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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  June 21, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> oh, i'm sorry. a little busy. [ laughter ] >> death valley's temperatures, phoenix 119 yesterday. had airplanes that were actually the flights canceled due to the heat. you know, kind of like chicago where things get so cold everything stops working. here when everything gets hot it stops working but you have to get to work. if you are heading to the coast you have lots of fog there. it's 54 in san francisco and santa rosa. it's 61 in redwood city. it is now in the high 50s in livermore the coolest temperatures this week. today 10 degrees above average in san francisco. san jose you suld be at 80. instead 93. oakland in the 80s. temperatures in the 60s and low
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70s at the beaches. 80s, 90s around the peninsula. 88 in mountain view. 95 in santa clara. 100 in gilroy. east bay you will be experiencing the hottest temperatures today. 104 in tri-valley. the carquinez strait in the high 90s. otherwise in the triple digits everywhere east of the bay. now, meanwhile, the bodega bay at 67. the 6 in novato. not seeing a "spare the air" day kicking in 10 to 20 late day 97 in windsor and 107 in ukiah, 106 in cloverdale and lakeport and guess what. tomorrow will be even hotter! this is why we do have a heat warning in effect now for much of the bay area away from the water due to temperatures up to 110 degrees east of the bay by tomorrow. we'll talk about the full forecast and when we'll see relief coming up at 18 minutes
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after the hour but let's send to you. some of the hottest areas in the east bay. jessica flores is live in livermore to tell us how people can cool down. jessica. >> reporter: it's 68 in livermore and i'm cold. i need a jacket right now! it's expected to be around the triple digits. here behind me is the senior center in livermore. they are going to be opening their doors to the public today a place to rest get a nice cool glass of water maybe watch some tv. this is where you want to escape the heat during the midday scorching temperatures. there's also a couple of other places around the area in pleasanton the senior center dooropen there at 9 p.m. dublin the dublin library will be open until 8 p.m. through thursday. the san ramon community center will stay open through 9 p.m. on thursday. and the cooling centers could also be a good way to avoid
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using electricity in your home. officials are issuing a "flex alert" asking you to conserve during peak hours today. 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. pg&e says all the extra air- conditioning use is strange the system causing massive blackouts. the worst we saw on sunday when 40,000 people across the bay area at the height of it were left without electricity. the california independent system operator which oversees the power grid is asking residents to set their thermostats to 78 or higher, cool homes with fans and drapes, turn off unnecessary lights and appliances, and use major appliances in the morning or late evening. >> appliances, electronics, that all makes up for about half of our usage in an average home in california. >> reporter: the "flex alert" tips are all voluntary. but again, they are asking folks to conserve today to try to avoid some of those blackouts that we saw sunday
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and that we continue to see through monday and tuesday. here at the livermore senior center, it's going to be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. reporting live in livermore, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:03. it's going to be hot on the roads. jaclyn, what have you got? >> reporter: good morning. just a few tips for drivers. just remember you don't want to leave loved ones in the car. it will heat up fast if you are just even running into the store for a quick errand. replace aging car batteries. heat causeth to age quicker causing fluids to evaporate faster. check your vehicle fluids and also your tire pressure. driving on those hot roads if you have an under inflated tire you could likely have a blowout. so please keep that in mind as you are hitting the roads this morning. always have water with you, as well. stay hydrated. fatigued driving is almost as dangerous as drunk driving.
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in san francisco in the green on 101. looking good near sfo. slowdowns along 580. altamont pass from 205 to 680, about 28 minutes. antioch still in the green. eastshore freeway no delays. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. greenhouse gases are taking center stage at the bay area air quality management district board of directors meeting today. they plan to vote on a controversial proposal to limit those gases from refineries. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the details. anne. >> reporter: right now there are limits on the emissions from certain parts of any individual refinery but no actual overall cap on the emissions that are allowed from a refinery as a whole. so the refineries affected are in contra costa county and
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solano county. chevron, phillips 66, shell, tesoro and vallejo combined. under these new rules they would be allowed to emit more than 21 million tons per year of greenhouse gases. and that cap is 24% higher than the original proposal. so some environmentalists are upset saying the new rules are too weak but it is a presromise. a tative from the defeats the purpose of a cap if yomake it so large that none of the refineries is ever going to reach it. there is a public hearing and there will be party weighing in on that before the big vote. anne makevoc, kpix 5. new this morning, prince philip is undergoing treatment at a hospital for an infection. the duke of edinboro was admitted as a precaution. the queen's husband had a number of health problems in the past. right now, he remains in good spirits. but he was not able to attend the queen's speech today. a republican win in the most expensive congressional campaign in history means that
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the gop holds on to a pivotal house seat. weijia jang has more on the georgia election that the white house was watching closely. >> tonight let's celebrate and tomorrow, the real work will begin. >> reporter: former georgia secretary of state karen handel won georgia's sixth district congressional seat last night becoming the state's first republican woman elected to congress. >> my pledge is to be part of the solution to focus on governing. >> reporter: in his concession speech, democrat jon ossoff seemed to claim a moral victory in making a close race of a county that's gone republican since the carter administration. >> at a time when politics has been dominated by fear and hatred and scapegoating and division, this community stood up. >> reporter: political analysts say democrats will have to figure out a new strategy to win back the house. >> democrats, you know, have to
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either redouble their effor those kinds of voters or find a different kind of voter to go and peel away. >> reporter: president trump tweeted his support of handel in the days leading up to the race. many viewed the runoff asarum on his performance. >> a special thanks to the president of the united states of america! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the president was among the first in his party to congratulate handel tweeting in part, fantastic job, we are all very proud of you! but anti-trump sentiment made the race the most expensive in- house history with the candidates spending more than $56 million, nearly double the previous record. weijia jang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> a significant number of donations to jon ossoff came from the bay area. people in california donated more than half a million dollars almost as much as he raised from georgia residents. up leaders in the senate say they will release a
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discussion draft of their healthcare bill tomorrow. the bill would eliminate aspects of president obama healthcare overhaul and limit the government involvement in providing coverage. the measure is being drawn up privately and senators from both parties are impatient. yesterday, utah republican mike lee expressed his frustration with being left in the dark even though he is one of the 13 men supposedly crafting the bill. >> it's not being written by us. it's apparently being written by a small handful of staffers for members of the republican leadership in the senate. republican lawmakers, huge ding planned cuts to medicaid. states dealing wi the current opiod epidemic rely heavily on medicaid to pay for treatment programs. senators from those states are now reportedly battling with their colleagues to ensure those programs remain funded. majority leader mitch mc l9 connellmajority leader mitch mcconnell will send the plan to
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the plan up this week. san francisco is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the "summer of love." details on the celebration tonight. >> and extreme temperatures creating dangerous conditions in the sierra and it's already had deadly consequences. >> and now it's a warning. a heat warning is in effect for much of the bay area as temperatures even soar closer to 110 degrees. the hottest day to come coming up. >> there will be some street closures. we'll look at some of those as well as the rest of your ride coming up. majority leader mitch mc l9 connell
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in the sierra... leading to rising water levels in valley lakes and rivers making it dangerous for swimmers. just yesterday a man drowned in the heat wave is melting snow in the sierra leading to rising water levels in valley lakes and rivers making it danger railroad every russ for swimmers. a man drowned yesterday in auburn in a river. state parks rangers say a group of friends from sacramento were swimming in the main channel of the north fork when water
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overtook one of them. >> he went downstream. they told me that they ran along the banks yelling at him to grab something and unfortunately he couldn't. and he did go under the surface and didn't come back up. >> the heavy flows are a concern at the yuba river in nevada county and the heat wave begins the start of fast river flows for weeks to come. today starts the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the "summer of love." >> grab some tie dyed shirts and flower crowns because the conservatory of flower is hosting of a celebration including a surrealistic summer solstice concerts at 6 p.m. remarks and grand lighting countdown at 8 p.m. and a psychedelic lighting at 9:15 and finally, a light show sounool. it's completely free from 6 to 10 so that's cooler. to save money for the food
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trucks that will be there the celebration will light up golden gate park and offer artists like jefferson airplane moon alice and more. and a rotating art projection will be on display until october. >> yeah. >> peace. >> wilson had a piece the other day how to kick off the summer. >> cool. >> but it's going to cause a few problems on roads. right, jaclyn? >> right. be sure to wear flowers in your hair but right now, we are going to be seeing road closures due to this event and let's take it to our maps where we have some of them listed. jfk will be closed from cesar to 8th until tomorrow morning at the a.m. then they will re-open that so do plan for some delays in that area. nancy pelosi drive closed from jfk to bowling green as well as arguello street closed at fulton. now parking will be available at fulton and tenth and muni
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riders must use the 5 fulton line your best bet bet. 580 look at all those "diamonds & rubies" for your wednesday morning ride. those headlights going westbound as you approach 680 there. we are in the yellow tracking a travel time just under 30 minutes to 680 there. bay bridge toll plaza, we are still seeing speeds in the green as you make your way across the span. we are tracking no delays as you as you make your way along the eastshore freeway. but we are seeing those slowdowns again along 580 for the "super commuters" heading to the altamont pass. mass transit the way to go. right now running with no delays. hat's a check of your traffic; over t o you. it is hot. >> welcome to the first day of summer. good morning, everyone. time check at 5:1. hard to believe it we're only 13 days away from the 4th of july and it's going to feel
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summery today in our inland areas away from the bay. overcast skies along thcoast into the bay. our heat wave is expanding statewide into arizona and nevada. today discovery bay 106. no place like home. barstow 1123. vegas 116. phoenix 118 down from 119 yesterday. death valley 128 degrees in the forecast today. meanwhile, at the coast, in the mid-60s. so that's where you obviously find relief due to the return of the marine layer pushing onshore. 54 in santa rosa and san francisco. it's cooler this morning than 24 hours ago in livermore. we do have that stratus backed up next to the coast this morning. it's going to wipe away. we'll have a good-looking day along the coast but hot inland. right now in fairfield linda reporting 60 degrees. our weather watcher george reports overcast skies san francisco 54. robert in redwood city he says it's clear, and dave in napa
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says good morning, 59 degrees clear skies in throughout wine country. here's what you need to know on this first day of summer. dangerous heat today and tomorrow. gradual cooling by friday due to high pressure in the western states. it's getting stronger and as it does the temperatures go up, humidity goes down, and the air quality starts to take a hit. today's not a "spare the air" day. but because we have a good breeze late day it will be hazy. 107 at the state capital. 109 in fresno where currently it's 78 degrees. 112 in redding today. we'll have the fog wipe away from monterey, 67 degrees through carmel into big sur and pebble beach. 71 degrees at rockaway beach today. meanwhile, we should be at 67 degrees in san francisco. instead, 77 degrees. you're going to like it around the rim of the bay. but meanwhile, up to 92 degrees in redwood city where many people don't have air- conditioning. we'll talk about mid- and high 90s in throughout the santa clara valley. the hottest temperatures will
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be due east 104 throughout the tri-valley. we are talking about pleasanton, livermore, san ramon, dublin, danville, blackhawk, tassajara, alamo and even hotter at the delta 106. 102 today in throughout santa rosa. this is why the national weather service has upped our watches and advisories now to an excessive heat warning. for inland areas. sure, the yellow area around the peninsula most of the bay area has that heat advisory but the bottom line is this is dangerous heat and will tax our systems, the elderly, our children, our pets, our plants. and please, remember, be very mindful about your pets and children in the car. again, approaching 110 degrees by thursday. a 10-degree drop on friday. you honestly will feel the difference. and then perhaps seasonal conditions by tuesday. if you are heading to the alameda county fair, our forecast high of 104 in pleasanton but that midway gets very hot easily can soar into
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the high 100s because of the asphalt. if you want to get out of the house and cool off head to the oakland a's game tonight, first place astros are in town tonight, clear skies, 74 degrees. michelle, you have somebody in the news today that hasn't been in the news. he is one of my favorites, roberta. a man who is considered one of the greatesttors of our time is retiring. a presentative for daniel day- lewis says his next film will be his last. the 60-year-old has three best actor oscars which is more than anyone has had in the academy's history. kim kardashian west could break the internet again. the first product from her new makeup line goes on sale today and is expected to sell out within minutes! it's a contour and highlighting kit. industry sources expect all 300,000 of them to sell out in
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less than 5 minutes, each kit $48 meaning she will earn $14 million in sales. they will be available on the kkw beauty website at 9 a.m. you might want to snap a picture today because it is national selfie day. in honor of the big day, here are some of the most popular selfies on social media. nasa got a lot of attention: when it uploaded this "selfie from space" from one of its astroana and alec baldwin got a lot of shares: when he posted this picture from saturday night live... dressed as president donald trump. fun fact: dwayne "the rock" johnson got the world record.. for "most selfies with fans" in 2015. he captured 105 selfies in just three minutes. the head of the marketing firm "m-m-a global" is attempting to eak the record later tod .." >> mma global is attempting to break the record today but before we go i want to take a quick selfie. paco, real quick. our floor director, i want to
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take a selfie with him. he is camera shy. forget it. i'll take it myself. bye. hey, good morning, everybody. got some baseball for you as the a's took on the best the game again. and ha, hold on to something, something the giants could shout about last night. it had been a while.
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good morning. just a grown man in makeup giving you a sports hit. baseball up top for the a's. they played the yankees over the weekend got themselves in wild card discussion and then the boss of the big leagues stepped in. chad pender against the astros, houston best record in baseball. bottom of the fifth, pender mashed it! a's were down 5-1 but they cut it to 5-2. in fact, they got to within 5-4 last night until the 8th inning. the astros had the bases loaded and carlos correa unloaded. a two rbis hit. two straight losses for the oakland a's now. bruce bochy and the giants snapped out of it last night in atlanta. they had to battle back from a 2-0 deficit in the 8th. got it all back and then some!
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off the bat of austin slater the rookie from stanford, smashed a three-run homer gave the giantsed lead for good slater's first-ever major league home run and the giants won 6-3 after losing 7 straight games. >>'s s> thatrts at this hour. everybody try and stay cool if you can on a hot day. i'll see you later. ♪[ music ] another "flex alert" issued for today. how you can conserve and keep cool. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up.
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billion-dollar company... what may have prompted the decision... and san jose moves forward lans to allow goog uber's ceo is stepping down as head of the multi-billion- dollar company. what may have prompted the decision. >> san jose moves forward with plans to allow google to build
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a massive downtown campus. why some residents are speaking out against the deal. >> it is now the fourth day of our current heat wave and i'll talk about the new warning you need to know about. >> people heading through daly city to 80 looking good but we are tracking some slowdowns. we'll have a closer look at those coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, june 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today could be one of the hottest days of the week. there's a "flex alert" to cut down on energy usage. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: if you don't want to deal with the bill or your ac breaks, you want to head to some of the cooling centers around the tri-valley. this is behind me livermore senior center opening the store's extended hours where you can cool down maybe watch some tv, have a nice cold glass of water. they are saying this is the
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place you want to go to escape that extreme heat today. now, there are other places around the area pleasanton. the seniorenter there will open until 9 p.m. dublin residents can go to the dublin library open until 8 p.m. through thursday. and the san ramon community center will also stay open through 9 p.m. on thursday. the cooling centers could also be a good way to avoid using electricity in your home. officials are issuing a flood alert asking to you conserve during peak hours. that's 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. pg&e says all the extra ac use is putting a strain on the system causing massive blackouts, the worst on sunday when 40,000 people across the bay area lost power. here are some tips. set your thermostat to 78 or higher. cool your home with fans and drapes. turn off all unnecessary lights. and use major appliances in the
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morning or late evening. >> the more people conserve and are energy-efficient, the less likely you'll experience an outage. >> reporter: the flood alert for today is voluntary. the livermore senior center is open extended hours. so come here to escape the heat. jessica flores, kpix 5. a wildfire in the san bernardino national forest is still only about 10% contained. the holcomb fire is over 1200 acres since it started monday afternoon. some people in the area were told to evacuate but the order is lifted. time now 5:32. so roberta, how shot to going to get? >> hotter than yesterday. it won't be quite as hot as sunday but we're inching our way there. but it's the fourth day of heat inland starting to take its toll. this right now is the scene
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along the t into the bay where we do not have outrageously high temperatures except in san francisco, we will be about 10 degrees above average today. right now 54. we have cooled in many of our urban areas overnight compared to 48 hours ago. it's 59 degrees in livermore. so san francisco at 77 when we should be at 67. concord 20 degrees above average. yesterday you were at 100 degrees so you know, you really do feel the difference. san jose at 93. oakland you should be at 71 but instead 83 degrees. we are talking about 60s and a few low 70s around the seashore back through moss beach and montara beach. 80s and 90s around the peninsula topping off at 90 in redwood city. backing all the way up into belmont and burlingame atherton and woodside. mid-90s in the santa clara valley then we jump up to 100 in the south to gilroy but it's our east bay numbers these will
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be the hottest. 104 throughout the tri-valley. so i am talking about pleasanton through danville. 100s in the entire area. >> guess what. today's not even the hottest day! that will happen tomorrow. so wel have that full forecast coming up at 48 after the hour. >> it's heating up on the roads. we are seeing crowds join the wednesday morning ride. let's take it over to our maps if you are heading through the
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north bay still no delays on 101. there's a live look at your ride on the east eases. this is 80 near mcbride as you head through san pablo. speeds in the green. it's not until you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, the macarthur maze, that you're going to start tapping on the breaks. yes, there it is. a few slowdowns on 580 out of tracy heading into livermore. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. greenhouse gases top the agenda for the bay area air quality management district board of directors today. they plan to vote on a controversial proposal to limit those gases from refineries. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the details. anne. >> reporter: oil companies are
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fighting the new rules saying that they could impose new costs on even limit production. as it stands right now, some certain parts of oil refineries have limits on the amount of greenhouse gases they can emit but there's no overall cap on the total from a refinery as a whole. now, the refineries affected are in contra costa and solano counties. chevron, phillips 66, shell tesoro and valero combined they would be allowed to emit more than 21 million tonsyear of grnhouse gases. that cap is 24% higher than the original proposal so some people are upset saying it's weak but it is a compromise. >> running a refinery is a risky business. burning oil is dangerous. >> reporter: that's a former chevron worker at an osha hearing earlier this week for another set of rules governing workplace practices at refineries that push made after this explosion in richmond in 2012 that blanketed much of the
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east bay with a cloud of toxic smoke and 15,000 people went to the hospital after breathing it. federal investigation found the 40-year-old pipe that blew up was corroded and should have been replaced. so today's vote really is part of a new wave of attention on local refineries and trying to make them more responsibility it's going to start with a public hearing at 9:45 here at the air quality management district. anne makevoc, kpix 5. the future of uber is uncertain, travis kalanick resigning as ceo. five investors demand he step down. he built uber to the value of $70 billion. but the company has been under fire for allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination and kalanick himself has been singled out for his behavior. last week he took a leave of
5:38 am
absence after the death of his mother. investors sent him a letterends demanding he leave immediately according to the "times." kalanick said: rather than be distracted with another fight." the bod of directors issued a statement to c-b-s news earlier this morning -- saying kalanick will remain on the board of directors. it's >> the board of directors issued a statement to cbs news earlier this morning saying that kalanick will remain on the board of directors. it's not clear who will take over as ceo. the city of san jose is giving google the first okay to build a new megacampus. the tech giant has plans for a massive new development around diridon station. the council voted 10:1 in favor of the plan last night calling it a once in a century opportunity. the council agreed to negotiate exclusively with google to sell city-owned land to the company. san jose says google will pay fair market value with no special deals or incentives. the campus would generate millions of dollars in tax
5:39 am
revenue but dozens of residents are cautioning the city. >> we need to have good jobs, community involvement, and good parks and things that people want. get the community involved and google on board now. >> i'm especially concerned that this project will negatively impact the already critical house of shortage. we should ensure that this project does not displace low income communities. >> details of the deal still have to be worked out. a google representative said at the meeting that the community will have a voice in the process. the white house is reportedly planning a major overhaul of the tax system plus a new way to shop for clothes on amazon. ill wagner of reports. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. futures are pointing to a bit of a lower open. the dow was down yesterday, nasdaq down. president trump's plan to
5:40 am
overhaul the tax code will get to congress in september. a trump adviser says the white house doesn't want to prolong negotiations and plans to work out details privately and make that plan public in the fall. ford is changing course with its next generation focus. the car will be made in china instead of mexico as originally planned. that move will save the company $1 billion and will not cost any u.s. jobs. and amazon wants to turn your living room into a dressing room with its prime wardrobe. a new service will let customers try out clothing per week and you only pay for what you keep. >> yeah. amazon taking over. 2015 amazon stock prices tripled so they are on fire. there's a any shake on the burger king menu. -- there's a new shake on the burger king menu. >> reporter: this are tapping into nostalgia. they are serving a lucky charms milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, lucky charms cereal with marshmallows. i'm not trying to ruin this but it has 740 calories.
5:41 am
>> heads up. >> burger and fries -- pretty good meal though. [ pause ] >> reporter: yes, that's your calories for the week but worth it. >> all right. thank you, jill wagner of >> i'll pass. >> you love lucky charms. >> yeah, but -- 5:41. first tropical storm of the season is bearing down on the gulf coast. how residents and first responders are preparing. >> plus, police believe that they have uncovered a drug ring based out of a california daycare. who are these people?
5:42 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
5:43 am
turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. storm cindy." the system could bring tornadoes and flooding.. to the gulf coast. winds of rht n, people in the south are bracing for trical
5:44 am
stm cindy. the system could bring tornadoes and flooding to the gulf coast. cindy has already packed winds of nearly 60 miles per hour. heavy rain pounded parts of mississippi and louisiana overnight. residents are preparing. >> we're going to barricade the front doors so the water doesn't get up to the level. we have 25 sandbags so it will be between the front and back doors. >> some areas could get a foot of rain. this morning the san jose police are investigating an armed robbery that all started as a late-night beer run at a gas station. according to police, they say that three suspects held up an arco station last month on tully road near highway 101. take a look. all three men were caught on surveillance video. once the station clerk confronted them, one man pulled out a gun demanded money.
5:45 am
all three ran off with beer and took off with cash. police found cocaine inside an illegal home daycare. detectives say they were shocked to see so many parents leaving their children at this southern california home. city attorney now wants a civil court to declare the property a public nuisance and shut the building down. >> they saw kids being dropped off and playing in the yard at the same time that they recovered more than $400,000 worth of cocaine at the property. >> detectives say some of the cocaine was found right next to a child's bed. two men were arrested and charged with drug sales after the cocaine was seized. get out of the truck, go, go, go! get out of here! >> get out of here! that's right. two frnds got a surp while driving down the interstate in west texas. they spotted this golden white snake. apparently they couldn't take the heat from the engine and
5:46 am
crawled on the hood! [ laughter ] >> yikes. >> once they collected themselves, the two men inside the car pulled off to the shoulder and allowed the snake to slither away. that's what you deal with in texas, i guess. >> i don't understand how they can keep so calm. i would be freaking out! >> i would be shaking. >> i would be running! >> probably cause an accident. i would just fly off that road. i would be so scared. >> it's amusing because i'm from the mojave desert and so we had to take three days a year of desert research station where we camped out with the snakes. we had to know desert survival. >> so you wouldn't mind a snake in your car? >> i would mind. but i know what to do. but seriously, i see where people freak out. i freak out -- >> mountain lions! >> that's my fear. that's it. yeah. snakes not so much. >> snakes, spiders and sharks.
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>> i'm with you on sharks. >> okay. all right. so right now, we are just wanting to warn you about some summer driving tips on this first day of summer. it's hot out there! so things to remember: >> be careful on the roads. you don't want to be on the side of the road in this heat. this sounds awful. this northbound 680 through san ramon near crow canyon and it's so far not causing any delays
5:48 am
but reportedly blocking that far right lane. so just a heads up if you are heading there. 580 still looking okay. we haven't seen any slowdowns in the red. but we are in the yellow tracking a travel time just under 30 minutes as you make your way from 205 to 680. things over at the bay bridge toll plaza, getting busy. no delays along the eastshore freeway. but there is that backup well into the foot of the maze. it's about 17 minutes as you make your way into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. we are in the fourth day of this heat wave and it's going to last at least through thursday before we start to see some gradual cooling. emphasis on gradual. right now the marine layer is onshore into the bay this morning. it is trying to break up early but it's cooled us down significantly. 106 in discovery bay.
5:49 am
vegas 116. phoenix 118. coachella 119 degrees! marine layer keeping it in the 60s and 70s at the beaches today. it's going to be a great beach day, also lovely around the bay. on you get inland we have the but th morning, livermore cooled down to 59 degrees after realizing a high temperature yesterday of 100. so we do have the cloud cover stacked up next to the coast, a swath of cloudiness drifting all the way out towards fairfield this morning. all that is slicing away. our weather watchers are not checking in so we'll get back with them. meanwhile, here's what you can expect today. it's the first day of summer. we have the summery weather. [ crosstalk ] >> we have dangerous heat in the forecast and the temperature continues to rise. [ voice in the background ] >> friday cooling kicks in because of this right here. huge dome of high pressure encompassing the state of california backing through arizona into nevada.
5:50 am
again, you saw that las vegas temperature. meanwhile, and the central portion of the state of california, 109 fresno, 112 redding, triple digits in u sky yeah. our official sunrise at 5:47. what time is it now? it's happening right now. can't see any sun at the coast. but mount vaca has bright sunshine. 8:34 sunset. we'll all be so happy because then it begins to cool down but meanwhile, 10 degrees above average in san francisco today. 93 in san jose. 83 in oakland. 102 in santa rosa. 104 throughout the tri-valley. 106 in brentwood and discovery bay. so away from the water, temperatures up to 110 degrees in the hottest spots. that's why we have an excessive heat warning in effect until tomorrow night. meanwhile, the yellow highlighted area is the advisory for temperatures up into the 90s around the peninsula. tomorrow, 108 our hottest temperature so now somebody's backyard will hit 0. we drop off 10 degrees on
5:51 am
friday, we hold steady saturday. we'll see seasonal temperatures by tuesday b meanwhile, heading to the fair, make sure you have lots of water and if you wanted relief and get out of the house, head to the oakland a's game tonight. 74 degrees at first pitch. lots of clear skies. and lots of hot dogs. time now 5:51. a northern california teenager is back in trouble with the law two years after an accident that paralyzed a woman. >> and the hunt is on for a pet pig stolen from a bay area family's backyard.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
santa cruz county deputies say: they found drugs and an open container.. in trevor maddy's car. was also arrested in a teen accused in a hit-and- run is arrested gun. this man was arrested in 2015 when he left a party at aptos and reportedly hit nicole brown outside her home. he took off from the scene but was later arrested. he was convicted in juvenile court. brown was left paralyzed from the chest down. >> i'm grateful that it wasn't worse than it was and i'm not missing any limbs. i'm not brain-dead. i'm not blind. but i wish that i didn't have
5:55 am
to think about that. >> maddy 19 years old now. he was released from juvenile hall when he turned 18. brown says she hopes he learns his lesson this time. the berkeley city council voted to continue participation in the controversial urban shield policing program. a council subcommittee will proposal alternatives in six months. many in the crowd were angry after the vote. urban shield is an annual training program created to bring police forces together but opponents claim that it promotes the criminalization of minorities and police militarization. supporters say it's about emergency preparedness. a south bay family is begging for its pet pig to be returned. pig-pig was stolen on father's day from the home. the kennel is gone. their security cameras removed. >> i'm just worried that someone might think that she is edible and try to eat her.
5:56 am
we get a lot of bacon jokes but her actual breed is unedible because they are genetically modified to be condensed and small. >> the pig owners have gathered money for a reward and say they won't ask any questions or press charges. they just pig-pig back. and we have another "flex alert" today. how you can conserve and keep cool. i'm jessica flores with the details coming up. >> reporter: and rules for refineries. coming up, the first of its kind set of rules being proposed today.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
the fight over healthcare is heating up... what's next as gop lawmakers push for a vote... s president trum i do find it particularly laughable the complaints about process. >> the fight over healthcare is heating up. what's next as gop lawmakers push for a vote this as president trump sends a clear message to democrats about the
6:00 am
bill. >> plus, the embattled ceo of uber iout. how the company's board is reacting to the news this morning. good morning, it is wednesday, june 21. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the dangerous heat drags on and we'll have triple digits. here's a live look outside. parts of the bay area will be under an excessive heat warning. and we have live team coverage. let's start with roberta gonzales. the national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning for much of the bay area. primarily away from the bay. this is the location in red from contra costa county now including alameda county. you see it stretching all the way to the sacramento valley portions of the north bay, as well. yellow highlighted area is where we have an advisory. the bottom line is it is hot today. it's going to be hotter tomorrow before we gradually see relief on friday. some of our temperatures by tomorrow in someone's backyard you will


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