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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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freeway... it made a mess of traffic... on this getaway friday. good afternoon, i'm breaking news a fiery plane crash on a southern california freeway made a mess of traffic on this getaway friday. good afternoon, i'm devin fehely in for kenny and michelle. here's a look at where it happened along the busy 405 freeway in santa ana.
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the small plane a cessna 310 crash and burst into flames in the southbound lanes of the freeway at the end of the runway at john wayne airport in orange county. two people on board that plane a couple in their 60s. an online air traffic recording the pilot is heard yelling may day, may day, lost my right engine! both have survived but have traumatic injuries. no cars were hit. >> look at the scene. all the traffic down below. it's a mess. at least right now we don't think that any cars were impacted. as this plane, this cessna 310, was likely making an approach to john wayne airport. >> now, the 405 was shut down in both directions when the crash happened around 9:30 this morning. all southbound lanes were closed for more than an hour causing massive congestion. right now, one lane of traffic is getting through. it will likely be hours before they can clear that wreckage. traffic is very heavy there on a normal day and with this being a holiday weekend, many more people were heading out of
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town. again a small plane has crashed on the busy 405 freeway in southern california. this is right at the end of the john wayne -- the runway at the john wayne airport in santa ana. the airport was briefly shut down. air traffic recordings indicate that the pilot may have lost power in one of his engines as he was landing. new at noon a coast guard crackdown to keep bay area boaters safe this holiday weekend. kpix 5's jackie ward says, prepare for a sobriety checkpoint if you are heading on the water. >> reporter: 624 people died in boating and paddling accidents last year. the coast guard is giving us some tips on how to make this holiday a safer one. boaters can expect to see a lot more coast guard units out on the water this july 4 weekend as part of operation dry water. it's aimed at raising awareness of the dangers boaters can put themselves in if they operate a boat under the influence. that's why the coast guard will be using these vessels to
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conduct field sobriety tests. >> it's dangerous driving on the water under the influence. the blood alcohol level is the same as driving. >> reporter: according to the coast guard, california has the third largest number of recreational boats in the country and the second highest number of boating-related accidents and deaths. and don't forget to wear your life jacket. the people who drowned last year, 83% were not wearing one. on yerba buena island, jackie ward, kpix 5. coming up in a few minutes, what you can expect if you are traveling for this holiday weekend and your 4th of july forecast. firefighters are working to contain a brush fire in san jose near mount hamilton. it's burned about 85 acres. crews say they have it 75% contained. concerns on the east bay over how fast crews could respond in the case of fire in their neighborhood because the fire station is closing for good. kpix 5's jessica flores has the story.
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>> reporter: the knightsen fire station will close just days before the 4th of july a time when we know there are a lot of fire hazards out there. but for folks here in this community, they will have to wait for the next closest fire station to respond to any emergency. >> i think the deaths will go up. >> reporter: she is among the 1500 residents who turn to the local fire station during emergencies. now the station is shutting down due to funding and staff retention. >> i think it's really scary, you know, because we're out here and response time will be ridiculous. >> reporter: east contra costa fire protection district chief says they are losing firefighters because of low pay and lack of stability. >> we are in a crisis. >> reporter: the knightsen station already closed two times in the last five years. voters continue to reject tax increases to raise revenue. >> we have some areas where we have 20-plus minute response times. >> reporter: how dangerous is that? >> it's absolutely critical. it's not only dangerous, but it's not sustainable.
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>> reporter: the district will now go to a three-station model. brentwood, oakley and discovery bay stations will serve about 100,000 residents. any chance we'll see the knightsen station open back up like it has in the past? >> no. i think it's closed. not until we can find a permanent solution in regards to alternative funding and there's a lot of different ways that can be handled, the station and/or another station, a fourth station in our system will not be added. >> reporter: tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., there will be a closing ceremony here at the station marking the third time it's closed. in knightsen, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. new at noon a stamford lecturer accused of stalking a former student while wearing only women's underwear was due in court today. mark veregge was charged with misdemeanor prowling. we have video of him walking up to a car, checking the door and getting back in his car and leaving. he was due in court today but
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his attorney appeared. >> prowling is when a person is on private property without a legitimate business there and without the person's consent and that's what we have in this case and like i said that's what we're looking forward to in court and holding in veregge accountable. >> the alleged victim's family says this behavior started back in 2015. they say that sometimes veregge would be wearing only women's underwear, bra and high heels. his resume' includes performances with the california symphony, the san francisco symphony, opera and ballet. more fallout from twitter posts. mika brzezinski and joe scarborough were supposed to leave for vacation instead they were on the air. >> the president's tweet -- [ laughter ] >> -- whether they're personally aimed at me or at me in some way that doesn't bother me one bit. it does wore me about the country. >> it all started when president trump attacked them
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in a tweet calling them crazy mika and psycho joe amongst other remarks. the two aren't the only public figures who say they are disappointed with the president. >> why what he does is he demeans women, more than that, he has demeaned himself. >> the anchors posted an article today saying the president isn't mentally equipped to continue watching their show. and it didn't take long for the president to respond after they were on air today. he tweeted: tweeting: "why do you keep about things that easily disprove t is wrong with yo >> now, scarborough said: today. he just hosted 's new president. weijia jiang reports from the white house. >> president trump is taking care of business in washington today. he hosted south korea's new president. we have a report from the white house. >> reporter: president trump greeted the new south korea
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president at the white house topping the agenda how to handle north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program. >> the era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years that it's failed. and frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: removing nuclear weapons from north korea is now more likely because president trump is so focused on the issue. [ non-english language ] >> president trump and i agreed that only strong security can bring about genuine peace. >> reporter: while dealing with the threat of north korea may be the top priority, white house officials say the president is also determined to get a new trade deal with south korea. >> south korea he's a major trading partner with the united states. and we want something that's going to be good for the american worker. >> reporter: the trade deficit with south korea has more than
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doubled since 2012. the white house wants to make it easier to sell american-made cars there. >> only 25,000 cars per [ inaudible ] >> are allowed in. >> reporter: white house officials say they are also concerned about chinese steel being dumped in the u.s. via south korea. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. still ahead, sharks spotted near california swimmers thanks to a drone. how close they got. >> british researchers turn to nature to create a new type of sunscreen. i'm teri okita in london with the story. >> and it's the very last day of june and it's 57 degrees in san francisco. yup, that's typical weather pattern for this time of the year. we are going to talk about the cooler air and the effect on your picnic plans for the 4th of july coming up.
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from people. this after a drone pilot spotted several of the animals close to rs. drones can become part of the safety push to keep sharks way from people this after a drone pilot spotted several of them close to some california swimmers. reporter stacey butler has the story. >> reporter: lifeguards post warnings after another shark was spotted. barry curtis was flying a drone and saw this shark possibly a great white swimming just feet from the paddleboarder. it's a common sight. but what he saw in the water sunday evening had him worried. >> i was standing here and i spotted one then i spotted two. >> reporter: great white sharks over 6 feet long. he says he called a lifeguard over to look in his view
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finder. >> then we saw the inflatable coming in here towing two big giant swimming pool swans really close to the shore right through the exact area where those sharks have been for the last hour or so. >> reporter: curtis says the lifeguard ran to alert a supervisor. >> he saw that and that's when he radioed and called the shore boat to go out and tell them to leave the area. >> reporter: there wasn't time. seconds later another lifeguard ran into the water with his paddle board to warn them. >> they had just towed right by the both ones i had filming and they had no idea were sharks in the water. >> reporter: everyone piled into the dinghy. curtis' camera system has gps coordinates and records date, time and exact locations showing the sharks were 900 feet away from the swimmers! >> they have done tests where they're dragging stuff behind boats and great white sharks like the element of surprise. they come out of the water and they're going for towed devices. i was praying to god above that i wasn't about ready to witness
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somebody get hit. americans could set records this year when it comes to 4th of july travel. overall, 44 million people are expected to head out of town. 37.5million of them will be driving. about 3 million will fly. another 3 million will look to other modes of transportation like trains and buses. this is live look from wall street where the dow is -- it's slightly up this morning. hoping for a rebound after yesterday's triple-digit drops. if you plan to spend this holiday weekend in the sun, chances are you will bring your sunscreen. but what if there was a more natural way to protect your skin? teri okita reports british scientists say they have found it! >> reporter: slathering on sunscreen is a summer ritual to guard against the sun's harmful rays but it's not for everyone. >> it gives me rashes.
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>> reporter: there is a natural alternative. a tiny type of algae that lives in the sea and protect themselves from dangerous sun rays. >> they do this by producing a sweet compound that has very high absorption properties so they screen out the harsh conditions of the sun, the ultraviolet rays. >> reporter: the doctor and her team grew the microalgae under ultraviolet light in a lab. they were able to extract the elements that protect us from ultraviolet light. >> we hope to get high enough concentrations to make it economically viable to actually incorporate into commercial sunscreen products. >> reporter: scientists believe algae's natural compounds can be incorporated not just in the sunscreen but other products like shampoos and moisturizers. she says she doesn't mind the thought of covering herself with algae. >> scientifically if it working i think it's probably more
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healthy and natural than some other strange chemicals put on your face. >> reporter: scientists are still experimenting with microalgae but say its ability to grow just about anywhere could give it a bright future. teri okita, cbs news, london. you want to wear sunblock at the delta over the spread of the next several days leading into the holiday. at the beach, not so much. hi, everybody! this is the scene looking out from dublin at valley christien elementary school in the direction of mount diablo. visibility is unlimited. we had high overcast skies. george hughes is our faithful weather watcher in san francisco reporting a temperature in the mid-50s. he comments it's windy and foggy at the beach today. thanks for that, george, appreciate it. you're spot on! here's the beach, ocean beach as seen from clifhouse. we have a low tide just after 11 a.m. the water was receding. it will gather and begin to
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push back onshore for high tide after 5:00 this afternoon. 71 san jose, 73 livermore an santa rosa. highway 60s in redwood city. it has been brisk. high 60s in redwood city. winds have been blowing 14 in san francisco, across the bay in oakland, berkeley at 11. vallejo 11. fairfield 22. it's a robust onshore push. therefore, we have a westerly wind that will continue to blow ten to 20, gusts to 30, similar to yesterday. this weekend near seasonal temperatures and it will stay cloudy at the coast for the 4th of july due to that high pressure due to the proximity. 95 in the interior section of the state. 64 which is seasonal monterey bay triple digits in fresno where it's currently 87 degrees. we do currently have 76 going to 80 in the greater lake tahoe area. official sundown 8:35. temperatures by then 60s no clearing. rockaway beach, 60s to 70
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around the bay which we are starting to see the skies clear. 70s around the peninsula. 80s to 90s away from the bay. these numbers are pretty typical. hottest spot 93 towards the delta and again we do have opera at the ballpark tonight. i have been there, done that. it's so much fun to sit on the field and throw down a blanket, picnic basket, have a great time watching the opera. have a great weekend. >> thank you. now, time now for our tip of the day with fresh grocer tony tantillo. today he looks at a popular summertime fruit. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with cherries. i love these tips on cherries. it's such a happy fruit. we love the different varieties of fruit in the summer but there's the shortest season especially the big cherries. the reds a little while from california other growing areas
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and then they come in from washington and then they leave about a couple of months from now. so they are in the market now so let's enjoy them. check the bag carefully, nice and red all the way around with the stems attached. make sure there's no liquid in the bag. that's a sign they are decaying. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator right away. and there's the key now. never wash them before you store them but always wash them before you enjoy them. cherries in the market. they are going to be around for a few weeks so let's enjoy. 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. still ahead, keeping your pets calm when the 4th of july fireworks start going off. our pet expert joins us with tips along with indigo.
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but all the loud noise can make it stressful for our pets. our pet expert -- dr. jill chase joins us today... with als calm. the fourth can be fun with barbecues, family, friends and fireworks but all that loud noise on the 4th of july can be stressful for the pets. our pet expert dr. jill chase joins us with tips on keeping our animals calm. we always see this every year about pets really getting spooked by the fireworks. what are some tips? >> well, so, idealy if you can leigh the area and you have a dog like indigo who doesn't like fireworks, leave the area that's the best thing. if you can't, certainly finding a place in the house that is -- that they feel safe and secure and you can be with
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them during the time the fireworks are going off, that's nice. if that's not enough we tranquilizers that we use that are really great in terms of making them just feel very calm and settled during times that make them stressed. and then there's another thing some people use which are called thundershirts. >> i was about to ask about the vests. >> indigo is leaving! [ laughter ] so those are almost like swaddling a baby. so many people really have success with those. i have never use one myself. with indigo i try to sit with her and keep her calm and that seems to work well. everybody knows i have a lab and the lab could care less about the fireworks and i think somebody had methodsed to me that's because they're bred to hunt so gunshots would not be good for them to be afraid of but i did want to say one other thing that i didn't think to talk about today not just about the fireworks part of it but the barbecue. you know, people are barbecuing, right. if you have one of those barbecues that's okay, make sure you're mindful of where your pet is so they don't burn themselves on the barbecue. so that's a good tip to remember. >> all right. thank you for coming in today.
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>> you're welcome. >> a lot of helpful tips for pet owners for this 4th of july weekend. if you have any questions about your pet's health and well-being, just email, and we'll have our pet expert, dr. jill chase, give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back. report of shots fired inside a new york city
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lebanon hospital." few details at this point... we'll keep you updated on cbs sf dot- breaking news in new york city. police responding to reports
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of shots fired inside the bronx lebanon hospital. few details at this point. we'll keep you updated on residents in the tri- valley area say the water stinks. the water agency says algae. the fix, add lemon. residents aren't having it. that and more at 5:00. lemon? i live in the tri-valley. i'm going to stop at the store and buy me some lemons. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. "the bold and the beautiful" is next.
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