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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> hi, everybody. [ laughter ] >> it doesn't matter if it's humid it's like this. if it's hot, it's like this. >> bad hair day? >> it's a full hair day. >> we're a work in progress. >> you look good. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be another sweaty day across the bay area but not as hot as the past couple of days. i couldn't sleep last night. very restless with the heat. we have temperatures cooler than 24 hours ago. we're at 57 in san francisco. and 68 in livermore. get used to this map because you'll see it for the next few days. we have a heat advisory all the way through thursday evening. temperatures soaring into the triple-digits again today and through thursday. 100 in concord, clayton, walnut creek. blackhawk and lafayette. fairfield is in the 90s.
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and mid-90s in santa rosa. the hottest day of the week is still to come, we'll talk about that and first good morning to jaclyn dunn. good morning and happy tuesday. slowdowns on 580 for super commuters out there. we're still in the green with the travel time of just under 25 minutes from 205 to 680. no accidents. they have roadwork in the eastbound direction. looking good from antioch to hercules. just under a 30-minute ride. we could see another day of record heat today to help save energy officials are issuing the first flex alert. we are supposed to reduce the amount of energy we're using between 2:00 and 9:00 tonight. over the next couple of days, the state will see the highest
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energy usage in 10 years and the sweltering temperatures have firefighters all over the state on high alert. here's more on the dangerous conditions they are dealing with. >> reporter: the fire broke out on the lafayette moraga border. 10acres in the midst of a heat wave. >> it's been challenging, we know there's more to come with the heat coming in on thursday and friday. for us, it's all about protecting structures and keeping our people safe. >> reporter: firefighters say a massive mulch fire at a compost plant sparked spontaneously. >> the mulch and the compost sitting in the heat and as it's slowly starting to decompose it's putting off heat. >> reporter: the heat in santa rosa buckled sidewalks. and caltrans we opened highway 50 after the roadway shifted
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and cracked in triple-digit temperatures sunday. >> it's been four hours. and i'm done. >> reporter: pg&e is blaming the heat for a string of power outages that left 40,000 people in the dark. they predict more outages in the coming days. >> the heat event is not over and people need to prepare. a newly released report on the coast ship fire makes it clear we may never know what caused it. the city report suggests that two heavily damaged power distribution boxes also called spider boxes were found in the fire debris and were observable remains of a makeshift system that supplied areas of the building with electricity. forensic examination of items was performed but did not reveal a fault or a failure
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that resulted in the fire. the use of candles or incense cannot be eliminated and the use of carelessly discarded smoking materials cannot be eliminated. new photos from inside the ghost ship before and after the building caught on fire. in this one, the staircase to the second floor, the spot where many were trapped. and the same angel shows furniture charred beyond repair. two men face charges of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say that harris organized the party. police in santa rosa believe a father killed his two young children before killing himself. it appears they were killed on father's day. deputies went to the apartment yesterday morning to do a welfare check and found the bodies. the man had been in a custody
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dispute with the mother of the children. >> it's an absolute tragedy when two young children lose their lives in a custody dispute. a bay area man is recovering from injuries after losing footing and plunging over two waterfalls. he survived, managing to pull himself to shore. it happened at angel falls which leads into bass lake not far from yosemite. he was celebrating a graduation and stopped to take a picture. and got swept downstream. after tumbling down two falls he was able to grab a tree. rescuers carried him a mile to a waiting ambulance. and a closeup view of potential fire spots. here's a look at the tall brush
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near mount diablo. plenty of help from the wet winter. so you went in the mall for about what? five minutes? >> i think it was a message from god not to spend any money because the electricity went out in the entire mall. and pleasanton hit a power hit on sunday as well leaving many residents without power and electricity. and that's why we have the flex alert for today. triple-digits out to the tri- valley and also in the downtown san francisco. good morning, everyone. this is the scene looking out from our studios. we have overcast right now. and clouds appear to be thickening up near the seashore where i would not be surprised to see drizzle at ocean beach. it's 57 in san francisco. and 68 and clear skies
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throughout livermore, san ramon. blackhawk. the clouds begin to fill in later on tonight. the winds have been under 10 miles per hour for the most part and now increasing in san francisco. this is live data. west, northwest at 12 at sfo and inland in the livermore area, flat winds, 16 in fairfield. winds breezy today. northwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour. the yellow highlighted area is our heat advisory. and the red area near contra costa county reflects temperatures in the triple- digits. and that's why we have the heat advisory and the warning in effect through thursday evening. temperatures today, 65 degrees in pacifica to 100 in livermore, concord, clayton, and walnut creek. a 40-degree temperature span from 63 in half moon bay to 103 towards brentwood and discovery bay and tracy as well. mid-90s to the north in santa rosa. and 90 in san jose.
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the full forecast is coming up. but right now traffic. we are tracking an accident that has shut down a portion of highway 9. this happened just before midnight. and highway 9 is shut down at spring creek road after a car hit a power pole. the lines were down across the roadway. and caltrans is canceling us the roadway may not be reopened until 8:00 this morning. use highway 17 as your alternate route. keep in mind there's roadwork on 17-year alma bridge and you'll be in for slowdowns on that stretch. westbound 580 a 23-minute ride from -- out to 680. and a stalled vehicle. we're getting conflicting directions on 580. if you're heading in that direction just a heads up. the most expensive house race in history is about to end with a new member of congress
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from georgia. today is the special election for the 6th congressional seat. and it's attracted national attention. weijia jiang has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: jon ossoff making a final push in georgia. the 32-year-old rookie candidate hopes to turn the district blue for the first time since 1979. >> voters are concerned with access to healthcare. >> republican candidate karen -- hit the streets and held a rally to urge suburban voters to show up at the polls. >> the enthusiasm on the ground has baby amazing. >> the race offers a potential preview of the 2018 midterm elections. republicans are weighing in from here in washington, working to keep control of
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congress. >> everybody knows about this race. >> the dems want to stop tax cuts, board security. develop groups tent $12 million to support handle. >> whoever wins and loses, it's going to affect either party and how they react to president trump moving forward. >> reporter: ossoff described his bid as a chance to make trump furious. >> 140,000 cast ballots and high turnout is expected at the polls today. in the u.s. senate. democrats have slowed business to a crawl.
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they are hoping to -- each party will have 10 hours of debate. a bill could reach the senate floor for a vote as soon as next week. tim cook was among the tech industry leaders at the white house for a meeting. cook sat next to president trump. eric insure admit and jeff bezos were also in attendance. the meeting was held to discuss ways to improve the government technology infrastructure. >> elon musk was not at the meeting. he quit two panels after the president pulled out of the paris climate accord. working sessions were held to discuss visas for highly
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skilled workers. a key vote is happening in san jose and could reshape downtown with a google campus. >> reporter: at first glance you would not think that the fire department's training center would be part of a deal with google. but the facility is on prime land. >> we would love to have google in our community. and i think we should welcome them with open arms. >> rerter: the station already has amtrak, caltrans and -- in the future bart and the california high speed rail. it could become the grand central station of the west. google has been buying up non- city owned property in the area such as this at&t building. the complex could bring 20,000 jobs to the downtown area.
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but not everyone is convinced this is a good deal for the city and a coalition of groups went to city hall to express concerns. >> there is a substantial risk that instead the google project will leave us worse off than we are now. there's a substantial risk that it will exacerbate income inequality. >> reporter: they'll support the project only if google pays fair market value for properties and it has a transparent process to gauge the community. >> for the public parcels, fair market value and no incentives for google. >> if the city votes to sell the center, a new location will be to be built as part of the deal. a near disaster at a bay area senior center when a man allegedly on drugs drives a
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dump truck straight into the building. >> >> record breaking heat causes concerns in southern california. more on the danger. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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senior center in san bruno. witnesses say -- it felt like an earthquake. it happened at a facility on cr esterday a driver is facing charges after crashing a dump truck into a senior center in san bruno. it happened on crystal springs road yesterday afternoon. the truck came within feet of people playing bingo. chunks of insulation dropped from the ceiling. the driver was under the influence of a controlled substance. and officers found crystal meth on 55-year-old -- of alameda. everyone inside the center was safely evacuated and no reported injuries. we're not the only ones seeing record high temperatures. across the west coast, they are bracing for heat. the conditions in arizona are so bad that people are warned to be careful around concrete and playgrounds. the prediction for phoenix is 120 degrees. and roads are buckling in big
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bear and the temperatures are being blamed for wildfires in the area. >> it's scary because if the wind shifts too bad it comes straight through here and takes out this community. >> reporter: the heat has caused several power outages in the state. and officials say there could be more in the next couple of days. >> with this heat we're having a little bit of a cooltown. >> i don't remember us being this hot throughout the entire state. i think you have to go back to 2005. so it's been a while. by the end of the week, we'll all be so grouchy. >> aren't we already? [ laughter ] >> restless night when it's so warm. take a look at the current temperatures. we have the clear skies over the bay bridge. look at the beautiful bright lights in oakland and alameda. 61 in santa rosa and 68 in
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livermore. and 63 in redwood city. napa reporting 63 degrees. and it's a mild start to the morning in napa. the heat advisory has within extended through thursday. advisories and watches for heat. it is on. satellite and radar suggests that we have a swath of cloudiness lining up on the san mateo coast. would not be surprised to see drizzle before it wipes away and we have ample sunshine for the coast and inland areas. today with the influence of the marine layer, a little bit cooler air mass. the temperatures come down just a notch or two. we're under the influence of a huge dome of high pressure. 129degrees in death valley. the hottest temperature recorded on the face of the planet earth is 134 set back on july 10th of 1913.
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so 129 is mighty hot, even for death valley. we do cool down gently before we heat up on wednesday and thursday. 109 fresno, merced, modesto. 67degrees-- doesn't that sound lovely -- monterey bay, pebble beach, and carmel. and 112 in redding. 5:47 and i'm looking forward to the sunset tonight. the cool spot will be 64 in hall moon bay and daly city. and it's -- 80s around the peninsula where many people don't have ac. 100 concord and livermore. and 103 brentwood. a 40-degree temperature span today. hotter wednesday and thursday before we gently cool on friday. that's a look at the sizzling
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forecast. here's jaclyn. >> amazing that you're gently cooling to 96. is that right? wow. we're tracking problems in the south bay in santa cruz. highway9 is shut down due to an accident that happened overnight. caltrans and chp telling us it may not reopen. a car hit a power pole knocking things down. highway17 seeing slowdowns due to ongoing roadwork near alma bridge. 14miles per hour is the cruising speed. we're tracking an accident -- rollover crash -- eastbound 580 near golf links road. 52miles per hour. that's the cruising speed if you're heading eastbound. westbound, no problems just yet. taking it to the bay bridge toll plaza, everyone on the best driving behavior this morning. we're in the green and no backups as you make your
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approach to the maze and a 10 minute ride to san francisco. that's a check of the traffic. time now is 4:51. it's been 50 years since the summer of love and san francisco is celebrating with a trippy new light show. and one bay area university is accused of creating a hostile environment for jewish students.
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filed against san francisco state university. welcome back. these are the numbers you can expect across the bay area. 70 in san francisco. sounds like a good looking day. concord, 100. 90 in san jose, 10 degrees above average. these are the hottest numbers
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across the bay area. temperatures up to 103 in brentwood compared to 63 degrees in half moon bay. a 40-degree temperature span across the bay area. full forecast in a matter of minutes. now over to kenny choi. an anti-semitism lawsuit has been filed. sfsu and the administrators have knowingly fostered discrimination and hostile environment marked by violent threats to the safety of jewish students on campus. the suit alleges that the school repeatedly denied student groups equal access to student events. and campus police are ordered not to intervene when protesters interrupted a speech by the mayor of jerusalem. pride week is now in full swing in san francisco. and to kick off the
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festivities. mayor ed lee and congresswoman nancy pelosi raised the lgbtq rainbow flag in front of city hall. >> our city continues and has always welcomed change for people all over the world to make sure that they are accepted here. >> gilbert baker is artist who created the first rainbow flag will be honored this year. the pride parade is this summer. a new light show launches at golden gate park to commemorate the summer of love. the work behind the scenes at the conservatory of flowers. >> it's a fantastic use of the space and they bring the flower theme into it. >> flowery, groovy, mildly tripping. >> butterflies and mushrooms.
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>> before we all space out staring at it. how did they do this. >> the conservatory of flowers is one of the most beautiful. >> reporter: the team started by making a digital map of the conservatory. >> to figure out where projectors and cameras go. >> reporter: and it allowed them to bend and share the art work. >> you build in the distortion. >> reporter: the distorted rendering through a laser cut lens. they combine for the with your image. >> each of the filters get laser etched and it makes up a full colored plate. >> reporter: the simple lens idea is genuinely throwback.
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>> light show, prisms -- >> poll road photography. >> like any of those things got away. they got more popular over time. >> it's analog old to digital new to celebrate. and this whole thing was installed to stay. in golden gate park, kpix 5. >> reporter: could google reshape downtown san jose? i'm sandra osborne. we'll have a look ahead to an important vote happening today. >> reporter: and energy use overloading the grid, triggering a flex alert. i'm jessica flores live with the details on what california officials want you to do to conserve.
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brother: you don't have to be so strong. caregiver: strength is not optional. this is my mother. my purpose. real muscle is lifting her spirits between bedpans and bad news from doctors that doubt her strength. strength is buried in bills, managing meds and swallowing those moments of... mom... it's me... your daughter... remember? my strength is super, but i'm still human, right? announcer: find support for your strength. visit for care guides and community. michelle griego. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. it is tuesday, june 20th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi.
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let's head outside and take a look at the conditions on this tuesday morning as we take a live look at the bay bridge on the left and the golden gate bridge on the right. i just crossed the bridge yesterday. went over to san rafael and was mountain biking for an hour and a half in that heat. >> oh, my goodness. >> it was fun, a good workout. >> fun but -- dumb. >> it was awesome. there were a couple of other mountain bikers. >> unless you stay extremely hydrated. >> i had the camelback. >> i know he's a serious cyclist and takes good care of himself. away from the city where he lives, it's very hot and the city had a record high. today a cooldown. we have clear skies looking out towards the bright ts


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