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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 30, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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after 44 years on bay area radio. he is a legend. >> congratulations. thanks for watching. your next local update is 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, june 30th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." lawmakers from both parties blast president trump for his personal attacks against two tv hosts. angry republicans ask him to show respect. they say his comments are beneath the dignity of the office. a multistate manhunt is under way for a driver who shot and killed a teenage girl in a suspected road rage attack. plus an oklahoma dad showed how he set up a sting in the backyard to catch a suspect accused of trying to seduce his underage daughter. and off the florida coast where scientists are trying to save an underworld.
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an entire eco system and billions of dollars are at stake. but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. low iq crazy mika came to mar-a-lago around new year's eve and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. >> outrage over president trump's tweets. >> this is a president who fights fire with fire and will not be bullied by liberal media. >> that's unacceptable behavior from the president of the united states and i'm quite frankly sick of it. >> he's a trash talker. when he gets pissed off a that's what he does. >> you crazy lun atick 70-year-old man baby, stop it. >> unbelievably alarming that this president is so easily played. he's so easily played by a cable news host. >> in texas, two police officers are hospitalized following a shoot-out. >> this is a grim reminder of how dangerous it can be. >> dangerous high-speed chase
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leads authorities through two states and into a corn field. this all started with a purse snatching near louisville. >> this is going to definitely terminate here right now. >> hot dry weather continues to fuel a wave of wildfires in the west. >> there's crews on the ground, crews in the air. >> tennis star venus williams blamed by police in florida for a deadly car accident. no charges have been filed. >> all that -- >> one st. louis couple returns from the gym to find their car like this. >> just another reminder it's not worth going to the gym. >> a classical music fan crashes a world-famous orchestra's performance. >> he's probably thinking, can you people keep it down. >> -- and all that matters. >> pittsburghers are honoring a major league umpire who stopped a woman from committing suicide. >> when he hear the roar of the fan, he knew it was for him. >> -- on "cbs this morning." after months of stops and starts and court battles, the president's revised travel ban is in effect. >> the supreme court last week okayed partial implementation of
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the ban and then will revisit the full ban when it hears oral arguments in october, which will be followed by oral arguments with your family at thanksgiving. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment. so david westin, the co-anchor of "bloomberg daybreak" is here. >> i've gone two whole days without talking about buying yield curves so i'm feeling really good. feeling really good. >> you're welcome. that's what we do for you. >> thank you very much, gayle. >> it is friday. a lot of news to talk about. >> high-ranking republicans are telling president trump to start acting like a head of state after his newest twitter outburst. the president called morning tv hosts joe scarborough and mika brzezinski two to of his more persistent critics crazy mika and psycho joe. >> he claimed brzezinski was
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bleeding badly from a facelift when they met in florida just after christmas. scarborough and brzezinski responding in t"the washington post" this morning under the headline, "donald trump is not well." they say the president lied about what happened at mar-a-lago. >> nancy cordes is on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. the president is used to being criticized for his tweets but what's different this time is the ferocity of response from republicans, some of them practically begging him to knock it off, others calling his comments, quote, not normal or beneath the dignity of his office. >> i'm fine. my family brought me up really tough. but i am very concerned as to what this once again reveals about the president of the united states. >> reporter: the hosts of "morning joe" say the president's twitter attack reflects a disturbing pattern of behavior. >> he for some reason takes things so much more personally with women.
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he's so much more vicious with women. he always goes after mika and it's always personal about mika, and he packed about five lies into the tweets. >> reporter: on capitol hill yesterday the reaction to mr. trump's tweets was swift and bipartisan. >> tweets like are this inconsistent with the greatness of the country. >> he demeans women and more than that he has demeaned himself. >> reporter: more than 50 lawmakers took to twitter themselves. republicans asking the president to stop it, saying his comments don't help our national dialo e dialogue, urging him to model decency and respect in the wake of the shooting of gop congressman steve scalise. >> believe me, she would not be my first choice. >> reporter: during the campaign, mr. trump mocked women who accused him of sexual harassment and attacked looks of both his female opponents, carly fiorina and hillary clinton. susan collins says he's an equal opportunity insulter. >> all of us get frustrated at
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times but that doesn't mean that we should strike out with language that really is not befitting a public official. >> reporter: more than one lawmaker noted that mrs. trump has chosen cyber bullying as a cause. in november she was asked about her husband's twitter habits on "60 minutes." >> you never say to him, come on. >> i did. >> she does. >> of course i did. >> reporter: but on thursday the first lady defended her husband saying, when he gets attacked he will punch back ten times harder. >> reporter: the hosts of "morning joe" say beyond the vulgarity of president trump's comments he also lied about their encounters with him. they say they never met with him three times at mar-a-lago as he claims and they add that mika brzezinski had not had a facelift before that meeting. >> cord kor, thank you. we'll hear from the president again this morning after another round of talks with the new leader of south korea.
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president moon jai ae-in and hi wife had dinner with president trump last night. >> reporter: the u.s. and south korea want to demonstrate. trump held an evening strategy session with newly elected south korean president moon to discuss the threat posed by nuclear armed north korea. >> i know you've been discussing with our people some of the complexities of north korea and trade and other things and we'll be discussing them all. >> reporter: but the allies have different views on how to deal with pyongyang. president moon favors diplomacy while mr. trump is already ratchetting up the pressure on kim jong-un's regime. >> it's clear that we can't repeat the same approach, failed approach of the past. >> reporter: h.r. mcmaster
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described that threat as too immediate to consider lengthy negotiations. >> so the president has directed us not to do that and to prepare a range of options including a military option, which nobody wants to take. >> reporter: treasury secretary steve mnuchin announced new sanctions thursday against a chinese bank that he accused of laundering money for north korea. the u.s. is hoping to make it too costly for kim jong-un to continue his nuclear and missile programs. and with three americans still being held in north korea, secretary of state rex tillerson is considering banning travel there by u.s. citizens. but white house aides have torpedoed tillerson's picks for top state department jobs including his choice to lead the team of diplomats handling north korea. out of 188 state department posts requiring senate confirmation, only 23 ambassadors have been nominated and six confirmed. frustration reached a boiling point here at the white house last friday. according to one aide, tillerson had a, quote, spirited exchange
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in a meeting with chief of staff reince priebus and jared kushner about those delays. now, the secretary will participate in the president's meeting today with the south korean leader. the two will make statements in a few minutes but they are not expected to take any questions, gayle. >> okay. margaret, that phrase spirited exchange. think about that for a second. next week, big week for president trump, who's meeting with vladimir putin for the first time nose to nose at the g-20 summit. what are you expecting? >> reporter: that could be a spirited exchange. russia sees this as an opportunity to rebuild relss from this cold war era low. it's also potentially the first time mr. trump could confront vladimir putin about his country's meddling in the 2016 election. but we know from the president's national security adviser h.r. mcmaster that there's no agenda. he said, quote, it will be whatever the president wants to talk about.
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we don't know. will he press russia to stop propping up bashar al assad and its military interference in ukraine? we don't know. it happens in the middle of this ongoing fbi probe in the contact between russian officials and trump campaign associates. the president denies, of course, any collusion on that front, gayle. >> all right. thank you very much, margaret. the trump administration's revived travel ban is in effect this morning but faces a new legal challenge. some protesters gathered last night at los angeles international airport and other u.s. airports as the partial ban took effect. it limits entry for people from six mostly muslim countries. travelers from those nations must have a close family member in the u.s. or be coming here for school or a job. kris van cleave is at dulles the international airport outside washington with how a definition
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of close family member facing some criticism now. kris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. think back to january and the chaos and confusion that was happening here at dulles and at airports across the country. we're not seeing that this morning. now what we're seeing instead is people with a visa are allowed to come to the u.s., but now there's a legal battle over what continue substitutes bona fide family. >> most muslims feel this isn't the best way to promote peace. >> reporter: the trump administration's new visa rules or so-called travel ban did not prompt the protest at the nation's airports we saw in january. but the executive order's narrow definition of a family is already prompting a legal battle. >> it does affect people. it tears families apart. >> reporter: earlier this week the supreme court partially revived the ban but allows visas to be granted if they have a close familial relationship with someone in the u.s. the state department defined that close relationship as a parent, in-laws, a spouse, a child, or a sibling, and late last night the government added
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fiance. but brothers and as i remembers in law, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles are not considered by the government to be close. the state department is defending that decision. >> we received the family definition from federal law and we received the family definition and for whatever reason it doesn't include grandparents, but we were going along with what federal law states. >> i was raised by my grandparents, so the idea of grandparents not being part of a family is very foreign to me. >> reporter: last night hawaii asked a district judge to stop enforcing the ban and to clearly state what makes a bona fide relationship. civil liberties groups say they are anticipating further legal challenges. >> we feel like we're going to keep winning to be honest and we're not going to get sick of winning. >> reporter: there are other exceptions to the executive order that include people with direct business ties to the u.s., journalists, adopted children, and people seeking urgent medical attention here in the u.s.
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the supreme court is set to hear arguments on this new executive order in the fall. david? >> thanks. iraq's prime minister has declared an end to the islamic state's so-called caliphate and in syria, the last remaining isis fighters in raqqah are surrounded by u.s.-backed forces. holly williams traveled to a raqqah village where she met men and women who fell under the influence of isis and joined the group. he is the in northern syria with what life is like inside isis. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. america's anti-isis envoy bret mcguirk said this week the u.s. mission in syria is to make sure all foreign isis fighters still in raqqah die in raqqah. but we've been meeting with a group of former isis fighters who either defected or were captured. some were men, others just teenagers. all of them served time in prison for fighting with isis and have now been released and
7:14 am
reunited with their families. america's allies on the ground here in syria say they've been reformed. al baghdadi and others led a reign of terror, a vicious interpretation of islam unrecognizable to the vast majority of muslims. but ali hamed, a former fighter, said he joined isis not because he wanted to kill in the name of his religion but out of desperation. we were hungry, he told us, and there were no job opportunities. tens of thousands wer fleeing raqqah as they close in on the extremists. at a refugee camp these indonesian women told us they joined isis in 2015 traveling 5,000 miles because they believed isis propaganda. >> if you go there, you move to their place, you go to the paradise because you are the real muslim. >> reporter: in reality they told us they were abused and the male relatives imprisoned by the
7:15 am
extremists because they refused to fight. they ran away two weeks ago they said and are too frightened of retribution from isis to show their faces. >> reporter: isis and its so-called islamic state prey on poverty and ignorance. they claim to be waging a holy war against the west. in truth, they've inflicted terrible harm on muslims. norah? >> great reporting, holly williams in syria. thank you. a manhunt is underway for a suspect who killed a recent high school graduate in a suspected road rage attack. 18-year-old bianca roberson was shot in the head just before her car veered off a road in the philadelphia suburb. anne-marie green is following the hunt for the killer. >> reporter: recent high school graduate and honor roll student 18-year-old bianca nicole roberson was on her way home when police say she encountered
7:16 am
nother driver on the road. >> another car, a red pickup truck, merged in at the same time, and the man in the red pickup truck pulled out a gun and shot her in the head, killing her. this is now a murder case. >> reporter: police in pennsylvania say they're looking for a white male driving a red pickup truck seen here in this blurry traffic camera image. >> so that man who fired the shot, turn yourself in now. >> reporter: roberson graduated from high school two weeks ago and had plans to attend college in the fall. >> she was a good girl, honor roll student looking forward to going to college. >> reporter: investigators say roberson's car hit a tree shortly after leaving the road and that the incident was a random sense of violence. >> if he's doing this in a moving vehicle or just to be first in line at merger, i mean, i just can't fathom what would bring someone to that. >> reporter: well, officials say
7:17 am
counselors will be available at the high school where she just graduated offering to help students deal with this sudden loss. david? >> okay. anne-marie, thanks so much. a high-speed chase came to a dramatic end in an indiana cornfield. it started in louisville, kentucky, where the driver was wanted in a string of purse robberies. police with guns swarmed the red pickup when it finally ended in the field. pretty dramatic footage in the cornfield in indiana. the holiday weekend could set new travel records. trip a estimates at least 44 million people would travel 50 niles from home, including me. that would be the busiest independence day travel weekend ever. travel editor peter greenberg is here. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the airports. what should people expect? >> slower times. as they phase in the new security rule, be prepared, secondary screening. not just the conveyor belt but a secretary screening at the gates
7:18 am
where they'll actually ask you to take out your computer again maybe and turn it on. >> what about the people behind the scenes loading on the baggage or putting on the food? >> that's what they're talking about. they're going to start vetting more the catering trucks. the guys who drive the truck, the rampers, even as far back as the catering facility before they even get to the airport because once they lock up those catering trucks it goes right to the plane. >> does this apply domestically as well as internationally, as a practical matter? >> absolutely. all the airlines affected by the laptop ban can get out of that ban by performing these sorts of screening service s gas prices haven't been this low since 2005. how does that affect travel? >> 37.5 million people will be on the road, you too. that's great. when you're dealing with gas prices around $2 a gallon, that's a great deal. yes, more people on the road. keep in mind, gallup reports 47% of u.s. adults are less likely to want to travel overseas right now. as a result, you have a global
7:19 am
buyers market in travel. meaning foreign airlines increasing their capacity at 61%. never at this time of the year. coach air fares down 23% over last year and international fares ridiculous. a friend of mind weekend to ireland from los angeles. what do you think the price was? >> $300? >> $130. haw of supply and demand, now is the time to do it. >> i'm glad to know you have friends. >> what was that? >> that was a lit cold. >> should i give up my number? thank you, peter. always good to see you. >> thank you, gayle. we have to go to something serious. police say venus williams is at fault in a car crash that led to a man's death.
7:20 am
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one father went to extraordinary lengths to protect his teenaged daughter from an alleged predator. >> it happened in the mid of the night in rural oklahoma. the dad had a tent up and a camera rolling. how did the dad know the man was on his way. we'll tell you about the cell phone app the father used that tipped him off. >> that's coming up on "cbs this morning." "cbs this morning"po >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. ['beep' 'beep'] all the better to tease you with, my dear. that was good. where to? gee gees. get ready to spin your own tale... introducing an all-new crossover. toyota c-hr. toyota. let's go places. outer layer of your tooth surface. enamel is the white, the more that we can strengthen
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right now in san jose, crews are trying to contain this brush fire near i-80 and "berryessa road." the flames have burned acres. good morning, it's 7:26. i'm julie watts. right now, in san jose, crews are trying to contain this brush fire near i-80 and berryessa road. the flames have burned more than 85 acres. officials say the fire is now 75% contained. one of california's new gun control laws is on hold. a federal judge blocked prop 63 days before it was supposed to take effect. it would have banned high capacity clips capable of holding more than 10 rounds. raffic and weather in just a moment.
7:27 am
good morning, time now 7:27. a motorcycle accident blocking
7:28 am
one lane along southbound 880 right near mowry. you can see the traffic is backing up beyond the dumbarton bridge there. speeds drop below so miles an hour. give yourself some extra time if you are headed there. 680 an alternate is in the green. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, slow along the eastshore freeway as well as you make your way from the maze into san francisco. 22 minutes along that stretch. i want to share with you again the golden gate bridge view because keep in mind the span is about 220 feet up off the bay waters there. and we can't see the tower so that leads me to believe that the ceiling is roughly down about 200, 300 feet. that's why we have 1 hour, 18- minute delays at sfo. we are in the 50s climbing to highs today 60s, 70s, 80s and low 90s. ♪[ music ] >> no sunshine at the beaches. otherwise mostly sunny skies. brisk west wind to 20.
7:29 am
7:30 am
take a look right there. those are firefighters from l.a. county. they just got dropped off by one of those fire hawks. you can see those guys out there. look how tiny they are compared to the battle they're going to have to do out there. they're going to start working to stop that fire at the top of the hill. you can see where the fire started ripping up the hillside so quickly. a lot of active flames. those firefighters they dropped off, key parts to making this fire stop. helicopters dropping water. >> wow. the helicopter reporter for a los angeles station give us a unique perspective of the big fight the firefighters are facing in southern california. they were able to stop the fire in malibu yesterday from reaching any homes. when you see that picture, it puts it all in perspective. seems like they need a lot more firefighters. >> real courage there.
7:31 am
>> they have a lot of work to do there. welcome back to "cbs this morning." charlie is on assignment. david westin, co-anchor of "bloomberg daybreak" is here for charlie rose. >> trying to keep up with the two of you. >> good luck. >> that's exactly right. i need luck. >> you're okay. president trump is calling for action right away to repeal he tweeted this morning, "if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and then replace at a later date." >> his tweet comes as they revise the health care bill. that effort appears to be in disarray as congress leaves for the july fourth holiday. new data from the nonpartisan congressional budget office showing big me cade reductions is a further complication. >> here's a look at this morning other headlines. the "chicago sun-times" says about 20 federal agents have been assigned to chicago to take on that city's gun violence.
7:32 am
the president tweeted this morning, crime and killings in shick have reached such epidemic proportions i am sending in federal help. chicago asked the attorney general for more resources a few months ago. agents will form a special strike force with city and state police. their job will be to identify suspects and solve gun crimes. >> "the indianapolis star" reports that president trump nominated indiana's top doctor for surgeon general. dr. jerome adams is indiana state health commissioner. he was appointed in 2014 by then indiana governor mike pence. adams presided over a major hiv outbreak in scott county. he strongly backed a needle exchange program and that is credited with helping to stop the outbreak. he tweeted he's honored by the surgeon general nomination. >> "the miami herald" reports venus williams is at fault in a deadly car crash. 78-year-old jerome larson was critically hurt in a two-car
7:33 am
wreck earlier this month in palm beach gardens. he died 13 days later. dana jacobson is here with what this mean for the 11th ranked player on the women's tour. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police did not charge or cite venus in the crash but the officer on scene found her at fault for violating the right of way. that could have ramifications for the 37-year-old tennis champion. on june 4th, venus williams made an unexpected early exit at the french open. five days later she was back in the news off the court for a serious car accident in palm beach gardens, florida. according to police reports, williams said she was traveling northbound trying to cross a six-lane roadway on a green light when traffic forced her to stop at an intersection. at the same time, a driver headed west told police her light had just changed from red to green and as she entered the intersection, williams cut in front of her. the woman was unable to stop and
7:34 am
crashed into williams' suv. 68-year-old linda barson was driving that car. her husband of 35 years, 78-year-old jerome, was in the passenger seat. both were injured but jerome died almost two weeks later. williams said she didn't see the barsons' car coming. her attorney released a statement saying williams was traveling at five miles per hour when mrs. barson crashed into her. he also called the accident unfortunate adding that venus expresses her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one. police did say she was at fault, raising the question of whether she could face criminal charges for barson's death. >> chances are she probably will not be prosecuted anyway because the facts are just not clear for the prosecutor to say beyond a reasonable doubt she's going to be found guilty of something that's criminal. >> reporter: florida trial attorney chip merlin said civil liability is another matter.
7:35 am
>> she might be held liable in a court of law for negligence. of course, that's up to a jury to determine how a reasonable person would act under the circumstances. >> reporter: another witness told police barson had the green light when williams' car crossed in front of her. the accident is still under investigation and venus williams is preparing to play in wimbledon and that gets under way monday in london. >> terrible story. >> accident. horrible accident. >> thank you, dana. >> thank you. today marks one year since an american newlywed became a prisoner in venezuela. the case has become a focus for the trump administration. police in caracas arrested josh holt last summer on weapons charges. he was also accused of trying to undermine venezuela's government. the holtz family says the 25-year-old traveled from utah only to marry his fiancee. tony spoke with his parents. >> reporter: good morning. they learned spanish as a mormon missionary and say he looked forward to life with his wife.
7:36 am
instead he's become a hostage and held as a political pawn. >> please, lord, please, bring him home. please let this end. put my family back together. >> reporter: laurie holt and her husband jason aren't sure they can bear another year of worry over the safety of their imprisoned son, josh. >> for a mother you can't explain how much it hurts. >> i would trade places in a heart beat. i've lived my life. let him come back and live his now. >> they were optimistic when they learned their son was arrested last summer. >> i thought they'll sit down and we'll get him home in the next couple weeks. he's innocent. there's no way that they can look at this kid, look in his background, and find anything that he's done. >> reporter: jason and laurie say josh traveled to venezuela to marry tamara, a woman he had met online. >> i think at that age you still haven't experienced life yet and you do things for love that maybe somebody at our age wouldn't do.
7:37 am
>> he went there to marry the love of his life and start his own life. >> reporter: but about two weeks after the wedding venezuelan police raided the apartment he shared with his new wife, claiming to find an ak-47 and a hand grenade. police arrested the couple. later on state television, the interior minister called holt a gringo and linked him to unspecified u.s. attempts to undermine embattled president maduro. sund like josh? >> no. he's a vibrant kid, always had a smile on his face. >> that is our best memories of sitting around our island, cracking jokes. that has not been something we've done literally in a year because there's nothing to crack a joke about. >> reporter: as the months rolled by, josh's parents say he grew sickener prison, dropping more than 50 pounds. in a letter he described a horrible place where demons stroll the hallways. >> he's angry at god, angry at
7:38 am
our government, he's very depressed. he has at times been suicidal. >> today i humbly ask the new trump administration -- >> reporter: in january laurie holt issued a plea to the white house and the family has been pleased with the trump administration's interest in the case. >> i can't get any higher than what i've gotten in my government. i reached the top and can't go any farther. >> reporter: still they're calling on president to do more. >> please push harder. we need this to be over. we need him to be home. we need to be whole as family again. >> if josh happens to see this for some reason, what would you want him to know? >> how much we love him. >> i love you, buddy. we won't give up. >> reporter: holt's wife tamara is also in prison and her mother who lives in venezuela believes her daughter and son-in-law were framed. cbs news called the venezuela government's press office for comment on this story and the
7:39 am
operator transferred us to someone but no one ever picked up the phone. gayle? >> oh, gosh. glad you're telling the story, tony. people are listening. hopefully it will lead to a good resolution there. thank you very much. a father takes matters into his own hands after he says a man pursued his 15-year-old daughter online. how he set up a trap to catch him. plus, kensington palace with how the royal palace will honor partnership says diana tomorrow. it would have been her 56th birthday tomorrow. hard to believe. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. 's hard to believe. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people stay alive
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an oklahoma father carried out an elaborate sting to catch an alleged sexual predator. he said the man was targeting his 15-year-old daughter. police say jeremy dewayne gibson pursued the girl online and went to her home to have sex with her. but when he arrived, her family tackled him and took him to the ground.
7:44 am
david begnaud spoke with the girl's father in del city, a suburb of oklahoma city. >> reporter: good morning. it happened in this backyard. the family had it all set up. the father put this tent as a decoy and had this camera right here as it was rolling so it would capture the moment the man walked into the backyard. earlier that day the dad had gone to the police and said, hey, here are the explicit messages that the man was exchanging with my daughter. then he got word he was coming to the family home that night and he said i have to do something so he got a wife and a few of husband kiss suns and set up a family sting operation. when jeremy gibson arrived at this home around 12:30 last thursday morning he probably didn't expect this surprise. he was tackled the ground and had his hands and feet zip tied. the teenage girl he thought was in that tent turned out to be a grown woman. did you have any trepidation someone might get hurt in all this? >> the thought did cross my mind, yes, very much so. but the situation outweighed
7:45 am
though thoughts. >> reporter: the father, who asked us not to reveal his name, says gibson recently began sending facebook messages and nude pictures to his daughter. do you think he knew she was 15? >> yes, i do. >> do you think your daughter under what she was opening herself up to? >> i don't think she did. i do think she does now. >> reporter: the dad said he was tipped off to his daughter's online chats through an app he was using called family time. that enabled him to monitor his daughter's cell phone. >> he was messaging her and encouraging her to meet him, kind of setting up a situation where she would lose her virginity with him. >> reporter: so this dad filed a police report. but late they're day he saw messages indicating gibson was meeting his daughter at the family's house that night. so he hatched a plan. essentially you made a citizen's arrest. >> correct. >> what did you tell him? >> he stepped into the wrong backyard. >> he was charged one count of using technology to engage a minor in sexual relations.
7:46 am
did it without hrming him or leaving any marks on him. >> reporter: he said the family operation was, quote, almost profession professional. >> we never encourage people to take the law into their own hands. >> if i wasn't involved as i am, i don't know when i would have caught this. that scares me, not just for my children and my family but for other children and other families. >> reporter: jeremy gibson is out of jail this morning. he bounded out. we sent a producer to his house and called him but couldn't reach him. it's worth noting the suspect was saying he was coming here and going to the tent to show the girl the error of her ways. the father doesn't believe that. i do want you to know the dad said i wasn't trying to hurt this guy. once they tackled him, he said i gave up and said that's it. the dad said i just wanted to stop him and turn him over to the police. >> you know who else doesn't believe mr. gibson? anybody listening to you talk right now. he wants to show her the error of her ways. how creepy you're going to her house knowing she's going to be in the tent.
7:47 am
knowing she's 15. go, dad. i like that dad. i like family time app too. nicely done. police say do not try that but it worked that time. a futuristic plan to deliver internet service is taking flight. ahead, a breakthrough in fate book to connect drones to people in most remote places on earth. and we'll hear from woman who kept her pregnancy a secret from her husband when he was deployed overseas for six months. was it a good idea or not? >> there was disagreement at the table. >> i would not like it if my wife did that. >> news flash, your wife would never do that.
7:48 am
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county have confirmed that a station in "knightsen" is shutting down, tomorrow. the closure stems from a lack of 's i'm devin fehely. fire officials in contra costa county have confirmed that a station in knightsen is shutting down tomorrow from a lack of funding and staffing sparking concerns over response times in an emergency. it's about to cost more to cross the golden gate bridge. starting tomorrow the toll is going up 25 cents? >> the highest toll for drivers will be $7.75. the ticket for a ferry is also going up by 50 cents. raffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. 7:57. we continue to track slowdowns for drivers heading into fremont all due to an earlier motorcycle crash that still has
7:58 am
some lanes blocked. you can see the backup stretches beyond highway 84 stretching closer to highway 92. so if you are heading there, give yourself some extra time. emergency crews are on the scene. give them some space too and scoot over to the other lanes. heading out of hayward to foster city, san mateo bridge looking okay. a little crowded but we are tracking one-way traffic control all due to an accident on highway 92 at bigs canyon road so delays between one and two two. happy friday. happy end of the month of june! we have "june gloom" going all the way into the first weekend of july. socked in right now. areas of drizzle at the beach and the bay. temperatures pretty uniform in the 50s. except now jumping out at 60 in san jose but cloudy skies and calm winds there. winds pick up westerly 10 to 20 later today gusts up to 30. no sunshine at the beaches. partial clearing around the bay. 65 to 70. full forecast around the peninsula into the mid-70s.
7:59 am
we have 93 degrees our outside number in discovery bay. similar through sunday.
8:00 am
>> president trump meet with the president of south korea and tomorrow would have been princess diana's birthday. see what her sons are doing. >> they're telling president trump to start acting like head of state after his latest out burst. >> what's different is the response. >> he appears to have a fragile
8:01 am
impettous child like ego we have seen over and over again. >> the u.s. and south korea want to demonstrate they're on the same page as north korea makes progress toward a nuclear tipped missile that could hit the u.s. >> think back to january in the chaos and confusion. we're not seeing that this morning. instead people with a visa are still able to come to the u.s. but now there's a lee fwal battle brewing. >> a holiday weekend could set new records. more than 44 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home. >> an extraordinary moment at the french open. he lost his cool and put his putter into the lake. his mom waded in after it to fetch it for him. >> do it. >> oh that's brilliant. oh they're going to have such a chuckle about that. >> good morning to you.
8:02 am
i'm gayle king. he's co-anchor of bloomberg network. sorry about that david. president trump is getting bipartisan backlash for a pair of tweets insulting them. the show speaks badly of them and he called them low i.q. crazy mika and psycho joe and also claimed she was bleeding badly from a facebook during her visit on new year's eve. they both say that's a lie. >> it's been fascinating and frightening and really sad for our country. i've been getting a lot of texts and hearing you all talking. thank you. i'm fine. my family brought me up really tough. this is absolutely nothing but for me personally. but i am very concerned as to what this once again reveals about the president of the united states. >> unfortunately we learned what
8:03 am
we have always learned and that is that he for some reason takes things so much more personally with women. >> the president's tweets were widely condemned on capitol hill. members of his own party said the tweets were unpresidential. >> when you are president of the united states it's beneath your dignity to launch those kinds of attacks. >> it's a distraction and it really ultimately starts to undermine the president's ability to get his agenda done. >> at a white house briefing, deputy press secretary sarah huckabee sanders defended the president's tweets saying he faces constant criticism. >> i think that the president is pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day. where is the outrage on that. >> sanders said the president will fight fire with fire. >> in the middle of the outcry over his tweets the president has serious business to do with the new leader of south korea.
8:04 am
mr. trump shoelding a second day of meetings at the white house. they're working on a joint policy dealing with the nuclear threat from north korea. he's the founder and president of a global political risk consultant company. good to have you on the program. >> sure. >> we learn at a there seems to be a some what different approach to dealing with north korea between president trump and president moon. what is a win for the two of them? >> getting through. this is not an easy meeting like it was when prime minister modi came in early in the week. south korea before the impeachment of president park was getting squeezed with heavy sanctions from china because they were working more closely with the united states on north korea, supporting this bad missile defense system. now this new opposition liberal opposition party leader president moon that's just been elected he says i want to talk to the north koreans. he is more interested in the
8:05 am
sunshine policy and he absolutely wants to push back on the americans so that the china economic relationship can go well again. it's incredibly hard for him to balance these things. >> i'm so glad you're here. some people are distracted with other stuff that is going on this is incredibly consequential and something happened. there was a big white house meeting. this president is about to impose tariffs as high as 20% on china and other countries for steel. what will that mean? >> that is in the context of what had been the single best meeting for trump in foreign relations since he became president. in the last few days we now have yesterday's sanctions against the chinese bank. to individual and corporation because of engagement with north korea. that's new. we have the intention of putting steel sanctions against the will of a lot of the cabinet.
8:06 am
against a lot of countries. most importantly china. we have the new $1.4 billion military deal which in the last 24 hours the chinese have strongly protested against. all the while the north korea relationship is going to be the worst. south korea is in the most challenging geopolitical situation now of any developed country in the world. what a time for president moon to be here in washington. >> how does that effect them dealing with north korea? >> it's going to make it much harder. what we know is that over the last 20 years we had a series of democratic and republican presidents that have seen north korea has too challenging. let's pass it off to our children. now they have more nukes, they have more advanced cyber capabilities and missile capabilities and trump is saying i'm going to do something about this. the good news is because trump doesn't really care about human rights his ability to work with the north koreans and say i want to cut a deal and if he did, frankly he would get more but
8:07 am
that's a possibility that we end up with a direct confrontation with the north koreans and before either of those happen they're going to start to break. >> i can't stop thinking about the death, all of this it's so tragic to anybody that knows this story. does that effect the strategy at all in north korea? >> not really. >> change the stakes at all. >> otto's father was extraordinary in the way he spoke to the american people and the press following this tragedy but it's interesting to see that trump himself and the white house didn't use it to say we're coming after these guys hard. there's a door open for direct meetings between united states and north korea, that's interesting. >> who has the lead here? it's six party talks, six nations dealing with north korea. serge going to go their own way now? does south korea or china?
8:08 am
>> the chinese have been doing more with the americans on north korea. at part because trump had already been elected. they did cut back on the coal purchasing for north corey yachlt they did shutdown direct air china flights but that's not anywhere near enough to force the north koreans to the table. at this point now the americans are taking the lead. >> we have to get to russia. >> the summit next week. what are you looking for? what do you think the strategy will be there on both sides? >> well, look i think that this is going to be more of a media event. trump has now met with every major leader in the world except putin. and it's -- this is the big wind upright? because this is the one that no one wants him to do. we're going to watch the body language and see if they're smiling. the media is going to go nuts. john mccain and lindsey graham.
8:09 am
>> the president has no agenda. is that appropriate for them to say that. if they said he had an agenda no one was going to believe it or focus on it anyway. >> but does vladimir putin have an agenda? >> his agenda is to undermine the transatlantic relationship and approximate it's middle east and he's been effective at that but ultimately the scale of these investigations which are now very seriously lawyered up which means they feel like they have a lot to go on that's constraining the ability of the united states to do anything with russia. if he did believe trump was actually good for him he has to be considering it. >> all right. thank you. >> we love it when you come to the table. thank you. princess diana's family will gather to remember her tomorrow. it's been nearly 20 years since she died. the ways diana's sons are coping with the
8:10 am
8:11 am
a california mom is talking about the decision to keep her pregnancy a surprise from her husband while he served overseas. we caught up with the couple af take a look at the couple after the navy sailor returned home. >> was there ever a moment that you thought he's kind of in a tricky part of the world right now. should by telling him this? >> yes. and then we were like oh turning around. i was definitely questioning should i tell him because if something happens i'm going to feel guilty. >> ahead the husband describes what he first thought when he saw his wife's pregnant belly. we have some thoughts here at the table. it's friday. you're watching cbs this morning. . you're watching "cbs this morning." morning." one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help.
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8:15 am
the family of princess diana is preparing for a new tribute on what would have been her 56th birthday. her sons, prince william and prince harry, have recently been talking publicly about the impact of their loss. tomorrow they will rededicate her burial site nearly 20 years after her death. jonathan vigliotti is in london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:16 am
princess diana lived here until the day she died. prince harry and prince william still live here today. she would visit often to chat with the gardeners. this summer a thousand white flowers have been planted in her honor. princess diana rests along a wooded lake on her family's sprawling estate in northern new hampshire. her family will gather here tomorrow to mark what would have been her 56th anniversary. h the anniversary of her death has also had them opening up about losing their mother and what they still struggle with today. prince harry talked with his brother prince william and sister-in-law kate in may as part of their mental health care
8:17 am
campaign. >> it's never enough. >> does this campaign make you realize that? >> i think so. i always thought what's the point of bringing up the past and bringing up something that makes you sad? it ain't going to change it or bring her back. that can be really damaging. >> reporter: just last week prince harry who was 12 years old at the time remember his mother's funeral. my mother just died and i had to walk a long ways behind her coffin with thousands surrounding me while people watched on television. i don't think any child should be asked to do that. gayle king spoke with ingrid seward on a cbs news special, "princess diana:her life, her death, her youth." >> i keep thinking about all the things they're going o talk about. >> i think it will be difficult.
8:18 am
when somebody dies, you will do anything to almost keep them alive. their way of keeping their mother alive is to carry on the work that she started. >> reporter: prince william and prince harry will mark this anniversary by commissioning a statue of their mother. it will stand at this public garden for all to see. norah. >> wow. jonathan vigliotti, thank you. >> reporter: they allowed us to go to the graph site to see it. no photographs, of course. it's a very beautiful place. i think it's so nice that her sons are speaking out as difficult as it is. >> that mother and that father did something right to have those two young men as their sons. >> that's exactly right. they turned out well. manuel bojorquez shows us some underwater rescue effort. >> reporter: taking a dive to save the only tropical reefco coming up on "cbs this morning" we're taking you under water to
8:19 am
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8:22 am
great music. >> that's good music for that story. while her husband was serving overseas, the mom was secretly carrying their child. we showed you yesterday how she surprised her husband chris with the pregnancy when he returned home.
8:23 am
she spoke of the challenges to keep the baby secret for six monthsle when chris doherty came home for deployment, his wife natasha gave him the surprise of his wife. >> is that real? >> i walked up and she dropped the sign and i was like, whoa, what is that. and i poked the belly because i was thinking maybe she was playing a trick on me, i don't know, wearing one of those fake things on. that was a real belly. >> reporter: the belly was real. natasha was eight months pregnant. she found out just after he left for a six-month deployment. it was tough. she had to secretly cover up in photos she shared with chris. >> i kept telling my 4-year-old i was getting fat because she's a little chatter box. >> reporter: working two jobs and raising three children there was a moment she wanted to blab but didn't. then chris was sent to the
8:24 am
korean peninsula when tensions were high. >> was there ever a moment you thought, gee, he's in a part of the tricky world. should i be telling him? >> the deployment was going to be only five months and i thought, oh, turning around. i was questioning should i tell him? if something happens, i'm going to feel guilty. >> it all worked out. >> she did. >> reporter: she did wait to find out the baby's sex. when he got home, they through a baby gender party. he'll be there for the birth before he returns. >> what surprise are you going to have next time? >> nothing. >> reporter: as happy as he was with his wife's surprise, once was enough. >> now, i thought that was a nice surprise, but i was outnumbered at the table because both yof you thought that ain't funny. >> the lead of the story is she has two jobs and is raising those kids on her own while her
8:25 am
husband is serving. >> a great reminder of how great they are. lecturer is expected to be in court.. "mark veregge " is accused of dressing in woman's underwear while vi good morning, it's 8:25. i'm julie watts. today a stanford lecturer will be in court. he is accused of dressing in women's underwear while visiting a former student's home in the middle of the night. and happening in just a few minutes, the joint powers authority that oversees the oakland coliseum will vote on whether or not to join the lawsuit to sue and evict the raiders. raffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, time now 8:27. we continue to track delays along highway 92 due to an earlier accident. no longer conducting one-way traffic controls but you can expect speeds in the yellow about 20 minutes between highway 1 and 280 if you are heading in that direction. no delays across the san mateo bridge. but we continue to see slowdowns if you are making your way through union city. we have an accident that's just clearing to that right shoulder. this is 880 right near industrial parkway. 20-minute ride from 238 to highway 84. no problems making your way northbound 880 from 238 on up to the maze. we're still in the green tracking a travel time under 20 minutes. but "slow, stop, go" over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we continue to see that backup along interstate 80 as you make
8:28 am
your way from highway 4 to the maze. about 25 minutes and 24 minutes into downtown san francisco. the marine layer is robust this morning 2,000 feet deep we have drizzle at the coast into the bay 30 miles inland. breezy conditions, as well. sunshine right there in the vacaville area. we are in the 50s jumping up to 60 degrees in san jose. san francisco at 52 degrees. when you factor in the winds that's been blowing onshore westerly at 12 feels raw in the city by the day, needing a light jacket this morning. breezy this morning. 26-mile-an-hour winds in fairfield. temperatures staying similar to yesterday. west winds 10 to 20 gusts to 30 miles per hour. no sun at the beaches. we'll clear out around the bay, peninsula, plenty of sunshine inland. ♪[ music ] >> look at the temperatures holding steady each day through sunday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i love this oh i love this picture. this orchestra was interrupted by this adorable stage crasher. the new video shows a stray puppy wandering near musicians in turkey. so the dog lace down in front of a violinist and he just sat there and an audience member called the recent visit the cutest moments in classical history. so i'm thinking he likes the music. >> absolutely. >> he has got good taste. >> they kept playing. >> exactly. >> they kept playing. >> it looks like a yellow lab. >> that's right. >> my son named him whiskey.
8:31 am
>> what does that say about what's going on? whiskey weston. charlie is on assignment. david whiskey weston is here. >> it's been so much fun. >> do you know who is else here? >> who. >> helen hildebrand. >> where is she? >> in the toyota green room. >> got another best seller on your hands i think. >> i know. >> i just looked at the list its on there. >> yeah. we'll talk to ellen in just a minute but now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. aging infrastructure means there will be more log jams at bottlenecks across the country. one of the worst is kentucky to cincinnati. about 84,000 bridges in the u.s. are considered functionally obsolete by the federal highway administration. this drives me nuts. many will undergo repairs this summer. that means lane closures and delays. this is such an urgent need in this country. they have got to address it in
8:32 am
country. they have to come up with a plan. >> it also costs a lot of money. >> yeah. >> lost time and -- >> this is a big weekend for sitting in traffic. let's hope that goes well. the las vegas review journal reports on preparations for the start of legal pot sales tomorrow in nevada. recreational marijuana will be available at 37 dispensaries in the las vegas areas and they'll cost you about $80. an ounce will sell for up to $400. law makers hope to wipe out the black market. >> britain's guardian reports sony will start making vinyl records again. one of the factors will chart churning up records a mid surging demand. sony lead to move to cds and topped producing records in 1989. and younger listeners. >> like me. >> there you go. that's right. exactly. >> i tell you what if you saw
8:33 am
gayle at the u-2 concert. >> i'm getting younger. >> that's what we do. and us weekly reports an indiana woman was shot when she gave birth to a 16 pound boy. i hurt just reading that story. >> i bet she was more than shocked. >> oh my goodness. >> that might have hurt a little bit. he was born on may 1st the family says they weighed him three times after he was born because they thought that the scale was broken. he is finally home this morning after spending 7 weeks in the nicu. he is okay. waylan is already the size of an average six month old. i don't know if she had a c-section or not. >> wow. >> our stage manager says he thinks so. >> all is well. >> in the meantime, the only tropical reef system in the continental united states. it's also the third largest in the world but the beauty is vanishing. in just one decade it lost
8:34 am
nearly half it's cover. the system stretches more than 300 miles along the coast. he is on a boat to show us how citizen scientists are helping efforts to save the brief. good morning. >> good morning. what lies beneath us is an important and delicate part of florida's ecosystem, massive structures made out of coral like this but parts of the reef look like a forest with no trees. so scientists along with the help of some certified divers are trying to replant and regrow the reef. the beauty of south florida's coastline isn't just skin deep. below the water lies a crucial habitat of coral. home to hundreds of species of marine plants and mannels. stephanie, a university of miami marine biologist was working to save them. >> over the past 30 to 40 years we have seen drastic declines and it's mostly been due to
8:35 am
climate change. >> we set out to see the rescue a reef program in action. scientists that are certified divers are replanting parts of the reef with the help of citizen scientists. >> citizen scientists are members of our local community that are interested in participating and contributing to any type of science program and in our case it's coral restoration. >> you have a waiting list? >> we have a waiting list. >> the first task is to collect recently grown coral from the trees the group has installed. once they bring them up the divers are taught how to secure the harvested coral on to the ocean floor. >> pull that zip tie as high as you can. >> then it's time to find a spot to replant them and doing that is like underwater gardening. putting down stakes and securing the new core all while trying not to drift into other
8:36 am
replanted core already growing. >> it's on dry land where biologists work to ensure these corals survive challenging conditions. >> we are studying the stress resistance of corals. we're trying to identify which corals are able to with stand warming temperatures. >> aside from saving the ecosystem billions of dollars are at stake. from fishing to tourism. if the reef does not survive. it also helps protect against beach erosion and another major threat to florida, hurricanes. >> coral reefs act as a natural barrier and when hurricanes approach they act as the first line of defense against storm surge. >> rescue a reef is slowly trying to rebuild that line of defense. >> how many did you get planted? >> about 6. >> this is jessica glenn's 9th dive. >> i live here. i'm a floridian. >> and natalie's first. >> i've been wanting to do this for over a year and it finally worked out today and without
8:37 am
ocean there's no life. >> rescue reef is not the only program working to replant the coral reef. there's a network of scientists and divers that already replanted tens of thousands a year. they have a long way to go. >> we thank you. always good to see you. best selling author has written 19 novels. guess what, all sold very well but she says her newest is her favorite. all authors say that. >> i know. >> it's my favorite. >> all singers say my newest song is my favorite. we'll find out why that is. she is in our toyota green room to explain how this book is a departure from what her readers have come to expect from the summer
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
beach novel. she has taken readers to the sandy beaches with hits like summer land and matchmaker and the island. her newest book is called the identicals and debuted at number 2 on the new york times best sellers list. only one to go. she joins us at the table. welcome back ellen. >> thank you for having me. >> number one the title is perfect because you talk about
8:42 am
twins and then you have these twin resort areas or these twin islands but the thing that bothers me about the book is twins being raised separately after divorced parents. nora has twins. i can't imagine you and jeff getting divorced. let's start with that. but number two, that's a good place to start. but number two i can't imagine if you did that you would split the twins up. >> i know. >> i didn't understand that thinking. >> so what made that a good subject? >> it was so funny because when i started this novel i was ready for a new landscape so i decided i wanted to write a novel set on the vineyard but i didn't have an idea and my daughter shelby and i were watching the parent trap and i thought that's my idea. i'm going to rewrite the parent trap so we have these identical twins on the verge of 40. one living with the mother in nantucket and one living with the father in the vineyard. 14 years they haven't spoken and in the summer of 2017 the father dies and they not only reunite but they have cause to switch place which is was fun.
8:43 am
>> it's also interesting when you compare nantucket and martha's vineyard because everybody knows nantucket but you captured martha's vineyard so well. the morning glory, all of these places have been to. i thought how did you know that. if you were there did eem look at you like what you're doing over here? >> it's funny. i went over by myself in the middle of winter. end of february, beginning of march in 2016 and i thought are people going to be okay with me writing about their island. >> did they recognize you? >> i was recognized at a couple of restaurants. everybody was so amazingly warm and welcoming and generous with their ideas and their thoughts and i went by myself at dusk and that was the magical moment for me that lead me to all the great scenes was the light going down over the japanese garden. i loved it. >> i'm not a twin and i don't have twins but do have siblings
8:44 am
and multiple children. we know sibling rivalry. i always assumed with twins that it's less than regular siblings. at this book it's the core of the book. >> i have a twin brother. he is 6 minutes younger than i am. so i'm a fraternal and eric and i are opposites and i thought that makes sense because he's male i'm a female and he's math and i'm writing. wouldn't it be confounding if you looked exactly like someone else but you were complete opposites so that was the terrain i chose to get in. >> how do you? you were so prolific in writing these, how do you write? >> i write long hand and a lot of times i'll write long hand at the beach and i have my notebook with me at all time and i don't have the luxury of quite or a quite study so i basically write
8:45 am
where ever i am whenever i have a minute and i wrote twoo two books a year. when i leave here i'll be writing many my notebook. you heard you are wearing the dress. i hope you feel as good as you look. >> i have never felt better and i think the miracle drug is gratitude i'm just so grateful. >> that i'm able to save the message that everything is going to be fine. >> can i ask you what you did last night? >> i was at u-2. seeing bono. >> that makes one of us that wasn't. >> one of us wasn't. i was reading your book.
8:46 am
i really loved that. >> up next we'll look at all that matters this week. you're watching cbs this morning. attered." you're watching "cbs this morning."
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8:49 am
well, tomorrow on cbs morning saturday, the quest to bring back the woolly mammoth. ben will be here to discuss his book. the icons of the ice age. fascinating. that's tomorrow. >> all right. that will do it for us. we thank you, david westin. >> thank you. >> you've had two days of what? >> it's been fun. >> okay. >> it's not like work at all, what you do. >> we think you can come back any time. >> yeah. >> as we leave you, we take a look back at the week that mattered. something like that. >> this will be great if we get it done. and if we don't get it done,
8:50 am
it's just going to be something that we're not going to like. >> president trump considers himself a closer, but his deal making has been ineffective in the senate. >> we're not there. >> no matter how the bill changes around the edges, it is fundamentally rotten. >> in this elite group so-called princes of the church. cardinal dell is at the topic. >> i'm innocent of these charges. >> this is the first time to see inside the isis stronghold. >> the fire began by someone using a blowtorch to burn leaves. >> it's been a wind-driven fire, up to 30 miles an hour. >> he may have allowed him to escape a much harsher sentence. >> they don't even know what they're looking at. >> passengers report it was like being inside a washing machine. >> prince harry recently said that none of the royals want to
8:51 am
become king or queen. i bet the family wishes he wouldn't have said that. >> puerto rico is for sale. >> are you in the market for an island? i'll call somebody. >> come on, mr. president. you can do better than that. if you're going to fake a magazine cover, put yourself on the cover of "o." >> norah and gayle. i like that. girls run the world. ♪ >> freaking bear. get out of my garage. >> this has a lot of people worried. should they be? >> it's good to be aware in bear country. >> jeff in the wild, huh? >> yeah. >> be careful, jeff. we want you back in one piece. >> be careful of black bears. >> all right.
8:52 am
>> cats and dogs are fighting obesity by 160%. >> pets are a reflection of their owner. i know your two lift weights and your two are in very good shape. >> where do you put it? >> not as bad as you think. >> what do you think of the car? >> good. >> i'm marching today from selma to montgomery. >> young john lewis, when you see something that's not right, you have a moral obligation to speak up. >> if it wasn't for john lewis, i wouldn't be sitting at the table like this. >> why was it necessary for you to say serena couldn't beat the 700th player. >> i respect serena very much. she's the greatest player -- female player that ever lived. >> would you like to apologize? >> no. >> charlie, before you gas up and hit the road, i know people were expecting them to say the gas prices would be higher. >> it is indeed although my car is powered by electricity.
8:53 am
>> i don't have
8:54 am
8:55 am
right now in san jose, crews are trying to contain this brush fire near i-80 and "berryessa road." the flames have burned more than 85 acres. officials say the fire is now 75- it's 8:55. in san jose crews are trying to contain a brush fire near 680 and berryessa road. the flames have burned more than 85 acres. officials say the fire is now 75% contained. in oakland today marks the deadline for applications to serve on a civil panel with the authority to make police personnel decisions. the oversight committee stems from the measure ll which voters approved in november. the marin county fair kicks off today. this year it is celebrating its 50th anniversary of the "summer of love." it starts at 11 a.m. in san rafael. weather and traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:56 am
the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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good morning, time now 8:57. if you are heading to sfo for the getaway holiday weekend. we are starting to see some slowdowns along 101. speeds drop below 20 miles per hour as you are getting close to 380 so give yourself some extra time out the door. showdowns from a few earlier crashes along 880 southbound. just under 20 minutes from 238 to 84. things looking better along the eastshore freeway but we are
8:58 am
back in the yellow for drivers 's about a 14-minute ride across the span into san francisco. have a wonderful holiday and hi, everybody! boy. sock in at the coast and the bay. we do have a lot of drizzle because this marine layer is roughly 2,000 feet deep. now talk about microclimates. we have the sunshine right there right now from mount vaca looking out towards mount diablo. can you see it in the distance? temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we just jumped to 60 in livermore. we are at 63 degrees in livermore. winds have been breezy all morning long southwest at 13 in oakland, 12 in san francisco. calm san jose. 14 within the san ramon valley and 26 in fairfield. winds consistent today westerly 10 to 20. that's a robust sea breeze gusts up to 30. no chance of sun at the coast today. clearing at the bay, up to 70. 70s at the peninsula, 80s and 90s inland.
8:59 am
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