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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the parade of champions covered from every angle! jaclyn dunn and rocky theus have everything you need to know before you head out today but first less check in with jackie ward along the parade route where more fans are starting to arrive. >> reporter: people are lining up five hours before the celebration gets going but five hours is nothing compared to the dedicated fans who actually camped out overnight. we spoke to someone yesterday to planned to hang out on a patch of grass on lake merritt until noon today. >> i might get some mosquito bites or other few rodents but, um, i'm a little scared but i got these guys here to, you know, to help me and encourage me to be here for the nba champions. >> reporter: last night and early this morning city workers
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were setting up lots of barricades gearing up for the fans. we have already seen fans with water and backpacks. if you thought the 2015 warriors parade was big, just you wait! because this year the city of oakland is expecting 500,000 more people to be here. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> as everyone is getting packed up for the day, there are some things you don't want to forget at home. kpix 5's roqui theus is live along the parade in oakland with what "dubs" fans can bring. >> reporter: thank you so much, michelle. we are out here right now fans have been trickling in since about 4 a.m. security has been out here since 9:30 p.m. they are out here now. they have parade tents and folks will check in for the parade and, of course, the media check-in as well and as you can see barricades right
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here as well for the lines for check-in. now, we do want to remind you that there are some things security wants to you make sure you bring today if you are coming out. first, sunscreen, hats, water, of course, to stay hydrated and then of course you want to bring a backpack or purse. but there are regulations. you don't want to bring any duffel bag or suitcases. make sure your backpack and purses are relatively small or medium sized. and make sure you remember all bags including those backpacks and purses will be subject to be searched at the entrance of the rally. and signs and banners are permitted under the following guidelines. they don't want to have any signs or banners obstructing sight lines at the parade or rally. also, make sure they don't say any bad words or things of that nature. oakland police department will patrol all around downtown oakland. they will have all hands on deck. i spoke with oakland police department and there are no days off for any officers. all the deputies will be on
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duty today securing the area. so if you are out here today, i hope you will be out here, make sure you're keeping a lookout and watching your back and the people around you, as well. make sure you're able to report any suspicious activity or items that you see throughout downtown oakland. make sure you report that to the oakland police department. back to you. >> thank you. jaclyn, you have some advice for people heading out there today. >> yes. good luck. [ laughter ] >> right? >> it's going to be a great day but there's going to be a lot of street closures and you're going to need to pack your patience because you're going to need it. there's going to be a lot of people out there. have fun but keep in mind, the crowds will be building. don't get frustrated. just got to plan ahead. so if you can use mass transit, that would be definitely the best route to go because parking is going to be
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difficult. street closures are in effect. 880 through oakland, right now, not too bad. this is about the time to hit the roads and head over there. it's going to be jam-packed hour by hour as we get closer to the parade. some street closures to tell you about right now, the parade route is along broadway. it begins at broadway and 11th. it goes down to grand avenue to harrison to 19th and then right on lakeside drive and then it ends over at oak street but many surrounding streets will be closed or are already closed. they went into closures last night. so do expect delays and even when the parade wraps up and the rally is finished, there will still be those street closures many of them in effect until at least 6 p.m. tonight. so plan accordingly. that is a check of your traffic. i'll send it over to roberta gonzales for a check on the forecast. the parade steps off officially at 10:00 this morning. good morning, everyone. so we thought we would go ahead and provide you with what to anticipate. 10 a.m. low 70s so we warm up very
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rapidly by the end of the parade as we enter the rally, 76 degrees. that's our forecast high for the oakland area under mostly sunny skies. hydrate, don't forget that hat as well or your sunglasses. good morning, we're taking a look out from the embarcadero in an easterly direction towards the bright lights of oakland and the port of oakland this morning where currently we're off to a mild start. this is another view from the transamerica pyramid. oakland sporting 57 degrees. it is 58 now in redwood city. in the low 50s in santa rosa. later today we're talking about numbers unseasonably warm away from the bay. 76 oakland, berkeley, emeryville, back through richmond. high 70s in fremont, union city and milpitas. but notice the numbers jump to the east and to the north. high 80s and low 90s. 70s and 80s across the peninsula. 84 degrees in san jose when your average high is 79. so again we're talking about the parade of champions today
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with the sunshine at 76 degrees. enjoy your day. you can see the warriors victory parade right here on kpix 5. we'll bring it to you live starting at 9:30 a.m. california lawmakers are set to vote on a spending plan today for next year's state budget. governor brown says it will add money to the state's reserves and expand a tax credit for low- income families. it's also expected to entail new investment in education and social services. and in the nation's capital, members of congress will come together tonight for a charity baseball game one day after house majority whip steve scalise and four others were shot at practice. investigators continue to piece together what led up to the crime. 66-year-old james hodgkinson had expressed opposition to republican policy and president trump in social media posts. he was from belleville, illinois, but had recently moved to the dc area. a local bartender remembered him. >> very gruff.
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he didn't strike me as a particularly nice fellow or, um, very good to talk to. >> scalise remains in critical condition in the hospital. the charity baseball game between republicans and democrats members of coming is an annual tradition dating back to 1909. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a u.p.s. worker to open fire on his coworkers at a facility in san francisco. four people died two others are hurt. kpix 5's jessica flores live outside the complex in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: right now there's a growing memorial in front of the u.p.s. facility. this is the site less than 24 hours ago of chaos and tragedy. u.p.s. workers were gathering for a morning meeting when a fellow u.p.s. worker opened fire. san francisco police say 38- year-old jimmy lam shot and
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killed three coworkers then turned the gun on himself. it triggered a "shelter in place" for the potrero hill neighborhood and hundreds of u.p.s. employees fled as panic spread. sfpd says the gunman shot himself in the head as soon as they made contact. this morning, we're learning more about the victims who died. if you see on your screen, pictured here are 50-year-old san francisco resident benson louie and 46-year-old hercules resident michael lefiti. 56-year-old wayne chan also died in the shooting. two other victims were taken to the hospital and police say several people were hurt trying to escape. >> i started screaming get out, get out, gunshots, gunshots, gunfire, go, go, go, everybody started running. >> reporter: police say it's unclear if the shooter knew his victims but what we have learned in the past day is that he filed a grievance with his company. he felt like he was being overworked but, of course, police are still working to determine the motive.
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many workers showing up here today. there's a u.p.s. truck crossing me as i'm speaking so people are coming to work. obviously, it's a very difficult time for them as police still on scene here investigating. reporting live i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the man accused of shooting an east bay church statue will formally be charged today. police arrested 34-year-old eric mullen of san leandro after reports of shots fired at [name] church on saturday. officers found evidence that a statue on the property had been damaged by gunfire. he faces multiple charges including vandalizing religious property and resisting arrest. time now is 5:09. the u.s. military is poised to join the fight against wildfires in california this season. >> and after years of contentious debate, the uncertainty surrounding the delta tunnel project may soon come to an end. >> here we go!
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good morning, everybody, from the kpix weather center. the heat begins today. plus, we'll talk about what you can expect for the warriors forecast. >> and it's been a quiet start to your thursday morning drive but we are tracking a new accident. they just issued a "sig alert." we'll have all the details on the backup coming up. ♪
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six unmanned drones that troll the skies over afghanistan, iraq and other nations in conflict.. are good morning, everybody. we do have bright sunshine today in your forecast. this is a spectacular sunrise in progress right now over the mount vaca area. and in the east bay let's stay with the theme. we have the parade of champions at 10 a.m. this morning. 71 degrees. a quick rise in the temperature in oakland under mostly sunny skies. it will be in the mid-70s during the rally that takes place immediately afterwards. traffic and weather in less than 4 minutes. 6 unmanned drones patrolling the skies over afghanistan, iraq and other nations in conflict are based in a southern california airbase. the mq9 reapers have been training drone pilots since 2016. flying them out of march air reserve base will make it
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easier on fire personnel especially in terms of travel time. >> we'll be able to go out there and look for lost hikers, fire season is coming up so we'll be able to be support more effectively out of here. >> the colonel added he hopes to bring in four more additional reapers with more men to pilot them a man suspected in a series of robberies at san jose liquor stores and pharmacies is now in jail. the suspect was found near alvin avenue and flanagan drive. police say he tried to flee by driving through a fence but officers took the man into custody along with a juvenile. the teenager was with the man when the crimes took place, 11 of them. authorities believe the suspects may have also targeted stores beyond the san jose area. the delta tunnel project could be moving forward. we now know the state's most powerful water agencies plan to vote on the project by september. the governor says it will cost
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$15 million to overhaul the plumbing system through the sacrament-san joaquin delta. they are deciding who will pay for it. time to check in with jaclyn dunn. how are the roads? >> we are seeing some activity down in the south bay. this is an earlier crash. chp issued a "sig alert" but they have already canceled it. it was along northbound -- excuse me, southbound 880 right at the alameda off-ramp there and it was a truck that hit some trees but looks like they got it cleared and canceled the "sig alert" speeds back in the green so that's good news. through the altamont pass westbound 580 slow going as well as westbound to 205 out of tracy. nothing unusual about that. we are in the yellow just right around a 30-minute commute for drivers making their way on out towards the dublin-pleasanton interchange. good morning to the folks over at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic still moving right at the limit any minute though you will be turning on those metering lights so do expect delays to build over at the
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maze. your ride along 880, looking a bill crowded along that stretch. more crowds than what we typically see for this time of the morning. lots of "diamonds & rubies" out there. if you are going to be in oakland today be prepared for lots of crowds. we have the parade as well as an oakland a's game so lots of fun stuff going on but definitely going to see those delays. plan ahead. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:16. good morning, everybody. all eyes on oakland today for the champion parade and also as you were mentioning, jaclyn, we have the a's baseball game. let's get to it right now live weather camera from the embarcadero due east. you can see the bright lights of the port of oakland in the background. we also are looking in the direction of the estuary. how about this? wow, isn't that glorious? the sun is beginning to come up and the skies are brightening. we have 51 degrees in santa rosa. not as cool this morning as 24 hours ago. in the mid-50s in redwood city. mid-50s across the board this morning. the winds have been ramping up
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along the seashore and also around the bay. san francisco a westerly at 15. 17 now at sfo. under 10 around the beaches. we do have a 13-mile-per-hour wind at this moment in antioch, 11 in concord back through walnut creek. 17 in fairfield. winds will be west and northwest 10 to 20 later. oh, good morning to dave. he is our weather watcher in napa reporting 53 degrees and he says, it's clear and mild in napa this morning. dave, i always appreciate your report because i can verify it with our satellite and radar. we have lots of clear skies across the north bay, swath of: due west at the san mateo seashore. we have clouds from time to time, but it will be mostly sunny and warmer everywhere. heat watch in effect tomorrow for inland areas through father's day. and this weekend 100 degrees easily on saturday and sunday. area of low pressure bringing some rain showers and cool conditions to the pacific northwest. but we are under that right
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there. the influence of that huge dome of high pressure. that will contribute to our warming trend. 5:47 official sunrise. the sun does set at 8:33. smack in between today, 60s beaches, high 60s, 70s across the bay. 88 in santa rosa. unseasonably warm also in throughout the tri-valley to the low 90s towards the delta and fairfield. rio vista, as well. we have 70s and 80s common around the peninsula while san jose you're typically at 79 this time of the year, instead 84 degrees. extended forecast the heat is on tomorrow. with it, as the temperature goes up, the air quality goes down. i would not be too surprised to see a "spare the air" day going into effect with hazy sunshine through the weekend, triple digits you know, summer officially arrives next wednesday and the heat will still be on throughout that prolonged weather period. all right. let's talk about the parade of champions. now, it's going to be number one and the player decker bus guess is going to be the first one out. no. you didn't get that. it's klay thompson! yeah! my klay. he is going to be number one,
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kevin durant number 3. in the mid-70s today towards the rally kick off at 71 as we step off and i think jaclyn was alluding to earlier we have a a's baseball game and guess who is in town! it's the yankees. so we know we're going to get about 40,000 people at the game tonight. clear skies, 65 degrees. we have sonny gray on the mound for the good guys. that's a look at your weather report. hey, anne, i don't want to stick my tongue out at you this morning like gene simmons. >> it's early for that. but apparently this is what we're talking about. this guy wants to make his famous hand gesture official. he filed a trademark application for his devil horns. the rocker claims that he first used the gesture in 1974 during a kiss world tour but critics say, well, it dates way back before him to the creation of buddhism. others say john lennon used it back in the '60s.
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any minute now there could be a new world record set over niagra falls. a wallenda is have a stunt dangling by her feet. she will be suspended from a helicopter about 300 feet above the water, one hanging from the toes and one by her teeth. her husband hung by his teeth 250 feet above silver dollar city in 2011. dodgeball fans will love this. the cast back together and it's for a good cause. >> before crossfit, before paleo, before soulcycle, there was only one name in fitness. >> hello, losers. miss me? >> ben stiller joined vince vaughan and others for the latest charity sweepstakes. whoever bids the most will get to play dodgeball with the
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stars. all of the money raised is going toward the stiller foundation that provides education for children around the world. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a warriors star gets a text from an ex-girlfriend! and three days after winning the championship, one warrior is jumping ship to a rival! we'll tell you about it coming up. >> and what's cool about summer camp? email your nomination to us at coolc, and we may feature your camp on the thursday morning show.
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we're taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are stacking up. you can see traffic backing up beyond the grand overcrossing. it looks like they will be turning on those metering lights any minute. but right now, travel time in the green across the span. a new accident in san francisco. we'll have more on that but first a check on sports with dennis. good morning, everybody. big news out of warrior camp last into the. the logo jerry west who had been an adviser is going to the los angeles clippers in the same position. kevin durant has his phone has
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been going off non-stop with texts from everybody. including an ex-president to an ex-girlfriend. >> i had 200 texts. i never got that many text messages. president obama sent a text through somebody to get to me which was -- that was incredible. my high school girlfriend when i was in senior year i haven't talked to in a while texted me and congratulated. kind of weird. i didn't know she had my number. >> oh-oh. giants and royals falling a long way since the 2014 world series. johnny cueto allowed 5 runs, kansas city 7-2 winners. the a's jacob was throwing out souvenirs. they led 4-0 at one point but miami's top four hitters drove in 11 runs.
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including marcell ozuna who doubles home the player. ozuna with three runs batted n miami 11-6. the a's have just nine road wins this year. big day today. you got the u.s. open teeing off, and you have the warriors parade with ken bastida myself and a cast of thousands at 9:30. see you then. play of the day, major league baseball, yankees in anaheim. the angels with the bases loaded. >> that was hit well. >> a play! >> that's aaron hicks bringing one back with a leaping catch. he keeps the lead for the yankees and earns our play of the day. time is 5:26. new indications this morning that president donald trump is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice. >> and a growing memorial at the site of yesterday's mass shooting in san francisco.
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i'm live at the u.p.s. facility with the very latest coming up. ♪
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♪ may have motivated the shooting targeting a u-s congressman. weather ad libs traffic ad libs we're learning more about what may have motivated the shooting targeting a u.s. congressman. >> the heat is on. i'll talk about the hottest places today, plus we will have the parade of champions forecast. >> and we are seeing a big backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. but this isn't going to be your own route that's slow this morning. we'll have the details coming up. >> good morning, it is thursday, june 15. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. friends and family members are remembering the victims who were shot at a u.p.s. facility in san francisco yesterday. four people died and two others
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are recovering. kpix 5's jessica flores live outside the facility with the latest. jessica. >> reporter: anne, right now there's a growing memorial in front of the facility. let me show you what we're looking at. we have candles, flowers and signs, notes for the victims in yesterday's mass shooting. this is the scene of chaos less than 24 hours ago as one u.p.s. worker shot his fellow u.p.s. workers and killed them. san francisco police say 38- year-old jimmy lam shot and killed three coworkers then turned the gun on himself. it happened during a morning meeting. the shooting triggered a "shelter in place" for the potrero hill neighborhood and hundreds of u.p.s. employees streamed out as panic spread across the facility. this morning, we're learning more about the victims who died. pictured here are 50-year-old san francisco resident benson louie and 46-year-old hercules resident michael lefiti. 56-year-old wayne chan also died in the shooting. two other victims were taken to
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the hospital. sfpd says the gunman shot himself as soon as police made contact. >> suspect put the gun to his head and discharged the weapon. none of our officers fired. >> reporter: police say it's unclear if the shooter knew any of his victims and what we have learned in the last 24 hours is that the shooter apparently did file a grievance with u.p.s. he felt like he was overworked. but, of course, the motive is still under investigation. >> reporter: essica flores, kpix 5. the annual democrats versus republicans baseball game will go on as planned today in washington, dc. louisiana congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition after he was shot while practicing for the charity game with fellow republicans. the shooter, 66-year-old james hodgkinson, was shot and killed during the attack. federal investigators are reviewing his online activity.
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he posted anti-trump rhetoric on facebook. the investigation of ties between russia and the trump campaign may be focused on the president. according to the "washington post" robert mueller is investigating president trump for potential obstruction of justice. muller reportedly speak with three top intelligence officials to determine if the president illegally tried to derail the investigation. the president dismisses the probe into the alleged russian interference in the 2016 election and a spokesman for the trump's attorney condemns the post report. this morning, the bay area is celebrating a stunning finals win by the golden state warriors. kpix 5's jackie ward live in oakland where some fans have already staked out some of the best spots along the parade route. >> reporter: they should have. some haven't slept all night to get a spot where they want it along the route. take a look behind me. we already have a few fans lined up there. we are at broadway where 15th and telegraph meet by city hall. a lot of families and friends
5:34 am
who made sure that they got up here bright and early. they are so ready to go. the city of oakland is ready to host what's presumably going to be its biggest parade ever with an estimated 1.5 million people trying to find a place along the route to catch a glimpse of their champs. one family caught up with yesterday says he was the warriors' towel boy for the we believe team. he wanted to be the very first one in line for today's rally. a few minutes ago we spoke to someone on the first bart train out of fremont this morning and for him, the party has already started. >> we forgot to bring chairs and we have as you said a couple of hours to go. trying not to think about that. so finding the best spot right now. >> reporter: go find a bar or cafe, whatever suits you. >> if a bar is open -- if you can point me in the direction of a bar right now, i'm more than happy to head that way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so as we have been telling you get here early because a lot of the barricades will prevent from you going on streets that usually have
5:35 am
access to. and my photographer pointed out concrete barriers as we drove over here, probably for security after new york and london. roqui theus has a list of things of what not to bring to the parade. right? >> reporter: i hope you're staying warm over there. it is a little cold out here. but that's not stopped security from coming out here overnight. they started at 9:30 p.m. last night. so they are out here already. we have crews for check-in. this is the line as floats and people participating in the parade will come and get themselves credentials and checked in for the event. now, today, security and oakland pd have warned us that this will be a huge event up to 2 million people will be in attendance so of course that means a lot of fun and people to enjoy the parade with but, of course, also some concerns, as well. so what not to bring to the
5:36 am
event. the warriors have provided some guidelines for that. let's start with thermoses and coolers. this is not a picnic. this is a parade. so be careful with that. you will be turned away. glass containers or cans, lawn furniture or umbrellas, no folding chairs, of course, no alcoholic beverages or weapons of any kind. no polls, sticks or brooms, including yourselfie stick so be aware of that. i know you want to take selfies but you have to get creative. no selfie sticks. laser pointers, scooters, bicycles, fireworks of course and this one is interesting. no drones. and, in fact, security will have rogue drone detection systems in place so they are getting creative with their security today. so make sure that if you see any suspicious activity or items around downtown oakland as you come out here to enjoy the parade, you report it to oakland pd. oakland pd says it will be all hands on deck. this is not a day off for any
5:37 am
deputy. they will all be here patrolling the area. all right. i'm live in downtown oakland. i'm roqui theus. back to you guys. >> thank you. we are expecting 500,000 more people than 2015. >> crazy! >> it's going to be jam-packed. >> 15 people deep all along the parade route. >> mass transit may not be much fun? >> definitely the best way to get there because of traffic and parking. 880 is starting to get crowded this morning. more than typical along the nimitz freeway but we're still in good shape there.
5:38 am
use bart. that's what they are recommending. they have added additional trains. for those heading out of fremont and warm springs, they have every other train is dedicated solely to going to the parade and then it turns right back around and goes down and picks up more. so that's what many stations are doing. also, avoid using the small lake merritt station. use 12th and 19th street stations. if you buy your tickets in advance you can avoid the long lines and parking again, very limited. if you can get a ride to bart and get dropped off that's going to be your best bet. and also, just hope the crowds get through the area when you board that train. move and remove. mean moves to the center of the train and remove all backpacks so they can get as many people in the trains and off to the parade as possible. for the train schedules, they're not going to be operating on the normal schedules. they don't even have them
5:39 am
posted. you're going to have to be alert and listen for announcements because if certain stations get crowded they are not going to stop at that station. they are going to take you to the next station. so definitely pay attention. that's a check of your mass transit. i'm going to send it over to roberta gonzales. >> thank you. the golden state warriors are the 2017 nba champions! so they will have a victory parade throughout oakland today and your forecast calls for low 70s at 10 a.m. when the parade steps off. and by the rally time, at high noon, mid-70s. it's a long time to be standing out in the sun with not much of a breeze and no shade so please be prepared. hydrate, wear a hat, sunglasses. and have a terrific time! the weather is going to be fantastic! there's the view from san francisco looking past yerba buena island towards the east bay. speaking of the east bay, one of our weather watchers from discovery bay sent in this photograph. that's gorgeous. not a cloud in the sky. this time around looking north.
5:40 am
north bay gorgeous. we have some of the coolest temperatures right now in the north bay. santa rosa at 51. certainly not as cool as 24 hours ago. it's in the 50s in redwood city. same oakland livermore san francisco and san jose. morning to you at 56. going up to a high there today of 84. unseasonably warm north and east today. northwest winds 10 to 20. coast in the 60s. full forecast at 48 after the hour. but right now, let's send it back to you. the parade of champions is just a few hours away. you can watch it live right here on kpix 5 starting at 9:30 this morning. we are in the heart of wedding season but some happy couples are giving a little thought to a breakup scenario. cbs news business handle list jill schlesinger is here to tell us why prenups are unromantic and important. this is a little tricky.
5:41 am
so what is a prenup and who should consider using one? >> reporter: i have to be considered the biggest buzz kill in june i have to admit that now. a prenup is a legal contract that outlines how couples would split up their financial lives in the event that the relationship doesn't work out. it usually outlines what each brings to the marriage, how they would manage future family gifts or inheritances. now, you might think of a prenup as something for the super rich. but that's really not the case. they are quite popular with those who have been married previously or had children from a prior relationship. with small business owners, and for those who are actually not legally married but clues to live together. now, in that last case, a lawyer can draft something called a no-nup and it can be good for real estate transactions and estate planning. >> my husband and i didn't have much when we married. so it worked.
5:42 am
any more tips? >> reporter: you have to approach the topic without sounding like a jerk. and having the conversation at the right time is key. you don't want to blurt it out in the middle of a fight or night or days leading up to the wedding. so attorneys advise that the earlier the conversation occurs, the better. open up the dialogue by saying, hey, i'd like to discuss how i and you can both feel protected in the event that the relationship doesn't last. now, if you get any resistance, don't push the conversation. back off. make a plan to revisit it. i know it's really not romantic but it can really save a ton of time in the future and a lot of heartache. so to learn about more about prenups go to don't leave me a comment that i'm unromantic. i know i am. >> no, but you're very -- it's functional information. we need it. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> all right. jill schlesinger thank you. it is 5:42.
5:43 am
we're learning more about what may have caused a massive fire at a london apartment building. we'll be right back. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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the more bodies have been found after the london apartment fire -- 17 people are now confirmed dead. the fire com within the last hour, we have learned more bodies have been found after the london apartment fire. 17 people are now confirmed dead. the fire commissioner says it will take authorities weeks to search and clear the building. more than 30 people remain in the hospital. 17 are in critical condition. the building caught fire early wednesday morning at a time when hundreds of people were inside. some waves clothing frantically to get attention from rescue crews. >> flashlights from windows showing people were still at home, people screaming, banging
5:46 am
on the windows. >> kids being thrown off the balcony, people throwing themselves out to avoid getting burned. >> authorities say that new cladding was like a chimney spreading the fire quickly up the building. today a hearing in a california appellate court centers on a showdown between a venture capitalist and people who want access to a beach path on his bay area property. billionaire vinod vinod khosla bought the property 10 years ago. now private property and no trespassing signs are what surfers face when they try to access a path leading to this stretch of martins beach. khosla made it off limits around the time he purchased the property and now a bill has reached the state senate to get funding to buy back the 6.4- acre plot of land that he is holding. >> i think everyone should have access to the beach in some sort of way that it should not be able to just be closed off. >> no reach people have to,
5:47 am
you know, block anything like that nature. >> but the property owner's lawyers say their client is not willing to be coerced into giving up a vested constitutional property right. 5:47. let's get another check on weather and traffic. we have a big day today. >> traffic is going to be bigger than big today. more than what we have seen and bay area doesn't joke around with traffic. but this is going to be a mess today especially in oakland. but even getting out of the city it's going to be tough for a lot of drivers. >> you are scaring me. [ laughter ] >> yes. these girls have to jet over to oakland after our broadcast because you're going to be front and center in the parade. >> we have to be in place by 9: 9:30. >> we are tracking a couple of problems and we are going to get to that first and we'll go over some parade information
5:48 am
and some traffic delays through that area. right now, an accident along the 101 central freeway at octavia blocking one lane. you can see slowdowns definitely building. we have speeds dropping below 20 miles per hour. just trying to connect with 101 and 80 as you make your approach to the bay bridge. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's a beautiful shot, something to look at. waiting behind the toll gates it's a big backup already stretching to the foot of the maze and beyond along the eastshore freeway. it's starting to inch up into emeryville and berkeley there. so give yourself some extra time. 880 this is probably one of the last times we're going to see 880 looking this great because traffic is going to be very messy throughout the rest of the day. we have the victory parade as well as the rally and an a's game this evening. just a heads up, if you want to park for free, you can park at
5:49 am
the oakland coliseum starting at 8 a.m. in lots a and b all day. then you can just take bart into downtown oakland and avoid all those crowds and avoid the parking lots. roberta has a check on the forecast. >> good morning. i like your plan. that's michelle's and my backup plan the coliseum. we have "a" game and b game plan. i'm not going to tell you our "a" game. great day for a parade today.
5:50 am
17 fairfield. 13 antioch. a breezy spring. winds will be west to northwest later today 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures 50s to 60 degrees lower lake 670 degrees and clear skies and i depend on my weather watcher. they are my window to what's going on around our microclimates. and everybody has been reporting clear skies and our satellite-radar does confirm that with the clouds banking off the coast. heat watch in effect tomorrow afternoon through the weekend. we are going to see temperatures well over 100 degrees on saturday and sunday away from the bay. so there's that area of low pressure to the north of the bay area. dome of high pressure causes
5:51 am
the breeze. official sunrise taking place now. sunset at 8:33. 60s and 70s around the bay today. if you are going to be out in the sun for a prolong period have the hat. 70s, 80s around the peninsula. 84 in san jose. heated intensifies tomorrow with watches in effect. saturday and sunday trippery. we have been talking about the parade of champions in oahi of we'll see you there. by the way, we'll be right back. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. court this morning-- for a fourth day of deliberations. y: "hey hey hey" the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial is returning to court this morning for a fourth day of deliberations. >> hey, hey, hey! >> the comedian sent his catch phrase after leaving the courthouse last night. yesterday jurors asked to review the woman's claims. if convicted of drugging her he could spend 30 years in prison.
5:55 am
the district attorney of contra costa county is out of a job. he resigned after several corruption charges. mark peterson pled no contest to felony perjury yesterday, and other charges why dropped. he admitted as to spending more than $66,000 in campaign cash on personal expenses. he was sentenced to 250 hours of community service and three years' probation. mark zuckerberg and his wife want to help teachers become first time homeowners on the peninsula so they are donating $5 million to the chan- zuckerberg initiative to give instructors up to $120,000 toward a down payment on their first home. teachers in the redwood city, ravenswood city and sequoia high school district are eligible for the benefit. >> it supports our effort to attract and restrain teachers because housing is the big dilemma in the area. so affording them the
5:56 am
opportunity to become homeowners is very positive. zuckerberg says the down payment plus 25% of any increase in the home's value would be paid back either when the homeowner sells or refinances the home. a growing memorial at the site of yesterday's mass shooting in san francisco. i'm live at the u.p.s. facility with the very latest. >> plus, the new reward being offered in the manhunt for two georgia prison escapees.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
targeting fellow drivers... a month after filing a work-place pop, pop, pop. six, seven shots. and then they fire five to six more outside. so quick in front of you thinking about your kids and about your coworkers. >> targeting fellow drivers a month after filing a workplace complaint. what we're learning about the gunman who shot up a u.p.s. facility in san francisco. >> good morning, it's thursday,
6:00 am
june 15. first, setup is under way right now in oakland for the big warriors parade. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. more than a million members of "dub nation" will be packing the streets. here's the parade route starting in old oakland at 10 a.m. traveling downtown to the rally at lake merritt. we have live team coverage of the parade of champions. jaclyn and roqui theus have everything you need to know before you head out today but let's check in with jackie ward along the parade route where fans are already lining up. >> reporter: they have been for about an hour. "dub nation," it's a dedicated bunch. we already knew this. and they have been here hours before the parade even begins. they even camped out last night all along oakland during the -- or along the parade route i should say. they brought out blankets, lawn chairs, layers, because it got chilly overnight. along the parade route this morning people are up and at 'em to get the perfect spot


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