more police cruisers, um, just a higher level of security to make, um, to make the, um, lawmakers here, um, feel, um, certainly, um, um, a lot more secure, um, in these -- in these um, you know, shake ee
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moments. >> understandable. mola lenghi reporting live from capitol hill, for us, thank you. other players on the republican team described what they saw and heard as they ran for their lives. >> we didn't exactly know where the shots were coming from. but it was loud. it was constant. >> everybody was in the line of fire. the people in the dugout were -- were seeing the bullets careening off the dirt. >> fortunately, there was return fire from the capitol police to keep the shooter at bay. >> lawmakers and witnesses agree those unbelievably brave capitol police officers saved countless lives by putting themselves in the line of fire. keep it here on kpix 5 because we'll have more on the shooting in alexandria on "cbs evening news" at 5:30 with scott pelley from washington, dc. a deadly inferno at a london apartment building. >> coming up, the the death toll rises. >> plus, as warriors fans gear up for tomorrow's big parade, a
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visit to the white house could be forced to the sidelines. >> and a heat wave on the way. where you can expect triple- digit temperatures.
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getting word that contra costa county district attorney mark om office. some breaking news to tell you about right no. getting word that contra costa county district attorney mark peterson has resigned from office! it came just hours after he pled no contest to a felony charge. he was facing allegations of spending more than $66,000 in campaign cash on personal expenses. peterson resigned this afternoon. we'll have more on this story ahead tonight at 6:00. a late update onty are atat that was going on at travis air force base in fairfield. the facility was put on lockdown this afternoon.
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just now, getting word that this was all sparked by a mistaken report of a shooting. military police focused on the base commissary there. short time ago we saw people coming out, filing out of that building. what appears to be the bx or the commissary. now we hear that it was all a false alarm. switching gears, the death toll is expected to rise after a fire destroyed a high-rise apartment building in the middle of the night in london. at least 12 people died, more than 70 are injured. brook silva-braga shows us the investigation under way at the scene. >> reporter: firefighters are going floor by floor searching for survivors inside 24 story apartment tower that went up in flames overnight in london. the building was still smoldering wednesday. >> this is a completely unprecedented fire. in my 29 years in london fire brigade, i have never seen a fire of this nature. >> reporter: many of the building's residents were asleep when the fast-moving
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fire started and had very little t ople tiwere just waving on the top floor. >> i feel very helpless because we can watch the fire burning terrible flames and people are dying inside. >> reporter: witnesses say people trapped inside used lights on their cell phones and waved clothing to get firefighters' attention. others tossed children out of windows to save them from the smoke and flames. >> people jumping and throwing kids, please save my children. >> reporter: a community group says it warned london officials that safety concerns with the building's firefighting equipment could lead to a catastrophic event here. now residents want answers. >> i have not heard alarms only heard in my house smoke alarms. >> it is not fire alarms around here working i don't know why the fire brigade didn't break the glass to send people out. >> reporter: he cause is
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under investigation. but some residents blame shoddy repairs. brook silva-braga, for cbs news, london. the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial now in its third day of deliberations. [ hey, hey, hey! >> that was bill cosby the reference there to fat albert one of 'st nit as he left court with no verdict. reacting to people outside the courthouse. today jurors asked to review testimony that accuser andrea constand gave on the stand. cosby accused of drugging and assaulting her in 2004. the median has pled not guilty. warriors fans are gearing up for tomorrow's big victory parade in oakland. but kpix 5 reporter kiet do tells us, another possible celebration has the team talking tonight. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. we're live here outside of the practice facility in downtown oakland. first off, yes, kevin durant wants to stay. maybe he will take less money.
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yes, of course, steph curry wants to stay. maybe he will take less money, as well. but the other big thing that everybody is talking about is this team going to go to the white house if they get invitations? that is tbd. first things first, no, the warriorses are a team have not talked about any possible visit to the white house. >> i personally would do the right thing for me and [ indiscernible ] about what's going ongoing forward but probably more to come on that. 'rthororep fw r: no paraeyde tomorrow where more th a million people will show up. as for visiting president trump? shaun livingston described how the team meeting will go down. >> how we handle things is we talk about it as a team first. our captain leads the panel. guys weigh in. everybody has a voice. >> reporter: kevin durant says he got more than 200 text messages congratulating him after the win monday night. one of which was from former president barack obama. >> just congrats, you know,
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congrats, he say i play great defense. and to enjoy it. it was special. >> reporter: the players were mostly guarded about their political beliefs but when asked if president trump had texted him, durant had this to say [ laughter ] >> hell no. >> reporter: all righty. so the other moment came by way of kevin durant who said that the most memorable text message he got out of that crazy night came from his ex-girlfriend from high school. he is not sure how she got his cell number but he saw a recent picture of her and said she still looks good. live in downtown oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. >> okay. meanwhile, the stage is set outside the old henry k. kaiser convention center in oakland for tomorrow's praise of champions. and parking restrictions are already in effect. some fans told us they plan to show up as early as 5 a.m. tomorrow to stake out a spot. the floats will launch from old oakland at 1 a.m. and travel through downtown to the big rally at lake merritt.
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we'll have live coverage of the parade of champions starting tomorrow morning at 9:30. we are now within a week of the summer solstice next tuesday and boy are we going to be setting the stage! numbers will climb over 100 degrees by the weekend and stay there. all the way through next week! so enjoy today's cool weather while you can. got the forecast coming up after a break.
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hello, hi, welcome back. we did warm up today as we -- the numbers raced toward 90 degrees inland and we're going to hold them there for a day before they continue an upward climb as we get into saturday, sunday and monday. it's going to be hot and once it gets hot, it will approach the level of a heat wave where we're forecasting four or five days with temperatures over 100 degrees inland. for the moment, concord at only 88 degrees. we'll look like the big chill by this weekend. oakland 72.
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livermore 85 degrees. in san francisco, it's 63. santa rosa 84 degrees. overnight lows tonight will give us a little bit of a respite incredible every inland with napa down to 54 and santa rosa 50, san jose 56 degrees and in san francisco 54. sun-up tomorrow at 13 minutes before 6 a.m. this is what's happening. high pressure will build in but slowly as a few high clouds right over the top of the high tomorrow. so these high clouds are going to come into the bay area a bit so, you know, out at the parade or during our coverage you will notice some high clouds overhead. and that's going to serve to keep temperatures i wouldn't say down but they are not going to -- again, they are not going to increase much tomorrow because of that shield of high clouds. but then that will change as we get into friday and saturday. so the high slowly builds and as we head over to oakland, forecast for tomorrow just to give you an idea of what it's going to be like for the celebrations, temperatures will approach as you can see the mid- 70s by midday. you see in the distance the high clouds. it will be flowing in over the bay area. and oakland. so tonight will be mostly
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clear. sun/cloud mix for thursday. the big heatup begins on friday. takes us into numbers that are near 100 degrees by saturday and we're going to be inland above 100 degrees for three, four, five days in a row. so that's why they have an excessive heat warning posted already for most of the bay area. hot inland, 90s and low 100s. it will be mild at the shoreline. this is not one of those offshore events where you get hot winds pushed to the shoreline. do stay hydrated if you are inland. and inland is where most of the headlines will be. temperatures tomorrow not too bad, about average. 72 in san francisco, 82 in san jose. look head pressure is up, heat is on! saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday and wednesday, every day above 100 degrees inland! stay tuned for that. and for this. we'll be right back.
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preview. "..." a special edition of "cbs evening news" is coming up next. scott pelley is here with a preview. >> reporter: hi, ken and liz. up next, we're on capitol hill with the latest on the gunman angry with republicans, who opened fire wounding a member of the congressional leadership and three others. the gunman was killed in a shootout. we'll have the late-breaking news on what's being called an attack on american democracy coming up in a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. and ahead at 6:30, continuing coverage of the u.p.s. shooting here in san francisco.
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allen and veronica will be back in 30 minutes. ♪[ music ] captioning sponsored by cbs ( gunfire ) >> pelley: members of congress under attack. a gunman opens fire on prpublicans practicing for a charity ballgame. g as soon as the gunman is down, i ran out to steve. >> pelley: house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana is critically wounded. >> many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capitol took downicers who took down the gunman. >> pelley: outrage at the apitol. >> i am sickened by this ableicable act. >> pelley: but unity, too, as democrats pray for their g.o.p. colleagues. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. ( applause )


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