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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 20, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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look at the conditions on this tuesday morning as we take a live look at the bay bridge on the left and the golden gate bridge on the right. i just crossed the bridge yesterday. went over to san rafael and was mountain biking for an hour and a half in that heat. >> oh, my goodness. >> it was fun, a good workout. >> fun but -- dumb. >> it was awesome. there were a couple of other mountain bikers. >> unless you stay extremely hydrated. >> i had the camelback. >> i know he's a serious cyclist and takes good care of himself. away from the city where he lives, it's very hot and the city had a record high. today a cooldown. we have clear skies looking out towards the bright lights of alameda and oakland.
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and it's 60 in santa rosa. and 61 in oakland. these temperatures are cooler than 24 hoursing a due to a swath of clouds all the way to santa cruz at this early hour. and reports of drizzle associated with that fine line of clouds that will thicken as the morning progresses with the wind blowing on shore. the winds under 10 in san francisco. and seven in san ramon. and today get used to this map. you'll see it for the next couple of days. the highlighted areas in yellow and red are where we have an advisory and a warning in effect for the heat. we'll see consecutive days of 100 degrees. concord, clayton, walnut creek. livermore, pleasanton. danville. blackhawk, you all experience temperatures 100 to 102.
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brentwood, discovery bay, 102, 103. 90 in san jose. mid-90s in santa rosa. coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. we'll talk about the hottest day this week and plus the cooldown. that's coming up at 18 after the hour. >> we need that cooldown. >> this heat wave is sparking calls for people to conserve electricity. jessica flores has tips ahead of today's flex alert. >> reporter: households are being asked to conserve energy, especially in the late afternoon hours. under the flex alert, they are asking residents to not use major appliances between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. when folks usually crank up the ac and that's what leads to blackouts. this is all in an effort to avoid blackouts. over the weekend, we saw 40,000 customers without power. pg&e blames the heat wave and all the ac use that puts a
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strain on the system. 1200 customers are still without power, 19 in the peninsula, and 39 in the east bay. and the south bay about a thousand without power. the operator which handles the power grid issued conservation tips. sit the thermostat to 78 or higher. cool with fans and drapes. and turn off unnecessary lights and appliances. and use major appliances in the morning or late evening. >> a difference in one or 2 degrees can mean a difference in how many megawatts that we have to supply to utilities. >> reporter: and the flex alert is all voluntary but of course they want folks to take it up because it's going to be another hot day today just as roberta mentioned. in inland areas, we're looking at triple-digits. pleasanton, 73 behind me. and it's only 5 a.m.
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you can imagine how hot it's going to be. and it's expected that this will be the highest energy use in 10 years. reporting live in pleasanton, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> the extreme heat could cause more problems on the roads. >> for a check of the commute, let's go to jaclyn. >> reporter: a couple of hot spots. we'll begin with a crash involving an accident blocking both directions. speeds drop to 50 miles per hour approaching the scene. it's early and we'll give our sensors a chance to catch up. and we're tracking city council on westbound 580. through the altamont pass, a 28- minute ride out to 680. if you're heading through oakland. an accident eastbound 580. that's a check of the traffic.
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back to you guys. new this morning, a report finds a tesla not guilty of the fatal crash involving a self- driving car. joshua brown collided into a car while driving the model s in autopilot mode. he kept his hands off the wheel despite automated warnings to maintain control. a massive google campus could reshape downtown. a look at what's at stake. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are talking about the idea of a tech village inside the city of san jose. and what is the big draw to this particular area where i'm standing rhyme now? if you -- that's the transit station which will be important to the plan. the city will begin considering whether or not to start
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negotiations with google to sell a dozen government owned parcels including the fire training center. this is all around the deer dawn station. the google complex could bring 20,000 jobs to the area. >> we would love to have google in the community. and i think we should welcome them with open arms. >> reporter: not everyone is on board with this. a coalition voiced their concerns to the mayor. they are concerned that the complex will add to income inequality. several councilmembers plan to support the plan if google pays full market price for the properties. they have to vote on whether or not to begin negotiations with google on all of this. that vote is expected to take
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place around 3:00 this afternoon. sandra osborne. kpix 5. a show of support is expected for two construction workers in the custody of ice. they are both undocumented workers detained at travis air force base when they were sent there for a job. both men live in the bay area and are married with children. members of the union are planning a protest at the immigration office in san francisco this morning. senate republicans are working on an obama care replacement they hope to vote on next week. san francisco is the hot topic in an election in georgia today. for more insight we turn to our washington insider. what's in the senate bill for healthcare. >> reporter: here's an answer you dote get from people on tv very often. i don't know. i have no idea. and i'm not alone.
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almost no one but a dozen republican senators have any idea what's in the bill. this is not unusual if you're formulating a bill and you're going to present it and then it goes to hearing. they are talking about voting on this before they go on their july 4th weekend. this is very, very unusual in the capitol to have such an important piece of legislation that no one has seen before, including most republicans. we can assume it's similar to the house bill. it would cut medicaid. and you would no longer have to buy insurance. rates would go down if you're young and healthy. and up if you're older. but we don't know. >> shifting gears just a little bit. explain why san francisco is being featured so prominently in the georgia special house election? >> reporter: the easy explanation is that when republicans are torn as they
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are between those who like donald trump and those who don't. those who are angry at folks in the capitol and those who like the republican majority. if you can't agree on your friends, it's easy to agree on your enemies. san francisco is considered one of the enemies. take a look at one of the ads. >> hi, georgia. san francisco just wanted to say thank you. >> we already have nancy pelosi as our congresswoman. and now jon ossoff as our congressman. >> he's one of us. >> we're excited that jon ossoff likes higher taxes. >> pelosi and ossoff will weaken the military. >> all right. now it's true that san francisco has given -- a
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thousand different donations into the race. this is drawing an enormous amount of out of state money. maybe i've spent too much time in the bay area. was that a hippie or willie nelson's nephew? >> this has turned into what people are framing as a litmus test on donald trump and his coat tails for other republicans. this georgia district has been in republican hands for 40 years. newt gingrich used to serve in this district. if a democrat were to win. you're likely to see some republicans in the capitol start to worry about their own reelections and distance themselves from donald trump. this is the single most expensive congressional race in american history, over $105
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million has been spent. >> wow, that's pretty incredible. mark, thanks for the insight. >> time now is 5:11. golf legend tiger woods has announced a plan of action after police found him asleep at the wheel in florida. >> reporter: and a controversial proposal for a jail expansion is up for a vote today. a lot of people are wondering exactly how many tax dollars should go toward it. and here we go. today's temperatures going down ever so gently before we peak on wednesday and thursday. i'll share with you which day will be the hottest. and hot spot for tuesday morning ride. we'll tell you why to avoid using 580 this morning.
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forecast in just a few minutes. in just a few hours: there's a n contra costa good morning, everybody. rise and shine. it's 5:14 and this is our live weather camera as seen from san jose. you might be able to see it
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too. it's the 18% waning crescent moon. we could see it in san jose this morning. temperatures in the 60s, going up to 90 degrees across the santa clara valley. the heat wave will continue. it's downright dangerous. and we'll talk about the hottest days to come. traffic and weather at 5:16. there's a vote in contra costa county about the funding for a jail expansion project. anne makovec is going to tell us where the money might come from. >> reporter: the county is eligible for a grant from the state but that requires the county to add $25 million. the expansion plan would add 400 beds and lo space for space for child visitation. this has been a along running discussion. and we spoke to the sheriff
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back in 2012. >> reporter: as the sheriff of contra costa county. i'll stand for the victims and that may mean putting more people in jail. >> reporter: another point of contention. they participate with ice to house undocumented immigrants for feds which is one of the reasons that it's to crowded at the jail. so a couple different points that people are making as far as alternates to this expansion. the big vote happening at 9:00 in martinez. live in richmond. anne makovec. kpix 5. let's get a check on the roads with jaclyn. if you're getting ready to step out the door. a crash on 580. and that's in the eastbound direction. right near golf links road. you can see the sensors showing speeds dropping to 15 miles per hour. that's because only one lane of traffic is getting by at this
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time. and you definitely want to avoid that area. we're starting to see the backup develop. we'll keep a close eye on this but you can see 880 in the green moving well in both directions. no delays. we'll take you to the altamont pass where we continue to see the slowdowns out of tracy to livermore, westbound 580 in the yellow around 30-minutes from 205 out to 680, the dublin, pleasanton interchange. an accident on bass ceo road. championship and other emergency personnel are on the scene. you'll see a lot of flashing lights. at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are stacking up. they are about to turn on the metering lights and we are seeing speeds in the yellow, about a 15 minute ride from the maze to san francisco. that's a check of the traffic.
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now over to roberta. [audio difficulties. good morning, everybody. it's 5:17. just turning 5:18. we're taking a look at the mission plaza sign in -- actually, this one is in pleasanton. i know that sign very well. a high yesterday of 103 degrees. it was 109 on sunday in pleasanton. and today between 100 and 103 throughout the tri-valley. compare that to the coast. we're looking out towards the golden gate bridge and a deck of low clouds and a little bit of condensation. it's drizzling at the seashore. 57degrees in san francisco compared to 68 in livermore. and 60 in santa rosa. low 60s around redwood city. our weather watcher is reporting 55 degrees.
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the fog is back. thanks for checking in with us. the heat advisory and watch is in effect for much of the bay area through thursday. temperatures in the low 100s in the hottest locations. that's that deck of stratus we were just taking a look at. producing a little bit of drizzle. it will back off later today but the cooler air mass rushes on shore with the wind that's driving out of the west and northwest. ten to 20. did you know today is the last full day of spring? summer officially arrives at 9:24 tonight for us here. and with it, summery temperatures on wednesday and thursday. those are the hottest days this week. high pressure and a huge dome is contributing to 129 in death valley. 119 in las vegas and phoenix. california, nevada, and arizona feeling the brunt of the heat wave. throughout the interior of the
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state, 103 davis, stockton, and sacramento. 109 fresno. back to ceo a linda. and 85 in the high sierras. 67 monterey bay which sounds just fantastic. our numbers, 65 in pacifica. 63 in half moon bay. a 40-degree temperature span. 63-- 130 to brentwood and discovery bay. and hotter wednesday and thursday before the gradual cooling occurs through the weekend. we have a baseball game. clear skies and 69 degrees. go, a's. trending today, tiger woods says he is getting professional help. he tweeted saying it will help him manage his back pain and sleep disorder in response to his arrest last month. he was found asleep at the wheel in florida.
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arrested on suspicion of dui. he had an unexpected reaction to prescription medication. some video out of southern california is going viral. it shows a woman grabbing what she thought was a dog toy and it turns out it was a snake. this was captured in the back yard of a home. the moment she -- she dropped it. it was a small rattlesnake. animal control came and took it away. the performance of a lifetime. a 4-year-old girl belted how far i'll go at her preschool graduation. ♪ [ music ] >> of course, that's from moana. it was supposed to be sweet and mellow. this has how it turned out.
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her mom says she loves disney and the video has been viewed 13 million times. we'll be right back.
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good morning, everybody. i got moving pictures. we go baseball. the a's after a four game sweep
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of the yankees over the weekend. they were -- our director is rolling the video early. a gaper by lowry. and cut the lead in half. it was 2-1. the astros are pretty good for a reason. they got it rolling. they got everything, including the power. that's the right fielder over the right field wall. and the road record is 24-8. they won 4-1. a little precipitation, a little rain. the braves lit the giants and johnny cueto up. fourthinning blast. and seven innings, four strikeouts. the braves 8th. and taken deep by danny santana. look at the score. the giants only had four hits.
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they lost the 7th straight game 9-zero. same two teams later on today. that's sports. i'll see you later. the heat wave is triggering blackouts. what you can do to help avoid power outages. i'm jessica flores with a tip coming up. plus a tech village in downtown san jose. we'll have a live look at google's proposal and details on an important vote happening today.
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closed doors. life from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the fight over healthcare is heating up in the senate as gop lawmakers draft their bill behind closed doors. >> one bay area city is expected to decide if they'll
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participate in a controversial police training program. >> we are totally socked in at the coast. and we have clear skies inland. and we still have the hottest day of the week to come. i'm pinpoint which day you should expect it. problems for drivers through oakland and at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a sig-alert in effect. i'll have all the details and how far the backup ask stretching coming up. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. people are being warned to conserve electricity. jessica flores has details on the flex alert taking place this afternoon. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. folks are being asked to conserve energy in the late afternoon. that's when people crank up the ac and that's what can lead to massive blackouts. under the flex alert. people are being asked to
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conserve between 273 and 9 p.m -- 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. folks are asked not to use major appliances during those hours. we saw 40,000 without power over the weekend. the utility blames the heat wave, and all the ac use putting a strain on the system. the operator which handles the power grid says set the thermostat at 78 or higher. cool off with fans and drapes. and use major appliances in the morning or late evening. these small tips could prevent the massive blackouts experienced on sunday. >> there was a pop and everything went quiet and dark and got hot. >> reporter: pg&e has about 1200 customers still without power across the bay area. we're talking about 19 customers in the peninsula. 39 in the north bay, east bay,
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281 customers. south bay 910 customers still without power. the flex alert is voluntary for today and tomorrow. begin between the hours of 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. and it's expected today we'll see the highest amount of energy use in 10 years. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. we have a little bit of a cool down today, just a tiny sliver. >> yesterday was 103 in pleasanton. and today 102. [ laughter ] >> i was trying to remember when the last time we had a heat wave that was so powerful. and it was back in 2006. and that was huge, really different. five consecutive days of temperatures over 110 degrees. and i remember john saying to me, where do the birds go? all of a sudden you realized no chirping or birds around. where do the cows go?
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you don't see the cows either. >> they're under trees. >> they moved over. >> let's take a look at that. isn't that refreshing. in the inland we see that and say can we just embrace that and pull that inland. that's cooling down the coastline today. and temperature in san francisco is 67 degrees. you can see the flag is waving. 68degrees in livermore with the clear skies. there's the satellite and radar verifying the stratus. thickening up as the morning progresses. we'll have the coolest location around daly city at 63 degrees. the winds are flat inland. and san francisco 10 in the fairfield area. you'll be seeing this map for the next couple of days. yellow is advisory, and red is a warning. bottom line is it's hot just
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about everywhere today away from the water and all the way through the rest of the week. temperature-wise in the mid-60s in pacifica. 70s, nearly 80 across the bay today. 80s around the peninsula. due to the fact that we have the on shore push. 96 in santa rosa. triple-digits livermore, concord, clayton, walnut creek. 103 brentwood and discovery bay. and 10 degrees above average in cupertino and campbell and san jose. we have hotter weather coming. and we'll pinpoint that at 48 minutes after the hour. is it heating up on the roadways? >> we're tracking a couple of problems. if you're heading to the bay bridge, we have one lane blocked and that's as you are approaching treasure island. a car broke down and crews are heading to the scene to try to remove that. you can see the red and yellow sensors lighting up the screen. and slowing down all the way to the metering lights.
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and the maze is already a tough ride. take a look at that. traffic is backed up well to the foot of the maze. 18-minutes from the maze to san francisco. give yourself extra time and grab an extra cup of coffee. heading through oakland. a rollover crash is blocking three lanes and that has speeds dropping below 15 miles per hour. and six to 880 that's in the green at the limit in both directions. back to you. today berkeley city council is expected to hold a hearing and a vote over the urban shield policing program. in community advocates plan to rally ahead of the vote. they argue that it promotes violent practices against people of color. supporters say it's important in case of an emergency. a break-in around 2:00 at a home on lake candlewood street.
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officers say two suspects tried to break in to a home through the garage and ran off when a neighbor saw them. one of the suspects was captured on a roof. and the other inside another home. investigators are in the area looking for victims or suspects. >> the supreme court plans to take up a critical gerrymandering case. the high court will review a case from wisconsin. the congressional districts were drawn unconstitutionally to benefit republicans. democratic members of congress are attempting to put the brakes on the healthcare plan. accusing republicans of trying to rush a bill through the senate before lawmakers and the american public know what is in it. >> this is the least transparent process for a major piece of legislation i have seen in my 24 years in the senate. >> senate democrats held the
5:37 am
floor until midnight demanding republicans go public with the plan. gop lawmakers are still trying to work out the specifics on reducing insurance coverage standards included in the affordable care act, cutting the medicaid program for the poor. and eliminating taxes on higher earners, and the medical industry. the bill could go up for a vote as soon as next week. san jose is prepping for a key vote on whether to give google the go ahead for a massive development. sandra osborne is live with a look at what's at stake. >> reporter: do you remember that general area where san jose was hoping to bring the oakland a's, bring the stadium. the whole deal that fell through. google could come in and completely reshape the area near downtown san jose. and we are across from the
5:38 am
deirdon station. this complex could be potentially 6 million square feet and would bring 20,000 jobs with a mixture of office space, retail, and housing. today the city will vote on whether or not to negotiate with google as they consider buying up a dozen parcels of land, including the fire department training facility which the city says would have to be rebuilt elsewhere if the deal goes through. >> the city is going to get for the public parcels fair market value and there will be no incentives for google. >> not everyone thinks this is the best idea for the city. a coalition went to city hall yesterday. they are afraid a massive tech complex would add to income inequality. the vote that's happening is just to find out whether or not san jose will actually begin
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any negotiations. if this were to go through, this would be a decade before we see anything happening. that vote is going to take place around 3:00 this afternoon. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. with warm weather upon us, you may have cranked up the ac. air conditioners use 6% of -- jill schlesinger is here. how can we re-due air- conditioning costs? >> i know you have some hot weather. but don't let that cool air and your hard earned dollars sneak out the windows and doors. most utility companies offer home energy audits. that will give you an idea of where you are wasting the most energy. don't forget, perform regular
5:40 am
maintenance on your air- conditioning unit, including changing air filters regularly. it can reduce energy consumption by five to 15%. and experts know where you place that unit is important. avoid direct sunlight. put the unit in a shady spot on the east or the north side of the home. >> good advice there, jill. how effective are the programmable thermostats. >> reporter: they are actually a really graduate it way to make sure your home stays cool and that the air conditioner is not working overtime when you're away. the right settings can save you about 10% a year. if you're like me -- i like my house to feel like an icebox. be forewarned. each degree below 78 will use about three to 5% more energy. finally, avoid setting the
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thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on the air conditioner. sorry, guys, it does not cool the home any faster and could result in unnecessary expense. >> i love my mom but when i go to the east coast, she has the temperature up high because she wants to save on ac. that's a discussion for another day. jealouslien engineer, thank you so much. the extreme heat is breaking records. and we'll have more on the biggest concerns resulting from the dangerous temperatures. >> reporter: and jails -- like it or not -- we need them. but there's a debate on how much money should be spent on them when it comes to being on the taxpayers' dime. we'll have that next.
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more power outages and wildfires. it's because of the record- breaking temperatures.. across the state. crews are bracing for the possibility of more power outages and wildfires. it's because of the record breaking temperatures across the state. yesterday roads buckled in big bear in the same area hundreds of acres have burned from wildfires. and there's not a mandatory evacuation in place but some families will packing up and getting out just in case. police believe a santa rosa father killed his two young children before killing himself. the man killed his 6-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son on father's day. deputies went to the apartment to do a welfare check and found the bodies. the man was in a custody dispute with the mother of the children. in a few hours, we should learn more about a controversial jail expansion project in contra costa county.
5:45 am
>> reporter: the west county jail is really not a very pleasant place as you might imagine but it's outdated and overcrowded and the sheriff says it needs to be expanded. the county is eligible for a $70 million grant from the state to do so but that requires the county to pony up $25 million in local funds. the expansion plan would add 400 beds. and there are a lot of opponents to the plan. the county should be investing in more preventive programs they say. >> these counties should be investing in social services, education, and actual fundamental local law enforcement. >> reporter: another real point of contention. contra costa county -- to house undocumented immigranted with the feds. the county board of supervisors
5:46 am
is voting at 9 a.m. in martinez. live in richmond, anne makovec, kpix 5. pliny the elder has lost its ranking as the best commercial beer. according to the american home brewers association it was beat out by bell's two hearted ail in michigan. we could all use a beer. >> i love a nice cold beer. >> i haven't had a beer in decades. >> decades? what's your drink? bloody mary? [ overlapping speakers ] [ laughter ] >> shots. >> we want to stay hydrated. children, children, children. >> don't take any shots before you hit the roadways. no drinking and driving.
5:47 am
something to remember when you're dealing with the heat. make sure the tires are properly inflated. many times people are driving around with tires that are inflated. and you're more likely to have a browout. keep that in mind. right now we're tracking an earlier crash on 580. this is heading in the eastbound direction. good news, all lanes are clear and speeds are right back up to the limit. you can take a look at 880 and the alternate route we were sending everyone to. no delays on that stretch. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we're seeing the usual delays and backups. and we had an earlier problem. that lane cleared. it was just before treasure island. and a car broke down. i would delays continue. just past the metering lights. 5miles per hour. and that's the cruising speed. and take a look at the drive time. a 26-minute ride from the maze to downtown san francisco.
5:48 am
and we're seeing the backup stretch on the east shore freeway heading to berkeley. that's a check of the traffic. and i'm sending it to you roberta. >> just how hot is it? not only is it hot but far reaching. the hottest location, 103 discovery bay. lasvegas, 116. and phoenix, 119. and palm springs, 121 degrees today. and death valley checking in at 129 degrees. the hottest temperature ever reported on the planet earth is 134 set back on july 10th of 1934. actually we had a hot reading in 1913 of 134 but the 129 is getting close to that. we're cooler than 24 hours ago. 60 in santa rosa. and 57 in san francisco. and 61 in oakland. good morning to our weather
5:49 am
watcher. here's working the lemonade and holding the weather station. hi, job. thanks for checking in. it's 3 degrees cooler and the humidity is up. we have the return of the low clouds along the coast. and the cooler air mass is working in towards the north bay. away from the water, we have the advisory and warning still in effect until thursday evening. here you have the clouds stacking up around the san mateo coast, trying to inch up in a northerly direction. and we have more of a west and northwest wind today, 10 to 20 miles per hour. and by the way, did you know today is the last full day of spring. summer officially arrives tonight at 9:24. and boy, it's going to feel summery. gradual cooling on friday. first off. huge dome of high pressure right there. and that's why it's so hot in
5:50 am
arizona, so cal and las vegas. 103 state capitol. '10colinga. and 67 in monterey. the official sunrise is 547. temperatures 60s in pacifica. and 63 will be the coolest location. and that will be in daly city and coma. and 70s common across the bay. and 80s across the peninsula. triple-digits in the inland areas. 105 wednesday, 107 thursday. and then we drop about 11 degrees in the inland areas. and we have a baseball game. you don't want to cook. go to the a's game. and they have hot dogs and great salads. sonny gray is on the mound. go, a's.
5:51 am
the girl scouts are going high tech. a new cyber security merit badge is about to make a debut.
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welcome back to cbs 5
5:54 am
eyewitness news. this is how the beginning of the last day of spring is shaping up. we have the return of the low clouds and fog. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cooler than 24 hours ago. the stratus is building at the seashore. i'm going to talk about the impact on the forecast. traffic and weather straight ahead. it's about to cost more to get rid of your garbage in san francisco. the board just approved an increase in collection rates. the total cost to keep three 32- gallon bins will go up. and rates go up 5% in 2019 and 1% in 2021. new this morning. a multimillion dollars plan to address the homeless crisis in oakland is up for a vote. the insure million dollars initiative would allow the city of oakland to buy motel properties to house the
5:55 am
homeless and offer them a range of services and support on- site. there were over 1900 unsheltered residents in oakland. modern day girl scouts will have merit badges to add to their stash. cyber security is being added to the handbook. a survey and many members wanted to learn computer science. girl scout leaders are trying to keep the troops up to date with things that are useful for them. they'll develop -- we know we need to tap some diverse groups of people to go and get the talent that we need in cyber security. and the girl scouts is millions of girls. why not partner with them. >> reporter: the kindergarten through 12th grade curriculum ranges from privacy and cyber bullying protection to critical -- and hacking. time now is 5:55.
5:56 am
working to help planned parenthood amid defunding threats from the feds. how much money california is giving them across the state. say small acn add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. inthe only bed smart enough toer change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds.
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plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed.
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th heating up.. >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. everyone except the 13 republicans drafting this bill has been excluded. >> the fight over healthcare is heating up with democrats holding the senate floor late into the night. what's next as they push for a vote. a growing debate over using $25 million in public funding for a jail expansion project comes to a head in contra costa county. another blistering day is expected in the bay area. a live look outside and a history is in effect for most of the bay area. and that's because several more days of this are in store.
6:00 am
and this morning, we have live team coverage. jessica flores has more on an urgent call to conserve electricity because of the hot weather. >> triple-digits anticipated, focusing in on the tri-valley. all the way to the brentwood area and discovery bay topping out at 103 degrees. this is the satellite and radar at this particular time indicating that we have clouds stacking up at the coast. and that's keeping the coastal area on the cool side. we pick up wind up to 10 miles per hour from san francisco through oakland. 13 in the fairfield area. and winds more consistent. the bottom line is away from the water where we have the clouds stacking up this morning. we do have the heat advisory and the warning that has been extended through thursday evening. we'll continue to see consecutive ys


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