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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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town starting today. >> yes. actually it started yesterday from 3 to 8 p.m., it was jam- packed. it's always busy in the afternoon. a lot of people taking five-day weekends. hm. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> not us. >> a lot of people. >> good morning. right now we are tracking a couple of problems and it's slowing your ride down if you are heading along northbound 280 into san francisco right near 6th street there -- excuse me, between 101 and mariposa. we have traffic down to just two lanes. roadwork going on. caltrans should be wrapping up with that any minute but you can see these delays back up beyond 101 and your cruising speeds through that stretch around 20 miles per hour. so give yourself some extra time. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have reports of an accident right at the 80-880 split there. so far speeds just below the limit no major backup. but we are seeing a backup at
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the toll plaza just like clockwork. the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up to the foot of the maze. so far the eastshore freeway is still in the green. so we have that. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. got your green, got my gray. morning, everybody. 6:01. true to form it's "june gloom" on this last day of june. the sky is gray and we have drizzle due to the deep marine layer. but sunshine inland bright in mount vaca as we look out. 52 in santa rosa. 56 in livermore. the winds are breezy this morning 14 oakland under 10 in san francisco, 11 sfo. 23 fairfield. these winds will be consistent later today westerly 10 to 20. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. especially near the shore. wouldn't bank on mush sunshine in pacifica 62 degrees into the sunset district. 80 vallejo. 93 discovery bay. full 4th of july forecast coming up at 18 after the hour
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but right now back to devin and julie. thanks. the anchors of msnbc's morning joe are firing back at president trump this morning. they are responding to his personal attacks on twitter! jackie ward joins us now with the latest. they canceled a vacation just to respond to these tweets! i mean, that's dedication! they really had something to say. >> they did. we'll share that with you now. the hosts basically said they're fine but the country is not with president trump as our leader. they planned to take the day off to start vacation but as julie said they postponed their trip in order to answer questions following this so- called tweet storm. on their show yesterday mika and joe criticized the president as usual and that's when president trump went on twitter calling them low iq crazy mika and psycho joe. >> he is so easily played by a cable news host. now, what does that say to our allies? what does that say to our enemies? >> yesterday's white house briefing deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders defended
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the president saying, he was merely standing up for himself. >> the president has been mercilessly attacked on personal account by members on that program and i think he has been very clear that when he gets attacked, he is going to hit back. >> meanwhile, it was a busy day in washington yesterday. president trump announced a number of initiatives that will boost the u.s. energy dominance. the south korean president and his wife are visiting the white house and two bills were passed. some republican leaders including representative paul ryan say that the president's comments on twitter are a distraction and aren't helping their party's legislative goals. thank you. president trump will meet with russian president vladimir putin for the first time next week. the white house confirmed it will happen during the g20 summit in germany. it will be the first time they meet since mr. trump took office. so far, no specific agenda has been announced. and it's not clear if the president will bring up the issue of alleged russian interference in the 2016 election. that comes as a new report
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was published in the "wall street journal" about the hacking investigation. the journal claims that investigators have examined intelligence agency reports about how hackers wanted to steal hillary clinton's emails from her private email server and transfer them to michael flynn via an intermediary. special counsel robert mueller is leading the fbi investigation into whether any of president trump's associates colluded with russia to undermine clinton during the election. officials have confirmed that sarin nerve gas was used in a deadly attack last april. more than 90 people were killed many of them children. british foreign secretary boris johnson has urged international partners to unite and hold those responsible for the attack. the white house sent a warning to syria this week saying the military will pay a heavy price if it happens again. in germany, a landmark decision as lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage. the bill gives homosexuals in germany the same rights as
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heterosexuals. it will allow same-sex couples to marry and jointly adopt children. it's likely to pass through germany's upper house next week. once it's been officially signed into law, germany will enter the club of more than 20 countries where same-sex marriage is legal. tomorrow the silver state is going green. recreational marijuana will be officially become legal in nevada after 55% of voters approved a ballot measure in november. that means that dispensaries across the state will open to sell this weekend. the change is expected to draw tourists to las vegas. now, some lawmakers expect it to bring in as much as $150 million in just the first two years. until california begins its recreational marijuana dispensing next january, experts say nevada will likely have the nation's biggest market. as the golden state approaches that day the proposed senate bill is looking to ban state licensed businesses from offering t-shirts, hats and
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other merchandise that advertise it is marijuana products. the legislation was introduced by senator ben allen to crack down on marijuana marketing that appeals to children. months after a sex scandal rocked the oakland police department a voter-approved oversight commission is now taking shape. today is the deadline for applications for those applying to serve on it. voters approved measure ll in november. it replaces the city's police oversight process with a civilian panel empowered to make police personnel decisions beyond what the mayor is allowed to do. that means the commission will have the authority to fire the police chief. there is growing concern in the east bay over response times by fire crews. a station in brentwood is closing for good tomorrow. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in knightsen with details. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. the fire station is right behind me. it's closing its doors today. this is right before the 4th of july weekend when we know there are a lot of fire hazards,
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firefighters responding to numerous calls throughout the weekend. if there is an issue here in knightsen, that means these folks will have to wait for the next closest fire station to respond. the fire station is closing for a number of reasons including funding and staffing. the fire chief says the station continues to lose firefighters because there's little stability and the pay is lower compared to neighboring areas. voters said no to raising taxes three times. the station has already closed twice in the last five years. we spoke to firefighters in 2015 when the station was closing back then. >> i mean, minutes, seconds counsel. the cpr call or anything like that, you know, seconds count for us. >> reporter: east contra costa county fire protection district serves about 100,000 people and in 2010, the district had 8 stations with about 7 minutes response time. since then, it's gone to about
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10 minutes. that pushes the response time back 3 minutes. now, the district will go to just three stations one in brentwood, one in oakley and one station in discovery bay and as you can see, right now, it looks like some of the firefighters are coming back from a call. so these firefighters will be distributed to the remaining three stations. they say no one is getting laid off. live in knightsen, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. right now, crews are trying to contain a brush fire in san jose. chopper 5 was over the scene yesterday near i-680 and berryessa road. the fire was burning near homes but neighbors helped put it out. they were able to stop it before it did any damage. the fire is 75% contained. right now the alameda county sheriff's department is asking for your help in a homicide investigation. it just opened a public hotline to gather clues in a 2016 case. 37-year-old caesar placencia
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was shot and killed outside his home last november. it happened near california and wilson avenues in castro valley. police say placencia's two children a 9-year-old and 12- year-old were inside at the time but were not injured. anyone with information about this drive by shooting is asked to call the sheriff's anonymous tip line. the time now 6:09. taking action. next what lawmakers in palo alto are doing to help protect renters from unjust evictions. >> and here we go! it's the holiday weekend. and the fog and the low clouds, i'll talk about the impact it will have on fireworks on the 4th of july. >> you're tracking a couple of new hot spots for drivers in san jose. i'll have the details coming up. >> bart is planning major closures this weekend. what you need to know to avoid the delays.
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the vallejo- fairfield market.. ne in the a new real estate hotness index is full of bay area homes and get this, the vallejo fairfield market is considered number one in the nation. put together the list and says that homes in vallejo usually sell within 31 days. this san francisco-oakland hayward area is number 2 on the list. san jose is number 3. three palo alto city council members are working to make sure tenants won't get big rent hikes when leases lapse. they are not pushing rent control but want to prevent massive increases in rent and trying to prevent unjust evictions. they plan to present a memo on both issue us in september after the panel's summer break. after getting the okay from the city of san jose to build a
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megacampus, google has bought moreland the tech giant could potentially occupy 6 to 8 million square feet of office space near the "s.a.p. center." san jose city council agreed to the project earlier this month. they called it a once in a century opportunity. they say google will pay fair market value with no special deals or incentives. the campus would generate millions of dollars in tax revenue. you may want to give yourself extra time if you are on bart in fruitvale this weekend. tomorrow and sunday there will be no service between fruitvale and lake merritt. that's because crews are working on the tracks. you can catch a free shuttle bus during the closure but riders should expect 20 to 40- minute delays especially for service to the oakland airport. the time now is 6:14. let's get a check of our traffic. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we are tracking some bart delays right now already. so ten-minute delays, this is just recovering from an earlier problem.
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residual delays. this is if you are heading from san bruno into the east bay direction. so just a heads up if you have plans that take you over there. right now we are tracking no delays for caltrain and muni. a's looking a-okay. we are tracking some slowdowns for drivers heading to the south bay. we have an accident northbound 101 right near san tomas expressway out just to the shoulder back in the green. fantastic! speeds just below the limit. and if you are making your way into san francisco, along the northbound 280 extension, it's some overnight roadwork there. caltrans just wrapped up with that and we are just seeing a few slowdowns approaching 280 there as you are making your way along 101. thanks. good morning, 6:15. jaclyn was alluding to a little bit earlier that she had some drizzle on her way into the studio this morning. same for me. i was on that 580/680 corridor jumped on 580 rounded the bend
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towards the oakland zoo and bam, drizzle! needed the windshield wipers all the way into the bay bridge this morning where we have overcast skies. again it's "june gloom." it's inland. we have sunshine at mount vaca where currently it's 53 degrees there. 53 to 52 across the board. john miller is our weather watcher in santa rosa. he is reporting 53 degrees 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. the reason why it's warmer is you have that deck of cloudiness over santa rosa and yesterday it was clear. 233 in23 in fairfield. west winds due to the robust onshore push. 10 to 20 during the day. gusts to 30. fog and low clouds widespread and patchy this morning. we have clear skies in redwood city. here is what you need to know on this last friday of the month of june. today, similar to yesterday. near seasonal temperatures. pretty much all weekend long into the 4th of july. high pressure sure it is in
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command but again we have that robust onshore push. it's going to back off towards lunch hour today for your driving plans if you are heading out of town. just hanging very tight to the san mateo coast. meanwhile, we'll see the intrusion of the marine layer later on tonight pushing inland again but thinning out. we'll have earlier burnoff for your saturday into your sunday. but remaining cloudy most of the weekend in pacifica, moss beach, montara beach and also in half moon bay. 95 degrees state capital today. getting away to redding 104. triple digits also noted in fresno. seasonal in monterey bay, very little clearing 64. 80 in the greater lake tahoe area all weekend long. in between 60s to 90s. these temperatures very similar to thursday. it's very stagnant weather pattern through monday, seasonal on the 4th of july. so julie, what's going on with
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uber today? well, now in our tech report, ro, uber still remains a global powerhouse despite many recently reported problems. the on demand private driver app just reached 5 billion rides worldwide. lyft is its only main competitor here in the u.s. but uber has no competition outside of america since no other ride hailing app has gone fully global. those rides that cross that 5 billion mark spanned 24 countries on six continents. and this morning we are getting our first look at google's self-driving semi truck. google's self-driving car division "waymo" announced this month that it was getting in on the big rig action. the blue truck is reportedly fully equipped with sensors. no word on when they will hit the road. and instagram just rolled out a new tool that is designed to help stop internet trolls. users now have the option labeled hide offensive comments
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that can be applied to any photo or video. when activated it automatically behind comments from anyone except the person who posted it. the social media platform also launched a spam filter that deletes promotional comments from posts and videos. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, another raider shown the money yesterday and will the warriors go to the white house if they are invited? steve kerr's opinion on this matter may shock you! minaton to us at: c kpix-dot-com >> but first, what's cool about your summer camp? email your nomination to us at, and we may feature your camp on the thursday morning show. play of the day
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good morning. the raiders front office is acting like a group gearing up for a super bowl. they have salary caps cash and they are spending it. a week after derek carr signed a $125 million deal, the team opened their wallets for right guard gabe jackson. five-year extension worth up to $56 million. the raiders o line allowed a league low 18 sacks last year. and they are well compensated, as well. these are the current contracts with maximum incentive payouts. >> outside of what kevin durant and steph curry signing their new contracts, the biggest drama the warriors off season might be regarding their upcoming trip to the white house if invited. players have hinted they won't go but yesterday on the radio steve kerr said it could happen
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if president trump invites them. >> it's important to me that there's a respect for the office and for the institution. and that's why i would consider going. but i will be perfectly blunt and i know i'll anger people by saying this, i want the man who is sitting in the office to respect it. >> mr. kerr goes to the white house. that would be must-see tv. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. the play of the day the a's taking on the astros down in houston last night. former ace slugger josh redick at the plate in the 1st inning take a look. >> he is being overshadowed. >> in the air to right field. all the way back is joyce to the wall, jumping -- and he makes the phenomenal home run- saving catch! >> yeah. i think that guy thought he had a home run! certainly a catch for the man who replaced redick in right field, matt joyce and that's about as good as it got for the a's who lost 6-1 but matt joyce
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has your play of the day. fallout from what's being called a tweet storm continues this morning! the morning joe anchors react to what president trump tweeted yesterday, then president trump goes on twitter again to respond to them. >> plus, a look at who is accusing san jose police of improperly handling federal funds. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ it was a big, big win for us. >> others express outrage after a federal judge blocked one of the state's new gun control laws. >> to think you could lose your
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-- it's tough. >> dozens of homeowners across the state wait and watch as firefighters work to prevent flames from engulfing everything they own. >> and bracing for a breakthrough. negotiations under way in capitol hill as gop lawmakers work to revise a proposed healthcare bill. but first, the battle continues. the "morning joe" anchors and president trump are all responding this morning to the twitter storm. good morning, it's friday june 30. i'm julie watts. >> i'm devin fehely. >> we start this morning with kpix 5's jackie ward who joins us with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this twitter attack is continuing on twitter. the conversation is heating up. mika brzezinski and joe scarborough went on air this morning to say after being insulted on president on twitter they are worried about the future of the country with president trump as you our leader. >> he is so easily played! by a cable news host! you know what, does that say to our allies to our enemies?
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>> it didn't take long for the president to respond. he tweeted: >> reporter: then joe fired back tweeting: he also said he has texts from president trump's top aides and phone records and that the phone records prove that the two haven't spoken in months. so i'm assuming this will carry on throughout the morning. >> republican lawmakers have had a strong reaction to this. >> reporter: yes. some are saying that the president is continuing to disrespect women. others want him to issue an apology. and a lot of them want him to stop using twitter. instead, focus more energy on issues. the time now 6:30. and now to a live look outside. this is your morning rush hour. we're looking -- kind of foggy this morning but the traffic
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actually seems to be relatively light. what we can expect with our forecast. >> i was the only one on the road this morning. that used to be the scenario 21 years ago. now we have a commute at 3 a.m. people coming from tracy, mountain house all the way into san francisco. once you begin that commute, you're going to be greeted with a lot of condensation. don't be surprised if you are greeted with some drizzle all associated with that very deep marine layer. [ foghorn ] >> the coast is not clear! [ foghorn ] >> i think he heard the foghorn. now how about some cowbells? no, okay, all right. temperatures across the board right now are in the 50s. it's 52 in santa rosa. overcast. livermore you have gray skies. oakland socked in at 56. winds have been breezy again this morning 14 in oakland, 7 fremont. 10 in antioch. 23 fairfield. today with the highs in the 60s
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to 90s, we'll have gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. 90s inland. 93 in lake county. 4th of july forecast is coming up but right now, okay, jaclyn, we saw a slow commute on 880. what else is going on? >> reporter: right now, 880 is looking pretty good. it's back in the green in both directions if you are making your way between 238 and the maze. so nothing nasty about that nimitz. your drive times in the green. as you head further south along that portion of 880, we are starting to see a few brake lights as you make your way from 238 on down to decoto road highway 84 speeds at 35 miles an hour "slow, stop, go." travel time in the green though. over at sfo your ride on 101 looking great doing just fine in both directions along 280. a few slowdowns in that eastbound direction -- excuse
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me, westbound on 380. if you are making your way along 101 and heading to the golden gate bridge, we are tracking fog. you can see barely see the bridge but headlights heading southbound no problems getting into san francisco. right now hundreds of firefighters are battling a brush fire near camp pendleton in san diego county. the flames have burned more than 750 acres and crews are now lighting backfires creating dozer lines to protect nearby properties. so far, no reports of injuries. but an animal shelter is threatened and volunteers have been keeping an eye on the site ready to help with evacuations. >> every one of the dogs, the cats, the rabbits, i take very personally. we will get them out. they will be safe. >> fire crews say the flames are now about 70% contained. in los angeles county, firefighters are making progress on a brush fire burning in burbank. crews are attacking the flames on the ground and from the air.
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this morning, the fire is 80% contained. fire station in contra costa county will be shutting its doors tomorrow. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in knightsen where the closure has sparked concerns over response time. >> reporter: good morning. the knightsen fire station is right behind me. and this is closing right before the 4th of july holiday weekend. we know there are a lot of fire hazards and fire calls then. but for folks in knightsen they will have to wait for the next closest fire station to respond to any emergencies going forward. this station is closing in part because of funding and staffing. the fire chief says the station continues to lose firefighters because there's little stability and the pay is lower compared to neighbors. voters have said no to raising taxes three times. the station has already closed twice in the last five years. and back then in 2015, we spoke to firefighters when the station was closing. >> the response times are going to be longer. the crews are going to run more
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calls than they would on an average day. >> reporter: since 2010, the east contra costa county fire protection district response time has increased three minutes from 7 minutes to 10 minutes because several stations have closed and that's according to data from a 2016 report from city gate associate's. now the district serves about 100,000 residents in the area. the remaining fire stations open will be brentwood, oakley and discovery bay. and tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., they will have a closing ceremony here at the knightsen station. jessica flores, kpix 5. a new report this morning says san jose police did not properly handle federal funds. the police department was given a half million dollars over a three-year period. the u.s. department of justice says that some of the money was used to install blinds in a new police substation without a proper bid. federal officials say that's a conflict of interest. now, the report also found that police department did not spend all the money it received for
6:36 am
federal investigations. in sacramento, a suspect who investigators say shot a deputy in the jaw is scheduled to be in court today. police say nicory spann was arrested tuesday night after he shot the deputy while getting checked for a valid light rail ticket. officials say four-year veteran deputy alex ladwig is good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery although more surgery is to come. the suspect was found hiding in a nearby hotel not long after the shooting before he was taken into custody. police say he has an extensive criminal record including involvement in a double homicide. a federal judge has blocked one of california's new gun control laws just one day before it was supposed to take effect. prop 63 bans high capacity clips capable of holding more than 10 rounds. gun owners would have been required to relinquish then by saturday. but there was a suit. gun control advocates say this fight is not over. >> we think this is
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disappointing but hopefully there will be an appeal pretty quickly and we expect the court of appeal to reverse. >> the judge ruled the law criminalizes law-abiding citizens and takes away second amendment rights. decisions." the clock is ticking.. for lawmakers to reach a health care deal. they want to have a proposal.. before the holiday weekend. repeal the clock is ticking for lawmakers to reach a healthcare deal. they want to have a proposal before the holiday weekend. republicans are trying to repeal and replace obamacare. the legislation was pulled earlier this week because there wasn't enough votes to pass it. some lawmakers are worried about medicaid provisions. now republicans are making changes. one addition is a $45 billion fund for opiod treatment. >> that certainly is going to
6:38 am
be helpful to states like mine, in the grip of an opiod addiction crisis but it's not sufficient. there are so many issues with this bill. >> another provision is the ability to use health savings accounts to pay for premiums. california representative nancy pelosi said. time is 6: a major test. fornia power companies are preapring for the upcoming solar eclipse. plus: the impact that a global cyber time now 6:38. a major test. how california power companies preparing for the upcoming solar eclipse. >> plus the impact that a global cyber attack is still having on shipping this morning. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. stocks are up right now.
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online.. specifically of items from overseas.. might see a delay ages. due to the recent cyber attacks anyone who ordered products online specifically items ordered from overseas might see a delay in receiving them. the ransomware cyber attack that rippled across country sent dozens of manufacturers and companies -- hit dozens of manufacturers and companies and shut down the largest terminal at the port of los angeles that is still closed today. new details this morning on volkswagen's plan to build more charging stations. they plan to add more stations in disadvantaged communities. vw revised the proposal after an earlier version was rejected by the california air resources board. the plan is part of the more than $14 billion settlement the company made with state and federal officials after vw admitted to rigging vehicles to get around air pollution regulations. good news for san jose employees. starting tomorrow, minimum wage is going up. the new wage will reach $12 per
6:43 am
hour a buck 50 more than before and within a couple of years officials say it's expected to reach $15. starting tomorrow, it will cost you more to ride ac transit lines. the cost of a single adult ride is going up to $2.25. for youth seniors and disabled a single ride been $1.10. that's up from $1.05. the increases are slightly less for those using clipper cards. it's the first hike in six years. and the toll for the golden gate bridge is going up, too. starting monday, the toll is going up 25 cents. the highest toll for drivers will hit $7.75. bridge officials say the money is needed for maintenance and operation and with the new increase they will be making thousands more per day. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, bipartisan backlash to president trump's personal attacks on twitter. new reaction this morning on
6:44 am
how the white house is defending him. plus, a family stages a high- tech sting operation in their backyard to catch an alleged sexual predator. and we go for a dive off key biscayne to see how citizen scientists are helping to rebuild florida's coral reef. all that plus, the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00 and happy 4th of july. i'm celebrating early. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. with the patriotic hovel quickly approaching, the san francisco fire department will be holding a fireworks safety news conference in just a few hours. santa clara county fire and emergency officials are also warning people about the risk for injuries, burns and fires and wang to morgan hill this year anyone -- warning to morgan hill this year anyone caught discharging fireworks in july faces a fine of $300 at least. a lot of people will be traveling for the holiday weekend. aaa says it could be record-
6:45 am
breaking. >> that's right. the agency expects 44.2 million americans to travel for the 4th of july. of that number, more than 37 million are expected to drive more than 3 million expected to fly and aaa says that the numbers are so high this year because of lower gas prices and airfares. well, the time now is 6:45. let's get a check with our traffic with jaclyn. i'm guessing a lot of people not going to work just trying to get out of town to start the weekend. >> i think a lot of people are taking a four or five-day holiday weekend. we saw a lot of traffic yesterday morning usual in the morning commute. in the afternoon commute a lot of folks were leaving town and now today the same thing a lot of accidents now. >> no. >> got to be careful out there. pack that patience. you want to arrive at your destination safely. right now, we are tracking slowdowns along highway 4. now, this is the opposite commute direction. eastbound highway 4 right near solano way you can see we have speeds that drop below 20 miles per hour. and it is in the red from 680 so jam-packed in both
6:46 am
directions. and we are seeing the usual slowdowns as you head through pittsburg out of antioch. you will be tapping on those brakes right around 20 miles per hour. so you're looking at that travel time that continues to climb about 50 minutes now and we are tracking slowdowns along westbound 37. we do have reports of at least one lane blocked. that's right near lakeville highway. and there's only two lanes in that westbound direction so you can expect slowdowns to continue until they get that lane cleared just under 30 minutes from 80 to 101. southbound 101 dealing with the usual delays out of petaluma and we do have slowdowns approaching the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza from both richmond parkway as well as marina bay parkway so give yourself some extra time. it's continuing to be a very slow ride over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have about 22 minutes out of the maze heading into downtown san francisco. we're starting out with a
6:47 am
live look outside at ocean beach where the sun just coming up this morning. you can see plenty of gray skies. in fact, i think all of us had our windshield wipers on driving to work this morning with drizzle. roberta is in the weather center tracking what we can expect this weekend. a little drizzle, huh? >> a lot of drizzle typical for this time of the year. did you see the marks in the sand there? we did have high tide at 5:06 this morning. on our way right now the water is receding to low tide at 11:16 a.m. this is our live weather camera and we're trying to look past the bay bridge towards the port of oakland. but visibility is obscured due to the blanket of clouds. we have delaatsfo one hour and 18 minutes because of the clouds. if you are in the vacaville area, you're saying what clouds? you have the sunshine, the clear visibility. you have temperatures of 53 at mount vaca. san francisco 52. oh, it's 53 in santa rosa with a blanket of stratus, as well. weather watcher time.
6:48 am
brisk winds, everybody talking about the afternoon winds up to 20 gusts up to 30. same today. right now 14 in the oakland area. 10 in vallejo. fairfield winds 23. linda was reporting 25-mile-per- hour winds. we do have the stratus widespread. but notice it's patchy around in fact my weather watcher robert sullivan in redwood city reports clear skies there. so the bottom line is, what you need to know on this last friday of the month of june is we still have "june gloom" similar to yesterday. seasonal temperatures. and it will be cloudy at the coast for the 4th of july. sunshine away from the beaches. high pressure in command. robust sea breeze. clouds back off at lunchtime today just hang tight to the san mateo coast all day long. then push back onshore.
6:49 am
travel in towards the east bay hills overnight then back off relatively earlier on saturday and on sunday. so temperatures pretty much status quo. statewide today for the big getaway travel day 95 in stocked, davis and sacramento. fresno triple digits. 90 at half dome. 80 in the greater lake tahoe area. 43 degrees now in truckee, low visibility due to fog. temperatures today here locally, 60s through 90s. safety push - to keep sharks away from people. enjoy your holiday weekend. in southern california, drones are part of the safety
6:50 am
push to keep sharks away from people. a man flying a drone over a state beach in orange county says it saw a 6-foot great white moving towards swimmers! he showed the lifeguard his video and soon a boat rushed to help the people in the water. this kind of rescue is dangerous. >> they have done tests where they are dragging stuff behind boats and great white sharks like the element of surprise. they come out of the water and they are going for towed devices. i was praying to god above that i wasn't about ready to witness somebody get hit. >> data from the drones show the swimmers were separated from the great white sharks by 900 feet. utility companies are getting busy preparing for a period without sun during peak daylight hours which could eat into their solar power output. we are talking the eclipse. an independent operator of california's high voltage grid says the organization says particles in the air could mess
6:51 am
with the air-conditioning for utilities after the power is back on. >> if that is the case, and we do get it into a place where we have to, we will call a "flex alert" and ask people to help us conserve. >> overall people shouldn't be concerned about losing power and probably won't be able to tell the difference. new video this morning of nasa's rocket launch lighting up the skies over the east coast. the launch had been delayed several times because of bad weather. but it finally blasted off from virginia yesterday morning. the sounding rocket will help nasa test a new system that supports studies of the ions fear and aurora. an east bay fire station shutting its doors. we'll tell you why it's closing for the third time. that story coming up. >> plus, the policy changes that the university of california system is making in the wake of numerous sexual harassment scandals.
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i'm jessica flores live in novato zen where the only fire station in town will close tomorrow in knightsen. this is coming before the 4th of july holiday. for folks here if there is an emergency the next closer fire station will respond. the station here is closing because of funding and staffing. the fire chief says the station loses firefighters because there's little stability and the pay is lower. voters have said no to raising revenue through taxes three times. we spoke to firefighters in 2015 when the station was closing back then. >> minutes and seconds count. the cpr call or anything like that, you know, seconds count. >> reporter: the district
6:56 am
serves about 100,000 people in the area. it will go to just 3 stations one in brentwood, one in oakley, and one station in discovery bay. now, tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., here at the knightsen station, they will have an official closing ceremony. it's 6:56. it's time for your "final 5. the anchors every nbc's "morning joe" are firing back. both called twitter comments sexist inflammatory and lawmakers are imploring president trump to lay off social media. yesterday the president took to social media calling them low iq crazy mika and psycho joe. it didn't take long for the president to respond to the anchors today. this morning he tweeted: in ger a landmark decision-- as lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage this morning. the bill gives homosexual
6:57 am
coup in germany a landmark decision as lawmakers vote to legalize same-sex marriage this morning. the bill gives homosexuals in germany the same rights as heterosexuals. the university of california is laying out new rules for handling sexual harassment accusations. under those rules, complainants will now have input into a respondent's discipline. a federal judge has blocked one of california's new gun control laws just days before it was supposed to take effect. prop 63 bans high capacity clips capable of holding more than ten rounds. the suspect who shot a sacramento county sheriff's deputy this week is scheduled to be in court today. police say nicory spann shot the deputy in the jaw tuesday night. and we continue to track slowdowns for drivers heading along eastbound 4 all due to an accident. you're slow as you approach 680 and things start to clear up by the time you get to 242. but 24 minutes from loveridge to 680. an earlier problem along highway 37 has us in the yellow
6:58 am
for drivers making their way between 80 and 101 about 30 minutes. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are stuck in the yellow for drivers heading along the eastshore freeway as well as from the maze into san francisco. be safe out there on this holiday weekend. roberta? >> good morning, everybody. it is "june gloom" on this very last day of june along the coast. but inland we have the abundance of sunshine. temperatures wise right there in mount vaca 53. it's 53 degrees in redwood city. clear there. livermore overcast. the bottom line is, the warmest day will be today and sunday low 90s. it really won't get warm anywhere near the water and the fireworks forecast calls for overcast conditions near the bay but clear skies inland for the alameda county fair fireworks on tuesday evening. the 4th of july. 60s maybe a hint of sunshine in pacifica. clearing bayside up to 70 in oakland and alameda. mid-70s across the peninsula. really refreshing. low 80s san jose which is spot
6:59 am
on for this time of the year. nearly 90 in santa rosa. 80s and 90s east bay. outside number will be 93 degrees in the discovery bay area. also to the north in lakeport. and you will notice a string of days in the 90s seasonal conditions even slightly below average on the 4th of july. so coastal clouds at the beaches. mid-80s inland for the 4th of july. if you are thinking about something to do tonight, this is fantastic! been there done it, get on the field, you look at the big jumbo screen you get to watch the opera in the park. this weekend the fillmore jazz festival partly cloudy in san francisco. stern grove festival that's always fun at golden gate park. it will be on sunday partly cloudy, high 50s dress in layers. alameda county fairgrounds we got ourselves a big fair going on there. great eating, 87 degrees. and by the way, taking place today i do want to say congratulations to steven seaweed of duboce retiring
7:00 am
after 44 years on bay area radio. he is a legend. >> congratulations. thanks for watching. your next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, june 30th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." lawmakers from both parties blast president trump for his personal attacks against two tv hosts. angry republicans ask him to show respect. they say his comments are beneath the dignity of the office. a multistate manhunt is under way for a driver who shot and killed a teenage girl in a suspected road rage attack. plus an oklahoma dad showed how he set up a sting in the backyard to catch a suspect accused of trying to seduce his underage daughter. and off the florida coast where scientists


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