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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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yesterday. >> we had a wonderful father's day and my daughter gave me a gift she made at preschool. and we spent the day at baker beach and saw whales. >> the boys were off with their dad and it's like mother's day now. what a hot weekend. we had 10 record high temperatures yesterday. including 106 in livermore. slow to cool this morning at 74 degrees. we had thunderstorms rumble through the east and north bay trying to cool things down. the thunderstorms are out of here. they moved in from the high sierras. the high sierra is another chance of thunderstorm activity. we have the heat advisory all the way through thursday, so it's been extended. a hot week ahead at the same time cooler than yesterday. but 102 degrees.
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90s to the south. and mid-and high 90s to the north. 80degrees in san francisco. we'll talk when to expect the cooling and first over to jaclyn dunn. and we'll look at you live look across the golden gate bridge. traffic is flowing freely. there's very little traffic and that's good news for the start of the monday morning ride. a live look at the 580 approaching 680. there's headlights heading westbound. and drive time in the green. 22minutes from 205 to 680. we've learned 5400 people around the bay area are without power following a significant heat wave yesterday which means many intersections are looking like this one in san jose. the east bay has 1500 outages and the north way is facing
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500. and san francisco has zero reports. but pg&e says it restored 37,000 customers overnight. >> people had a tough time keeping cool. >> feels like we moved to southern california all of a sudden. >> reporter: the heat brought out surfers, fishermen, and tons of beach goers. >> and check out this long line outside salt and straw. these women waited 45 minutes to get their ice cream. >> was it worth it? >> absolutely. always worth it. >> you guys should get more heat. people need sun. >> people took advantage of the sun. >> reporter: how have you taken advantage of the weather? >> i honestly slept outside. felt great. >> it's good to be out with the
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dog near the water. >> reporter: the community centers opened their doors for those who needed air- conditioning. and kids beat the heat their own way. and fire officials are glad to see people making use of the cooling tents at the alameda county fair. they know how quickly a hot day can turn into a medical emergency. >> reporter: a long day in the sun is not a good idea. >> it's worse in sacramento. at least there's a nice breeze. it was so hot yesterday that my dad and my husband went and played golf at 6:30 in the morning. they thought that would be a good time to go. >> it was 96 and i was on my
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bike. and my dog's paws were getting hot. and it's going to be troublesome. and we'll see temperatures in the triple-digits away from the bay each and every day all the way to friday. and then we drop into the 90s. no seasonal highs until sunday. right now outdoors, slow to cool down. we are in the 70s in many areas after 109 in pleasanton. 106 livermore. and 105 san rafael. we had 10 record high temperatures. many of the records date back to 1913. it's not generally this hot this early. we don't have summer officially until wednesday. thunderstorms blew through the north bay and the east bay. a heat advisory and warning in effect for most of the bay area all the way through thursday.
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the forecast down from 88 to 80 in san francisco. a little modest cooling. down from 103 to 92 in san jose. and much of the santa clara valley mid-and high 90s. it will be run hundred in morgan hill. triple-digits to the east. we'll continue to pinpoint the forecast for the week ahead. right now, over to jaclyn. right now we are tracking a hot spot, a fire burning that's closed one lane on northbound 680 near lake herman road. if you've crossed the benicia bridge that's where you'll see the closures. speeds are in the green and no major closures to tell you about. 880 looking good in both directions but starting to get a little crowded. still no accidents or delays.
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no metering lights at the bay bridge. that's a check of your traffic. right now extra law enforcement officers are patrolling the streets of london following a suspected terror attack that targeted muslims heading home from evening prayers. >> reporter: dozens of police crowded the area where a van ran into several people monday morning. the victims had just left a mosque. >> then the van do like this, you know, boom. >> bumped into them. >> and one is maybe going to be die. >> reporter: witnesses say the van stopped when it ran into a car and three men jumped out. >> one guy -- people stop him. and he tried to run. and people want to beat him but
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-- >> reporter: with the threat level at severe, an attack is highly likely. three men drove a van into pedestrians on london bridge before stabbing people, killing eight and wounding others. >> reporter: police killed three muslim extremists who carried out the attack. in march, a knife attack left six people dead near the parliament in london. british prime minister theresa may plans to hold a session can cabinet this morning. crews tried to put out the three-alarm fire at the central park apartments on stoke street. two units were engulfed in flames. it took 40 minutes to contain
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the flames. two others have smoke and water damage. electrical systems are taxed. everybody is in their place, running their air-conditions. so it could be electrical but that's only speculation. >> four families are homeless and the red cross is working with them. >> a deadly mobile home fire is under investigation. a 67-year-old woman was killed and her name has not been released. the neighbors say it was a horrifying scene. >> i heard her scream. when it went up, it was black smoke and all your heard that woman screaming in there. >> how terrible. >> it was awful. >> the woman's husband and son were able to escape. firefighters say they were battling more than the flames. the weather was working against them too. >> we have more rigs in here because we need the manpower.
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>> crews had to rotate in and out on short shifts to avoid heat exhaustion. >> in portugal, powerful winds pushed a fast moving -- onto the roadway. crews are searching nearby homes for victims now. more than 1000 firefighters are working to battle the fire. today temperatures in that area could reach 104 degrees. a u.s. fighter jet shot down a syrian war plane that dropped bombs. an american fighter jet shot down the syrian aircraft. syria's government is calling that an act of flagrant aggression. this is the first time since the war has started that the
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united states has downed a syrian plane. police officers found a man who was the father of the boys. neighbors noticed something was wrong when the children's grandmother came by to check on them. >> i was crying along with her. it's my neighbor. and the kids play together. the husband said that you came too late. he spelled out the word, d-i-e. >> they have not named the mother as a suspect. the chp is investigating an officer involved shooting that shut down a stretch of the bay bridge for five hours. they were on the scene of a multicar accident 3:30 yesterday morning. all eastbound lanes have been shut down. a red cadillac came bathrooming up the right shoulder. >> that officer felt threatened
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and discharged several rounds at the driver of the vehicle. the driver was struck. the vehicle was brought to a stop. >> we're told the driver is at the hospital in stable condition and two other passengers in the car are being questioned. up next, the west bay city taking the real estate market by storm. why house there is are considered a bay area bargain. many think it's a shortcut to santa cruz but it's backing traffic up and residents want to stop it. . humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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retreat, "camp david" in maryland. but as errol barnett explains.. he's back at the white house this morning.. stions about >> >> president trump spent part of father's day at camp david in maryland. but he's back at the white house facing new questions about the russia investigation. >> reporter: in a tweet two days ago. president trump announced he's under investigation. today one of the president's lawyers refuted that. >> there's been no notification
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that the president is under investigation. >> reporter: jay second you low said the tweet was not an admission, it was a reaction. >> reporter: this is his response to the washington post piece with five anonymous sources. >> reporter: the washington post white house bureau chief pushed back. >> it's an investigation into his potential obstruction of justice in addition to a number of other issues related to the russia matter. >> bob mueller's investigation is only getting started. >> reporter: the administration is undermining special counsel. >> his lawyer wants to take down bob mueller and the question is why? and i think they want to discredit whatever bob mueller comes up with. >> still republicans support ongoing probes.
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>> i think it's in the best interest of our country that we have a full scale investigation that looks at everything so that we can look forward. >> reporter: the president returned after spending the weekend at camp david and assured twitter followers his agenda is doing very well despite what he calls the witch hunt. on the possible existence of recordings between the president and ousted fbi director james comey, president trump's lawyer expects it will be addressed in the week ahead. a coast guard cutter that made big cocaine busts returns home to alameda today. the crews seized 17,000 pounds of cocaine in waters off central america. thursday theyoff loaded from eight missions and they stopped
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a boat described as a low profile vessel. it was low in the water and colored to blend in with the ocean and had 500,000 pounds of cocaine on board. when it comes to real estate you don't hear bay area and bargain in the same breath. in vallejo, you can buy a home for less than half a million dollars. the mean value is $350,000. >> it's 30 miles from san francisco. and 15 from napa valley. and you have a direct ferry. and it's great weather. >> people have been priced out of san francisco and are moving farther out. homes in vallejo are in short supply and half sell in 30 days. >> it's not as hot there. >> mid-and high 80s around the
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vallejo area today. >> we're going to be talking about the heating centers around the bay area. it's so advisable if you don't have the luxury of going to work today. i am so happy about the free ac. let's take a look at the current conditions around the bay area. 106degrees yesterday. a record in the livermore area. today starting off the morning at 74. not much that's in the triple- digits again today. this is why the national weather service has a thursday in effect until thursday night. the red highlighted area is contra costa back into the sacramento valley. i got to tell you, it's just as hot in alameda county with 106 at livermore yesterday. and 109 in pleasanton. a few thunderstorms rumbled from the area.
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the thunderstorms are out of here. our weather watcher says it's 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. it was a spare the air day. clearing out all the particulate matter from the atmosphere. tomorrow it should be reaches 120 in phoenix. 120 in the palm springs area. and the heat is transferring all the way to the nevada area. the official nice is at 5:46. and if you need the relief head to the beach. 80 in san francisco. we've got 90s across the peninsula. and out of the triple-digits there. there's modest relief today. 102 livermore. 101 concord. 92 in san jose.
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down from 103 yesterday. but we still will have 100 in morgan hill. it's a hot day ahead. wednesday will be the hottest day. and just a degree cooler on thursday. and seasonal highs on sunday. this is a prolonged heat wave that will be taxing on people around the bay area. make sure the air conditioner is working and make sure your car is ready for the summer heat. right now we're tracking a smooth ride for folks making their way across the san mateo bridge. no delays as you make your way to 101. a few slowdowns on westbound 580 for all of the super commuters. we're still in the green but you can see the yellow sensors starting to light up the screen. here's a live look at the
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headlights westbound on 580 and the diamonds and the rubies for the monday morning commute. a lane closure northbound 680 due to a grass fire. the far right lane is shut down. no significant delays. and no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. a 10 minute ride from the maze to san francisco. that's a check of the traffic. back to you. definitely a great weekend ahead at santa cruz. but good luck getting there from los gatos. it's a hot june weekend and the family in the maroon colored suv is heading to santa cruz. and we're following the directions on google maps. >> did it surprise you to see all the traffic? >> it says that we weren't supposed to hit traffic for another 2 miles. >> they are still telling
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drivers that taking the inside streets is faster. >> everybody is getting off the freeway to avoid a 1.8-mile stretch of highway but snaking through the neighborhood, the distance is longer and you're dealing with the stop signs and red lights. so all the locals think it's probably not working. >> i think this might be the new northerly at least in the hot summer months. >> she lives on one of the worst stretches. >> it doesn't make sense. there's no quick way out. and the light is long. so honestly, people should stay on the freeway. it's not saving any time. i would be surprise first- degree people do this again. >> reporter: ever since the city shut down access to the onramp on the south end of time to discourage the app from
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routing people on busy weekends. it doesn't take long before frustrated drivers do illegal maneuvers. the city has studied the problem with no luck. >> we're prisoners in our house and can't go anywhere on the weekends. >> debby says it's not just affecting quality of life but public safety. >> what do you think it will take to get reaction from the company? >> i hate to say -- somebody getting hurt or worse. that's the only thing that will change it. i hope that doesn't have to happen. time is 4:52. we have legal drinking ages, voting age, and driving ages. what about a smartphone age?
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the online shopping mogul who could take over for bill gates as the richest man on the planet.
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libraries will now be open seven days a week! take a look at the live weather camera. we have a few clouds left over. after a 109 in pleasanton and 106 in livermore, san rafael at 105 and 103 san jose, we continue to see the heat advisories and warnings in effect for most of the bay area. temperatures in the triple- digits way from the bay all the way through thursday. today's high 102 in livermore. all the san francisco public libraries will be open seven days a week.
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mayor ed lee says all branches will be open 50 hours a week. and the main branch, 60 hours a week. it will provide learning opportunities to everybody in the city. jeff bezos is giving bill gates a run for his money when it comes to being the richest person in the world. bezos continues to increase his holdings. last week he bought whole foods. colorado could prohibit smartphone sales to children. it comes on the heels of new guidelines by the american academy of pediatrics who restrict screen time for children. the ballot measure will need 300,000 voter signatures to make the 2018 ballot. a judge declares a mistrial
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in bill cosby's sexual assault case. now a bay area victim is coming forward. outages across the bay area. details coming up.
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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. good morning, everyone. it is monday, june 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. >> let's take a look at the monday morning. the rush is starting as we take a live look at the traffic on your right. and of course, a beautiful shot of the bay bridge. jaclyn, you had to deal with traffic on friday. i think somebody was late to our lunch. >> it gets me every single time at king street. >> running late because of traffic. but you're the traffic anchor.
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>> i didn't leave right when i was supposed to leave. >> i wish i had a dollar for someone said to me is it hot enough for you? >> no, i'm immune from it. this is the time when it's a good idea to have a friend with a boat which i did this morning. alameda and the estuary, wow, that's way to beat the heat. livermore was 106 and 105 in san rafael. and san jose 103. modify fat at 10000. and can you see the clouds. thunderstorms rumbled through the east and clipped the north bay in the overnight hours. 74 in livermore. and 72 in san jose. we have -- did you see the thunderstorms roll through in the overnight hours between midnight and 2 a.m. clouds off the coast -- g


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