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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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roberta and jaclyn. how is everyone? >> happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday. >> i was surprised to see drizzle how far inland it is towards the oakland zoo all up and down the peninsula north and south but none in the city of san francisco. so that explains the marine layer has pushed onshore. >> you can see overcast skies. i popped this shot up 15 minutes ago and it was socked in so that's encouraging. 53 now in santa rosa. 60 oakland, redwood city. 62 san jose. so there you have it. the marine layer. it's becoming more patchy and not as well defined. today, we will have cooler temperatures due to the trough to the north of us. 60s, 70s and 80s not bad except livermore your average high is 85 but instead 78 so go ahead and crank open the windows and enjoy the remember temperatures and the blue, blue skies. i'll talk about 90s and when
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they will return but first, good morning, jaclyn. >> good morning. happy tuesday. right now we are tracking a few slowdowns typical heading out of tracy to livermore westbound 580. the ride still in the green 25 minutes from 205 to 680. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, looks like it's that time again. a shift change. you can see the backup, wow, that's bad. it's backed up to at least the grand overcrossing and we have cars in the cash lanes. back to you guys. tragedy during a camping trip after a bay area father died while saving his 5-year- old daughter from drowning. their kayak flipped over. sharon chin reports. >> reporter: 40-year-old ronnie aguilar was kayaking with his 5- year-old daughter monique when his boat flipped. he got her on
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his shoulders above water. a good samaritan on a jet ski rescued the girl. but avellar went under and never resurfaced. a family friend said his older daughter 11-year-old maria witnessed the whole thing. >> she saw when he was waving, and holding, you know, the sister with the other hand. she started yelling at them like to say, you know, her dad. but it was -- >> reporter: avellar, his wife and two daughters were on one of their frequent camping trips to the lake. escobar says they usually wore life jackets in the water but couldn't explain why they didn't this time. >> he was very responsible with his daughter and he loved the two girls so much. >> reporter: now avellar's wife is helping their two young daughters grapple with their grief. >> the little one is, like,
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right now she is reacting like she told me you know what my dad is dead. the older -- they are hoping he is still somewhere around there. >> reporter: relatives and friends say avila was a construction worker who lived as he died unselfishly. >> just a very honest funny happy -- he will do everything for anybody. he was so kind. >> reporter: haron chin, kpix 5. >> searchers recovered avila's body several hours after the accident. friends say he will be buried in the bay area rather than in his native guatemala so his daughters can visit his grave. his family is raising money for funeral costs. information is on our website, click on "links and numbers." in nevada county chp crews rescued a 25-year-old from the south yuba river using a helicopter to lower a bass
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schedule and grab him from a rock. >> i thought i could swim across the calmer part of the river the feeling that the current had on me was like the start of a roller coaster. i'm 6'4." i have never felt so small in my life. >> his girlfriend was stranded on a ledge and was also rescued by helicopter. they are both expected to be okay. we are getting a rare sight at a blue whale in monterey county. some photographers captured it this weekend with a drone in the monterey county. they were on a whale watch boat near moss landing when this happened. you can see the animal come up and then dip underneath several times. wow. blue whales are the largest animals on earth and get as long as 100 feet. amazing video. >> that is wonderful video. time now 4:34. let's check weather with roberta gonzales. >> it's socked in. i don't want to put up black for you or gray. so i was just playing around with my camera shots and i think i have one for us.
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good morning, this is a look at our live weather camera looking out, i believe, from the transamerica pyramid. yeah. you know, we were just looking at this a couple of minutes ago and i noticed it had cleared out. now you can see the fog is kind of stretching and pushing back. 60 in redwood city and oakland. high 50s in livermore. now, the stratus is not well defined at all. but we are getting drizzle around the tri-valley and up and down the peninsula. temperatures today this is going to pan out to be the coolest day of the workweek. very little clearing along the immediate seashore at 60 degrees in pacifica and half moon bay. 76 san jose today. that's 2 degrees below average. east bay around 83 in antioch and brentwood. about 84 to 85 degrees towards discovery bay. 74 benicia.
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temperatures around the carquinez strait consistent in the 70s. high 60s and low to mid-70s around the northern portion of our bay area. temperatures with the sunshine up to 85 in cloverdale. 90s and when we're all going to begin to sweat again, that's coming up. but first jaclyn. >> good morning. thanks, roberta. you know, it was really sunny where i was at in the city yesterday so that was really nice. right now we're tracking the golden gate bridge. we'll do a bay bridge roundup and you can see no traffic i don't see any cars -- here they come, no delays. richmond/san rafael bridge looking good. just a few cars out there. no delays across the span. here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and you can see that we have a backup in those cash lanes. so just heads up there. be prepared for slowdowns. they are just doing the shift change. there's the san mateo bridge difficult to see but those taillights on the right side of your screen out of hayward to
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foster city, in the green. just under 15 minutes. good start to our tuesday morning ride. back to you guys. republican leaders are trying to win over skeptical members of their own party after the congressional budget office report on the impact of the senate healthcare proposal. veronica de la cruz breaks down the numbers. >> reporter: 22 million americans will lose their health insurance under the new senate healthcare plan. that's according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office. the report shows the healthcare bill will reduce the deficit by $321 billion over the next decade but most of those savings will come from cuts in medicaid spending which is likely to be a tough pill to swallow for senators from states that expanded medicaid under obamacare. >> we have a lot of issues right now. the governor's initial impression is that it's not helpful to his state. >> reporter: conservatives say it doesn't slash enough of the obamacare tax credits put in place to help people buy insurance. >> the obamacare subsidies in this bill are actually greater under the republican bill than
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they are under the current obamacare law. that is not anywhere close to repeal. >> reporter: it comes as republican leaders push for a vote on the bill by the end of the week. >> as we speak, our leaders in the united states senate are debating legislation to follow on the house of representatives. it moves us one step closer toward repealing and replacing obamacare. >> reporter: but democrats says the negotiations is a faa sad facade. >> the republicans cannot excise the rotten core at the center of their healthcare bill. >> reporter: republicans can only lose two votes from their side or else the bill fails. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. >> if the senate bill becomes law the cbo says 15 million fewer americans will have coverage through medicaid a decade from now. that's a deeper cut than what's predicted for the house bill. the supreme court has
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reinstated a large portion of president trump's revised travel ban until the justices can hear the case. the president's executive order blocks entry into the u.s. by people from six muslim countries. libya, sudan, somalia, yemen, syria and iran. it's supposed to last for 90 days. the ruling says people from those countries can still come in if they can show they have a relative, job offer or are enrolled in school in the united states. but president trump can block people he considers potential threats to national security. >> unless you have some sort of contact with the united states, a relative, business relationship, certain other things that qualify for that, you will be stopped from entering our country. >> mr. trump released a statement saying, as president, i cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm. i want people who can love the united states and all of its citizens and who will be hard working and productive. oral arguments in the case may happen when the court reconvenes in the fall.
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this morning the white house says the syrian government is preparing for another chemical attack. press secretary sean spicer released a statement saying that the u.s. has identified potential preparations. it also warns syrian president bashar al-assad saying if he conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price. as of now the white house has no evidence for the claims. time now 4:40. a wildfire in southern california has exploded in size over the last day. we'll have the latest on the firefighting efforts in riverside county. >> plus, why state transportation officials are asking for some help from lawmakers to crack down on carpool lane cheaters.
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crash ignited a wildfire that's now spread across 5- thousands acres. the fire is being fueled by dry brush in the hills about.. 80 miles east in southern california, a car crash ignited a wildfire that's now spread across 5,000 acres. the fire is being fueled by dry brush in the hills about 80 miles east of los angeles in riverside county. the manzanita fire started
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around 3 p.m. yesterday after an accident on highway 79. within minutes, it had spread to both sides of the highway shutting down some lanes. more than 350 firefighters have been battling the fire, which is now 10% contained. hopes are fading to pass a bill in sacramento to require law enforcement to report the number of untested rape kits. the bill is meant to help rape victims get justice but just before the senate appropriations committee met to talk about it yesterday, the state department of finance said that the bill would cost a million dollars. san francisco assemblyman who wrote the bill believes it would cost less. >> to ensure that women and the public understand what happens to the rape kits, will simply require a few keystrokes. >> appropriations is a really important committee. it's a gatekeeper for the large majority of bills in terms of whether they go to the full senate for a vote or don't go to the full senate. >> the new cost estimates may
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cause the bill to fail. similar bills died in the same appropriations committee during the previous two years. our exclusive surveyusa poll finds strong support for the bill. 84% are in favor and just 4% are opposed. the poll questioned about 500 adults statewide. california highway patrol officers are cracking down on carpool cheaters. kpix 5's maria medina reports on how they are stepping up enforcement. >> reporter: how do you feel when you see a carpool cheater? >> frustrating? . it's unfair. >> reporter: lawmakers are asked to crack down on violators. >> one in five in the morning, one in four in the afternoon, are really vehicles that aren't eligible to be in the carpool lanes. >> reporter: the number of cheaters is on the rise. statewide, chp issued 46882 tickets last year up nearly 600
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tickets from the year before and more than 3500 in 2014. >> they don't have enough police officers to get the cheaters. >> reporter: the mtc has a solution. they want chp enforcement to be included in an existing bill that extends a popular carpool lane perk. >> it's a benefit for everybody. >> reporter: a bill that allows drivers of electric and alternative fuel vehicles like anna amaya to buy green or white stickers so they can legally use carpool lanes. but the mtc says clean air cars are contributing to the carpool congestion. consider this. dmv says as of june 1, more than 260,000 drivers have stickers. a bay area commute crisis! question is, can the solution be fixed in the fast lane? >> the real issue is, is the carpool lane cheaters. the clean air vehicles are a small portion of that. >> reporter: if you get cause
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caught cheating in the carpool lane the ticket nearly $500. but as you heard, a lot of people willing to take the risk. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. time now 4:46. let's check the forecast. >> i'm going to have to ask jaclyn about this later because i saw a horrible case of road rage on the bay bridge yesterday and i tried calling 911. and this has never happened to me before but nobody picked up and i tried calling them again and nobody picked up. and so i tried calling chp and i took pictures of the license plate because this was an awful situation in which this guy with an oregon license plates was picking on this prius guy because he couldn't go fast enough in the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the bay bridge and threw a large i don't know what it was, soda, at him. >> oh, no. >> the guy in the passenger seat through it at the over driver. i was in bumper-to-bumper so i could see it happening in front of me. it was frightening. >> people need to chill out. where do you go out when you're
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bumper-to-bumper. it's crazy. people are getting hot under the collar because of the horrible heat wave. i want to give that you as an excuse. today is going to cool off. it will be the coolest day of our workweek. overcast skies along the coast into the bay. meanwhile, this is the scene from our mount vaca cam. isn't it serene? you can see the morning star. see where it says "live"? look across from that and up. that's venus the morning star. we have the clear skies inland right now with clouds all the way up into the dublin grade in the east bay. we have partly cloudy conditions now in napa. temperatures 50s and 60s across the board. currently 59 degrees in livermore. here we go with our wind speeds this morning. 14 and that's a westerly in oakland. that's an onshore push. 15 in the antioch area. southwest in fairfield. it was breezy yesterday. same again today. just lost the camera view but nonetheless it is gray along the coast and also inland this morning. clouds wipe away to ample sunshine. today's cool but still not bad.
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maybe about 6 degrees, 7 degrees below average. wednesday warmer weather. then gradual warming thursday and friday because of this right here. high pressure has a firm lock on it with low pressure system descending on the bay area bringing in cooler air. lunchtime clouds next to the peninsula, san mateo coast, into inverness all the way into the north bay and later we back off and see sunshine and then tomorrow morning look at the intrusion of the bank of cloudiness all the way inland at least a good 50 miles. then the clouds retreat and we'll start to see that warming trend on wednesday through friday. statewide today 84 state capital 77 in the greater lake tahoe area. official sundown at 8:35. we are losing 20 seconds a day as far as the day length is concerned. 60s beaches. 60s at the bay, 70s at the peninsula. fremont, union city and milpitas. then we top off at 78 in
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livermore when we should be at 85. santa rosa low 80s. warmer wednesday. 90s friday and saturday and comfortable by the tail end of the week as we head towards the 4th of july. jaclyn! can you believe we got ourselves a holiday this time next week? >> i cannot believe we're already in july. it's flying by. right now, you may see some smoke as you are driving by if you are making your way through oakland this morning. reports of a fire looks like some tree caught fire. this is along surface streets and this is the street at 17th street. do expect some slowdowns if you are heading there. speeds drop to 50 miles per hour along that stretch. your ride along 880 still looking pretty good in the green in both directions no delays as you make your way on up towards the maze from 238. we are tracking a new crash westbound 580 right near el charro. we have a car blocking a couple of lanes there. emergency crews heading to the scene. our travel times just jumped up
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into the yellow 25 minutes from 205 towards 680 and you can start to see those slowdowns building even out of tracy along westbound 20 5. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, thank you. time now 4:50. donald trump's presidency is proving to be a boon for some bay area homeowners. why experts believe that's the case.
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priorities.. made their voices heard at a city council meeting. good morning. happy tuesday. we are tracking an accident that's starting to create a backup along westbound 580. this is near el charro road. we have some lanes blocked. details coming up in the next traffic report. demonstrators protesting oakland's spending priorities made their voices heard at a city council meeting. [ screaming ] >> sit down!
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[ chanting ] >> they chand slogans and demanded the city -- chanted slogans and demanded the city reininvest in working class and minorities. they want better worker rights. eventually city council canceled the meeting. a local union organized the demonstration. home sales have been soaring on the peninsula lately. only on "5," kpix 5's betty yu spoke to one real estate expert who says, donald trump's presidency could be contributing. this is exactly what people really like in atherton a flat yard, a beautiful trees. >> reporter: this 5,000-square- foot home on berry lane sits in the country's most expensive zip code. it's a neo-classical six- bedroom 7.5 bath home with modern upgrades. it's on the market for about $9 million. one of the hottest properties in silicon valley. it's seen already record setting home sales soar to even
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greater highs since president trump took office. that's according to deleon realty. >> as we got closer to election people seemed to be worried what if trump wins? but after he won, there was an instant optimism. >> reporter: palo alto-based deleon realty says the numbers prove it. last year its agents wrapped up $405 million in sales from closing 135 homes. but saw real significant jump in the second half of the year. this year, deleon is already seeing a 30% jump in sales from the same period in 2016 at $229 million. >> the interest rates are certainly encouraging people in the mid-level between 2 and $4 million to go forward with the purchase because they are worried they won't be able to afford the rates in a year or two. on the high end, certainly the stock market, some optimism about taxes coming down. >> reporter: have contributed to a healthy market
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particularly in palo alto, menlo park, atherton, los altos and mountain view. >> you get a very different lifestyle here where nature is the key. >> reporter: the ceo says there are more ultra rich overseas buyers particularly from china dropping tons of cash on extravagant homes. take this 6500-square-foot home sitting on 18 acres of land in portola valley. on the market for just under $17 million. complete with a two-bedroom guest house, views of the santa cruz mountains, a spa room, and -- >> this wine cellar is amazing. >> reporter: but he says he has seen a slowdown in one kind of buyer. >> the middle class in china because of the crackdowns on some of the currency migration rules, they have been finding it more and more difficult to get money out of china. >> reporter: chinese authorities have escalated enforcements of investment money offshore and got stricter in 2017 but under president trump, properties are moving fast. about 20% of the homes deleon
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sold in palo alto and atherton this year sat on the market in the fall and sold after his election win. betty yu, kpix 5. a powerful group of lawmakers wants uber to be more diverse. they are encouraging the company to hire blacks for the senior cities. several openings are available since people resigned. barbara lee sent a letter to the company. it says that, quote, the lack of diverse hiring and failure to create an inclusive and supportive corporate culture in tech companies has had dire consequences. so far no response from uber. it appears most of the bay area is behind a proposal to hike the sales tax in order to improve caltrain. in a poll by the silicon valley leadership group, 74% of voters in santa clara, san mateo and san francisco counties support increasing the sales tax by one eighth of a cent in order to
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double caltrain's ridership capacity. the hikes could generate $100 million a year for caltrain. thousands of people are about to see a boost in their paychecks. coming up, where the minimum wage is about to go up. >> plus, the annual review of the san jose police department is finished. and it looks like auditors want more trans transparency. details coming up.
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michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... sh is about to good morning. it is tuesday, june 27. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside on this tuesday morning. a live look at 880 the nimitz and, of course, your beautiful shot of the bay bridge. things looking pretty good out there right now. >> yeah. especially from those views right there. >> i was, like, polling people and asking them if they had
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drizzle, clouds, winds. steve in engineering had drizzle all the way heading into the city from the peninsula from san jose. i had drizzle from the oakland zoo into about the bay bridge and then it stopped and you had -- >> you asked me and i said no, no drizzle. >> jaclyn said i had sunshine yesterday! [ laughter ] >> my drive was perfect. >> we have some overcast conditions. it will clear out. we'll enjoy some sunshine and it's going to be clear and cooler. isn't that glorious? that's the scene from mount vaca. sunrise at 5:49. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it is now 62 degrees in san jose. winds are a little breezy, stratus is patchy. we have some areas of drizzle. temperature-wise slightly below average. we are talking about 60s at the beaches today. 70s around the peninsula. good morning to you in los altos at 72 degrees. san jose checking in at 76. average high this time of the year is right around 78. so not far off its mark. pretty spot on as far as yo


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