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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  June 18, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. escape the swel now at 5:00 temperatures breaking records in parts of the bay area as people try to escape the sweltering heat. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. thanks for joining us. we are seeing triple digit temperatures across the bay area on this father's day making some celebrations challenging with people trying to stay cool. cbs5's katie nielsen is live at the fair in pleasanton. how are people handling the heat? >> reporter: the umbrellas and cold drinks are definitely helping right now. it is 107 degrees here in pleasanton, but the people we talked with today said not going to ruin their fun. the sounds of summer are here. and with it the soaring
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temperatures. >> we've got nice cool drinks and plenty of rides to get some breeze in your hair, so worked out just fine. >> reporter: john came from tracy to celebrate father's day with his family and says they came prepared. >> i got some sun hats and sunscreen and brought some drinks. >> howdy. >> reporter: shawn has been working at the fair almost 10 years and says he's definitely seeing a difference in the crowds because of the heat. >> it's so hot. so hot people ain't coming out. >> reporter: a pint size steph curry was the exception looking for a dunk. >> it's like real slow during the day and you come in the evening is when you get some people in. >> reporter: now fair officials say heat is not impacting attendance. they still anticipate about 15,000 people will be here today. the only difference is they're not coming out during the heat of the day. they're coming out about now that it's finally starting to
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cool off. tonight at 6:00 we'll be talking with the alameda county fire department about tips they have for staying cool and also what they're doing to help people stay safe in this heat. in pleasanton katie nielsen, kpix5. >> thank you. the heat has obviously arrived and here's a live look at the city looking south where we set a record today in san francisco. but most of the really impressive numbers are out here in the east bay. santa rosa is in the north bay, of course, as you know, but concord hit 108 degrees. pleasantton was 109. san mateo on the peninsula 101 degrees and san francisco at 92. san jose got all the way up to 102 degrees today. as long as we've got the ocean there, we've got relief, but not inland. concord continues at 107 degrees, livermore 104. these numbers are now but in the city a relatively mild mid- 70s. as long as high pressure remains parked over the west, which it will the next five days, it will continue hot
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inland through thursday, so three things toment. temperatures remain warm, -- to remember. temperatures remain warm, coasts remain cool and the temperatures finally drop on friday. the extreme heat made for an added burden battling a firefight in santa rosa, a mobile home on bj avenue went up about 1:00 trapping a woman inside. neighbors say they tried to help, but the flames were too intense. >> i tried to get back there. it was too hot. it was too hot. >> the fire was so bad it was like engulfed. all of a sudden it was black and then i guess propane or something blew. the fire was -- it was an inferno. >> all you could hear was that woman screaming in there. >> god, how terrible. >> it was awful. >> the woman's husband and son got out okay. the fire department tells us hoarding inside the home may have helped feed the flames. in developing news an officer-involved shooting that shut down the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge still under investigation tonight. kpix5's john ramos on what
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caused the officer to open fire. >> reporter: shortly before 4:00 this morning the chp arrived at a multi-car collision on eastbound i-80 just past the end of the bay bridge. officers immediately shut down all five lanes leaving stranded drivers on the bridge standing by their cars. >> as they were doing that investigation, they observed a red vehicle driving down the right shoulder coming at them, the officers. >> reporter: the chp said officers yelled orders to stop, but they say the red cadillac kept moving forward. >> drove essentially at one of the officers and that officer felt threatened and discharged several rounds at the driver of that vehicle. the driver was struck. the vehicle was brought to a stop. >> reporter: paramedics treated the driver at the scene before transporting him to a hospital in oakland. two other passengers in the vehicle were not injured and were being questioned to try to determine the driver's intention. irregardless the chp says
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motorists need to take road closures seriously. >> if you come upon a scene like this especially where the lanes are all shut down, we do that for a reason. we don't just shut freeways down because we feel like doing that. if you see chp officers out there and especially caltrans workers out there shutting down the lane, please pay attention to that. >> reporter: it took hours for the chp to close the eastbound bridge and evacuate all the cars back to the city and at 8 a.m. the freeway near the toll plaza was eerily deserted, but about an hour later traffic began flowing again and by 10 a.m. the bridge was fully reopened. in san francisco john ramos, kpix5. >> the driver reportedly in stable condition, the name not yet released. a san jose man is facing charges of allegedly attacking a chp officer. the officer was responding to calls of a driver weaving erratically in traffic along interstate 80 near vallejo early yesterday. the officer found the driver in a disabled white pickup and went to help. witnesses say the man now
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identified as 49-year-old gary coslovich attacked the officer punching and kicking her. passing motorists pulled over to help. >> they definitely placed themselves at risk by doing this. they don't know who this person is or what this person is armed with, but they jumped out and in my book, they're heroes. >> the officer is recovering from cuts and bruises tonight. coslovich is facing assault charges. president trump back at the white house tonight for the first time spending the weekend at camp david with first lady melania trump and their son barron. the president's returning to a lot of questions about the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. as kpix5's melissa caen shows us, his lawyers are now responding. >> reporter: today president trump's personal lawyer told cbs' face the nation that the president is not under investigation by the justice department. >> the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> reporter: but when pressed by fox sunday host chris
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wallace, the lawyer admitted i doesn't actually know whether the -- he doesn't actually know whether the president is being investigated. >> i've been crystal clear the president is not and has not been under investigation. i don't think i can be any clearer than that. >> you don't know the president is under investigation, sir. >> i cannot read their minds. okay. we're in agreement. >> reporter: on wednesday the washington post reported the president is under investigation by special counsel bob mueller and the president said, "i am being investigated by the man who told me to fire the fbi director for firing the fbi director, witch hunt." this former federal prosecutor said the president could be investigated for things other than firing the fbi director. >> what we know is that hacking costs money. so they are going to have to follow the money and that is mueller's focus is the russian hacking. he's following the money. now a lot of the money in russia may tie back to the white house and the white house interests. >> reporter: special counsel mueller hired 13 lawyers so far
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including one with a very interesting specialty. >> one of his hires to this office, 13 lawyers you could say, is an international money laundering prosecutor. >> reporter: but he says mueller will probably have to hire more lawyers. >> in a national election they say some 30 states may have been hacked into. that's a massive enterprise to undertake to investigate that. 13 lawyers is not going to be enough. the fbi is presumably involved. the other security agencies are involved. it's a sprawling investigation. >> reporter: in the newsroom melissa caen, kpix5. congressman steve scalise who was wounded in a shooting last week posted a father's day message on his twitter account. it includes pictures of the house majority whip with his family and said this father's day has special meaning for the scalise family. the louisiana republican's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. he was shot in the hip wednesday while practicing on a field near washington for a charity baseball game. his family says that he had
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another surgery yesterday and he continues to show signs of improvement. military investigators are looking into what caused the collision between a cargo ship and a navy destroyer off the coast of japan. seven u.s. sailors are now confirmed dead. we have more now on the significant damage to the destroyer. >> reporter: as navy divers search the flooded sweeping cabins of the uss fitzgerald on sunday, they discovered remains of several missing sailors. >> we have found a number of the remains of our missing shipmates and our deepest sympathies go out to the families of those shipmates. >> reporter: vice admiral joseph aucoin declined to say how many bodies were recovered but said the search for the ship's seven missing sailors has ended. >> it was traumatic. as to how much warning they had, i don't know. >> reporter: he said many crew members were sleeping recall saturday when the destroyer collided with a much larger filipino container ship.
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two sleeping areas for over 100 crew members were severely damaged letting water flood inside. the crew fought to keep the warship floating as tugboats towed it back to shore. >> there's the heroic efforts of the ship's crew. they prevented this ship from foundering or even sinking last night. >> reporter: three people on board were medically evacuated including the ship's commanding officer, bryce benson, who is in stable condition. the collision took place in one of the world's busiest waterways, the u.s. and japan investigating the cause. >> the navy says it has transferred the victims' remains to a naval hospital in japan. suspected jihadists attacked a luxury resort in the african nation of mali taking hostages killing at least two people. it started when gunfire rang out late afternoon local time south of mali's capitol. the government said their forces have secured the area and they are trying to find three or four terrorists.
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this comes a week after the u.s. state department warned of an increased threat of attacks against westerners in mali. we have new video from inside the charred grenfell tower in london. the deadly fire is feared to have killed 58 people. the british finance minister said the cladding used on the building was flammable and banned in the uk, but the property that provided it maintains it was all legal. coming up tons and tons of cocaine, the massive drug bust made by a bay area cutter. >> and should smartphones have an age limit, one doctor proposing a law to keep them out of kids' hands.
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home to alameda tomorrow. over the past two months... the crew seized more than 17 thousand pounds of cocaine in waters off central america. a coastguard cutter that made some big cocaine busts returns home to alameda tomorrow. in the past two months the crew seized over 17,000 pounds of cocaine in waters off south america. in san diego thursday they offloaded about $260 million of contraband from eight missions. just over a week ago they stopped a vote described as a low profile vessel, low in the water and colored to blend in with the ocean and had more than 5,000 pounds of cocaine. here's something to think about. colorado could become the first
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state in the nation to prohibit smartphone sales to children. good heavens. a denver area doctor is leading the campaign to ban sales of the smartphones to anybody under age 13. it comes on the heels of new guidelines by the american academy of pediatrics to restrict screen time for children. the proposed ballot measure will need about 300,000 voter signatures to make it onto the 2018 ballot. north bay commuters still have no answer yet when smart train service will officially get underway. an upcoming review of the safety system seems to be the final obstacle to set a firm start date. for now full fledged service is predicted to begin at some point in july. eventually smart plans to offer passes to use the system for $200 a month. firefighters are building a containment line around a wildfire northwest of los angeles right now. helicopters are taking water from castaic lake dropping it on the flames nearby. the fire has blackened more
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than 1,000 acres and destroyed two out buildings. 450 firefighters are working on it and have the fire now 10% contained. the fire has prompted voluntary evacuations and people are trying to take it all in stride. >> it's always a bummer, but it's just part of life that here in southern california we have to deal with. >> the fire started yesterday afternoon and grew from 5 acres to more than 500 in the space of 1 1/2 hours. so far no homes are threatened. i'm just getting my weather computer set up. it's a busy day in the weather department and the first indication of the fact that it's very warm is the fact that we've had the excessive heat warning posted now for the past four days and now it's been extended through thursday night. our warnings are posted in the central valley and advisories posted in the bay area. i don't know why. it's just as hot in the east bay today as out in the central valley. with numbers having reached 108, 109 degrees in parts of
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the bay area, but at least we get relief. why does it say inland from 90 to 101 degrees? because the temperatures will cool tomorrow finally, still plenty hot but not as hot as today. these are the unofficial highs from today, santa rosa up to 103, concord 108 and pleasanton 109 degrees, san jose at 102. relief at the beach? kind of. i mean in san francisco which frankly is what we're looking at is san francisco. downtown 85 degrees, so plenty warm in the city. in san jose 99 right now. it's still 107 in concord at this hour. hot inland through thursday, just not as hot. numbers will be in the low 100s much of the week. out the door tomorrow morning we'll see sunshine, maybe a few low clouds at the shore. that will help cool us down inland because tomorrow inland should only be around 100. so that would be 10 degrees cooler, but 100 degrees is anything but mild. the ocean breeze not bad for tomorrow, but inland the numbers remain hot, just not
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quite as hot. so here's what we're expecting. things to cool down a touch, not much cooling at night. temperatures do not drop really until friday. overnight lows, we'll see them in the upper 50s and low 60s, set up tomorrow morning at 12 minutes before -- sun-up tomorrow morning at 12 minutes before 6:00. 110 in fresno. for tomorrow san francisco should be down to 74, concord 100 degrees, san jose 90 tomorrow. everybody is still well above average and it will be near 100 degrees at morgan hill. los gatos 93, cupertino 91 and in sunnyvale 88 and over 100 at pittsburg, antioch and brentwood, but danville, san ramon, dublin and pleasanton should drop off today's highs and still plenty warm up around ukiah, lake port and clearlake. the heat is on right through thursday when finally we begin
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to catch a break heading towards next weekend. the closer you are to the water, the more relief you will get. inland will be hot for a while. that's weather. let's check in with sports. i'm just a grown man wearing makeup giving you the choice sports cut, giants insert an omg emoji here. >> and no matter what brand of broom you like, you could proudly sweep it at the oakland coliseum.
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i know we're talking baseball, but first off the bat happy father's day. >> thank you. i was treated like a king this morning. >> good. >> and then i went to work. baseball up top, months from now if you want an oakland a's highlight reel, circle june 15th through 18th, 34,140 seats for this one, get-away game for the yankees, bottom 3rd, a's down 2-1, needed a pick me up and got it off the bat of chad pender which brought home two to tie this game up. later same inning kris davis at the plate and no doubt about it, 4-2 a's. looking for the second four game sweep of the yankees in six years. top 4th yankees got one back, didi gregorius off of gerell
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cotton. okay. so it's 4-3. the a's sent sean doolittle to the mound to take care of former a chris carter and when alonzo squeezed it in, that was it. a's beat the east leading yankees 4-3. yankees were swept and say hello to an a's four game win streak. >> this feels really good to put four games together against a team that's that good, one of the best teams in the american league, come away with a four game sweep is really big for us. obviously for us we've kind of been scuffling and had a little jekyll and hyde, but this was a great series for us and hopefully we keep the momentum going. >> astros next. giants, what can i say? the pictures don't lie. brandon crawford settled in, giants trying to avoid a sweep in colorado, picked this up in the 5th , one on and bam. nestled in the corner just over the 347-foot sign it was 2-0,
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but rockies tied it up by the 7th. home run parade for mark reynolds, solo job off kontos putting the rockies up 3 -2 and then more long ball in the giants 9th. hunter pence and a hit roll and he mashed it. and it got better because brandon crawford stepped to the plate again. ockies nolan arenado this time an r.b.i. double to right. joe panik scored. so for the rockies 9th they had two on, 5-4 giants. rockies nolan arenado, he had single, doubled, tripled and are you kidding me? a walkoff home run. he hit the cycle. the rockies shocked the giants, swept them. rockies have the best record in the national league after beating the giants for the ninth straight time 7-5 final from denver and the giants have
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lost six in a row in nine of 11. to the nba, while the celtics and 76ers swapped picks for thursday's draft, the lead champs can afford to poke fun. >> sometimes i get tired of doing the hustle thing. i want to be more like draymond. i think we all want to be more like draymond. look at his shirt. >> he had the quickie shirt. draymond had a lot of fun taking shots at james. warriors got it done in five games. he was popping off about james' comment that he's never been a part of a super team like the warriors. >> can somebody give bob some [ bleep ] credit. they want to talk about super teams this, super team that. >> i don't believe i play for a super team. i don't believe in that. >> i never played on a super
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team. you started the super team, bro! hey, slim, i don't know what you did, but you did something to them boys. we appreciate you joining the super team. plans nt obama and hey, michigan coach jim harbaugh back in the news, the latest? he plans to ask president obama and his wife michelle to be honorary captains at a wolverines game this season, oh, and anybody remember the recent trip to italy that harbaugh took his team to in april? the final bill is expected to be around $1 million. that's just writing out a check and say here you go. anyway i'm coming back next hour with the u.s. open golf champion. >> oh, yes, big day. vern, thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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a couple of presidential tweets... donald trump jr wrote: everything you in celebration of father's day, a couple of presidential tweets. donald trump, jr. wrote, " thanks for everything you taught us and for fighting every day to make america great again," and from michelle to former president obama, " our daughters might be older and taller now, but they'll always be your little girls. we love you." and from the wife of vice president pence, " happy father's day to my wonderful husband. he's been the best dad to our kids," very nice. happy father's day to all of you fathers out there as well. >> there are updates on
5:30 pm and the cbs weekend news is next. we will see you at 6:00. ponsored by cbs >> morgan: tragedy at sea. the bodies of american sailors are recovered from a badly damaged navy destroyer. >> my focus is on the family, the grieving family members, the crew and the friends of the u.s.s. fitzgerald. >> morgan: also dozens are killed many in their cars trying to escape a raging forest fire in portugal. >> here in the u.s., violent vorms and dangerous heat on this last weekend of spring. did beyonce give birth to twins? her father says so. on this father's day. >> how many of you guys have children already? >> morgan: young dads learn the ousponsibilities of parenthood. >> seems like you love being a father. >> i do. i really do. menjoy it.


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