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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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jaclyn with traffic. >> we're joining us. >> nice to have you. >> it's a cast of characters this morning. you know, i was just looking at that view of the palace of fine arts and thinking at christmastime when they put up the yule log and sit on that for three hours? we can do that! that's how pretty it is this morning. [ laughter ] >> we have -- it looks clear there but it is overcast there as well as right there. that is the view of the bay bridge. you cannot see the tip-top of it. stands 525 feet tall. so that gives me a good idea the ceiling is lowering to about, oh, let's say 500 feet this morning. we are in the 50s across the board. we have the intrusion of the deck of stratus, the marine layer pushing onshore but notice, even though it might be widespread it's pretty patchy. we'll have earlier burnoff today. 60s beaches with barely any clearing towards daly city and colma. partial clearing in pacifica. we'll have sunshine later today 60s to 70 around the bay. full forecast again by mid-
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morning around the peninsula. inland, you have it made! you have temperatures all the way to the low 90s away from the bay. full forecast in a couple of minutes but let's say good morning to jaclyn dunn. >> good morning. happy friday. right now, we are tracking a bit of a backup along westbound 205 and westbound 580. we did have an earlier accident that has some lane closures. all lanes reopened. we have a high wind advisory if you are traveling through the altamont pass. still under 30 minutes from 205 to 680. out of antioch into hercules, looking pretty good. in the green under 30 minutes and right now we are tracking a bit of a backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's in the cash lanes. looks like they are doing the shift change. so be prepared for that. hat's a check of your traff ic; over to you. the first legal challenge to president trump's reinstated travel ban is under way as bay area protestors and travelers express their anger at the restrictions now in effect at u.s. airports.
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betty yu has the latest on the contentious debate. [ chanting ] >> reporter: protestors were camped out at sfo's international terminal along with immigration attorneys ready to help travelers who may be confused by the new rules. >> we are seeing clients grow terrified of traveling. they are unable to unite with family. >> reporter: under the new visa restrictions, travelers from six muslim countries are banned for the next 90 days unless they can prove bona fide business or family ties to the u.s. that means parents, spouses, children and siblings can come. but many extended family members don't count. >> imagine what it's like for thousands of customs and border protection agents who have just a few minutes to figure things out and then are dealing with many, many travelers. >> we have an absolute right to have a pretty good -- a very good idea of who is coming and why. >> reporter: this hayward
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family was picking up a relative from morocco not affected by the ban. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the state of hawaii filed the first legal challenge to the reinstated ban asking a federal judge to clarify the definition of close family. in the newsroom, betty yu, kpix 5. late last night the trump administration added fiancees to the list of approved family members. president trump will meet with russian president vladimir putin for the first time next week during the g20 summit in germany. no specific agenda has been announced. one of california's new gun control laws is on hold. the federal judge blocked it before it was supposed to take effect banning high capacity clips capable of holding more than 10 bullets. gun owners were supposed to turn them over by saturday but the nra and california gun rights group sued. >> it doesn't address any issues. you know, they're not going
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after the people that are doing the bad things. >> california attorney general becerra is defending it saying: this san neighborhood - as winds pushed fl d chopper 5 caught the frightening scene in this san jose neighborhood as winds pushed flames and smoke closer to homes. the fire broke out on penitencia creek road and viceroy way yesterday afternoon but locals didn't just wait for the damage. kpix 5's maria medina shows us how they rallied together to prevent the worst. >> i was praying that it would just stop short of anybody's house. >> reporter: from chopper 5, you can see how a neighborhood came together. >> and we just grabbed hoses. >> reporter: to fight a fire that quickly began spreading toward their homes. >> it was just amazing! >> reporter: it's a neighborhood where everyone pretty much knows each other. >> then i started calling the neighbors that we are home and weren't home to come home. >> i was sitting in my room smelled fire and i saw karen on
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the phone and we are grabbing hoses. >> reporter: together, they began watering the dry grass in front of their homes but karen said they knew their hoses would be no match for the growing flames. >> and i was hoping the fire engines would hurry up and come. >> i noticed smoke. >> reporter: on the other side of the neighborhood, wildlife center of silicon valley workers got word to evacuate themselves and their animals. >> we were able to get almost 500 animals out safely and loaded into vehicles. >> reporter: but when firefighters finally arrived it didn't take long for them to put it out. now for karen and her neighbors -- >> yay! >> reporter: -- they have a story about how they all came together to help each other in need. >> pretty close call. >> oh, yeah. it was. >> eventful day, that's for sure. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. also in santa clara county, crews rushed to put out three small brush fires in the foothills near mount hamilton. they broke out in the area east
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of san jose yesterday afternoon burning 85 acres. cal fire says the fires are now about 75% contained. hot weather obviously not helping. >> are we certainly in a good spot that we're not experiencing that prolonged heat wave that we had just last week? >> yes. >> with temperatures in the triple digits for a series of days. we'll be seeing some seasonal temperatures in the bay area on the 4th of july. today numbers gently rising. morning, everybody. it's our live weather camera looking out towards the top of the bay bridge. obscured by the deck of stratus that continues to push onshore. it looks something like this. meanwhile, our winds have been a little gusty up to 13 and 15 miles per hour around the bay area. temperature-wise, we are in the 50s. looks like for the most part today we'll see temperatures topping off anywhere from about the 60s at the beaches, 89 degrees, that is in the forecast today for the concord, clayton and walnut creek areas up from the typical high of 85. 50s, 60s partial coastal clearing 70s around the peninsula up to 87 degrees in
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morgan hill bested by 90 in gilroy, east bay numbers up to 92 degrees in brentwood. 93 in discovery bay. 80s common across the carquinez strait. don't bank on sunshine right there. stinson beach mid-60s. blustery winds up to 20 and 30 miles per hour. mid-80s in novato. and the heat is on upstream we go 94 in lakeport. low 90s in cloverdale. got the 4th of july forecast that's straight ahead but right now let's send it over to jaclyn. >> sounds good. right now, we are tracking pretty smooth ride for drivers heading along 580 other than the fact that we have a high wind advisory. but all lanes are open. and traffic is moving right at the limit there. you have an easy drive time of about 30 minutes. and that's just some slowdowns because of the winds. we are tracking oakland, the nimitz freeway nothing nasty about that. 880 looking good in both directions as you make your way between 238 and the maze. out of antioch into hercules no problem in the green. and traffic is nice and light along the eastshore freeway
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towards the toll plaza there at the bay bridge. 10 minutes from the oakland side into san francisco. well, state-of-the-art mobile classroom is rolling into san francisco's toughest neighborhoods. the nonprofit five keys unveiled the bus yesterday the first of its kind. school officials say 86,000 people in san francisco don't have high school diplomas. they hope this bus will help change that. >> this bus is breaking down the barrier of safety, transportation, access to education. we are taking this bus into the most needy neighborhoods of san francisco. >> by august 5 keys will have full time teachers on the bus and the driver will be a teacher's aide. russian river brewery is planning to sell a facility that's produced some of the finest names in beer. pliny the younger is one top- notch brew. they can make up to 20,000 barrels a year. we have learned its price is
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negotiable but expected to be around a few million dollars. the sale comes as russian river prepares to open a $40 million brewery and restaurant in windsor. ♪[ music ] time now 4:39. tie owetioga pass is open for business after california's epic winter. >> more shark sightings dampening the 4th of july weekend for some southern california beach-goers.
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beaches in southern california - following a cluster of shark sightings. drones have proved key to the warnings. r signs are popping up on beaches in southern california following shark sightings. drones have proved key to the warnings. a man flying a drone over a state beach there in orange county says his aircraft caught sight of a 6-foot-long great white shark lingering by swimmers. barry curtis had a lifeguard check his viewfinder and soon a shore boat helped people on the
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water. his drone showed the sharks were 900 feet from the swimmers. facebook could be one step closer to providing internet access across the globe. the company just completed its second drone test. unlike the first test, the drone didn't crash this time. the device is designed to beam internet access to remote areas of the planet. facebook officials say the aircraft flew for an hour and 46 minutes before it landed in arizona. the goal is to have it fully functioning in a couple of years. the fight over 100-year-old railroad trestle in san jose could stretch on despite a recent decision to put it on the historic register. the city wants to tear down the willow glen trestle and build a steel footbridge but some locals are fighting to have it preserved as a symbol of the region's agricultural past. last month, the state commission agreed to save it but san jose city manager is telling the commissioners that they had bad information. the issue is sure to come up when the resources commission
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meets next month. july 4th weekend is here and tioga pass is back open. normally cleared by memorial day, wilson walker shows us why this year was different. >> we pulled up to the gate, the guy pulled the sign away and said come on up. i handed him my pass and we rolled in. >> reporter: some were here by design. >> we were second through the gate. >> reporter: some by luck. >> we left pennsylvania june 12 and they said it's open. >> reporter: no matter how you landed on the pass it was a little drive through history. the latest the highway has opened since 1998. and all around you was evidence of california's epic winter. >> this place still, six eight feet of snow. >> reporter: the lodge, stormed so hard the roof caved n almost every campground still closed. there are no services, no gas, and even less self-service than normal but otherwise it's kind of perfect. >> this is spectacular! beautiful day. >> absolutely picturesque. >> reporter: lakes are still
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partially frozen and streams run like rivers! >> lots of snow, lots of moving water, water crystal clear, glowing blue in the spring. >> reporter: and where tuolumne meadows isn't covered with water it is buzzing with life. >> we have been seeing all kinds of deer, big bucks. >> beautiful. hundreds. >> reporter: he is not kidding. deer are everywhere and the summer crowds probably aren't far behind. 4th of july weekend really was the target for getting this portion of yosemite reopened and if you make it up here, you will find a park that is fresh off a winter that transformed the landscape. in fact, a lot of people are calling today the first day of spring. >> opening day. >> we're just enjoying it, taking pictures. >> perfect day in yosemite. >> absolutely perfect day. >> reporter: in yosemite national park, wilson walker, kpix 5. all right. time now 4:44. and roberta is here with a check of weather. i had the windshield wipers on the whole way in today. >> i did too and i live in pleasanton so i'm 48 miles inland and i hit the windshield
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wipers at the oakland zoo and then i had them on all the way in westerly until i got to the city of san francisco but yes, it's condensation associated with a very deep marine layer roughly about 2,000 feet deep this morning. however, even though it's widespread, it's pretty patchy and this is a view this morning from mount vaca. if you see where it says "live" on your tv screen? you see the bright light there nearby? that's our morning star. that's venus. we are able to see it because we have the clear skies inland. livermore some patchy stratus. san francisco, socked in. santa rosa right now partly cloudy conditions. and redwood city clear skies 54 degrees. winds not as gusty as yesterday with you still winds up to 12 in san francisco, 10 in half moon bay, 24 in fairfield. these winds again westerly 10 to 20 strong gusts to 30 during the late afternoon hours. temperature-wise looking something like this. high 50s and low 60s at the beaches today. 75 degrees in san mateo to 79
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degrees in redwood city. we are talking mid-70s in los altos. then we start to jump into the 80s around the santa clara valley. 83 degrees cupertino. mid-80s in los gatos and saratoga. we whip around to san jose. willow glen, the rose garden district, alum rock, also alviso in the low 80s. east bay numbers 92 in brentwood, 93 discovery bay. 90 fairfield. mid-80s around the tri-valley. check out stinson beach. no sunshine today. 66 degrees. westerly to 30. that's blustery. approaching near 90 today in santa rosa. guerneville and occidental. then we are talking about temperatures today in the low 90s from cloverdale through windsor. 94 in lakeport. here's your extended forecast. it calls for 93 degrees by today later this afternoon. seasonal conditions on tuesday and overnight for those fireworks, we are talking about
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temperatures in the 70s and overcast at the embarcadero. have you been to the alameda county fair yet? mid-80s today. >> i haven't but i want to go. so i know there's only, what, a week or so left? right now, we are tracking a pretty easy ride if you are making your way throughout the south bay. so if you are heading out the door right now you shouldn't have any trouble along 101, 680 and 280 looking pretty good. 87 no problems there. we are tracking a bit of fog and some drizzle if you are making your way across the golden gate bridge. i know i traveled through the city this morning and i live in the city and had my windshield wipers on the whole way into work, as well. heading into richmond/san rafael bridge this is the toll plaza, we are in the green and no problems from richmond/san rafael parkway or marina parkway to the toll plaza and smooth along 4 out of antioch into hercules. eastshore freeway no problems there making your way on down towards the maze, 580 the only one in the yellow this time around. 30 minutes. we have a high wind advisory
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for folks driving through the altamont pass. so please be careful. hat's a check of your tr affic; over to you. an undocumented immigrant is getting a six-figure apology from the city of san francisco. he is now speaking out about his ordeal. kpix 5's joe vazquez tells us what he had to say. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: it was an injustice, said pedro figueroa an illegal immigrant from el salvador about to get $190,000 for from the city. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: no matter the amount of money, he says, i am scarred for life! figueroa sued san francisco claiming police violated his rights in december of 2015 when they handcuffed him to a bench, even though he had not committed a crime. then he says they walked him out into an alley, took off the handcuffs and handed him over to i.c.e. the federal immigration agency. the city attorney agreed that that was a violation of the city's sanctuary ordinance and
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agreed to pay figueroa $190,000. not everyone agrees with the decision. >> it's an insult to the taxpayers of san francisco, of which i am one. our money should not be used for that. >> reporter: mayor ed lee defends the settlement. >> how much is your rights worth? how long is it to correct, um, the perception with a whole slew of immigrants who said, god, if that can happen to him, i'm not going to walk the streets, i'm not going to go to school, i'm not going to see my doctor. what does that all cost? >> reporter: he had only gone to the police station to recover his stolen vehicle. according to his lawsuit, police discovered he had a federal deportation order which is a civil offense, not a crime. still he spent two months in federal detention during which time the construction worker's car was auctioned off. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> our exclusive kpix 5 survey usc a poll finds 70% of san francisco say the city should
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stay a sanctuary city. but when it comes to the $190,000 settlement, san franciscans are split. 45% agree with it, 40% disagree. time now is 4:50. the uc system is adopting new statewide policies on sexual harassment and assault in the wake of a string of high- profile scandals. >> and new affordable housing complex opens in one of the bay area's most expensive cities.
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good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." imagine a day with no fog at the beach? not going to happen today. we'll see some partial clearing. 67 degrees in san francisco. good morning to you in half moon bay in the high 50s only a
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sliver of hope of sun. 79 degrees in redwood city. low 80s in san jose and fremont. topping off at 74. you know, when you look at these numbers in the east bay they're pretty seasonal. spot on in livermore at 87 degrees. high 80s in pittsburg and low 90s in brentwood. today no sunshine in stinson beach. 66 blustery winds out of the west at 30. 85 in novato with full forecast once the clouds lift. and we will have sunny skies in windsor and rohnert park in the 80s and 90s. now, we are seeing a few more cars join the friday morning commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. a few cars backing up in the cash lanes. other than that, we have a smooth ride heading into san francisco. campbell has seen the first murder in two years after an argument spiraled into a deadly hit-and-run. 23-year-old elsie de la rosa of san jose has been charged with murder. early tuesday morning she was driving in a sedan with another
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woman in campbell. the passenger got out of the car after they had an argument. >> the vehicle pulled over and at some point the suspect got back into the driver's seat and looks to intentionally have hit the victim. >> police say delarosa sped away and was later taken into custody. the victim, also 23, was taken to the hospital, where she died. the university of california is laying out new rules for sexual harassment accusations. kpix 5's christin ayers reports on those changes. >> we're focused on change the culture. >> reporter: it's a culture that's seen a string of high- profile sexual misconduct cases on uc campuses. >> i can't put into words how unprotected and unsupported i felt. >> reporter: in april the regents awarded a person nearly $2 million in a case of harassment involving the dean of the uc-berkeley school of law choudhury. she claimed he sometimes kissed and hugged her while she was working as his assistant and
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said even though the university found her claims to be true, choudhury's punishment was not enough. >> honestly, it felt like a breadcrumb trail of solutions and it was like, okay, let's feed her a little bit of this and see if that will satisfy her. and i think they missed the whole entire point. >> we had heard from complainants that they didn't feel they had input into what kind of outcome they would want to see. >> reporter: uc title ix coordinator says under a set of new policies that's about to change. alleged victims will now have input in a faculty member's discipline. sexual misconduct investigations will have to be completed in 60 days. and decisions on discipline in 40 days. what would you say to people who have been dissatisfied with the way uc has handled some cases? >> this is an important step. we are committed to doing better. >> reporter: it has to be implemented on all uc campus by september 1. there is a new affordable housing development in palo
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alto. the complex on el camino real is called mayfield place. one bedroom units cost about $1,000 a month. three bedrooms go for less than $1,700. and people who moved in are relieved to be living near their jobs. >> i spent actually a lot of time commuting back and forth and searching for affordable housing opportunities for myself and my family. >> and that is really important to allow the people that work in our grocery stores that work in the retail shops that have a small business that are the fabric of the community to live in the community. >> the complex is full but there is a wait list. applicants must qualify with certain income ranges to qualify. now on the other end of the spectrum, is an old house in san francisco considered a knockdown but it is going for $7 million.
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views are twin peaks and san bruno mountains. it was built in 1900 so outdated on the inside the seller didn't take pictures. the last time it sold it was $62,000. host of of the msnbc show morning joe delayed their vacation in order to respond to president trump's tweet that they found offensive. we'll hear what they had to say next. >> an east contra costa county fire station shutting its doors. we'll tell you why it's closing now.
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this is how it feels when you eat a subway® $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. a different footlong every day of the week. like the tukey breast on wednesday and the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on monday. for just $6 bucks! seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®. griego. and i'm devin fehely in for kenny choi. start with a l good morning, it's friday, june 30. i'm julie watts in for michelle griego. >> i'm devin fehely in for kenny choi. >> let's start with a live look outside this morning. rush hour is about to start. drivers hitting the road heading to work. we're looking at the bay bridge and the golden gate. so what can we company this morning with your forecast? >> well, devin, welcome and hi, julie and hey there, jaclyn.
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>> hey, good morning. >> oh, hey, hey! . >> what can we expect? is it depends where you are. we are socked in at the coast, fog at the bay and into our inland areas and we have condensation. don't be surprised if you have to use your windshield wipers out the door this morning. >> did you coming in from san jose? >> a little bit when i got closer to the city, intermittently. >> mount vaca the sun is coming up. clear skies there, temperatures from the 50s in santa rosa, high 50s in san jose. boy, you had a commute from san jose this morning! wow! okay. san jose the winds are relatively flat, 11 in san francisco. 24 fairfield. winds today west 10 to 20. gusts to 30 especially at the seashore. 62 degrees in pacifica to 92 in brentwood. bested by 93 in discovery bay. i have your 4th of july forecast coming up at 18 after the hour but right now, jaclyn, what's up in your world? >> well, we have some slowdowns for drivers heading along westbound 580. we havhi


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