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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 5, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, july 5th, 2017. this is the "morning news." more promises of nuclear and missile tests for the u.s. ♪ and the celebration of america's independence ends with spectacular fireworks from coast to coast. ♪ good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the morning after his nation
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launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, north korean leader kim jong-un said his nation will keep sending washington more gift packages of missiles and nuclear tests. secretary of state rex tillerson said yesterday's launch was a new escalation of north korea's threat. the u.s. and south korea responded with a show of force, and the u.n. security council meets in an emergency session today. hena daniels is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. north korea is suggesting more tests are being prepared as the country tries to perfect a nuclear missile capable of striking anywhere in the u.s. the trump administration now faces the challenge of how to respond to the communist nation's latest provocation. the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting later today to discuss north korea's missile launch tuesday. u.s. officials have confirmed it was, in fact, the nation's first successful test of an
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intercontinental ballistic missile. analysts say had it been launched at a standard trajectory, it would have carried over 4,000 miles -- far enough to reach alaska. >> not much further than that for the 10,000 miles to reach new york or washington, d.c. >> reporter: u.s. and south korean soldiers fired missiles into south korean waters yesterday in what the army called a demonstration of u.s./south korean solidarity. >> the era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. frankly, that patience is over. >> reporter: bill richardson, a former ambassador to the u.n., which helped negotiate with the north koreans is among those who says military action is not an option. >> kim jong-un is basically saying to president trump, "come at me." he's being provocative. he's trying to put president trump in a box. >> reporter: china issued a joint statement with russia that calls for a halt to missile tests in exchange for the u.s.
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and south korea suspending their large-scale military exercises. and north korean leader kim jong-un was quoted by the state news agency as saying he will not negotiate with the u.s. to band its nuclear weapons program until washington abandons its hostile policy against the north. china, meantime, in response to calls for tougher action, said it does not see room for tougher sanctions. anne marie? >> hena daniels here in new york. thank you very much. president trump leaves for europe today. north korea will be high on the agenda when he meets with leaders at the g-20 summit in germany. this morning, as you heard, china urged north korea to abide by u.n. resolutions regarding its nuclear program. mr. trump has aggressively been pressing china to exert pressure on north korea to curtail its missile and nuclear weapons programs. as ben tracy reports from beijing, the chinese may have run out of options.
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>> reporter: north korean state television's most famous news anchor triumphantly announced what the country called an historic event. moments later, the chinese government unc-- urged restraint. a spokesperson said north korea should stop violating security council resolutions. in an apparent reference to the united states, said all relevant sides should bring things back to the track of peaceful settlement via dialogue. president trump took a much different approach tweeting, "perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and end this nonsense once and for all." ♪ china feels it has already done enough to try and rein in its ally. it stopped buying coal from north korea and cut its oil and diesel exports to kim jong-un's regime. >> i don't think on the chinese side there is any room for significantly tougher sanctions. >> reporter: an expert on nuclear weapons policy in asia
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-- there's a perception in the united states that china is simply not trying hard enough, is not putting enough pressure on north korea. >> china doesn't think that's a fair understanding of the situation. if china steps up its economic sanctions, it's totally possible that north korea will increase its direct threat to china. >> reporter: china has been unwilling to entirely cut off the crude oil supply to north korea because that could cause the regime to collapse. china fears that it kim jong-un has nothing left to lose, that could start a nuclear war on the korean peninsula. cbs news, beijing. ahead on "cbs this morning,"
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birthday with a small parade and big fireworks displays. ♪ fireworks lit up the sky over the capitol's west lawn. there were flashy displays like
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this from washington to boston to california. america's birthday was celebrated with small parades in small towns, as well. in iowa, 30 people representing 18 different countries became american citizens. last night the white house was decked out in red, white, and blue in honor of independence day. earlier on his first independence day in office, president trump hosted a picnic for military families on the south lawn. he told service members, "there is no greater pleasure than serving as commander in chief." >> i pledge my unwavering support for you, for your families, and your missions. i will always have your back. >> the president thanked the service members for their bravery and dedication. before the picnic, the president spent time at his golf club in virginia. three people were injured when a house exploded north of kansas city, missouri. state and federal officials are trying to determine if fireworks had anything to do with the
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blast. yesterday morning's blast was so fou powerful it leveled the house. >> on the ground, flames, peopling around asking if we can get water hoses out and everything. by the time i tried to get it hooked up, the fire department was already here. >> the victims -- two men and a woman -- s were at fault for relying too much on automated systems.
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...where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. [ laughter [ laughter ] two north carolina police officers responded to a complaint about a slip and slide in the street. after finding out everything was okay, they decided not to waste the trip. ashville's police department posted the pair joining the fun on twitter. there say possible end to a budget impasse in illinois, and a car loaded with propane tanks is used as a weapon. those are some of the headlines on "the morning newsstands." "the chicago tribune" reports that illinois lawmakers are one
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step away from ending the state's prolonged money mess. the senate overrode the governor's veto to pass a budget plan and send it to the house for action today. the plan includes a $5 billion income tax increase. the budget standoff has lasted more than two years. the "tc palm" reports the death of a man who filled his car with propane and rammed the building where his ex-girlfriend lives. no one else was hurt in the incident yesterday in ft. pierce, florida. the crash sparked a fire, but the six people in the apartment escaped through a back door. "the star-tribune" of minnesota published the supportive letter of a -- rather, the supportive letter a judge wrote to jurors after the yanez case. the jury acquitted the former police officer last month in the killing of philando castile.isi understand the jury's duties. "the oklahoman" reports that a broken water valve forced an oklahoma city mall to close.
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the water was up to five inches deep on the first floor of penn square by the time they were able to shut it off. no word on when it will reopen, though. and new york's "daily news" news says a home run by the yankees' new star damaged their stadium. >> see you. >> that is ripped deep to left center field. [ cheers ] see ya! a home run for aaron judge. >> the blast yesterday dented the metal center field fence. the ball was going more than 118 miles per hour. judge is just a rookie but leads the majors in homers. still ahead, pass the antacid. we will take you to the nathan's hot dog eating contest where a record was broken. lps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste.
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if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me to know... ...clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. here's a look at the day's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ four, three, two, one -- [ cheers ] >> joey chestnut -- >> another stomach-churning record for joey "jaws" chestnut. the californian won the fourth of july eating contest at coney island for the 10th time and
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outgulped his famous best by eating 72 of the famous winners in ten minutes. 250 miles above america's fourth of july parties, two nasa astronauts showed off their patriotic spirit. peggy whitson and jack fisher tweeted shots of their red, white, and blue outfits from the international space station. they're having a good time. on the cbs "money watch," possible insight into the fed's balance sheet and tesla's model 3 hits production. we have more from the new york stock exchange from roxana saberi on that and more. good morning, roxana. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. u.s. stock markets return to business today following yesterday's holiday. traders will be watching for the minutes from the federal reserve's latest meeting due out later today. on monday, the dow gained 129 points. the s&p added five points. the nasdaq lost 30. when the minutes of the june fed meeting are released, investors will be watching closely for clues about the fed's balance sheet. the fed reportedly plans to reduce its assets, and that could lead to higher interest rates. the question is when.
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samsung is expected to report its best-ever quarterly profit later this month. and with soaring memory chip sales, the south korean tech giant would move past intel as the largest semiconductor maker by revenue. samsung's second-quarter operating profit is expected to jump 67% from a year earlier. the news comes despite samsung's costly withdrawal of its galaxy note 7 smartphones which were prone to catch fire. the first units of tesla's new model 3 are expected to roll off the factory floor on friday. the automaker's latest electric car designed for the mass market sells for $35,000. it passed regulatory requirements two weeks ahead of schedule. the first 30 owners are expected to get their cars by july 28th. by year's end, tesla hopes to produce 20,000 model 3s a month. >> reporting from the new york stock exchange, thank you very much, roxana.
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ask your doctor about eliquis. and what's on president trump s agenda... as he heads out.. on his second trip overseas. plus clean-up is underway.. from all the fireworks last night. we have the latest on all of the fourth of july celebrations. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's wednesday july 5th.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ the world's top-rated cyclist is kicked out of the tour de france for causing a crash that injured a rider. peter sagon elbowed a british rival at the end of yesterday's fourth stage. the grueling race ends in paris july 23rd. the small-scale craft approach to making beer and wine is spreading to the liquor business. chris martinez finds out about the boom in small distilleries. >> reporter: just beyond the
4:21 am
vine-covered hills of california wine country, something else is brewing. >> this is our distillery. >> reporter: adam spiegel opened the sonoma county distilling company in 2010 with one simple mission. >> we make two types of rye whiskey and three types of bourbon. >> reporter: he's since watched his industry surge -- both in california and across the country. >> when we first started, we were within the first 200 distilleries in the united states. now there are 1,600. >> reporter: industry experts don't see the trend slowing down. every state in the u.s. is now home to at least one craft distillery with new permits issued daily. >> people are enjoying spirits much more than they once did. >> reporter: david osgo with the distilled spirits council says smaller distilleries are responding to the demand of consumers. and while most have typically focused on making vodka and gin -- >> we're calling this our sonoma coast single malt -- >> reporter: whiskey is fast becoming the drink of choice. >> using new aging techniques, they're aging them in different kind of barrels.
4:22 am
it's really led to a lot of variety in the spirits marketplace. >> wow. >> super salty. super different. >> reporter: spiegel says his products' popularity now has him expanding his distillery. >> this is about how much? >> so this is about somewhere close to about 80,000 gallons worth of product. >> reporter: allowing him to make more of his traditional whiskey -- >> you don't have to go to kentucky. you don't have to go to scotland. >> reporter: in this untraditional place. chris martinez, cbs news, sonoma county, california. coming up on "cbs this morning," hailing a ride with the president of lyft. don blackstone rides with john zimmer to learn the keys to his success. i'm anne-marie green. this is "the cbs morning news." ng news."
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to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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our top stories this morning -- the united states confirms north korea successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile yesterday, capable of reaching parts of the united states. the united states security council is holding an emergency session today to discuss the matter. north korea's leader, kim jong-un, promises more gift packages for washington. and americans celebrated this country's 241st birthday with coast-to-coast fireworks displays, parades, and picnics. the white house was bathed in red, white, and blue light to mark independence day. in iowa, 30 people representing 18 different countries were sworn in as american citizens. google wants to clear the air. the tech giant that mapped the
4:26 am
world's roads now wants to make your commute healthier. john blackstone has the story. >> reporter: in oakland, california, the google cars that collect maps and photographs of city streets have also been collecting air, measuring pollution, block by city block. >> these are sampling gases like ozone, n.o., no2, co2, methane. >> reporter: melissa london is chief scientist with acclima, the company that built the pollution-sensing equipment added to google's street view cars. >> you see the traffic. you see the streets. you can see the air pollution. that data is uploaded to the internet in realtime. >> reporter: the result is a detailed map that shows exactly where the air in oakland is most polluted. >> this hot spot is -- is around 100 meters of that road. persistent over a year. >> reporter: in the future, this technology could provide city maps that show pollution levels in the same way we see traffic jams on smartphones. this suggested if i walk down one block in the city here, get halfway down the block, the air is going to get worse. >> exactly.
4:27 am
you could also take this kind of data and give a biking route or a walking route or a route to school where you would minimize your exposure to pollutants. >> we now have an ability to really make that pollution visible to everybody. >> reporter: steve hamburg is with the environmental defense fund which helped pay for the pollution mapping project. he says detailed pollution maps could even impact real estate prices. >> you don't right now know what you're buying. this will make it transparent. that puts more pressure, again, let's fix these problems. >> reporter: it's a technology that makes visible what is now mostly invisible. and when it comes to air pollution, what you can't see can hurt you. john blackstone, cbs news, oakland. coming up on "cbs this morning," hailing a ride with the president of lyft. john blackstone rides with john zimmer to learn the keys to his success. plus -- >> don't check your calendar, you're seeing this correctly. i'm skeen, and yes, it's july. -- i'm skiing, and yes, it's
4:28 am
july. we're at squaw valley near lake tahoe where they got more than 60 feet of snow this winter. a lot of it is still here. when it heads downstream, it can cause trouble. we'll show you coming up. and we'll take you to the gibraltar peninsula to show how conservation is keeping the peace between monkeys and their human neighbors. that's "the cbs morning news" for this wednesday. have a great day. morning news "for this wednesday. have a great day.
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and i'm anne makovec in for kenny. and i'm michelle griego. good morning. it is wednesday, july 5. and you're taking a live look from our roof cam at the transamerica pyramid this day after the holiday. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec in for kenny. >> i'm michelle griego. let's say good morning to
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roberta and jaclyn. it's the day after the 4th of july. >> anybody watch fireworks? >> i heard them. >> yeah, i heard them all night still going when i woke up. >> i watched them on television. >> i watched them. i went to bed early. i wasn't feel that well and i got up and they started about 9:00 at the alameda county fair and went to 9:50 and it was one of the best they have ever had. >> that's long. >> it was really long. i was surprised. you could hear the roar of the people, oooo, aaaa! but after 10:00 everybody split so i had a good feeling that maybe people will be hitting the roads early today. >> there was a lot of people on the roads last night from 10 to midnight. the roads were packed. >> they are leaving the city. good morning. overcast skies at the coast and into the bay this morning. we have clear skies inland. temperatures in the 50s to 60 in san jose. ds


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