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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i didn't leave right when i was supposed to leave. >> i wish i had a dollar for someone said to me is it hot enough for you? >> no, i'm immune from it. this is the time when it's a good idea to have a friend with a boat which i did this morning. alameda and the estuary, wow, that's way to beat the heat. livermore was 106 and 105 in san rafael. and san jose 103. modify fat at 10000. and can you see the clouds. thunderstorms rumbled through the east and clipped the north bay in the overnight hours. 74 in livermore. and 72 in san jose. we have -- did you see the thunderstorms roll through in the overnight hours between midnight and 2 a.m. clouds off the coast -- going to keep the coastline on the
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cooler side. and most of the bay area has a heat advisory, heat warnings in effect through thursday night. it really should encompass most of alameda as well. 68 in pacifica. 84 in oakland. 90s around the peninsula. and 102 in livermore. and 103 at the delta. and 92 degrees in san jose. and 100 in the morgan hill area. the heat is prolonged and will last all the way through thursday. finally tumbling to the 90s inland. not seeing seasonal highs until sunday. this is a prolonged heat wave that's taken a toll on some portions of the bay area. and jessica flores has an update on a very busy pg&e. that heat wave causing severe outages in livermore was really hit hard.
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there was 5000 customers left in the dark yesterday. and right now pg&e has worked to restore the power. and thousands across the bay area are left without power. they'll be waking up in the dark tonight. and it's because of a lot of the folks are cranking up the ac. they try to go to sleep cranking up the ac and that knocks out the power. and the height of the outage is 40,000 households. they restored power to 37,000 customers and 5000 are still without electricity. >> it's been four hours without power and i'm done. >> reporter: pg&e is attributing the outage to the heat. but outages during heat waves are usually caused by air- conditioning overloading the
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system. and folks will be cranking up the ac again today. the heat wave is continuing. and we'll see 102 in livermore, yesterday, 106. the heat wave is only good news for ice cream parlors and those who love the heat. pg&e is working to restore the power for the several thousand that remain in the dark. dangerously high temperatures means people are looking for ways to cool off, especially if they don't have or can't afford air- conditioning. we have details on cooling centers. good morning to you. >> reporter: just a week ago i was wearing a huge puffer jacket. and fast forward, i'm able to wear short sleeves. san jose hitting the record
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high temperatures. and some people reading 103 how the ear. all the more reason that cooling centers are so important like the one behind me in san jose. when temperatures reach the mid- 90s, that's when they begin to open up. a lot of people went out to the water to try and cool off. take a look at people enjoying their father's day. of course, that's north of where we are. just one of the many ways people tried to cool down. wednesday and thursday, expected to be the hottest for many of us. on days where the temperatures will be mid-90s or above. the website has a number of cooling centers listed. some that were open over the weekend and will likely be open include the alma den community center. doors open at 9:00 on the days when it's so hot. and stay open until 5:00 in the
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afternoon. other things to keep in mind. think of senior centers, libraries, places where you can go in and get free ac, definitely take advantage of it because the temperatures have been extra extra dangerous and you'll want to stay hydrated. sometimes just having a bottle of water and shade is not enough. having free ac is extra helpful. good morning. i might go see a movie this afternoon where it's nice and cool. right now we're tracking an easy ride if you're making your way out the door. heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. a few cars in the cash lanes, but no metering lights just yet. and no major delays heading in to san francisco. the ride on 680 -- we had an earlier lane closure into to a grass fire. and speeds are resuming.
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but you may see some activity out there. here's 580 and 680. expect delays out of tracy heading to livermore. a 27-minute ride to 680. the dublin, pleasanton interchange. that's a check of the traffic. a week after a gunman went on a rampage in san francisco. community members plan to pray for the victims. anne makovec is live with how they're being remembered. >> you can see the memorial. it's been growing since the shooting happened last week. and today there'll be an interfaith prayer vigil just around the corner. that starts at noon. and here are the three u.p.s. employees who were shot and killed last week. the coworker brought a gun to a
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morning meeting and opened fire. when police arrived, he turned the gun on himself. the investigation into the motive continues. today's vigil is being held on the 300 block of san bruno avenue. anne makovec, kpix 5. theresa may plans to hold an emergency meeting with her cabinet to discuss the suspected terror attack targeting muslims. one person was killed when a 48- year-old man drove his van into a crowd. many at the mosque and social media felt the press were too hesitant to call it a terror attack. >> there's double standards. the fact you haven't put it as a terrorist related crime just because it's the other way
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around. why ain't justice served? >> the mayor called it a terror attack tweeting it was an assault on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom, and respect. the navy has released the identities of the soldiers killed in a busy shipping channel in the middle of the night. the sailors came from six different states. the youngest was 19 years old. and the oldest, 37. the remains have been airlifted to a base in japan. the captain of the uss fitzgerald was also injured. >> due to the heroic efforts of the crew, they prevented it from foundering or sinking last night. >> the navy is investigating how the vessels collided. a brush fire that prompted evacuations near reno is being blamed on target shooting. the reno fire marshal has
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confirmed that as the cause. the fire started in a meadow area and that has burned 125 acres is 10% contained. so far, no buildings are damaged. in southern california, hubs of forecasts are building containment lines around a fire west of los angeles. it has destroyed two outbuildings. 450 firefighters are working on it. and they have the fire 10% contained. the fire prompted voluntary evacuations and no homes are threatened. it started yesterday afternoon and grew from 500s to 500 within an hour and a half. a pennsylvania judge has declared a mistrial in bill cosby's case. he was facing 10 years in prison accused of sexual
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assaulting andrea constand. his attorneys claim the encounter was consensual. i am relieved that at least it was a hung jury and not an innocent verdict. but i was really surprised that it hit me the way it did. it made me sad and angry at the same time. and a few tears were shed. >> she say has the 62 other women who say cosby attacked them were hoping for a definitive opinion. >> we hoped that it would turn out with a guilty verdict in order to feel a little bit vindication collectively. we knew it was a verdict for her. but collectively it would have been a little bit of validation and vindication for all of us.
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>> cosby didn't say anything. but the judge wants the retrial in 120 days. dozens hospitalized after this -- a collapse in the middle of the day. the golden state warriors are living it up. here we go again. after record heat in 10 locations yesterday, the heat is on again today. i'll pinpoint the hottest locations. and speaking of hot. we are tracking a few new hot spots. an accident on 101 and slowdowns towards treasure island on the upper deck. we'll take a closer look at that coming up. who are these people?
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they were at a memorial service just north of missoula, montana dozens of people rushed to the hospital after a deck collapsed at a church camp. they were at a memorial service and the deck came crashing down. 50 people were injured and two of the victims are in critical condition. >> there was a lot of chaos. i was the first one on scene and a lot of people looking to me to do a lot of things quickly. every patient there was being taken care of by a friend or a loved one. everyone was in good hands and i just needed to make sure we
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had resources coming. >> reporter: no word on what caused the deck to collapse. the county may not have regulations on the maximum capacity of balconies or decks. the yosemite river is -- increases in water levels and faster flows which means that the upper merced could peak today. and a road closed because of a rock slide is back open. highway140 was closed since rock and debris came crashing on it on monday. it is 5:15 right now. let's get a check on the roads. and see how it's doing out there. we have an active start for the monday morning commute.
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right now we're tracking an accident. speeds moving at the limit along that stretch. and you may see flashing lights. chp is heading out to the scene. we are tracking slowdowns across the upper deck of the bay bridge. earlier reports of a car that broke down blocking one of the lanes near treasure island. right now you can see a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights there. just a heads up if you're heading in that direction. give yourself a few extra minutes. san mateo bridge starting to stack up just a be it heading into foster city. under 15 minutes westbound. but definitely a crowded ride this morning. that's a check of the traffic. it was so hot. >> it was 109 in pleasanton
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yesterday. 106 in livermore. we had 10 record highs across the bay area on sunday morning. look at this. doesn't this look refreshing? it's a return of a deck of clouds stacking up near the golden gate bridge. away from the bay, water is 74. 72 in san jose after a record high yesterday of 103 yesterday. 69 in redwood city. look at this. do you see it? do you see the cluster over the east bay? that was a thunderstorm that rumbled through. it generated out of the high sierra and moved in as the areas of low fog. do you see the blowup. and we had a couple of stray thunderstorms. that's pretty much history. we were hoping for a cooldown. linda is our weather watcher in
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fairfield. and she's picking up a breeze to 16. there's the scattered clouds in the overnight hours. isn't that a beautiful sky to wake up to. we have the yellow highlighted area and the red highlighted area which means a heat advisory and a heat warning. this encompasses cocoa county. but should extend to alameda. the heat wave will be prolonged all the way through thursday until we tumble into the 90s. still hot but not as hot as it has been. high pressure is going to contribute to 118 today in the palm springs area. and 120 in phoenix over the next couple of days. 82 the high sierra. and 67% degrees in monterey bay. our temperatures 105 in
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livermore. 103 pleasanton. danville, blackhawk. discovery bay. if you want relief, near 70 at the coast. 80s and 90s around the peninsula. and 100 in morgan hill. wednesday and thursday will be the hottest days. we won't see seasonal high temperatures return to the bay area until wednesday. someone is in hot water letting the cat out of the bag. >> we'll have a little bit on that. no official confirmation. but beyonce and jay-z have welcomed their twins. well wishes have been pouring in, including this telling tweet. this is what roberta was talking about. at 4 a.m. her father announced happy birthday to the twins, love grand dad. and steph curry celebrated
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with brand new ink. before he waved to fans, steph curry and his wife, father, and brother all got tattoos. no word on the design they chose but we know he got it on his left foreman. new yorkers lined up to visit the presidential twitter library. it featured framed tweets plus famous art work with a trump twist. the exhibit promised to explore his earliest attempts to put chubby fingers to phone.
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if the mary poppins -- if she's red with the umbrella down, it's time to stop. one city councilmember admits that it's complicated. >> people could hash tag. >> i used to know how to spell that. >> the lights are blinking just in time for a mary poppins festival. how was the father's day weekend, huh? huh? >> the a's, well, they had a great father's day weekend. the giants -- no so much. that and golf just ahead.
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how fast the father's day weekend? it was a father's day weekend to forget if you're the giants. a day to remember if you're the oakland a's. 31,140 out for the game. chris davis at the plate. and davis -- he knows how to mash it. the 18th blast and this one made it 4-two.
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brandon crawford settled in as they tried to avoid a sweep at colorado. reward put it over the 347 sign. and it was 2-0. giants up in the ninth. and then the rockies -- hit a walkoff home run. and the rockies, leaders of the nl west, won it 7-5. >> locked in the first major championship, two years from winning his first pga event. $2.16million. he's glad to wake up this morning. have a great monday and i'll see you later. more-al-ess. "nats... ness." this morning the play of the day goes to the blue jays
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morales. >> morales, my goodness. >> man, he got all of this one and then some. a two run bomb to left off dan jennings. and another hit and toronto goes on to win 7-3. >> reporter: days after a workplace shooting at a u.p.s. facility. there is an interfaith memorial planned here today. we'll tell you about it next. and the heat wave is causing massive power outages across the bay area. thousands still in the dark at this hour. i'm jessica flores with details coming up.
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joining me now is -- we want to talk about managing personal debt. you have recommendations for that. >> debt is a part of everyone's
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financial health. the really important thing is paying on time. if you have a good credit profile and are paying things on time. the likelihood of getting good interest rates is high. pay your debt on time. and look at the interest rates on your content. is it high or at market rate. if not, you may want debt consolidation. >> it's okay to have some personal debt. just be mart about how you manage it. >> for your financial minute, i'm sumi das. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. another deadly attack in
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london. police calling this one terrorism. the latest on the investigation and the suspect behind bars. and the president's own personal attorney denies that trump is under investigation before being forced to back off. 10 record highs across the bay area on sunday. and here we go again. and just like clock work we are tracking the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. how far does the backup stretch? we'll take a closer look coming up. it's monday, june 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. dozens of community members will come together to pray for the victims of a u.p.s. workplace shooting last week. anne makovec was more on how they are being remembered. >> reporter: you can see this
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memorial. notes, flowers, balloons, all sorts of heart wrenching things. and there'll be a prayer vigil at noon today. here are the three u.p.s. employees shot and killed last week. wayne chan, mike lafiti and benton -- their coworker brought a gun and opened fire, killing all three men. and when police got to the facility, lamb turned the gun on himself and always died. >> you would see them in the neighborhood and say i'm coming to your house later. i got something for your. okay, i'm looking forward to it. >> and that is one of the customers on his delivery route. he touched a lot of people. he lives behind three children. the vigil will be held on the
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300 block of san bruno at noon. this morning, pg&e crews are dealing with a heat wave. >> reporter: here in livermore, thousands of customers were left in the dark overnight. and pg&e has restored power. as you can tell, it's already warm and it's expected to pick up to the triple-digits. the ac will be cranking up. and that's putting a lot of pressure on the power system. there was about 40,000 people yesterday across the bay area without power at the height of it. pg&e has restored the power to 37,000 customers. more than 5000 are still without electricity across the bay area. and for a lot of folks, losing
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power is more than inconvenience. it will be dangerous. >> our grandpa does dialysis at home. so without the power, it's hard for him to do the dialysis. >> reporter: the outage is attributed to severe heat. and they are still looking at the exact cause. but it's usually caused by air- conditioning use overloading the system. and we'll expect the systems up again today. we're looking at temperatures in the triple-digits in livermore. and we have an ice cream parlor right behind me. this is the place people should head to if they want to cool down. reporting live in livermore. cooling centers will be opening up. sandra osborne is live in the south bay with details.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, kenny. sometimes the shade and the bottle of water is just not enough. cooling centers are so important especially when the temperatures get dangerously high. we're talking mid-90s or even higher. i know a lot of people went out to the beach trying to cool off. i sure did. but it was definitely packed. we have video from ocean beach. and you can look up the nearest very center or library to try and get free air-conditioning this week. don't stay home if you air conditioner is broken or if you don't have one. cooling centers include the almaden center on camden avenue. and the bass com center. to see more, check out peages
5:35 am
website. we have a -- pg&e's website. keep in mind stay hydrated. don't wait until you're listee to start drinking water. and we're talking about the temperatures getting hotter as we get to midweek, wednesday and thursday we'll see hotter days ahead. sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> it is good advice. keep drinking that water. >> in chicago in 1995 and over a span of five days. 739 people had heat related deaths and they died in their homes. also they were elderly people and couldn't get to the cooling center. this is the time to be a good neighbor. just check in on them if you
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know somebody. and this heat wave will last until thursday. look at the clouds. aren't those gorgeous? those are associated with a couple of thunderstorms that blew through the bay area in the overnight hours. 109 in pleasanton. ten record high temperatures, including livermore at 106. 105 in san rafael. does that spell relief? 60s and 70s. and 74 in the overnight hours in livermore. there's the thunderstorm activity not providing any relief for us. we have the heat advisory and warning in effect until thursday for most of the bay area. it's downright hot. 102, 103, the hottest spots of the inland locations. we'll talk more about the heat later in the program. and a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had earlier problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge.
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one lane was blocked near treasure island. the damage is done. and the metering lights are on. and we are in full swing of the monday morning commute. the traffic is backed up close to the foot of the maze just beyond 880. 27-minute ride from the maze to downtown san francisco. and we're tracking slowdowns on 101 through palo alto. we'll have more on that coming up in the next traffic report. guys, back over to you. the city of london is seeing a spike in law enforcement officers watching the streets after a driver targeted muslims leaving a mosque. reporting brook silva-braga has the story. >> reporter: a van ran into a crowd as worshipers were leaving a mosque during the holy month of ramadan. >> turned left with no indication -- and one of them
5:38 am
he was under the van. and people were gathered around the van to lift the van off to get the guy out. >> this shows the chaos. police arrested the driver, a 48-year-old man. >> this is being treated as a terrorism attack. that was an attack on london and all londoners. and we should all stand together against extremists, whatever the cause. >> reporter: the mayor drawing connections to other acts of violence. this appears to be an attack on a particular community like the attacks in manchester and the london bridge, it's an assault on our shared values of tolerance, freedom, and respect. british prime minister theresa may plans to hold an
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morning security session. detectives have released these shots as they continue to investigate the deadly fire. 79 people were killed in the flames. the government says the -- used on the building was flammable and banned. and the company that provided the material insists that it doesn't defy any laws. authorities are searching for victims after a fast moving wildfire burst onto a mountain road. 62 people died. video shows burned out vehicles in the region northeast of lisbon. authorities are searching homes in the area for potential victims. the country's prime minister says the death toll is likely to rise. the president's personal attorney is denying that the president is under investigation. the president himself said that he was. this happened after the firing of the fbi director james
5:40 am
comey. recently, chris wallace pressed him. >> if the president is not and has not been under investigation. >> you don't know that he is not under investigation. >> i cannot -- you're right. i can't read the mind of the special prosecutor. >> robert mueller has hired. steve scalise is improving in the hospital in virginia. the house majority whip's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. scalise was shot in the hip on wednesday as he and other republicans practiced for a charity baseball game. he had another surgery yesterday and is talking more with family. a father's day message includes pictures with his wife
5:41 am
and kids saying this father's day has special meaning for the scalise family. google is working to stop the spread of hate on youtube. hena daniels has that story and more. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. weaker than expected consumer sentiment slowed a wall street rally on friday. consumer stocks took a hit after news that amazon was buying whole foods. google is cracking down on hate filled content on youtube. google's plan includes better detection, faster review, tougher standards, and early intervention. google engineers have developed technology to prevent uploads of terrorist content. egypt signed a $575 million
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agreement for g.e. to provide new multipurpose locomotives. and a warning about laundry detergent pods. some adults are memory loss may mistake the pods for food. six deaths have been in adults with dementia. good news for jay-z fans. tell us about this. >> the new father of twins announced he'll be releasing his 13th solo album. it will be available exclusively through a hit music
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streaming title. time now 5:42. tons of cocaine, the massive drug bust made by a bay area cutter. traffic congestion. one bay area city wants its shortcut back. what residents are doing to make it happen.
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some big cocaine busts returns home to alameda today. over the past two months... the crew seized more than 17 thousand pounds of cocaine in water ica. a coast guard cutter that made big cocaine busts returns to alameda today. in the past two months, they have seized 17,000 pounds of cocaine off central america. in san diego, theyoff loaded contraband from eight missions. and a week ago, they stopped a
5:46 am
boat described as a low profile vessel. it had 5000 pounds of cocaine on board. lots of people are heading to the beaches in santa cruz. and that's causing problems on a popular shortcut. google maps are telling drivers that taking inside streets is faster to avoid highway 17. but in reality it's not a shortcut because of red lights, stop signs, and congestion. some residents say it could add 30 minutes to your drive. >> it doesn't make sense. there's no quick way out and the light is long. people should just stay on the freeway. it's not saving them any time. >> reporter: the city of los gatos has been trying for years to discourage the detours. and now there's an online petition to keep people on the freeway. >> a couple of weeks ago.
5:47 am
it's tough getting down there. >> they were doing all the roadwork. >> packed. >> coming in from seascape a couple weeks ago -- same. everybody needs to chill. >> or move away. >> hash tag just chill. >> it's like that everywhere around the bay area. >> there wasn't an accident, just more people on the roads. >> traffic is a part of our day. >> and with the heat wave, you'll see hot temperatures out there. >> especially if the ac is not working. >> or you're broken down on the side of the road. make sure the car is in tiptop condition. >> the kids were going to barbecue. i said just go to the free ac. watch wonder woman. >> it's great. >> let's hit the roadways. some slowdowns on 101 if you're making your way through san jose. nothing out of the ordinary.
5:48 am
and we are tracking an accident on 101 heading into palo alto. and we have an accident near embarcadero road. and right now the drive time from 237 on out towards highway 84 is about a 25-minute ride in the red. still no delays over at the san mateo bridge but it is getting crowded. you'll be in good company over there. oakland, very quiet conditions on 880. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up 35 minutes from the maze into san francisco. and the backups are starting to stretch on the east shore freeway. we're in the green time out to the maze. and 680 seeing some brake lights there, just under 15 minutes as you make your way from 580 on to highway 84. that's a check of the traffic. let's see how long the hot
5:49 am
weather is going to last. >> my kids just called me because the smoke detector went off inside the house. >> are you sure they weren't cooking? >> kids don't cook at this hour. they are not evening awake. >> 109 in pleasanton. in my imaginary world this would cool things down but it's not happening. 60 in san francisco at this early hour. and 74 in livermore. 74degrees after a record high of 106 yesterday. so very slow to cool after 103 in san jose yesterday. it's 102 and look at this. between midnight and 2:00 this morning. thunderstorms rumbled through. it didn't do anything to allow any kind of relief as far as cooling. it blew through very, very quickly. you can see the blowup due to the hot air mass in place.
5:50 am
and allen hughes said it was 112 degrees at his house. he's our weather watcher. now reporting 70s across lower lake. a beautiful sunrise and these clouds are associated with the thunderstorm or two. the stray shower that blew through in the overnight hours. where it's yellow and red, we have a heat advisory and heat warning in effect. this is thursday evening. and the red area encompasses contra costa county. and should include alameda county. it's going to be hot all the way through thursday and then a little bit of relief on friday. high pressure in command. 118 in palm springs and 120 in phoenix. heavy the flood warning for the merced river in the yosemite a area. 60s at the beaches. and then we jump into the 80s
5:51 am
across the bay. 90 to triple-digits in the inland areas. 103 brentwood. discoveriery bay, pleasanton, hottest days are wednesday and thursday. and seasonal by friday but that's a long way to go. crews are cleaning out from three days of severe flooding in pennsylvania. heavy rain choked roadways and saturated entire communities. one town was declared a disaster area. and many businesses are closed while they drain the water. a flash flood warning was just lifted for northern pennsylvania. a storm in omaha leaving a massive hole in a roof. several counties spent sunday night under a thunderstorm watch or warning. it's unclear if a tornado touched down.
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still ahead, father's day. that daddy and daughter will never forget -- 40 years in the making. the moment a baby polar bear walked for very first time. ♪
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ light music playing ]
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you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. he met his 40- year-old daughter for the very first time this weekend. she reached out to him pril.. all she it was a very special father's day for one dad who
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met his 40-year-old daughter for the very first time this weekend. she reached out to him in april and her mother met him at a bar that no longer exists. they planned a lifetime celebration marking all of the milestones. >> i'm a mini version of him. it's a new beginning. it's the start of a new chapter. and we've missed a lot. >> i'm a billionaire, i'm more rich than donald trump. >> nothing will compare to father's day 2017. seaworld gave the rest of the world a big smile. a 2-month-old polar bear cub. the cub's gender is not yet known. it is 5:55. overnight another deadly terror attack in london. next, the investigation now
5:56 am
underway at police beef up patrols across the city. >> reporter: and after last week's deadly shooting at this u.p.s. facility. a chance to honor the victims. we'll tell you about it next.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. conditioners leaving a london mosque mowed down by a motorist overnight. what we're learning about the attacker. a new push to pressure gop lawmakers on healthcare gets underway today. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. right now firefighters are working to put out a grass fire in benicia. >> this is happening on 680 near lake herman road. you can see that fire there and a lot of crews surrounding it as they try to put out the flames. we know that no buildings are
6:00 am
being thenned and traffic is now being impacted but a lot of smoke and flames in that area. another round of record breaking temperatures around the bay area. this is a live look at the bay bridge. relief is nowhere in sight. we have live team coverage. and jessica flores is in livermore. roberta has the very latest. >> 10 record highs yesterday including 109 in pleasantton. it was 106 in livermore. and 105 in san rafael. 100 at moffett field. the temperatures are coming down due to the return of the stratus and low clouds and fog. temperature-wise, 60 in san francisco. and 72 in livermor


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