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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 11:00, statewide scorcher. firefighters near la and here in the bay area battling flames while the rest of us look for ways to cool down. >> we're just three days from the official start of summer, but today california got a huge
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dose. kpix 5 is on the relentless late spring weekend heat in the bay area. atures climbed to the trip found families tak >> reporter: residents here in the east bay really felt the scorching sun. this is where temperatures rose into the triple digits, and we found families taking a nice dip in the pool for some relief. under the blazing sun, it's beginning to look a lot like summer. >> i'm having so much fun in the pool. vard on ramp... the he northbound l >> reporter: kids jumping into the season at dublin's new wave swimming pool. the city is offering three admission all -- free admission all weekend. >> it's great to get all the energy out in the water. >> reporter: the national weather service issued a heat advisory for most inland areas across the bay this weekend. many escaped worst of it on the coast where families strolled along the ocean beach promenade. >> i could stay here all day. >> reporter: and firefighters
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are fighting a brush fire that sparked near the mountain boulevard onramp. it shut down the northbound lanes for a few hours as crews stopped the flames from spreading to nearby buildings and home. >> multiple debris. a lot of cigarettes and lighters. determining the cause along the roadway is very difficult, but things have gotten hot, and we're starting to dry out. we're into vegetation season again. >> reporter: wildfire season and pool season on full display as spring ends and summer begins. >> about time to have a live look outside with clear skies around the bay area. looking out toward the bay, looking tranquil, but what you can't see is the numbers and what's causing this, the big h, high pressure bringing us to near record temperatures tomorrow. it's all coming to a head on father's day. fairfield 104, livermore 102, and santa rosa 101 degrees.
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heat advisories posted through sunday, so air-conditioning, a lot o water, and the -- a lot of water and the number for your particular area in the forecast coming up. and 11 people and 2 dogs were just rescued from a coastal cliff in davenport. they became trapped when high tide rolled in. crews used a rope system to get them back to safety. no one was hurt. and tonight, a wildfire burning in southern california has exploded in side, burning m jeff show us how campers are dealing with the situation. hores. you can see fire department boats trying to douse the fire that raced through a grove of --track-- th >> reporter: this is cell phone video from a family during a boat ride on the lake soon after flames erupted near the southern shores. you can see fire department boats trying to douse the fire that raced through a grove of trees. >> one which of you pointed out
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the smoke first? >> i did. >> reporter: the family had to cut their day short on the lake because dad is a contract firefighter with the radio always nearby. >> we went from a day at the lake to a day watching fire, waiting to see what happens. >> reporter: throughout the day, a team of five crews and helicopters dropped water and retardant on the fire. the fire started saturday afternoon on la county land and quickly moved into the angeles national forest. >> now, it's over, it started here one, two, three, four canyons, and it's all the way up there. >> reporter: the sheriffs department didn't allow anyone to come into the park, but people inside the park could stay. this family left the lake after capturing this video, while their daughters packed up for
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another reason, in case dad had to suit up for work. >> and tonight the wildfire is just 10 percent contained. she was sexually assaulted by >> it made me sad and angry at the same time, and a few tears were shed. tonight a north bay woman who claims she was sexually sexual assaulted by bill cosby is speaking out after the judge disclayed a mistrial -- declared a mistrial. we start with kenneth craig in pennsylvania. >> reporter: bill cosby left a pennsylvania courthouse saturday in closer to an end in the sexual assault case against him. after deliberating for over 50 hours, jurors told the judge they were still deadlocked, unable to reach a unanimous verdict for the three charges. the 79-year-old comedian was facing up to 10 years in prison, accused of drugging and sexually assaulting constandt at his mansion in 2004.
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his defense team argued the event was consensual. the district attorney immediately vowed to take the case to trial a second time. >> we'll evaluate and review the case. we will take a hard look at everything involved, and then we will retry it. >> reporter: cosby's attorney said the prosecution is taking the judge's decision to declare a mistrial personally. >> he is trying to really make a name for himself off of mr. cosby's name. >> reporter: cosby will likely be back in a matter of months. the judge wants the next trial to start in just 120 days. in a statement constandt thanked her supporters. her case is the only one that's led to criminal charges. cosby maintains his innocence. kenneth craig, cbs news, pennsylvania. lted her... spoke to kpix five's andria borba earlier tonight. 5 i was >> a north bay woman that also
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says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted here spoke to our andrea borba earlier tonight. >> i was disappointed, but i wasn't surprised today. >> reporter: this morning as a pennsylvania drug declared a mistrial in the bill cosby sexual assault case, janice baker kenny who says cosby drugged and raped her in the 60s, woke up to a flurry of text messages. >> i initially felt i'd be okay either way with whatever came back, and i am relieved that at least it was a hung jury and not an innocent verdict, but i was really surprised that it hit me the way it did, that it made me sad and angry at the same time, and a few tears were shed. >> reporter: after 50 hours of deliberation, a jury deadlocked on whether cosby drugged and sexually assaulted andrea constandt in his mansion. janice say it is 62 other 62 --
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says the other 62 women that say cosby attacked him hoped for a guilty investigate. >> we wanted -- verdict. >> we wanted to feel vindication collectively. we knew it was a verdict for her, but collectively it would have been a little bit of validation and vindication for us. >> reporter: outside the courthouse cosby didn't speak, but his wife had a prepared statement read by someone else. >> how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. >> reporter: janice says the statement, delivered via proxy doesn't say as much as camille's actions. >> she showed up for approximately four total hours of the trial and the jury deliberation, that speaks more volume to me than a prepared statement. >> reporter: andrea borba, kpix 5. tonight concord police are investigating a deadly shooting. a man shot this morning on
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salvio street near the movie theater. paramedics arrived and tried to save the man, but it was too late. police haven't released a motive or suspect information. and we're getting a first look at the man accused of attacking a chp officer this morning in vallejo. several good samaritans jumped in to help. 80 near sacramento. ear americ >> reporter: officers started getting calls at 7:30 this morning of a man later driving i radically near sacramento. his truck was disabled near american canyon, and a female chp officer stopped to help him. >> the suspect jumped out of the vehicle, punched her, and she fell backwards onto the asphalt. he then began kicking her. >> reporter: others drivers saw it and pulled off the freeway to pull him away from the officers. >> they definitely placed themselves at risk by doing
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this, not knowing what they're armed with, but they jumped out, and in my book they're heroes. >> reporter: the man was taken into custody as the assaulted officers was rushed to the hospital. she's expected to make a full recovery. the man is 49 years old, and from san jose, and he spent sometime in the hospital for his minor injuries before being booked here at the jail today. they don't know yet if dui was a factor in the case. in fairfield, kpix 5. police in antioch shot and killed a man last night. so far they haven't said way. it was around 11:30 p.m. just north of highway 4. no one else was hurt. the police department and district attorney's office are investigating exactly what led up to the shooting. developing news now on the collision involving a us navy destroyer, all seven of the missing sailors have been found dead inside flooded compartments on the ship. searchers found the bodies of the damaged vessel returned to its base in japan a few hours
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ago. the ship collided with a container ship nearly four times its size a couple of days ago. less than an hour ago a navy commander said other crew members managed to prevent an even bigger disaster. hospital nearby... >> the heroic efforts by the ship's crew prevented the ship from even sinking last night. >> the remains of the seven sailors that died have been transferred to a us naval hospital nearby for identification. in london tonight 58 people are now presumed dead following a devastating high-rise apartment fire earlier this week. officials say most of the bodies of the 5 victims are still missing -- of the 58 victims are still missing tonight. the official cause of the fire hasn't been released, be utah early some think it -- but some think it involves the towers recent renovation. risk of flooding in the sierra. still to come, much more on this heat wave, and how it's
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creating a huge risk of flooding in the sierra. the new warnings posted tonight in yosemite. plus, cannabis at the county fair. why you could soon see pot vendors right next to the rides and games. >> 500 is going to take a lot, there's no two ways about it. >> he's talking about 500 exotic birds leaving in -- living in one east bay backyard. what fish and game say they can't take them away, coming up.
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answer questions about the deputy attorney general as he left the white house for camp david today. it's his first time visiting the presidential retreat in maryland since taking awes, but there are -- office, but there are new calls tonight for the attorney general to recuse himself from the investigation about the firing of the fbi director james comey. the president seemed to blame him for the investigation saying i'm being investigated by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. >> i can't imagine the special council completing the investigation without hearing the testimony of the deputy attorney general. so once you think that you may be a witness, it's time for you to remove yourself. >> the attorney general associated robert muller to oversee the investigation and the investigation intrusions interference in the -- into russian interference in the
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election. president trump is also adding a new attorney to his legal team. john dowd will help defend him against allegations of obstruction of justice. hundreds of exotic birds are living in one eastbound backyard, and tonight neighbors say they've had enough, but as kpix 5 reports, the bird owner is not backing down. >> i wish i had a lot more. >> reporter: the woman remains defiant when asked about the hundreds of birds on her property. tonight fish and wild life served a search warrant at her castro valley house, investigated the birds, and wrote down a list of violations. the rough estimate is 500 parrots and other exotic birds. >> this is my hobby, these are my babies, so anyway that's the
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whole story. >> reporter: neighbors say the property owner has turned this quiet castro valley street into a tropical forest. the sounds of birds are constant, and they're scared to leave their house because of the smell and flies. >> it doesn't sit well with me. >> reporter: the woman sells the birds on craigslist, up to $2,000 a pop, and manages delta eye care, so i went to the store. >> it's not illegal. >> reporter: well, the county of course is saying that's illegal -- >> okay, then say it's illegal, that's fine. i prove it to you that after next week i still have birds. >> reporter: state and county investigators say it's a tough case because they can't seize the birds. they don't have the facility or the people to take care of 500 birds. investigators plan to meet with her next week to go over all the violations and try to come up with a solution. in castro valley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. irs... if a new marijuana passes at t
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well, corn dogs, cotton candy and cannabis. pot could soon be available at the county fairs in a new bill passes. it would allow cannabis businesses to apply for temporary licenses to give them the green light to sell their products at fairgrounds. >> the business that's applying for it will have to meet every regulation and every requirement of the entire regulatory framework. >> the bill wouldn't automatly give the pot providers go ahead. each city and county make their own rule, so if a county says no, a state won't issue a permit. well, a road in yosemite closed because of a rock slide this week is now back open. highway 140 was closed since rock and debris came crashing onto it on monday. park workers spent the past several days removing the rock and making repairs.
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also in yosemite, the river is likely to reach flood stage tomorrow night. hot weather in the sierra is causing the snow to melt rapidly leading to increases in water levels and faster flows. forecasters say the river is likely to peak late tomorrow. >> i imagine that will be a problem with all of the hot weather we have which is state- wide. in redding tomorrow, the forecast high is 111 degrees. parts of far north bay won't be far behind, but first we get you caught up on the numbers now which is still impressive. concord, 78, livermore almost 20 minutes after 11:00 tonight, and it's 80 degrees at livermore and santa rosa 79. warm night. warm day tomorrow. father's day will be in the heat spell. the warmest day of the week with some of the numbers topping out at 105 and beyond with the high pressure that's still in firm command of the west coast, and as long as it
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stays locked in place the numbers will be with us as well. the heat advisory posted through wednesday night, and that's because it will be hot. except at the beach. mild ocean breeze is where you'll find relief, but inland it will be smoking for the next five to six days. again, tomorrow is the warmest. but it will continue at 100 plus inland all week and no real break until friday. but around the bay shoreline and the south bay, along the peninsula, not bad. still warm, but not bad. very nice,89 degrees at the san mateo fire. north beach festival in san francisco sunny, warm, and 75, and free admission for the dads at san francisco zoo. 65 degrees. but 104 at concord tomorrow, in oakland 86, san jose 94.
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morgan hill hitting 100. the numbers above 100 degrees just about everywhere 680 and east. cooler for mill valley, and looking up at the numbers in ukia, 108 degrees, 106 at lake port, and standard forecast really warming up tomorrow, and then we get a tiny break monday, not quite as hot. we have to wait until friday and saturday for more significant cool, but boy, hot -- cooling, but boy hot times ahead. and that includes sports. straight ahead, you don't just get me once, you get me twice. two sports segments. we'll address the local baseball business first. one team in free fall, and the other, the oakland a's have kate lightning in a bottle at the expense of the east leading yankees.
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11:24 pm way to sugar coat it, 5 straight losses, 14 of 18...where does it end? >. baseball up top. the giants, five straight losses, 14 of 18. where does it end?. haven't won a game since mayweather 15th. runners on the corners, 2nd, rbi single for tony walters. he drove in two for the game. giants did get a runner at 2nd base in the force, and hernandez found a hole in right
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field. he evened the score, stayed that way until the rocky 5th, and trevor story, right back up to middle and through. rockies just nickeled and dimed the giants today. they led 2-1. bottom 7th, the second rbi by walters given up. five straight losses by the giants given up. eight straight losses to the rockies. the final today 5-1. and this hall of famer pitched for the a's and yankees. there's his widow helen. joyce swung and gone, into the right field seats. a's up 1-0, but trailed 2-1 in the second. but healy took care of it, crushed it, and he wasn't done. he stepped to the plate in the
11:26 pm
bottom of the 4th and broke the 2 all tie. it went further than the first one. a's led. hahn handled aaron judge. a's going for a four-game sweep for the yankees tomorrow. 5-2 the final today. wait, wait, i'm not done. i've got a golf shot you have got to see and a boxing rematch in vegas tonight with the bay area's own andre ward. how did that work out?
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too? raiders marshawn lynch in the boxing now. andre ward, did this one end in controversy too? raiders lynch in the house in vegas. ward brawling, caught him in the right hand, something kovoloff won the first fight back in november. he landed more, but his conditions did show and slow,
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he got tired as ward kept hammering away. it was body blows. are are assaulting it low blows -- some are calling it low blows toward the finish that won it for ward. the referee stopped it with 31 seconds left in the round, boom. ward retained all three title belts and regaedas the number one pound for pound boxer in the world. to golf, from wisconsin, justin thomas the story today. look at this ridiculous putt at the 5th hole. look at this. where is he going? and look where this baby goes. great course knowledge, on his way to a record day. he became the 5th player to cart a 9 under 63 in us open history, starting sunday's final round one shot behind the leader harmon. but how about that shot? >> amazing. >> >. looked like miniature golf. [ laughter ] >> what did you think about the
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fight? did you think andre was going to have it? >> i was a little nervous, it could've gone either way. the other guy is like the terminator. you can't stop him, and then right at the end ward was able to catch him and finish him off. >> all right, thank you. we'll be right back.
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the temperature in ukia tomorrow? >> 111. >> close, but no. 108. well, i didn't sleep very well last night, alan. i had nightmares. nightmares. nightmares. i dreamed i ate a five-pound marshmallow. a five-pound marshmallow? yeah, and when i woke up, my pillow was gone. pillow was gone. pillow. t-tillow. pil... tillow. pftil... alan? yeah? you're starting to scare the crap out of me. oh, oh, this? this is, uh, just a new hobby. charlie, say hello to danny o'day. howdy-do, charlie. that's not a hobby. that's a cry for help.


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