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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 5, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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roberta and jaclyn. it's the day after the 4th of july. >> anybody watch fireworks? >> i heard them. >> yeah, i heard them all night still going when i woke up. >> i watched them on television. >> i watched them. i went to bed early. i wasn't feel that well and i got up and they started about 9:00 at the alameda county fair and went to 9:50 and it was one of the best they have ever had. >> that's long. >> it was really long. i was surprised. you could hear the roar of the people, oooo, aaaa! but after 10:00 everybody split so i had a good feeling that maybe people will be hitting the roads early today. >> there was a lot of people on the roads last night from 10 to midnight. the roads were packed. >> they are leaving the city. good morning. overcast skies at the coast and into the bay this morning. we have clear skies inland. temperatures in the 50s to 60 in san jose. clouds stacked up at the coast
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and it's pretty intense. it's producing some drizzle at the coast. later today's 60s, 70s, 80s, warming away from the bay but cooling at the coast. complete forecast featuring a warming trend but we'll talk about that later in the newscast. here's jaclyn dunn. good morning. we are tracking some slowdowns for drivers heading to the altamont pass. typical for this time of the morning. heads up, we are getting first reports of a crash though. this just coming in from chp westbound 580 right as you approach that connector ramp to 680 reported to be blocking at least one lane. so far, our sensors still in the green as you approach 680. we'll keep an eye on that. in the meantime, just under 25 minutes from 205 to 680. we have a little bit of a backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, it's the shift change time so be prepared for slowdowns as you make your way out the door in that direction. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. while were you sleeping,
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fireworks lighting up the night sky a lot of bangs and celebrations all over the bay area well into the night. police say most of these shows were illegal. kpix 5's christin ayers was in oakland, where officers were busy trying to track down the people setting them off. >> reporter: the fires blasted off early. illegal fireworks shows erupting overhead all day. and into the night. well before the professional fireworks at the coliseum, chopper 5 captured illegal fireworks lighting up the sky. >> it's not safe. >> reporter: this woman wanted the kids to have an alternative to dangerous fireworks. so she helped throw this independence day party at a family member's home with barbecue and bounce house. >> you want to make sure that kids aren't afraid of the 4th of july. >> reporter: but fireworks booming a few blocks away still had some of the children on
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edge. >> it sounds like actual gun so that's when i get scared. >> that's why it's so scary sometimes because it's unexpected. >> reporter: authorities have tried to drive home the message that people who set off fireworks will face consequences with stepped up controls in neighborhoods where fireworks were heard last year and they are urging anyone who hears fireworks going off to call the nonemergency police line in oakland but neighbors say it's clear police are outnumbered. tunisia isn't taking any chances. >> i think tonight is definitely going to be dangerous so we'll be dismantle everything that we set up so people can get home safely. there is no word yet if anyone was arrested in oakland. in santa cruz, there is a zero tolerance policy for illegal fireworks. the city is tripling the cost of fines for anyone who gets caught setting them off. >> i totally free with it because i bring my family here
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to enjoy the holiday and we're on vacation. >> fines can be in the thousands. police remind people alcohol is not allowed at the beaches. there were plenty of legal fireworks shows last night. but one of the biggest was a little foggy. kpix 5's joe vazquez was at the embarcadero where people had a tough time seeing the show. >> very disappointed, much better in past years. >> reporter: because past years didn't have the fog. it was impossible to see. the cloud cover was too low at pier 39. so then just how bad were the san francisco 4th of july fireworks of 2017? much of the crowd started leaving well before the show was even over. >> it was kind of foggy. but they weren't that nice.
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>> it was loud. >> we saw mist. nothing but clouds and mist. we was drunk. [ laughter ] >> we was drunk. >> it was bombastic. the fog parted for half second and we saw it. that made it worth it. and then a firework went off on the pier and then we scattered. >> reporter: story was better than the actual fireworks. >> thank you so much. [ laughter ] in the east bay, tens of thousands of people showed up for the fireworks at the alameda county fair. crews closed the gates early this year to keep the crowds from overflowing and if you missed it last night, the fair is going on through sunday. it sounds like from what roberta was saying that these people were, you know, putting up quite a show. >> it was the best show ever. but to all the people visiting pleasanton for the first time, please don't block our driveways. >> oh, no. >> i know. >> it did again. again. you don't want to have them
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towed because now they are just having a good time. but they block driveways. >> you need to get out. >> roberta needs to get him to do the forecast. >> boy, what a great time for the fair in the east bay. the weather is just gorgeous, not too hot. right now we have the overcast conditions at the coast and into the bay. drizzle at the coast. ceiling 2,000 feet deep. very mild out the door. the winds haven't been a problem yet but we have the robust onshore push. we will continue to see the overcast conditions along the coast. again, we're in the 50s across the board. 60s at the coast. mid-80s concord, clayton and walnut creek through the tri- valley. approaching near 90 at the
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delta. 81 napa and sonoma. then around the peninsula today pescadero, atherton, woodside in the mid-70s. full forecast straight ahead but right now, let's send it over to jaclyn. good morning. we are tracking an accident. this is on westbound 580 just before 680. and it's reported to be blocking at least two lanes and a couple of cars involved possibly four different vehicles so chp heading out now do be prepared for some slowdowns. we have injuries involved in this crash so give those emergency crews room there. 28 minutes between 205 and 680 heading to the altamont pass. looking okay through the south bay with some slowdowns on 87. no metering lights or backups, no delays on the bay bridge toll plaza. developing now, police are searching for the suspect who they say shot and killed a gas station clerk in antioch. it happened on monday at the
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valero on hillcrest and 18th streets. an officer arrived on the scene and shot the suspect. the suspect got away. the victim is identified as 57- year-old [name]. he came from the u.s. from afghanistan. tomorrow marks four years since the asiana plane crash at sfo. kpix 5's emily turner breaks down what lessons can be learned from new video. >> reporter: no matter how many times you see it, the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 is just as horrifying. this portion of the video isn't new. but fast forward a few minutes and this is. a zoomed in anle that shows how the -- angle that shows how the moments played out exposing several mistakes according to this captain. >> to me it was a terrible error. they should have started the evacuation as soon as the airplane came to a stop. >> reporter: the cabin catches fire about a minute and a half into the video showing black smoke billowing out of the
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plane but the passenger evacuation doesn't begin until 2 minutes into the video delayed by the captain's orders, the ntsb later reported. the chutes deploy after a flight attendant fought the fire outside and much too late the captain says. >> your job as a flight crew member is the safety of your passengers. and if you have to evacuate, obviously you knew you had a crash, you start the evacuation and get those people off! >> reporter: after the camera once again zoomed, you can see the first passengers slide out not in good shape according to air traffic control radio chatter. [ chatter ] >> reporter: that's where he says the crew made their second mistake. no one was there to make sure the passengers didn't mill around near the plane. instead, they stay close by while you can see what we believe are firefighters racing up the chute to check on the situation inside. he said they should have moved
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up wind of the aircraft and farther away. >> the airplane could explode. >> reporter: an explosion didn't happen although the same foam that kept the flames at bay also concealed one passenger on the tarmac and fire trucks ran over her, killing her. two other passengers also died. emily turner, kpix 5. >> in the years after the asiana crash, asiana has made significant changes to its training encouraging junior pilots to try to feel confident speaking up to senior employees. president trump will give a speech in poland today ahead of the g20 summit, where president trump will meet russian president vladimir putin. >> reporter: preparations are under way in poland's capital ahead of president trump's arrival later today. president is set to deliver a major address to the polish people from the epicenter of the 1944 warsaw uprising
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against the germans. mr. trump will also immediate with the president of poland who is looking for reassurance that the president is committed to nato. >> we share with the president trump administration the idea of the strong alliance of trans- atlantic bond that's crucial for the security of our region. >> reporter: the president's visit to poland comes ahead of his trip to germany for the annual g20 summit. the white house says he will meet with russian president vladimir putin on friday. hena daniels, cbs news. >> this is the president's second foreign trip of his administration. many are hoping the g20 will be an opportunity for the commander-in-chief to patch up trans-atlantic ties. starting today, sonoma county is accepting applications from businesses open to sell marijuana. it comes as california is just five months out from allowing the sale of recreational marijuana. this time next year, you might be able to sample marijuana at state fairs across california.
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part of a bill that governor jerry brown signed last month charting out how the legalization of pot will take shape. the bill also allows local jurisdictions to rent campground for pot events. how baseball is going high- tech, coming up. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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5, 4. 3. 2. 1 wah!! >> that was the show in new york city last night. the annual macy's 4th of july spectacular. more than 60,000 fireworks were lit above the east river. and at the peak of the show the fireworks were about 3 times the height of the statue of liberty. >> how awesome is that? it's 4:44. america's favorite pastime is going high-tech. >> now bay area baseball fans can feel all the excitement of watching the home team behind the dugout without leaving home. kpix 5 sports director dennis o'donnell explains.
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>> reporter: behind at&t park sits the giants television production truck. in front is a smaller one owned by bay area-based intel. they hope the headset is the way of the future. >> when you watch a television broadcast you take it in, this is more interactive. >> reporter: major league baseball will offer one game a week for the rest of the season in virtual reality. you need a cell phone, mask and their app. it's a 360-degree experience that's impossible to replicate on a tv screen. >> it's great. >> reporter: earlier this month at&t park would was set up with five camera pods and 12 lenses in each pod. shots are sent back to the truck and processed with a statistic overlay plus an announcer track. you choose what you want to see and where you want to see it. >> just like the broadcast is done, right, we have seen them go from black and white to
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color to super slo-mo to flying cameras above players' heads, we'll see the same thing here. the sky is the limit. >> we enable fans to personalize it themselves. they can choose which camera angle, they can choose where in the stadium want to view. >> nobody has thrown a pitch yet. >> reporter: resolution in limited. you currently can't zoom in and let's face it you can't smell the food, either. >> that's the only thing. we can't sell you a beer at home or garlic fries. >> reporter: baseball has been around since the civil war steeped in tradition and the reaction in the giants clubhouse to virtual reality is virtual mixed bag. >> virtual reality, so not regular reality, virtual reality. >> reporter: right. >> i think we know what your thoughts are? >> my thoughts are to be totally honest with you, you can take a flying kite with it or a flying kick. see you later. >> he didn't want to discuss it, plainly. >> that was dennis o'donnell
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reporting. >> you get that virtual reality. not real reality. >> mlb has made virtual reality available to users on its "at bat" app. you can use it on android, smartphones or google's daydream headsets. 4:47 the reality in the weather department? >> put on the brakes. i was reading last night that napa is getting a professional baseball team not affiliate with the mlb. it's for people that are rehabbing or need the extra at bat, didn't make it into the mlb hoping to get eyes but still a professional team. in napa, next summer. it's the silverados. we'll have a road trip to napa now for baseball. i wonder if they will serve not beer but wine in the stands? >> you have to do both. >> all right. good morning, everybody. as you get ready to get back to work, many people with a five- day holiday, it's back to not
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virtual reality but back to reality. we have overcast skies at the bay, drizzle at the coast. marine layer is so deep. 52 santa rosa. 60 san jose. right now the winds have been picking up slightly 12 at sfo, nine in san francisco. pretty consistent at 7 throughout the tri-valley but 21 in fairfield. gusty winds today 10 to 20 stronger gusts to 30. satellite-radar suggests clouds at the lip of the bay all the way into santa clara valley. morgan hill and gilroy. it's a deep marine layer. here's your futurecast and as we walk you through your day today we'll have the clouds recede but then they hang tight to the san mateo coast. we'll have clearing in santa cruz today. this is interests interesting, high pressure in the four corners states. and monsoonal moisture is going to bypass that ridge of high
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pressure and enter the back door into monterey and san benito counties. no precipitation except some dry lightning. so our fire danger does increase. we'll watch that through thursday. san jose high today at mineta international airport the official reporting station going with a high temperature there around 81. however, right now near the rose garden district into willow glen, 70s. 70s orinda. so warmer today. anything away from the bay is going to warm gently with additional warming taking place on thursday through friday pretty toasty away from the bay on saturday and sunday but hanging around the 50s, 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay,
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monday, tuesday summery weather pattern continues. things are not looking good on westbound 580 due to an injury crash just as you approach 680 as emergency crews have the two left lanes blocked and our sensors just jumped into the red. we have speeds that drop below 20 miles per hour as you approach the scene of the crash so more delays on westbound 580 out of tracy through livermore to the dublin interchange. it's a 30-minute right between 205 and 680. across the san mateo bridge looking good. taillights westbound. no delays along 101. this is right at 380 so if you are heading to sfo, you shouldn't have any troubles making your way in that direction and the golden gate bridge quiet conditions. headlights moving southbound into san francisco. the eastshore freeway all in the green. making your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza, but hey, we got a little bit of a backup in
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the cash lanes so give yourself extra time. it shouldn't be too long. 13 minutes across the span. bart reporting delays, though, south hayward station in the richmond and daly city direction, 10-minute delays due to some unscheduled maintenance. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. we have new video of a brush fire near los angeles. it started around 11:00 last night in a neighborhood called rowland heights. the los angeles fire department says several homes were threatened. they got it under control before it did major damage. crews are on the scene for hot spots. in san bernardino county, crews trying to contain a 20- acre fire. the flames moved toward silverwoodlake yesterday and campers were evacuated from the area. a car caught fire and flames spread to nearby vegetation. it was 15% contained. in camarillo firefighters trying to contain a fire at the
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101 that came close to cars yesterday. the grade fire burning around 50 acres is 30% contained. 4:52. still ahead, cruising for a cause. we'll show you how google is trying to make one bay area city's commute healthier.
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destination... it's also analyzing the air around us. cbs reporter john blackstone shows us how the tech giant wants to make commuting healthier. google maps is analyzing the air around us. cbs reporter john blackstone shows us how the tech giant wants to make commuting healthier. >> reporter: in oakland, california, the google cars that collect maps and photographs of city streets have also been collecting air measuring pollution, block by
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city block. >> these are sampling gases like ozone, no, no2, co2, methane. >> reporter: this woman is chief scientist with a company that built the pollution sensing equipment added to google's street view cars. >> you see the traffic, you see the streets, you can see the air pollution. and that data is up loaded to the internet in real time. >> reporter: the result is a detailed map that shows where the air in oakland is the worst. >> this hot spot is around 100 meters up that road. persistent over a year. >> reporter: this could provide city maps that show pollution levels in the same way we see traffic jams on smartphones. if i walk down one block in the city here, you get halfway down that block the air is worse. >> exactly. you could also take this kind of data and give a biking route or a walking route or a route to school where you would minimize your exposure to pollution. >> we now have an ability to really make that pollution visible to everybody. >> reporter: steve hamburg is
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with the environmental defense fund which helped pay for the pollution mapping project. he says detailed pollution maps could impact real estate prices. >> you don't know what you're buying. let's fix the problems. >> reporter: it's a technology that makes visible what's mostly invisible and when it comes to air pollution, what you can't see can hurt you. john blackstone, cbs news, oakland. new this morning, self- driving cars could soon be able to make moral and ethical decisions like humans. a german study used a virtual driving reality program that forced people to make quick decisions on whether to hit an inanimate object, animal or person. the choices can be built into the programming of self-driving cars. some companies offer incentives to stay healthy but some people found a way to cash in without putting in the work. this is brilliant. companies use these fitness trackers to check up on
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employee wellness. but people are figuring out ways to rack up steps without walking. this guy actually wraps his fitbit in a sock and then throws it in the drier on low heat after a half-hour, he has earned 11,000 steps without leaving his house. [ laughter ] >> you are now more involved in, well, how much is this bill, how many steps? >> there is a growing number of ways to beat the system. but doctors warn when people cheat, they are cheating themselves. it is 3 minutes before 5:00. still ahead the latest on the threat from north korea. how the u.s. is responding to the latest ballistic missile test. >> reporter: last call for alcohol at 4 a.m.? that's what california lawmakers are considering today. i'm jessica flores live with the details coming up.
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and i'm anne makovec. right now- crews are on the scene of a big
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fire in san jose.. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, july 5. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. right now crews are on the scene of a big fire in san jose. let's get to kpix 5's jackie ward who just arrived on scene. >> reporter: the fire is out. but san jose fire says their crews will be here for hours. take a look at what's still going on behind me. as you can see a lot of fire trucks and fire engines are still here. the fire started around 2:20 this morning and developed into a three-alarm fire. this two-story building on williams road is abandoned and boarded up. it used to be a dentist office. witnesses say they think they saw homeless people fleeing from the building and the captain of the san jose fire department says that the homeless population is a problem here in the city of san jose. san jose fire can confirm that fireworks did not cause this to happen. the fire


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