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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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up to 50,000 of these mall cell antennae including several likely in your town over the next five years. but with only limited local say. >> local neighborhoods would be seeing something the size of refrigerators showing up on a street pole and they could say, nothing to stop it. >> a library, a school. >> on traffic signals, on light poles, this would give the companies free reinto install them on any public infrastructure and we could not say no. >> reporter: other than the new network could mean faster internet service and keep california on the innovative cutting edge. >> california was epicenter of the last internet services resolution and can and should be the next one. >> it's investment and job creation will follow. >> reporter: as for concerns about local say. >> s b6 49 preserves local government's right to inpose reasonable terms. >> reporter: there's also the issue of money. the new rules would cap how much local cities and counties
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could charge telecom companies at $250 per antenna. that's a far cry from the $1,200 for antenna ten into that cities like san jose now get. >> you're talking about an industry that will net $500 billion at full buildout. >> reporter: you're also talking about an industry that's a big player in california politics. in the 2016 election cycle, telecommunications companies contributed over $3 million to california democrats and republicans that are now deciding on this bill which by the way shot through committee on a 6-1 vote with two an extensions. they will probably win. it's only a matter of time when we'll be seeing these. you'll be able to check it out on the internet because they are going to make that faster, as well. in walnut creek, phil matier, kpix 5 were. back to you. >> thank you. to give you some perspective on it the use of smart devices and mobile internet have increased 2300% statewide since 2010. we are getting an idea of what the north bay's new smart
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train service will be like. the public invited to hop on for a free preview ride tomorrow. but our emily turner got a first look today. she is live in san rafael for us. emily. >> reporter: i can tell you it is a very beautiful ride. it's a smooth ride and it is certainly much faster than it would be to sit in rush hour traffic on 101. but the question is, will the public get on board? [ beep beep ] >> reporter: rush hour on 101 has been the bane of north bay drivers but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. each smart train can carry 300 people, the full route running 10 stops from san rafael to santa rosa at speeds of up to 79 miles an hour. [ bell ] >> reporter: but its launch is six months late and plenty of would-be passengers feel like the project has moved in slow motion. >> it takes time because of your safety. so just have patience with us.
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we're almost there. >> do you think maybe you've missed the momentum of the public? are you worried that people maybe won't ride? >> i'm not worried. here's why. you saw how beautiful the ride is? and imagine you save 50% of your time instead of being highway 101, you see the scenery, free wi-fi and latte or beer in the evening? i think the choice becomes pretty clear. >> reporter: so how much time will riding "smart" save you on your compute? we decided to test it from the platform here at petaluma. starting the clock now. >> [ indiscernible >> by the time you get off the train here in san rafael, that entire ride takes just over half-hour. imagine doing that petaluma to san rafael commute during the morning rush hour. this is a much faster option. [ beep beep ]
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>> reporter: but it's not all celebratory bells and whistles. in fact, those sound effects have been the focus of debate in towns all along the tracks seeking quiet zones. the train is still waiting on a full okay from the federal railroad administration to begin anything more than a showcase route and the $500 million-plus project is still dealing with doubters especially when it comes to the $38 million more it will be spending to extend south to larkspur close to the ferry building. >> i the idea that you save time by getting on a train to a bus stop and then take the bus to a ferry and then taking the ferry to the city is going to attract people is pretty stupid. >> reporter: if you are interested in seeing what this is all about you are more than welcome to. tomorrow, saturday and tuesday, in fact it's a great way to come to the marin county fair. you are more than welcome to hop on those free rides again tomorrow, saturday and tuesday. allen? >> thank you. these are just the test runs but here's the question.
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when are the trains going to go to that full schedule? >> you know, that is the ultimate question and no one knows except for the fra. it's up to them to ultimately decide, yes, the test results that we have gotten back are good to go and you can start your commuter service. one interesting thing about this though is that these tracks behind me are much smarter and no pun intended than other tracks in the country. these are the first of their kind in the united states so they are basically creating the test as they are going through them. so that's one of the reasons that it's taking so much time. >> thank you. developing news in the south bay. some large homes in san jose saved thanks to quick work from fire crews on the ground and in the air. they were able to keep a 5-acre grass fire near lost ranch road from damaging homes. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us the strategy. >> reporter: well, firefighters are still on the scene of this grass fire that burned in the
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almaden valley this afternoon and very steep very rugged terrain. this fire got started a little after 3 p.m. today. it was actually seen by firefighters at a nearby fire station and they responded after seeing the smoke. they were able to get here just in the nick of time. the fire was racing up a hill and almost got to a house but they beat the flames back before anything was damaged. >> what's really surprising is how fast it moves. i think until you have seen it firsthand, you don't really appreciate how fast it is -- it's like it's liquid flowing towards you. you see it in the distance and then the next thing now it's right up against you and you feel the heat. >> reporter: firefighters say the cause of the fire was somebody who was doing weed abatement on this hillside with power equipment that somehow sparked the fire. now, firefighters say that if you are doing weed abatement and they encourage that to keep the weeds down so that fires don't get close to residences, that you do it before 10 a.m. before a lot of wind and before it gets very hot in the summer
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months. reporting in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. in southern california, dozens of people have been evacuated from their homes in burbank. firefighters frantically trying to get a handle on a three- alarm brush fire there. at least 50 homes are in the path of flames. you can see there's a good portion of land that has already been charred. look how close it is to the homes. fire started about 3 hours ago. multiple fire departments helping with the firefight. helicopters making water drops. a man handed over to immigration agents in violation of san francisco's sanctuary city law is about to receive a six-figure settlement. pedro figueroa is an illegal immigrant from el salvador. in 2015 he reported a stolen car and officers learned they had a warrant on his arrest and they called immigration to detain him. now the city attorney's office
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has agreed to a $190,000 settlement. a san francisco ordinance bars law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials except in cases of violent crime. governor brown will stop the suspension of driver's licenses because of unpaid traffic ticket saying it ends up creating an endless cycle of debt. he says it doesn't actually help the state collect unpaid traffic money. the threat of suspending licenses did help opponents said. the new law starts saturday. "skydrone5" over the embarcadero in san francisco. tonight the state says san francisco voters shouldn't have the final say about development on the waterfront. wilson walker says the lawsuit doesn't just affect san francisco but every city in california that's on the water. wilson reporter: it is a gorgeous evening here at the embarcadero
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a slice of san francisco that has of course produced generations of discussion over exactly how this part of the city should be developed and a couple of years ago, san francisco voters got a chance to have a say in that but today the state showed up and said, not so fast. >> as a trustee the city must do the best we can with the properties. >> reporter: can city voters make their own rules about their waterfront? >> you can't just interchange it. >> reporter: it goes back to 2013 and the ballot fight over the 8 washington development. remember the group that opposed what they called a wall on the waterfront? >> let's not build a new wall on the waterfront. >> reporter: not only did they get voters to kill that condo project, they came back in 2014 and passed a ballot measure giving san francisco voters the final say on all waterfront development and today, the city
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defended prop b in court. >> that the voters can be a decision-maker. and that proposition b was intended to advance this statewide interest. >> reporter: but the state lands commission disagreed arguing that california's waterfront is a statewide public trust and local voters just aren't equipped to make those decisions. >> i don't think we know that thousands of people who vote in an election that every, single decision maker is asking for the right reasons. >> reporter: and finally there is an element of politics here because the current head of the state lands commission is -- yes, former mayor gavin newsom who supported 8 washington opposed prop b and is now supporting the state's lawsuit against the city he once served as mayor. >> he has one of a few jobs as lieutenant governor and now as the chair of the state lands commission deciding whether to keep this lawsuit going is one of them. >> by reached out to the
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lieutenant governor today. they dismissed any suggestion that there's politics involved. why does this apply to more people in california? suppose there's a municipality on the california waterfront that wants to develop in way to hurt the coast, that's the state's argument. once cities can sort of make their own rules at the coast, you lose the idea of the state managing our coastline. now, it very much looks like this case will be going to trial in september. sacramento will have to make their case then. live at the embarcadero, wilson walker, kpix 5. we have learned the man accused of shooting a sacramento deputy in the face has a violent past. his ties to a double murder and the deal that put him back on the streets. >> bart was called out for having fake cameras on trains. starting today they are all real. and recording. but we have learned what they won't do. >> and tough any screening for passengers traveling into the
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united states. there won't be a ban on laptops. what will be coming instead. >> changes in the weather coming which will allow to us do something we do every summer but something that no other place in north america can do. i'll explain coming up.
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is linked to a double murder in mountain view. police say..
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he somehow took the deputy's gun last night at a train station.. the suspect arrested for shooting a sacramento county deputy is linked to a double murder in mountain view. police say he somehow took the deputy's gun last night at a train station and shot the officer with it. the deputy was hit in the face and had surgery on his jaw and is recovering. kpix 5's devin fehely has a closer look at the suspect's violent past in the bay area and the deal that put him back on the streets. >> reporter: the home where those grisly 2018 murders happened has been completely torn down and rebuilt from the ground up but that old case is new yet again back in the headlines after one of the defendants in that case cory span has been arrested and charged with trying to murder a sheriff's deputy in sacramento. span was just 18 when he was arrested in 2018 for the double murders of omar and maria aquino. police fingered span as triggerman. he was the primary focus of thatter investigation until
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attention shifted away from him and towards one of his fellow defendants. now, given the brutality of the crime and the gravity of the charges he faced, spam appeared to get off light just 16 months behind bars for pleading no contest to receiving stolen property and being an abscessry to the crime after the -- accessory to the crime after the fact. after his release he went to sacramento where he has been in and out of jail at least four times before his arrest yesterday. span is accused of shooting a sheriff's deputy with his own gun and then was taken into custody by the s.w.a.t. team at a nearby hotel. none of those other arrests in the sacramento area comes anywhere close to the severity of the charges he now faces. the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. in mountain view, devin fehely, kpix 5. san jose police are investigating an attempted murder-suicide that left one man dead and one woman recovering from a gunshot wound. the man's body was found lying in a street this morning.
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a few blocks away from the 280- 101 interchange along creston lane. a woman was also found shot and injured. she called police from a house nearby saying the man who died shot her. she is expected to survive. police say the man shot and killed himself after shooting her. his name hasn't been released. there are new developments in the case of a santa cruz surgeon accused of sexual assaulting children. despite objections from prosecutors a judge set bail at nearly $6.5 million for james kohut. prosecutors were pro -- protestors, excuse me, out in front of the courthouse this morning to let the judge know they didn't want kohut released. the former dominican hospital neurosurgeon and two nurses are facing felony child sexual abuse charges involving several victims. if kohut is convicted, he faces 165 years to life in prison. well, all bart trains now have real working security cameras. but kpix 5's juliette goodrich
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discovered there's still one thing those cameras won't do. >> reporter: out with the decoy cameras. >> feel better that they have working cameras. >> reporter: in with brand-new security cameras on all new 696 bart trains all with four trains ready to record. >> they provide good quality images so if something happens, plus can pull it. we have video of you. we have your image to share with police. >> it's great that they have more visibility to what people are doing given the hype that happened where a lot of people got robbed. >> reporter: bart's fake cameras came to light after a fatal shooting on a bart train january 2016. there was no video of the murder. the only still photo taken was from the platform. the killer is still at large. >> multiple angles and very clear images. it's because of these cameras we arrested two suspects from the coliseum robberies. >> reporter: and now that they
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are in every train, the question now is how many people are monitoring the camera feed. so if there is a crime in progress, will there be anyone who can monitor the feed live time? >> no. that's just not possible right now. we have to have more reliable wi-fi service with high security. >> if we need to retrieve the video we physically go out to the camera unit and download the video. >> reporter: bart employees can monitor live camera feeds in bart's maintenance shop from bart platforms and in bart elevators. but not on the trains. and because it's a recorded feed, if an incident happens on your particular bart train, you will need to report the car number which is above those doors when you contact bart police. >> the new train future train cars the train operator can see each car live from his cab. that's a huge improvement. we don't have that in these old cars. >> reporter: until the new train cars roll out, passengers say these new cameras do give
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them a heightened sense of security. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. and come friday, you would be on a bart train leaving san francisco at about 58 or 59 degrees and end up out towards pittsburg at 94 or 95 degrees. so bring your jacket if you are going the opposite direction. very wide temperature spread. almost 40 to 45 degrees which no other place in the country can do without a major elevation change. look at the fog enveloping the city of san francisco right now. financial district off in the distance. losing the view! redwood city today comfortable 75. san jose 76. san rafael 77. livermore 81. san francisco 61. got to show you this great picture i found by looking up hashtag shasta lake. that's mount shasta in the background looking gorgeous with all the high elevation snow. look at the bottom of the image there. shasta lake is very high at 93% of capacity. and nearly 20% higher than it typically is this time of the
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year. good time to spend a weekend on a houseboat. the lake is nearly full. if you watching us in half moon bay or bodega bay or san francisco, you still have the breeze from the ocean. not much is changing for you. a lighter but still persistent onshore flow means a lot if you are watching us in pittsburg or bay point or discovery bay or let's say napa or saint helena because less of an ocean influence for you allows temperatures to climb about 15 degrees which they will over the next couple of days. less cloud cover tonight but still there near the bay. let's look at the overnight temperatures. concord and oakland 55 for mountain view 54 in san francisco. temperatures very close to average tomorrow. but we have a widespread what's average. average is 50s at the beach. we do that. average near 90 in fairfield and livermore. deal with that. so 30 to 35-degree temperature spread tomorrow. getting bigger later in the week as we return to the 90s especially away from the water. your extended forecast hottest day is friday where 95 will be your high, inland in the hottest speights aka brentwood but at the coast 59 or 60
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degrees. that's it. still warm inland over the weekend but still cool near the bay and july 4 plenty of sunshine away from the bay. likely low cloud cover spilling into the bay before fireworks time. that's your kpix 5 forecast. thank you. he was plucked from traffic on the golden gate bridge. now he may be the most wanted kitnent bay area! some stiff competition to give bridges a new home. >> the giants lose their most controversial player. alas, a new giant who threatened to quit if they didn't give him a shot at the big leagues. and now they are flipping over this guy next. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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with an elbow injury for the second time this season...on the bright side, melancon will have plenty of time to stretch while he's out the giants placed closer mark melancon on the dl with an elbow injury for the second time this season. he will have time to stretch while he is out.
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jay wang the latest callup to make the big league debut this season. bottom of the third nolan arenado hurting the giants again this time diving stop fires the strike from his pants. arenado on the way to making a five straight gold glove. he drove in two runs. bottom of the 6th tied at 3 for wang, let's listen to the korean call. [ non-english language ] >> wang was a star in south korea. he turned down $9 million contract there for a shot at the big leagues. that's his first hit in the big leagues a home run. joints win 5-3. they swept the series. the rockies have lost 8 straight. the nationals you heard this? they stole a team record 7 bases last night against the cubs. chicago catcher miguel montero is now one for 32 throwing out runners this season.
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and now he is throwing his pitchers under the bus. >> just like yeah, okay, my [ indiscernible ] i don't get a chance to throw. that's the reason why they were running left and right today because they know he was slow to the plate simple as that. >> turns out montero is the one who needs a bus ride. he was released by the club after the comments. steph curry will tee it up against the pro this is august. the tour comes to it. pc in hayward. curry is a 2 handicap and will play at lake tahoe this month in the annual celebrity tournament. the rest of the nba trying to figure how the how to dethrone the warriors. chris paul has been traded to houston to team up with james harden. the clippers received 7 players and a future first-round draft pick. the knicks just trying to figure out how to not be the league's laughingstock next season. new york has fired team president phil jackson after
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three disastrous seasons that saw the knicks lose 166 games. jackson is still owed $24 million. where do i get a deal like that? >> ice cube's new three on three league has his first casualty. you saw that coming, right? former kings star jayson williams who is now 41 years old injured his knee in the league's debut game over the weekend and is going to be out 608 months. i think on paper this sounds like a good idea. he is going to be out 6 to 8 months. but these guys have competitive energy not at 80%. they are going to bring it at 100 and they're done. >> hurts more. takes longer to recover. >> and they don't get paid $24 million. >> new agent. coming up in the next half- hour, the laptop ban is out but there will be tougher screening for all flights abroad. we break down the new rules. >> an irish reporter called it a bizarre moment with the president. the compliment that has the internet fired up.
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measures... for all commercial flights coming into the united states. the secretary of homeland s today. our top story at 6:30, international travelers will soon see beefed up security measures for all commercial flights coming into the united
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states. the secretary of homeland security unveiled those changes today. ken bastida in the newsroom to tell us what the feds are doing and what they may do if the airlines don't comply. ken. >> allen, the new rules will cover about 2,000 flights a day affecting more than 300,000 passengers. the measures include more thorough vetting of those passengers. new steps aimed at preventing potential insider attacks by airline employees and enhanced screening of all-electronic devices. laptops will still be allowed in carry-on luggage but airlines that fail to comply with the other rules could be hit with a laptop ban later on. >> it's time that we raised the global baseline of aviation security. we cannot play international whack a mole with each new threat. instead we must put in place new measures across the board to keep the traveling public safe and make it harder for terrorists to succeed. >> on top of the threat of a laptop ban, airlines that don't cooperate could face financial
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penalties or even a ban from flying into u.s. airspace. just within the past 10 minutes, the united states set new visa criteria for people traveling from these six mainly muslim nations. they will need close family ties or business ties to come to the u.s. the u.s. supreme court ruled earlier this week that the president's revised travel ban could take effect. president trump's initial effort to ban those travelers provoked protests at airports all around the country and here in the bay area for several weeks. you can expect to see more legal challenges this summer. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments on the full travel ban this fall. in the newsroom, i'm ken bastida. right now it's still unclear who is behind the massive cyber attack in europe and the united states. merck, cookie and snack manufacturer nabisco and tnt express delivery were affected.
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and the largest terminal in the port of los angeles remains closed for the second day in a row. a danish shipping company that works out of the port confirms it was affected during yesterday's massive cyber attack. homeland security is investigating. president trump got a little chatty with a reporter from ireland at the white house. some are calling it inappropriate. take a listen. >> and where are you from? go ahead. come here. where are you from? so we have all this beautiful irish press. >> from [ indiscernible ] >> terrific. >> caitriona perry. she has a nice smile on her face. so i bet she treats you well. >> the reporter tweeted video of the incidents calling it bizarre. there's mixed reaction on social media with some saying it was strange, the president singled her out. others say he was just sharing some kind words. the healthcare battle is getting heated on capitol hill. protestors clashing with police. [ yelling ]
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>> officers. dragging protestors away after they gathered in a senate office building chanting against the latest plan to overhaul healthcare. republican senators just delayed a vote on the bill since they didn't have enough support to pass it. and now behind closed doors, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is trying to gain the necessary votes. a dozen republican senators are opposed to the bill in its current form and three new national polls show are most americans. with just 16, 12 and 17% approving the plan. some california seniors who live in nursing homes say they are getting shortchanged when it comes to their monthly allowance. >> kpix 5's susie steimle reports a plan to be more generous just failed. >> it's kind of another slap in the face to the elderly. if you are going to get old, don't. >> reporter: this person is the executive director of chaparral house an assisted living facility and nonprofit in berkeley. every month she watches as
6:35 pm
families decide what personal items they can buy for $35. that's currently the personal needs allowance seniors get from medi-cal. >> 35. nowhere near enough what are we going to do with $35? [ non-english language ] brings her father lotion and ice cream throughout the month. she pays for his clothing and other needs out of pocket. >> it doubles the cost of me buying it for him and that simple stuff. but that's the stuff that makes him feel good. >> reporter: yesterday, the senate appropriations committee had the opportunity for the second year in a row to discuss increasing elderly allowance from $30 to $80. the senate killed the bill. >> we should prioritize 40,000 of our most frail seniors that cannot provide for themselves. >> reporter: state senator bill dodd from the north bay sponsored the original bill. he says it would have cost california $10 million. to compare, iowa's personal
6:36 pm
needs allowance is $52 a month. kansas is 62. and florida's proposed budget would increase its allowance from $35 a month to $105 next year. >> over 30 years not even to get any increase is really unconscionable. >> reporter: seniors have been receiving the same amount of money from medi-cal for their personal needs allowance since 1985. as for lawmakers? they have more than doubled their salaries in that amount of time. in 1990, they made $52,500 a year. this january they made $104,118. and they just passed a bill to increase that amount to $107,000 by next year. in the meantime, medi-cal allowances will stay at the $35 until a new bill can be introduced next year. >> i can guarantee there are staffers in the senate office that spend more than that on starbucks in a week. coming up, these fireworks are legal. but not everyone plays by the
6:37 pm
rules on the 4th of july. the new app that lets you rat out your neighbor. >> a major retailer pulls this popular vegan mayo over mysterious allegations but is it safe to eat?
6:38 pm
sheri lynn
6:39 pm
weekend approaches.. in dublin - local non-profit organizations are selling "safe and sane" works right now.. state approved fireworks are going on sale as the upcoming july 4th weekend approaches. in dublin local nonprofit organizations selling "safe and sane" fireworks right now. they are different from other fireworks since they don't explode or leave the ground. it's one of a few cities in the bay area where you can both purchase and light up your fireworks. >> they include sparklers and fountains. you won't have those heavy explosives for safety concerns. those are no longer sanctioned in cities like dublin. the highest any of our fountains go 8 to 9 feet emitting colorful displays some
6:40 pm
have a little sound to them but nothing too overbearing for the community members. >> the firings can only be used on the 4th of july between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. and this year, it's riskier than ever to light illegal fireworks. tnt fireworks launched and app called nail 'em to help people anonymously report illegal fireworks in their communities. all you have to do is take a photo or audio clip, include time or location and the report will be submitted to the authorities. well, good news if you are heading to yosemite for the holiday weekend. one of the most popular roads tioga pass reopens to vehicles tomorrow. cyclists, pedestrians startedded to use it today. usually, they re-open around memorial day. but all this snow, the snow melt, it kept it closed longer than usual this year. you might remember photos like this. drivers should still use caution. there may be dirt, debris and water on the road. a stray with quite the story. this lucky kitten rescued on the golden gate bridge is now looking for a forever home.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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area -- has been pulled off the shelves at target. the reason: a rumor that it's contaminated.
6:44 pm
joe vazquez talked to the company's c-e-o about what s going on. track: at the target store in daly city ... nats: there ... yep, they've bee there's an empty spo vegan mayo is pulled off the shelves of target among >> reporter: at the target store in daly city. >> they pulled it. >> reporter: there's an empty spot on the shelf where just mayo used to be sold. seam goes for another product, just cookies. also pulled off the shelves. both products come from a san francisco-based company hampton creek as we have reported in the past the company disrupted the food market making mayonnaise without eggs, for example. instead, using plant-based ingredients. the product is very popular with the vegan community. some of them have taken to social media today to complain about target. >> you need to get this vegan mayo back on the shelves today, okay!! you need to get the frozen cookie dough back on the shelved today, okay! >> reporter: target didn't respond to our request for comment but told bloomberg news the company received several allegations that led them to remove the products from the
6:45 pm
shelves from caution. two had to do with labeling. but the more serious charges of food safety issues, although nobody has reported getting sick. target says the allegations were that there may be salmonella or listeria in hampton creek products. >> all target has told us is they received an anonymous letter that detailed those three false allegations. >> reporter: josh tetrick ceo of hampton creek says the allegations are a mystery. he points out his products are still selling at walmart, kroger and many other stores. we found them on sale at the safeway in the mission. tetrick says his lab is constantly testing the products and found absolutely no problems with salmonella or listeria. >> there's been nothing in our internal processes, nothing that has ever indicated that a product that we have sent out to the marketplace has that issue. >> reporter: hampton creek products are sold at 20,000 stores nationwide. target makes up a large percentage of retail sales so tetrick hopes the company will
6:46 pm
just reconsider and soon. in daly city, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> tech buses, do you love them or hate them? a new poll by the silicon valley leadership ground finds strong support for them in santa clara county. 78% believe the buses have had a positive impact in reducing traffic on local streets and roads. 73% said that the privately owned shuttles should be allowed to use public transit stops. and ford motor is launching its new bike rental service in san francisco today. 450 blue bikes now roaming the streets and 37 bikeshare stations are open for business. it is a new program between for the motors, the nonprofit motivate, and the sfmta called gobike. >> all of those concerns that have been raised over the years could just be wiped away by a marketing decision was a lilia, caught people off guard. >> gobike plans to have 7,000 in the bay area by the middle of next year.
6:47 pm
it may be the most wanted kitty in the bay area. it needs a good home. >> not going a problem. the kitten's name is bridges. he was dropped off at the marin humane society today by the one of the chp officers who rescued him from the golden gate bridge this weekend. since the rescue bridges has been staying in the officer's home. >> he spent most of the day yesterday in one of my shoes in my closet. >> you have people lined up for the cat already? >> not yet. >> bridges is now getting an exam, vaccinations, a microchip. the marin humane society and the foster mother says there are a lot of other cute kittens and they need homes. good homes. >> is there anything cuter than a little baby kitten? >> very few things if there is anything out there. we have some gorgeous weather around here and a pick your climate kind of weather pattern which will be with us actually getting a little stronger as we head towards the weekend right
6:48 pm
before july 4. a lot of you with four-day holiday weekends. weather will be fine. 71 in san jose now. 83 in concord one of the warm spots. oakland and san francisco that ocean influence still enveloping you. low to mid-60s. and livermore checking in at 76 degrees. rainfall season is wrapping up. it's july 1 to june 30. june 30 is this friday. so how did we end up? we know we're wet. we lived through that. santa rosa 66% above average. doesn't sound like much but when your normal is up near 35 inches of rain that's an additional two feet of water that sonoma county received this winter. san francisco 38% above average. san jose 16% above average. no rain tonight but drizzle at the coast. san francisco 54 tonight. napa 52. mountain view 55. concord 55. so we're warming up inland. watch the wind profile here. more northerly than westerly. less of an ocean influence. that's why your temperatures will climb with less morning cloud cover if any inland but at the beach a northwest flow
6:49 pm
of air is still coming from the chilly pacific ocean so your temperatures will stay near normal which is cool this time of year with highs in the 50s and 60s. so why is that happening? inland you're warming up but at the coast you're not. we have a ridge of high pressure which is strong but not terribly strong. not as strong as last week also not as close as last week still promoting a light onshore flow which impacts you anywhere near the bay anywhere at the coastline but inland, you're cloud-free tomorrow morning. lots of sunshine and warmer. we'll have lots of sunshine about everywhere except the immediate coastline tomorrow an and then on friday more of the same. fog and low cloud cover over the bay. the coastal communities around the bay. at the beach but not inland where you'll get up to 95 degrees in our hot spots inland by friday afternoon. so temperatures climbing everywhere on thursday but the biggest change will be inland. you will make it to the low 90s there tomorrow. there's about 3 to 5 degrees above average. near the water staying under 70 degrees. san francisco cooler than average top but concord high of 87 there warmer than average.
6:50 pm
san jose normal 81 for you. milpitas 79. redwood city 82. hop over the coast range, you're not going to hit 60 half moon bay. 83 in san ramon. 89 for antioch. sunshine all day long. vallejo, martinez, low 80s. low 80s petaluma, san rafael, mid-60s sausalito and san francisco. oakland 70 degrees with afternoon sunshine. you want it hot? lake county good spot tomorrow 95. middletown clearlake lakeport, those beautiful towns getting toasty tomorrow. 95 the hottest temperature on friday, as well. saturday and sun cooler inland but stay above average but only the 60s near the bay and 50s at the coast. so pick your climate. coming up at 10:00 on nightbeat we're talking about the new cameras on bart. bart says they're brand-new, all working, but the question, who is monitoring them? and do they make you feel any safer? let me know your thoughts by tweeting me now at veronica vehicle. -- at #veronicadlcruz. i'll be reading your comments at 10:00 on nightbeat on our sister station kbcw 44/cable 12.
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ten public school students falls through the cracks because of a crisis we don't often hear about. sharon chin on the problem .. bay area woman is educators say an estimated one in ten public school students falls through the cracks because of a crisis we don't often hear about. sharon chin on the problem and
6:54 pm
what a bay area woman is doing about it. >> reporter: the classroom can be traumatic for students who are intellectually gifted but also have a learning disability. this week's jefferson award winner found a way for them to thrive. ♪[ music ] reporter: zachary was smart but the ten-year-old diagnosed with adhd had trouble sitting still and joining group activities in a traditional classroom. his mother ended up homeschooling him. >> it broke my heart to watch him struggle so much in previous schools. >> so it's really hard. >> reporter: then came dr. melanie hayes. >> everything we do has ramifications. >> reporter: she started a school for 2e students who ak sell academically and deal with disabilities from anxiety to autism. talia says he was pulled in like
6:55 pm
a magnet. melanie investigated big mind unschool for her doctorate in educational leadership. she opened the campus in 2015. >> if there's a place where these kids can thrive and really work to their full potential because they have a lot to give the world. >> reporter: the key is not to have the child fit the school but the fit the school to the child and support the student's passion. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: from music to math two dozen students pursue what they want to learn at "big minds." the first eight graders get academic coaching and support in social and emotional skills. tuition is $25,000 a year that helps fund a teacher for every three kids. but parents say the ruts are worth it. one student was programming professional quality videogames and zachary is already mastering algebra. >> i wish i was at "big minds"
6:56 pm
24 hours a day 6 days a week. >> reporter: why? >> "big minds" is just good. >> it makes me so happy i can't even tell you. >> reporter: so for providing a school where twice exceptional students can grow, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. melanie hayes. melanie also wrote a book called we tried normal about the challenges of families with 2e children. she wants the same understanding of these children as those on the autism spectrum. there will be a documentary next week. >> good work. >> thank you. and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at and for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, >> don't forget to join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw and right back here at 11:00.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank y'all. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day from honolulu, hawaii--it's the champs-- it's the schaefer family. [cheering and applause] and from houston, texas-- that's h-town--it's the jones family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car.
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let's to meet the jones family. steve: hey, ashley. ashley: hello, steve. steve: all right. how you doing? ashley: how are you? i'm good, and yourself? steve: well, you know, i'm--i'm the same all the time. i'm always in a good mood... ashley: you are. steve: so that's it, all right? ashley, introduce everybody. ashley: this is my wonderful dad big al--you saw him--my little sister ariel, my beautiful mother paulette, and my beautiful older sister quiana. steve: yeah. hey, come on, houston. win yourself some money. let's go. hey, y'all ready to play "feud"? let's get it on. give me renee. give me ashley. ha ha ha! top 6 answers on the board. name something a short man does to make himself look taller. ashley: buy taller shoes. steve: buy taller shoes.


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