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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  July 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and this is. a zoomed in angle that shows exactly how those frantic moments played out, it exposes airline safety consultant captain dick deed says several mistakes. >> tee me, it was a-- to me, it was a terrible error, should have started the evacuation as soon as the airplane came to a stop. >> reporter: it cabin catches fire a mint and a half into the video, showing black smoke billowing out of the plane. but the passenger evacuation doesn't begin until two minutes into the video. delayed by the captain's orders mtsb later recorded. chute finally deploy after a flight attendant spot as fire outside, much too late, deeds says. >> your job of the crew is safety of the passengers. if you have to evacuate, obviously you knew you had a crash, start the evacuation and get those people off. >> reporter: after the camera, once again zooms, you can see the first passengers slide out, not in good shape, according to
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air traffic control radio chatter. >> you said people are walking outside of the airplane now? >> several people look like. >> reporter: that is where deed said the crew made the second mistake, no one was there to make sure the passengers didn't mill around near the plane. instead, they stay close by while you can see what we believe are firefighters racing up the chute to check on the situation inside. deed said they should have moved upwind of the aircraft and farther away. >> the airplane could explode. >> reporter: thankfully an explosion didn't happen. you remember the same foam that kept the flames at bay, also concealed one passenger on the tarmac, and fire trucks ran her over, killing her. two other passengers also died. aviation blogs somehow managed to get the full video and posted it recently on their facebook page, which is how we were able to see it. we did reach out to sfo for a comment, but because it is a holiday, we have not yet heard back from them. >> as we approach this 4-year anniversary, what changes has the airline made to their
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training? if any? >> reporter: they have made a lot of changes in regards to how they train their pilots. they really put a huge emphasis on communication, so that some of the younger pilots if they see something wrong, make sure they say something to older pilots, it was a pilot in training who was here flying asiana flight when it crashed. they are also working on some of the more visual landings and when they come into runways like this, making sure they double up on the training there. >> all right, we appreciate that. thank you. new at 6:00, big changes are coming to the water supply for more than a million people. kpix 5 reporter wilson walker shows us the ambitious plans to expand an east bay reservoir. >> we have been studying additional expansion of the reservoir for several years, so we are taking the next step, we are releasing the environmental documents, it is out for public review. >> reporter: closing in on its 20th birthday, the reservoir now
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one step closer to its second expansion. >> currently the capacity is 160,000 acre feeds, with the expansion we are looking to increase capacity up to 275,000 acre feed. >> reporter: the reservoir is all about storage capacity, not from rain or runoff, but water that is pumped up from the delta. >> it is a significant expansion, but it can be built in the existing foot print of the dam. >> reporter: but it will be no small task, increasing capacity would mean giving this dam a haircut, so the foundation could be expanded, only then could the dam height rise another 51 feet. and that would mean living without this reservoir, maybe for a couple of years. >> we would have to empty the reservoir completely and let the area dry out. >> reporter: the contra costa water district said it would not threaten anyone's water service, they would arrange for alternative storage while the work being done, but as this lake fills up, you will see some other changes out here. >> people familiar with where
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the marina is now, that would move to a new location. probably would be some realignment of trails that could be impacted by the expansion. >> reporter: the plan now has the support of 10 different water agencies across the bay area, and their hope is that half of the $800 million cost would be covered by state money from prop 1, the water bound bassed in 2014. the target date for completion, sometime around 2027. >> it would change t would change what it looks like, the reservoir now. >> reporter: in contra costa county, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> a lot of people from the bay area head to santa cruz for the 4th of july, tonight this warning, triple fines for poor behavior. anyone caught within the safety enhancement zone lighting fireworks will face up to a $1300 fine, residents in santa cruz say the law doesn't seem to stop people. >> looked like professional fireworks, and just a lot of
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loud popping. >> hear fireworks probably until 1:00 in the morning. >> the tripled fines apply to dringing and urinating in-- drinking and urinating in public. city officialerize telling beach goers to pick up trash or get a litter fine, and reminding everyone safe and sane fireworks are illegal in santa cruz. people are allowed to use safe and sane fireworks in 10 other bay area cities. pacifica, san bruno, learner park, petaluma, dublin, gilroy, newark, union city, subasple, and cloverdale. in santa clara, an all-day 4th of july party is under way, it is a warm up for that big fireworks show tonight. kpix 5's len ramirez is in the middle of it tonight. >> reporter: hi, everybody, we are having a terrific 4th of july celebration here at central park in santa clara, you can see hundreds, if not thousands of people are setting up with their chairs and blankets in the grass listening to some music for the fireworks show, little bit later tonight. we have got food and families
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here celebrating and people started arriving early to have a great 4th of july celebration. the fireworks come later, but for now the spark and the sizzle of santa clara city wide 4th of july celebration comes from the barbecue grill. >> couldn't be 4th of july without a hot dog and joe. >> reporter: a celebration sana claira has been doing for decades, family friendly, old fashioned fun. >> seeing everybody having fun and rejoicing for our country. nice. >> reporter: it is a celebration of freedom, something she doesn't take for granted, escaped the iranian revolution in the 80s and now a u.s. citizen. >> the evolution happened, people leaving. here really open arms, open hearts, just accept us and i am so happy to be a part of this place. >> reporter: santa clara mayor, lisa gilmer says a celebration
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like this is a especially important now. >> it means a lot to our community, especially this year, there is a feeling of people in our city want to be together. and this is really important this year that we are together. >> reporter: it has been a divisive year, but today in this place at least, the diverse fabric of america is holding together. >> i think it is like a really great event, like all these families, like ethnicities getting together having fun, united on this one day to celebrate the independence of america. >> reporter: so, fireworks here tonight about 9:30 or so, you can see some of the patches of grass here, allen, this is one of the bigger and better fireworks shows in the south bay. later on tonight it will be standing room only, a sea of people here as santa clara celebrates the 4th of july. back to you. >> that is what i remember it as, len ramirez, thanks. if you are still deciding which 4th of july celebrations to check out, we can help. check out the link on our website,
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here is what you do need to know because we just lrned the 4th of july celebration at the uss hornet in alameda has been canceled. it is because of a power outage. the party was supposed to go until 10:00 tonight and include live intertiement but no leck-- entertainment but no electricity, organizers are certainly apologizing, the power outage affecting much of western alameda west of webster. new at 6:00, big 4th of july tradition on the peninsula, kids jump into pig pens and try to catch the piglets. the kpix 5 simon pusays says animal rights activists are ready for the tradition to end. >> reporter: more than 40 years, the mountain patrol of san mateo county let loose the pigs and then let loose the kids to chase them. >> is it hard to catch them? >> reporter: yeah? how come? >> they keep running. you have hold on to the pigs and stuff. >> reporter: gunner's mom says
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this is all about fun. >> he wants to do it. he is super excited for it. i did it when i was his age here, actually. i been here since i was, 20 something years ago. >> reporter: but some protesters at the front gate say it not fun at all for the pigs. >> the pigs are terrified. squealing, screaming, running in all directions, the children are predators. >> reporter: in all, 25 people showed up to say noism >> the pigs-- no. >> the pigs can have broken bones, dislocated joints. >> reporter: do you have evidence? >> i have talked to veterinarians who said there is no way they are not injured. >> we have vets on call, a hospital standing by, there has never been an incident of any pigs being hurt on our property. >> reporter: the folk whose run the rodeo say it is about a whole lot more than chasing pigs, it is about standing up for the principal of what you can do at your own house. >> i understand their point of view. but we have ours.
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>> reporter: victor heads up organizing the event. >> we have been doing a long time, not breaking law, private property, we don't want anybody coming and pushing us and tells us what to do and what not. everybody has their right to choose. >> reporter: he admits the pigs are loud but admits the squealing is what they do when they are hungry and play. >> reporter: he said there would be consequences if this were harming animals. >> weed be fined and prosecuted by the district attorney. san mateo county is strict on animal abuse. >> reporter: on independence day, 2017, the fight over freedom continues. the freedom to do what you like, and the freedom to say what you don't like. in woodside, i am simon perez, kpix 5. coming up, a smash and grab caught on camera, how tourists are becoming targets. plus, north korea showcasing its progress with the latest missile test that could have hit the united states. kateering to way-- catering to bay area elders, a dining
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experience making it easier for those who have a tough time eating a meal. the all important forecast, or just how far will those low clouds go tonight. we have that for you as we look live, aparntly fairly far, we-- apparently fairly far. we look live over the city, we well be back after a break.
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family of the gas station clerk shot and killed in antioch
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developing news out of the east bay, an emotional reaction from the family of the gas station clerk shot and killed in antioch, happened just before 8:30 last night on at the valero on hill crest and 18th. the 57-year-old fled from afghanistan for a better life in the u.s., was working at the gas station when a gunman tried to rob the store and shot him. today we found the gas station open for business but full of bullet holes. witness says police officer shot at the gunman but he got away. this afternoon the victim's family tells us he loved his job and did everything for his family. >> my father was a very loving, funny, caring guy. you never a person that hated my father. we were the only family he had, he has no other family here. everyone else lives in afghanistan. we are the only family he has and everything that he did
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when he was here was for us. and he died for us too. >> the antioch police department has ret yet to release any information. gun shots brought san jose police to home on south 10th street last night. when they went inside, they found a woman shot and killed. police are still trying to find the suspect. a soccer player for the san jose earthquakeicize in critical condition after after being rescued from lake tahoe. the 20-year-old, sylva, played for the earthquakes, currently on loan to the affiliate team in reno, something happened when he went swimming and had to be pulled from the lake, he was recessitated at the scene. he was air lifted a to a hospital in reno. in santa clara a car flipped in a crash with another vehicle, you can see lanes shut down as fireman attend to the other vehicle involved here. police say a passenger may have been ejected. there were picnic supplies in one of the cars, leading you to
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believe they were celebrating the holiday. new video this afternoon of a car in flames in santa rosa, the fire sent thick, black smoke into the air, the car fire sparked in the food max parking lot this morning. firefighters worked quickly to extinguish the flames. car burglarerize cashing in on small-- burglars cashing in. a smiek in crime around a popular photo spot. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: 4th of july weekend and mobs of tourists are skwarming courtroomed lumbar street, they often leave valuables inside the parked cars and here is what happens next. had this video shows the tourist family from utah leaving their car, along comes a burglar, he looks through the windows, one by one, then breaks the glass and runs away with a purse that had expensive jewelry inside. >> how long were they gone? >> like 15 minutes. >> i thing it has gotten worse in the last couple of years,
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that is why i put the cameras up over a year ago. >> folks will come in, park the car, usually laden with their travel wares, pop a window, grab, and go. >> reporter: andrew has seen the criminals in action, a car hit a lady at jones. >> in front of my house, they hopped out of the car and grabbed the purse. just brazen activity. >> we have teams and they do make a lot of arrests and i can tell you in the last two months i can safely say there has probably been over 80 arrests, auto burglarly susic pects. >> reporter: he said there were 66 car burglaries last week in the central district. numbers are spiking and they will take anything left in the car. >> a lot of the items that are stolen are suit cases, purses, and electronic devices. >> reporter: suit cases? >> yeah, a suit case is often stolen. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> neighbors put up signs
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warning tourists not to leave valuables in the car. pg&e rates could change in march based on when you use electricity. in 2019, most californians will pay time of use electricity rates, with the peak between 4:00-9:00 p.m., before that they want to try a pilot project and switch a quarter million customers over for two weeks so they can study whether they pay more or less under the new rate structure. state regulators still need to approve the plan. we are just waiting for darkness. >> waiting. >> waiting. on this independence day a day the second president of the united states, john adams said this day should be celebrated with pump, parade, celebrations for the history of the nation. >> will that happen tonight? >> don't know, john adams was talking july 2. that is the day that the delegates to the continental congress approved the idea of the declaration of independence. what happened on july 4th? not much, really.
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>> barbecue. >> barbecue. >> barbecues happen on july 4, nobody signed the declaration until august 2. here we are. lets celebrate anyway. we have a few low clouds. >> encyclopedia ofnology. >> we have fog and low clouds moving in along the shoreline, you can see on the futurecast, here it comes, and, boy, is it ever. despite all of that, the fireworks forecast for 9:30 tonight shows low clouds along the shoreline, we are already seeing them. inland, looking a-okay, mt. diablo in full view, here from the top of mt. sutro, not much. fog moving in. concord has 84, but here in san francisco, we are 24 degrees away. 60 degrees. high pressure over the desert southwest could bring some build ups over the diablo range tomorrow. as for tomorrow, san francisco still below average, just 63 degrees, oakland has 68. south bay, though, very nice. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s for wednesday. over in the east bay, numbers mostly in the upper 70s and low
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80s as well. 80 at walnut creek, begin tomorrow with low clouds going to infect us tonight. they won't burn off until mid morning tomorrow. and it is still warm in yiekia, 91-- ukiah, 91 degrees. warming trend after tomorrow. thursday through sunday, mid 90s inland, even as we continue to shiver at the hoarline, which we will be doing tonight. and it will be touch and go with the low clouds close to the coast. >> all right, thanks. still to come, a family vacation turned terrifying when a pack of wild monkeys attack. the caught on camera chaos. coming up in sports, warriors are not done shopping yet, we tell you about the latest pick up in free agency, both thegynes and as in action-- giants and as in action, one trying to keep the streak going, the other trying to end it. we will be right back cht -- right back.
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one losing. the a's at home... looking to both bay area ball clubs had 6 game streaks, one, losing, one, winning. as at home. this guy at the coliseum channeling chestnut. the white sox let shield stay in the game. three pitches later gives up a home run to alonso, his second of had game and the as take the 6-5 lead. now 6-5 in the 9th, oakland one strike away from the win, but santiago, we all know the name, gives up r.b.i single to his former giant teammate, cabrera, ties the game. in the bottom of the inning, rookie barretteo connects for a walk off home run as the a's win 7-6. 6-game losing streak snapped. barretteo snaps out of a slump after pre-game talk with alonso. >> little talk with him. um, i am not taking none of the
6:24 pm
credit. but, i had a little talk and he went out and he did it. it was a good talk. special kid, reason he is the number one prospect. he is just a very talented guy. the giants spending 4th of july in detroit facing the tigers in the first inning of this game. hunter pence with early fireworks, he goes deep for his 6th home run of the year and gives the giant an early 1-0 lead. in the 7th inning, now 3-1, tigers. brandon crawford gets enough of this to get it over the right field wall, 2-run shot, and crawford's 7th of year tieathize game. bottom of the inning after matt justin upten with 2 out, 2 r.b.i single giving detroit the lead. they win 5-3. snapping the giants 6-game winning streak. to the nba now, all star gordon hayward announced this afternoon he would leave the jazz and sign with the celtics, hayward the top remaining free
6:25 pm
agent on the market averaged nearly 22 point as game last season with utah. as for the warriors, according to reports, they added caspy on a one-year deal for the veteran minimum. in his career, caspy is a 37-% shooter from 3-point range. he spent last seize wn the sacramento kings, timberwolves, and pelicans. we all know that igoudala will be staying with the warriors and we may have his son to partly thank. igoudala said his 10-year-old got pretty emotional when he told him the family may have to leave the bay area. >> guy sitting across from me, my son was playing madden, and i told him i had some options, other teams i was looking at. i said we might be leaving. he started crying. >> did not. >> yes, you did. he said he was close but wasn't crying. >> his son-- >> cute. >> his son said he wasn't
6:26 pm
really, really crying. there were tears apparently. >> is the spending spree over? >> probably pick up a couple more, we will see with mcgee and need at least one more center. >> really is. >> thanks. >> okay. up next, tensions rising with north korea as they test a missile that could have hit the united states. a look at how our nation moeth possibly respond. plus, it will be a big night on the bay for tonight's fireworks display. what measure of security is take kafe. a bay area native back for more, the record joey chestnut set in the hot dog eating contest.
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ends sunday. latest missile launch... raising recent progress top story at 6:30, north korea celebrating the latest missile launch raising new fears over the reeseen progress. -- recent progress, the u.s. may be limited on how it responds, the launch could strike parts of the u.s. kpix 5 reporter, melissa caen is following the story. >> reporter: this appears to be a break through for north korea. its first successfully launched intercontinental ballistic missile, or icbm. what is that? why is it important?
6:30 pm
for a missile to get that intercontinental designation, it has to be able to travel at least 3400 miles. this missile we are talking about today is called the waus aung 14, appears to travel for 1,000 miles, the distance makes it unique and may make it able to hit the u.s. the missile flew nearly 40 minutes and reached an altitude about 1500 miles before splashing into the sea of japan about 600 miles from the launch site. the missile was pointed up, but analysts say had it been pointed in our direction it could have traveled 4,000 miles and hit alaska. that is just 1500 miles short of being able to hit the bay area. >> not much further than that for the 10,000 miles or so that it would need to reach new york or washington dc. north korea is on pace to have a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the continental united states. >> reporter: in january, north korean president, kim jong-un announced that he would be
6:31 pm
testing an icbm. at the time president trump tweeted north korea state td is in the final stages of declaring a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of u.s. it won't happen. last week after meeting with the korean president mr. trump had this to say. >> strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years and it failed. and frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: former cia deputy director, mike morel, says u.s. optionerize limited and a military strike is off the table. >> there is no option to do that. that wouldn't start a second korean war, and wouldn't raise the possibility of him using nuclear weapons against his neighbors. >> reporter: so far the president hasn't offered any answers and tweeted this morning, perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end the nonsense once and for all. >> there is very little you can do except sanction him every
6:32 pm
time he does something, and build our missile defenses. >> reporter: the pentagon says that after the north korean missile launch, the u.s. and south korea together conducted a "exercise to show our precision fire capability." ambardous to the-- ambassador nikki haley called a meeting set for tomorrow. as for what president trump is doing today, he spent part of his 4th of july holiday at his golf club in virginia. tomorrow the president will embark on his second foreign trip since taking office. the four-day tour will take him to poland and the g20 summit in germany. new jersey state beachs and parks are open for july 4 after governor chris christie and democrat lawmakers reached a budget deal, the agreement one day after chris christie was photographed with his family on a state beach that he had ordered closed. chris christie and his family almost had 10 miles of beach all to themselves, as a result of
6:33 pm
the partial government shutdown. >> shame on those people who wanted to make this as if we were taking advantage of something . lets be really clear, that is our residence and we have a right to be there whenever we want to be there. >> the government will reopen tomorrow. state workers will get a paid holiday at the governor's request. right now people across the country are out celebrating independence day, from parades to the fireworks displays, people showing off their red, white, and blue pride. it is the same scene across the bay area too. kpix 5's joe vazquez along the waterfront in the city and there it is, right behind you. joe? >> reporter: there they are, american flag being waved right here on pier 39 in san francisco, the crowds have begun to gather to celebrate the nation's birthday. >> support america and watch fireworks. >> the plan. always. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the plan is in place here at pier 39. folks are here from all parts of
6:34 pm
the planet wearing the red, white, and blue on skafshs and t had shirt-- scarfs, and t-shirts and ties. >> made in the united states? >> reporter: as far as i know. >> as far as i know, yes. >> reporter: the couple decked out all the way to top hat. >> he doesn't have a beer. >> reporter: already families with food, blankets, supplies to celebrate the birthday. >> we got here early to find parking. >> reporter: they are already parked. >> yeah. >> reporter: the pyrotechnics begin around 9:30, launching from two barges thon bay, a couple of hundred thousand spectators are expected, which brings up a serious concern, security. >> there are lot of concerns in the world right now, about, you know, acts of violence and mass casualties. >> reporter: the captain, paul yep, says his officers are here in large numbers in the case of unthinkable. >> we have counter measure in place, the ultimate goal to make it a fun and enjoyable night for everyone. >> reporter: sure, it will be enjoyable, i mean how could it
6:35 pm
not with dogs on skate boards at pier 39? but the big question for tonight is whether the weather will allow us to see the fireworks as clearly as years past. that is still not clear. >> i don't know if you know this, every year we flip a coin, are we going to see it? not going to see it? it is looking kind of foggy right now. >> hopefully we see it. >> reporter: if you don't? >> well, we are enjoying being here. >> reporter: we are looking live back to the west, past pier 39, over angel island, not looking good. the cloud cover is wite quite low right now but won't stop crowds of people to bring their families out here and enjoy themselves. >> we like colored cloud too,. joe, i want you to talk more about the security y am sure, as you said, the are things you see, the cops, but the things we don't see too? >> reporter: right, that is what is important here. you know, the cops, they don't discuss their tactical measures with the public, for obvious
6:36 pm
reasons but we know there are extra officers out here, they are spread throughout the crowd, usually undercover cops here. there are only so many officers to go around. one thing the captain told me is he wants people to remember that if you see anything suspicious, you see somebody acting erratically, get to a police officer, call 911, that is what is going to stop anything from happening. >> very important. stay safe, have fun. coming up, one bite at a time, the unique bay area dining experience kateering-- catering to older residents. caught on camera, a family on vacation gets attacked by a wild pack of monkeys. how they fended them off. ♪ ♪ handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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the it senses your everyere with move and automatically adjusts on both sides. right now save on sleep number 360™ smart beds. plus, it's the lowest prices of the season with savings of $500 on our most popular p5 bed. ends sunday. fi lion dollar budget shortfall. starting august san francisco superior court is cutting back to try to solve a $5 million budget shortfall.
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it is starting august 4. court staff will have to take off one friday every month without pay. starting in september clerk offices close 1:00 p.m. fridays to save money, the changes last through june of next year. well, it is not what the guys certainly want to hear, a study shows most american men are making less money than in previous generations. the national bureau of economic research looked at individual incomes from 1957 to 2013. they found that men now earn 19% less than they did in the 50s and 60s, of course you are adjusting for inflation. american population of older residents is soaring, the number of americans age 65 and older surpassed 50 million for the first time last year. >> older adults are at particularly high risk for malnutrition. sharon chin reports on one retirement community in the bay area where residents are taking matters into their own hands. >> reporter: inside the water
6:40 pm
market rose wood garden, a retirement community in livermore, invited guests, residents, and family all sat down to taste a culinary revolution. >> pretty wild. i liked it. >> reporter: ditch the silver wear, all you need are your fingers. >> i like the fact that, you know, they can eat with their hands. >> reporter: the experience is known as thrive dining. it is meant for anyone with cognitive neuromuscular or chewing disorders. >> we developed it to aid our residents who can no longer use utensils, can no longer remember, can't see well, have impairments. >> we will do a breakfast casserole. >> reporter: the idea is to take traditional menu items and transform them into nutrition packed easy to handle bites. >> very good. >> reporter: a chef salad is turned into salad balls packed with egg and fresh veggies. beef wellington with all the fixings becomes fancy finger
6:41 pm
food with dipping sauce. the pango crusted cod is now one or two-bite gourmet morsels. >> i thought it was delicious. very good. >> reporter: resident audrey heaten suffers from arthritis, her daughter was pleased that her mom's meal was so easy to pick up and eat. >> chasing something around a plate, going to become frustrated quickly. so, having nutrition up front quickly is a benefit. >> reporter: experts warn malnutrition is a growing public health issue as our population ages. one in four seniors is now poorly nourished. >> we have declined appetite, low appetite at all. they would actually be decreased weight. >> reporter: alzheimer's, parkinsons, cancer, can make eating difficult or painful. coming up with dining options can make a huge difference. >> that is our main goal, make sure that everyone eats, stays healthy, and lives longer. >> reporter: thrive dining begins with warm, moist towels scented with lavender to wash
6:42 pm
the hands. a citrus sor bay to wet the appetite. then the feast, one bite at a time. in livermore, sharon chin. >> two facilities have implemented thrive dining, tasting and demonstration events are scheduled. head to our website, straight ahead, not exactly finger food, a bay area native defending his title. how many hot dogs joey cheinate was able to-- chestnut was able to gobble down in record time. >> i have lost my appetite. fireworks tonight, and some hot weather ahead inland. little bit of a change in, the forecast for you after our break.
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attacked by wild monke on a visit to a state park. crazy video tonight, a family in florida gets attacked by wild monkeys, while on a visit to a state park. reporter adam wineer shows us. >> reporter: a family's visit to a state park in ocala didn't go as planned. >> went from a look at cute
6:46 pm
monkeys to like our lives are in dangert. >> reporter: susie feared for the safety of her two kids. >> all of a sudden with backs turned, four, i assume, big males charged us. >> run! run! >> surrounded us, grunting and missing. >> run! >> reporter: ramsey said her parents stood ground growling back at monkey as they backed away. >> i thought they would have attacked if they hadn't stood their ground. it seemed as though if you turn and run they were going to come jump on you. >> reporter: the monkeys chased them away from the pavilion and down the sidewalk before finally letting up. >> i was thinking maybe that was their home, their territory but it wasn't. the people at the front said they are normally not there. >> reporter: these are recess meck acs, not native to florida but they do live in the former theme park, and, yes, they are the same kind of monkey that infamously roamed parts of pinellas county several years ago and can be very dangerous.
6:47 pm
>> dynamite from small package people interacting with the animal, trying to feed or catch it, playing with matches. >> reporter: the park's website mentioned seb animals but not moneys. >> there should be a sign that says these wild monkeys are here and you should take precaution. >> reporter: she adds they did not try to feed them or even approach them. >> that was david wineer reporting there. the florida fish and wildlife commission says they are monitoring the monkey population in that area. thousands of chickens running free backing up traffic on the highway in austria. a truck carrying the birds crashed, spilling many coupes on the road. police say the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel. crews spent hours corralling the chickens back into their cages. san jose man once again top dog in the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest, joey chestnut took first place enwhat has become a 4th of july tradition at coney island. he now has his 10th championship
6:48 pm
title. chestnut ate 72 franks and buns in 10 minutes. a record for the competition, weighing in at 221 pounds, 6'1 he says he treats the contest like a sport and goes through all sorts of training. >> i make my body work for me, lucky with how it performed. >> new jersey's carmine sincaughty with 62 hot dogs, second place. twoent 15 winner, san jose's matt stony came in third. >> where are you on the list? >> just one at a time. spread out over a month. i can only handle so much sodium nitrate. actually not a bad forecast for the majority of the bay area, will be okay. close to the shoreline, always a problem this time of the year and this july 4 is no exception. 9:30, tonight, we will have low clouds along the shoreline, in fact we already have some. inland okay, around the coast of the bay 9:30, fev 5 degrees.
6:49 pm
inland, 67. it was on this day, on independence day that one of the most amazing coincidences in american history happened. two american presidents died on the very same day. who were those presidents? when did they die? think about that. look at the futurecast to prove the point we have fog and low clouds moving in. it is a cinch, it is already happening. inland is nice and clear as we gaze toward mt. diablo, can't even see what is happening near the shoreline. this is a view from the top of sutro cam, high atop san francisco often provides a view, so we are, with the low clouds moving in. concord, 84 degrees, oakland has 66, livermore is still warm at 78, san francisco 60, santa rosa, 71. high pressure over the desert southwest and because of the flow, over in the western side of the high, this could bring up subtropical moisture. and maybe burn ups over diab row by wednesday and thursday
6:50 pm
morning, shouldn't result in thunderstorms but it it does i will be able to say i mentioned it. sunny with temperatures mid althies inland tomorrow. along the shoreline, 60s with usual low clouds tomorrow morning. and then we will pop out to sunshine. but there is a warming trend thon way. to sum it up, fog and low clouds will compete with the fireworks tonight, mild temperatures for tomorrow but we get a spike in temperatures on thursday inland with mid 90s in the offing, those mid 90s through the weekend. heading out of the bay area, numbers seneral valley, 101 fresno, 99 at redding. 81 tahoe, and 74 yosemite. overnight lows tonight, mostly in the 50s, and the forecast for the bay area tomorrow, will be cooler than usual with upper 70s and low 80s for the south bay. clouds and then sun, even east bay tomorrow. starting overcast skies. north bay for sure. overcast and then sunshine and 75 at pet loma. ukiah, 91e tended forecast,
6:51 pm
numbers to be in the 90s by thursday, inland will keep them there through the weekend and then cool it downilateal as we head into next week. and did you google it? thomas jefferson, john adams, july 4th, 1826, framers of the constitution died on the same day. quite a coincidence. >> you paid attention in history class. that is for sure. still to come, baseball going high tech, how virtual realty changing the way you can watch your favorite team take the field. coming up on night beat at 10:00x a 4th of july theme-- a 4th of july theme. we want to know if you are proud to be an american, yes, no, why? why not? tweet me, veronica de la cruz, reading comments tonight on night beat. join us 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw, 44, cable 12.
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6:54 pm
everywhere... including, america's past- time. denn this push button world, technology is reinventing itself everywhere. >> including america's pasttime, dennis o'donnell explains.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: behind at&t park, the giant television production truck, in front, the much smaller one owned by bay area based intel, the company is hoping that baseball in a head set is the way of the future. >> wen you are watching a television broadcast, you are taking in what somebody else is feeding you, from start to finish. what we are doing that is different is it more interactive. >> reporter: major league baseball will offer one game a week fwr the rest of the season-- for the rest of the season in virtual realty. you need a cell phone, the map, and the app. a 360-degree experience that is impossible to replicate on a tv screen. >> this is great. >> reporter: earlier this month at&t park was set up with 5 camera pods and 12 lens in each pod. shots are set back to the truck and processed with a statistic oeshplay and announcer-- overlay and announcer track, you choose what you want to see and where you want to see it.
6:56 pm
>> like broadcast, black and white to color, to super slow mos, to flying cameras above player's heads, we will see the same here, really the sky is the limit. >> we enable fans, personalize expense, they can choose the camera angle, they can choose, where in the stadium they want to view. >> nobody throwing a pitch, prepping the field. >> reporter: resolution in the headp set is limited, you can't zoom in currently and lets face it, you can't smell the food. >> the other thing, we can't sell you a beer at home and we can't do the garlic fries. >> reporter: baseball has been around since the civil war, it steeped in tradition and the reaction in the giants clubhouse, virtual realty is a virtual mixed bag. >> virtual realty. so not regular realty. virtual realty. >> reporter: i thing we know your thoughts. >> my thoughts are, you can take a flying kite with it. take a flying kick, whatever you want. see you later. >> happy 4th. >> well. >> have a good night. >> be safe.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: mm-hmm. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. welcome to our "almost christmas" special, coming out november 11. this gonna be a big show today, folks. [cheering and applause] let's go. give me david. give me will. steve: all right. let's go. we got the top 8 answers on the board, fellas. name a place grandma tells grandpa to go. will: straight to hell. steve: straight to hell.
7:00 pm
[buzzer] will: let's go. you took too long. steve: yeah. you ain't got all day, david, and you talk slow, anyway, so-- will: yeah. we're going to play. steve: gabrielle, name a place grandma tells grandpa to go. gabrielle: the doctor. steve: the doctor. will: good answer. yes. yes. whoo! whoo! steve: kimberly. kimberly: go to bed. steve: go to bed. will: yes. yeah. good answer. good answer. whoo! whoo! steve: romany, name a place grandma tells grandpa to go. romany: um, the, uh--the-- going to... will: say something. [buzzer] romany: the bathroom. kimberly: you got it in. steve: the bathroom. will: yeah! yeah! steve: omar, let's go, man. name a place grandma tells grandpa to go. omar: uh, go sleep on the couch.


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