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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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tracking our morning commute. >> good morning. yes. we have some slowdowns and i was looking at the camera shot and it is sobriety out there, roberta. the sun is coming up and grab those sunglasses. you'll need them for your morning commute. here's a look at 205 if you have it. there it is right there. so if you are making your way through tracy this morning or know someone who is this is what they're doing. it's difficult to see the slowdowns but we have a big backup and traffic has been slow all morning. we had an earlier crash that's cleared. but it's still a slow ride as you transition to 580 and things pick up. ware in the green as you head over towards -- we're in the green as you head over towards 680. good through union city. slowdowns building for drivers heading through hayward on down towards highway 84 there. we had an earlier crash. that's now cleared. but it's slow. we are tracking a travel time
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under 20 minutes down to 84. good morning, everybody. 6:00 just about ready to turn 6:01 right now. live weather camera looking out from the embarcadero. you can see mount diablo in the distance there. good 45 miles out. currently at the top of mount diablo, wow, pleasant start at 58. otherwise temperatures are in the 60s across the bay area. i just love this view. this is from sutro tower looking towards the north bay and you can see that hint of low clouds trying to make its way in towards the golden gate bridge. right now our temperature 60 san francisco. to 63 apiece redwood city and in san jose. so you saw the stratus on our live weather camera. here's how it looks on our satellite and radar and you can see how it's trying to slip in but it's very shallow unorganized and we'll wipe away. west wind at 7 in san francisco. these winds are declining. they were gustier earlier 11 fairfield and in ons. but it will be quite a windy afternoon northwest offshore flow 10 to 20. where you see the yellow area
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this is where we have a advisory in effect tomorrow. red is warning area. the heat is on. temperatures in the triple digits this weekend away from the bay. meanwhile today up to 99 brentwood. 70s and 80s bayside. we'll have the full forecast featuring father's day at 18 after the hour. happening today, san jose city officials will announce a significant step towards resolving a police staffing crisis. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from san jose on the new class of recruits. >> reporter: today 54 new recruits start in the police academy. it's one of the largest classes san jose police has had since 2007 tying with 2013. this is all in an effort from the department to address those low staffing levels. they say with this new class san jose police officers in training will go to about 100 officers. still, the department has low
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numbers when compared to a decade ago. the department is authorized to have 1,109 officers and if this entire new class graduates, the department will field 983 officers. the last graduation had 27 new sworn officers. >> with this class the largest in four years, and then the next class which is even larger, we're going to really see the building accelerate. >> reporter: the police force shrunk in recession and overtime skyrocketed accounting for 10% of the annual budget. now, today sam liccardo the mayor and the police chief eddie garcia will introduce this new class of 54 recruits and it's a big celebration today. they hope to address those historic low staffing levels. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. two men charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire are expected in court today.
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max harris and derick almena are facing involuntary manslaughter charges in jail on $1 million bonds. prosecutors say they turned the warehouse into a housing and party space without the proper safety systems and permits. 36 people died when the building went up in flames last year. harris said he doesn't block off a second floor stay well during his preparations for the party like the prosecution says. louisiana representative steve scalise remains hospitalized this morning after being shot wednesday while practicing for the annual congressional charity baseball game. that game went on as planned last night. democrats 11, republicans 2. but the winners gave the trophy as quickly as they received it asking it to be placed in representative steve scalise' office. >> we're brothers and sisters and the trophy doesn't mean anything. our friendship does. >> scalise was one of four people shot wednesday during practice for the game.
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doctors say he may need additional surgery although his condition has improved over the last 24 hours. as the investigation continues into the alleged shooter, james hodgkinson, law enforcement officials say they have his laptop and cell phone. outside his illinois home, hodgkinson's wife addressed reporters for the first time. >> i can't believe he did this. i can't believe it. >> federal agents say they traced the guns he used and both are legal. they are also looking into how he knew about the baseball practice and when he was targeting anyone specifically. last night representative nancy pelosi tweeted out this photo writing: >> the game had a record crowd of 25,000 and raised more than a million dollars for charity. double what it did last year. right now, two inmates who escaped from a prison bus in georgia this week are back behind bars. police say that donnie rowe and
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ricky dubose were captured after holding an elderly couple captive in tennessee. they are also wanted in connection with the killings of two prison guards. >> i know after speaking with director keenan here just a few minutes ago that they are breathing a sigh of relief down there in georgia. >> officials say that no one was injured in the inmates apprehension. both fugitives will now face state and federal charges. now to politics. president trump is planning a new crackdown on cuba. later today, he is set to announce a policy change to stop the flow of u.s. cash to cuba's military. traveling to cuba could become harder as a result. bay area congresswoman barbara lee responded to the decision in a statement: to the 183-billion dollar state budge a plan that broadly boosts goverment spending.. while expanding legal services for immigrants state lawmakers gave final approval to the $183 billion
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state budget a plan that broadly boosts government spending while expanding legal services for immigrants. $45million will go to the coalition of legal services agencies. immigrant rights groups and faith-based organizations called one california. the funds will be an ongoing allocation through 2020 and can help immigrants fighting deportation or removal proceedings. that comes as the sanctuary state debate intensifies. just two days after the controversial bill cleared another hurdle in the state assembly. senate bill 54 would prevent local law enforcement from helping federal immigration and customs enforcement agents conduct their work. >> all that does is put our community at risk. we are not going out and specifically looking for people who are in this country illegally. >> the bill's author released a statement countering those claims saying there is overwhelming evidence from across our state and the nation showing that i.c.e. is in fact targeting
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noncriminal illegal immigrants. supporters say the bill is a good step for immigrant protection. today is the first meeting of a bipartisan task force to end sexual violence. there will be a roundtable discussion to address ongoing problems with the rape kit backlog and lack of access to sexual assault nurse economies. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: when someone is the victim of a sexual assault and get a rape kit to collect dna evidence against a perpetrator but sometimes it's not tested or destroyed. representative jackie speier says: ate capitol right now: ab 41. supporters say the data will now the >> there is a bill at the state capital right now ab41. supporters say it will allow the state to know the extent of untested kits so the state can provide more resources where they are need. it would also allow sexual
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assault victims to track the progress but law enforcement is opposed to the bill including the sheriff's of alameda and marin counties. >> i think it's most important to keep the victim apprised. you know, rather than submitting reports again that may have some significance later on or they may not. >> he says there are reasons some kits aren't tested such as a victim deciding they don't want to go forward with prosecution or if it's already known who the assailant s the task force meeting in dc today will be a roundtable discussion. the group is also focused on campus sexual violence, military sexual violence and online harassment. time now 6:09. up for debate next why san francisco lawmakers are now considering a ban on flavored tobacco products. >> from the kpix weather center, good friday morning, everybody. this is the last friday of spring. it's going to feel more like summer. the heat watches and warnings you need to know about. >> and things are heating up over at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. how far does the backup stretch? that's coming up. >> plus, in our tech report, the major [ indiscernible ] twitter just got and -- -- the major face-lift twitter just got and why some users don't like it. ♪
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♪ in our bay area headlines: oakland mayor libby schaff proposes spending 185-million dollars good morning. welcome back. you can see the sunrise over the mount vaca area where we do have a heat warning that goes into effect saturday through monday. i suspect it will be expanded through most of next week. the highlighted yellow area is where we have watches in effect and it encompasses most of the bay area. we'll talk about the triple digits and the hottest day to come in less than 4 minutes. in our bay area headlines, oakland mayor libby schaaf proposing spending $185 million
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over the next two years to fight the city's homeless problem. most of that money nearly $124 million is intended to keep people from losing homes and to build affordable housing. while that navigation center is in the works the mayor proposes providing an outdoor center with support services at a site yet to be determined. a full board vote is expected next week from san francisco's board of supervisors on a proposed ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products within city limits. similar restrictive ordinances are being considered in other parts of the bay area including oakland and contra costa county. north bay commuters have no answers yet on when smart train service officially gets under way. an upcoming review of smart's positive train control safety systems seems to be the final obstacle to a firm state date. for now full-fledged services predicted to begin at some point in july. smart has five zones from downtown san rafael to the
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santa rosa airport. eventually smart plans to offer $200 monthly passes for the system. it is still going to be much easier to park in muir woods because crews want to redesign the entry plaza. part of the plan would turn an area into a new parking lot. the national park service signed off on a final environmental assessment. construction starts in 2019. have you been there on the weekends ? it's a mess. i went there last year. >> sometimes parking will had deter me from going somewhere. >> that's why you need to come to god's country in the east bay. >> pleasanton resident, right here. >> my favorite park is lake del valle. beautiful. great. gorgeous! we have no parking issues there. >> no problems at all over there. >> god's country. >> problems on the roads? >> we have a parking lot over
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at the bay bridge toll plaza. things stacking up. this is one of our only slow routes in the bay area. mcarthur the spider is making his appearance. that's our little webcam spider. that's why they call it a web cam. tracking a backup out of hayward heading across the san mateo bridge. it's -- sensors haven't caught up with this travel time here. so we'll take a closer look into that. but right now about 20 minutes from hayward to foster city. nodulationno delays around the richmond/san rafael bridge. caltrans picked up their overnight roadwork. all lanes open across the span. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. today the heat is on! you're really going to feel the difference beginning today through the weekend with
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significant warming taking place from right there at the coast and the bay into our inland areas. this is our live weather camera. you can see mount diablo in the distance. at the very top, it's 58 degrees. otherwise the flag on top of pier 9 relatively flat. this is interesting. this is our live weather camera from cliff house towards ocean beach with stratus and low clouds and fog. a lot of people in the surf this morning. i noticed that the past couple days. surf is low, junky two to three feet. temperatures 60 santa rosa, 61 livermore, 63 redwood city. you saw the little layer of low clouds and fog at the coast. that's where it is right there according to our satellite and radar. inland clear skies so says linda. she is located in fairfield. reporting a bit of a wind up to 16 miles per hour out of the northwest. now, these winds have been fluctuating now at 7 in san francisco. those winds were up to 13. calm in pleasanton. fairfield again 11 to 16.
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south at 5 in napa. winds become blustery later today northwesterly 20 to 30 miles per hour as high pressure builds in from the west encompassing our western states. temperatures go up humidity goes down and so does the air quality. statewide today sacramento stockton davis all near 100 degrees. mid- to high 90s from fresno to merced and modesto. gorgeous weekend in the greater lake tahoe area backing through yosemite if you are head there is to see the waterfalls. 67 degrees monterey bay. it's sweet! carmel to pebble beach and big sur all looking good. 66 in eureka. our high temperatures today, 60s and low 70s at the beaches. all weekend long if you need relief, you head west to the seashore. 70s and 80s around the bay today to 90 in redwood city. a lot of people on the peninsula don't have air- conditioning so temperatures will be uncomfortable over the weekend with temperatures in the 90s.
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98 in napa. mid- to high 90s east, 99 in brentwood. that's where we do have the warning that goes into effect. contra costa county we have a heat warning from saturday through monday. yellow areas mean an advisory for the entire bay area just about, as temperatures are unseasonably warm to hot. triple digits beginning tomorrow away from the bay. this bothers me because this is a prolonged heat wave. it will start taxing the elderly and also our pets and our plants and our children. alameda county fair, san mateo fair good eating there and our oakland a's have a baseball game tonight against the yankees and we have fireworks tonight. enjoy your day. this morning i am posting my weather on twitter. i noticed a different design. >> yeah. it's different all right. that's what's in our tech report. twitter is unveiling that new look but not all users like it. the san francisco-based company
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says the new design emphasizes simplicity with bolder headlines and more intuitive icons. okay. the new design also changes user profile to round shapes. that makes sense. twitter users responded by tweeting jokes and memes critical of the changes. in total there were almost 30,000 tweets about the new interface. facebook is getting much more animated. you can now add a gift to a facebook comment using a new gift button that appears alongside the emoji picker. the social media media giant added the feature to mark the 30th anniversary toy the gif format. they are working on spectacle classes. they will be different from the first investigation. the report suggests that the new version could include more augmented reality features. right now, the $130 glasses are more for shooting photos and videos and uploading them to the app. this comes as facebook is working on its own augment reality glasses. and i'm dennis o'donnell.
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coming up, we have a record round at the u.s. open. a bad season gone worse. how buster posey injured himself coming up. >> wha t's cool about summer camp? email your nomination to us at, and we may feature your camp on the thursday morning show. ..."have a great weekend." >> dr. stanley: and the wonderful thing about god is he doesn't cause us to measure up and then choose us. god takes our inadequate areas of life and he uses them to do something in our life that's worthwhile. [music]
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good morning, everybody. the giants are 15 games under .500 playing the first place rockies in denver last night. can't get much worse? it can. everything this year has gone sideways for san francisco including buster posey tweaking his ankle hitting a home run. he was out of the game. nunes also injured. the giants erased an eight-run deficit but game tied in the ninth denard span tried to
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score. inning over. then the bottom of the 9th, tapia through the infield. reynolds tries to score. here comes hunter pence the throw. here's the slide. he is safe. and the giants great comeback but had he lose 10-9. but they lose 10-9. the a's called up their prospect mark chapman to make his debut against aaron judge and the yankees. oakland 6-5 in the ninths but sanchez drives one up the box. the game is tied at 2. so the bottom of the 10th, davis with the bases loaded. pops it up. and it drops. and the a's come back to beat the yankees on a walkoff, 8-7. a blimp deflated and crashed at erin hills the site of the u.s. open. the pilot had injuries but is okay. on the course, rickie fowler didn't card a bogey and poured in 7 birdies for his 65 tied the lowest opening round record at the u.s. open.
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round 2 is under way. rory is going to have to fight to make the cut. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. seven players from the team are getting a new burst of fame - as bobbleheads! just one of the warriors aren't done making headlines after their nba finals win. 7 players from the team are getting a new bobblehead. kevin durant is one of those players honored with one of these at the national bobblehead hall of fame and museum. but these products aren't just for show. they are also being shoulder online. and there's still a lot of warriors spirit across the bay area this morning. an estimated crowd of more than a million flooded oakland yesterday for the team's parade of champions. the complete highlights and photos, go to our website, just in, amazon is buying whole foods for more than $13 billion. the company just sent out a press release. it says whole foods ceo john mackey will remain ceo and the
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grocery store chain will continue to operate under the whole foods brand. the deal is expected to close later this year. time now 6:27. this morning, the russia investigation intensifies! this morning, we are learning another member of president trump's administration is hiring a lawyer! a new batch of recruits for san jose police and why this could be the turning point for the department. i'm jessica flores with the story coming up.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. this morning, we're following breaking news. the russian military says it may have killed the leader of
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isis. plus -- >> my eyes are stinging, my throated was store. >> a man who helped tried to rescue those in the london high- rise inferno details he spent in the building. >> the u.p.s. workers killed by a colleague, how other drivers are stepping up to lend a helping hand. >> first in just a few hours, san jose city officials will showcase the strides they are making in resolving a police staffing crisis. good morning, it is friday, june 16. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. jessica flores is live in san jose on the new class of recruits they are introducing. jessica. >> reporter: good morning. 54 new recruits start the police academy today. and that's a large class for the police department. it's only matched with 2013's class and they haven't had a class that large since 2007. that's to restore staffing levels. they have a staffing crisis and with the start of new recruits
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that brings the officer in training to 100. still, they have low numbers when compared to a decade ago. the department is authorized to have 1,109 officers. in the entire new class graduates the department will field 980 three officers if the entire new class graduates. , they will field 983 new officers. >> our staffing will never grow. the department could be difficult to grow if we don't increase the numbers. >> reporter: the police force shrunk during the recession and overtime skyrocketed, 10% of the annual department budget. today, mayor sam liccardo and the police chief will be introducing this new class of 54 recruits. of course, the hope is to address those historic low staffing levels. jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:32. a live look outside. look at that. the heat is on this weekend
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with temperatures rising all across the bay area. the sun is up. roberta gonzales is tracking what we can expect. it's going to be caliente. >> it's going to take its toll on the elderly our children, pets and plants. triple digits for several days away from the bay. now, where you see the yellow highlighted area that's most of our nine counties here in the bay area. that's where we have an advisory that goes into effect tomorrow through monday. the red is contra costa county back through the sacramento valley. that's towards the brentwood tracy oakley discovery bay. mountain house. where triple digits will be common for several days. stay hydrated. please. keep that in mind as we have father's day on sunday and a lot of outdoor activities planned. clear skies and sea haze towards the port of oakland. this is a beautiful view. we are picking up a little bit of light stratus trying to work into the golden gate bridge. that's about it in the form of low clouds wiping away very
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early. look at the temperatures. very mild out the door into the 60s. there you have the stratus off the coast. it is backing off. as it does so, ample sunshine today. 60s, 70s at the beaches. 70s, 80s around the bay. up to nearly 90 across the peninsula. 98 in napa where yesterday it was 91 degrees. into the mid- to high 80s to the east and nearly 90 in san jose. hotter weather coming, details at 48 after the hour but right now let's send it to jaclyn. >> we are tracking a couple of hot spots for your friday morning commute. let's take it out to the road. 680 and 24 and 680 at north main street and that's starting to see a bit of a backup towards 24. so southbound nothing unusual. this is typical for this time of the morning expecting slowdowns through walnut creek and lafayette this morning on to 24.
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hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, thank you. this morning we're following breaking news. the russian military claims it may have killed the leader of isis. it reportedly happened in may in an air strike in syria. the ministry says that abu bakr al-baghdadi and about 30 other top isis militants died in the strike. u.s. officials are working to confirm it. we'll continue to keep you updated on this developing story. london police say the number of victims has increased to 30 in the fire that engulfed a high-rise building nearly 70 people still unaccounted for. the london fire commissioner says there is no indication that the fire was set intentionally. he cause is under investigation. an australian man was one of the first people at the scene and alerted residents of what was going on. >> so then i went outside the building and was just shouting at the residents in the building and slowly lights were switching on for people waking upcoming to their windows.
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and i was screaming at them, get out of the building! get out of the building! the whole thing is going to go up! >> the royal family visited the victims of the fire this morning. the queen and prince william stopped by a relief center in london. they met with volunteers and residents. now to politics. vice president mike pence joined president trump in hiring a private lawyer to represent him in the special counsel's russia investigation. pence's office confirmed that the former virginia attorney general richard cullen has been retained as the vice president's personal lawyer. the move comes one day after the "washington post" reported that robert mueller is investigating the president for obstruction of justice. trump hired his long-time personal attorney marc kasowitz weeks ago to represent him. this morning president trump said: the state's $183 billion
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state budget plan has just been approved. both houses of the legislature ratified the spending blueprint after herballier negotiations with the governor. -- after earlier negotiations with the governor. school gets the most tax dollars but then healthcare is the single biggest function of state government. lawmakers added money to boost the enrollment of in-state students at both uc and cal state schools. brown is expected to sign the plan into law before the new fiscal year begins on july 1. a bipartisan task force to end sexual violence holds its first meeting today. in the roundtable the task force will talk about ongoing problems with the rape kit backlog and lack of access to sexually assault nurse examiners. kpix 5's anne makovec johns us with the details. >> reporter: today's hearing in washington, dc is bringing to the national forefront the issue that california has been wrestling with this year. among the task force members are congressional representative from san mateo jackie speier:
6:38 am
a rape kit is the evidence collected when a victim of sexual assault goes to a doctor for testing but many times that evidence is not tested or destroyed. there is still at the state capital right now ab41 that will require law enforcement to report the number of untested kits so the state could potentially provide more resources where they are needed. it would also allow victims to track the progress of their kit. now in some cities like san francisco, the pd already reports on rape kit testing. others think the requirements run necessary. >> necessary data or information that both the commission and the public are entitled to just for the sake of transparency and openness. >> at the end of the day 41 doesn't do anything to help us investigate, bring people to justice or prosecution.
6:39 am
it's a reporting system. >> reporter: that's the sheriff of marin county who is opposed to the bill as is the sheriff of alameda county. the task force meeting in dc is a roundtable discussion. today they also focus on campus sexual violence, military sexual trauma and online harassment. san francisco police are searching for an answer to why a u.p.s. worker killed three of his colleagues before killing himself. here's just one memorial honoring the three bay area men killed during a morning meeting wednesday. it happened at a u.p.s. facility in potrero hill. not much is known yet about the 38-year-old gunman. police say he was entangled in a custody battle with an estranged ex-girlfriend. and now friends and loved ones of his victims are working to make sense of the violence. >> he was like a second father. >> i have known benson since middle school. the world lost another great person. >> very solemn, very sad.
6:40 am
obviously everyone is very upset. >> so far, investigators know the gunman filed a grievance this year for excessive overtime. time now is 6:40. a warning from scientists. why they believe california's seasonal rain and snow are triggering earthquakes. >> plus a big purchase for amazon. we have the latest on the merger with whole foods. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. you can see the dow is down about 21. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. thanks. tuesday time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning."
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. >> good to see you gayle king. >> it's been a -- it's been a long week. ahead the best moments from last night's baseball game where resilience triumphed over tragedy. elizabeth warren will join us he has been called the youngest old man in the country. jason tells us how having a daughter changed his life on tour. all that plus the eye-opener your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. michelle, you know this girls can change the world for the better i think. >> we're girls and i have three girls so i know. girls rule the world. [ laughter ] >> i think so, too. >> yeah. all right, gayle. we'll see you at 7:00. girls rule. >> they do. boys drool. >> chicks at pix. new this morning, amazon is buying whole foods market in a multi-billion-dollar deal. >> joining us now is kcbs
6:45 am
radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. amazon is shaking up the retail industry once again. really focusing on the grocery business. as it is spending $13.7 billion to buy whole foods market. whole foods has really been struggling for the past couple of years and its stock value has lost half of its value since the fall of 2013. and while amazon has made tentative moves into groceries with its prime delivery service and some checkout-less convenience stores it's been testing, this is a much bigger move. whole foods has 460 stores in the u.s., canada and in the uk. now, wall street sees this as a real chilling effect on other grocery businesses as amazon doesn't need to make much money on whole foods and can really cut prices which have been a big problem for customers. as a result, shares in competitors like walmart, targets, sprouts, kroger are diving by double digits while amazon stock is heading higher. housing markets starting to cool off a little bit for home
6:46 am
construction. builders built less homes started less homes in may a third straight month and housinger starts are down. stock market down in the early going today. let check it. jaclyn. >> back to you. >> thank youthank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. >> a little i had it about whole foods and amazon. we have been talking about amazon all day. i read an article in the "new york times," jeff pace to become the world's richest man soon around $80 billion. >> i believe it. >> i believe it. >> i believe it. >> amazon stock, tripled since 2015. so if you put in a dollar in 2015, it would be $3 today. >> why can't i be related to him? >> jeff bezos?
6:47 am
yeah. >> wish we all could be. >> amazon as billionaire, $80 billion. >> i live above a whole foods so what will i do? order or go down? okay. right now, we are tracking some tough decisions for drivers. do you head over to the bay bridge or take the san mateo? first in the south bay heating up. we have slowdowns heading along northbound 101 as you make your approach towards 880. it's backed up beyond 680 at this point. a new accident southbound 880 at tennyson. 19 minutes from 238 to decoto road. san mateo bridge stacking up out of hayward to foster city. 20 minutes in the yellow. eastshore freeway okay. richmond/san rafael bridge, definitely seeing that backup as you approach the toll plaza. once you get past that things are in the green. and one last check of the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:48 am
the parking lot of friday morning, "slow, stop, go" all the way into the city. roberta? >> it's busy out there this morning. good morning, everybody. hopefully you have your sunglasses as you step out the door. it's a very mild start to your day. but extremely bright. blue skies looking out over the bay. how about this? we have a little stratus that's hanging tight to the seashore this morning. very shallow deck of clouds and we'll wipe away very rapidly. 60 degrees in santa rosa. 63 redwood city. there you have the clouds, stacked up hugging the san mateo coast trying to work its way into ocean beach this morning but again, very shallow deck of marine layer. inland we go to bill moon our weather watcher in orinda reporting no wind 64 degrees. bill was say this time yesterday morning we were in the low 50s. what a difference a morning makes. thanks, bill, for checking in with us. we have high pressure. it is right there right now. it's building in. it's bubbling in over the western states. and we do have a heat wave
6:49 am
that's going to be pretty much prolonged. 99 state capital. modesto in the 90s. gorgeous conditions monterey bay pebble beach big sur great looking weekend in carmel, as well. if you are heading to the high sierra we have 70s, boy, good- looking weather all the way into yosemite. it's the last friday in spring feeling very summery. officials sunrise 5:47 setting at 8:33. gusty winds picking up by sunset 10 to 20 sustained winds, 20 to 30 gusty winds. 60s beaches. 70s, 80s around the lip of the bay. almost 90 redwood city. a lot of people along the peninsula do not have the luxury of air-conditioning. nearly 90 in san jose today. good 10 degrees above average. almost 100 napa and sonoma and glen ellen. 97 degrees concord, clayton and walnut creek. lafayette same. orinda same. backing through the delta, we're talking about 99 degrees. and right there in contra costa county, that's where we have the heat warning going into effect saturday through monday. otherwise, pretty much all our
6:50 am
nine counties have an advisory or warning for excessive heat. again, a prolonged heat wave which will be taxing on elderly, children and pets and plants. just about all of us away from the bay. if you do need relief, head to the coast. the 60s, bay in the mid-80s. when the heat is on, you know the alameda county fair is in town. today, all the way through the weekend, that midway gets hot. triple digits. stay hydrated. san mateo county fair continues at 90 degrees over the weekend. oakland a's, hosting the new york yankees, we're talking about fireworks tonight after the game which starts at 6:35. there's your hot father's day forecast. watch your outdoor activity. if you are taking dad to the zoo, we have free admission at the oakland zoo. enjoy your day. midway through june crews are still clearing snow on the roads in yosemite. highway 120 was closed this week as teams broke up snowpack more than 20 feet tall.
6:51 am
they have been digging for months now. they are predicting a heat wave will help them finish. for some prospective, um, they are usually open by memorial day. winter snow and rain acts as weights on california's mountains. it could help bring on earthquakes. uc-berkeley research found that the weight of winter snow and rain on mountains puts enough pressure on the sierra nevada and coastal ranges that the state dries outcome summer thers's crust longes back up triggering increased fault movement. >> the crust moves in the winter when we have large storms is changing the stresses on the faults. >> the faults along the sierra nevada see an escalation in late spring and early summer seasonal unloading. one of the suspects charged in the deadly ghost ship fire speaks out. next, what he says the
6:52 am
prosecution has wrong. >> a new batch of recruits for san jose police. what this could mean for the department. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces." who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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♪ graduates, the department will field 983 officers. still-- the department has low numbers when compared to a decade ago... the last time they had less than a thousand officers was the mid 1980s...the chief says the worst is over... 6p_ aduation_pkg i'm jessica flores live in san jose where the police department is introducing its newest group of recruits. 54 will start the police academy and it's one of the largest classes the department has had since 2007. it's all in an effort to address staffing levels. they want to restore those staffing levels. the department is authorized to have 1,109 officers. in the entire class graduates they will have 983 officers. the department has low numbers compared to a decade ago. the last time they had less
6:56 am
than 1,000 officers was in the mid-1980s. the chief says the worst is over. >> we got great pay, great salaries, great benefits. that's one of the best recruiting tools that we have. >> reporter: the police force slumped during the over the recession accounting for 10% of the annual budget, overtime increased. the mayor and police chief will introduce the newest class of recruits. live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time for your "final 5. >> just a few hours the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are expected in court. max harris and derick almena are facing involuntary manslaughter charges. they are both in jail on $1 million bonds. san francisco police are searching for an answer to why a u.p.s. worker gunned down three colleagues before killing himself. the russian military says it may have killed the leader of isis. it reportedly happened in may
6:57 am
in an air strike in cereals. abu bakr al-baghdadi and about 30 other isis militants died in the strike. vice president mike pence joined president trump in hiring a private attorney to represent him in the special counsel's russia investigation. the move comes one day after the "washington post" reported that robert mueller is investigating the president for alleged obstruction of justice. >> this morning president trump said, after 7 months of investigation and committee hearings about my "collusion" russians nobody has been able to show any proof. sad! the state's $183 billion state budget plan has just been approved. both houses of legislature ratified the spending blueprint after completing negotiations earlier this is week with governor brown. "slow, stop, go" out of hayward where we are in the yellow just over 20 minutes across the san mateo bridge. westbound taillights. things good at the golden gate bridge. pretty there. headlights southbound, no
6:58 am
delays into san francisco. different story over at the richmond/san rafael bridge. it is in the red in the richmond parkway to the toll plaza there about 12 minutes 18 minutes from marina bay. bay bridge toll plaza same old thing. 23 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. >> i'm borrowing your traffic view so take a weather view of the flag on the fly west winds at 11. that's my geek alert, the ship on the bay coming under the golden gate. 60s, 70s beaches today. 70s, 80s bay. nearly 90 around the peninsula. 99 degrees inland areas my outside number. look at the yellow. we have a heat advisory in effect tomorrow through monday. most of the bay area contra costa county, heat warning up to 104 on father's day.
6:59 am
and the hottest locations. that means make sure you're going golfing or hiking, you do it early in the morning. >> get dad a drink. >> yeah. >> nice cold drink. an adult beverage. >> my dad came into town. i'm happy to spend father's day with my dad. it was a last-minute decision but not a surprise. >> it was a surprise for him the parade was going on. >> this is megan one of our producers and her dad. roberta and your father. >> and we also have ... this is anne makovec's dad. >> ariel our producer. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. cbs this morning is coming up
7:00 am
next. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, june 16th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." lawmakers come together to play ball just one day after the attack on a congressional baseball practice. the crowd goes wild when one of the heroic police officers throws out the first pitch. >> and russia claimed overnight that it may have killed the leader of isis but this morning, there are big questions about the fate of abu bakr al baghdadi. we'll hear what the pentagon is saying about that. >> and the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial is dead locked on all three charges but the judge says deliberations will go on today. plus, breaking news, seattle-based amazon is buying whole foods in a deal worth nearly $14 billion


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