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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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officers say: the call came in just before nine this morning on creston lane near kelley park.. when they arrived..they we gun with breaking news. san jose police investigating a fatal shooting. the call came in about 9:00 on creston lane near kelley park finding a man dead in the
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street. we begin with this breaking news. police found a woman nearby in a home with a gunshot wound and taken to the hospital. we'll continue to monitor this and bring updates as we get them. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. today bart officials are keeping their promise by installing working security cameras in every railcar. jessica flores has the story. >> reporter: each bart railcar has these on the ceiling a white box with a blinking red light giving the impression surveillance is all around. >> it's nice to have, like, that extra eye watching you just in case anything happens. >> reporter: but many cameras are fake decoys intended to deter crime. the agency says from now on, all cameras you see will be real. today bart crews are finishing the installation of surveillance cameras. >> there's illegal activity all the time on the train. definitely i think it's long overdue. >> reporter: the change is more than a year in the making after
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a fatal shooting in a bart train in 2016. bart police released pictures of the suspect at the station but had to admit it had no actual footage of the crime. it happened in front of a fake camera. during the investigation the "san francisco chronicle" said less than one-third of bart's railcars have working cameras. now the cameras above will be recording passengers providing high quality images from each train. >> we feel a little better. i have heard about, you know, some people taking over bart trains. they were probably emboldened by the lack of cameras and police presence. so now this is a step in the right direction. >> all of the bart railcars, 669 of them, will have four surveillance cameras on board each train the entire system costing $1.4 million. in concord, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. ford is launching its new bike rental service in san francisco today. kpix 5's anne makovec on why
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some local companies say it's bad for their bottom line. >> reporter: today 450 bikes hit the streets of san francisco as 37 bikeshare stations opened for business. it's a new program between ford, the nonprofit motivate, and the sfmta called, gobike. >> we think that san francisco is a fantastic city for bicycling. >> reporter: it is the fastest growing mode of transportation here. >> today marks the day that we take that -- build on that success and really blow it out of the water. >> reporter: but there is controversy over who will be making use of the bikes. locals looking to get from point a to point b or tourists, hoping to do things like cross the golden gate bridge. long-time brick and mortar bike rental companies are concerned that gobike is unfair competition because after six years of negotiations, gobike suddenly planned to offer a three-hour pass for $15 under cutting bike rental companies by nine dollars.
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at the same time, getting free rent on city streets. >> for all of those concerns that have been raised over the years, to be just wiped away by a marketing decision was a little -- yeah, it caught people off guard. >> reporter: under pressure from the city, gobike reneged that plan but the city decided yesterday to hold back $255,000 in funds for research on new stations, wanting assurances that each company will stay in its lane when it comes to target customers. >> i don't think there's anything we can do to stop tourists from using it but i think it will be used as a mode of transportation instead recreation. >> reporter: they will have thousands of bikes next year. anne makovec, kpix 5. new at noon president trump will head to paris next month. he is accepted an invitation from french president emmanuel macron. mr. trump will attend a bastille day parade as part of ceremonies marking 100 years
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since the u.s. entered world war i. the white house says the visit will reaffirm the powerful links between the two countries. on capitol hill, republicans are trying to regroup. they are looking for a compromise that will win enough support to pass their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. cbs news' weijia jang has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the vote on the republican healthcare bill may be delayed but the work continues. >> we're working very hard. we have begin ourselves a little bit more time to make it perfect. that's what we want to do. i think this has a chance to be a great healthcare at a reasonable cost. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made the decision after more republican senators came out against the plan as it's currently written. >> i think we have a really good chance of getting there. it will take us a little longer. >> reporter: gop leaders and even the president are working on the holdouts trying to see if they can change the bill enough to bring together the moderates and conservatives. >> the idea is to work out these last few -- give every effort to work out these last
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few differences here this week and get a final decision this week get it scored by cbo next week and vote on it. >> reporter: susan collins is worried about the cap on federal spending for medicaid. >> it's difficult for me to see how any tinkering is going to satisfy my fundamental and deep concerns about the impact of the bill. >> reporter: while kentucky senator rand paul wants a complete repeal of taxes and regulations put in place under obamacare. >> i think they have done a lot to placate moderates and those who want to keep parts of obamacare. >> reporter: leader mcconnell warned republicans that if they can't find a compromise, they will be forced to work with democrats. weijia jang, cbs news, capitol hill. the mystery remains right now on who is behind a crippling cyber attack that spread from europe to the united states. kpix 5's jackie ward has the latest on the ransomware that locks computers around the world causing major problems. >> reporter: it was a mess yesterday and continues to be
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one today. this cyber attack is a reminder that problems online at this capacity are going to continue to happen. first, it hit the ukraine where government officials reported a serious intrusion of the power grid. it also affected the chernobyl nuclear power plant where radiation monitoring had to be done manually. what's described as malicious data scrambling software then jumped over to russia and quickly went viral. >> you patch your systems properly, keep them updated, and that will really rule out a lot of these exploits that have taken place. >> it's very similar to an attack named "wannacry" that throws 300,000 computers just last month and cyber security experts predict these attacks will growing. the u.s. department of homeland security says it is monitoring the ransomware attack but still it's a little disheartening, discomforting. >> you have to be careful what you download on your computer. >> yes. >> no kidding. >> okay. thank you. new at noon, the state of michigan is suing flint in connection with the city's lead
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tainted water crisis. michigan filed a lawsuit today in federal court after the flint city council missed the monday deadline to buy water long-term from a detroit area system. instead, the council approved a short-term extension of its existing contract with another provider. in 2014 a switch in water providers resulted in lead contamination. in arizona, hundreds of firefighters continue to battle the goodwin fire near prescott. it burned more than 4,000 acres. heavy and dry vegetation are making the fight difficult. the fire is forcing mandatory evacuations and closing down major roads in the area. >> get out. there's a fire. >> due to the windy conditions spreading the flames, drivers in the prescott area have been told to use alternate routes and be prepared for big delays. in southern california, firefighters are making progress on a fire burning in san luis obispo county. the fast-moving wildfire has burned nearly 1600 acres.
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it is 65% contained right now. the fire also destroyed a home belonging to a celebrity. "big bang theory" star jonny go lucky was not home when his house burned. all evacuations have now been lifted. new at noon, more shaking in the sierra. people in truckee reported feeling another small earthquake the latest in a swarm of quakes there. more than 2 dozen minor quakes shook the region yesterday morning before dawn. according to a preliminary earthquakes report today's was a 2.5 just northwest of truckee. air resources group of uc- berkeley seismologists -- a group of uc-berkeley seismologists is linking winter rain and snow to more activity in the region. the drive to yosemite will be get easier one of the biggest entrances cuyahoga pass road is back open to the public. cyclists and pedestrians can start using it today but cars will have to wait until tomorrow. rangers are asking people to drive slowly through the area. you might remember these pictures of the mounting snowpack near tuolumne meadows.
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you can see the water pouring out on the road there. this year's record snowfall took a little longer than normal to clear from the road. ♪[ music ] still to come a new way to get your flu vaccine. how this patch could make flu shots a thing of the past. how the pose is giving new perspective on the battle over healthcare. >> from the kpix weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we have our microclimate in full gear at this hour anywhere from stockton up the coast to sunshine inland. we'll talk about that right there the low clouds, the fog and the effect on your holiday, the weathercast coming up right after this.
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the food and drug administration wants to get more gene a new push this afternoon to make medicine more affordable. the food and drug administration wants to get more generics on the market. the fda says it will now give priority to review new generics until there are at least three approved options on the market. that's a level when prices tend to drop sharply. this adhesive bandage may be the future of vaccines. it's covered in 100 microneedles that dissolve in the skin within minutes. researchers in atlanta used it as a flu vaccine and found it was effective like the traditional injection. they say it could increase vaccination rates since patients would be able to give it to themselves. a tweet from a new jersey mom is putting a very young face on the fight over the senate healthcare plan. she posted a $231,000 medical bill for her son and talked
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about their experience with ongoing health issues. cbs reporter [ non-english language ] has their story. >> how did you get a scar? >> does it hurt? >> no. >> reporter: he was born with nine defects and his organs in the wrong place. he had his first heart surgery at just 6 days old. >> five surgeries, two heart catheterizations another diagnostic procedure under anesthesia. he doesn't know any other life. >> reporter: did you ever ask yourself, how am i going to pay for this? >> i didn't have to. >> reporter: the family is covered by employer provided private insurance but even fights to get better gave his mother perspective over the battle over healthcare. >> i'm not sitting here telling that you the aca is perfect. it's not. when i say i'm thankful for obamacare, what i mean is i'm thankful there's a set of laws that tells the insurance companies, look, this is what you need to cover. you need to cover essential health benefits. >> reporter: under at fordable
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care act insurance -- under affordable care act it must include essential health benefits. >> the plans that you offer need to cover prescription medications, hospitalization. specialist visits. >> the senate will come to order. >> reporter: under the proposed senate bill some benefits could be removed from the state's definition of the central health benefits. she tweeted her 2-year-old's hospital bill for open-heart surgery and a 10-day stay. the total more than $230,000. luckily insurance negotiated and covered the majority leaving them with just $500 to pay. after tweeting she was surprised to find out how much their story resonated with others. he will need medication and procedures for the rest of his life. she hopes congress will improve healthcare for all americans. >> i don't think that right now our government is looking out for us.
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and i think we need to come together and demand that they do better. >> that was [ non-english language ] reporting. even though she is under an employer plan, chandra says when her husband changed jobs last year their premiums quadrupled. critics cite high premiums as a problem with obamacare. big board on wall street the market is bouncing back from yesterday's losses. it's up about 148 points! thanks to gains in technology stocks, as well as gains for banks and other financial companies. uber is making it easier to users to set a price for other people like parents, grandparents and others who are unable to drive themselves. the passenger won't need an uber app they will get a text message identifying the driver, car and pickup location. a long-standing dublin tradition is under way today getting everyone ready for the 4th of july holiday. "safe and sane" fireworks are being sold right now by local
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nonprofit organizations throughout the city. they are different than other fireworks since they don't explode or leave the ground. they can only be used on july 4 between 10 a.m. and 10 am. roberta, that is a very important forecast. the 4th of july. >> oh, yeah. right now, it looks like it's going to be pretty cloudy along the coast and into the bay. but we'll have the clear skies inland. and i always watch them at the alameda county fairgrounds. what a great display they put on. hi, everybody! look at the clear skies right now in throughout the tri- valley where we have lots of sunshine, blue skies, but we were socked in with a layer of clouds early this morning from that right there. it's the marine layer roughly about 2,000 feet deep. it looks like it will be a little bit more compressed tomorrow allowing earlier burnoff. right now, we are socked in, in san francisco and the end result is 57 degrees. 57 compared to where we have the clear skies and 73.
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low 70s around livermore. breezy winds. these winds gusty at the coast westerly 20 to 30 miles per hour. and then backing off late night 10 to 20. again that's a robust onshore "pushhhh" from this very deep marine layer. going to stay socked in along the coast with only partial bay clearing throughout the day. so the warmup begins inland today but temperatures are still slightly below average at least for today only and then tomorrow. additional warming takes place on friday and saturday with the warmest days of all as high pressure begins to get a lock on the western states. here's your futurecast as we walk you through your day. there's the overcast conditions in the overnight hours. earlier burnoff for your thursday results in warmer conditions by nightfall we'll see the clouds gather again and push back onshore friday but again, each day that marine layer will begin to thin out and allow the temperatures to go up. price tag.
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>> mid-60s around the bay, average in the oakland. average high in san francisco this time of the year 67 degrees. high 70s around san jose. 83 santa rosa. yesterday we were at 76 degrees in livermore. today, 84 degrees. but again, brisk winds. here's your extended forecast: this is perfect weather for the alameda county fair sunny, warm, not too hot, temperatures 84 degrees. that's just lovely! >> oh, yeah. i'll go if there are funnel cakes anywhere, where there are funnel cakes. >> we could go there and have lunch. >> okay. >> funnel cakes, that's every girl's dream. >> and a big turkey leg. [ crosstalk ] thank you.
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a designer paper cliff with a big price tag. . the high fashion brand selling this product for nearly $200 coming up. >> wha t's cool about your summer camp? email your nomination to us at coolc, and we may feature your camp on the thursday morning show.
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for almost 200 bucks!
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it's actually a money clip.. in paper clips might be cheap and easy to get around the office but prada wants to sell them for almost $200. that's actually a money clip in the shape of a paper clip. the sterling silver accessory is 2" and costs $185 the equivalent of buying 13,000 regular paper clips. summer is one of the best times of the year for fresh fruit. today our fresh grocer tony tantillo looks at one variety you can enjoy right now. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with white peaches. we do a lot of tips on summer fruit and white peach is a favorite. they are early for this kind of quality. last year at this time mother nature wasn't so nice. the flavor wasn't there. but this year they're there and so is the sugar. and this is great. let's talk about selection. when you buy them, you want to look for this beautiful color all the way around. you see that color that paints a dark red, light white, skin free from any shriveling whatsoever and nice give to the touch, not much but a nice give
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to the touch. when you bring them home, store them on the counter not in the refrigerator. remember, white peaches bruise easily so buy them and enjoy them in two or three days and the right size, not green when they're too firm. they will never riper properly. white peaches in the market oh, man, the taste is something. 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. t r call 88 5 - helps - a reminder now, if you have a consumer problem or question, call or email us: that's it for k-p- i-x 5 news at noon. the bold and the beautiful
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one last check of the weather. i'm heading out to the giants game right now. >> you are? i thought were you going to the alameda county fair with me. >> well, today? >> yeah. >> this weekend. >> 84! okay, you want 84 in pleasanton or 57 in san francisco? >> 84! >> go, giants! sweep the rockies!
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♪ >> zende: look at me. don't look at him. look at me. lizzy needs you, yes. she needs you to remember why you gave her life. >> julius: careful, zende. the forresters already have everything. don't force her to give up her child just because it's not with you. >> vivienne: julius, let him talk to his wife! >> rick: man, you are a real piece of work. we're all one big, happy family when it suits you. but other than that, it's julius avant against the whole world. >> julius: you know what? zende's right. don't look at me. look at lizzy, because she's the only one that matters here. and look at her eyes. they're calling for you to claim her. >> vivienne: maya and her sister are the only feelings we have to al


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