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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 20, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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buckling sidewalks. and tonight: an urgent call to conserve electricity.
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good evening, i' now at 11:00 triple digit temperatures, buckling sidewalks and a call to conserve electricity. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. first let's go to brian hackney with coverage on the heatwave. >> we've see this graphic time and time again, a heat advisory posted throughout the bay area not to be lifted till thursday as high pressure sparks across the west coast giving us highs not quite as warm as today, but there's more on the way. temps remain 100 degrees inland and coast remains cool with highs in the mid-60s. temperatures will drop inland but not until it gets warmer again because a high pressure system rebuilds. we'll have the details when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. >> brian, thank you. christin ayers is in moraga where a grassfire broke out near a school. >> reporter: yeah, guys. temperatures have cooled off tonight. firefighters were able to quickly get a handle on that fire, but they say these soaring temperatures could mean more fires like this. the fire broke out in the hills
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behind campolindo high on the lafayette moraga border, flames visible from chopper 5 tearing through 10 acres in the midst of a heatwave. >> it's been challenging this past week. we know there's more to come this week with the heat coming in on thursday and friday. so for us it's really all about protecting structures and keeping our people safe. >> reporter: while it's unclear how this fire started firefighters say a massive mulch plant off 680 sparked spontaneously this morning. >> the mulch and compost just sitting there in the heat and as it's slowly starting to decompose it's putting off heat along with the hot temperatures that we have and just started off. >> reporter: in santa rosa the heat buckled sidewalks and in west sacramento caltrans crews reopened highway 50 around midnight after the roadway shifted and cracked in triple digit temperatures sunday. >> it's been four hours without power and i'm done. >> reporter: pg&e is also blaming the heat for a string of power outages that left more than 40,000 people in the dark
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after record breaking temperatures yesterday. they predict more outages in the coming days. >> the heat event is not over and people need to prepare. >> reporter: still no word from firefighter tonight about how exactly this fire started. pg&e is saying they are expecting more blackouts and they're working on pinpointing exactly where they'll happen. live in moraga christin ayers, kpix5. and tonight there's an urgent call to conserve electricity. the people who control the state's power grid issued the first flex alert of the year. we are all asked to reduce energy usage between 2:00 and 9 p.m. tomorrow. >> a difference in 1 or 2 degrees can mean a difference in how many megawatts that we have to supply to utilities. ee the highest ars. >> over the next couple days cal iso predicts the state will see the highest energy usage in 10 years. tonight it appears we may never know exactly what sparked the deadly fire at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland. kpix5's veronica de la cruz is
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here with the conclusions from a just released report. >> 36 people died in the inferno at a dance party last december and tonight a 50 page report said the cause may or may not have been electrical. it says because the fire did so much damage to the extension cords and other connections, investigators cannot know for sure and there are other possible causes. the city report says, "too heavily damaged temporary -- two heavily damaged temporary electrical boxes were part of a makeshift system that supplied areas of the building with electricity and forensic examination of items were performed but did not reveal a fault or failure and the use of candles and/or incense cannot be eliminated and the use of carelessly discarded or
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unattended smoking materials cannot be eliminated. in the background of this picture you can see the staircase leading to the second floor where most of the victims became trapped and then here's a view from the same angle after that fire. the wooden staircase is heavily damaged and furniture and other items in front of it are essentially heaps of blackened wreckage. two men, derick almena and max harris, face charges of involuntary manslaughter. almena was the master tenant. prosecutors say harris organized the party. veronica de la cruz, kpix5. a shirtless man smoking a cigarette perched on an overpass forced all northbound lanes of 680 in milpitas to be shut down for five hours tonight. at 9:30 he was persuaded to come down by policing in the overs. traffic is flowing -- police negotiators. traffic is flowing normally again. a double murder suicide that involves a father and his two young children, police say
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the man killed his 6-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son on father's day and hanged himself. sonoma county sheriff's deputies went to the apartment on slater street this morning to do a welfare check and found the bodies. the man had been in a custody dispute with the mother of the children. >> it's an absolute tragedy to see any time two young children lose their lives in a child custody dispute. >> santa rosa police are working with the sonoma county sheriff's department in the investigation. police say this man.. tonight san francisco police have made an arrest in a sex crime investigation. police say this man, 35-year- old donovan harper, sexually assaulted a student back in october at a middle school in the bayview district. he now faces several charges including forcible lewd acts with a child under age 14. harper is a former employee of the san francisco unified school district and has worked on multiple school campuses. the american student detained by north korea has died. otto warmbier came home four days ago in a coma and had
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permanent brain damage. his family released a statement saying, "unfortunately the awful torturous misdream mistreatment of our son received at the hands of the north koreans insured no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today." warmbier had been in custody more than a year, his crime? stealing a propaganda poster in pyongyang. he had been sentenced to 15 years hard labor. president trump tweeted, "melania and i offer our deepest condolences to the family of warmbier." there was a high profile meeting at the white house for a roundtable of the american technology about council. amazon chief jeff bezos and others have criticized some of the president's policies but today were there to talk about
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improving the government's technology infrastructure. out." tesla c-e-o elon at today >> it turns out that federal agencies collectively operate 6,100 data centers. the vast majority of those can be consolidated and migrated to the cloud. >> tesla ceo elon musk was not at today's meeting. he quit two white house panels earlier this month after the president pulled out of the paris climate accord. today administration officials held working sessions with the executives to discuss among other things visas for highly skilled workers. tomorrow in san jose a key vote that could reshape downtown by bringing a massive google campus to town. tonight kpix5's mark sayre has a look at what's at stake. >> reporter: at first glance you would not think the san jose fire department's training center would be part of a deal with google, but the facility sits on prime land right next to san jose's deradon station and that's a big part of why
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google is looking to spanned to downtown san jose. >> we would -- expand to downtown san jose. >> we would love to have google in our community. >> reporter: the station already has amtrak, caltrans and commuter express lanes and in the future home to b.a.r.t. and the california high speed rail, some saying it could become the grand central station of the west. google has already been buying up noncity owned property in the area such as this now shuttered at&t building. the google complex could bring 20,000 jobs downtown with a mix of office, retail space and housing, but not everyone is convinced this is a good deal for the city and a coalition of groups went to city hall to express their concerns. >> in fact, there is a substantial risk that instead the google project will leave us worse off than we are now. there is a substantial risk it will gasser bait income inequality. >> reporter: -- exacerbate income inequality.
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>> reporter: this afternoon the mayor and others said they would support the project only if google pays fair market value for the properties and has a transparent process to engage the community. >> the city will get fair market value and there will be no incentives for google. >> reporter: in san jose mark sayre, kpix5. this dump truck plowed into a senior center. tonight there is a criminal investigation. >> there's more to girl scouts than just their cookies. tonight how they might protect you from cyber criminals. >> this new display is about to shine at a bay area landmark. only on 5:00 tonight a
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used as weapons. the first happened in london two new terrorist attacks overseas, boat of them involving vehicles used as weapons. the first happened in london near a mosque early this morning. a van plowed into a crowd of muslim worshipers leaving a ramadan prayer service. one person was killed and at least 10 were injured. the driver was a father of four was wrestled to the ground by others nearby. there was a vehicle attack in paris today. a driver carrying explosives rammed his car into a police convoy. the car exploded into a cloud of orange flames in the shopping district. the driver was killed and had been flagged by police for extremism. some scary moments in the bay area when a dump truck slammed into a senior center in
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san bruno. witnesses say it felt like an earthquake. it happened on crystal springs road. cbs5's betty yu tells us a criminal investigation is underway tonight. >> reporter: you can see the extensive damage left by this large truck when it crashed right into the senior center. several hours later tonight crews are still cleaning up and hauling away debris. this dump truck came within feet of people playing bingo at the san bruno senior center this afternoon. check out damage from the inside. chunks of insulation dropped down from the ceiling. >> i was sitting in my car and i witnessed a dump truck coming down off the freeway. he didn't slow down. there was no screeching of brakes or anything and he just slammed into the senior center. >> reporter: san bruno police say the driver was under the influence of a controlled substance. officers also found crystal meth on the driver identified as 55-year-old joseph seville of alameda. rescue crews were able to extract him from the cab
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relatively unharmed and then he was arrests. >> we were playing bingo in the san bruno senior center and all of a sudden we felt an earthquake and i heard a crash and the wall, the wall came in. >> reporter: dolly samonovich said at the time of the crash seniors were also doing yoga and karaoke and the truck stopped short of the kitchen. everyone inside was safely evacuated and there were no reported injuries. tonight authorities say this truck driver play have also had the wrong license for the -- may have also had the wrong license for the vehicle he was operating. it's unknown at this point when the senior center will reopen. in san bruno betty yu, kpix5. an incredible story of survival, a bay area man plunges over not one but two waterfalls. matthew solis survived and was able to pull himself to shore where rescuers could get to him. it happened at angel falls which feeds bass lake not far from yosemite. he and friends were hiking to the falls as part of a
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graduation celebration. matthew stopped to take a picture when he slipped and was swept downstream. after plunging over those two falls he was able to grab a tree. he was injured and rescuers carried him a mile to a waiting ambulance. tonight he is recovering. do you need to protect yourself and your computer files? why not call a girl scout? sharon chin on the new badge which may make that possible. >> and to live by the girl scout law. >> reporter: famous for their annual cookie sales will get to earn 18 new merit badges in cyber security. >> totally exciting. i'm so glad that we're able to offer girls something that is relevant to their future, that they're going to be interested in and that's going to be practical for them. >> reporter: the 105-year-old organization took a survey and many members wanted to learn computer science like 9-year- old maya. >> you don't want people stealing information that could
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be really important and you probably want to keep private stuff to yourself. >> reporter: the girl scouts will develop its curriculum with help from cyber security company palo alto networks in santa clara. experts say cyber security professionals will reach a deficit of 3.5 million people by 2021 and of those now employed in the industry only 11% are women. >> we know we need to tap some diverse groups of people to go and get the talent that we need in cyber security and the girl scouts is millions of girls. so why not partner with them? >> reporter: the kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum will range from privacy and cyber bullying protection to coding and ethical hacking designed to improve security. maya says she's ready. you want to get the bad guys, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: the cyber security courses and merit badges are still development. the girls will have to wait till the fall of 2018. sharon chin, kpix5.
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the official kickoff to san francisco's pride celebration was tonight. mayor ed lee and congresswoman nancy pelosi raised the lgbtq rainbow flag at city hallmarking the start of the 47th annual pride celebration. >> our city continues and has always been a welcome change for people all over the world to make sure that they are accepted here. .. is this s >> this year honoring gilbert baker, the artist who created the first rainbow flag, the big event, the pride parade, this sunday. pretty cool sight tonight in golden gate park. we got a preview of a new light show to commemorate 50 years since the summer of love. only on 5 wilson walker shows us the work behind the scenes at the conservatory of flowers. >> you know, it's a fantastic use of space and they bring the flower scene into it. >> reporter: flowery, groovy, mildly trippy, the conservatory is turning on.
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>> butterflies and mushrooms? >> reporter: but before we all space out staring at it, how did they do this? >> the conservatory of flowers is one of the most beautiful canvass in the city that we could project on. >> reporter: a blank canvas, but it's certainly not flat. >> no. the topology of this building is super crazy. >> reporter: the team of san francisco's obscure a digital started making a digital map of the conservatory. >> to figure out where projectors and cameras go. >> reporter: it also allowed them to bend and shape the artwork so it lands flat on the building. >> so you build into the distortion into the rendering. >> reporter: those distorted rendering projected through a laser cut lens, each one a stack of aluminum and dicroic filters. >> each filter is laser etch and glued together into a sandwich to make up a full color plate. >> reporter: that simple lens idea is genuinely throwback. >> the actual technology they use for projectors are analog
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like old vinyl records from 1967. >> light show, prisms. >> polaroid photography. >> like any of those things went away? they kind of got more popular over time. >> reporter: it's analog old meets digital new to celebrate a 50 year anniversary and in case you were wondering, this whole thing was installed to stay. in golden gate park wilson walker, kpix5. >> like a peter max area. it's hot and dry across the bay area, sky drone 5 showing us the fire danger near mount diablo, but it's everywhere, lots of tall brush after a very wet winter. >> brian hackney is here for paul. >> you guys ever remember a year when the fire department said it shouldn't be a bad summer for fire? >> not in all my years. >> not in all my years either. it's always a bad year for fire. extra vigilance probably required as more extreme highs come in later this week. concord 73 degrees now, san francisco 58. that sets the tone. we did cool off today,
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especially close to the water. on sunday it was 88 in san francisco, today 77. san jose cooled 9 degrees, san rafael 12 degrees and concord was just 5 degrees cooler as the sea breeze really kicked in today and brought temperatures close to the water down, but inland influence not felt as strongly. numbers came down about 5 degrees. so it will stay hot inland but not as hot tomorrow. we have a look at the city, highs today livermore crept up to 104 and concord 103, napa at 91 and morgan hill 99 degrees. that's today. tomorrow the numbers shouldn't get quite so warm. is that setting a trend? no. it's going to get warmer again always we get toward wednesday and thursday. there's good reason. see that double barreled high. one kicks out. this is the high that gave us all the really warm weather over the weekend. that goes to the east and it's replaced by the next high right behind it. so we cool it down. we get a break. we warm it up, the story of our lives.
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we've still got a heat advisory posted through thursday. so that heat advisory thursday will celebrate its 1-week-old birthday. every night of the week we've had that advisory. high temperatures tomorrow cooler, 70 in san francisco, concord 96, san jose 87, tomorrow in oakland 77 degrees. in the south bay we'll look at upper 80s and low 90s, cupertino 90 degrees, campbell at 90, morgan hill 94. over in the east bay we will still see it above 100 at antioch and brentwood in the far east. in the middle east in the 680 corridor mostly in the 90s. up in the north bay plenty of sun. right at the shoreline fog and low clouds are coming back in tonight and keep that breeze in there and then finally up in the lake county area ukiah hits 100 degrees and 102 at clearlake, yikes. extended forecast in the warmest spots 102 tomorrow and then we increase temperatures again inland to 105. thursday as warm as it was on sunday. friday, saturday and sunday,
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though, finally both highs get out of the bay area and we will not only cool down, but we won't have to show that graphic yet again. >> you'll be a happy man. how about a national honor tonight for sonoma? u.s. news and world report just
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