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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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own life. >> the biggest thing i deal with which i have spoken with people about is running over in my head, the double scene, running it over in my head constantly. >> several people shot. >> reporter: two days ago sean coach watched as three coworkers and friends were gunned down before his eyes. he was right in the center as always in u.p.s.' morning meeting when jimmy lam started shooting. >> out of the corner of my eye, i saw one of the drivers move forward quickly. i turned to look and it was jimmy with an out stretched hand and what looked to be a gun. >> reporter: sean then jumped into one of the nearby trucks to hide and call 911. while on the phone, he and jimmy locked eyes. >> a supervisor ran back into the building saying run, run. and i looked around and then i saw the silhouette of jimmy returning into the building which i later found out was
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after he had shot mike. >> reporter: sean says he knew, liked and respected benson louie and wayne chan. >> cannot speak enough of how awesome they were and they're good guys. >> reporter: as for mike lefiti. >> est close to me. -- he was close to me. and i think it's hard to lose all of them but mike was hard to deal with me for me personally. >> reporter: he knew jimmy, too. >> i spoke to him tuesday night after work. we joked. we laughed and we went home. >> reporter: he says there were no visible signs which makes it more confusing and painful. >> you don't understand, like, how that could happen. or why those people? >> reporter: we have heard complaints about tough hours and a challenging culture at u.p.s. over the past few days. sean echoes that saying, it's a good job. but a stressful one. >> i hope that if work was a mitigating circumstance to jimmy and that's partially what
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caused this, that it's something that we can all see that we need to change. >> reporter: coach says he is also dealing with a good amount of survivors guilt wondering if there's anything else he could have done. he says his wife an daughters are helping with that. he plans to return to work on monday. veronica? >> all right. susie steimle, we appreciate the report. thank you. new at clock kqed was just hit by hackers who reportedly knock out the station's online radio stream for hours. employees say that they were told to stay off their computers today while officials investigated. kpix 5's andria borba live in san francisco with the latest on what happened. >> reporter: things are quiet inside kqed right now. most of the senior staff have left for the day. their work hampered by the lack of a network connection and only i.t. staff stayed to troubleshoot the problem. now, this is a statement that communications manager brenda tucker gave to the "san francisco chronicle" about the
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apparent hack. new at six: she plays a tough detective on the show "law and order s-v-u." >> this statement was tacked up to doors and elevators inside kqed this afternoon. it's unknown if there was a ransomware attack and if so they paid the ransom which the fbi does not recommend. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. new at 6:00 she plays a tough detective on the show law and order svu. today the actress took a stand for rape victims on capitol
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hill. kpix 5's melissa caen reports on her emotional appeal to end the massive backlog of untested rape kits. melissa. >> reporter: veronica, today in washington, dc the actress testified in front of the special bipartisan task force on treating sexual assault. she and others asked for federal help to make sure rape kits get tested and you may be surprised that california is not leading the way on this issue. >> these are not kits sitting on a shelf. these are people's lives sitting on a shelf. >> reporter: this actress is an advocate for victims of sexual assault and today she told members of congress that we don't even have basic data about rape kits. >> to start with auditing to simply audit and know exactly how many kits we have. if we can track our children's christmas presents, why can't we track a rape kit? it's a disgrace. >> reporter: in california there's no requirement that
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rape kits be tested or tracked. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley. >> how many untested rape kits are there in california? >> well, we don't know. >> reporter: many people in california may not know that local law enforcement officers can simply choose not to test a rape kit. and one common reason to ignore the dna is if a victim knows the attacker. >> if you knew the identity of the assailant, the prosecutors and the police, the juries, nobody would need to have the kit tested. you have to prove id. so if it was a date rape, then the victim knew who the rapist was, that part of the case is solved. the issue is just consent. >> reporter: but richard bell who is a special investigations chief of cuyahoga county in ohio said that testing all rape kits even one where the victim knows the attacker leads to solving other crimes. >> the testing has revealed you solve these stranger rape cases because the stranger rapists
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who are dangerous offenders sure enough they are mean people to the people they know. >> reporter: bay area congresswoman jackie speier is a cochair of the committee that met today. >> we would never let the dna in a murder case sit on a shelf. and yet it is common place to let the dna of sexual assault victims sit on a shelf. >> reporter: now, in san francisco, all rape kits are tested and tracked. but it might not be long before the rest of the nation is required to do the same. >> it's an injustice committed against women because they are women. and we must refuse to let this injustice stand. >> reporter: now, in california, a bill that would require data collection on rape kits has been working its way through the legislature. it is opposed by the california sheriffs association. we're following the bill. ab41. we'll bring you updates as they happen. melissa caen, kpix 5.
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the two men facing criminal charges in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire were back in court today. derick almena and max harris face 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter. kpix 5's da lin with a show of support today for harris. da. >> reporter: right. allen, his family and friends appeared in court also went to press conference to speak highly of his character. now, as for his legal defense, his attorney says harris did not organize any of the illegal parties here. family and friends stood up for max harris. >> he is a pillar of our community. >> reporter: saying he is a good man. >> i can't remember a meal he made at home where he didn't offer me some too. >> there's not a malicious or greedy bone in max's body. >> reporter: his aunt says harris ran toward the fire and tried to put out the flames. >> he yelled for other people to use their cell phones to help get people to safety. he gave up trying to save
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others only when he was overwhelmed by the intense heat and smoke. some would call that heroic. >> reporter: but the prosecution says max harris organized and promoted the illegal party at the ghost ship warehouse. harris and the master tenant, derek ion almena are each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. a judge today pushed their court hearing to next month. >> max harris is innocent and max harris is wrongfully charged. >> reporter: first attorney is distancing harris from the event saying harris did not organize the party or block any emergency exits. therefore, not responsible. >> he was not responsible for any of that. he was just a tenant. >> reporter: but some people say that's a lie claiming harris and almena worked closely in planning the illegal parties. his name is even listed as a resident deejay for a previous event. >> resident deejay. he lived there. he had an opportunity to perform. he didn't organize anything. >> reporter: as for almena, his attorney plans to fight the charges by putting the blame on city agencies and the landlord.
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he says almena will testify in his own defense. when the trial comes, it will be a very conflicting and adversarial and hostile environment in court. >> reporter: the prosecutors did not want to talk on camera but they did say harris not only planned the event but he also blocked one of the emergency exits which trapped some of the victims on the second floor. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. san francisco firefighters were taking no chances with this warehouse fire in the bayview district. 122 firefighters were sent to donner street. just minutes ago, a "shelter in place" was lifted for people in the area including double rock. there are concerns about the smoke possibly being toxic but no one was hurt. no word yet on the cause of the fire. all right. let's take a live look at point isabel dog park in richmond. it was hot today. and it's going to get scorching this weekend as a heat wave
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hits the bay area. juliette goodrich is in pleasanton where it could reach triple digits but first, meteorologist brian hackney has the forecast. >> veronica, it's already warm today though. and once the numbers hit 100 degrees tomorrow, there's no letup in sight. almost literally. i mean, by next friday maybe we'll get a break but in the meantime the numbers at this hour are at 95 degrees here at 10 minutes after 6:00 on friday night out at fairfield. 94 at concord. in santa rosa it's cooled down to 91. san francisco70. heat advisory through monday for most of the bay area the exception being the shoreline with temperatures approaching 100 degrees inland well above average for this time of the year. the numbers in yellow are average for this time in mid- june.
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we'll have the forecast coming up. i know it's going to be warm in pleasanton which i think is where we're going next. >> that is exactly right, brian. kpix 5's juliette goodrich feeling those warm temperatures at the cattle drive kickoff for the alameda county fair. hey, jules. >> reporter: hi, ridiculous. yes, we're all in our jeans and boots today. it was cooler this morning but things did start to heat up. this is day one of the alameda county fair. you can see people are in the shade for good reason because it's hot right now. and this morning, a first a cattle drive. the opening of the alameda county fair typically means summertime is here. and the heat just reinforces that fact. >> it's really hot. but it's our annual tradition. so we got to love it. here we are, we'll suck it up. >> reporter: this misting station with first aid and first responders was a popular hangout to cool off and this weekend is going to get hotter. but many out here on the first
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day of the fair say they are ready for it. >> it's nice, though. it's like it's pretty good weather. when it gets tonight it's going to be better. >> reporter: to kick off opening day today, the wild, wild west cattle drive. no, this isn't spain. this is pleasanton! and i'm going to still get out of the way. more than 150 head of cattle ready to turn main street into the wild west. >> because these cows will run right through the people unless we got control. [ barking dog ] >> reporter: the day started with early-morning cattle preps and briefings. >> the dogs are our first line of defense. let them do their work. >> reporter: cowboys and the sheriff. where did you get your expertise? >> my sister actually taught me about horseback riding ever since i was 5. >> reporter: it seemed the whole town embraced this wild west heritage. hundreds lining main street before midday heat kicked in. some dressed for the occasion. others sported summertime flip- flops and sandals. do you have an exit plan if they start coming your way?
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>> well, i'm thinking that way. [ laughter ] >> wahoo! >> reporter: no one was injured. the drive was quick but memories were left behind. >> it was cool but it was stinky. >> reporter: ah yes. back out here live at the alameda county fair where people are in the shade for good reason. there is a nice breeze, i will say, but this weekend things are going to heat up so heed those warnings and hydrate and if you do come to the fair, make sure you check out the misting station. it's pretty nice. in pleasanton, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. it looks hot. but it's going to be upon. amazon gobbles up whole foods. the blockbuster deal shaking up the grocery world. why it could mean lower prices. >> dirt bikers arrested for beating a lyft driver and one suspect still on the loose. >> this 11-year-old has some serious skateboarding schools.
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announced it is buying "whole foods" -- in what's said to be a 13- point-7 billion dollar deal. kpix ive a major shake-up in the grocery industry. online retailer amazon just announced it is buying whole foods in what's said to be a $13.7 billion deal. kpix 5's len ramirez in san jose with pour on what the deal
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is going to mean for customers. len. >> reporter: well, customers have a lot of questions about this deal. especially with this store here in downtown san jose. it just opened a couple of years ago already has a very loyal following. and a lot of people are worried that the corporate culture that they like so much here could change under this deal. the marriage of amazon and whole foods is being called a blockbuster deal especially for amazon which now has a physical foothold in the highly competitive grocery and retail markets. >> not continental it get deeper into groceries but it has been angling fort funston years but gives amazon an in store platform for its own branded products like the echo home speaker system. >> reporter: amazon is paying $13.7 billion for the austin based whole foods which operates 460 upscale grocery stores. under the deal whole foods will continue to operate under the same name, some customers worried about whole foods's recent struggles are hopeful. >> i think that having amazon
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buy them out will hopefully give them an influx of cash. >> reporter: but others are concerned it could become just another grocery chain. >> i don't want the philosophy of what whole foods stands for to change because one of the reasons we come to whole foods is because we know what we're going to get is organic locally source and nongmo and all these things that concern us about the food we eat. >> reporter: it creates a new giant in the grocery business an sent stocks plummetting for other grocery chains including walmart which was off 5%. >> amazon could theoretically cut prices significantly at whole foods a company that's been dogged by being called whole paycheck for many years now. >> reporter: now this deal could also enhance the delivery of groceries because there's a lot of distribution involved a lot of chains that will be able to get fresh fruit and vegetables and fruit which normally are difficult to get out of warehouse type situations that amazon has right now. so that could be an upside.
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but it also is a step a greater step into the physical retail world for amazon. later this summer, amazon plans to open a brick and mortar bookstore at santana row. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. after news of the buy-out, whole foods stock jumped. shares of the retailer rallied 29% today and amazon shares were up 2.4%. in the meantime, stocks of other grocery stores went in the opposite direction. walmart and target tumbled 5% today. sprouts dropped 6%. costco was down 7%. >> yikes. all right. from groceries to weather. as we have a look at the golden gate bridge on this fine friday afternoon. with the marin headlands in the distance on the north anchorage of the golden gate bridge one of the finest expressions of [ indiscernible ] on the face of the earth. when you look at the hills over there as you head into marin it's a bunch of fossilized animals formed under sea and
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pushed up by tectonics and now they are providing a beautiful anchorage for that beautiful bridge. 98 degrees at santa rosa. concord 97. hayward 87. the a's and yankees tonight. it will be clear and mild and 72 degrees. vern is busily preparing to my right his sportscast coming up in a minute. >> whoo! >> the ridge is up, the temperatures run. we are going to be above 100 in the inland areas tomorrow. it will be clear tonight. great night for star gazing. hot inland this weekend the numbers above 100 degrees when you get out into the tri-valley area. milder near the coast and not as warm in the south bay. but still the low 50s. just not 100s in the south bay. heat advisory posted for much of the bay area. hot inland temperatures ranging from the 90s in the south bay and in the north bay to the low 100s inland. you will see that in a minute. so be sure to stay hydrated. don't forget you have the dog in the back seat. that's true for the entire week.
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san mateo county fair nice weekend for fairs. free admission for dads on sunday at the san francisco zoo in honor of father's day. the temperature there will be 69 degrees. for us, it will be all the way up to 98 in santa rosa. 102 degrees in fairfield. 99 for livermore. san jose still warm at 92. and in redwood city the . in san francisco, tomorrow we'll be hitting 82 degrees. in the extended forecast, look at that. the numbers hit 102 in the warmest spots tomorrow. all the way up to 105 on father's day! and then 102 on monday. 104 on tuesday. it just does not let go until we get to be in the thursday, friday time frame. between now and then it's going to be smoking inland in the bay area. stay tuned. we'll have everybody's numbers for you coming up in about 20 minutes. all right. brian, thanks. keeping the country in the bay area's biggest city. the plans to protect the million acres of open space in
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the south bay and the wildlife to that call it home. >> straight ahead, new sheriff in town. running stanford baseball. guess who that is? and, the draymond green trolling of lebron james continues. king james now fired back.
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baseball news in a moment... ...first, got a golf major up top..and the national championship...the us open... really excited about stanford baseball news in a moment but first, i got a golf major up top. the national championship the u.s. open, rickie fowler was the man in wisconsin led beginning of the second round by a shot. let's go ahead and track stanford's maverick mcneeley. shot two-over 74 missed the cut by two strokes. rory mcilroy just missed a hole
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in one at the ninth. sadly he also missed the cut. rickie fowler's putter did fail him. three bogeys in the back nine, one shot off the lead held by tommy fleetwood fresca. your leader at 7-under par. never finished higher than 27th at a major. so fleetwood is tied with paul casey, and harman at 7- under par. not household names. dust continue johnson missed the cut. the guy following the guy. cal baseball head coach dave esker is the new man at stanford. now, in berkeley for 18 seasons one of the highly respected men of the game replaces icon someone he played for on the a
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championship team. draymond green pumping a stogey wearing a quickie t- shirt in the parade yesterday quicken loans arena where lebron james and the cavaliers play. this payback for last summer when lebron james wore this ultimate warriors t-shirt after the cavs won. draymond also called out lebron for starting super teams. lebron your thoughts? >> i definitely didn't start the super team. is that what he is trying to say? it's great on the day you're celebrating your championship my likeness and my name is in your head. i love that. hey, andre ward on the left, hayward high school product and kovalev weighed in before their light heavyweight rematch tomorrow night in vegas. ward beat kovalev last november but isn't wasting time studying the films to prep for round 2.
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>> going for a round decision i gotten older man like i don't know, my wife watches the fight. i was there. i know what happens. i'm good. [ laughter ] >> we'll see you tomorrow night. i'm coming back later with a young lady who was razor sharp on a skateboard. >> look forward to that. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour the law catches up to a crew of dirt bikers. police say they were part of the mob caught on camera beating a lyft driver on the freeway. how they tracked him down. >> collision at sea. the race to help a u.s. navy destroyer that hit a ship off the coast of japan and the search for several missing u.s. sailors. >> and protestors take to the streets. the outrage after a minnesota officer is acquitted in the shooting death of a man that was filmed on facebook live.
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driver who was brutally beaten on a san francisco freeway. the attack by a group of dirt bikers.. was caught on video. an early morning raid in the the break in the case of a lyft driver beaten on a san francisco freeway. the attack caught on camera. an early-morning raid in the bayview landed these three suspects in jail. emily turner on the clues that
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led police to them. >> reporter: this brutal assault happened on the side every 101 in march after a lyft driver nearly hit a dirt biker. the beat-down that followed stopped traffic, broke the driver's leg and damaged his car. it took three months. but three of the four suspects are behind bars. >> there was no resistance. we served warrants in the early- morning and were able to find these parties at homes and they were taken into custody without incident. >> reporter: likely because that arresting wake-up call came armed as these photos show. they are charged with assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to exit a crime, assault, battery, vandalism, conspiracy to commit a crime and other crimes. we went to their homes but no one wanted to talk. talk to you about gabriel rodriguez's arrest. >> i cannot talk. >> do you know what happened? >> no, i don't know. >> reporter: chp says a
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combination of tips from the public, witness videos like this one and police information helped lead to the arrests. they've warrant out for the fourth suspect. chp says a group was coming from a sideshow when this incident happened and there's a possibility they are responsible for other disruptive and dangerous behaviors on the road. >> the m.o. is similar to what's happening where you see a lot of dirt bikers and a lot of motorcycles being ridden recklessly on bridges and city streets. faces are covered up, plates removed, no helmets. we saw the same thing here in this case. >> reporter: emily turner, kpix 5. this evening, some needy families are waiting for word on their loved ones. this after a navy destroyer collided with a commercial ship near japan. some crew are unaccounted for. elizabeth cook is following the latest developments for us. liz. >> reporter: the destroyer the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a merchant ship on early saturday morning japan time.
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the u.s. ship was seriously damaged. 7 crew members are still unaccounted for. we also know one person has a head injury. a japanese coast guard chapper was called in to airlift -- chopper was called in to airlift at least one sailor to the hospital. it happened 50 miles southwest of yokosuka a city south of tokyo home to a u.s. naval base. it has damage on the starboard side above and below the water line. and right now, it has only limited propulsion. three of the ship's compartments are flooded and some of the crew are trying to pump the water out. so far the destroying is not in danger of sinking. u.s. tugboats and aircraft are on the way to help. the other vessel involved is the acx crystal, a merchant ship based out of the philippines. so far no word of damage to that ship. a person cleared of charges
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stemming from the deadly shooting of philando castile. the aftermath of the shooting streamed live on facebook. [ inaudible ] >> protestors gathered outside the capitol building in st. paul. earlier philando castile's mother expressed outrage outside the courtroom. >> i am so disappointed in the state of minnesota. my son loved this state. he had one tattoo on his body and it was of the twin cities, the state of minnesota with tc on it. my son loved this city and this city killed my son! >> castile's girlfriend live streamed the incident on facebook after jeronimo yanez shot him. it happened after seconds castile told the officer he was carrying a gun. >> he was compliant. he wasn't resisting. at the end of the day this was a traffic stop. unfortunately, the jury didn't see it that way. >> officer yanez testified he believed castile was pulling the weapon out of his pocket. after the verdict, the officer
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was fired by the police department. the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial has gone home for the night without reaching a verdict. the jury will resume deliberations tomorrow morning. the defense has asked for a mistrial but the judge denied that request. cosby is accused of molesting and drugging andrea constand at his home in 2004. today cosby took to twitter to thank his supporters and fans walking out of court he thanked them again. if convicted he could face up to 10 years in prison. a guilty verdict today for the woman who sent text messages to her boyfriend urging him to commit suicide. a massachusetts judge found 20- year-old michelle carter guilty of involuntary manslaughter. she was 17 when she sent a series of texts persuading conrad roy to fill his trucks with carbon monoxide and kill himself. the judge found carter's actions were reckless and created a life-threatening situation for roy who had a history of depression. she could face up to 20 years in prison.
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coming up, a toddler dies after a routine dental procedure. patients demanding answers from a northern california center. >> and it's a rare sight in san jose. a room full of new police recruits. how the force is rebounding from a staffing crisis.
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so many recruits... that leadership say ...their staffing crisis is coming to an end. a new batch of recruits started today at the san jose police department. they say their staffing crisis is coming to an end. kpix 5's jessica flores reports, city leaders are calling it the rebirth of the san jose force. >> reporter: 54 san jose police recruits donning their uniforms filled up the training room a rare sight when just a year ago, the department graduated a class of 7 officers. >> it's great to see you in the uniform. >> reporter: it's the largest class in 10 years. chief eddie garcia says the battles over pension and pay reduced staffing to mid-1980s levels. >> this police department
6:39 pm
needed to be competitive again. it needed competitive wages and a fair pension reform to get us where we need to be and that's what's occurred. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo says the city and unions negotiated deal puts them on the path to rebuild. >> we are here because we're proud to commemorate san jose pd's rebirth. sjpd is back! >> reporter: with the start of this newest class, the san jose police department now has more than 100 recruits in the training process. the department is authorized to have about 1100 officers and if the entire new class graduates, it would bring the total officers to 983. currently officers are working mandatory overtime to fill the gap. so the chief's advice to the new class? graduate. >> get in those books, study. i can tell you there's 54 in there, there's 54 midnight officers that can't wait for them to graduate. >> reporter: in san jose, jessica flores, kpix 5. silicon valley is known for more tech campuses than open space. the plan to protect this rural land and wildlife.
6:40 pm
>> it will be one hot father's day weekend with numbers well above 100 and the hottest day of the week is going to be father's day. warm tonight. we'll have the forecast coming up.
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now about the death of actress carrie fisher. a coronor says she died of sleep apnea er factor new details coming in right now about the death of actress carrie fisher. a coroner says she died of sleep apnea and other factors and they couldn't determine the exact cause of death. she was known as princess leia on the "star wars" series. a dentist office shut down because of death threats. the same location where a toddler died after a routine procedure. today friends and family gathered outside the children's surgery center in stockton demanding justice. on monday three-year-old eliza hernandez was brought to the center to get some work done. minutes later, she was being rushed to the hospital where she died. >> she was a vivacious little
6:44 pm
girl. she loved minnie mouse. she loved to eat. >> no word yet on the cause of death. the center says it has treated tens of thousands of young patients and says nothing like this has ever happened. a new probe against drug manufacturers. california is investigating whether they played a role in creating the nation's ongoing opiod crisis. attorney general becerra is joining a coalition of attorneys general from several states. they want to know whether the drugmakers used illegal marketing and sales practices in pushing the drugs. >> california probably has seen as many if not more deaths from opiods overdose and misuse than just about any other state. so we're going to be out there to make sure we take on anybody breaking the law? >> in 2015 thousands of californians died from opiod
6:45 pm
overdoses. a company is moving their positions out of state. avnet is slated to close two north san jose facilities on september 1 and cut 94 jobs. it will move its manufacturing to arizona where it's based. remaining employees will work out of a location on junction avenue in san jose. despite those layoffs, state labor officials say santa clara added 1500 jobs in may and the east bay lost 3100 positions and the san francisco san mateo region lost 200 jobs. some say the bay area as a whole is doing well. >> santa clara county unemployment rate 2.9%. in san mateo, 2.6%. this is a very, very tight job market. this is a region on an economic tear. >> one problem related to the job market is traffic. a new report finds silicon valley second only to new york
6:46 pm
city when it comes to longest average commutes. "skydrone5" gives us a bird's-eye view of a huge area of open space in the south bay. not the silicon valley but the coyote valley. between san jose and morgan hill, kpix 5's kiet do shows us what's behind a new $80 million plan to preserve the area. >> reporter: silicon valley has a cousin named coyote valley. it's wild and country. there's a growing movement to try to keep it that way. >> what makes you so confident you'll be able to pull this off? >> i don't know if we're so much confident as we are hopeful and, um, audacious. >> reporter: this woman is the executive director of the santa clara valley open spate authority which just released a 70 page report about coyote valley a blueprint on how to link 1.1 million acres of open space between the santa cruz mountains on the left and the mount diablo range on the right by focusing on the 2,000-acre
6:47 pm
swath in the middle that's privately owned by 15 families. they have learned animals use this relatively narrow corridor to travelto and from the mountain range more than they thought. in the past year researchers have stepped up efforts to track them using gps collars and wildlife cameras. tanya diamond with pathways for wildlife has counted up to 11 bobcats crammed into the area. >> they are great commuters. >> reporter: along with those bobcats, there are deer, gray fox, and yes, of course, coyotes. but the researchers have found the winter's heavy rains have flooded some of the redwood city. >> if you are coyote, bobcat and deer you're forced to cross the road. that's a problem. >> reporter: the authority says that the 70 animals are hit and killed by cars every year. and so they will be pushing to build more animal crossings like this box culvert. what's more, as winter rain collects in the northern coyote valley it recharges the ground water supply for much.
6:48 pm
santa clara county. altogether the authority says the linkage plan makes a compelling argument for any owners willing to sell their land and conserve it for future generations. >> we have the full picture now that can inform our conversations with willing landowners and the city. >> we feel like we can design a win-win for wildlife the environment and our urban communities. >> reporter: in the coyote valley, kiet do, kpix 5. >> how many remember all of the fruit stands that lined 101 that ran right through the valley? [ laughter ] >> a few hands raised. >> all gone. here's what's coming, hot weather into the bay area. we are increasing temperatures about 7 degrees with concord at 94 right now 10 minutes before 7:00. it will be warmer tomorrow. overnight lows tonight temperatures will be in the 50s for much of the bay area. warmer at the 680 corridor, concord tonight only down to 64 degrees.
6:49 pm
it will be a mild night in the bay area. and, in fact, a mild night every night of the week for the next seven days. strong ridge in place over the eastern pacific. it's going to give us very warm temperatures tomorrow. even close to the bay. the numbers as we see sunrise over oakland by later in the day, the numbers will pop out there at about 82 degrees. so the closer you get to the bay shoreline the less of a big heat event this is going to be. the beach is going to be nice not nearly as warm as inland as usual in the summer. clear tonight, mild temperatures, hot inland over 100 degrees and cooler at the coast. not a bad weekend for the alameda county fair which he would visited with my weekend co-anchor juliette goodrich earlier in the show. tomorrow it will be 100 degrees this weekend in pleasanton. milder at the north beach festival in san francisco. it will feel a lot like summer. especially with numbers as much as 17 degrees above average this weekend. in san francisco tomorrow, it will be 82 degrees.
6:50 pm
concord effectively 100 degrees tomorrow. in san jose, 92. so the south bay won't be above 100. it will still be in the 90s. oakland hits 86 by the time all is said and done tomorrow. but let's begin down in the south bay. the numbers there will be in the 90s. farther south the warmer it gets. eastbound avenue in morgan hill, 98 degrees. in palo alto 93 degrees. 92 for redwood city but along the shoreline at half moon bay just 68. so nice at the beach and plenty warm inland all that red corresponding to physical forecast temperatures. as you can see, the farther east you go, it will be up to that sort of violent color i guess brentwood 102 degrees, 101 at antioch, 99 at san ramon and walnut creek. 100 pleasant hill. wow! north bay tomorrow in the mid- 90s away from the shoreline. 80s closer to the shore and stinson beach nice tomorrow, temperatures will be in the 70s. wow, 100 degrees at windsor and 103 in saint helena!
6:51 pm
at the northern end of the napa valley 9 8 for ukiah. the temperatures get warmer for father's day. 105 degrees in the warmest spots. onday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday it will still be above 100 inland in a heat wave inland for the bay area so be careful this week and stay hydrated. don't forget the pets in the back seat. thank you. coming up, she is in a class with some of the world's best skateboarders and she is only in fifth grade. the bay area skater girl vying for a spot in the x games. >> coming up at 10:00 we're asking you, do you agree with the jury's decision to acquit the officer in the philando castile shooting case? send me your thoughts on this by tweeting me at #veronicadlcruz. i'll be reading your comments on nightbeat at 10:00 over it on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
asks you for a skateboard... ...consider the story of minna stess...4'6...just over 60 pounds... but the petaluma star has been this is a pretty good one. parents, listen, are you listening? if your daughter ever asks you for a skateboard, consider the story of this girl, 4'6" about
6:55 pm
60 pounds but the petaluma star has been huge. >> what a first run for mina. >> reporter: you may have never heard of her. but in skateboard circles, this fifth grade petaluma product is a scar. >> whoa. >> reporter: at home in her backyard skatepark the 11-year- old was asked to reflect on her career that started when she was in diapers. >> i fell in love with it because my brother did it and i think it's a fun sport. not like baseball or basketball. >> reporter: at what point did you realize i have some skills here? >> i don't know. i just was doing it and like learning new trips. wow, i'm actually pretty good. . >> reporter: good enough to go to the x game trials in boise, idaho and came within a few
6:56 pm
points from become the youngest ever to make the x games field. her sponsors are proud. let's just run down for the folks at home how many endorsements you have. >> santa cruz, independent truck, girls [ indiscernible ] , [ indiscernible ] old school, van, and 187 meat heads. >> how old are you? >> 11. >> reporter: she competes against girls more than twice her age gaining confidence and notoriety in a sport once dominated by the boys. >> i'm in the movement of girl skateboarding and, um, there's not a lot of girl skateboarders so hopefully this inspires a bunch of girl skateboarders. >> listen to this one. world rankings, men and women she is 190. just girls, she is 29th. she is number one in u15. >> love it. >> enjoy the weekend.
6:57 pm
this thursday through sunday at kohl's
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, buddy. good. hello. how you doing? i know. i see you, too. appreciate you, folks. thank y'all. yeah, i do. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] uh, we got a good one for you today, y'all. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000 from denver, colorado--it's the champs--it's the stephenson family... [cheering and applause] and from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the brown family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody--somebody might
7:00 pm
drive out of here in a brand-new car. hey, let's go meet the brown family. hey, gerard, how you doing, man? gerard: how are you, steve? how you doing? steve: good. good. what you do for a living, gerard? steve: well, i'm a retired firefighter, steve, out of philadelphia. steve: ok. gerard: um, uh, i ser--served the service really well, and my unit got called to new york to help with the new york firefighters on 9/11, and i really was proud to be there. steve: yeah. great. thank you, man. thank you. that's pretty big. well, introduce everybody, gerard. gerard: ok. this is my lovely wife valerie. she's just--a 8-month-old, uh, child we have. she just had a baby 8 months ago, and she's still looking great. steve: yeah, man. gerard: absolutely. steve: absolutely. congratulations. valerie: thank you. gerard: this is my brother-in-law reuben. he's a fine, uh, gentleman who keeps dapper in the family. he's the dapper one in our family. steve: ok. gerard: that's his wonderful wife veidra. they're both, uh, school teachers and great peopled


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