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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. struggle to get enough votes on their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. good afternoon, now at noon, healthcare vote delayed after senate gop leaders struggle to get enough votes on their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. senate gop leaders say they won't vote on the healthcare bill until after the july 4 recess. this as one more republican says no to the plan as it stands right now.
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cbs reporter weijia jang looks at how a tough budget score is hurting the effort. >> reporter: six gop senators now say they oppose the healthcare bill as it's currently written, four won't even vote for a motion to bring the bill up for debate. >> i won't unless it changes. >> reporter: maine senator susan collins is holding out because the cbo shows it would hit medicaid recipients hard. the cbo projects that under the republican plan, 15 million people would be forced out of the program by 2026, resulting in a savings of $321 billion. >> the reality of the matter is we better pay attention to people many of whom feel very disenfranchised in this country. >> reporter: the ohio governor and colorado governor represent the state that is expanded medicaid under obamacare. >> we would see a reduction of
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roughly 188,000 people in colorado, more than half of them in rural parts of the state. >> reporter: groups opposed to the bill are running tv ads. >> without medicaid, you can't manage her diabetes. >> reporter: targeting voters in states that helped elect president trump. weijia jang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> vice president mike pence is meeting with some republicans on capitol hill today to push them to vote yes on the bill. he will also host a couple of them for dinner at his home this evening. california lawmakers fired back against the senate healthcare bill during a press conference this morning. senator dianne feinstein called the plan the most indefensible bill she has ever seen in the senate. >> california would see the nation's biggest increase in the number of uninsured people next year. all of these cuts are used for one reason, they are used to make the top 1% even richer by giving them billions in tax breaks. >> this bill will be the most
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divisive, um, maneuver cutting right into the heart of what's already a divided nation. >> lawmakers say health premiums under the senate bill could increase by more than $600 next year alone. in alabama a lockdown lifted at a military post after reports of a possible active shooter. police and the fbi are still investigating at redstone arsenal. there are no confirmed reports of casualties. more than 30,000 government employees, civilians and contractors work at the post near huntsville. with president trump's proposed budget cuts potentially affecting housing and urban development, some south bay tenants are speaking out today. kpix 5's sandra osborne out how they claim the cuts could make our housing crisis even worse. >> i'm extremely grateful for this program and i hope
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president trump reconsiders his stance. >> reporter: joe vasquez says assistance turned his life around. >> i have been homeless all my life. >> reporter: now he is wondering what the future holds with president trump's budget for 2018. the proposal would slash the department's allotted money by about $6 billion. >> we are not able to serve our full capacity of households so we could serve over 16,000 households, um, the president's proposal is actually under those levels. >> reporter: the executive director of the santa clara housing authority says their wait lists are already too long for housing vouchers. and if passed, as is, the proposed budget would make things worse. >> we certainly would not be able to serve any of the 7,000 families who are on our wait list waiting to be served. >> reporter: some neighborhoods are also trying to get out of their hud contracts. this one, for example, is interested in tearing down these buildings to build townhomes leaving these hud tenants looking for a new home. according to affordable housing advocates that's something we
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could see more of in the future if the budget passes as is. in santa clara county, sandra osborne, kpix 5. an independent auditor has released a report on conduct complaints against san jose police officers. the report is for 2016. more than 100 pages long. the biggest hurdle for an auditor is the lack of information for use of force cases. overall, the number of complaints from the public is down. one possible reason could be that san jose officers started using body cams for the first time since last july. minimum wage workers in two bay area cities are about to see bigger paychecks. anne makovec reports, some local leaders are celebrating. >> life in san francisco is very expensive sometime the people they need three four job to survive. >> reporter: so this house cleaner is standing on market street with minimum wage advocates passing out flyers to make sure all low wage workers know they are due for a raise.
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>> own though a dollar and our may seem small, it's a lot of impact to the family. >> reporter: in san francisco, with a minimum wage now $13, workers are getting a one dollar an hour hike starting on july. 1 in san jose, they will be making $12 an hour up from 10.50. both cities are working up incrementally. the whole state will have a $15 minimum wage by 2022. 2023 for those working for small businesses. but a new study suggests that a higher minimum wage isn't good for the workers. the results come from the university of washington which says that earnings for the average low wage worker in seattle went down $125 a month after the minimum wage went to $15. that's because employers reduced hours, put off new hiring, or let workers go. [ screaming ] >> reporter: those celebrating the wage hike here today aren't worried. they say a higher minimum wage
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is ultimately better for the worker and the business. >> because there's less turnover, workers are happier and healthier and much better at their jobs. >> reporter: the message today, make sure your pay stub reflects it. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. heads up for bay area drivers. starting next week, the toll for crossing the golden gate bridge will be getting more expensive. it's the latest step in recovering from a budget deficit. the toll will go up by 25 cents from $7.50 to $7.75. toxic algae closed a popular oakland lake. kpix 5's jessica flores shows us what to watch out for. >> reporter: swimmers, beware! toxic algae is in bloom here at lake temescal forcing park officials to put signs up and caution tape all around to people and pets to stay out. east bay regional park district officials say the bacteria is naturally occurring. usually it's due to warm
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weather. but dangerous for humans and pets. it can make people vomit and can kill dogs entering the water. does it make you nervous walking close to the lake knowing that the water is toxic right now? >> yes. i actually have to hold my dog back because many times he likes to take a drink but he cannot. >> reporter: this isn't the first lake to close because of this. blue-green algae closed four lakes earlier this year. this lake will stay closed as long as tests continue to show unsafe levels of algae. in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. firefighters are battling a wildfire burning east of santa margarita in san luis obispo county. the fire has burned 1500 acres. it's forcing mandatory evacuations this afternoon. over 200 people are being forced out of their homes. firefighters are battling this fire from the ground and air. but steep terrain and vegetation is making it difficult to fight. one structure has been destroyed so far. >> i got down here, the fire was actually over there.
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the car was on fire. it was burning that bank. nothing do with this one up here so we had two going at the same time. >> i was working so i didn't know about the fire. i saw the plume as i was driving home. >> i don't care about the house or belongings. just want my animals to be safe. >> right now, it's 40% contained. in arizona, hundreds of firefighters are battling a fire near prescott that burned 4400 acres. windy conditions are fanning the flames. he cause is under investigation. just in time for the july 4th weekend, parts of big sur are re-opening to the public. saturday everyone will have access to pfeiffer canyon trail. for months only local residents and workers had access. now visitors can access the steep half-mile trail by park at sites at big sur state park or taking a shuttle from andrew molera state park. still ahead, dozens injured after a train derails in new
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york. coming up, passengers inside describe the chaos. >> plus, google hit with a record fine, the law the tech giant is accused of breaking. >> "june gloom" at the coast. no chance of clearing there. partial clearing bayside. we'll talk about the effect the clouds have on our inland areas. we'll look ahead to the 4th of july forecast. all this as the news continues on the other side of this brief time-out.
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russia to the u-s. u-s drug giant "merck" says its ks were new at noon, a cyber attack is hitting computer systems from russia to the u.s.! u.s. drug giant merck says its global computer networks were
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hit. also affected, danish shipping giants, a russian energy giant and ukranian government ministry. similar to the "wannacry" attack in may, today's hack takes over computers and demands digital ransom in order for owners to regain control. it's not clear who is behind it. the white house has issued a warning to syria as the trump administration says they have potential evidence that syria is preparing for another chemical weapons attack. last night press secretary sean spicer released a statement saying it identified potential preparations and also called our the syrian president bashar al-assad saying if he conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price. at this point the white house has given no evidence backing the statements. a chaotic morning commute for passengers in new york city after a subway train derailed in manhattan. 34 people had minor injuries. the derailment caused a power outage and suspended service on four lines. passengers felt it jump off the
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tracks. >> we thought we were going to die. everybody was crying out loud. there was no doubt when the train was rocking, when it was flying, everyone was flying. >> no word on what caused the train to derail. google is in hot water in europe. european antitrust regulators slapped a $2.7 billion fine on the bay area company. the reason? the european commission says google used its search results to unfairly steer customers to its own shopping platform. the commission says that violates european union antitrust rules. the dow is down now 40 points. a new pint-sized police car is turning heads in new york city. this marked car is one of nearly 200 hitting the streets of the big apple. it's used for ticketing and patrolling places other cars can't get to. unlike the three-wheeled scooter it's replacing, it comes with air-conditioning and airbags and costs about $6,000
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less. >> you are probably driving the world's smallest patrol car. >> yes. yes, i am. it's the smallest and most compact. but a good ride. >> it's the world's cutest patrol car, too! [ laughter ] >> officers in smart cars don't respond to emergency calls, but the nypd is finding they are effective in such a crowded city. what do you think? >> cute? it's so petit just like michelle , with such little doors. all right. everybody, let's do this. let's get on outside. it's "june gloom" we're socked in at the coast. partial clearing around the bay at best. compare that with that right there. look at that blue sky with the winds whipping up to 20, 23, air quality is fantastic. we have a little lingering marine air and that will scrub away mount diablo visible now from dublin from valley
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christien elementary school. wow. the winds have been breezy today. temperatures up to 70. now that we have the sunshine in livermore, san francisco still only in the upper 50s. it is 70 in san jose. also redwood city and 74 in santa rosa. check out these wind speeds. san francisco 17. 20 sfo. 13 now along the coast. winds 10 to 16 around the san ramon valley 14 at concord, clayton and walnut creek. 18 at the delta and backing through fairfield. weather watcher time. these weather watchers also reporting breezy conditions and we have temperatures into the 70s except for orinda, bill moon sporting 65. and dana says it's freshing in novato at 72. so the clouds are filling in along the coast and will stay there all day but we see the clouds treating from our inland areas. weak ridge of high pressure building in right now. now, later we see that the intrusion of the marine layer will make it all the way into the delta. so basically today with that cooler air mass aloft, it's the coolest day of the workweek. we do plan on some warmer
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weather on wednesday and gradual warming on thursday and friday. if you want to do the math and compare the stats, livermore usually at 84 degrees for this 27th day of the month of june, but 6 degrees off that mark today. concord 6 degrees below average and three degrees in san francisco, spot on in the city of san francisco. high pressure providing us with comfortable temperatures. futurecast not picking up much right now. i think something is wrong with our computer model. it should be showing clouds. there it is now. we have clouds on wednesday night forming next to the coast. today 86 state capital. 95 fresno. 70s high sierra. 65 monterey bay. we have the sun setting tonight at 8:35. and by the time it comes back up tomorrow morning at 5:50, these are the numbers we will report in our weather logs. 62 at the coast. mid-60s around the bay. very comfortable around the peninsula into the site of but again that brisk wind that does
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kick up at times to 20 and 25 miles per hour, 81 degrees one of the warm spots in the north in santa rosa and 82 towards rio vista, cordelia and fairfield. if you want 84 degrees, you have to head to brentwood and discovery bay. hotter on wednesday inching towards 90 wednesday and thursday. we will reach 90 inland on friday. and really it's like a roller coaster up and down goes our temperatures, like the giants, up and down. they won last night! they won last night. let's see what they do because we have matt cain on the mound for the good guys. 61 degrees. dress in layers. you know, it gets really chilly at at&t park. we are talking about the boys of baseball and it feels more like the boys of winter. >> boys of summer. it's cold at at&t park this time of the year. so layer up. >> all right. thank you. time now for our lunchtime
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tip of the day. >> fresh grocer tony tantillo reports. >> reporter: ell, today's tip of the day is going to be is limes. outdoor grilling is fantastic this time of the year and rubbing lime juice on just about anything you grill brings out the flavor. especially with seafood. lemon and lime. but limes if you don't pick them right there is no juice in there. they will be dry inside. and the flavor will be gone. so let's talk about selection. when you buy them, make sure they are green all the way around, very important. smooth skin very important. if it's bumpy or thick, those limes are dry. this one here and heavy for their size, very heavy for the size, that's when they have the juice. store them in the refrigerator. them on the counter at room temperature. limes in the spring, summer, outdoor grilling for the seafood, ceviche, so many different desserts.
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wash them because they always have a little dirt on them reta wash them off carefully so you don't get wax zest instead of lime zest. 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> coming up, two tennis stars battle it out on social media. the comment made by john mcenroe that has serena williams firing back. >> what's cool about summer camp? email your nomination to us at, and we may feature your camp on the thursday morning show. fellow c.
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in an interview on n-p-r, tennis champion "john mcenroe" said sere -- "li controversial comments from a tennis hall of famer about another tennis. on npr john mcenroe says serena williams would rank like 700 in the world on the men's tour. she won 23 grand slams. he called her the best female player ever but her victory streak would be a different story if she were to play againstment . williams tweeted, quote, dear john, a door and respect you but please, keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. i have never played anyone ranked [ indiscernible ] here's a look at the baby boy... the spirit airlines flight was headed to dallas from fort lauderdale...
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and luckily there was a a newborn was delivered midair on a plane over the weekend. the spirit flight was going dallas from fort lauderdale and there was a nurse on board who helped. the mother said soon after take- off, she started feeling contractions. >> from when the first contraction started my water broke within 15 minutes and 10 minutes later the baby was out. >> he was just along for the ride i think. >> just like a baby they do whatever they want. after the arrival the flight went to new orleans so the family could recover at a hospital. we'll be right back.
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played at avaya stadium tonight... and terrell owens and michael vick are among the players to take the field. that story and more at five. the first-ever professional game of flag football will be played at avaya stadium tonight and michael vick will play. that and more at 5:00. should be a good game. >> get your popcorn ready!
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♪ >> steffy: i still feel so relaxed from the spa yesterday. >> liam: yeah? >> steffy: mm-hmm. >> liam: i'm glad you liked the surprise. >> steffy: oh, it's exactly what i needed. [ elevator bell dings ] >> wyatt: two words. spencer summit. now, if you want to make a splash, that is the place to do it. last year, eric's speech was a huge success for forrester. >> katie: but i want to do something bigger than a speech, something more like, um...


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