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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  June 17, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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the f-b-i is on the case. now on kpix 5 a bay area broadcast station is hacked for ransom. this morning the fbi is on the case. >> i know jimmy, but i wasn't thinking about jimmy, i was thinking there's a gun and i need to go. >> a dramatic firsthand account of the ups rampage from the man who locked eyes with the killer. >> a dirt bike crew now behind bars accused of the brutal beat down on a lyft driver. it's 7:00 on a saturday june 17 i'm betty yu. >> it's going to be a hot weekend. brace yourself everyone. >> i can feel it already. >> but look, the sun is rising, it's beautiful, good morning bay area. what a shock that is. temperatures right now in concord 72, but get ready
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you're about to jump 30 degrees today. oakland 76. san francisco right now 68. here's the area under the heat advisory. it's a wide range most of the bay area is under warnings or watches. inland temperatures, 95 to 105 today. south bay 90 to 100. big suhr will be in the mid-80s. 84 in oakland. redwood city 91. you can cool off a little bit in pacifica. head to the coast where you can see the green on the screen. average temperatures in the upper 60s. upper 70s for san jose. but today we're well above that. 12 to 17 degrees above average, betty? >> thank you. an investigation is underway in a deadly shooting involving an east bay officer. it happened at the 2300 block of mansinita way. few details are available, but officers shot and killed a 37- year-old man. the officer was not injured,
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but the contra conteras detectives are investigating. kpix andria borba has the very latest. >> reporter: radio stations began acting up last night. in a statement to the san francisco chronicle, our broadcast operations, tv, and radio were not affected and we have been on the air without interruption. we had an outage on the radio live stream from thursday evening to 9:30 this morning. this was the only issue that affected our services to the public. they held headquarter the, these hand -- headquarters, these signs were warning staff network security issues. do not use your pc or turn it off or on.
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contact your manager. all network and wi-fi services are off until further notice. >> we've actually seen a lot of the smaller companies getting hit with ransomware such as what's happening right now with kqed or other city governments and things because they typically don't have the budget that a large enterprise may have to keep their systems up to date or to pay for the large infrastructure. >> reporter: in november computers were hit by a ransomware attack forcing muni to shut down all their fare gates as a precaution while i.t. worked to get computer systems from payroll to bus locations disinfected from the malware. we are told by the fbi they recommend not paying the ransom in this case. we know muni did not. we do not know at this point if kqed did. this morning seven u.s. sailors are still missing after their navy destroyer collides with a merchant ship right off the coast of japan. three injured crew members including the captain have been
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evacuated and flown to a hospital. this collision happened before dawn on saturday, japan time. the site is right there about 50 miles south of yokosuka, the port city where the ship was based. the uss fitzgerald has damage on its star board side. now both above and below the water line. in fact the most significant damage is under water. but the navy says the ship is not in danger of sinking. a japanese coast guard helicopter pulling up a stretcher holding an injured u.s. crew member. the seven missing sailors may have fallen into the water when the crash happened. this morning we're hearing from a woman who says the united airlines employee kicked her in the head. lindsey irvani was flying to san francisco with a layover in houston on saturday night when she decided to take a nap in a chapel in a united terminal. >> i was woken up by somebody kicking me in the head. i immediately got up and asked the person why he did that. >> reporter: she says the employee told her she couldn't sleep there and then he rolled
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out a prayer map. later he told her he didn't want her to miss these flights. as she was walking out she sent these photos of him. united is concerned and urgently reviewing the matter to understand what happened and the employee has been suspended while we review the incident. we are now getting a firsthand account of the deadly rampage from a driver who was inside when shots rang out. he spoke to kpix 5 about this heartbreak loss of the colleagues and the chaotic escape. >> the biggest thing i deal with, which i have spoken to people about it is that it's running over my head, the whole thing is running in my head constantly. >> several people were shot. >> two days ago he watched three of his co-workers and friends gunned down before his eyes. he was right in the center as always in ups's morning meetings when he started to
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fire shots. >> out of the corner of my eye i saw one of the drivers move forward quickly. i turned to look and it was jimmy with the hand. and what looked to be a gun. >> reporter: he jumped into one of the nearby trucks to hide and call 911. while on the phone he and jimmy locked eyes. >> the supervisor ran back into the building saying run, run. and i looked around and then i saw the silhouette of jimmy returning, entering the building, which is when i found out he shot mike. >> he knew and respected benson and louie and chan -- benson louie and wayne chan. >> lefiti was a very close guy. it's hard to lose all of them, but mike was really hard to deal with for me personally. >> reporter: he knew jimmy too. >> i spoke to him tuesday night
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after work. we joked, we laughed, and we went home. >> reporter: there were no visible signs, which makes all of this even more confusing and painful. >> we don't understand how that could happen or why those people. >> reporter: we've heard complaints about tough hours and a challenging culture at ups over the past few days. it's a good job, but a stressful one. >> i hope that if work was a mitigating circumstance to jimmy and that's what partially caused this that it is something we could all see. we need to change. >> it is so terrible. that was susie simel reporting. he plans to return to work on monday. the two men facing criminal charges in the deadly ghostship fire was back in court this week. but the lawyer for one of his men says his client is an escape goat. max harris is one of two facing
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36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the ghostship death. he organized the legal party and blocked off the stairwell with his equipment trapping people inside. but his lawyers say prosecutors are blaming the wrong person. >> he is not a criminal. the fact the owner of that property is not on trial is an abomination to the justice system. >> the owner of the property has not been charged it in connection with the fire. harris and former ghostship master tenant derick almena will be back in court july 7. it will be getting harder for americans to travel to cuba. now cuba is firing back calling it hostile rhetoric, but the president is standing by his policy shift. he tweeted this right here saying, "that's for miami where my cuban-american friends are very happy with what i signed today. another campaign promise i did not forget," he said. but it's a big step backwards. >> reporter: president trump
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announced his new policy towards cuba in miami. >> i am canceling the last administration's completely one- sided deal with cuba. >> the president's slam prohibits transactions with businesses controlled by the governments like many hotels. it bans individual travel meaning americans could only go to cuba with a tore group and the plan holds the regime accountable for oppression. >> it is really cool. >> reporter: he's glad they would travel to cuba months ago. >> all these buildings, i thought it was a great opportunity for americans to go and meet with who i think are honestly some of the nicest people i have ever met in my life. >> reporter: they will no -- americans will no longer be allowed to travel freely. >> i think it's a shame and a disgrace. >> reporter: she says trump's plan would hurt cubans who welcome their home to travelers. and it will cost the u.s.
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economy $6.6 billion over four years. >> so this is a job killer. also it creates an opening for russia, for china, for other countries. i mean this country is losing its leadership in the world. >> reporter: but supporters of trump's policy says it puts the burden on the cuban government to enact reforms that respect's people freedoms. >> the ball is in your court now. it allows the average cubans to open hotels, restaurants, to open resorts and we'll be able to deal with them. >> reporter: and that is sharon chin reporting. the change is not expected to take effect for if several months. if you have booked your trip you are good to go even if you do travel after the new policy takes effect. and now to a break in the case on the lyft driver brutally beaten on the bay area highway, emily turner shows us the suspect in custody. this brutal assault happened on the site of 101 in march after a lyft driver nearly hit a dirt biker. the beat down that followed stopped traffic, broke the
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driver's leg, and damaged his car. it took three months. but derwayne johnson, gabriel rodriguez, and johnson are all behind bars. >> we served the warrants early morning and we were able to find these parties in their homes and they were taken in to custody without incident. >> reporter: likely because that arresting wakeup call came fully armed as these chp photos show. the trio and the fourth still at large are charged with assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit a crime, assault, battery, vandalism, and several other crimes. we went to their homes, but no one wanted to talk about it. >> i came here to talk to you about gabriel rodriguez's arrest. >> i cannot talk. >> reporter: no? do you know what happened? >> no, i don't know. >> reporter: the combination of tips from the public. witness videos like this one and police information helped lead to these arrests. they have a warrant out for the
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4th suspect. the group was coming from a side show when this incident happened. there's a possibility they are responsible for other disruptive and dangerous behaviors on the roadways. >> their mo is very similar to what's happening where you see a lot of dirt bikers, a lot of motorcycles being ridden recklessly on bridges, city streets, plates are usually removed, faces are covered up, no helmets. we saw the same thing here in this case. >> reporter: emilie inman kpix 5. still ahead amazon buying whole foods in a multi-billion dollar deal. what it could mean for customers moving forward. and keeping the plans to protect the open space in the south bay and the wildlife that call it home. but first on today's community calendars, the annual costume contest at ocean beach. more than 800 jobs will take over. there will be a ton gone on in the 63rd festival. the whole fest takes up several blocks with over 2,500 arts and
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crafts booths, two stages of live entertainment. finally plenty of fun to be had in danville this weekend, the start of summer fest featuring food, music, boutiques, and a classic car show. the event runs 10:00 to 5:00.
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the coroner says the actress died of sleep apnea. drug use actor.. among a carrie fisher's cause of death has been revealed. the actress died of sleep apnea. drug use was also a factor among with a number of others. the report said the exact manner of death was undetermined. fisher was best known for her
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role as princess leia in the star wars film. she passed away last december at the age of 60. the jury in the bill cosby sex assault trial went home for the night without reaching a verdict. they deliberated for more than 50 hours. supporters of the comedian chanted as we walked out of the courthouse near philadelphia last night. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004. the jury is deadlocked. cosby had this message. >> i just want to reach all of the fathers a happy father's day. and i want to say to the jury, thank you for their long day, their honest work individually. i also want to thank the supporters who have been here. >> reporter: cosby's lawyer are asking for a mistrial, but the
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judge said he's compelled by the law to allow deliberations to go on for as long as they want. the largest rubber duckie is floating in western washington. but after the fact of the six- story rubber ducky, it's headed to toronto, run by the canadian government for nearly $100,000 to celebrate the country's 150th anniversary. on the east bay a stampede. more than 150 head of main street in pleasanton into the wild wild west. the cattle drive was a part of yesterday's kickoff to the alameda county fair. cowboys and cowgirls and the sheriff. >> no, this is the best day and fantastic. we want to be cowboys, you know, it shows a fun day for us. >> it was cool, but stinky. >> officials want to remind you to bring some water with them and to check out their station. because it is going to be a
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warm weekend. let's check in with a look at that forecast. >> it'll be your best friend. right now though it's gorgeous out there. look at this view. the sun is out with no fog in sight. right now it's the time to go for your morning drive if that's what you're into. oakland 76. livermore at 67. san jose 64 degrees. that's of course cool time for your day because the temperatures are about to rise a lot higher. here is what's happening as you can see the clouds are coming through our area ask and you can see them dissipate once they reach the bay. we won't get too much cloud cover for the next several days. you'll get a whole lot of sunshine because of our friends right here and high pressure and it's building. today will be hot, tomorrow though even hotter. heat will be building up for your father's day. all the storm systems are staying well to the north because of the high pressure, it is strong and it will be breaking some records in some areas. inland temperatures will be scorching. we're talking 90s, even the 1h -- 100s. the coast where it is green,
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that's where you'll find their cooling. half moon bay at 65 degrees today. and santa clara is looking a lot warmer. 30 degrees warmer when you head inland. 91 there in hayward. fairfield look at you 100 degrees. 95 in pittsburgh. triple digits for you in brentwood and danville as well. and sonoma and napa for father's day, maybe you want to go wine tasting. make sure you take your water with you because it will be very hot out there in the east regions. kentfield 92, mill valley 88. a lot cooler, 71. winds are 90 degrees. so anyone going to the fair today like we mentioned, go to those misters to cool off a little bit. it will be 97 degrees there. with all the arts and crafts and gourmet foods out there a lot cooler at 75. should feel pretty good for you out there and for your weekend. look at this 104 by tomorrow. so today will be warm. but like i said it'll get even
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hotter for your sunday. then temperatures will drop off just a little bit on monday and tuesday and then they rise back up again by wednesday. looking further ahead into the rest of your workweek. thursday, friday temperatures are going to stay warm ask and that's a whole lot of -- warm and that's a whole lot of sunshine. betty? >> very nice, thank you. after the break, amazon gobbles up whole foods for nearly $14 billion. how the blockbuster deal could lower your grocery bill. good morning everybody. what do i have for you at this point? how about last night? something special for one kid. he will never forget and he did it against the most story franchise in sports. that and boy as you have rarely seen it before. it is all straight ahead in sports. stick around.
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deal worth almost 14 billion dollars. so.. what does it mean for you - if you shop there? kpix 5's len ramirez explains.. amazon bought whole foods for $14 billion.
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>> what does it mean for us? kpix 5 explains. >> reporter: the marriage of amazon and whole foods is being called a blockbuster deal, especially for amazon, which has the grocery and retail markets. >> not only do they get deeper, which they have been angling towards the past couple of years, but gives them a platform for their own products like the home speaker system. >> reporter: amazon is paying $13.7 billion for the austin- based whole foods, which operates 460 upscale grocery stores. the deal creates a new giant and sent stocks plummeting for wal-mart up 5%. >> amazon could cut twice the significance of whole foods. a company dogged by the whole paychecks for many years now. the deal with whole foods will mark another step for amazon into the physical retail world.
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later this summer they plan to open an amazon books. in san jose kpix 5. and whole foods will continue to operate under the same name. now whole foods stock jumped as you could imagine shares rallied 29% yesterday, not bad. shares picked up 2.4%. meanwhile stocks of other stores went in the opposite direction. tumbling 5%. dropping 6%. and costco saving 7%. americans are going nuts for coconut oil. when you search for it on amazon, you'll get more than 67,000 results. but a new study says it is not actually good for you. but the american heart association, they say it may be as unhealthy as beef, drippings, and bitter. because coconut oil is packed with saturated fat, causing bad cholesterol, increasing
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cardiovascular risk. how did it get so popular? and recommending it as a way to lose weight five years ago. and now switching gears, vern with your morning sports. >> hi everybody. i have your bay area local story for you. they did come alive in colorado and where no leads is safe. boy, good use of some excitement last night losing three straight. and then in the 5th inning the pitcher. their first home run with a giant. it's a different story. two on for ian desmond and he just parked it into the right field seats. he drove in four last night. that's a three-run blast. rockies beat the giants for the 7th straight time 10-8 the final. the judge was in oakland last night.
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yes, the rookie big man aaron joe's. giving the show in the third. a three-run homer and could be the rookie of the year for the mvp leading 4-0. the rookie matt chapman, the bases are loaded. look at this! he put them ahead for good. three rbi night for the kids for the san -- san bernardino area. they are leading a single game as they have lost four in a row. that's sports this morning. both teams have day games or they have a wrap up of that coming up later on today along with more u.s. open golf third round today as well. coming up in our next half hour, protesters take to the streets. the outrage after a minnesota officer is acquitted in the shooting death of a man filmed on facebook live. plus, the mission to mars that could happen a lot sooner than you think.
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we'll have details on elon musk's new plan.
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good morning, i'm betty yu. and i' 's welcome back. it's just about 7:30, good morning i'm betty yu. >> we'll start with a look at your forecast. look what's going on here with advisories, watches, warnings across the region. that's right it will be a hot one extending into wednesday night starting today.
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here's why. inland temperatures are 95 to 105 today and a little bit cooler, but not quite. 85 to 105. find anyone with an air- condition canning. restaurants will be pretty popular today especially if they have ac drink a lot of water. look at temperatures, 100 degrees. that could be a record breaker. a lot cooler at the coast. 71 in pacifica. quite a difference as you head over to the coastal areas. look at the bay right now though, just beautiful. temperatures 72 it in concord right now and oakland and 68 in san francisco. san jose 64 degrees. coming up i'll let you know when you'll get a break if you will, betty? >> thanks. breaking right now, a judge declares a mistrial in bill cosby's sexual assault case after they say it is hopelessly deadlocked. accused of drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004. hundreds of protesters shut down a highway in st. paul, minnesota last night after the police officer who fatally shot
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philando castile was found not guilty. you can see police facing off with protesters. there was a standoff for 90 minutes. officers say they arrested 18 people after failing to comply with orders to dispurse. the jury's decision was announced yesterday. the officer yanez was cleared from several charges including involuntary manslaughter. castile's death got widespread attention after his girlfriend broadcast the shooting's aftermath on facebook live. it happened just seconds after castile told the officer he was carrying a gun, which he had a permit for. the mom spoke outside the courthouse yesterday. my son loved this city.the city killed my son and the murderer gets away. are you kidding me right now? we're not evolving as a civilization, we're devolving. >> reporter: officer yanez
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testified he believed castile was pulling a weapon out of his pocket. after the verdict the officer was fired by the police department. protesters in london are calling for justice for the victims of the deadly high-rise fire apartment building. the ages of the victims haven't gotten out just yet. they are asking for more help from the government and some are calling for prime minister theresa may to resign. last night hundreds of people carrying candles stood quietly near the site of the catastrophic fire. there was a vigil as well as a silent protest over the slow response from authorities to save the victim. the blaze burned through the 24-story building on wednesday killing at least 30 people. dozens are still missing. authorities believe about 70 people may have died in that fire. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. representative steve scalise still in critical condition this morning after this week's shooting during
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that baseball practice, but his daughters are optimistic. scalise was among five people who were shot when a gunman opened fire at park in virginia. when scalise got to the hospital his surgeon says the most urgent priority was to first stop the bleeding from that high-velocity bullet. it tore through his pelvis, damaging bones, blood vessels, organs. parts of the bullet will remain in the congressman's body forever. >> i have not counted, but i would guess there are hundreds of fragments. usually there's more risk involved with trying to find it and remove those fragments than benefits, so we have no intentions to try to remove the bullet at this point. >> they're going to stay there. the congressman has undergone multiple surgeries and faces more, but doctors expect scalise to walk again. one of president trump's tweets might be getting him into trouble. he complained about being investigated for firing fbi director james comey. he call it had a witch hunt.
7:34 am
major garrett is at the white house to explain. >> reporter: the president's tweet confirm add washington post report that special council robert mueller is investigating him for obstruction of justice. he lashed out at deputy director rod rosenstein, who the president just praised last month. >> he's highly respected, a very good guy and smart guy. >> reporter: rosenstein wrote a memo critical of james comey's handling of the e-mail server. the white house initially said that's the main reason for the fbi director's dismissal. >> this russia thing with trump and russia is a made up story. >> reporter: but the president said the fbi's russia investigation was a key factor and that he had been planning to fire comey before hearing from rosenstein. >> he made a recommendation, but regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey. >> reporter: rosenstein is a career federal prosecutor who took over the investigation after jeff sessions recused himself. when it was revealed comey had kept detailed memos on his
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interactions with the president, rosenstein appointed mueller as special council. the president's defenders have also been attacking mueller who served presidents of both parties as fbi director. they say he too is a part of what mr. trump calls a partisan witch hunt. now rosenstein is under scrutiny. the constitutional law professor jonathan turvey says rosenstein should recuse themselves because of their interactions with president trump. >> i can't imagine the special council completing this investigation without hearing the testimony of the deputy attorney general. so once you think you may be a witness, it is time for you to remove yourself. >> reporter: and the president's tweets, they could come back to haunt him. >> any statement the president makes in any form can be evidence that can be used in an obstruction prosecution. >> reporter: in fact white house press secretary sean spicer said the president's tweets should be taken seriously. >> the president of the united
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states. and so they are considered official statements by the president of the united states. >> reporter: the justice department said rosenstein had no plans to recuse himself. first he issued a rare statement, kind of in line with the president's overall appraisal of press coverage of the russia investigation. it declined anonymous sources and said the american public should be, "skeptical about anonymous allegations." major garrett cbs news the white house. vice president mike pence joined president trump in hiring a private lawyer to represent him in the special council, the russia investigation. his office confirmed the attorney general has been retailed as the vice president president's personal council. he hired his long-time personal attorney weeks ago to represent him in the probe. they asked former san francisco mayor willie brown his thoughts on the vice president's hiring a lawyer. >> i would have started out
7:37 am
being a lawyer. under no circumstances in this day and age when everything involving whatever you're doing can be investigated. it can be a political downside for you. you ought to have a lawyer on the payroll for morning one. if you recall, phil, be many years ago back in the s, i had a guy who was outside of the spectrum, a great lawyer, and he was the guy every time you went to the bathroom you would check with him. >> and more on that tomorrow morning at 7:30 with phil and melissa right here on kpix 5. the $183 billion budget plan has just been approved. both houses of legislature ratified the spending blueprints after completing negotiations earlier on in the week with governor jerry brown while schools would get the largest tax dollars to combat a federal and state fund. they actually make health care the single biggest function of the government. they added money to boost the enrollment of in-state students at both uc and cal state
7:38 am
schools. and $45 million will go to a coalition of legal services agencies, immigrant rights groups, and faith-based organizations called one california. these funds will be a non-going allocation throughout year 2020 and help immigrants fighting deportation or removal proceedings. governor brown is expected to sign the plan into law before the new fiscal year begins starting on july 1. that all comes as a sanctuary state debate is intensifying just two days before they cleared the hurdle in the state assembly. senate bill 54 would provoke them from helping federal immigrations conduct their work. >> all that does is put our community at risk. we are not going out and specifically looking for people who are in this country illegally. >> the author released a statement countering those claims saying there's overwhelming evidence from across california and the nation, showing ice is in fact targeting non-criminal undocumented immigrants. supporters say the bill is a
7:39 am
good step for immigrant protection. in our bay area headlines, oakland mayor libby schaaf proposed spending $185 million over the next two years to fight the city's homeless problems. most of that money nearly 124 million is intended to keep people from losing their homes and to build affordable housing. while that navigation center is in the works, the mayor proposes providing an outdoor center with support services at its site yet to be determined. a full board vote is expected next week from san francisco's board of supervisors on a proposed ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products within city limits. restricted ordinances are being considered in other parts of the bay area including oakland and contra costa county. silicon valley is no more for tech campuses and wide open spaces. ahead the plan to protect this untouched rural land and the wildlife that rome there. plus, the warnings from
7:40 am
scientists. why they believe california's seasonal rain and all that snow in the mountains are triggering earthquakes.
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the smell is coming from a "corpse flower." th golden gate park, the smell is coming from a corporation flower. the plant started living out the conservatory flowers yesterday. it only lasts for a few days. it smells like rotting flesh, hence its nickname, corpse flower. >> it's just starting to gear up, so our visitors are just starting to smell those odors. it'll get really intense.
7:43 am
>> it attracts beetles and flies. the conservatory is open late if you want to check it out. the bird's eye view of the huge area in the south bay. not the silicon valley, but the coyote valley. they show us what's behind the new $80 million plan to preserve the area. >> reporter: silicon valley has a cousin, its name coyote valley. there is a growing movement to try to keep it that way. >> what will make you feel confident? >> i don't know if it will be confident as we are hopeful >> reporter: the executive director of the open space authority, which has just released the report titled coyote valley linkage. it's a blueprint on how to link
7:44 am
$1-- 1.1 million on the left and the range on the right by focusing on the swath right in the middle that's privately owned by 15 families. they've learned they view this corridor to travel more than what they thought. researchers have stepped up they counted up to 11 bob cats crammed into the area. >> they are great commuters. that's what they tend to use. >> reporter: along with their bob cats they have gray foxes and yes, of course, coyotes. but they found the heavy rains have flooded some of the routes. >> if you're a coyote, you can't take this anymore, so you are forced to cross over the road. that's a problem. >> they have up to 70 animals hit and killed by cars every year, so they will be pushing to build more animal crossings.
7:45 am
with winter rain collecting on the northern valley, they will recharge their ground water supplies. altogether the authority says the plan will make a compelling argument for any owners willing to sell their land to sell it for future generations. >> we have the full picture now. we fell like we could design a win/win for our urban development. >> even in midway through june, crews are still clearing roads. highway 120 remained closed this week. they predict the upcoming heat wave will help them finish the test. for some perspective, those mountain ranges and passes are usually open by memorial day. a new study suggests winter
7:46 am
snow and rain could help bring on earthquakes. they found the weight of winter snow and rain on mountains will put enough pressure on both the sierra nevada and coastal ranges. come summer the earth's crust will lunge back up triggering increased fault movements. >> they decrest they moods, changing the stresses on the faults. >> the faults will see an escalation in late spring and early summer. now for a check of the forecast back here at home. >> it doesn't feel good to see that report, but there will be a lot of melting of all the snow and heat we're experiencing. i'm surprised no one is out at the beaches right now. it'll be the place to go today because temperatures, they're going through skyrocket. we're in the 70s, but that will change very soon.
7:47 am
that's the only place you will get some relief. we have a heat advisory in effect for most of the bay area into the central valley area where all the high pressure is building. it'll get even stronger by tomorrow. so that means all the storms will be staying well to the north of us and has nothing to do with us. we will see a whole lot of sunshine on out there. those temperatures might break some records. i'm thinking concord might break some records today. drink a lot of the water today and also get a little bit cooler over at the beach. they will feel a lot better when you are along the coastline. that's the area in green right there. they will hit 65 degrees today. 71 in pacifica and a whole lot warmer. 90 degrees today. union city at 88 and 86 in mountainview. 81 degrees for santa clara with the triple digits. fairfield 100 degrees. 102 in brentwood and the century mark for you in danville. walnut creek is staying hot as
7:48 am
well. so those inland area wills see a lot of red on the screen as you can see it where the temperatures will pick up. this isn't even the hottest day yet. you'll see the temperatures get even hotter, 100 degrees in windsor and clover dale. so there's alameda county and also the san mateo fair today. a little cooler there, 89 degrees with a slight breeze there as well and the san francisco zoo, free admissions. 65 degrees, so free admission will be tomorrow for father's day. don't forget your seven-day forecast as you can see how hot it will be for the inland areas come sunday. it will be staying hot through the weekend across the bay. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. look at how much cooler that is a 20-degree difference. even 30 degrees when you compare to the inland temperatures with a look at the rest of your week. temperatures are dipping a little bit by monday and tuesday and then rise back up
7:49 am
again for wednesday. betty? >> thanks. bill cosby's sexual assault case has ended in a mistrial after six days of deliberation. the jury says it is hopelessly deadlocked. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in his home in 2004. the comedian pleaded not guilty and was able to walk out of court a free man. now to an out-of-this-world experience. elon musk is getting a new look to send people to mars. >> reporter: lift off is what elon musk says is the key to colonizing mars. to get there it has to be affordable. the rockets would first transport thousands of pods with about 100 people each into low earth orbit. every two years they line up favorably and that's when groups of the transportships
7:50 am
will gwynn their journey together -- transport ships will begin their journey together. >> to make mars the impossible. >> reporter: he might be crazy. he's the ceo of silicon valley, a think tank trying to solve some of our toughest problems he says don't count musk out. >> he is a guy who generates big ideas. there's no shortage of them. you need people like that around. >> reporter: in his latest paper, musk believes humans should be a multi-planetary species. he also says he is personally saving up most of his wealth for the mars project. but hancock says even if the mars project is a bust, there could still be some earth-bound benefits from the effort. >> but elon musk is thinking you might be able to use the technology on earth and get to other continents in 45 minutes or less. >> reporter: the gravity on mars is only about a third as strong as the gravity here on earth. so once you get there you could
7:51 am
probably move most everything all by yourself. mark sayer kpix 5. >> the first people headed to mars in as few as 20 years. well still ahead meet our pet of the week and find out how you can help make this. yes. a part of your family. we'll also tell you where you could go to help other cats in need of a home. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
joining us now with more on how well it's time now for the pet of the week in neat of a home. and what is appropriate for her do you think in >> it is a very mellow kitty.
7:53 am
it didn't work out, so probably no dogs, but she gets along with other pets. she is very easy. what is her story? >> she is 12 years old. she was abandoned in the stocrein her carriers. we don't know why. is >> yeah, i can see, for sure. >> so 12 years old, no dogs. what other cats? >> they are good, but she just wants attention. a lot of attention, i think. >> do you know what kind of catch? >> a tuxedo cat. >> very fancy. 12 years old and in need of love. >> yeah. and i guess we have adoption events. they will talk about that.
7:54 am
>> yeah tell us about it. today she will be there at 2300 and 16th street. we also have cats in their foster homes. so you can welcome at our website we always look for volunteers at adoption centers. we are in need of fosters at this time of the year for a lot of the adult and senior special need cats overlooked during kitten season. >> it's a great opportunity to check out all sorts of animals, cats, dogs during this time while people are out enjoying the weather today. >> yeah. >> you mentioned kitten season, high kitten season. can you tell us more about that? >> kitten season, it'll start in april and goes until november and then these shelters are inundated with kittens and so a lot of times
7:55 am
these kinds of people are going out rather than senior adult cats. but the great thing about it, kitten are great. they are better in pairs, but they can be kind of, you know, they have a lot of emergency. if you're looking for somebody who is a loving companion and you know their personality already, that's the senior cat and the adult cats are great for. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us onset and here is another look at learning more with your shelter cat rescues here. you can head to their website. we'll be right back.
7:56 am
7:57 am
expect this weekend. now to a check of the final forecast. i know just looking back there, it was gorgeous. >> we did that for a few hours waking up right now, but it is not a bad way to start the day. look at how gorgeous it is across the bay area. this is the moment when you want to go outside in oakland.
7:58 am
san francisco 68. san jose 67. but look what's happening. they will go into effect at 11:00 this morning and stick around until wednesday night. are you ready for that? it will be hot. we are talking 95 to 105 degrees in some areas. you do want to find the places with air-conditioning. those are your friends who will have that. those will be your best friends. look at our seven-day forecast. it will be staying hot all the way through the end of next week. i'm excited. >> yes, right? and it will be a good time. thanks for watching us.
7:59 am
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narrator: today on lucky dog, a terrier mix from the streets must learn to embrace her feminine side. brandon: you look spoiled already. narrator: but some of that street confidence just might pay off in her new home. libbie: penny lane is 6 years old. she kind of has that separation anxiety. brandon: separation anxiety is a common issue for a lot of dogs and one of the best ways of solving it is to add another dog in the mix. but their personalities have to be just right for each other. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing animals find


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