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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 21, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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rise and shine! , on this wednesday morning, it is june 21, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's say good morning to jaclyn and roberta. how is everyone? >> good. >> keep a little cool last night? >> it was nice and cool in the city. >> i don't think to think what my pg&e bill is going to be next time around. i'm trying to conserve but at certain times yesterday my house was up to 88 degrees. but i have some tips for you coming up. right now we have this. in effect, you need to know about, a heat warning from 11 a.m. this morning through thursday night. now, this is inland. we are going to see temperatures east bay 110 degrees in the hottest locations. north and south bay 92, triple digits. around the peninsula upper 80s
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and 90s. a lot of people don't have air- conditioning around the peninsula. we have overcast skies towards the bay bridge. it's a thin overcast due to the marine layer. temperatures 54 san francisco and santa rosa to now 61 degrees in redwood city. much cooler this morning. even livermore, boy, it felt refreshing last night. 60 degrees. high temperatures today from 71 pacifica to 104 concord, 105 brentwood. full forecast is coming up. a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. no reports of any accidents. the metering lights aren't on yet but looks like the backup is in the cash lanes. so get a fastrak to get through quicker. other than that quiet except for usual slowdowns out of tracy into livermore, westbound 580. here's a live look at 580. those headlights moving westbound approaching 680 from 205 towards the dublin- pleasanton interchange.
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just under 25 minutes. all your "diamonds & rubies" for your wednesday morning commute. back to you guys. uber founder travis kalanick is resigning as ceo. according to the "new york times," five major investors demanded that he step down. kalanick helped uber go from startup into tech giant with an estimated value of $70 billion but the company is under fire for allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination and fostering a toxic culture. last week, kalanick announced he would take a leave of absence after his mother died. according to the times, investors told him yesterday saying he must leave immediately and the company needs a change in leadership. according to the times, kalanick said: kalanick will reportedly rem on the board of directors. google is celebrating a victory in t >> it's not clear who will take over. kalanick will reportedly remain
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on the board of directors. googlele has a victory in their effort to transform downtown san jose. they hav station. betty yu reports. >> reporter: the city just gave google its first okay to build a new megacampus here in downtown san jose. this vote is being called a once in a century opportunity and when all is over, it could be nearly 4 times larger than apple's spaceship campus in cupertino. the san jose city council agreed to negotiate exclusively with google to sell city-owned land to the company. >> okay. motion prevails. >> reporter: it was a 10-1 vote. nearly every council member is welcoming google to the area near the diridon station and "s.a.p. center." san jose says google will pay fair market value no special deals or incentives. the campus would generate millions in tax revenue but dozens of residents and groups
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are supporting renters and low wage workers showed up to caution the city. >> we need to have good jobs, community involvement and good parks and things that people want and the way to get it is to get the community involved now and get google on board now. >> i'm especially concerned that this project will negatively impact the already critical housing shortage. we should ensure that this project does not displace low income communities. >> reporter: details of the deal still have to be worked out. but google wants to create an urban transit village, up to 8 million square feet of office space and 20,000 workers. near a hub that already has caltrain, amtrak and the ace commuter express. google says the community will have a seat at the table. >> we are very aware of the issues that people spoke of passionately about earlier
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around housing, about transportation. they affect the community at large and our people are part of that community. >> reporter: in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. youtube is looking for more space. the company occupies 73 acres in san bruno and the goal is to expand on that by purchasing the bayhill office center and two towers on cherry avenue. they will spend $300 million and they plan to hire about 350 new workers. if the city gives the okay, youtube will break ground in 2019. there's another "flex alert" today because of the heat wave. the temperatures are causing a near record demand on the state's power grid. iso surging everyone to conserve from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. today. consumers can help avoid power outages by turning off all unnecessary lights and setting air-conditioners to 78 degrees or higher. so roberta said it was 88 degrees in your house yesterday. your dog must have been panting.
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>> my dog i took her to one of the little cooling centers and the park where there was shade. my son did turn off the air- conditioner during the day and what i was told by richard westwood who we talked to about different tips, you should keep it at 78 to 80 in your house and don't turn it off. 78 to 80 so it will kick in when it needs to and at night bring it down to 74. it doesn't have to work as hard as far as your air-conditioner is concerned so it's not putting out more energy and demand. it keeps it even all day so i was shutting it down completely then turning it up at night and it causes more use of electricity. we had a five-day heat wave in 2006 where we had hotter temperatures. we have more people living here that are taxing the system. so that's why you have to be mindful of it today through thursday night because these are the whoest temperatures coming in this -- hottest temperatures coming in this week. refreshing at the beach. you have that right there. embrace it, love it, enjoy it, it's the marine layer. and if you are in the inland
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areas, you're just wishing that could push inland and it's not happening. 54 santa rosa. 54 san francisco. it's cooler this morning. you can feel the difference late last night. it felt great. oakland at 59. now, today's temperatures 10 degrees above average in san francisco. concord 103. that's 20 degrees above average. san jose at 93. 60s in pacifica. half moon bay, moss beach and montara but we'll see the low 70s around the sunset district. 87 degrees the the peninsula and san 93 in cupertino. 95 campbell. 99 los gatos. low to mid-90s around the santa clara valley but the east bay is going to bake! some of the hottest temperatures around the tri- valley at 104 pleasanton and livermore. 106 brentwood tracy, discovery bay, as well. antioch 105. 104 fairfield. so these are reported temperatures, however, some people's backyards may get hotter. 67 bodega bay to 70 in stinson beach. good-looking day at the coast
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once the fog burns off. triple digits in napa. 97 degrees in sonoma and in glen ellen. and upstream 107 in ukiah. 106 degrees in cloverdale. even hotter on thursday. that forecast coming up but right now let's send it to jaclyn. >> good morning! no major hot spots to tell you about right now. we are tracking our typical slowdowns if you are heading out of tracy into livermore. the altamont pass westbound 580 starting to show a few brake lights there. you will be tapping on those until you reach north flynn and things start to pick up. travel time 25 minutes from 205 on out towards 680. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. taillights westbound out of hayward to foster city. in the clear about 13 minutes. foggy conditions for drivers across the golden gate bridge. headlights southbound into the city but no delays. and things are looking better over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no longer seeing that backup in those cash lanes.
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apons ban means tens of thousands of gun owners in california are required to register their ars as assault weapons. but only on "5" this morning, we found out gunmakers have already come out with ways to avoid it. >> here we have the drop in fixed magazine. >> reporter: he is demonstrating his patented new device. >> by pushing the magazine release, you can pull it out, put in a new dsm that's loaded. >> reporter: the drop in six magazine or dsm is designed to get around the state's new law that clamps down on a previous device known as the bullet button. a workaround for an earlier ban on rifles with detachable and reloadable ammunition magazines. under the revised rules, bullet button guns with certain other features are now considered assault weapons that will have to be registered or modified by the end of the year. but many gun owners don't want to do that. hence, the dsm.
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the magazine is fixed from the bottom as the law requires. >> it can't come out when you press the bottom. >> reporter: but it comes out the top, technically legal because it involves partially disassembling the gun that allows shooters to reload with little delay. >> if it's not written you can't do it, it should be good to go. so it's not a loophole. it's just the legislature hasn't covered that "yet." >> reporter: it's not market. we found six online like the ar lock, the patriot mag release. >> insert it straight into the ejector port. >> reporter: the ma loader or the bear flight defense. all designed to allow bullet button gun owners to avoid registering yet still have fast reloading weapons. the department of justice won't say if they are legal until they issue regulations on how to implement the ban a process six months behind schedule but advocates for stricter gun control are already crying foul. >> it's a back of whack a mole.
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>> reporter: this man with the center to prevent gun violence helped lawmakers in sacramento create the new law. >> you don't need to slaughter a herd of deer when hunting. these are weapons of war. if we can add an additional second of delay in the reload to an assault weapon, we can save lives. a classroom of children escaped the sandy hook massacre while the shooter stopped to reload. >> reporter: it's an argument gun owners don't buy. >> criminals don't care so the only people being affected by this are law-abiding californians trying to do the right thing. the legislature has tried several times to basically find ways to prevent the ar are 15 from entering california and the reality is that whether it's franklin armory or my peers in the industry, there's always going to be a way to make the firearm legal for californians. >> that was allen martin reporting. the new regulations are still pending but should go into
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effect in the near future according to the dojs website. gun owners will then be required to register. and because of the delays the deadline is extended to july 1 of 2018. republicans have claimed victory in the most expensive congressional race ever. karen handel is the projected winner in the special election for georgia's sixth district seat. >> tonight i stand before you extraordinarily humbled and honored at the tremendous privilege and high responsibility that you and the people across the sixth district have given to me to represent you in of representatives. [ applause and cheeremocrat jon ossoff in a race that had nearly $50 million pumped into it. and much of that outside money came from the bay area. time now 4:42. this week extreme heat is putting a huge strain on air conditioning units. we'll have some tips to save you money while you cool down. ♪[ music ]♪
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could bring tornadoes and floodi" has alre people in the soutic are storm
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cindy. it could bring tornadoes and flooding to the gulf coast. she has already packed winds of nearly 60 miles per hour and heavy rainfall pounded parts of mississippi and louisiana overnight. the national guard is dispatching high water vehicles and helicopters to flood-prone areas. in some parts of the region, they could get up to a foot of rain. a wildfire in the san bernardino national forest has grown to more than 1200 acres now. the holcomb fire has been burning since monday afternoon east of big bear lake. it was 10% contained last night. people in the area had been told to evacuate but that order is lifted. the heat we're having has air-conditioners working overtime. kpix 5's kiet do reports from pleasanton with some ways you can save money during this heat wave. >> okay. >> reporter: richard westwood is the guy you call when you literally lose your cool. >> let's say it's about 85 degrees in the house right now. and the fan is working.
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>> reporter: richard has been repairing air-conditioning units in the tri-valley for more than 30 years. he has some tips to save you money. first, cut down all the tall vegetation around the air- condition to give 12" of clearance. >> if you have vegetation against this and in front of it it blocks your air flow and costs you a lot more money in your pg&e bill. >> reporter: next, clean or replace that air filter at least twice a year. this is a reusable filter that can be hand washed. >> if it can't breathe, it either gets overheated or your coil could turn into a big block of ice and then will get no air. >> reporter: next, shade it from direct sunlight keeping it cool so it doesn't work so hard. get it serviced professional once a year. neglect decreases efficiency which means higher bills and adds to the wear and tear.
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the average life spans of an air-conditioner is 12 years. >> we have changed some out in 7 years because they didn't take care of it. and we have some out there that are still 30 years old that are working fantastic because the people are very meticulous about maintenance on the system. so by keeping the filters clean, vegetation away, having us check it, it's going to last you and your home a lot longer. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> very good tips to save money and keep us cool. >> richard was saying on sunday he received 200 phone calls from all new clients. remember how hot it was on sunday? >> yeah. again, today we have the heat kicking in again in earnest through thursday. let's go outside now. we have overcast skies looking towards the bay bridge. it's high, thin overcast the marine layer and it has returned. now, we're looking at these kind of temperatures again today. palm springs 121. death valley 129. along the coast temperatures in the mid-60s. that's where you have the
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relief and the cooling due to the fog that's pushed onshore. it is cooler this morning. later today you will feel the difference with the heat. so we have stratus along the coast that's going to wipe away revealing sunshine. socked in at the golden idge. right now, this is what you need to know. it is the first day of summer and today and tomorrow will be the hottest days as high pressure continues to build in providing the record heat not only in northern california but in southern california. parts of arizona like phoenix and tucson and nevada. so today across the state we are talking about 107 in sacramento. 109 fresno. 112 in redding. low 80s in the greater lake tahoe area.
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94 yosemite. monterey a great place to be to beat the heat. temperatures 71 at rockaway beach and pacifica. but mid-60s at moss and montara beaches, daly city, colma and south san francisco. otherwise, 80s and 90s across the peninsula today. high 80s around the la honda area back through pescadero. east bay will see hot temperatures, 104 in the tri- valley. 105, 106 towards the delta. 102 today in santa rosa. heat warning is in effect. due to hot temperatures through thursday way from the water. we see yellow, that's an advisory for much of the area where people don't have ac. a break over the weekend. alameda county fair when you're forecasting 104 degrees in pleasanton, please keep in mind at high noon, you have the midway a lot of asphalt, it gets hotter than that. drink water. then we have an a's game tonight clear skies, what a night for baseball. you want to beat the heat, go
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to the a's against the astros at 74 degrees. now, somebody me you were wearing a tank top yesterday in the city jaclyn. >> in the city. i know. it was so exciting. i think that was my first time all year. so i didn't take a picture but it would have lasted longer. right now no delays as you make your way throughout the south bay. so hit the roads now although we are seeing a -- excuse me, we see a few slowdowns just below the limit on 87. looks like caltrans may have overnight roadwork that hasn't quite wrapped up. 101 no delays to sfo. oakland good morning to you, 880 still moving at the limit in both directions. 15 minutes from 238 to the maze. richmond/san rafael bridge, everyone on their best driving behavior, three cars on the road right now, nice and quiet conditions. no delays as you make your way into san francisco. the bay bridge toll plaza
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remains in the green. no metering lights. and here's a quick check of your drive times. 580 highway 4 and the eastshore freeway, from the carquinez bridge to the maze, about 18 minutes. so looking good right now for the start of your wednesday morning commute. back to you. 4:51. bay area police are on the lookout for a pilfered pig. we'll hear from the family that's missing the pig.
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don't eat their pet! kpix 5's andria borba.. t a plea from the owner of a pet pig that was stolen from their south bay yard. don't eat it! andria borba reports. >> this is her new pigpen that we just put up. >> reporter: this is where jeannie's pet pig should be in the backyard of her home in
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mount pleasant neighborhood of san jose. but pig-pig as she is known has been missing since sunday. >> i couldn't find her and at first i thought she was lost. so we went out we searched the neighborhood for her. >> reporter: jeannie and her husband put up signs or fences and street posts but discovered the kennel was gone and their security cameras were ripped out. >> she is not loose. someone stole her. >> reporter: jeannie says pig- pig seen here in video using her favorite scratching post is not worth much but is beloved. >> she grew up with us and our dogs and she pretty much thinks she is a dog and i'm pretty sure she is missing our other animals. >> sit, sit. good pig! >> reporter: pig-pig even shared snack time with her canine friends. most importantly, jeannie says, pig-pig isn't meant to be lunch. >> i'm just worried that someone might think that she is
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edible and try to eat her. we get a lot of bacon jokes but her actual breed is unedible because they are genetically modified to be condensed and very small. >> reporter: she and her husband have gathered money for a reward. >> i don't care that you took our cameras or that you came to our house uninvited and, um, i just want her back. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. a san francisco night spot just won the fight for their right to party a little later. neighbors of the armory in the mission have been fighting with party promoters for more than a year over late nights. operators spent more than a million dollars to soundproof the building. tuesday, the city's entertainment commission ruled it could stay open until 1 a.m. sunday through thursday. it was also given extra extended hours six nights a year. a bay area runner is honoring warriors fans on the streets of san francisco.
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>> jim plunkett cole ran 50 miles around the city. he spelled out warriors 2017 nba champs in his route. he hopes to get the warriors to sign his map. >> not just me probably i have got to run to their hq which is over in oakland. now you can't run across the bay bridge. so to get there i would have to probably run either right down to san jose and all the way up again. >> this is all part of a bigger goal. he is running across the u.s. and the uk. he plans to log around 20,000 miles. he is stopping by elementary schools along the way to promote healthy eating and living. another "flex alert" issued for today. how you can conserve and keep cool. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up. nd a new proposal to limit greenhouse gases from bay area refineries. coming up, some say it doesn't go far enough.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... the morning rush is about to start... with drivers hitting the r . we're mon good morning. it's wednesday, june 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the morning rush about to start as we take a live look at 880 in oakland. a live look at the by bridge on the left. >> on the left. all right. let's get a look at our weather. >> i think by the end of the week we'll breathe a big sigh of relief but also could be a little grouchy because it takes its toll. >> i like the pen in the ear. >> oh, i'm sorry. a little busy. [ laughter ] >> death valley's temperatures, phoenix 119 yesterday. had airplanes that were actually the flights canceled due to the heat. you know, kind of like chicago
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where things get so cold everything stops working. here when everything gets hot it stops working but you have to get to work. if you are heading to the coast you have lots of fog there. it's 54 in san francisco and santa rosa. it's 61 in redwood city. it is now in the high 50s in livermore the coolest temperatures this week. today 10 degrees above average in san francisco. 20 above average in concord. 80. instead 93. oakland in the mperatures in


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