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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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being thenned and traffic is now being impacted but a lot of smoke and flames in that area. another round of record breaking temperatures around the bay area. this is a live look at the bay bridge. relief is nowhere in sight. we have live team coverage. and jessica flores is in livermore. roberta has the very latest. >> 10 record highs yesterday including 109 in pleasantton. it was 106 in livermore. and 105 in san rafael. 100 at moffett field. the temperatures are coming down due to the return of the stratus and low clouds and fog. temperature-wise, 60 in san francisco. and 72 in livermore. in the low 70s in san jose.
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a couple of thunderstorms between midnight and 2:00 in the morning. you can see it on the satellite radar. nicking the east bay and the north bay. and we still have heat through thursday night. encampussing just about the entire bay area. temperatures inland over 100 all the way through thursday. 103 in pleasanton. and in the 90s in san jose today. and 100 in morgan hill. 96 in santa rosa. and 100 in occidental and guerneville. we'll talk more about the heat wave as the temperatures stay pretty much on the hot side each and every day. pg&e is working overtime. jessica flores is live in livermore with the very latest on pg&e's hard work restoring power to thousands of people.
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>> reporter: that's right, roberta. thousands of people were without power yesterday. and today, 2000 still without power. around 4:30 p.m. yesterday, about 5000 people lost their power during the height of the heat at 106. it's going to be 102 today. and 40,000 households were without power across the bay area yesterday. pg&e says they restored the power to 37,000 customers. and 1800 are without electricity. and many people decided to ditch the ac and headed for the cool breeze on the coast. >> trying to get out with the dog. it's good to be out near the water where it's cooler. >> reporter: pg&e is attributing the outage to the severe heat. the company says outages are usually caused by air-
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conditioning use overloading the system. and again, we'll have the ac blasting across the bay area, especially in the inland areas. 102 today. so it's going to be a hot one. you'll want to water up and stay cool. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a lot of people are searching for waying to cool off, especially if they don't have air-conditioning. sandra osborne is live with details on the cooling centers. sandra-- >> good morning to you. and in the winter we have the shelters for heat and as we get the dangerously high temperatures, cooling centers offer some relief as we see the temperatures climbing into the mid-90s and higher. some neighborhoods reading 103. a lot of people tried to escape san jose yesterday and head to the coast and cool off. we have video from ocean beach
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which was packed with people trying to cool off a little bit. in the water. the sweltering temperatures are expected. and temperatures in the mid-90s or above. there are a number of cooling centers listed on pg&e's website. one man took advantage of the free air-conditioning over the weekend. >> no place to go, really. so when corey texted me to come over here, it was really nice. i couldn't believe how cool it was. >> reporter: some of the cooling centers that were open include the almaden community center open from 8:00 to 8:00 in san jose. and the bascomb center which opens at 9:00. and you don't have to look for a cooling center. look for a senior center, a library, somewhere just to get relief from the heat. again, the temperatures have
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been very dangerous. and it's just another reminder to be a good neighbor and check on the elderly that might be living around you just to make sure that the air-conditioning is working or if they'll need help. sandra-- the pavement in west sacramento began to buckle and crumble. and four lanes had to be shut down this weekend. caltrans worked quickly. in southern california. hundreds of firefighters are battling a fire in the hot weather. flames have blackened a thousand acres northwest of los angeles. the fire destroyed two outbuildings. at last check, it's 20% contained. the fire prompted voluntary evacuations. no homes are threatened. it grew from 5 acres to 500
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within an hour and a half. let's get a check on the roads. we are tracking big delays for drivers on 101. we've been tracking this accident in palo alto, northbound 101 near embarcadero road. the backup continues to stretch beyond san antonio. we are looking at a 48-minute ride from 237 on up towards highway 84 as you're making your way to the dumbarton bridge. expect delays if you're traveling in through benicia. we have a grass fire in the area. and we have the morning commute. you will see some flashing lights and open on 680. but traffic control on good year road that's the road -- basically the frontage road just east of 680.
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expect delays on this stretch. and chp conducting that. the east shore freeway definitely starting to show delays through berkeley as you make your way to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a busy monday morning, folks. a 42-minute ride from the maze. that's a check of the traffic. developing in london, extra law enforcement officers are being deployed across the city after a suspected terror attack overnight. ten people were injured after a van crashed into pedestrians outside a london mosque. >> turned left with no indication -- and one of them he was under the van. and people were gathered around the van to actually lift the van up to get the guy out. >> this cell phone video shows the across. police arrested a 48-year-old man.
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>> this is being treated as a terrorist attack. this was an attack on london and all londoners. and we should all stand toed whatever the cause. theresa may will hold an emergency session with the mayor. this appears to be an attack on a particular community like the terrible attacks, it's an assault on our shared values of tolerance, freedom, and respect. the u.s. navy has recovered the bodies and identified all seven sailors when the destroyer collided with a cargo ship. among them were two san diego sailors. a navy spokesperson says the victims might have been killed by the impact or drowned when the ship took on water. investigators are trying to determine the cause of the crash. nearly a week after a
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gunman went on a murderous rampage, community members plan to pray for the victims. >> reporter: you can see this memorial here outside the u.p.s. facility in patrero hills, a memorial to three. here are the pictures. there's going to be a prayer vigil at noon today. wayne chan, mike lefiti, and benson louie will all be remembered. jimmy lam a former coworker. one of the victims mike lefiti died in the street. and he was comforted by a stranger who held his hand and
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said that the man known as big mike wanted to convey a message. >> he loves his family and his children and he didn't do anything to this man, you know? he doesn't understand why he shot him. >> reporter: lefiti was 46 years old from hercules. and chan and louie was 50 years old. live in san francisco, anne makovec. kpix 5. a group opposed to the gop's efforts to repeal the affordable care act is trying to urge five key republican senators to vote against the healthcare bill. >> reporter: senator collins, when this happens, she isn't thinking about the healthcare bill in congress. she isn't thinking that it will force her to choose between
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filling prescriptions or paying a mortgage. she isn't thinking about losing health insurance. that ad is set to air in five states. it comes as senate republicans are working behind closed doors to craft their version of the plan. the bill could only afford to lose the bill of two republicans. not a single democrat will support the measure. president trump tweeted out the dem is want to stop tax cuts, healthcare, and border security. coming up. how yosemite national park is preparing for potential flooding near one of its largest rivers. 10 record highs on sunday, and more heat today. we'll talk about when you should expect relief.
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expect delays on benicia and 680. and we're seeing the backup extend on 80.
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in the area that includes the istrict... the c san francisco's new homeless count shows the population is spreading outside the central part of the city. in the richmond district, the count nearly doubled. down to lake merced it tripled to 91. san francisco's overall homeless count did drop since 2015 by half a percent to 7500. sunnyvale is clearing the way for -- several 1970s industrial buildings will be
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demolished. and the new campus will be developed by the irvine company. the project is expected to bring in more than 2000 jobs. >> >> let's get a check on the traffic and weather. seems like a busy day on the roads, especially for a monday morning, and it's so hot outside. our assignment desk is getting a lot of information about the thunderstorms. >> a crazy day already. and it's only 6:16. >> welcome back to work on monday. let's get to it. we have a lot of stuff to talk about if you're getting ready to hit the roadways. northbound 101 continues to see residual delays. the crash clear asked the backup continues to stretch beyond san antonio. a 48-minute travel time from 237 to highway 4 if you're trying to get to the dumbarton bridge. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza where we continue to see
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the backups stretch beyond the maze. and from the maze a 42-minute ride to san francisco across the upper deck. and those metering lights on the east shore freeway. we're seeing slowdowns on 580 and we've been tracking a grass fire and chopper is there. and this is in benicia near 680 and lake herman road. and it's not impacting any lanes on 680 and definitely seeing delays for drivers heading southbound from 80 on to the benicia bridge. we're seeing a lot of yellow and red. expect delays in and throughout the area. and equivalent yourself extra time. that's a check of the traffic. and back to you, kenny.
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in yosemite. winter snow and the southern heat wave are spilling rushing water in the merced river. it's expected to reach flood stage. water levees are on the rise. sometime today, the upper merced river is set to peak. and roberta is tracking the heat wave in the bay area. thunderstorms breeze through and nicked our east bay and north bay between midnight and 2:00. you can see the blowup right there across the high sierra. and we did have a few raindrops in the overnight hours but nothing to cool us down. we have some of the clouds. isn't that beautiful. looking out from the kpix studios to the estuary of oakland and alameda. these are all record high temperatures. we had 10 reported on sunday.
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pleasanton, 109. livermore, 106. san jose and kent afield -- in brentwood, 113 yesterday. just a couple degrees cooler. that beautiful bank of low clouds and fog cooling the coast. only coming down a couple of notches inland. temperatures slow to cool in livermore at 72. 71 in san jose. so the yellow highlighted area and the red means advisory and warning in effect through thursday night. and it encompasses most of the bay area. alameda and cocoa county picking up the hottest temperatures. satellite and radar suggests it's going to contribute to 120 degrees tomorrow in phoenix. and 118 in palm springs. it's going on around the entire state of california back into
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arizona and nevada. it's almost as hot in the inland areas as the valley, the central valley. pristine conditions in monterey bay. 112 in redding. and by the time is sun sets at 8:34, a little bit of relief. and 100 morgan hill and gilroy. the hottest days will be wednesday and thursday. and we start to see seasonal weather but not until sunday. michelle, can we google that? >> google is tightening the measures on youtube to remove extremist content. radical videos will be taken down. and it plans to target islamist state recruits. facebook is taking on tv
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and individualal video for eyeballs and -- the content will be available on an upcoming facebook video tab. how was the father's day weekend, huh? the a's, well, they had a great father's day weekend. the giants -- not so much. that and u.s. open golf just ahead. what's cool about your summer camp. e-mail your nominations to us. we may come and feature your camp on our thursday morning show.
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>> good morning, everybody. how was the father's day weekend? well, it was a father's day weekend to forget if you're the giants and a day to remember if
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you're the oakland a's. bottom third, chris davis at the plate. and davis, oh, he knows how to mash it. the 18th blast to leave the club. and the a's got the second four game sweep of the yankees in seven years. crawford settled in as the giants tried to avoid a sweep in colorado. crawford put it over the 347 sign. it was 2-0. giants were in control. they were up 5-4 in the ninth. and nolan our gnaw doe hit a walkoff home run. and the rockies leaders of the nl west won it 7-5. u.s. open, brooks kepka -- locked in the first major championship. and won the u.s. open and a
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record payday, $2.16 million. he's glad to wake up this morning. everybody have a great monday and i'll see you later. time now 6:26. coming up. the key member of the washington post is calling out one of president trump's lawyers this morning. and after last week's workplace smoothings at this u.p.s. facility in san francisco, today a chance for the community to remember the men killed.
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out a grass fire in benicia right now. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> we are following breaking news. firefighters are working to put out a grass fire in benicia right now. this is a live look from chopper 5. as you can see the crews are battling the flames on 680 near lake herman road. and right now we're told no buildings are being threatened
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and we're starting to see traffic slowing down because of the fire. >> good morning. in london, police are investigating a terror attack. it's monday, june 19th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego time now is 6:30. at least 10 people were hurt outside a mosque outside. brook silva-braga has the latest. >> reporter: a van rammed into a crowd as worshipers were leaving a mosque in london during the month of ramadan. >> turned left with no indication. and one of them was under the van. people were gathered around the van to lift the van up to get the guy out of the van. >> this shows the chaos the police arrested the driver, a 48-year-old man. >> this was an attack on london and all londoners. and we should all stand
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together against extremists no matter what their cause. >> reporter: many criticized the police for the what they saw as a too slow decision to label it as terrorism. >> there's a double standard. people are run over. muslims worshiping. just because it's the other way around, why ain't justice served? >> today we come together as we have done before to condemn this act and to state once again that hatred and evil of this kind will neville succeed. >> the london mayor sadiq khan says extra police have been employed. british prime minister theresa may will hold an emergency security session with her can be net later today.
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community members are planning to gather to pray for the victims of the u.p.s. shooting. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: you can see this memorial outside the u.p.s. facility in san francisco's patrero hill area. today there's going to be an interfaith prayer vigil starting at noon. here are the three u.p.s. employees shot and killed last week. wayne chan, mike lefiti and benson louie. and their coworker, jimmy lam brought a gun to a morning meeting and killed all three. when police arrived he turned the gun on himself and also died. three families are holding funerals for loved ones. >> it's just so sad that it always happens to the nicest
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people. >> that's one of mike lefiti's many friends. he touched a lot of people, obviously, people along his delivery route and he also leaves behind three children and a wife. today's vigil is here at the u.p.s. facility at the 300 block of san bruno avenue. time now 6:33. today another round of record melting temperatures as we take a live look at the beautiful bay bridge. it's starting to warm up already. is there any relief in sight? this morning we have live team coverage? jessica flores is in livermore with more on the heat causing thousands of power outages. sandra osborne is live in san jose with a look at where to cool off. and first roberta is here in the weather center. >> a little bit of relief as thunderstorms nicked the northern and eastern sections
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of the bay area. you could see them as they breeze through. these were stray showers that came from the high sierra. we have the heat advisory and warning in effect. it is in effect until thursday night. encompassing most of the bay area. temperatures soar to triple- digits away from the bay. we had 10 record high temperatures yesterday. including 109 in pleasanton, 106 in livermore. and 105 in san rafael. and it was 103 in kentfield and san jose. and 100 in the mountain view area. still 90s encompassing much of the peninsula. so a little bit of relief around pacifica to the city of san francisco. 88 in san francisco to 80 today. and you'll feel the difference across the santa clara valley. 102 in livermore. and 103 in the pleasanton area back through discovery bay. remaining hot with the hottest
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days on wednesday and thursday. thus that advisory and warning in effect. jessica flores is live in livermore. >> reporter: well, a latino of folks had the ac blasting. and that triggered massive power outages across the bay area. in livermore we see a couple of businesses without pour and pg&e is working to restore the power. 2000 are still without power and at the height of it yesterday, 40,000 people were route power. pg&e restored the power to 37,000 customers. and 1800 are still without electricity. and for a lot of folks, it can be dangerous. >> hard for us because our grandpa is a dialysis patient.
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and without the power, it's hard for him. >> it's been four hours without power. and i'm done. >> reporter: pg&e is attributing the outage to the severe heat. they are looking at the exact cause but the company says outages during heat waves are usually caused by air- conditioning use overloading the system. we'll see triple-digit heat again today. yesterday, 106. and today 102. of course, people will be blasting the ac again. pg&e says keep an eye out for the flex alerts. be careful not to overload the system. keep cool. and we'll see 102 in livermore. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. with the scorching temperatures, cooling centers will likely open up this week, giving people ways to beat the heat, especially if they don't
6:37 am
have air-conditioning. sandra osborne has all the details. >> reporter: sometimes the shade and having a bottle of water is not enough when you have the temperatures in dangerous territories. it's so important for cooling centers to open up when we see the temperatures in the mid-90s and higher. san jose actually setting heat records yesterday. this one was open over the weekend. it will likely be open today and throughout the week because we are expecting the temperatures to stick around. but i know a lot of people are headed out to the beach, trying to cool off in the water. we have video from ocean beach from yesterday. it was packed. you can also look up the nearest senior center or the library to try and get free air- conditioning this week. you don't need to go through a cooling center. and san jose, we saw the record high temperatures. some neighborhoods reaching 103 and that's why community centers opened up to help out.
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>> and it's so hot out and you walk through the door and oh, my good. instant relief, you know? and you don't really find it anywhere else. >> and the cooling centers from over the weekend and we'll likely see this week are the almaden community center. and the bascomb that opens from 9:00 to 5:00. a couple of tips, just remember to stay hydrated. it's so important. and check on elderly family members. and limit the time for work and play out in the sun. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. it's 6:38 and the big question today how to beat the heat and how to beat traffic in benicia. >> if you can avoid 680 and 80, i would. but that's not realistic if many drivers. be prepared. we are tracking this breaking
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news. a fire in benicia and definitely causing folks to slowdown. everyone on 680 can see the smoke blowing across the freeway. we have also got word of an accident, a head on crash on the surface street. and that's where chp has been conducting -- emergency crews on the scene with that. if you were planning on using good year road as an alternate route, don't. looks like the southbound direction is blocked at this point. that's a check of the traffic. back to you, michelle. some confusion with the president being under investigation. president trump tweets out he is under investigation. but his personal attorney, jay sekulow is saying he is not. he joined chris wallace who pressed the attorney into
6:40 am
giving an answer. he couldn't seem to keep answers straight. >> you said he's being investigated. >> jay, it's not just being investigated. >> this all started after the firing of fbi director james comey. >> and robert mueller has hired 13 lawyers so far for the investigation. >> authorities in london say that 79 people are presumed dead after a fire that riched through an apartment complex. the investigation is expected to entail how the building was constructed as well as the details of a recent remodel. the police commander warned that the total of 79 presumed dead could change. >> there may be people in the tower that people may not know are missing and may not have realized they were in there on
6:41 am
the night. >> one of the reasons identifying victims is so tough is because people came from different countries and matching dental records is difficult. a coast guard cutter seized 17,000 pounds of cocaine. the crew made the busts over two months. they offloaded thursday in san diego and carried out eight missions, including onion 8th when they stopped a boat known as a low profile vessel. it had more than 5000 pounds of cocaine on board. an oakland police officer is due in court for allegedly tipping off a sex worker about a raid. oakland police say that his case is not related to the
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multi-department scandal involving the woman formerly known as celeste -- a wildfire bursts onto a mountain road and traps several people in portugal. a pride flag in philly and why they say it represents everyone. we take a quick check of the board and the dow is up 78 points. whoa!
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back to cbs 5 eyewitness news. we had 10 record highs. down from 106 to 102 in
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livermore. and 105 in concord to 101. cooler across the santa clara valley. and 100 in morgan hill. and in and throughout the napa and sonoma area. and 100 in fairfield. and this is why the national weather service has extended our heat advisories and warnings until thursday night. the complete forecast calling for relief is less than four minutes away. to kick off the pride celebration. the san francisco mayor ed lee will join nancy pelosi to raise a rainbow flag at city hall. there will be events all week leading up to the lgbt pride parade. and pride will take up a different theme. the campaign more color, more pride created a flag tore
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more inclusive. a black and brown stripe was added to the rainbow flag. the stripes are not supposed to represent skin color. in may of 2016, unemployment was at 5.5%. and government is the place to work. the state employment development project led eight sectors in adding jobs. san francisco's average price per gallon reached $3.19. oakland is $3.07. and san jose at $3.06 per gallon. time to get another check on traffic with jaclyn. it's been a little bit of a slow morning out there for
6:48 am
commuters. >> i've been busy and it's been slow on the roadways. crazy out there. everyone is angry about going back to work on monday. [ laughter ] >> dealing with it. >> let's take it to the maps. we're tracking delays for drivers heading in to benicia. a grass fire is active near lake herman road. none of the lanes are blocks along 680. and this is a live look at the fire burning. we are tracking delays on 680 in both directions. just under a 30-minute ride for drivers making their way from 80 to the benicia bridge. a lot of folks were used good year road. and a head on crash has shut down the roadway on good year near parish road. do not get off there if you were planning on using that as
6:49 am
the alternate route. expect delays in and throughout the area. if you're making your way towards or out of antioch and hercules, we have an earlier accident that was canceled. 50 minutes from antioch to hercules, slow, stop, go. give yourself plenty of extra time and pack the patience. back to you, michelle. right now in erie county, pennsylvania, a significant cleanup in store after powerful rains swept through the area. crews continue to assess the damage from the recent storms. many roads resemble rivers. much different story in the bay area. >> the heat wave will continue. and i'll give you a little bit of a secret on how i beat is it heat this weekend.
6:50 am
i headed to barn hill marina in alameda and i was swimming in the marina on saturday and sunday. and i took a look at the reports. 67, 68 degrees, the water temperature compared to san francisco bay water which is 66 degrees. we'll have to find ways to beat the heats. at the coast, that's a lovely signal. 60 in san francisco, 72 in livermore where we had a record high yesterday at 106. in san jose, yesterday it was 103 degrees. linda says she has scattered clouds in fairfield. and picking up wind gusts as well. we too have scattered clouds around the san francisco bay area. these are all associated with a stray thunderstorm. ten record highs around the bay
6:51 am
area, including pleasanton, '10. san rafael. 105. and thunderstorm activity blew out in the overnight hours. the thunderstorms are associated with a whether or nots some of clouds that formed over the high sierra yesterday afternoon. and a stray shower worked its way in in the early morning hours. it did not provide much relief. and we have the heat advisory and warning in effect until thursday. 120 in phoenix tomorrow. and all this hot weather nevada 109 fresno today. 106 in sacramento. and 112 in heading. and it was a 111 in. our numbers are slightly cooler than yesterday. down from 106 to 105 in
6:52 am
livermore. and 90s to 100 across the similar valley. and 100 degrees towards occidental. 68degrees in pacifica. the cool spot will be half moon bay at 65 degrees. wednesday and thursday will be the hottest days this week. and we start to buy a little bit of relief in the form of seasonal temperatures. this is a prolonged and pronounced heat wave. more than 60 people have been confirmed dead by a forest fire in portugal. the secretary of state has called it the deadliest fire in portugal history. the fire is still not taped. it started northeast of lisbon. many. >> were in their cars trying to escape. and maims over busy roadways.
6:53 am
and thousands of firefighters are developing water bombs. overnight a deadly terror attack in london. the investigation now underway as police beef up patrols across the city. >> reporter: as this memorial remains outside the u.p.s. facility in san francisco. there's an interfaith vigil planned for today. we'll tell you about it next.
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it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm anne makovec live outside this u.p.s. facility in san francisco where you can see there's a memorial. and today an interfaith vigil that starts at noon. wayne chan, mike lefiti, and
6:57 am
benson louie were all husbands, fathers, and longtime u.p.s. employees. they're coworker, jimmy lam brought a gun to a morning meeting and opened fire, killing all three men. lam also died. the vigil is outside the facility on the 300 block of san bruno in san francisco. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. time for the final five. >> city of london is seeing a spike in law enforcement officers watching the streets after a van driver crashed into muslims leaving a mosque. one person was killed and 10 were injured during the suspected terror attack. authorities have arrested the 48-year-old driver. 60 people have been confirmed dead after a forest fire in portugal. it happened in an area northeast of lisbon. 79 people are presumed dead
6:58 am
following a fire that ripped through a massive apartment complex. the search is set to take many, many weeks. confusion with the president being under investigation. the president tweeting out that he is under investigation. and his personal attorney is saying that he is not. >> this all started after the firing of james comey. >> a grass fire on 680. and no buildings are threatened and we are starting to see traffic slowing town. and jaclyn is tracking the backup. you'll see the slowdowns in the southbound direction of 680. traffic is backed up all the way to i-80. just over a 25-minute ride. we expect delays on the surface streets. and we have a head on crash on good year and parish. there's macarthur. and we are in the red as you
6:59 am
make your way from the maze to downtown san francisco. just under a 45-minute ride. the folks in el sobrante said they heard a thunderstorm. we did have a stray thunderstorm across the north bay. and clouds are a direct result of the thunderstorms. sorry, folks, i think the birds are signaling that they don't like this. i don't think they like this weather either. they're sending up a message. 60 in san francisco to 72 in san jose. and they nailed my car. we do have an advisory and warning in effect through thursday. terrible heat all the way. it's a prolonged period of temperatures in the triangles. the hottest days wednesday and thursday. >> that camera is going to get a nice cleaning. >> not good for people enjoying their breakfast. >> not good for the person who has to clean the camera lens.
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>> have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, june 19th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." new terror in london. a driver plows hi van into a crowd outside a mosque. at least one person is dead at the scene and the driver is in custody. we're learning about the heroic efforts to keep a u.s. navy destroyer afloat after a collision with a cargo ship killed seven sailors. plus norah o'donnell is in seoul to find out thousand north korean threat is impacting thousands of american troops and their families that are stationed there. and the treacherous search for a hidden fortune in the middle of america. a pastor is the latest to disappear while


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