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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> firefighters say the fire started in a rear bedroom of the double wide unit and quickly spread through the whole home. the woman's husband and son were able to escape but she didn't have enough time. >> the mobile home, they spread quickly. yeah. 20 minutes and it's over. we understand there may have been some hoarding taking place. so we had a lot of fire load. >> the heat was also a challenge for firefighters. it was 102 degrees in santa rosa at the time. crews had to rotate in and out working in short shifts to avoid heat exhaustion. our other big story of the night, record heat in san francisco today. of course, to set a record here you only have to hit 88 degrees. we did early this afternoon. it is still warm in the city. 5 p.m. temperature was 85 degrees. you could cool off at the beach. lots of folks did. people in the east bay could drive and cool to 40 degrees. as we look towards the east bay
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in diablo, santa rosa hit 106 today. an all-time record. concord's 108 is an all-time record. pleasanton 109. san jose 103 also a record. how much longer will the weather sound like a broken record? probably the next four or five days before we catch a break by the time we hit friday. we will have your numbers for tomorrow when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. staying out too long in the heat could be down right dangerous. katie neilson is live at the alameda county fair in pleasanton where at least eight people were treated for heat- related issues this afternoon. >> reporter: that's right. firefighters were actually able to help those eight people cool off in the medical aid tent. six were able to go back into the fair, but two were transported to the hospital just as a precaution. temperatures here did reach 109 degrees today. firefighters say they know the importance of people being able
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to stay cool. that's why they were handing out fans, but the crowd favorite was the misting tent. the arnold twins are 3 years old. but even they know how to beat the heat along with mom and dad. >> thank god this was here. >> reporter: fire officials are glad to see people making use of the cooling tent because they know how quickly a hot day can turn into a medical emergency. >> anytime you have at-risk populations, people with an underlying illness or they are elderly or something else going on, a long day in the sun is not a good idea. >> reporter: their recommendation, take frequent breaks. drink plenty of cold water or other non-alcoholic beverages and know your own limits. >> a point in the day where the day is too hot for some people. at that point go home. >> reporter: for the arnold family preparation and play time in the misting tent is all they need to enjoy their father's day. >> made sure we brought some of
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the water, keep ice, a little cooler. make sure we are hydrated, staying in the shade. staying in the cold air- conditioning. enjoying everything that the fair has to offer. >> reporter: fair officials estimate there are about 15,000 people that are going to come through today. they say that's about what they expected. a lot of the folks have just shown up in the last hour or so because the temperature now is only about 104 degrees. now, firefighters say they know the warm weather is expected to continue the rest of the week, so that's why they want to make sure that people take those necessary precautions to stay safe. back to you. >> all right. absolutely. thank you, katie, for that. the excessive heat prompted the marin county sheriff's department to tweet out this morning to pet owners. if you go hiking today, leave your dogs behind. it's just too hot. and we're now getting word of a widespread power outage in the east bay. 5,000 customers are affected in
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livermore. there are outages reported in fremont, san jose, and pleasanton. no word on whether the excessive heat is to blame. we are keeping an eye on it and we will update you. traffic on the bay bridge is back to normal after a police shooting shut down all eastbound lanes for five hours overnight. it started with an accident investigation and quickly escalated when one driver tried to get around it. >> reporter: shortly before 4:00 this morning the chp arrived at a multi-car collision on eastbound i-80 just past the end of the bay bridge. officers immediately shut down all five lanes leaving stranded drivers on the bridge standing by their cars. >> as they were doing that investigation the officers observed a red vehicle driving down on the right shoulder coming at them. >> reporter: the chp says officers yelled orders to stop, but they say the red cadillac kept moving forward. >> drove essentially at one of
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the officers and that officer felt threatened and discharged several rounds at the driver of that vehicle. the driver was struck. the vehicle was brought to a stop. >> reporter: paramedics treated the driver at the scene before transporting him to a hospital in oakland. two other passengers in the vehicle were not injured and were being questioned to try to determine the driver's intention. irregardless, the chp says motorists need to take road closures you're seriously. >> if you come upon a scene like this, especially if the lanes are shut down, we do that for a reason. we don't just shut freeways down because we feel like do that. if you see chp out there, caltrans workers out there, please pay attention to that. >> reporter: it took hours for the chp to close the eastbound bridge and evacuate all the cars back to the city. at 8 a.m. the freeway near the toll plaza was eerily deserted. an hour later traffic began flowing again. by 10:00 a.m. the bridge was fully reopened.
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in san francisco, john ramus. >> the driver is in stable condition. so far the chp has not released hisnam or the name of the officer who fired the shots. a driver stuck in the mess had plenty of time to document the experience. he tweeted this photo of people getting out of their cars to stretch their legs in the wee small hours. he was there so long, he watched the sun come up. and then this shot of a stoic figure captioned in the midst of our despair, a hero. a coast guard cutter that made some big cocaine busts returns home to alameda tomorrow. they seized more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine in waters off central america. on thursday in san diego they off loaded about $260 million in contraband from eight interceptions. a week ago they stopped a boat described as a low-profile vessel. it was sitting low in the water and colored to blend in with the ocean and it had more than 5,000 pounds of cocaine on
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board. a 12-year-old girl who spent the night lost and alone in the santa cruz mountains has been found safe. laura wells lucas was reported missing yesterday afternoon when she got separated from the adult she was hiking with. she was spotted around 8:30 this morning when she wandered on to a property. other than going tired and thirsty, she was okay. it was a great day to head to the beach in santa cruz. good luck getting there from the bay area. kiet do on that popular shortcut that seems to be slowing everybody down. >> reporter: it's a hot june weekend, so the flores family in the maroon colored suv was taking a trip. >> traffic isn't supposed to -- it wasn't supposed to be for two miles. >> reporter: google maps are
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telling drivers to go through los gatos. everybody is getting off the freeway to avoid a 1.8-mile stretch of highway 17 with bad traffic. they don't understand by snaking through the neighborhood, the distance you are driving is longer and you are having to deal with the stop signs and the red lights. so all the locals here think it's probably not working. >> i think this might be the new normal. at least as we're in the hot summer months. >> reporter: she lives on one of the worst stretches and thinks following it through los gatos could add up to 30 minutes. >> it doesn't make sense. there is no quick way out. the light is long. honestly, people should just stay on the freeway. it's not saving them any time i would be surprised if people who do this once would do it again. >> reporter: we have been covering this since the city shut down access to highway 17 southbound on the south end of town to discourage the app from routing people through downtown
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on busy weekends. the city has put up warning signs and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars studying the problem with no luck. >> we are prisoners in our house. we can't go anywhere on the weekends. >> reporter: she is fed. she started a petition to get the company's attention to change the algorithm to keep people on the freeway. she says it's not just affecting quality of life, but public safety as well. what do you think it will take to get reaction or change from the company? >> i would hate to say that i think somebody getting hurt or worse. i think that's the only thing that will change it. i hope that that doesn't have to happen. >> reporter: in los gatos, kiet do, kpix 5. turns out you can buy a bargain home in the bay area if you know where to look. we go house hunting in the hottest market in america. all the rain and snow we got this winter is setting off earthquakes. why it's happening and what
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seismologists hope to learn from it coming up. if -- if you have had it with the heat, here is a giant pool for free, but you better act fast.
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the least surprising news of the week, the hottest housing market in the country
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is here in the bay area. it's not san francisco and it's not oakland. only on 5, betty yu takes us to vallejo. >> reporter: if you are looking for a bargain in the bay area's housing market look no further than vallejo it was named as the hottest market in america, edging out san francisco at number two according to >> in the year 2007-2008, this city was one of the hardest hit. they failed for bankruptcy. sa lot of people of it as a crime-ridden spot and foreclosures. it's really an incredible transition. so this is a four-bedroom, two- and-a-half bath, single-family home. >> reporter: this 2,000 square foot home on chatum place features a remodeled kitchen, easily upgradeable fixtures and a huge backyard priced at
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$450,000. and that's above the city's median home value of $350,000. >> you can get these beautiful and quite large victorians, which is another reason why the market is so exploding here. >> reporter: if you are willing to shell out a bit more, you can up this special rare find. >> tons of character here. >> reporter: a historic six- bedroom, five-bath, multifamily victorian built in 1917. asking price 578,000. for something more modern this three-bed, three-bath water stone home is under $750,000. >> vallejo is 30 miles from san francisco. it's 15 miles from napa valley. you have a direct ferry that goes straight into the city and it's great weather. >> reporter: luxury real estate broker justin fikleston says buying in vallejo is a steal
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even compared to oakland where the median home value is 678,000. you have coffee shops and restaurants opening up. there is a burgeoning art scene. it's really changing. >> reporter: like other bay area cities, homes in vallejo are in short supply. half sell in under 30 days. betty yu, kpix 5. >> about everything in the bay area is a hot property. people braved the sweltering heat in danville to enjoy summerfest. live music, arts and crafts, and food booths were there. a classic car show, too, with the hood up to review some well preserved engines. festival goers say they were ready. >> brought my water. bring your shade and try to stay hydrated. >> as you might expect, dublin's new water park, the wave, was packed this father's day with bay area families looking to beat the heat. a lot of them are still there
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this evening. the park is offering free swimming until 8 p.m. tonight at the sports pool at the north end of the complex. well, from politics to the environment, water has always been a powerful force in california, and after all the rain and snow we got this winter, it may now have the power to trigger earthquakes. >> the mountains kind of sink down a little bit and then in the spring and summer they pop back up. >> reporter: that up and down motion caused by the rain and snow is nothing new. what is new is that seismologists are learning that that up and down motion may be behind many of the hundreds of small earthquakes here in california. >> we are learning more about what could possibly make an earthquake nucleate. >> reporter: his latest research was published in science magazine. using a gps system he and his
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team looked at over 3,500 earthquakes between 2006 and 2015. >> these fractions of an inch that the crust moves during the winter when we have the large storms, it's actually stranging the stress -- changing the stresses on the faults. >> reporter: they found that the san andreas fault increased in small quakes in late summer as the water load diminishes in the mountains. the fault lines along the sierra nevada see escalation in late spring and early summer. >> we are finding that these stress changes are just giving it that little bit of a push over the edge and makes these faults rupture earlier. >> reporter: the quakes may be small, but the findings may have a big impact on the future. it gives seismologists information about how faults rupture and what kind of environmental stresses trigger an earthquake. >> we equate that to the stress changes on the faults and correlate that with the seismic activity. >> reporter: they are looking at big earthquakes from several hundred years ago to see if the
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current research can help better understand those events as well. assessment you know, the 1906 earthquake in san francisco, the amount of pressure that it took to trigger that earthquake was the amount of pressure that you put into a bicycle tire. a very small amount of pressure, boom, the fault snapped, and the rest is history. right now it's hot in the bay area as we get out to -- well, another example of tectonic stress. still building diablo. santa rosa got up to 106 today. that snapped the old record by 10 degrees. so fairly incredible. oh, the beautiful approach to the richmond bridge. a lovely thing. concord 108. pleasanton 109.
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san mateo 101. san francisco 88 degrees. san jose a record 103. santa rosa, it's amazing to snap a high temperature record by 10 degrees. that's a huge leap forward. right now it's still 104 at concord. oakland's got 85. livermore it's 99 degrees at 6:00 at night. san jose down to 94. santa rosa 98. high pressure is just anchored over the desert southwest and the eastern pacific. the combination of the two means it will be hot inland through thursday, but inland only 100 degrees tomorrow. so that number is coming down. it will still be plenty hot. just not as hot as it was today. still those heat advisories in effect right through thursday. a dangerous heat really. mild ocean breeze will keep the coast cool and inland it won't be as warm, but it will still be here 100 degrees for highs in some spots. still hot inland. highs to 100 degrees. you are not going to go, oh, what a breath of fresh air.
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temperatures don't drop until friday. if you like hot weather, boy, is in your weekend. overnight temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. sun up at 12 minutes before 6 a.m. heading out of the bay area just as warm in the great valley with 111 at redding and 110 at fresno. a few clouds by lake tahoe and yosemite and maybe a few clouds at the shoreline. meantime, we are still well above average. tomorrow concord 18 degrees warmer than usual at 100 degrees. in the south bay the numbers will be in the upper 80s to the mid-90s. morgan hill 97 degrees. los gatos 93. in the east bay it will be well above 100 at brentwood and near 100 at concord and pittsburgh and antioch and livermore. we will be in the 90s and 80s in the north bay depending how close you are to the bayshore line or the ocean. boy, it's smoking at ukiah tomorrow. 104. 105 lakeport. the extended forecast. the heat is on in the bay area.
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it won't let loose until friday when numbers tumble down to the upper 80s. we will keep it there through next weekend. meantime, dangerous levels of heat in the bay area. that's weather. here is vern with sports. all right. straight ahead, on a father's day weekend the 880 have been the yankees' daddy. and, well, like a fraternity. i mean, another first-time major champion.
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wondering " who are these guys?? .. baseball up top. the most ardent yankees fan has to be combing the 880 -- the a's roster saying, who are these guys. bottom third. a's down two runs. that brought home two to tie it up. and then later on same inning. chris davis at the plate. watch what he does with this bat. yeah, he mashed it.
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18th blast to lead the club. that made it 4-2 a's. looking for a second four-game sweep of the yankees in six years. top four yankees quickly got one back. dede gregoris or darrelle cotton. yeah. so the a's sent sean doolittle to take care of former a chris carter. when alonzo squeezed it in, that was it. a's beat the east-leading yankees 4-3. the yankees were swept and say hello to an a's four-game win streak. >> this feels really good to put four games together against a team that's that good, one of the best teams in the american league, come away with a four- game sweep is really big. we have been scuffling and had a little jekyll and hyde. this was a great series for us. >> the a's have the first-place astros tomorrow.
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the giants, in a word, wow. brandon crawford settled in. giants trying to avoid a sweep at colorado. we pick this up in the 5th inning. one on. bam. nestled in the corner just over the 347-foot sign it was giants up 2-0. but the rockies tied it up by the seventh. and then home run parade for mark reynolds. back away and gone. george kontos put the rockies up 3-2. you want the long ball? we got more long ball. giants' ninth. hunter pence in a pinch hit role, and he got all of this one. a two-run shot gave the giants a 4-3 lead. pence's first career pinch hit homer and it got a whole lot better because brandon carver was back and he hit an rbi double to right. joe panik scored. so the giants led 5-3 and then 5-4 in the rockies' ninth. the rockies got two on, but
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nolan arenado, who had singled, doubled, tripled, and a walk- off home run. he hit for the cycle. but rockies shocked the giants. swept them. the rockies have the best record in the national league after beating the giants for ninth straight time. 7-5 the final from denver and the giants have lost six in a row and nine of 11. they are at atlanta on monday. golf. wisconsin and the usga. it adds up to the u.s. open. final round. bull's-eye on brian harmon's back. started the day with a one-shot lead. brooks koepka was charging. won his first pga two years ago. look at him at eight. how about a fresca? took the lead at 14 under. matsuyama at 16. he became the clubhouse leader at 12 under par. finished 4 shots off the lead. meantime, wheels just fell off for harmon. lost his lead with back-to-back
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bogeys. back to brooks koepka. from the cat box at 14, he was clinging to a one-stroke lead. you could sense a momentum shift his way as he birdied to go up 2. he navigated this long 7800-yard course and at 15 did it again. at 16, just go ahead and lock it in. birdie train kept going. sixth of the round. the little peck from his girlfriend jenna simms. round of 5 under 67. 15 under par. won by 4 shots. tied the lowest score in u.s. open history to win his first career major title. ranked 22nd coming in. it is sure to go up. you won't believe this paycheck. 2.1million. >> wow. >> a record payday for the u.s. open champion. >> absolutely. and the title. thank you, vern. and happy father's day as well. thank you. coming up in the next half
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hour, political game of he said, he said. why the president and his personal attorney can't seem to agree on whether mr. trump is under investigation. plus, new drone footage of the devastation in portugal where a deadly forest fire moved so fast, it trapped people in their cars as they tried to escape. and they claim they have been cheated out of months of pay. only on 5, dozens of babysitters say a bay area start-up ripped them off. and california gun owners caught in legal limbo. only on 5, how a big delay in creating a new assault weapons registry is already backfiring. it's all next.
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