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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's getting busy out there. we're tracking a few new hot spots. good morning, everyone. we continue to see delays build along westbound 580. this is all due to an earlier crash involving a motorcycle down in lanes. we have emergency crews on the scene. they also have a high wind advisory in place for drivers heading through the altamont pass so it's just over a 30- minute ride making your way between 205 and 680 that dublin- pleasanton interchange. give yourself some extra time. speeds drop to about 15 miles per hour approaching the scene of an earlier accident southbound 880 approaching 92. we are told those vehicles now out of the lanes. expect delays through hayward. easy ride across the san mateo bridge. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. it's either fuzzy or foggy outside? can you see it right now? look at the gray skies. good morning, everybody. we do have "june gloom" along the coast and into the bay this morning trying to march inland locally a good 60 miles but falling short of mount vaca where we have official sunrise.
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temperature of 55 degrees right now in santa rosa. redwood city at 54. 60 in san jose. mid-50s in livermore and san francisco. oakland high 50s. we do have the winds kicking up to 13, san francisco 10, sfo. it's a breezy morning. 12 san ramon valley. it's been a breezy spring and summer, hasn't it? 18 in fairfield. three things to remember: morning. >> the full forecast is coming up at 18 after the hour. bart is bolstering security on all its trains and will meet a new safety goal later this morning. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from the concord bart station. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. if a crime happened on the
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train there was a chance there wasn't any surveillance video of it. that's because a lot of these trains had fake cameras on board. well, today that changes and passengers may be feeling a little safer. bart is keeping its promise today putting on all of the train cars working cameras. back in january 2016, the "san francisco chronicle" revealed that less than one-third of bart cars had working cameras. the rest were decoys, fakes. the news came as police were investigating the fatal shooting on a bart train. it happened in front of a camera that was fake. so there was no video evidence. that sparked outrage. the 19-year-old murder victim's murder is unsolved. >> you didn't know whether they were real or fake and that's how they prevent crime. >> reporter: 470 train cars will have four cameras each that cost about $463,000.
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now, today here at the concord bart station, bart officials will be gathering making this huge announcement and showcasing the last installation of the cameras on the trains. jessica flores, kpix 5. in a few hours three men accused of beating a loud driver are due in court for a preliminary hearing. the three have pleaded not guilty to charges of assault. they are expected to appear before a judge at 9 a.m. a fourth suspect quintrell anderson was also arrested for this attack caught on cell phone video on highway 101 in march. chp officers say he and the three other suspects were riding on dirt bikes when they beat down a driver. tonight president trump tenants his first 2020 campaign fundraiser and it's at his own washington hotel. so far he spent 5 evenings at campaign style rallies since being elected with audiences of thousands. president trump has raised more than $7 million during the
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first three months of the year. senate republicans are forced to take a step back and regroup as support for the proposed healthcare bill within the gop continues to wane. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us to explain why the vote is being pushed back. >> reporter: so there's a little delay going on in washington right now. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he is optimistic the bill will pass. a vote before july 4 won't be happening though. he decided to delay a vote on the senate healthcare bill because at this time there aren't enough votes to pass t president trump met with republican senators on tuesday in which it's reported, quote, good progress was made. mcconnell says republicans must come up with a healthcare plan that will overthrow obamacare because that's why president trump was elected. >> i think we have a really good chance of getting there. it will just take us a little bit longer. >> reporter: if the bill were to pass now, here in california, according to senator dianne feinstein, next year premiums would increase an
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average of $619. and 1.6 million californians would lose health insurance. by 2026, that number would increase to 3 to 4 million californians. and the state would have to find $24 billion to make up for lost federal money. nancy pelosi had this to say: and just this g, president trump "some of the fak media likes to say i am not tally engaged in healthcare. wron now the subject well and want v or u.s." today in san francisco he re activists are ra against the proposed althcare plan. it w place outside the federal building fro o 1. this morning, it's no ear o is behind a cr >> reporter: today in san francisco, healthcare activists are rallying against the proposed healthcare plan. it will take place outside the federal building from noon to 1:00 p.m. this morning, it is not yet clear who is behind a crippling cyber attack that's spread from europe to the u.s. it hit the ukraine first where government officials have reported a serious intrusion of the power grid as well as the chernobyl
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nuclear power plant where radiation monitoring was done manually. it then went to russia and then viral reaching the u.s. where the drugmaker merck and food brands oreo and nabisco were affected. >> every, single file looks like it's encrypting the master records that tell you where your files are kept which is just as devastating. >> the u.s. department of homeland security says it is monitoring the ransomware attack which is expected to grow. this virus is very similar to an attack named "wannacry" that hit 300,000 computers last month. members of the house of representatives have voted to provide $25,000 allowance for additional security measures following the shooting at a congressional baseball practice last month that left house majority whip steve scalise in critical condition. the shooting put lawmakers on edge and worried about their personal security as the climate is toxic. this morning scalise is still
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hospitalized in alexandria, virginia. three chicago police officers have been indicted on felony charges. this for allegedly trying to cover up the circumstances of the killing of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the shooting happened in october 2014. video released showed white officer jason van dyke shooting mcdonald 16 times as the teen was walking away from officers with a knife in his hand. the special prosecutor in the case says the three other officers falsely stated that mcdonald had assaulted the officers ignoring witnesses and the dashcam video of the shooting. >> they failed to complete the investigation of the incident in a manner that would reveal the truth. >> van dyke is waiting to go to trial and has pled not guilty to murder. time check 6:07. working to bring relief to the san jose flooding victims. next, how much the state is offering for the recovery process >> here we go. temperatures beginning to go up, oh, but then they go back down. and then we'll talk about the
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effect this will have on your holiday. >> speeds going down. the travel times going up. if you are heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza, do expect delays. how far does that backup stretch? find out coming up. >> plus, the worst drivers in the u.s. are here in northern california. what makes one city stand out above the rest? >> and on the morning that a new bikeshare program is set to be launched, there's a new question about its future funding. we'll explain next.
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governor brown signed a 125-billion dollar budget for california.. and south-bay lawmakers good morning, june 28, 6:11. taking a look at the foggy golden gate bridge cannot see the tower 723 to 30 feet tall.
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so when you can't see that, we know we have a lowering ceiling. we'll talk about the effect the fog has on sfo travel. that's coming up at 6:15. michelle. >> governor brown signed a $125 billion budget for california and south bay lawmakers secured 5 million of that to help those displaced by the coyote creek flooding. many residents of the san jose neighborhood are still struggling to recover from the february flooding. houses were damaged beyond repair after coyote creek flooded surrounding neighborhoods. the funding will help those in need of contractors and new homes in general. in a few hours you will be able to rent some new bikes in the bay area. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco where ford is launching its new service. anne. >> reporter: yeah. it will be a whole new option for getting around the city when it comes to short distances if they are willing to brave some of these mean streets and take a bike. so the launch party is set for here across from the ferry
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building this morning. but now it sounds like this company's expansion plans might be facing some serious challenges. according to the "san francisco examiner," the transportation authority board voted yesterday to hold off on granting a $255,000 award toward researching possible expansion sites for the program called ford gobike around the city. the program came about after about 6 years of negotiations between gobike, the city and other bike rental companies. the plan is for gobike to target locals who need a quick ride from one neighborhood to another. and other rental companies like blazing saddles will continue to target tourists renning them bikes all day. well, gobike suddenly tried to change its plan over the past couple of weeks and wanted to offer a three-hour ride option but the local rental company fought against it claiming it targeted the tourists that they depend on. >> would have put us out of business because it would have been impossible to compete with a company that's allowed free
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rent on city streets when we're paying retail rent for commercial space throughout the city. >> reporter: so in the last few days after meetings with the mayor and supervisors, go bike is going to get rid of that tourist friendly option but now some city officials want to see that in writing a more ironclad agreement before offering up any more city funds. the gobike program says that 3500 bikes will be available throughout the bay area by labor day and eventually will have 7,000 available by 2018. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a new report says that one california city has the worst drivers in the country. i'm surprised by this. it's not in the bay area or los angeles. it's sacramento. quote wizard crunched numbers and looked at the number of accidents speeding tickets, du i wants and citations. a lot of drivers in sacramento don't believe it. >> i won't say where in the midwest that i lived but they were running stop signs, stop
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lights, there were always collisions. and i don't find that to be here in sacramento. >> for the record, los angeles is number 6 on the list. this is what surprised me. bay area is number 13. i thought it would be at least be in the top five but no. so you live in sacramento, jaclyn. >> i was a traffic reporter in sacramento. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm not surprised at all. i think there's bad drivers anywhere? you know, i mean there's always some. but the thing i found most annoying was people would go below the speed limit on the freeway. >> oh, yeah. >> that's impeding traffic and that can be just as dangerous as speeding. >> of course. >> my mom does that all the time . >> all of a sudden you get frustrate and look around why am i going 45, 50 miles per hour and everyone would start to slow down all just because of one person not because there was any hazard. >> here in the "bay area people" are speeding. >> if speeds are at the limit.
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right now we have slow speeds for drivers heading through the altamont pass. we had an earlier crash westbound 580 at grant line and a wind advisory. so that's what you're dealing without of tracy into livermore. then things pick up. our travel times just went back down into the green. we have been sitting in the yellow throughout much of the morning but now just over 25 minutes between 205 and 680. here's a live look at your ride 880 the nimitz looking good still in both directions. southbound though if you are making your way towards the san mateo bridge an earlier crash no longer blocking lanes still seeing the residual delays. speeds drop to about 20 miles per hour. san mateo bridge still crowded getting out of hayward to foster city. we are in the green though just over 15 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. the weather is very similar to yesterday except we are anticipating a little bit earlier burn off so warmer away from the bay.
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winds up to 13. the port of oakland is very gray this morning. another gray start over the golden gate bridge. keep in mind the clearance underneath the bay bridge is roughly 220 feet. we have a lowering ceiling and delays at sfo up to an hour on some arriving flights. as you get ready to begin your wednesday out the door, 13-mile- per-hour winds in san francisco. eight in antioch winds dying down there and 18 in the fairfield area. winds variable to 25 later today. this guy, john miller, weather watcher in santa rosa, 55 degrees. you think he is ready for the holiday? i think so! thanks, john, for checking in with us. plenty of cloud cover in santa rosa john says and check that out. satellite-radar does verify that. it will take a while to see sunshine inland but then it
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will be warmer then yesterday as a warmup begins. thursday additional warming takes place. and then friday and saturday will pan out to be the warmest days coming up. ridge is set to build into the bay area diverting storms to the north of the bay area. lunchtime clouds around justin herman plaza back to pacifica into rockaway beach all the way into moss and montara beaches. so, you know, a little cloudy a little cool. "june gloom." then here we go by this time tomorrow the same but earlier burnoff on thursday as well. then as we move into friday that cloud cover is going to clear out nicely. today around the state 86 in sacramento. 83 ukiah. mid-60s monterey bay. 70s across the greater lake tahoe area. today's numbers in the 60s at the beaches. this is seasonal right there around the bay. mid-70s and the peninsula with brisk winds during the afternoon. 80s about 4 and 5 degrees below average inland. until you get towards the delta. 89 degrees in discovery bay.
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also, cloverdale and lakeport to the north, in the high 80s. 90 thursday, friday into your saturday. then we tumble back into the 80s for the 4th of july. baseball in the sun! 66 degrees today with gradual clearing of the skies. dress in layers. and for the sweep, giants! michelle, i think we have to phone that one in. >> i know. actually i have tickets, roberta, so i'm going. >> i know you do. my son is going to be sitting right in front of you. >> i'll watch him. >> you're wearing blue. >> but the rockies are purple. so i'm -- i'm -- i'm neutral. [ laughter ] >> all right. i'm going to get out of that hole? >> as excitement grows for the release of the iphone 8 analysts are making a major prediction. they believe the new model will smash the records set by the iphone 6 and sell over 240 million phones in the first year. updates to voice assist siri, augmented reality and artificial intelligence could draw in more buyers and shoot apple to the top spot of
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smartphone sellers in the world. instagram is making its comments section easier to communicate. the new update shows nested comments similar to those on facebook hitting reply to a comment keeping the thread all in one group instead of having continuous lines one after the other. the feature is still being tested and it's unclear when it will be available to all users. chances are you're on facebook and here is proof. the social media site just passed the 2 billion user milestone. ceo mark zuckerberg made the announcement this week. he said the social network is making progress in its goal to go beyond just connecting people online. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, there is a big leaguer with a little brother who plays for the san jose giants and they hope to someday play together in the big leagues. that story coming up. a's, they go for the fourth straight win straight ahead. you can e-mail your nominaton to us at: cool camps at kp om. we may come and feature >> first what's cool about your summer camp? email your nomination to us at coolcamps@kp, and we may feature your camp on the thursday morning show. play of the day -- giants and
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good morning. good morning, everybody. can a giants minor leaguer follow in the footsteps of his big brother? the big brother nolan arenado in town for the rockies against the giants. been known as the giants killer throughout his career hitting for the cycle against the giants just 10 days ago but in san jose his younger brother jonah plays first base for the san jose giants. hear it all the time that you're not as good as your brother; are you? >> people used to say stupid things like that have never played the game so, um, it doesn't bother me. fans always saying something like that. but i don't mind. it's a positive.
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you're going to say your brother is better than you. so better than a lot of people. >> i'll take 80% of jonah. rockets star mvp runnerup james harden watching the a's. in houston, tied at one in the 6th ryan healy first career grand slam 18th homer of the year a's 5-1. 6-49th inning houston with the tying run on against castilla but against mccann to ground into the game ending double play. oakland wins their fourth straight, 6-4 the final. check out this guy's putt on the mini golf course down the stream going to speed it up. looks like it's going to go in. knocked away by his good buddy. would have been a hole in one joining the legend of jordan spieth over the weekend. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. here's your play of the day. giants and rockies at at&t park. it was all around midnight when denard span came to the plate
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with the game tied at 3 in the bottom of the 4th inning . >> hernandez the throw home and the game is over! [ applause and cheers ] >> yeah. span coming through in the clutch the walkoff single scoring hernandez. giants 4-3 and that's your play of the day. they will have a chance to sweep the series this afternoon at at&t park. a new health care bill. but it won't happen before the july 4th recess. ear reaction from despite push back from their own party gop leaders plan to pass the new healthcare bill but not before the 4th of july recess. next, see reaction from california representatives. >> plus, cracking down on unpermitted spaces. the number of buildings oakland says it has found with safety concerns. this all following the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire.
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if we don't get it done, it's just going to be something that we're not going to like. >> the senate healthcare vote delayed as president trump reacts. a look at how california senators are trying to kill the bill. plus -- >> he left here with a gunshot wound to the face. >> a northern california deputy is shot during a fight with a suspect at a light rail station. the investigation now under way and the man behind bars. >> but first bart riders may feel safer during their commute starting today. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. kpix 5's jessica flores is live at the concord bart station to
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explain why. >> reporter: good morning. well, if you ever were on bart taking a ride anywhere, chances are one of these train cars didn't have surveillance cameras on them. so if a crime happened on one of the trains you were out of luck if you happened to be on a train without a working camera. but bart says today, things are changing. and that passengers can feel safer today. they are keeping their promise of putting working cameras on board on all of the trains. back in january of 2016, the "san francisco chronicle" revealed that less than one- third of bart cars had working cameras. the rest were decoys. the news came as police were investigating the fatal shooting on a bart train. it happened in front of a camera. bart released pictures of the suspect but bart had to admit it had no evidence of the shooting because of the camera was fake. some passengers say they welcome the train security upgrade. >> it's nice to have, like, that extra eye watching you
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just in case anything happens so i like the security cameras. >> reporter: 470 train cars will have four cameras each costing about $463,000. they are set to last about six to seven years and today bart officials will be here at the concord bart station unveiling these new surveillance cameras showcasing them and installing the very last cameras aboard the trains. jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:32. let's turn to traffic and weather. a live look outside this morning courtesy of our vacaville cam on the left. and the golden gate bridge, it's still foggy outside here in san francisco. >> it's going to take a while to clear today. we'll have partial clearing not so much at the beaches where again it's just "june gloom." it's seasonal. morning, everybody. heading out this morning to kick-start your day that's the scene from pier 9 and the embarcadero looking towards calm waters right now. even though we have some gusty
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winds out there looking out towards the port of oakland gray skies to the east, also gray skies to the west as "karl the fog" switches onshore causing delays at sfo on some arriving flights one hour and nine minutes. temperatures 54 redwood city to 60 in san jose. winds were gusty about 60 minutes ago but now at 13 in san francisco. dialing back in oakland at 10. fremont at 7. 14 in concord. 18 fairfield. what you need to remember for today, this is a day where we experience one more day below average temperatures. less clouds as we head towards the weekend. temperatures going up95% away from the bay inland. yesterday 76 degrees. 60s beaches. full forecast coming up. but right now let's head it off to jaclyn. >> reporter: right now it's an easy ride for drivers through walnut creek. 680 not too busy yet. you see that southbound direction on the right side of your screen there heading
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towards highway 24. still looking good in the green. if you are heading throughout the bay area especially along the eastshore freeway, 15 miles an hour approaching the maze. from the maze into san francisco, 37 minutes. it's 33 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. back to you. thank you. the city of oakland says it has made new strides in improving the safety of unpermitted spaces since last year warehouse fire. 36 people were killed during the a party at the ghost ship warehouse last year. since then the city identified 18 nonresidential buildings where they believe people are living illegally. of those properties, 7 have been resolved. the city is working with the owners of the other 11 properties to address violations. a manhunt in sacramento is over. a man was arrested late last night several hours after he reportedly shot a deputy in the
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face. it all happened around 6:00 when the deputy approached the suspect at the regional transit station. they got to an argument according to authorities and at some point a gun was pulled out. and the deputy was shot. he was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition. the suspect was arrested nearby in a motel. california regulators have temporarily blocked some proposed new rules on assault weapons. the state's office of administrative law made the decision without explanation. gun owners' rights groups say the proposed regulations would include too many firearms in the state's assault weapons definition. governor brown signed the bill extending the deadline for assault weapons owners to register their firearms from january 1 to july 1 of 2018. the gop senate healthcare bill was scheduled to be voted on by the end of the week. but the deadline was pushed back until after the july 4 recess. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us to explain why the vote is being pushed back. >> yeah. we have to wait a little longer for it to happen.
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for democrats it's a temporary victory. for gop leaders there's a chance they will be able to pass a new healthcare bill just not today. this morning, there are not enough votes to pass the senate healthcare bill. that's why senate majority leader mitch mcconnell decided to delay the vote. but after meeting with president trump tuesday, mcconnell says the bill is heading in the right direction. >> we're going to continue the discussions within our conference on the differences that we have. >> we're going to see what we can do. >> gop leaders say they will spend the rest of the week trying to come up with solutions to the concerns their members raised and democratic leaders are recognizing this as a small win but know that they still have a long way to go to save obamacare. a public rally will be held in front of the federal building in san francisco today from noon to 1:00 p.m. as a way for people to show their defiance against the proposed healthcare plan. this morning, the search for answers regarding alleged russian interference in the 2016 election continues. right now, investigators want to speak to six witnesses three
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chosen by republicans an three by democrats. hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta met with house investigators earlier this week. next month long-time president trump associate roger stone will testify before the committee. this comes as russian president vladimir putin in a reese cents interview with bloomberg denied any involvement with the 2016 election in a recent interview. a reporter is defending his confrontation at the white house. he clashed with deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders in a briefing yesterday. take a listen. >> news outlets get to go on day after day and cite unnamed sources use stories without sources, i think -- >> ask you questions. you're here to provide the answers what you just did is inflammatory to people all over the country who look at us and see once again the president is right and everybody out here is fake news. everybody in this room is only trying to do their job. >> sanders was referring to a
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story she called the trump- russia hoax. cnn retracted a false report about the russian investigation and a trump transition team member. the reporter from the media briefing arrest it dressed it this morning. he said he lashed out because he doesn't like bullies. the trump administration has made plans to start building prototypes this summer to complete the proposed 2,000- mile wall with mexico. it was announced 4 to 8 companies will have 30 days to complete their models. he says that it will be impractical to build a wall on 130 of the miles where there are already natural barriers like lakes and canyons. happening today, house republicans are expected to take up a pair of proposed bills that crackdown on illegal immigration including illegal immigrants named after kate steinle. president trump
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frequently discussed her murder off the campaign trail last year. as of the force will be strong when ground breaks next year for the new george lucas museum opening in los angeles in 2021. the $1 billion project museum of narrative arts will be built close to 100 schools which is important to lucas because of the education mission of the museum. despite push back ford is launching a new bike service today but some future plans could be put on hold. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: yeah. they are setting up here for the big launch party behind me in san francisco. you can see the big white tent they are putting up. a new option to rent bikes in the city. expansion plans are in the works. that came out after 6 years of
6:40 am
negotiations with the company ford gobike the city and other rental companies. the plan is for gobike to target locals for a quick ride from one neighborhood to another and other companies like blazing saddles will continue to target tourists renting them for all day. gobike actually tried to change its plan over the last couple of weeks. it wanted to offer a three-hour ride option. local companies fought against it claiming that targeted the tourists they depend on so just in the last few days after meetings with the mayor and supervisors, gobike agreed to get rid of the tourist friendly option. >> our commitment has been to continue meeting with the bike rental companies and iron out some of the kinks of the relationship as i mentioned. but our commitment is to be a good partner and to continue the conversation. >> reporter: according to the "san francisco examiner," the transportation authority board voted yesterday to hold off on
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granting $255,000 for researching possible expansion sites for ford gobike around the city. because of this conflict, no comment yet this morning from gobike on that latest revelation. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. time now 6:41. next, a sigh of relief. the wildfire fight still under way in southern california this morning as some homeowners return after an evacuation is lifted. >> plus, uber is adding a new feature to help you request rides for your friends and family. coming up, a look at how it works. >> and the market just opened. time now f coming up we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. time now for a look at
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what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, michelle. ahead we'll talk republican senator and dr. rand paul about his opposition to the senate healthcare plan. plus, former homeland security adviser fran townsend on the global cyber attack. and what needs to be done to protect the united states against hackers. and a new study shows that nationwide obesity epidemic now includes our pets. how to make sure your dog or cat isn't packing on too many pounds. all of that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> so no donuts for our dogs huh? can't wait to see that. >> no. >> all right. charlie, we'll see you at 7:00. thank you. target is preparing to launch a new service to compete with another retail giant. and good news from facebook. >> kcbs financial reporter jason brooks reports.
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>> reporter: good morning. target attempting to attempting to take business from amazon which is really controlling the real today market especially with quick delivery. target is going to slowly roll out a new program called restock in which it lets red card members get next day delivery for a full box of items for $4.99 one dollar cheaper than amazon prime pantry. there are limitations in the early going for this program including no produce or fresh meals in the daily boxes. no word on how quick they will roll that program out. it's starting out in its hometown of minneapolis. facebook likes soccer. people following sports on the social network is adding big games in the coming future. they signed a deal with fox to live stream over a dozen championship league games starting in september. that's europe's top tournament. this is on top of the deal with univision to live stream games from mexico's top league as
6:47 am
well as its current plan to broadcast mls games. facebook and twitter have been ramping up their live sports programming in order to hold on to more users. stock market is rebounding in the early going after heavy selling yesterday. really inspired by the tech sector. especially after google got its record setting fine in europe. dow up 9 6. nasdaq up 16. s&p up 11. shares of google continue to go down another .5% in the early going. back to you. >> thank you. uber is making it easier for users to set up rides for other people. like parents, grandparents and others unable to drive themselves. the passenger won't need an uber app. they will get a text message identifying the driver, car and pickup location. the new feature is not uber's first attempt to make ordering rides for other people easier. the company previously had a similar feature for senior citizens through partnerships. you guys always tease me about not having enough apps and not
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knowing how to work them. i just got the uber app. maybe like two months ago. >> do you have lyft, too? >> no. >> no, just uber. >> but if i would have known this i would have just waited and have my friends get my an uber. >> that's going to be handy if i wanted to call one for my mom before because she hasn't downloaded it on her phone. >> not as tech savvy. >> how are the roads? the roads are busy. which is no big surprise. if you are heading out the door right now, good luck! be safe out there. here's the san mateo bridge. and it's in the yellow for drivers heading out of hayward to foster city. just under 30 minutes. your ride heading into san francisco not too bad. we see the slowdowns if you are heading westbound across the bay bridge. but as you make your approach towards the lower deck, you can see that speeds are in the green. just a reminder the golden gate
6:49 am
bridge toll increases go up monday. an easy ride for drivers across the golden gate bridge right now. it's foggy out there. roberta has the forecast. >> when you cannot see the top of the towers of the golden gate bridge that stands 746 feet tall that gives you a good idea that the ceiling has been lowering, and that's when we get delays at sfo this morning one hour and nine-minute delays. cloudy towards the bay bridge this morning. and we do have currently -- we just lost our image. that was a beautiful view from san jose from the san jose department of meteorology. right now the wind speeds are clocking in generally picking up to about 20 and 25 miles per hour. out towards the delta. 13 in san francisco.
6:50 am
three flatter winds in santa rosa. so here's the deal. we have a really robust marine layer. it's pushing onshore. it's been streaming inland at least a good 60 miles same to the north and same to the south. it's going to take a while to see burnoff. burnoff warmer towards the weekend as high pressure comes in towards the western states. lunchtime clearing but shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog towards at&t for the baseball game. we have that forecast coming up. thursday morning gray skies. and then by friday, earlier burnoff resulting in warmer conditions as we slide into the holiday weekend. 90s state capital today. nearly 100 in redding. 65 in monterey bay. 96 degrees in the fresno area. as you look at our temperatures today, keep in mind yesterday was 76 in livermore. today bam 84 degrees.
6:51 am
83 in santa rosa up from the 70s, as well. still in the 70s in san jose backing through willow glen also cupertino and campbell. slightly below the 81-degree average. 70s will be common across the peninsula. 67 degrees in san francisco. which is spot on for this 28th day of the month. there you have the warmer weather by saturday into your sunday. then a little more seasonal by the holiday on tuesday. if you are heading out to the alameda county fair today, 84 degrees. sounds pleasant. we have a day game. it's the giants going for the big with gradual clearing at 66. enjoy your midweek. happening today at yosemite, cuyahoga pass road reopens. cyclists and pedestrians will be able to use it today but cars will have to wait until tomorrow. rangers are asking motorists to drive slowly. we showed you a picture of the water from the melting snowpack. it's pouring on to the road near tuolumne meadows. it took longer to clear the
6:52 am
passes. firefighters are hoping to gain the upper hand on the fast- moving fire in southern california. they say conditions should be better today with cooler temperatures. the fire in highland near san bernardino grew to 900 acres yesterday. crews say at one point, the flames jumped the highway and burned through the mountains. nearly 200 homes are evacuated. at last check the fire was 0% contained. bart riders could be feeling a little safer today. we'll tell you about some security upgrades. that story coming up. >> plus, a brewing courtroom battle. the case that could reshape the san francisco waterfront and beyond. what if there was a paint...
6:53 am
...that had the power to awaken something old... ...or painfully dated... ...or something you simply thought was lost forever... ...because it could form a strong bond, regardless of age... if a paint could give any time-worn surface stunning new life... have to wonder... is it still paint? regal select exterior from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
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i'm jessica flores live in
6:56 am
concord where bart officials later this morning will be showcasing the last installation of surveillance cameras on board every, single train many of the cameras on the train were decoys. back in january of 2016, the "san francisco chronicle" revealed that less than one- third of bart cars had working cameras. the rest were decoys. the news came as police were investigating the fatal shooting on a bart train in fronts of a camera. bart has pictures of the suspects at the station and no video evidence from the camera because the camera was fake. some bart riders are welcoming the news of new security cameras. others say they don't feel safe even with the upgrade. >> you have to have the police force there when you see a problem that is happening. and if you're not confident that the police are going to be there, then that subsequently doesn't do anything from the cameras. >> reporter: 470 train cars
6:57 am
will have four cameras each costing about $463,000. these cameras will last between 6 and 7 years and the entire system including installation is set to cost $1.4 million. reporting live in concord, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:57. it's time four your "final 5. the man who reportedly shot a deputy in the face is now behind bars. he was arrested at a motel last night. authorities say that's where he was hiding after he shot the deputy at the regional transit station in sacramento. the senate republican healthcare bill is going in for some repairs. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell pulled the legislation after it became apparent he didn't have enough votes for it to pass. it's not clear who is behind a crippling cyber attack that's spread from europe to the u.s. this virus is very similar to an attack named "wannacry" that hit 300,000 computers last month. a case that could reshape the san francisco waterfront and beyond. a. judge will hear arguments from the california state lands
6:58 am
commission seeking to take control of the waterfront. and in just a few hours, state assembly member phil ting will announce legislation boosting electric vehicle sales. it's all in an effort to fight climate change. and we are starting to see some more slowdowns drivers going towards the richmond/san rafael bridge. it's 10 minutes from the parkway to 101. in the red under 30 minutes from hayward to foster city. 880 starting to get sluggish in that northbound direction. travel time 20 minutes from 238209 maze and speaking of the maze, there is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup continues into the city. eastshore freeway the hot spot 44 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. roberta? the reason why we do call it "june gloom," that is it. right there. only partial bay clearing today. no sunshine along the coast.
6:59 am
but plenty of sunshine inland and warmer conditions. right now 54 redwood city. 55 san francisco. across the bay in oakland it's up to 59 and 60 in san jose. right now our winds are beginning to dial back 10 oakland, 14 concord, 18 fairfield, winds variable today 10 to 20 stronger gusts at times. we do have temperatures in the 60s at the beaches and bay, 70s around the peninsula which is seasonal. hey, livermore you're up from 76 yesterday to 84 degrees today. high 70s in san jose and 83 in santa rosa. extended forecast additional warming thursday. warmest day friday, saturday. a little bit more seasonal on tuesday which is the 4th of july. cool at the coast. seasonal inland. 60s to 80s. good for barbecuing. >> hopefully "karl the fog" won't be in san francisco for the 4th of july. >> it will be. a little damp on the fireworks.
7:00 am
that's why you have to go to the alameda fair god's country for the fireworks. good morning. it is wednesday, june 28th, 2017. welcome to cbs this morning. president trump tells republican senators if they do not pass a health care bill, he won't like it, but senate leaders have put a vote on hold until after the july 4th break. a massive cyberattack in the u.s. and europe targets businesses and governments for a second day. plus a cbs news investigation of school bus safety finds on average at least one driver is arrested every week and school districts are exempt from many federal safety rules. why do we require drivers to be safer to drive lettuce to stores than to drive our children to school? a new study shows a nationwidebe


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